This school was opened as a consequence of the 1902 Education Act on 24 Jan 1910 and has no relation to the earlier school of a similar name. On the first day there were 130 pupils, drawn from the Abbey School, the Commercial School, the Pupil Teacher’s Centre in Mennaye Road and some intake from the top of the elementary schools.

The school was divided from the start, by the house system, into four:—Richardson, Dolben, Hodgson, Thorne after the house-masters but after one year these were renamed Treneer (dark green), Godolphin (cerise), St. Aubyn (white) and Trelawney (mauve and gold).

There was just the one central building, designed for 180 pupils, and the surroundings were rough and undeveloped. Football was played on a field by Coombe Lane, otherwise there were no dedicated facilities—there was an early demand for a Gym. There were eight classrooms lettered A to H, and woodwork below the dining room where meals cost 6d.

Even with these limited facilities, the school got off to a roaring start with a speech day in December, a sports day the following April and a magazine (Penwithian) editied by Mr. Richardson. Cricket, Football, Cross Country Running, Athletics, Boxing and Fencing flourished from a very early date with inter house matches, though few outside fixtures due to the lack of any opposing teams. Funds were raised in 1912 to purchase a piano. The days started with morning prayers and notices when the whole school gathered in the hall.

By 1918 the numbers had increased to 195 and the troubling times of the war were about to end. They mourned the loss of Mr. Hodgson and a number of old boys.

[Batten & James 1980]

In 1937 there were 143 fee paying pupils and 106 “Minor Scholars and special pupils” in accomodation for 234 [rather full]. In 1943 the headmaster was Mr. Hearly. It closed as a separate school in 1980 to become part of the new Humphry Davy School and I understand that some traditions, such as the Humphry Davy holiday, have been continued.

First Pupils and Staff

Dates of arrival.


New Staff
Pupils in order of Admission Number

Note the dates of the first entries reflect their entry into previous schools.


Berryman, L. (St. Just)
Chirgwin, E. (Newlyn)
Curnow, G. W. (Newlyn)
Harris, W. B. (Heamoor)
Harvey, J. (Newlyn)
Hartable, J. G. (Penzance)
Maddock, F. C. (Penzance)
Pollard, J. R. (Newlyn)
Smith, F. (Penzance)


Wright, C. E. (Mousehole)
White, M (Pendeen)


