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23 Jul 1867
        Thomas Kessle 20 Mason of Reservoir Court [mark]
                (Father: Thomas Kessle, Plumber)
        Louisa Corkell 25 of Quay [no mark] (Father: George Corkell, Pilot)
        Witnesses: John Fry, Mary Ann Fry
10 Dec 1867
        John Truscott Beale 28 Accountant of Truro (Father: John Beale, Coachbuilder)
        Mary Eva 27 of Clarence St., Penzance (Father: James Eva, Painter)
        Witnesses: [?] Eva, Henry Eva


24 Feb 1868
        William Hobbs 41 widower Hawker of Bk. Clare St. [mark] (Father: John Hobbs, Soldier)
        Rachel Luttey 22 of Bk. Clare St. [mark] (Father: Joseph Luttey, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Patrick Calnon[?], Robert Brown
14 Nov 1868
        Robert Semmens 32 Labourer of Reservoir Court
                (Father: Thomas Semmens, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Jane Maddern full age of Reservoir Court [mark]
                (Father: Benjamin Maddern, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Rodda, Lydia Semmens


18 Jan 1869
        Alfred Rudall full age Clerk in Holy Orders of Penzance (Father: J.H.Rudall, Merchant)
        Phillippa Mary Barwis full age of Penzance (Father: John Barwis, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: John R Bramble, Sisie T Barwis, Robert R[?], John Barwis
31 Mar 1869
        Richard Jackson full age Mariner of Penzance (Father: Richard Jackson, Shipwright)
        Margaret Anne Colenso full age of Penzance (Father: John Colenso, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: John Colenso, Eliza Rogers


4 Jun 1870
        Alfred Brewer full age Coachsmith of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Bewer, Labourer)
        Annie Mathews full age Dressmaker of Penzance 
        Witnesses: John [?], Elizabeth Ann Richards
16 Jun 1870
        Thomas Clemo 26 Miner of Pendeen (Father: Niclas Clemo, Engineer)
        Anna Maria Mutton 19 of Penzance (Father: William Mutton, Labourer)
        Witnesses: George Henry Bate, William Mutton
19 Nov 1870
        William Henry Gift full age Compositor of Penzance (Father: Thomas Gift, Confectioner)
        Elizabeth Eddy full age of Penzance (Father: Thomas Eddy, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Ddy, Elizabeth Jane Brewer


1 Feb 1871
        Jacob Curnow Weymouth Corin 30 Potato Merchant of Penzance (Father: William Corin, Farmer)
        Bessie Graham Taylor 23 of Ludgvan (Father: Phillip Taylor, Mine Agent)
        Witnesses: H N [?], William Roberts
2 May 1871
        John Willliam Trouson full age Architect of Penzance (Father: John Trounson, Builder)
        Lucy Eva full age of Penzance (Father: James Eva, Merchant)
        Witnesses: Mary Trounson, J Eva
28 May 1871
        John Ladner 25 Blacksmith of St. Clare St. (Father: Francis Ladner, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Hobbs 18 of Penzance (Father: William Hobbs, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Hobbs, Rachel Hobbs
1 Jul 1871
        William Tuck full age Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Thomas Tuck, Chandler)
        Catherine Tink[?] Richards full age of Penzance (Father: Alexander Richards, Tailor)
        Witnesses: James Gilbert, Mary Anne Tuck
23 Aug 1871
        Ernest Banfield full age Warehouseman of London (Father: Alexander Banfield, Farmer)
        Bessie Reynolds full age of Penzance (Father: Sampson Reynolds, Merchant)
        Witnesses: Margaret Jane Curnow, Clara Wilks Banfield
17 Sep 1871
        Joseph Seth Brown 18 Carrier of Penzance (Father: Dennis Brown, Cutter)
        Selina Uren 21 of Penzance [mark] (Father: William Uren, Labourer)
        Witnesses: [?] Brown, John Richards
18 Sep 1871
        George Denithorne full age widower Farmer of Penzance (Father: William Denithorne, Labourer)
        Charlotte Wright Williams full age of Penzance [mark] (Father: Peter Williams, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Thomas Carter Esq, A J Colenso
5 Nov 1871
        Isaac Worsley 23 Labourer of Penzance [mark] (Father: Richard Worsley, Sailor)
        Mary Harriet Brewer 25 of Penzance [mark] (Father: Henry Brewer, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Uren, William Jasper
5 Nov 1871
        William Uren 38 Groom of Penzance [mark] (Father: William Uren, Labourer)
        Grace Reynolds Dobb 23 of Breage (Father: William Dobb, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Richards, Eliza Uren
7 Nov 1871
        Charles Caleb Butt 22 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Charles Butt, Master Mariner)
        Ellen Treweeke 24 of Penzance (Father: Samuel Treweeke, Tailor)
        Witnesses: Samuel Treweek, Thomas 
24 Dec 1871
        Charles Batten 24 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Alexander Batten, Cordwinder[?])
        Mary Jane Whitford 25 of Penzance (Father: John Whitford, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Pascoe H Kent, Elizabeth Whitford


15 Jan 1872
        James Vingoe full age Builder of Penzance (Father: Henry Vingoe, Builder)
        Sarah Champion Moorman full age of Penzance (Father: Richard Moorman, Commander Rn)
        Witnesses: Thomas Bindle Painter[?], Mary Callow
4 Feb 1872
        Charles Howard Roberts 21 Groom of Penzance (Father: Michael Roberts, Cordwainer)
        Emily Williams 22 of Penzance (Father: John Williams, Smith)
        Witnesses: John Williams, Grace Ann Matthews
5 May 1872
        John Henson 20 Mariner of Penzance (Father: William Henson, Mariner)
        Agnes Poole 22 of Penzance 
        Witnesses: John Rowe, Sarah Maxwell
18 May 1872
        Robert William Wood 25 Lightkeeper Wolf Rock of Penzance [mark]
                (Father: Robert William Woods, Carpenter)
        Margaret Daniel 27 of Penzance (Father: John Daniel, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Daniel, Robert E Lomax
18 May 1872
        William Colenso 27 Painter of Penzance (Father: Richard V J Colenso, Painter)
        Mary Leigh 31 widow of Penzance (Father: Henry Richards, Independent)
        Witnesses: Richard V J Colenso, Sarah Colenso 
19 May 1872
        William Charles Rhodda 20 Butcher of Penzance (Father: William Rhodda, Butcher)
        Mary Nicholl Richards 22 of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Richards, Miner)
        Witnesses: Edward Nicholls, Ellen Richards
18 Jun 1872
        William Ellis 24 Blacksmith of Ludgvan (Father: John Ellis, Blacksmith)
        Avis Sweet 22 of Penzance (Father: John Sweet, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: John Sweet, Elizabeth Rogers
25 Jun 1872
        Louis Charles Read 25 Clerk Hm Customs of Ipswich (Father: Charles Read, Accountant)
        Jane Triphena Bowden 26 of Penzance (Father: Matthew Bowden, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: C Read, Matt Bowden
8 Sep 1872
        Philip Henry Carne 23 Plumber of Penzance (Father: William Henry Carne, Cordwainer)
        Elizabeth Hosken 23 Tailoress of Penzance (Father: Joseph Wallis Hosken, Postsman)
        Witnesses: Josesph Wallis Hosken, A Colenso
17 Sep 1872
        Philip Goddard full age widower Linen Draper of London
                (Father: Philip Goddard, Dressingcase Maker)
        Harriet Ann Ash 33 of Penzance (Father: James Wilton Ash, Sadler)
        Witnesses: J W Ash, J Wilton Ash Jn, Charlotte J Ash
11 Nov 1872
        Peter Phillips 30 Sailor of Penzance (Father: Stephen Phillips, Labourer)
        Louisa Mutton 24 of Penzance (Father: William Mutton, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Mutton, Elizabeth Jane Mutton


