Monuments and tablets of marble, some of which stood in the former church, bear the following inscriptions:—

Near this Place Lyes the Body of Mr. John Tremenheere, Merchant, who Exchanged this Life for A Better the 23d. of July, 1701.; in the 51st year of his Age. Being the Son of Mr. John Tremanheere of Penzance, the only Person that Endowed this Chappell, and an affectionate Husband of Sybella, Daughter of Thomas Worth, of Penryn, Gent,; she in Respect to his Memory hath caused this Monument to be Erected.

Sacred to the memory of Richard Pearce, late of the town, Esquire, who died on the 25th day of June, 1753; aged 60. His wife Maria (daughter of the late Lieut. General John Jones, of Penrose in Sennen, Governor of Hull) who died on the 5th day of April, 1783; aged 76.

And of William their son, who died on the 16th day of January, 1767; aged 30; their remains are deposited in a vault near this spot.

Also to the memory of John Jones Pearce, Esquire, (only son of William) who died on the 7th day of December 1826; aged 61.

And of Elizabeth his wife, who died on the 23rd day of March, 1801; aged 37; and was buried at St. Buryan. This tablet is also consecrated to the memory of Maria Jones, Richard Henry, and Margaret Giffard, (three children of Richard and Sarah Pearce) who died in their infancy in the years 1832, 1833, and 1834. Their remains are interred in a vault in the old burial ground of this church.

In the vault of his ancestors in the middle aisle of this church lies interred William Tremenheere, Esquire, an eminent attorney. A friendly father and an affectionate husband, who died on the 14th day of June, A.D. 1780; aged 48 years.

A lineal descendant of the gentleman who alone endowed the ancient chapel (here built) of this town, (which about that time was called Buriton).

Also with him Catherine his wife, a most amiable woman, a kind mother, and an affectionate wife, who died ou the 12th day of October, A.D. 1812; aged 79 years. A daughter of the Revd. Walter Borlase, LL.D., of Castle Horneck.

This tablet to the memory of his parents as a tribute of filial respect, regard, and affection, is dedicated by their eldest son William, A,M., and vicar of Madron

Sacred to the memory of Richard Oxnam, of this town, merchant, who died the 25th of April, 1793; in the 63rd year of his age.

He was not only useful and just in public, but amiable and benevolent in private life. Out of affectionate respect to a beloved parent his family have piously caus’d this monument to be erected.

Sacred to the memory of Mary Alleyne Gomm (formerly Maynard) of the Island of Barbados, relict of Lieutenant Colonel William Gomm, of the 55th Regiment, killed in the storming of Point a Pitre, in the Island of Guadaloupe, the 2nd of July, 1794. She died at Penzance the 20th of April, 1796; in the 35 year of her age, and was buried in the Cemetery attached to this church.

This memorial is renewed in the month of June, 1836, by Colonel Sir William Maynard Gomm, K.C.B., only surviving child of the deceased, and Elizabeth Anne his wife, on the rebuilding of the church.

Sacred to the memory of Frances Lambart, relict of Charles Lambart, Esqre. of Beau Parc, in the county of Meath, Ireland. She died at Kenegie on the 11th of August, 1806; in the 54th year of her age, and her remains are deposited in a vault beneath this place.

Of such is the kingdom of Heaven. Matt. XIX, 14. In memory of Samuel Hood the only child of Samuel Hood and Emily Linzee, who died the 26th of December, 1806; aged four months. His remains are deposited in a vault underneath this pew.

Sacred to the memory of Pascoe Grenfell, of Marazion, Esqr., whose remains lie interred in this Chapel yard. Obt. 28th May, 1810 ; Æt. 82. Mi Pater!!!

Stormont Flint, Esqr. died 11th May, 1814 , on his return from Lisbon. aged 31 years.

Quot notes, tot habuit amicos.

This monument is consecrated to the memory of James Wooldridge, Esqr., Captain in the Royal Navy; who died the 31st of August, 1814; aged 42 years.