Boynes N. (Penzance)
Corin J. C. (Penzance)
Michell N. H. (Penzance)
Bobbins W. (Penzance)
Harrison A. G. (Hayle)
Hellyar J. C. (Penzance)
Hosking W. A. (Marazion)
Legg C. H. (Penzance)
Nankervis W. A. (Penzance)
Pearce A. E. (Penzance)
Penberthy W. (Penzance)
Pengelly E. L. (Penzance)
Piper A. B. C. (Goldsithney)
Richards N. (Mousehole)
Uren C. G. (Heamoor)
Caldwell W. (Penzance)
Jones R. J. (Ludgvan) - Killed in action D.C.L.I.
Rolleston F. L. (Penzance)
Walter F. K. (Penzance)
White L. G. (Madron)
White W. L. (Penzance)
Wood R. (Penzance)
Beckerleg B. T. (Penzance)
Cara T. A. (Penzance)
Clark R. J. B. (Penzance)
Hankin F. (Penzance)
Kearney W. J. (Penzance)
Nisbet A. W. P. (Penzance)
Roberts E. A. (Penzance)
Rodda N. (Penzance)
Rowe N. (Rose Hill)
Tregenza O. (Paul)
Treglown F. G. (Marazion)
Trembath D. B. (Penzance)
Andrew W. (Penzance)
Boaden W. G. (Penzance)
Cara H. (Penzance)
Gibson J. (Penzance)
Howell S. G. D. (Penzance)
Manners G. W. (Penzance)
Maddern G. L. (Buryas Bridge)
Pearce A. H. (Penzance)
Passmore H. W. (Penzance)
Pengelly T. W. R. (Penzance)
White J. T. (Madron)
Badcock E. (St. Ives) - Humphry Davy Prize 1912
Creek A. H. (Heamoor)
Ellis E. J. (St. Just)
Osborne S. (Lelant)
Richards Ambrose J. (Long Rock) - Joined as a member of staff, 1921
Richards P. W. (Long Rock)
Care W. T. (Stennack)
Tonkin C. (Newlyn)
Richards L. J. (Ludgvan) - Humphry Davy Prize 1913
Jenkin W. A. (Penzance)
Tanner L. S. (St. Ives)
Taylor E. (St. Buryan) - Humphry Davy Prize 1913 & 1914
Clift B. (Mousehole)
Bessigh H. J. (Penzance)
Angwin E. (Heamoor)
Adson J. I. (Penzance)
Beal H. R. (Penzance)
Cara R. L. (Penzance)
Langley J. H. (Penzance) - Humphry Davy Prize 1915
Oats M. L. (Newbridge)
Tregenza D. (Paul)
Tregenza E. L. (Paul)
Edwards M. H. (Lelant)
Brighton W. C. (Penzance)
Clark C. B. (Penzance)
Manners A. (Penzance)
Pitts P. J. (Penzance)
Roberts T. D. (Penzance)
Rodda F. W. (Penzance)
Simpson J. S. (Penzance)
Williams R. (Alverton)
Denley J. T. (Penzance)
Hall H. L. (Penzance)
Hall L. O. (Penzance)
Pitts G. F. (Penzance)
Richards C. H. (Gulval) - Humphry Davy Prize 1918 & 1919 [?]
Roberts R. A. (Penzance)
Simmons J. A. (Penzance)
Chirgwin R. (Penzance)
Hall J. R. (Penzance)
Houlson H. N. (Penzance)
Passmore G. H. (Penzance)
Rowe A. C. (Penzance)
Stephens L. (Penzance)
Stephens J. C. (Penzance)
Reed J. T. (Penzance)
Fadgran R. (Penzance)
Fadgran J. (Penzance)
Bennett L. (Penzance)
Deans T. (Penzance)
Hiscon H. V. (Penzance)
Thomas E. F. (Penzance)
Beckerleg O. L. (Penzance)
Boyned O. L. (Penzance)
Craze J. C. (Lelant)
Craze W. B. C. (Lelant)
Derry J. A. (St. Ives)
Gilbert R. J. (Goldsithney)
Green H. J. (Penzance)
Humphry V. (Sennen)
Mathews W. B. (Penzance)
Pentreath H. R. (Penzance)
Treglown W. H. (Marazion)
Trevaskis J. G. (Paul)
Trewavas (Mousehole)
Whiting W. (Lelant)
Williams J. (Paul)
Wright D. (Mousehole)
Richards J. (Penzance)
Giles H. (Paul)
Berryman P. (S. Just)
Coombe R. H. (Penzance)
Hichens W. J. (Paul)
Leggo E. J. (Madron)
Roach W. H. (Marazion)
Symons W. P. (S. Just) - Humphry Davy Prize 1911
Hodder C. L. (Paul)
Laity J. (St. Hilary)
Carpenter W. (Penzance)
Williams R. Y. (S. Just)
Pasco H. (Penzance)
Birch P. A. (Penzance)
Bolitho W. J. (Penzance)
Care R. V. (St. Buryan)
Crocker E. J. (Penzance)
Ferris H. H. (Penzance)
Hicks P. B. (Sennen)
James W. D. (Newlyn) - Humphry Davy Prize 1916
Oats R. C. (Relubbus)
Roberts D. (Paul)
Rowe B. (Penzance)
Strick C. G. (Paul)
Thomas S. D. (Ludgvan)
Trembath W. J. (Sancreed)
Daniel V. C. (Penzance)
Symons E. J. (Penzance)
Craze A. L. C. (Penzance)
Kitchen T. (Germoe)
Ralph D. T. (Penzance)
Hooper B. E. (Penzance)
Martin W. C. (Penzance)
Mitchell W. S. (Penzance)
Porter W. J. (Penzance)
Carne W. V. P. (Penzance)
Hebbard T. W. (Penzance)
Penberthy S. R. (Penzance)
Williams F. C. (S. Just)