4 Mar 1873
        George Pauley 26 Mariner of Penzance [mark] (Father: Edward Pauley, Builder)
        Mary Hosking 25 of Penzance (Father: Stephen Hocking, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Samuel Treweeke, Mary Treweek
12 Apr 1873
        Benjamin Thomas 23 Mason of Penzance (Father: Philip C Thomas, Builder)
        Susan Wallis 23 of Penzance (Father: Peter Wallis, Wheelwright)
        Witnesses: Edward Thomas, Margaret Jane W[?]
23 Apr 1873
        Francis Watts 28 Shipwright of St. Marys, Scilly (Father: Francis Watts, Farmer)
        Caroline Simmons 28 of Penzance (Father: James Simmons, Cab Proprietor)
        Witnesses: William Simmons, Amy Pearce
1 May 1873
        Joseph Burgess 29 Sailor of St. Mary, Penzance (Father: Peter Burgess, Shoemaker)
        Naomi Williams 30 of St. Pauls, Penzance (Father: George Williams, Builder)
        Witnesses: William Ellis, Jane Burgess
10 Jun 1873
        George Savage 56 widower Baker of Penzance (Father: George Savage, Cabinet Maker)
        Emily Hutchens 36 of Penzance [mark] (Father: John Hutchens, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: George Henry Savage, [?] Hillchens[?]
30 Jun 1873
        Richard Gilbart 25 Mariner of Penzance (Father: William Gilbart, Labourer deceased)
        Elizabeth Rogers 23 of Penzance (Father: John Rogers, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Ellen Rogers, John Rogers
25 Jul 1873
        John Pilman Walters 27 General ?W.Corn Railway of Penzance (Father: John Walters, Sailor)
        Emma Jane Richards 21 of Penzance (Father: James Richards, Mason)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Richards, John Richards
26 Jul 1873
        Frederick John Coak 24 Mason of Heamoor, Madron (Father: John Coak, Coastguard)
        Ellen Hutchens 22 Milliner of Penzance (Father: John Hutchens, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: John Thomas, Catherine Hutchens
28 Sep 1873
        William Bartlett 62 widower Gardener of Penzance (Father: Richard Bartlett, Husbandman)
        Jane Bevan 45 widow of Penzance (Father: John Mitchell, Builder)
        Witnesses: George Mitchell, Elizabeth Jane Mitchell
8 Oct 1873
        Nathaniel Lindon Parkyn 22 Congregational Minister of Croydon, Surrey [mark]
                (Father: Nathaniel Parkyn, Congregational Minister)
        Eliza Margery Mary Coulson 27 of Penzance (Father: William Coulson, Merchant)
        Witnesses: Samuel York, Thomas Coulson, Marianne Dleparkyn, [?]
30 Oct 1873
        John Williams 36 Mariner of St. Clare St (Father: Thomas Williams, Labourer)
        Sarah Ann Maxwell 35 of St. Clare St. [mark] (Father: Francis Maxwell dead)
        Witnesses: James Uren, Catherine Uren
1 Nov 1873
        John Henwood 21 Mason of Ludgvan [mark] (Father: John Henwood, Gardener)
        Mary Ellen Pascoe Borlase 21 of Penzance [signed Borlase Pascoe]
                (Father: Nathaniel Pascoe, Miner)
        Witnesses: Nathaniel Hill, Eliza Thomas


31 Jan 1874
        Charles Smith 27 Corp .Scots Fuselier Guards of Penzance (Father: John Smith, Laborer)
        Sarah Gendall 22 of Penzance [mark] (Father: Francis Gendall, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Williams, Sarah Ann Williams
15 Mar 1874
        Joseph Scobel 40 widower Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: George Scobel, Miner)
        Elizabeth Carpenter 47 widow of Penzance [mark] (Father: Peter Semmens, Miner)
        Witnesses: Charles Semmens, Jane Carne
29 Apr 1874
        Thomas Eddy Reseigh 27 Tin Dresser of St. Just [mark] (Father: Thomas Reseigh, Farmer)
        Mary Johns 35 of Penzance (Father: William Johns, Miner)
        Witnesses: Jn Mallett, William Ivey
2 Jun 1874
        Charles Bramble Hawes 21 Painter of Penzance [mark] (Father: John Hawes, Soldier)
        Mary Elizabeth Treweeke 23 Milliner of Penzance (Father: Samuel Treweeke, Woolen Draper)
        Witnesses: Samuel Treweeke, Thomas Crocker
14 Jul 1874
        William Ivey 27 Plumber of Penzance (Father: Richard Ivey, Engineer)
        Christiana Rogers 27[?] of Penzance (Father: William Rogers, Miner)
        Witnesses: W H Rogers, A Rogers
22 Jul 1874 by Licence
        Peter White Bray 28 Gardener of Perranuthnoe (Father: John Bray, Basket Maker)
        Priscilla Randall 21 of Penzance (Father: Frederick Randall, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Charles Read Randall, Emily Randell
2 Aug 1874
        John Berryman 29 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: John Berryman, Miller)
        Elizabeth Truscott Hutchens 27 Dressmaker of Penzance (Father: Thomas Hutchens, Coachman)
        Witnesses: Lewis Truscott Hutchens, Catharine Truscott Hutchens
10 Aug 1874
        Samuel Hodge 26 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Samuel Hodge, Gardener)
        Mary Williams Dennis 26 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Dennis, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: John Dennis, Ellen Hodge
13 Sep 1874
        Lewis Truscott Hutchins 24 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Thomas Hutchins, Coachman)
        Eliza Jane Curnow 23 of Penzance (Father: John Cujrnow, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: John Berryman, Catherine Truscott Hutchens
7 Oct 1874
        William John Boase Smith 33 Artist of Penzance (Father: William Smith, Schoolmaster)
        Sarah Jane Andrew 26 of Penzance (Father: Luke Andrew, Grocer)
        Witnesses: Luke Andrew, Susan Mary Smith
28 Oct 1874
        Joshua Blick 29 Millwright of Minchin Hampton (Father: Charles Blick, Weaver)
        Leah Jane Blampin Cross 32 of Penzance (Father: William Cross, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Dunning Cross, Mary G[?] Cross
1 Nov 1874
        Jabez Easterbrook 27 Groom of Penzance (Father: William Easterbrook, Cabinet Maker)
        Sarah Ann Roberts 26 of Penzance (Father: James Roberts, Coachman)
        Witnesses: E J Roberts, Louisa Roberts


