Ackerley Susan (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 108 Market Jew street

Alder Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Chapel st

Allen Mary Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, Green market

Allsop Annie (Miss), bookseller, 30 Clarence street

Andrew Margaret (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Cornwall ter

Angwin Richard Corin, marble mason, 62 Causeway head

Anguin William, inspector of nuisances to rural sanitary authority, St. Michael’s terrace

Ash James Wilton, coach builder, saddler & harness maker, 52 Market Jew street & Green market. See advertisement

Assembly Rooms, Union hotel, Chapel street

Bailey William Hichens, cook, baker & confectioner, 115 Market Jew street. See advertisement

Baird John Alexander, draper &c. see York & Baird

Banfield Francis & Sons, merchants & ship agents, agents for Lloyd’s & for the underwriters of Glasgow, New York, Paris, Trieste, Bremen, Dresden, Vienna, Zurich & Havre, 6 North parade; & at St. Mary’s, Islands of Scilly

Barnes Thomas, master mariner, 17 Cornwall terrace

Barons Thomasina (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 North parade

Bartlett William, beer retailer, 4 Queen street

Bassett William Nicholas, stationer, 12 Market place

Bastian Thomas, grocer, 68 Chapel street

Batten, Carne & Carne, bankers Penzance bank, Market place; draw on Roberts, Lubbock & Co. London

Batten John & Son, timber, iron, slate, coal, brick & general merchants, & steam saw mills, St. Anthony saw mills, Coinagehall st.; coal yards, Queen st. & Causeway head

Batten Isaac, watch maker, 47 Market Jew street

Bazeley George & Son, wholesale grocers & (steam) millers, Albert stores

Beare Thomas & Son, booksellers, bookbinders, stationers & account book manufacturers & steam machine printers, 21 Market place

Beare James Henry, butcher, 32 Market Jew street

Beare Jane Ann (Miss), dress maker, 39 Alma place

Beare Joseph, butcher, Market; res. 14 Chapel street

Beckerleg Barzillai, jun. & Co. wholesale & retail bread and biscuit bakers, Bread street

Beckerleg Barzillai, master mariner, 42 Belgravia street

Beckerleg Ellen (Mrs.), lodging house, 30 Cornwall terrace

Bennett George, tailor, 6 Alverton street

Bennetts Melchisidec, general smith, Queen street

Bennetts John, Ship inn, 21 Quay street

Bennett William Shepheard, surgeon, 12 Market Jew street

Benson Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Marine terrace

Beringer & Schwerer, watch makers, 16 Market Jew street

Berryman Alexander, auctioneer, appraiser & estate agent, 28 Clarence street. See advertisement

Berryman Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 29 Clarence street

Berryman James, auctioneer, accountant, appraiser, house & estate agent, & vestry clerk at St. Mary’s, 28 Chapel street. See advertisement

Berryman John, butcher, Market

Berryman Mary Jane (Miss), butcher, Market

Berryman William, builder, Regent square

Berryman William Henry, shopkeeper, 1 Green street

Bischofswerder David, wholesale jeweller, 19 Belgravia st

Bischofswerder Morris, secondhand clothes dealer, 118 Market Jew street

Bishop George, picture frame maker, 101 Market Jew street

Blamey Hannah Maria (Miss), dress ma. 64 Causeway head

Blewett John Pool, tailor, 1 Causeway head

Blewett Joseph, greengrocer, Vegetable market

Blight Esther (Mrs.), lodging house, Marine retreat

Blight Thomasine (Miss), girls’ school, 2 Morrab place

Boase & Symons, surgeons, Alverton street

Boase Elizabeth (Mrs.), greengrocer, 3 Adelaide street

Boase Francis, surgeon, see Boase & Symons

Bodilly Thomas Hacker & Sons, millers, candle manufacturers & general merchants, Bread street; & Lariggan steam & flour mills

Bodilly George Ley, see Trythall & Bodilly

Bolitho, Sons & Co. bankers, Mounts Bay bank, 9 Market Jew street; draw on Ransom, Bouverie & Co. London

Bolitho Thomas & Sons, merchants & tin smelters, Chyandour

Bond Harriet (Mrs.), serpentine manufacturer, 29 Cornwall terrace

Bond John, engineer, machinist, ironmonger, electric & ordinary bellhanger, hot water engineer & general smith, 100 Market Jew street. See advertisement

Borlase, Milton & Borlase, solicitors, notaries public & agents to the Guardian Fire & Life Office, 31 Clarence st

Borlase Walter Henry (firm, Borlase, Milton & Borlase), solicitor & notary public, 31 Clarence street

Borrows Honor (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 South terrace

Bosence William, Charles & John, woolstaplers, fellmongers & tanners, Alverton

Bosence Benjamin, glover & gaiter manfr. 11 Alverton ter

Boskenna Bay Steamship Co. Lim. (Francis Banfield & Sons, managers), 6 North parade