New Staff
Pupils in order of Admission Number
Adams W. F. (Madron)
Angwin W. (Pendeen)
Cossentine F. A. B. (Penzance)
Glanville A. P. (Penzance)
Glanville N. (Penzance)
Glanville P. (Penzance)
Healey A. F. (St. Ives)
Hurley N. J. T. (Madron)
Hutchen R. S. (Penzance)
Johns D. A. A. (Penzance)
Keen C. H. H. (Madron)
Pearce W. R. (St. Ives)
Pool B. G. (Penzance)
Richards T. L. (Penzance)
Sampson A. J. (Penzance)
Sampson H. G. (Penzance)
Thomas W. O. D. (Ludgvan)
Tregarthen W. C. (Penzance)
Tregenza Alan (Paul) - Joined the staff in 1928
Trewhella S. (Sennen)
Uren W. G. (St. Ives)
Whitaker G. (St. Ives)
Wilton T. W. (Penzance)
Payne J. (Carbis Bay)
Colliver H. H. (Penzance)
Glinn G. E. (Penzance)
Griffiths M. (Penzance)
Hicks W. T. (Pendeen)
Hearne W. J. (St. Ives)
Hearne H. L. (St. Ives)
Jenkin W. H. (Marazion)
Lancaster G. (Penzance)
Lake F. A. W. (Lelant)
Page B. R. (Penzance)
Penrose R. J. (St. Just)
Reynolds G. (Penzance)
Tythall E. R. (Penzance)
Pellew E. F. (St. Ives)
Waddington R. H. (Penzance)
Waddington F. G. (Penzance)
Gilbert G. (Goldsithney)
Michell T. B. (Penzance)
Angwin A. (Madron)
Curnow R. A. (Newlyn)
Cotton E. J. (Madron)
Hicks W. B. (St. Just)
Laity J. (St. Hilary)
Laity W. J. (Perranuthnoe)
McWilliams D. J. (St. Ives) - Humphry Davy Prize 1915
Maddock F. (Penzance)
Olds W. H. (Penzance)
Richards A. (Ludgvan)
Smith E. C. (Penzance)
Veale E. (St. Ives)
Berryman J. L. (Zennor)
Bunt L. H. (Penzance)
Coad J. D. (Penzance)
Colliver E. C. (Penzance)
Edmonds E. R. (Penzance)
Edmonds F. (Marazion)
Hall N. (Paul)
Hicks J. (Penzance)
Hodge S. W. (Penzance)
Richards E. W. (Penzance)
Richards (Penzance)
Rowe J. C. T. (Penzance)
Spear R. R. (Penzance)
Trembath J. (Paul)
Tregoning S. (Gulval)
Trenwith H. (Penzance)
Wallis S. T. (Penzance)
Warren W. H. (Paul)
Harvey H. B. (Penzance)
Legg G. (Penzance)
Harvey J. P. (Penzance)
Masters S. E. (Penzance)


New Staff
Pupils in order of Admission Number
Bryant F. A. (Paul)
Cowley H. W. (St. Ives)
Curnow A. (Penzance)
Ellis B. L. (St. Just)
Hosken A. N. (Penzance)
Jago J. W. (Marazion)
Jennings J. L. (Penzance)
Trewhella W. D. (Ludgvan)
Vingor J. A. M. (Madron)
White S. (Penzance)
Derry M. L. (St. Ives)
Meek B. W. (Penzance)
Binn H. H. (Penzance)
Behenna J. (St. Ives)
Blackie L. (St. Ives)
Cannon R. W. (Penzance)
Colmer H. (Penzance)
Kaye V. A. H. (Penzance)
Laity H. (St. Leven)
Peters A. J. (Penzance)
Ralph C. G. (Penzance)
Richards G. (St. Ives)
Rowe H. A. (St. Just)
Smith R. J. (Penzance)
Veal J. B. (St. Ives)
Ward L. C. B. (St. Mary's IOS)
Ede J. P. (St. Just)
Anthony C. (St. Ives)
Boynes M. (Ludgvan)
Cornish L. N. (Penzance)
Hackett W. N. (Penzance)
Harvey C. F. (Penzance)
Hitchens W. H. S. (Paul)
Manners F. D. (Penzance)
Olds P. (Pendeen)
Read T. L. (St. Ives) - Humphry Davy Prize 1915
Richmond H. S. (St. Just)
Prowse W. R. (Gulval)
Thomas A. T. (St. Just)
White T. M. (Madron)
Woodcock G. W. (St. Mary's IOS)
Coltram C. (Newlyn)
Con S. R. (Madron)
Curnow T. M. (Ludgvan)
Jones J. C. (Ludgvan)
Mahoney W. H. (Madron)
Matthews W. (Marazion)
Olds A. (St. Just)
Paul C. (Heamoor)
Prynne C. S. (St. Ives)
Radcliff L. R. M. (Hayle)
Rowe H. (Prussia Cove) - Humphry Davy Prize 1919
Rowe W. B. (St. Just)
Trewhella W. M.
Thomas W. D. (Ludgvan)
Gibson J. (Penzance)
Beare E. L. (Penzance)
Benn C. S. (Penzance)
Boase J. W. A. (Penzance)
Haycocks F. M. (Newbridge)
Hollow B. P. M. (St. Buryan)
Jago Maurice E. M. (St. Buryan, boarded with Mr. Bradley in Penzance)
Marks T. P. (St. Just)
Matthews C. (Penzance)
Mitchell J. (Penzance)
Nankervis E. G. (Penzance)
Thomas W. E. (Penzance)