31 Jan 1875
        William Hollow 20 Mason of Penzance (Father: William Hollow, Tailor)
        Mary Ann Jasper 20 Tailoress of Penzance (Father: John Jasper, Messenger)
        Witnesses: William Jasper, Ellen Roberts
8 Feb 1875 by Licence
        Thomas John Beard 27 Accountant of St. Pancras, London
                (Father: Thomas Beard, Master Mariner)
        Emily Georgine Greenwood 26 widow of Penzance
                (Father: Robert Clebon Robinson, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: J M Tyacke, Eliza Tyacke
14 Feb 1875
        John Harvey Green 21 Carrier of Penzance (Father: Richard Green, Shoemaker)
        Emma Chaffe 22 of Penzance (Father: Henry Chaffe, Cab Proprietor)
        Witnesses: James Batten, William H Green
7 Mar 1875 by Licence
        William Dunn full age Cabinet Maker of Penzance (Father: Richard Dunn, Farmer)
        Ellen Nicholas full age of Penzance (Father: James George Nicholas, Confectioner)
        Witnesses: W J Uren, Elizabeth Allen
30 Mar 1875
        William Murphy 35 widower Hatter of Penzance (Father: John Murphy, Marble Mason)
        Eliza Jane Potter 22 of Penzance [mark] (Father: George Potter, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Samuel Andrewartha, Beatric Aitken
18 Apr 1875
        Charles Henry Rogers full age Moulder of Penzance [mark]
                (Father: James Broad[sic], Shoemaker)
        Ellen Friggens full age of Penzance (Father: John Friggins, Mason)
        Witnesses: James Wallis, Emma Nicholls
9 May 1875
        George Henry Hocking 22 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: Edward Hocking, Farmer)
        Catherine Symons 22 of Penzance (Father: Francis Hocking, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Francis Symons, Ellen Symons
21 Jul 1875
        William Shutt Barmble[sic] 24 Compositor of Penzance
                (Father: Richard Shutt Bramble, Cabinetmaker)
        Eliza Jane Thomas 21 of Penzance (Father: Tobias Thomas, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Richard Shutt Bramble, Grace Bramble
9 Aug 1875
        Thomas John full age Mariner of St. Pauls, Penzance (Father: Thomas John, Mariner)
        Ellen John full age of St. Marys, Penzance
                (Father: William John, Officer H M Coastguard Svce)
        Witnesses: William John, Mary John
31 Aug 1875
        William Wilcox 28 Labourer of Penzance (Father: John Wilcox, Laborer)
        Henrietta Chapman 32 of Penzance (Father: Richard Chapman, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts
1 Sep 1875
        Edward Britton 31 Mariner of Penzance (Father: William Britton, Mariner)
        Catherine Truscott Hutchens 33 Dressmaker of Penzance (Father: Thomas Hutchens, Laborer)
        Witnesses: Lewis Truscott Hutchens, Elizabeth Uren
16 Sep 1875
        John Richards full age widower Baker of 7 High St (Father: Edward Richards, Brewer)
        Elizabeth Morcom full age of 15 Parade St. (Father: Samuel Morcom, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Chas Staples, Wm Colenso
25 Dec 1875
        Thomas Henry Williams 35 Carpenter of Morvah (Father: Thomas Williams, Farmer)
        Mary James 35 of Penzance (Father: John James, Mason)
        Witnesses: John James, Maria James[?]


16 Jan 1876
        Thomas Richard Tresidder 41 widower Tailor of Penzance (Father: Thomas Tresidder, Bootmaker)
        Eliza Drew 38 widow of Penzance (Father: William Williams, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Richard Bolitho, Louise Drew
21 Mar 1876
        George Herbert 56 widower Botanist/Engine Fitter of Penzance
                (Father: William Herbert, Engine Fitter)
        Jane Saunders 45 widow of Penzance (Father: William Nancarrow, Carrier)
        Witnesses: John Trezise, Beatrice Aitken, Maria Searle
16 Apr 1876
        John Trounson 33 Shoemaker of Penzance (Father: Peter Trounson, Shoemaker)
        Alice Banfield Champion 31 of Penzance [mark] (Father: Isaac? Champion, Miner)
        Witnesses: Samuel Andrews, Thomas Curnow
15 May 1876
        John Williams 24 Miner of Gulval (Father: George L Williams, Miner)
        Drusilla Jane Simmons 21 of Penzance (Father: Josiah Simmons, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Bowey[?], Eliza Jane Brewer
31 May 1876
        Thomas Henry Jenkin 23 Labourer of Penzance (Father: Richard Jenkin, Laborer)
        Elizabeth Jane Simmons 29 widow of Penzance [mark] (Father: Benjamin Maddern, Laborer)
        Witnesses: John Fry, Mary Ann Tasker
4 Jun 1876
        Hugh Rogers 22 Carrier of Penzance (Father: John Rogers, Carrier)
        Elizabeth Jane Blight 18 of Penzance (Father: James Blight, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Blight, Ellen Laura Blight
2 Jul 1876 by Licence
        Thomas Grylls 66 widower Gentleman of Penzance (Father: Henry Grylls, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Ould 49 of Penzance (Father: James Ould, Assayer)
        Witnesses: James Ould, Kate Ould
12 Nov 1876
        Samuel Richards 24 Gardener of Hea, Madron (Father: Charles Richards, Labourer)
        Eliza Lutey 24 of Richmond Cottage [mark] (Father: Joseph Lutey, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Carpenter, R Colenso
6 Dec 1876
        Richard Short Bramble 24 Carpenter of 16 Penderis Rd.
                (Father: Richard Short[sic] Bramble, Carpenter)
        Emily Reed 21 of Penzance (Father: Henry Reed, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Shutt Bramble, Grace Bramble


