Quance Richard, master mariner, 27 Cornwall terrace

Quick James Richard & John, surgeons, & medical officers to the union, 96 Market Jew street

Quick James, watch maker, 8 Alverton street

Ralph William Arnold, high bailiff of county court, 7 North parade

Randall Charles Reed, boot maker, 15 Quay street

Randall Elizabeth J. (Mrs.), butcher, Market

Randall William, butcher, Market

Rawlings Martha Jane (Mrs.), lodging ho. 16 Cornwall ter

Read Charles, acting collector of customs, superintendent of mercantile marine, receiver of wreck & sub-commissioner of pilotage, Custom house, Quay

Read John James, bread & flour dealer, Bread street

Redruth Brewery Co. (William Hy. Wright, man.), Queen st

Rees Elizabeth Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Coulson’s ter

Religious Tract & British & Foreign Bible Societies’ Depôt (Miss Jeanette Vawdrey Harvey, agent), Clarence street

Renfree William Henry, boot & shoe maker, 1 Parade street

Reynolds George, chimney sweeper, 5 Prospect place

Reynolds Robert, market beadle, 83 Market Jew st

Reynolds Thomas, butcher, Market; res. 22 North parade

Reynolds Thomas, provision merchant, lard & bacon factor & wool buyer, 39 Market place

Rezzell William, refreshment rooms, 105 Market Jew street

Richards Mary & Emmett (Misses), pawnbrokers, Green market

Richards Alfred, saddler & grocer, 48 & 49 Market Jew st

Richards Henry, grocer, Alverton street

Richards Jacob, grocer, 9 Causeway head

Richards James, job master, fly proprietor, & livery stables, 2 New street. See advertisement

Richards John, painter, see Nicholas & Richards

Richards Julia (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Regent square

Richards Pascoe, basket maker, 44 Causeway head

Richards Peter, butcher, Market; residence, 22 North parade

Richards Samuel, ship chandler, 5 Albert street

Richards Thomas, hair dresser, 61 Chapel street

Richards Thomas, travelling draper, 4 Albert villas

Richards William, currier & leather seller, 2 Alverton street

Richards William, photographer, 2 Queen street

Richards William Hosken, auctioneer, appraiser, accountant, general agent, emigration agent & agent for the London Assurance Corporation, the Ocean, Railway & General Accident Assurance Co. Lim. & to the Orient, Colonial & Anchor lines of ships, sec. to the Public Buildings Co. & the West Penwith Provident & Loan Society, & assistant overseer, 54 & 55 Causeway head. See advertisement

Richardson Francis Crowle, Golden Lion hotel, 34 Market pl

Roach Alfred, boot maker, 28 Quay street

Roberts Helen (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Beachfield terrace

Roberts James Henwood, furnishing & general ironmonger & oil & color [sic] merchant, 18 Market Jew terrace

Roberts Samuel Rodda, stationer & tobacconist, 19 & 20 Market Jew terrace

Roberts William, umbrella maker, 73 Causeway head

Roberts William (Mrs.), lodging house, Morrab road

Robinson George & Co. grocers & oil & color [sic] men, 90 Market Jew street

Rodda Sampson & Sons, butchers, Market

Rodda Frederick, bookseller, stationer, machine printer & fancy repository, 6 Market place

Rodda James, butcher, Market

Rodda John, smith, 15 Park corner

Rodda Martin, butcher, Market

Rodda Sampson, butcher, Market & 18 St. Clare street

Rodda Thomas, butcher, Market

Rodda William, butcher, Market

Rogers Charles, butcher, Market

Rogers Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Regent terrace

Rogers Henry, butcher, Market

Rogers James, butcher, Market

Rogers John, butcher, 22 Causeway head

Rogers John, butcher, 117 Market Jew street

Rogers William, stone mason, Coinage hall yard

Rook George, tailor, 38 High street

Roscorla & Son, solicitors, 3 North parade

Roscorla John (firm, Roscorla & Son), solicitor, commissioner for oaths, notary public, coroner for borough of Penzance & deputy coroner for West division of Cornwall, 3 North parade

Rose William Henry, earthenware dealer, 93 Market Jew st

Rosewall Andrew, greengrocer, 1 Mount street

Ross Joseph Carne M.D. surgeon, Morrab road

Rossiter Thomas, watch maker, 2 Green market

Row John Adam, grocer, 23 Quay street

Rowe George, lodging house, 3 Cornwall terrace

Rowe John, currier amp; leather seller, 4 Albert street

Rowe Melchisedec, baker, 3 Albert street

Rowe William Francis, grocer, Green market

Royal Geological Society of Cornwall (William Bolitho, jun. treasurer; George B. Millett M.R.C.S. sec.; Charles Campbell Ross M.P. librarian; Robert James Frecheville, curator), Public buildings