New Staff
Pupils in order of Admission Number
Hall W. (Penzance)
Hutchings G. (Penzance)
MacDonald T. W. (Penzance)
Richards T. D. (Penzance)
Tregoning F. T. O. (Gulval)
Kitto H. R. (Gulval)
Kitto F. L. (Gulval)
Angwin B. (St. Just)
Bowden A. E. (Penzance)
James V. (Perranuthnoe)
Leddra C. (St. Ives)
Nicholas J. T. (Sennen)
Nicholas I. L. (St. Erth)
Nicholas E. (Paul)
Richards J. H. (Perranuthnoe)
Rowe H. (St. Buryan)
Thorne L. F. (Madron)
Wright E. F. (Marazion)
Penrose A. W. (Penzance)
Dunn H. H. (London NW)
Eva J. C. G. (Marazion)
Farell C. M. (Penzance)
Gibson H. (Penzance)
Giles T. T. (Paul)
Jago F. R. (Marazion)
Laity J. (Porthcurno)
Penrose M. R. (St. Just)
Piper T. R. (Germoe)
Rodda E. S. (Penzance)
Tregenza L. A. (Paul)
Williams B. D. (Paul)
Williams D. W. (Penzance)
Cara C. E. (Penzance)
Thomas M. (Madron)


New Staff
Pupils in order of Admission Number
Eddy J. (Penzance)
Edmonds M. W. (Penzance)
Osborne H. (Penzance)
Trembath R. (St. Just)
Williams T. H. (Penzance)
Yardley A. (Penzance)
Daniel L. G. (Penzance)
Ellis W. (St. Just)
Luke J. T. (Carbis Bay) - Humphry Davy Prize 1917
Mitchell W. (St. Just)
Rouffignac W. B. (Madron)
William H. H. (Penzance)
Hitchens J. T. (Paul)
Rouffignac A. C. (Paul)
Chitty H. (St. Hilary)
Gwennap J. (Paul)
Ames W. F. (Penzance)
Kelway G. H. (Hayle)
McWilliams J. (St. Just)
Aces A. (Perranuthnoe)
Saundry A. J. (Penzance) - Humphry Davy Prize 1919
Spargo T. (Paul)
Tuckett T. A. (Penzance)
White C. B. (Madron)
Williams D. G. B. (Penzance)
Bateman G. (Paul)
Angwin C. (Madron)
Beckerleg A. S. (Paul)
Bennetts W. N. (Paul)
Bird C. E. (Penzance)
David W. J. (Penzance)
Gilbert C. J. (Paul)
Fon H. (Perranuthnoe)
Hosken S. R. (Penzance)
Kenyon B. (Penzance)
Kessel S. (Marazion)
Richards L. M. (Penzance)
Thomas W. F. (Marazion)
Tregenza N. K. (Paul)
Tregenza  L. J. (Paul)
Tucker A. S. (Penzance)
Wright D. (Paul)
Hollow E. L. (St. Buryan)
Rowe J. H. W. (Penzance)