13 Jan 1877 by Licence
        Frederick Albert Corin full age Commission Agent of Penzance
                (Father: Jack Corin, Commission Agent)
        Annie Read full age of Penzance (Father: Charles Read, Accountant)
        Witnesses: G Read, S E Read
18 Feb 1877
        William John Searle 24 Rope Maker of Penzance (Father: John Searle, Mason)
        Emily Jane Smale 21 of Penzance (Father: George Smale, Mason)
        Witnesses: Robert Batten, Selina Smale
4 Jun 1877 by Licence
        Charles Bowen Allen full age Chymist of Killown (Father: Charles Allen deceased, Wine Merchant)
        Mary Trounson full age of Penzance (Father: John Trounson, Architect)
        Witnesses: John Trounson, Robert Matthews
18 Jun 1877 by Licence
        John Colenso full age Decorator of Penzance (Father: Richard Colenso, Decorator)
        Eliza Jane Corin full age of Penzance (Father: Jacob Corin, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Richard Corin Angwin, Carrie Colenso
27 Aug 1877
        Richard Joyce 25 Basket Maker of Penzance [mark] (Father: Austin Joyce, Coastguard)
        Sarah Jane Ferris 23 of Penzance (Father: John Ferris, Engine Driver)
        Witnesses: Alfred [?]Eary, Amelia Matthews
14 Oct 1877
        John Jasper full age Bill Poster of Penzance [mark] (Father: John Jasper, Bill Poster)
        Jane Richards full age of Penzance [mark] (Father: James Richards deceased, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Jasper, Mary Ann Hollow


13 Apr 1878
        Samuel Olds Watkins full age widower Mason of Penzance (Father: John Watkins, Mason)
        Jane Oats Gubbs full age of Penzance (Father: Thomas Gubbs, Marine)
        Witnesses: Samuel Olds, Mary J Gardiner
11 Aug 1878
        William Mitchell Dennis 25 Cordwainder of Penzance (Father: Joseph Dennis, Cordwainer)
        Mary Ann Baird 23 of Penzance (Father: William Henry Baird, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Henry Baird, Elizabeth Jane Baird
12 Oct 1878
        Harry Inch 21 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Thomas Inch, Tallow Chandler)
        Edith Plomer 21 of Penzance (Father: Samuel Plomer, Sea Captain)
        Witnesses: Amy Plomer, Ann Colenso
2 Nov 1878
        Henry Pearce 51 widower Farm Bailiff of Penzance (Father: John Pearce, Farmer)
        Annie Pengilly 40 widow of Penzance [mark] (Father: John Warren, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Simmens, Bessie Kelynack
9 Dec 1878
        William Bonetto 23 Mariner of Newlyn (Father: John Bonetto, Mariner)
        Mary Ellen Barnes 23 of Penzance (Father: Henry Barnes, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Charles Henry Barnes, Amine Leah Bonetto
2 Feb 1878
        Peter Trounson full age widower Crier of Union Terrace (Father: James Trounson, Cordwainer)
        Elizabeth Thomas full age of South Parade (Father: Martin Thomas, Tin Dresser)
        Witnesses: Thomas Marks, [?] Colenso
22 Jun 1878
        William Henry Green 22 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: Richard Green, Shoemaker)
        Thomasine Semmens Martin 20 of Penzance [mark] (Father: James Martin, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Batten, John Harvey Green
30 Sep 1878
        Nicholas Bunt 23 Mate Of Vessel of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Bunt, Sea Captain)
        Alma Robina Jessie Symmons 20 of Penzance (Father: Zachariah Symmons, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Clement [?], Mary Rowe


20 Mar 1880
        James Wilkes 20 Labourer of Penzance (Father: James Wilkes, Labourer)
        Ellen Bone 19 of Penzance (Father: John Bone, Engine Fitter)
        Witnesses: Sarah Tresider, Mary Jane Wilkes
17 May 1880
        Walter James Jennings 25 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Walter Tresize Jennins, Sailor)
        Mary Glover Cross 26 of Penzance (Father: William Cross, Bootmaker)
        Witnesses: Joshua Blick, Leah Jane Blick
12 Jun 1880
        Charles Wakfer 24 Cabinet Maker of Penzance (Father: James Wakfer, Railway Porter)
        Caroline Hicks 18 of Penzance (Father: William Hicks, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Wakfer, Minnie Hockin
13 Jun 1880
        Andrew Searle 20 Labourer of Penzance [mark] (Father: John Searle, Mason)
        Martha Fry 22 of Penzance [mark] (Father: Joseph Fry, Miner)
        Witnesses: Emma Searle, William Gilles
28 Nov 1880
        William Pellew 68 widower Labourer of Penzance [mark] (Father: William Pellew, Carpenter)
        Elizabeth Pellew 32 of Penzance [mark] (Father: Thomas Pellew, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Edward Searle, Emma Searle