Bosustow Anne Davies (Mrs.), school, St. Mary’s terrace

Bosustow Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, Victorial place

Botheras Susannah (Mrs.), milliner, 3 Belgravia street

Bowden George, lodging house, 13 Marine terrace

Bowden Matthew, lodging house, 10 Marine terrace

Bowditch Joseph, refreshment rooms, 18 Alverton street

Brander Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 29 Alma place

Brander William, beer retailer, 3 East ter. Market Jew st

Branwell Charlotte (Miss), lodging houses, Auckland house, Hawkins road & 4 Morrab terrace

Branwell Robert M. & Sons, wholesale & retail grocers & tea dealers, steam millers & corn & flour factors, 28 Market place & Penzance steam flour mills, Gulval; & at Truro

Branwell Mary Emma (Miss), ladies’ seminary, 10 Clarence st

Bray John Thomas, Dolphin tavern, Quay street

Bray Peter, pork butcher, 46 Market Jew street

Brennan Thomas, beer retailer, Wherry town

Brewer Stephen, butcher, Market

Brighton Charles Henry, butcher, 1 Chapel street

Brown Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Regent terrace

Brown Maria (Mrs.), serpentine manfr. Western esplanade

Brown Thomas, fishmonger, 80 Market Jew street

Bryant Elizabeth (Mrs.), baker, 57 Adelaide street

Bryant John Thomas, hair dresser, 57 Adelaide street

Buckett Alfred Henry, pharmaceutical chemist, 22 Market pl

Burridge & Co. fancy dealers, 31 Market Jew street

Burt James, shipsmith, Quay

Burt John, ship’s block maker, 19 Quay street

Caldwell James, builder &c. see Perkins & Caldwell

Calf William & Co. coal & forage dealers, 68 Market Jew st

Calf William, plumber & tinman, 79 Market Jew street

Callenso George Hichens, lodging house, 4 South terrace

Cara Stephen, dyer, 56 Chapel street

Carbis Bay Steamship Co. Limited (Francis Banfield & Sons, managers), 6 North parade

Carbis John, coach builder, Bread street

Carbis Richard, greengrocer, 43 Causeway head

Cargeeg Sarah Eliza & Elizabeth (Misses), dress makers, 7 Park corner

Carne Henry, builder, 30 Clarence street

Carne Henry, butcher, Market

Carne William John, butcher, Market

Carter James Ellis, grocer, 17 Market Jew terrace

Carter Jane (Mrs.), grocer, 21 Penwith street

Carter John, rope maker, High street

Carter Justinian, serpentine manufacturer, Queen street

Carter Margaret (Mrs.), fruiterer, Green market

Champion John, grocer & fly proprietor, 29 Alverton street & Causeway head

Champion John, officer of Penzance Charity Organisation Society & collector of taxes, 8 Belgravia street

Charles Ursula Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 59 Chapel st

Chellew Mary Morton (Mrs.), fancy draper, 65 Chapel st

Chess Club (William Harvey Julyan, hon. sec.), Public bldgs

Chirgwin Richard & Son, grocers 7, & 8 Market place

Chirgwin Edwd. comm. agt. & lodging ho. 1 Beachfield ter

Chudleigh Diana Jane (Mrs.), refreshmt. rooms, 26 Market pl

Clark Richard Henry, lodging house, 2 Regent terrace

Clarke Francis Jacob, linen draper, 32 Market place

Clemens John Tornan [sic. Toman?], refreshment rooms, 1 Alverton street

Coak John Humphrey, shopkeeper, 40 Causeway head

Cocking Celia (Miss), hatter & hosier, 1 Market Jew terrace

Cocks & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 16 Chapel street

Cogan John, beer retailer, Queen street

Cohen Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 40 Chapel street

Colenso Richard & Son, painters & glasiers, 15 Causeway head & Bread street

Colton John, beer retailer, South place

Comerford James, fancy repository, 94 Market Jew street

Compagnie du Telegraphe de Paris á New York (Robert Clement Page, man.), 55 Chapel street

Connor John, lodging house, 21 Regent square

Cook William, grocer, 37 Mount street

Coombe John, omnibus proprietor, 9 Parade street

Corin Brothers, butchers, Market; residence, Belgravia st

Corin Jacob Curnow Weymouth, Farmers’ Arms, & potato merchant, Causeway head & Quay

Corin John Matthew Bunster, ironmonger, 60 Causeway head & 26 High street

Corin Thomas, wheelwright, St. Mary’s place

Cornish Bank Limited (late Tweedy & Co.) (branch) (William George Dix, manager), Queen square; draw on Smith, Payne & Smith, 1 Lombard street, London e.c

Cornish Telegraph & Tidings Newspapers (Henry Scrine Hill, publisher), offices, Green market, See advert

Cornish Francis John, lime burner, Barbican

Cornish Henry Roberts, chemist, druggist, grocer, baking powder manufacturer, & agent for European Wine & Spirit Co. 24 Market place

Cornish James Mitchell, agent for Queen’s Fire & Life Assurance Co. 24 Market Jew street