New Staff


Pupils in order of Admission Number
Andrew C. (Penzance)
Cluck M. (Sennen)
Cluck P. (Sennen)
Dale R. (Madron)
Hosling F. J. (St. Hilary)
James F. C. (Penzance)
Mathews L. C. (Penzance)
Praed P. (Marazion)
Radmore N. P. (Penzance)
Richards H. C. (Perranuthnoe)
Saunders J. N. C. (Penzance)
Whitaker A. (St. Ives)
Hines S. A. (Penzance)
Hines C. W. (Penzance)
Tregenza E. L. (Paul)
Ungate J. C. (Penzance)
Wallis N. G. (Penzance)
White J. J. (St. Ives)
Glasson W. J. (Paul)
Harvey R. J. (Madron)
Harvey W. T. (Penzance)
Hicks J. G. (Ludgvan)
Jenkin J. S. (Penzance)
Petters T. L. (Phillack) - Humphry Davy Prize 1920 & 1921
Roberts J. C. (Madron)
Styles W. C. (Perranuthnoe)
Tippitt A. (Pendeen)
Tomkin W. H. (Paul)
Williams W. S. (Perran)
Willis T. J. (Paul)
Trewavas P. J. (Penzance)
Baseley G. (Penzance)
Bennett R. F. (Marazion)
Chellew T. H. (Paul)
Fairbrother W. G. (St. Ives)
Hillman J. F. R. (Penzance)
Jelbert F. C. (Gulval)
Jelbart G. (Marazion)
Lake F. (St. Ives)
Matthews T. J. (Gulval)
Matthews W. G. (Gulval)
Noy E. W. (Gulval)
Neale E. H. G. (Penzance)
Olds G. D. P. (Ludgvan)
Poynter A. E. (St. Mary's IOS)
Quick H. M. P. (St. Ives)
Thomas A. M. (Paul)
Thomas J. D. (Ludgvan)
Thompson W. H. (Penzance)
Tregoning C. (Gulval)
White J. V. (Paul)
Williams R. H. (Paul)
Williams W. T. (Paul)
Rushby E. (St. Just)
Stratton T. (St. Just) - Humphry Davy Prize 1918
Hudson A. E. A. (Penzance)
Rouseau O. (Penzance)
Sermon L. (St. Ives)


New Staff
Pupils in order of Admission Number
Beaver J. F. (Penzance)
Behenna W. H. (St. Ives)
Chiffers C. (Paul)
Eddy T. H. (Paul)
Housepian S. (Penzance)
Smart W. C. (Penzance)
Stevenson B. D. (Paul)
Stiffe J. E. (Lelant)
Stiffe C. G. (Lelant)
Toms F. T. (Lelant)
Tuckett W. G. (Penzance)
Roberts E. A. (Penzance)
Williams R. (St. Ives)
Nicholas W. R. (St. Just)
Creek W. A. (Madron)
Bolitho W. T. L. (Madron)
Cole N. L. (Carbis Bay)
Edwards F. R. (Hayle)
Jelbart A. S. (Marazion)
Goossens T. (Penzance)
Hockin J. A. (Mousehole)
Matthews W. E. G. (Penzance)
Nicholas E. W. (Porthcurno)
Polgraham R. V. E. (St. Just)
Harvey A. V. (Penzance)
Olds T. C. (Sancreed)
Berryman J. L. (Penzance)
Rowe W. H. (St. Ives)
White H. W. (St. Ives)
Oliver K. J. (Marazion)
Rogers F. H. (St. Ives)
Willis E. (Paul)
Thomas W. J. D. (Paul)
Rowe J. J. (Penzance)
Bosanko J. J. C. (Penzance)
Corin G. G. (Madron)
Harry C. C. (St. Just)
Hosken C. (Penzance)
Hewels L. E. (St. Buryan)
Kelynack C. L. (Paul)
Mabbott R. A. (Paul) - Humphry Davy Prize 1922
Nicholas W. R. (Phillack)
Rees E. L. (Perranuthnoe) - Humphry Davy Prize 1923
Searle W. G. P. (St. Hilary)
Standen F. H. (Penzance)
Taylor J. (Penzance)
Thorne R. C. N. (Madron)
Trewavas S. J. (Penzance)
Vingoe R. H. (Paul)
Watters W. (Sancreed)
Watkins S. O. (Penzance)
Boyns J. R. (St. Just)
Green F. C. (Penzance)
Hall R. P. (Penzance)
Jenkin W. C. (Paul)
Phillips F. R. (Marazion)
Richards F. P. (Penzance)
Veal J. L. M. (St. Ives)
Watts W. L. (Madron)
Williams G. H. (Newmill)
Wright J. (Paul)
Curnow S. H. (Ludgvan)
Guy T. H. (Newlyn)
Thomas R. C. (Newlyn)
Birchall E. C. (Penzance)
Gee W. J. (Marazion)
Osborne C. T. (Penzance)
Paul W. (St. Erth)