The honours of rank, of a pension, and of a golden chain with a medal struck expressly for the occasion, and conferred by his king individually upon him for his conduct in an attack upon the French fleet in Basque Roads, are memorials of his public character. In private life he was an affectionate husband and a tender parent, and in every station he was mindful of his duty to his God and his neighbour.

His remains are deposited in a vault in this chapel yard.

Sacred to the memory of Emily Mary Margaretta, relict of Charles Coote, last Earl of Bellamont, and daughter of James Fitzgerald, first Duke of Leinster. Who was born on the 15th day of March, 1752; and departed this life at Penzance on the 8th day of April, 1818.

Her afflicted daughters have caused this Tablet to be erected as a testimony of their respect, duty, and affection, and in humble hope of rejoining her in eternal and blessed society.

Her mortal remains are deposited in the family vault of Sir Rose Price, Bart., near this place.

Sacred to the memory of Frances, wife of the Revd. Henry Barham, A.M., who died at Penzance Septr. 29th, 1823; aged 29.

Still, still, thou callest to thy bright abode;
To think of thee is to draw near to God.

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Giddy, who died July 22nd, 1825; aged 84 years.

Mary Giddy his wife, who died August 19th, 1830; aged 87 years.

Their sons;—John Giddy, who died June lst, 1808; aged 39 years.
Thomas Giddy, who died at Martinique 1808; aged 37 years.
William Giddy, who died at Jamaica 1800; aged 22 years.
George Treweek Giddy, who died Janury. 22nd, 1827; aged 41 years.

William James Gordon. Born 16th Novr., 1808; died 29th Octr., 1828.

Where youthful virtue, youthful talent sleeps,
A widow’d mother o’er his ashes weeps;
A brother’s, sister’s sighs, attend his bier;
And friendship drops the tributary tear.

Sacred to the memory of Sarah, only daughter of Captain John Bedford, R.N., and Sarah his wife, third daughter of Robert Sargent, Esqre., Surgeon, Devonport. She died at Penzance 13th of March, 1832; aged 10 years.

This tablet is placed here as a token of affection by her surviving brothers, and is intended also by them to commemorate the adoption of, and constant care towards an orphan family by an affectionate uncle and aunt,—Lieutenant, General Watkin Tench, who died at Devonport 7th May, 1833; aged 75 years; and Anna Maria Tench; who also died at Devonport 1st August, 1847; aged 82 Years.

In memory of Henry Penneck, M.D., of this town, son of the Reverend John Penneck, M.A. vicar of Saint Paul, Cornwall, rector of Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, who died 31st March, 1834; aged 73 Years.

And of Sarah his wife, daughter of Thomas Pidwell, Esq., who died 27th October, 1832; aged 74 years.

This monument is erected by desire of their son, the Reverend Henry Penneck, M.A., of Saint Peter’s College, Cambridge, who died at Penzance 24th April, 1862; aged 61 Years.

Sacred to the memory of Henry Freeling Davies, midshipman of H.M.S. Rainbow, and third son of Captain R. L. Davies, R.N., of Redinnick House, Penzance, who died of the yellow fever at Port Royal, Jamaica, August 11th, 1835; aged twenty-two.

Sacred to the memory of Louisa Augusta Marshall, mother of Mrs. Davies, of Redinnick House, Penzance, and widow of the late Reverend John Marshall, rector of Orset, in Essex. She departed this life February the twenty second, 1842; aged eighty-nine.

Pious, benevolent, good, This tablet is erected to her memory by her son-in-law, Capt. R. L. Davies, R.N.

In a vault near this spot are interred the remains of Thomas Foster Barham, who departed this life in 1843; in the 78th year of his age.

And of Mary Ann his wife, who died in 1838; aged 67 Years.

In memory of George Borlase, third son of John and Helen Holmes Batten, who died on the 3rd of September, 1844; aged 1 year and 9 months.