18 Jan 1881
        Thomas Harry 30 Labourer of Penzance [mark] (Father: Thomas Harry, Miner)
        Ann Rowe 23 of Penzance [mark] (Father: Joseph Rowe, Porter)
        Witnesses: A S Rowe, Louisa Rowe
16 Feb 1881
        John Jenkin 24 Labourer of Penzance [mark] (Father: James Jenkin, Miner)
        Elizabeth Perry 18 of Penzance [mark] (Father: William Perry, Mason)
        Witnesses: John Brewer, Eliza Jenkin
10 Apr 1881
        Charles Clemmens 52 widower Labourer of Penzance [mark] (Father: James Clemmens, Labourer)
        Mary Morris 25 of Penzance (Father: John Morris, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edwin Thomas Hockin, [?] Colenso
19 Apr 1881
        Matthew Dugdale Nicholls 20 Butcher of Penzance
        Margaret Rogers 21 of Penzance (Father: Henry Rogers, Butcher)
        Witnesses: John Eddy, Grace Rogers
24 Apr 1881
        George Jenkin 52 widower Basket Maker of Penzance (Father: George Jenkin, Basketmaker)
        Jane Hill 45[43?] of Penzance (Father: Joseph Hill, Miner)
        Witnesses: Nathanael Hill, Alma Hill
30 Apr 1881
        Thomas Maddern 40 widower Insurance Agent of Penzance (Father: William Maddern, Shoemaker)
        Matilda Stevens 28 of Penzance (Father: James Stevens, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Thomas Row, Grace Martin Piper[?]
20 Jun 1881
        Thomas Rowe 27 Sailor of Penzance (Father: John Rowe, Sailor)
        Louisa Rowe 22 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Rowe, Annie Harvey
30 Oct 1881
        Frederick Stinton 22 Coach Smith of Penzance (Father: John Stinton, Plate Layer)
        Louisa Hosken 25 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Wallis Hosken, Rural Letter Carrier)
        Witnesses: J W Hosken, W H Hosken
1 Dec 1881 by Licence
        John Williams Wallis 22 Marine Engineer of Penzance (Father: Simon Thomas Wallis, Master Mariner)
        Elizabeth Ann Corin 25 of Penzance (Father: Jacob Corin, Gardener)
        Witnesses: B C Matthew, [?] Colenso
25 Dec 1881
        Thomas Nicholls Tregarthen 23 Coach Trimmer of Penzance
                (Father: Richard Tregarthen, Cabinet Maker)
        Emma Jane Curnow 22 of Penzance (Father: John Curnow, Miner)
        Witnesses: Edward Williams Boase, Elizabeth [?] Boase


5 Jan 1882 by Licence
        William Thomas 20 Cooper of St. Peters, Newlyn (Father: William Thomas, Moulder)
        Ada Maslin 21 of St. Paul, Penzance (Father: William Maslin, Boot Maker)
        Witnesses: William Maskin, Jane Carne
5 Mar 1882
        James Scoble 21 Blacksmith of Prospect Place (Father: Joseph Scoble, Blacksmith)
        Eliza Jenkin 20 of Penzance (Father: James Jenkin, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Jenkin, A Colenso
4 Apr 1882 by Licence
        John Charles Thompson 31 widower Baptist Minister of Hampstead, Middx
                (Father: Robert Thompson, Gentleman)
        Charlotte John Ash 31 of Penzance (Father: James Kilton Ash, Saddler)
        Witnesses: J W Ash, [?] Ash
23 Aug 1882
        Marshall Beadsworth 25 Schoolmaster of St. Thomas, Leesfield
                (Father: George Beadsworth, Machine Joiner)
        Hannah Smith 26 of Penzance (Father: John Smith, Boot Maker)
        Witnesses: John Smith, Charles Badsworth
4 Sep 1882
        Samuel Hocken 24 Sailor of Penzance (Father: John Hocken, Carpenter)
        Mary Rowe 20 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Harry
11 Sep 1882
        Alfred Barnicolt[?] 25 Mason of Penzance [mark] (Father: James Barnicolt[sic], Carrier)
        Ellen Gendell 19 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Rogers[sic], Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Rogers, Nicholas Oates
30 Sep 1882
        Paul Richard Kemp 27 Butcher of Penzance (Father: Paul Richard Kemp, Carpenter)
        Elizabeth Catherine Williams 30 of Penzance (Father: Edward Williams, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Thomas Carne, Sarah Jane Kemp
8 Oct 1882
        William Joseph White 21 Labourer of 5 St. Clare Tce. (Father: Joseph White, Labourer)
        Mary Jane Rawlings 20 of 5 St. Clare St. Tce. (Father: James Rawlings, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Rowe, A Colenso
26 Dec 1882
        Richard Nicholls 26 Printer of St. Mary, Hornsey, Midx
                (Father: William Barnes Nicholls, Upholsterer)
        Grace Bramble 25 of 8 Windsor Tce. (Father: Richard Shutt Bramble, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Richard Shutt Bramble, William Henry Nicholls


11 Feb 1883
        Henry Hocking 21 Bus Driver of 17 North St. (Father: John Hocking deceased, Shoemaker)
        Ellen Smitheram 20 of Breage (Father: Charles Smitheram, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Stephens, Hannah Hocking
17 Feb 1883
        John James Barnes 21 Farm Labourer of 32 North St. (Father: Benjamin Barnes, Farm Labourer)
        Elizabeth Hill Kent 20 of 32 North St. (Father: Richard Kent, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Lawry Kent, Margaret Lawry
18 Feb 1883
        George Henry Hambley 24 Plasterer of St. Johns (Father: George Hambley, Gardener)
        Mary Rowe 24 of St. Clare St. (Father: John Ellery Rowe, Gardener)
        Witnesses: James Rowe, A Colenso
7 Apr 1883
        Thomas Richard Jasper 34 Not Clear of Reservoir Court (Father: John Jasper, Labourer)
        Alavine King 22 of Reservoir Court [mark] (Father: John Thomas, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Jane Jasper, Richard Trudgen
13 May 1883
        William Howard Bottrell 21 Mason of St. Clare Tce. [mark] (Father: Bushell[?Bottrell], Labourer)
        Elizabeth Mary Perry 20 of St. Marys (Father: John Perry, Fish Buyer)
        Witnesses: Edward Thomas, A Colenso
27 May 1883
        John Hill 27 Mason of St. Johns (Father: Thomas Hill, Mason)
        Mary Wescott 22 of St. Clare St. (Father: John Wescott, Gardener)
        Witnesses: [?] Brown, Sarah Jane Wescott, John Wescott
25 Jun 1883
        Thomas Simmons full age Stone Mason of St. Pauls (Father: James Simmons, Mason)
        Jane Thomas full age of St. Pauls [mark] (Father: William Thomas, Mason)
        Witnesses: A Brnicot, C Uren
6 Jul 1883
        William Henry George Servant of St. Paul (Father: William George, Carpenter)
        Sarah Ann Bond of St. Paul (Father: Joseph Bond, Servant)
        Witnesses: Edward Hollow, Maria Hollow
5 Aug 1883
        William Hocking 25 Cab Driver of Causeway Head (Father: John Hocking, Labourer)
        Emma Barnes 23 of Pendarvis Road (Father: William Barnes, Policeman)
        Witnesses: William Julian, Hannah Hocking
5 Aug 1883
        Albert Uren 21 Labourer of Causewayhead
        Maria Hollow 18 of Causewayhead (Father: John Matthews, Polisher)
        Witnesses: John Barnes, Jane William
29 Oct 1883
        John Mitchell Rowe 51 widower Gardener of St. Clare Tce. (Father: James Rowe, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Ann Richards 38 of Alverton Cottage (Father: James Richards, Mason)
        Witnesses: John Pilman Walters, Mary Orchard
25 Nov 1883
        Nathaniel Jennings 22 Printer of 13 Wadham St., Weston S. Mare
                (Father: Emmanuel Jennings, Marine Agent)
        Harriet Tregarthen Chappell 24 of St. Clare St (Father: Henry Chappell, Sail Maker)
        Witnesses: John Marks, Stevens