New Staff
Pupils in order of Admission Number
Rodda C. A. J. (Penzance)
Gheur A. (Penzance)
Magis G. (Penzance)
Tippett J. G. (Penzance)
White G. P. (Penzance)
Morris H. W. (Penzance)
Berryman W. J. (Zennor)
Burstow R. W. E. (Penzance)
Harvey T. (Newbridge)
Hutchens J. T. (Gulval)
Laity T. (St. Levan)
Woolcock K. R. (St. Just)
Payne S. (Carbis Bay)
Allerton P. (Paul)
Allerton C. (Paul)
Mann J. C. (Penzance)
Fradgley W. C. (Penzance)
Hosking N. (Paul)
LeGood E. J. (Penzance)
McWilliams F. (St. Ives)
Matthews R. D. (Penzance)
Maddock E. J. (Penzance)
Michel J. (St. Erth)
Oates J. (Penzance)
Rablen L. C. (Penzance)
Simons H. (Penzance)
Stretton F. (St. Ives)
White J. P. (Newlyn)
Williams S. T. (Madron)
Barnes K. W. (Penzance)
Allerton D. (Paul)
Allerton F. R. (Paul)
Bound W. H. (Penzance)
Denley J. C. (Penzance)
Ellis J. H. (Penzance)
Hall R. J. (Penzance)
Harvey A. E. (Penzance)
Hitchens A. N. (Newlyn)
Hosking F. T. (Penzance)
Lawrey R. (Long Rock)
Matthews A. R. (Gulval)
Olds J. W. (Ludgvan)
Oliver E. (Marazion)
Pengelly W. H. (Penzance)
Phillips J. (St. Buryan)
Prowse L. (St. Buryan)
Roberts H. (Paul)
Veal W. L. (St. Ives)
Vincent H. L. (Penzance)
Williams W. H. (Paul)
Polgraham R. H. (St. Just)
Rowe H. J. (Paul)
Peasey F. L. (Madron)
Thomas L. (Madron)
Everington J. E. (Penzance)
Everington L. S. (Penzance)
Paul B. L. (Paul)
Paul C. H. (Paul)
Weaver H. L. (Madron)
de Coninck J. (Penzance)
Howe F R. (Penzance)