Also of Anne Borlase their youngest daughter, who died on the 11th of August, 1848; aged 2 years and 3 months.

Sacred to the memory of Richard Longfield Davies, of Redinnick Houee, Penzance, Commander in the Royal Navy, who departed this life May the 15th, 1846; in the 69th year of his age. A brave officer and a sincere Christian.

Sacred to the memory of Hugh eldest son of Lieut. Colonel J. M. Ley, who died on the 5th of September, 1846; aged 6 years.

Also to the memory of Hugh Barton, fourth son, who died on the 7th of March, 1840; aged 6 months.

“Of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Sacred to the memory of Catherine Quin, second daughter of Alexander Dewar, purser R.N., and the amiable and devoted wife of Richard Davy of this town, who died April 15, 1854; aged 70.

Also of Richard Davy, her beloved and long afflicted husband, who died September 23, 1854; aged 72.

And of Christopher William, son of Christopher Collins, master R.N., and Catherine Quin, his wife, who died on a voyage from India September 2,1845; aged 35.

This tablet is erected as a memorial of affection by their son A. H. Davy, and grandson J. N Milettt, R.N.

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Ann Stone, who departed this life April 3rd, 1855; aged 77 Years,

Also of her four sisters;—Charlotte Eve, who died March 16th, 1853; aged 72.
Mary, died March, 1823; aged 43.
Maria, died June 14th, 1829; aged 47.
Jane, died June 15th, 1845; aged 58.

They sleep in Jesus. Thes. IV chap, 14 verse.

Sacred to the memory of General Walter Tremenheere, R.M., Knight of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order, and Aide-de-camp to his late Majesty William IV.

He entered the army in 1779; served in the North Sea; in the Channel Fleet; and in the West Indies. He was for some time Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Curaçoa, and received the thanks of the inhabitants for his able administration. He commanded the Chatham division of his distinguished Corps from 1830 to 1837.

Born at Penzance 10th Septr., 1761; died at his residence in London 7th Augst., 1855.

His long life, passed in honour, was closed amidst the regrets of his sorrowing family and friends.

His remains were deposited in the Cemetery of Kensal Green, London.

His widow Frances, third daughter of Thomas Apperley, Esqre., heir of Mary Westfaling, of Rudall, Herefordshire; died April 3rd, 1863; aged 83 years.

Her attached sons and daughters were deeply indebted to her affection and virtues.

In affectionate remembrance of George Hext Bellringer, Jun., late acting assistant surgeon of H.M.S. “Gladiator,” who departed this life near the Island of Bermuda, on the 4th November, 1859; aged 22 Years.

To the memory of the Rev. H. Batten, M.A., son of the late John Batten, Esq., of this town, for e1even years incumbent of this Chapelry, who died 10th March, 1860; aged 47 years.

This tablet has been erected by members of his congregation as a memorial of their esteem for his worth and talents.

Sacred the memory of Peter Curnow Veale, Esq. Born at Gwithian the 13th day of June, 1767; died at Penzance the 10th day of June, 1860.

Sacred to the memory of Richard Pearce, who died on the 23rd of August, 1862; aged 70 Years.

He was five times mayor of this town and devoted himself to the welfare of all connected with him, both in public and private life.

Also of Sarah his beloved wife, and daughter of the late Henry Penneck, Esq., M.D., of this town who died on the 5th of March, 1863; aged 67 years.

“God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave: for he shall receive me.”

This tablet is erected by their affectionate children.

In memory of Rowland Augustus Griffith Davies, fifth son of Comdr. Richard L. Davies, R.N., of Redinnick House, who died in the second consecutive year of his office us mayor of Penzance, Septr. 4th, 1864; aged 39 years.

“What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.”

Also in memory of his mother. This tablet is erected by his widow in affectionate remembrance of them both.

Both church and tower are built of well wrought granite ashlar; the former is also battlemented and strongly buttressed; the buttresses terminating in crocketted pinnacles. A mutilated ancient granite cross is preserved in the churchyard.

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