Rule John Thomas, New inn, Quay

Runnalls James, provision merchant, 84 Market Jew terrace

Rusden Charles, potato merchant, 8 Penrose terrace; & refreshment rooms, Station

Russell John, general smith, Old quay

Sailors’ Free Reading Room (William Henry Peycheot, superintendent), Quay street

St. Mary’s Mission House (Mrs. Eliza Blackler, missionary), 12 Chapel street

Sampson James, Butcher, Market

Sampson John, scrap iron, metal & rag merchant & general marine store dealer, Alma stores, Bread street

Sampson Martin, tailor & woollen draper, 11 Chapel street. See advertisement

Sampson Robert, butcher, Market

Sampson William, shopkeeper, 32 Mount street

Sampson William Henry, provision dealer, 4 Parade street

Sanders James Bickle, lessee of pier dues & market tolls, Harbour office, Quay

Saundry Horatio Mann, stationer, 13 Chapel street

School of Art (Henry Malcolm Geoffroi, head master; Henry Geoffroi, assistant master; Richard Quance, hon. sec.), Morrab road

Science Class (Andrew Ketchan Barnett & Edward Christopher Corin, masters), Public buildings

Scobey Robert, master mariner, Queen street

Scorza Ferdinand, broker & interpreter, New street

Scott James, marble mason, Victoria place

Semmens James, cab proprietor, Causeway head

Shakerley Benjamin, chemist & stamp distributor, 27 Market place

Shaw Charles William, master mariner, 18 Redinnick ter

Shortt Ellen (Miss), ladies’ school, 18 Morrab place

Simmons William (late May and Uren), coach builder, heraldic & ornamental painter, Bread street. See advert

Simpson James Samuel Couldrey & Co. merchant tailors, woolen drapers, clothiers, outfitters, hatters, hosier & shirt makers, 35 & 36 Market place; & at St. Ives

Sincock Edward, jun. baker, New street

Singer manufacturing Co. sewing machine manufacturers, 111 Market Jew street. See advertisement

Slooman Charles, coal merchant, 31 Cornwall terrace

Small Charles Stevens, plumber & tin plate worker, Bread st

Small George Henry, borough surveyor, Public buildings

Smart Thomas, cabinet maker, 94 Market Jew street

Smith Edward, secretary to Penzance Gas Co. 95 Market Jew st

Smith John, boot & shoe dealer, 12 Causeway head

Smith Thomas, lodging house, 26 Chapel street

Spratt George, shopkeeper, 31 New street

Stamp Office (Benjamin Shakerley, distributor), 27 Market place

Staples Charles, lodging house, Morrab road

Stephens & Co. Railway Terminus hotel, family, commercial & posting house, Market Jew street. See advertisement

Stephens John, hair dresser, 31 Alverton street

Stephens John M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, St. Clare lodge

Stephens Selina (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Coulson’s terrace

Stevens Edward George, lodging house, Morrab road

Stevens Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, Alexandra road

Stevens George Kingston, beer retailer, Alexandra road

Stevens John, confectioner, 9 Alverton terrace

Stevens Richard, lodging house, 2 Marine terrace

Stewart Henry, tin smith, 7 Causeway head

Stewart Thomas Henry, tin smith, 8 Causeway head

Sutton & Co. carriers (Edward Pascoe, agent), Bread street

Symons Elizabeth (Miss), greengrocer, Vegetable market

Symons John, surgeon, see Boase & Symons

Symons Netherton Hosking, dispensing chemist by examination, 1 Market place

Symons William Cleeve, draper &c. see Olver & Symons

Tancock J. & Sons, tailors, outfitters, woollen drapers, hatters, hosiers &c. 16 Market Jew terrace. See advert

Taverner John Rowe, butcher, Queen street

Teague Thomas Gordon, day school, 53 Chapel street

Thomas Brothers, coach builders, Queen street

Thomas Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Belgravia st

Thomas Charles, builder, Medrose terrace

Thomas Grace (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 New street

Thoams Henry, solicitor, 2 Clarence street

Thomas Jas. Hy. tobacconist & hair dresser, 6 Market Jew st

Thomas John, grocer, 35 Causeway head

Thomas Philip Corin, shopkeeper, 23 Clarence street

Thomas Richard, grocer, 23 St. Clare street

Thomas Robert Henry, insurance agent amp; accountant, 4 Chapel street; residence, Regent cottage

Thomas Samuel, shopkeeper, High street

Thorne Joseph Alan, gentlemen’s boarding school, The Hollies, Alverton

Tonkin Henry, builder, 53 Belgravia street

Tonkin John Easton, registrar of marriages for Penzance district, 45 Belgravia st