21 Jan 1884
        Thomas Hawken Nicholls 22 Driver of Causewayhead (Father: James Hawken[sic], Carriage Driver)
        Catherine Peychat 25 of Causewayhead (Father: William Henry, Peychat)
        Witnesses: M Hocking, Henry Crawford, Hannah Hocking
23 Feb 1884
        George Thomas Whitley 21 Mason of 29 St. Clare St. [mark] (Father: John Whitley, Stone Man)
        Eliza Ninnis 25 of Redinnick[?] (Father: John Ninnis, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Whitley, Mary Ninnis
1 Mar 1884 by Licence
        Francis Perryman Crocker 26 Postman of St. Marys (Father: Henry Crocker, Sawyer)
        Annie Hutchens 20 of St. Clare St. (Father: Thomas Hitchens, Fireman)
        Witnesses: William Hutchens, Annie Woolcock
5 Apr 1884
        Edwin Richard 20 Mason of 14 Pendarves Rd. (Father: William Richards, Miller)
        Angelina Eddy 19 of St. Johns (Father: Edwin Eddy, Cordwinder)
        Witnesses: Katie Eddy, Margaret Beckerleg
14 Apr 1884
        James Thomas Eddy 28 Miner of St. Just (Father: John Eddy, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Bromley Craddock 19 of St. Clare St. (Father: John Burke Craddock deceased, Soldier)
        Witnesses: Rowland Hill, James [?]
15 Apr 1884
        Henry Charles Carter 26 Clerk of R[?] Hill Surrey (Father: Henry Carter)
        Harriet Jane Quick 27 of St. Clare St. (Father: James Quick, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Samuel Nicholas, James Nicholls
27 Apr 1884
        William Luke 21 Mason of 49 St. Clare St. (Father: Francis Henry Luke, Shoemaker)
        Rosina Nicholls 18 of St. Marys (Father: Richard Nicholls, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: William Oates, Mary Ann Luke
13 Jul 1884
        Walter Harris Whitley 21 Sailor of St. Pauls (Father: John Whitley, Storeman)
        Mary Bodinner 24 of St. Marys (Father: Thomas Bodinnar, Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Whitley, Thomas Bodinner
8 Oct 1884 by Licence
        Robert Charles Lovell 24 Merchant of Manchester (Father: Robert Lovell, Merchant)
        Mary Tryphena Rodda 25 of Bullock Market Tce. (Father: William Rodda, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Charles Henry Cook, James Ahiajak[?] Rodda


20 Jan 1885
        Robert Eddy 30 Miner of St. Just (Father: George Eddy deceased, Miner)
        Grace Ann Wearne 30 of St. Clare St. (Father: James Wearne, Engine Fitter)
        Witnesses: Charles Veal, Mary Wearne
25 Mar[May?] 1885
        Charles Medlyn Richards 23 Butcher of St. Marys (Father: Peter Richards, Butcher)
        Elizabeth Ann Eddy Rogers 22 of St. Pauls (Father: Henry Roegers, Butcher, Rosevear Rd.)
        Witnesses: Richard Rogers, Mary Ann Wright
4 Jun 1885 by Licence
        Nathan Woolcox Hudson full age widower Gentleman of St. Pauls (Father: Levi Hudson)
        Mary Anne Maynard full age widow of St. Pauls (Father: John Clement Maynard, Hatter)
        Witnesses: John Pengelly, J G C Nicholas
4 Jul 1885
        Thomas Michell Rogers 28 Labourer of Madron [mark] (Father: Thomas Rogers, Labourer)
        Adelaide Bernard Williams 22 of St. Pauls [mark] (Father: Robert Williams, Constable)
        Witnesses: Thomas Rogers, Mary H Williams
14 Dec 1885
        William Uren 48 widower Grocer of Prospect Place [mark] (Father: William Uren deceased, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Hollow 42 of Causewayhead [mark] (Father: Matthew Hollow, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Richard Jasper, Albina Jasper


1 Apr[?] 1886
        Thomas Bragg 31 Sailor of Prospect Place (Father: William Bragg deceased, Ropemaker)
        Minnie Rowe 20 of Prospect Place (Father: Joseph Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Harry, Annie Harvey
30 May 1886
        James Henry Williams 22 Labourer of North St., Penzance (Father: John Roberts Williams, Miner)
        Ellen Maddern 25 of Prospect Place [mark] (Father: Benjamin Maddern, Miner)
        Witnesses: Theophilus Lanyon, E Jessie Hunt[?]
9 Oct 1886
        Richard Hoskin Noy 33 widower Butcher of St. Pauls (Father: Henry Noy deceased, Painter)
        Mary Tyacke 35 of St. Pauls [mark] (Father: Richard Tyacke, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Beare, Prudence Beare
7 Nov 1886
        Charles Hitchens 23 Labourer of St. Pauls (Father: Charles Hitchens, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Catherine Ball 22 of St. Pauls (Father: Francis Ball deceased, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Rachael Hobbs, William Hobbs
28 Dec 1886
        Henry Woolcock Williams 23 Shipwright of St. Pauls (Father: Phillip Williams, Sailor)
        Mary Richards 24 of St. Pauls (Father: Nicholas Richards, Sailor)
        Witnesses: Kate[?] Richards, Richard Hitchens