New Staff
Pupils in order of Admission Number
Adams T. H. (Paul)
Banks E. F. C. (Madron)
Barnes T. (Paul)
Carne B. (Paul)
Daniel J. M. C. (Mousehole)
Hinton D. (Penzance)
Lawrey A. (Long Rock)
Quick E. (St. Ives)
White W. T. R. (Madron)
Palmer R. M. (Penzance)
Stone G. L. (Newmill)
Lander J. H. (St. Ives)
McKensie I. D. (St. Just)
Trembath H. W. V. (St. Just)
Coak J. F. (Penzance)
Howell L. G. (Penzance)
Jenkin C. (St. Ives)
Scott T. E. (Penzance)
Julyan T. L. (Penzance)
Baker J. C. (St. Ives)
Coak E. H. (Penzance)
Osgar E. H. (St. Ives)
Porter F. W. (Paul)
Porter R. (Paul)
Roach L. C. (Lelant)
Thomas T. G. (Paul)
Woolcock L. H. (St. Just)
Brown E. A. (Penzance)
Polgraham D. J. L. Y. (St. Just)
Cock G. (Penzance)
Edwards W. (Pendeen) - Humphry Davy Prize 1925
Floyd P. J. (St. Hilary) - Head Boy 1924
Harvey J. W. (Paul)
Harvey W. B. (Penzance)
Hosken W. (Penzance)
Murley W. J. (Paul)
Pappin J. C. (Penzance)
Pope E. F. (Towednack) - Humphry Davy Prize 1924
Richards W. C. (Penzance)
Richards G. (Paul)
Rowe J. F. (Mousehole)
Rowe E. A. (Mousehole)
Stinto W. A. (Penzance)
Williams C. W. (Penzance)
Williams E. J. (Penzance)
Williams C. J. R. (St. Ives)
MacGuiness T. W. W. (Penzance) - Humphry Davy Prize 1925
Beaver N. A. (Penzance)
Bettens S. H. (Paul)
Carney A. E. (Penzance)
Chappell R. K. (Ludgvan)
Clay W. G. (Penzance)
Curnow E. H. (St. Ives)
England W. (St. Ives)
Frost A. B. C. (Penzance)
Frost W. J. V. (Penzance)
Gilpin W. H. V. (Penzance)
Hall H. D. M. (St. Just)
Harvey G. C. (Paul)
Hawke G. A. (St. Ives)
Hitchens R. M. (St. Ives)
Hocking W. J. C. (St. Just)
Hull H. G. (Penzance)
James E. S. K. (Penzance)
Jelbert W. C. (Penzance)
Kemplay R. A. (Penzance)
King F. G. (St. Hilary)
Macnabb R. O. (Madron)
Michell A. C. (Penzance)
Nicholas V. (Newlyn)
Parkinson G. (Marazion)
Swain P. M. (Penzance)
Trembath L. (Mousehole)
Uren W. F. H. (Phillack)
Wale J. (St. Just)
Nankervis R. J. (Gulval)
Chiffers H. L. (Newlyn)
Williams T. (Mousehole)
Stewart D. R. S. S. (St. Just)
Elliot W. J. (Halsetown)


New Staff


Pupils in order of Admission Number
Edwards H. J. (Hayle)
Gibson A. G. (Penzance)
Gray W. H. M. (Penzance)
Richards K. T. (Penzance)
Slade E. (Penzance)
White A. C. (St. Ives)
Ladner R. (Newlyn)
Grant A. G. (St. Ives) - Humphry Davy Prize 1922
Blewett J. T. (St. Ives)
Cock A. R. (St. Ives)
Hall J. L. B. (Penzance)
Hall T. G. (Heamoor)
Hosking F. (Newlyn)
Palmer S. M. (Carbis Bay)
Rodda L. W. (Penzance)
Rolt H. E. (Mousehole)
Truman N. A. (Penzance)
Watts R. B. (Penzance)
Fisher R. A. W. (Penzance)
Bennetts W. R. (Newlyn)
Bryant C. F. (Penzance)
Collins A. (Long Rock)
Cotton R. J. (Newlyn)
Davey W. H. R. (Heamoor)
Downing R. E. (Long Rock)
Eddy M. H. (St. Just)
Grant J. M. (Long Rock)
Hosking O. (Lamorna)
Ladner W. B. (Mousehole)
Lanyon R. A. (Penzance)
LeGood A. F. (Penzance)
Mann H. V. (Penzance)
Matthews W. T. (Mousehole)
Rowe L. (Penzance)
Tanner W. C. (St. Ives)
Tonkin J. J. (Newlyn)
Warren E. (Penzance)
Beecroft F. S. (Penzance) - Head Boy 1925 & 1926
Bosworth W. F. (Newlyn)
Davies T. E. (Newlyn)
Harvey H. W. (Mousehole)
Jelbert J. (Penzance)
Kaupp J. C. (Newlyn)
Ladner R. E. (Mousehole)
Maddern  J. H. (Penzance)
Miller P. (Penzance)
Nicholls R. H. (Newlyn)
Oliver R. H. S. (Mousehole)
Palmer J. W. J. (Newlyn)
Pearce J. (St. Ives)
Pollard W. J. (Penzance)
Retallack J. H. (Penzance)
Trewavas C. J. (Penzance)
Tutthill J. C. (Penzance)
Liddicoat C. A. (Penzance)
Gliddon A. H. (Penzance)
Veal J. L. (St. Ives)
Trevorrow V. (St. Ives)
Curnow F. J. (Madron)
Blackmore C. (Penzance)
Green B. (St. Ives)
Mann R. P. (Penzance)