Town Hall & Council Chamber. Public buildings

Trathan Joseph, shopkeeper, South place

Tregarthen Hugh, Lloyd’s surveyor, 5 Penrose terrace

Tregarthen James, tailor, 4 Market place

Tregarthen James Nolan, superintendent of Trinity Store house, Quay

Tregelles George Fox, manager to Devon & Cornwall Bank, Chapel street

Tregurtha Philip, fishmonger, 101A Market Jew street

Tregurtha William, smith, wherry town

Trembath Richard, plumber, 68 Causeway head

Trevena William Henry, Fountain tavern, St. Clare street

Treweeke Samuel, tailor, 23 Causeway head

Trewern Jane (Mrs.), temperance hotel, 6 Albert street

Triggs William, relieving officer & collector to the guardians for western district, 13 Regent square

Trinity Store House (James Nowlan Tregarthen, supt.), Quay

Trounson Francis, clerk to commissioners of taxes, assistant town clerk, borough accounant & secretary to Penwith Annuitant Society, 1 Morrab place

Trounson John, architect & builder, 51 Chapel street

Trounson John Cardell, architect & surveyor, 1 Morrab ter

Trounson John William, architect, 27 Clarence street

Trounson Mary (Mrs.), greengrocer, Vegetable market ter

Trounson Peter, greengrocer & town crier, Vegetable market

Trounson William Hy. cabinet maker & joiner, Bread street

Trounson William Henry, watch maker, 3 Market place

Trythall & Bodilly, solicitors,5 Clarence street

Trythall Elizh. Amelia (Mrs.), girls’ school, 7 Belle Vue

Trythall William, solicitor, see Trythall & Bodilly

Uren Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Parade street

Uren Grace (Mrs.), butcher, Market

Uren James, carver & gilder, 17 Market Jew terrace

Uren John, boot maker, 10 Queen street

Uren John, greengrocer, Queen street

Uren John Clarke, artist, 5 Cornwall terrace

Uren John George, postmaster, 114 Market Jew street

Uren William Henry, beer retailer, Victoria square

Verran James, pianoforte maker, 58 Adelaide street

Vibert Ann (Miss), lodging house, 12 Clarence street

Victor Henry, linen draper, 10 & 11 Market place

Vingoe William Henry, naturalist, 10 Victoria place

Vivian Henry, tea dealer, grocer, provision & wine & spirit merchant & flour dealer; The Penzance Supply stores, 15A The Terrace

Wallis Everett, coal merchant, Market Jew street

Wallis Robert, carpenter, 1 Victoria place

Warren & Son, saddlers, 69 Causeway head

Warren Grace (Mrs.), cab proprietor, Chapel street

Warren John, rope maker, 25 Causeway head

Warren Thomas, cab proprietor, 41 Chapel street

West Cornwall Dispensary & Infirmary (J. B. Montgomery M.D. physician; Henry Grenfell, surgeon; Charles Campbell Ross M.P. hon. secretary; William Harvey Julyan, assistant secretary), St. Clare street

West Cornwall Steam Ship Co. (John Banfield, jun. man.), 6 North parade

West Penwith Provident & Loan Society (W. Hosken Richards, sec.), 54 & 55 Causeway head

Western (The) Union Telegraph Co. (George Robert Mockridge, superintendent), Hawkins road

Whear Nathaniel Coulson, inspector of nuisances, Public buildings

White Harry Vincoe, family grocer, tea dealer & provision merchant, 56 Causeway head

White Henry, architect, 1 Parade passage

White Richard, professor of music, 24 Clarence street

White Richard, jun. professor of music, 6 Cornwall terrace

White Stephen, builder, 12 & 13 Park corner

White Thomas Day, potato merchant, 67 Market Jew street

Wilcock Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 37 Chapel st

Wildgoose Charles, serpentine manufr. Western esplanade

Wildman Albert Charles, editor of “Cornishman,” 34 Rosevean road

Williams James, grocer, 18 Quay street

Williams John, basket maker, 82 Market Jew street

Williams John, commercial traveller, 51 Belgravia street

Williams John, tailor, 53 Market Jew street

Williams Mary (Mrs.), stay & bandage ma. 8 Park corner

Williams William Richard, butcher, Market

Williamson Robert, Seven Stars,, Parade street

Wills Charles S. coal, corn & manure merchant, Market Jew street

Wills Grahame Hamilton, agent for the Northern Fire & Life Assurance Co. Scottish Accident Insurance Co. British & Irish Plate Glass Insurance Co. & Empire Liability Assurance Corporation, 22 Market place

Wills John Pryor, grocer, 17 Parade street

Winter Eli, Prince of Wales,110 Market Jew street

Wood James, basket maker, 16 Causeway head

Woods Thomas Henry, Fifteen Balls, 45 Market Jew street

Yates James, chimney sweeper, John’s court

York & Baird, drapers, silk mercers &c. 23 Market place. See advertisement

Young Men’s Christian Association (John Perrow, sec.), Parade street

Young Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Regent square

Young Pelham Charles, chemist, 16 Market place

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