Cornish Thomas, solicitor, town clerk, clerk to the urban & rural sanitary authorities, to the guardians & to the magistrates for the eastern & western divisions of the hundred of Penwith & for the borough of Penzance, to Hayle causeway & St. Just turnpike trusts, to Penzance & Camborne highway boards, to burial board, to assessment & school attendance committees & to Gulval school board, registrar of county court, supt. registrar, & town clerk of Marazion, Parade street

Cornish William (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 St. Mary’s place

Cornishman Newspaper Co. Limited (Robert Matthews, sec.); offices, Parade street. See advertisement

Cory W. B. & Son, hay & corn dealers, Bread street

Cotton Wm. newsvendor & tobacconist, 63 Causeway head

Couch John Quiller, surgeon, 10 Chapel street

Coulson Thomas & Co. timber merchants, Queen street

County Court (Montague Bere Q.C. judge; Thomas Cornish, registrar; William Arnold Ralph, high bailiff), Guildhall

Craze Francis & Son, forage, manure & potato merchants, Albert wharf stores

Crocker Charles Henry, painter & glazier, 58 Chapel street

Crocker Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Marine terrace

Cronin John Joseph, boot & shoe dealer, 11 Causeway head

Cross Jane (Miss) & Simmonds Isabela Mary (Miss), day & boarding school for young ladies, 16 St. Mary’s terrace. See advertisemant

Cross William, boot & shoe maker, 16 Parade street

Cunnack Edwin George John, currier, 18 Market Jew street

Curnow Charles Gould, builder, Coinagehall street

Curnow Gilbert, lodging house, Queen street

Curnow William, butcher, Market

Dale Andrew Young, fly proprietor, 21 Alverton street

Dale Samuel Young, agent to Charles Garton & Co. brewers, Bread street; & Alverton terrace

Dale Wellington, solicitor, 10 Parade street

Dalziel Thomas Muir, traveling draper, 11 Almer terrace

Daniel Adeline (Miss), straw milliner, 46 Chapel street

Daniel John, flour merchant & wheelwright, Queen street

Daniel John, shopkeeper, 11 St. Clare street

Dash Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Alma terrace

Dash Joseph, marine store dealer, Bread street

Daves Jane (Mrs.), berlin wool & fancy repository, 15 Market place & Queen square. See advertisement

Davy Richard Vinicombe & Humphry, wholesale & retail wine & spirit merchants, 112 Market Jew st. See advert

Davy R. V. & H. iron & general merchants & building material dealers, 112 Market Jew street

Davy Humphry M.D. surgeon, Morrab villa

Dawe Thomas, butcher, 38 Market Jew street

Deason Maria & Lavinia (Misses) dress mas. 22 Clarence st

Denithorne George, lodging house, 23 Rosevean road

Denley Joseph, coal & marine store dealer, Albert street

Devon & Cornwall Bank (branch) (George Fox Tregellas, manager), Chapel st.; draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co. Lond

Dingley’s Private & Famly Hotel (Miss Mary Dingley, proprietress), Beachfield house, Esplanade. See advert

Dix Wm. Geo. man to Cornish Bank Limited, Queen sq

Doble Edward, borough rate collector, 37 Belgravia street

Dodge William Henry L.S.A. surgeon, Alverton

Donaldson homas, traveling draper, 54 Belgravia street

Donnithorne James, butcher, Market

Donnithorne Richard Rowe, butcher, 2 Leskinnick place

Donnithorne William, butcher, Market

Downing Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, Folly ho. Esplanade

Drew Eliza (Mrs.), lodging hosue, 12 Belgravia street

Drew John Ede, serpentine works, Esplanade

Dugdale Charles, butcher, 74 Causeway head

Dugdale John, butcher, 30 Market Jew street

Dugdale Robert, butcher, Market

Duke of Cornwall’s (1st) Rifle Volunteers (A Co.), Head quarters, Market

Duncalf John, fly proprietor, 7 Queen street

Durant Henry William Wallis, draper, 3 Green market

Dusting Captain John, lodging house, 18 Clarence street

Eastaway Henry, boot & shoe maker, 20 Market place

Eastaway Robert (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Cornwall terrace

Eathorpe James, cooper & turner, 14 Causeway head

Eddy David, Ship & Castle, 114 Market Jew street

Eddy William, mineral water manufacturer, 6 Belle Vue ter

Eddy William Henry, refreshment rooms, 72 Causeway head

Edgcumbe Charles Ellis, beer retailer, 6 Alverton street

Edwards Elizabeth (Mrs.), butcher, Market

Edwards George, butcher, Market

Ellery Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 29 Belgravia street

Elliot Joseph, chemist, & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants, 62 Chapel street

Ellis Abraham, master mariner, Queen street

Ellis Christopher, Albert vaults, 1 East ter. Market Jew st

Ellis Edward, boot maker, 37 Market Jew street

Ellis George, boot maker, 4 Alverton street

Ellis Thomas, joiner &c. Victoria place & 14 Alverton sreet

Eva Edward, paperhanging warehouse, 65 Causeway head

Eva Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Clarence street

Farquaharson Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Quay street

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