1 Jan 1887
        John Hocking 34 Merchant of St. Pauls (Father: Joseph Hocking, Merchant)
        Elizabeth Ann Wallis 22 of St. Pauls (Father: John Wallis, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Warren, Martha Ann Hosking
5 Mar 1887
        Richard Henry Gilbert 28 widower Store Man of St. Pauls (Father: Richard Gilbert deceased, Farmer)
        Annie Maria Williams 24 of St. Marys (Father: John Williams deceased, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edwin Tippett, Sarah Gilbert
30 May 1887 by Licence
        William Hollow 27 Farmer of Sennen (Father: John Hollow deceased, Farmer)
        Louisa Ann Thomas 30 of St. Pauls (Father: Thomas Thomas, Grocer)
        Witnesses: John Hollow, Thomas Thomas
12 Jun 1887
        John Henry Coakes 27 Clerk of St. Pauls (Father: James Coakes, Gardener)
        Mary Stevens 29 of St. Pauls (Father: Andrew Stevens deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Albert James Coakes, James Coakes
7 Jul 1887 by Licence
        Robert Wallis 27 Mechanical Engineer of St. Matthews, Newcast On Tyne
                (Father: Robert Wallis, Builder)
        Bessie Inch 27 of St. Pauls (Father: Thomas Inch, Chandler)
        Witnesses: John Nancarrow Wallis, Carry Inch
11 Aug 1887 by Licence
        Samuel Boulden 26 Master Mariner of Scilly Isles
                (Father: George Henry Boulden deceased, Lighthouse Keeper)
        Mary Jane Davis 20 of St. Pauls (Father: Edwin Lewis Davis, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Edwin Lewis Davis, Joice Gibson Pender
13 Aug 1887
        William Charles Francis 19 Boot Maker of Newlyn Town (Father: John Francis, Fisherman)
        Mary Elizabeth Maslin 19 Tailoress of Causeway Head (Father: Joseph Maslin, Mason)
        Witnesses: Richard Jackson, Catherine Nicholls
18 Sep 1887
        Thomas Henry Dingle 21 Baker of St. Pauls (Father: Richard Dingle, Warder)
        Elizabeth Mary Page 22 of St. Pauls (Father: James Page, Stone Mason)
        Witnesses: Willliam Blee Uren, Maggie Nicholls
10 Dec 1887
        William Galtress 38 Groom of Warren Court, Penzance (Father: George Galtress deceased, Carrier)
        Elizabeth Jane Rowe 40 of Warren Court, Penzance [mark] (Father: P? Rowe deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Mallett[Millett?], Eliza Jane Gift
24 Dec 1887
        James Henry Penrose 25 Carpenter of Crowan (Father: Richard Penrose, Carpenter)
        Elizabeth Ann Ancell 19 of Lelant (Father: Joseph Ancell, Mason)
        Witnesses: John Ancell, Joseph Ancel
25 Dec 1887
        Phillip John Ellis 20 Mason of St. Pauls (Father: John Ellis, Mason)
        Peggy Llewellyn 18 of St. Pauls (Father: Charles Llewellyn, Farmer Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Ellis, Charles Llanelly


3 Jan 1888
        Eli Trewern 29 Mariner of St. Pauls (Father: Eli Trewern deceased, Farmer)
        Emma Jane Wescott 20 of St. Pauls (Father: John Wescott, Gardener)
        Witnesses: John Wescott, Clarinda Wescott
22 Mar 1888
        William Hodge 25 Miner of St. Hilary (Father: Thomas Hodge, Mine Captain)
        Edith Tregoning 21 of St. Pauls (Father: Joseph Tregonning, Mine Captain)
        Witnesses: [?] H Trounson, E. Jessie Hunt
3 Jun 1888
        Charles Searle 19 Mason of St. Pauls [mark] (Father: Edward Searle, Mason)
        Jessie Searle 18 of St. Pauls (Father: John Searle, Mason)
        Witnesses: Francis Searle, Emma Searle
10 Jun 1888
        William John Wilkes 24 Mason of St. Pauls (Father: James Wilkes, Naval Pensioner)
        Ellen Needs 23 of St. Pauls (Father: George Needs, Late Miner)
        Witnesses: James Wilkes, Mary Jane Wilkes
13 Jun 1888
        Henry Richards 28 Not Clear of St. Johns (Father: William Richards, Domestic Servant)
        Ada Jenkin 25 of St. Pauls (Father: John Jenkin deceased, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: William Richards, Jane Tonkin
18 Jun 1888 by Licence
        Thomas Carpenter Trounson 28 Builder of St. Pauls (Father: John Trounson, Builder)
        Fanny Arabella Read 28 of St. Marys (Father: Charles Read, Clerk)
        Witnesses: Richard Kelland, Frederick William Read
15 Jul 1888
        William Boase 27 Labourer of Paul Parish (Father: William Boase, Fisherman)
        Louisa Luke 21 of St. Pauls (Father: William Luke, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Leeke, Samuel Simons
15 Nov 1888
        Samuel Adams 23 Mason of St. Pauls (Father: Samuel Adams, Sexton)
        Olivia Jeffery 23 of St. Johns (Father: James Jeffery, Tin Dresser)
        Witnesses: James Jeffery, Catherine Adams
24 Dec 1888
        William Rowe 24 Shoemaker of St. Pauls (Father: John Francis Rowe, Fisherman)
        Annie Hosking 21 of St. Marys (Father: Edmund Hosking, Tin Dresser)
        Witnesses: John F Rowe, Nancy Hosking


16 Feb 1889
        Richard Allen 65 widower Naval Pensioner of St. Pauls (Father: Richard Allen deceased)
        Anne Wallis 62 widow of St. Pauls (Father: Bartholomew Wallis deceased)
        Witnesses: J Dale, Rebecca Dale
22 Apr 1889
        William Ridout Lingard 24 Not Clear of St. Michael, Pimlico
                (Father: Frederick Lingard, Civil Service Officer)
        Edith Sara Eastaway 25 of St. Pauls (Father: Robert Eastaway, Sea Captain)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Stewart, Robert Eastaway
25 Jun 1889 by Licence
        John Banfield 34 Shipowner of 20 Clarence St (Father: John Banfield, Solicitor)
        Mary Evelyn Harvey 25 of 4 Morrab Rd (Father: Andrew Harvey, Surgeon)
        Witnesses: J. S. Harvey, S. Harvey, 
11 Aug 1889
        Samuel Banfield 28 Cabinet Maker of St. Pauls (Father: James Banfield, Cordwainer)
        Mary Arthur Cliff 30 of St. Mary (Father: William Clift, Retired Constable)
        Witnesses: W Clift, Maud Badcock