New Staff
Pupils in order of Admission Number
Eddy C. R.
Marriott R. E. (St. Ives)
Noy H. G. (Newmill)
Oliver W. (Penzance)
Praed A. W. (Mousehole)
Spargo L. (Paul)
Uren J. B. (St. Ives)
Mackay A. J. (St. Ives)
Woosley C. J. (Penzance)
Carne B. (Newlyn)
Alford F. W. G. (Sancreed)
Nicholls G. E. (Heamoor)
Brewer H. (Mousehole)
Billington W. (Newlyn)
Bolitho G. (Madron)
Hamsher W. J. N. (Penzance)
Hollow W. J. V. (Penzance)
Laity J. H. R. (Penzance)
Mulcahy D. (Penzance)
Nicholls L. (Penzance)
Nicholls S. (Penzance)
Reynolds R. J. (Penzance)
Sandow T. W. (St. Ives)
Trevorrow C. (St. Ives)
Tutthill W. F. (Penzance)
White E. H. (Treen)
Williams R. T. (Penzance)
Knight T. (Penzance)
Gibbs P. (Penzance)
Adam G. E. (Penzance)
Amor H. L. (Penzance)
Cotton T. B. (Newlyn) - Humphry Davy Prize 1926
Davies C. (St. Ives)
Drew G. A. (Penzance)
Duerdon F. H. (Penzance)
Harvey W. C. (Newlyn)
Jackson G. (Newlyn)
Laity M. H. (Marazion)
Mabbott G. L. (Newlyn)
Martin S. (Penzance)
Monson G. E. (Hayle)
Orchard J. F. (Penzance)
Phillips H. (St. Ives)
Robins K. C. (Penzance)
Rowe J. F. (Mousehole)
Tremary R. (Sennen)
Tresidder W. J. (St. Ives)
Williams C. R. (Goldsithney)
Dunne W. (Penzance)
Lavers A. C. (Penzance)
White F. H. (Mousehole)
Thomas W. H. (Penzance)
Beighton R. (Hayle)
Bradley R. A. (Heamoor)
Bray F. C. (Penzance)
Bridge R. C. (Hayle)
Carter W. (Newlyn)
Chellew S. H. (Paul)
Dennis W. J. (Newlyn)
Eddy S. (Penzance)
Harvey W. H. (St. Just)
Hocking H. S. (Heamoor)
Hollow W. W. (St. Ives)
Hooper J. E. (Penzance)
Ivey T. (Madron)
James I. J. P. (Newlyn)
James W. E. L. (Newlyn)
Jelbert J. C. (Madron)
Lawry A. (Long Rock)
Luty H. E. (Newmill)
Matthews R. C. (Gulval)
Matthews W. J. (Penzance)
Morris H. E. C. (Newlyn)
Noy C. B. (Long Rock)
Olds K. (Long Rock)
Organ E. P. B. (Penzance)
Organ F. H. (Penzance)
Pierce I. (St. Ives)
Richards W. J. (Newlyn)
Robinson (St. Ives)
Rodda W. R. (Paul)
Rowe J. (St. Just)
Rundle C. K. (St. Ives)
Veal C. (St. Ives)
Williams A. G. K. (Gulval)
Williams J. (Mousehole)
Wilson D. F. (Penzance)
Wood C. H. (St. Ives)
Woolcock C. I. (St. Just)
Johns  J. S. (St. Ives)
Digby J. T. (Mousehole)
Vingoe F. W. (Penzance)
Friggens C. M. (Penzance)
Chapple W. C. (St. Buryan)
Tredinnick H. R. R. (St. Erth)

Staff and pupils from 1921 to 1979 are listed in [Batten & James 1980]