11 Jan 1890
        John Hall 25 Farmer of 56 North St (Father: Samuel Hall, Farmer)
        Annie Roscorla 20 of 56 North St. (Father: John Roscorla deceased)
        Witnesses: William Hall, Barbara Hall
25 Jan 1890
        Arthur Henry Brown 24 Mason of St. Marys (Father: Joseph Brown deceased)
        Clarinda Wescott 24 of St. Pauls (Father: John Wescott, Gardener)
        Witnesses: John Wescott, Emma Jane Trewern
26 Jan 1890
        Thomas Hawke 23 Labourer of St. Pauls (Father: Thomas Hawke deceased)
        Mary Murley 20 of St. Pauls (Father: Richard Murley deceased)
        Witnesses: W H Ellery, Jane Hawke
15 Mar 1890
        Robert Hichens 26 Fisherman of St. Pauls (Father: Philip Hichens deceased)
        Amelia Boase 24 of St. Pauls (Father: Francis Boase, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Boase, H. Boase
26 Jul 1890
        John Henry Berryman 21 Blacksmith of St. Pauls (Father: John Henry Berryman deceased)
        Amelia Ann Chappell 20 of St. Pauls (Father: James Chappell deceased)
        Witnesses: Richard James Chappell, Janie Rowe
3 Oct 1890 by Licence
        Fred Farquhar Robbins 33 Master Mariner of Madron (Father: William Robbins deceased)
        Elizabeth Frances Doidge 32 of St. Pauls (Father: William Doidge deceased)
        Witnesses: R. [?]Scobey, John Doidge
9 Nov 1890
        John Henry Bowden? 24 Baker of St. Pauls (Father: Not Known)
        Ada Hollow 23 of St. Pauls (Father: Richard Hollow, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Edward Hollow, Jessie Hollow
18 Nov 1890 by Licence
        James Sampson 34 Butcher of St. Johns (Father: Henry Sampson deceased)
        Mary Inch 37 of St. Pauls (Father: Thomas Inch, Chandler)
        Witnesses: Margaret Jackson, Jane S Colenso


24 Jun 1891
        John Howard Cox 21 Sailor of St. Marys (Father: Richard Cox deceased)
        Lydia Kemp 24 of St. Pauls (Father: Paul Richard Kemp, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Eliza Stephenson, George Stanley Kemp
26 Jul 1891
        John Yeoman Paull 24 Fisherman of Paul Parish (Father: John Paul deceased)
        Sarah Ann Ellis 22 of St. Pauls (Father: John Ellis, Mason)
        Witnesses: Mary Jane Ellis, John Ellis
27 Jul 1891
        William Nicholl 21 Labourer of St. Pauls [mark] (Father: William Nicholls, Blacksmith)
        Mary Ann Doney 19 of St. Pauls (Father: Enoch Doney, Labourer)
        Witnesses: E Doney, Mary Jane Doney
2 Aug 1891
        Joseph James Rogers 20 Butcher of St. Pauls (Father: Charles Rogers, Butcher)
        Minnie Colmer Johns 19 of St. Pauls (Father: William Johns, Sailor)
        Witnesses: William Johns, Annie Rowe
21 Oct 1891
        John Henry Edwards 22 Painter of St. Pauls (Father: William Edwards deceased)
        Francis Stevens James 21 of St. Pauls (Father: Trevern James, Shop Assistant)
        Witnesses: Richard Hutchens James, [?] Mitchell
30 Dec 1891
        Henry Marshall Woollard 36 Plumber of Holy Trinity, Waterford
                (Father: James Marshall[sic] deceased)
        Bessie Adelaide Congbear 23 of St. Pauls (Father: James Congbear, Chief Officer Coastguard)
        Witnesses: James Congbear, John Brewer


13 Jan 1892
        William James Badcock 21 Stone Mason of St. Marys (Father: Joseph Badcock, Labourer)
        Catherine Bean 24 of St. Pauls (Father: William Henry Beard, Gardener)
        Witnesses: W H Beard, [?] Blewett
16 Mar 1892
        Thomas James Foss 22 Butcher of St. Pauls (Father: Thomas Foss, Coach Driver)
        Eliza Jane Snell 20 of St. Pauls (Father: Anthony Snell deceased)
        Witnesses: Annie Jane Foss, Charles Symons
17 Apr 1892
        Albert Wedlake 21 Tailor of St. Marys (Father: Samuel Wedlake, Labourer)
        Mary Bamble 24 of St. Pauls (Father: Richard Shutt Bramble, Joiner)
        Witnesses: R S Bramble, Ellen Bramble
8 Oct 1892
        John Houlson 48 widower Builder of St. Pauls (Father: Joel Houlson deceased)
        Leah Mary Vincent 23 of Madron [mark] (Father: Zachariah Vincent, Miner)
        Witnesses: John [?] Corin, A Cotson


13 Feb 1893
        Edward Harvey Uren 21 Butcher of St. Pauls (Father: William Uren deceased)
        Annie Maria Carter 20 of St. Pauls (Father: John Carter, Miner)
        Witnesses: Stephen Uren, Sarah Uren
26 Feb 1893
        Joseph Martin 22 Painter of St. Pauls (Father: Joseph Martin, Mason)
        Jessie Ellis 23 of St. Pauls (Father: Edward Blewett Ellis, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: W C Francis, Clara Ellis
1 May 1893
        Thomas Hocking 24 Stable Man? of St. Pauls (Father: John Hocking deceased)
        Jane Cornish 22 of Marazion (Father: Alexander Row[sic], Butcher)
        Witnesses: Ruben Brown, A Colenso
29 Jul 1893 by Licence
        Benjamin Gundry 25 Draper of Hornsey (Father: Thomas Gundry, Farmer)
        Ada Annie Truscott 26 of St. Pauls (Father: James Thomas Truscott deceased)
        Witnesses: Thomas Davey Truscott, Ellen Truscott
9 Sep 1893
        Henry Richard Kingston Stevens 20 Driver of St. Johns (Father: Edwin Stevens, Basket Maker)
        Louisa Just 22 of St. Pauls (Father: John Vencil Just, Painter)
        Witnesses: John Vencil Just, Elizabeth Just
25 Oct 1893
        Joseph Ham Chesterfield Dale 20 Drapers Assistant of St. Johns
                (Father: John Dale, Commercial Traveller)
        Emma Virginia Jenkins 21 of St. Pauls (Father: William Jenkin deceased)
        Witnesses: John Glasson, E J H Dale


16 Jul 1894
        Henry Terrell Argall 29 Butcher of 39 North St., Penzance (Father: Arthur Argall, Shoemaker)
        Mary Ninnis 24 Domestic Cook of 13 Market Place, Penzance
                (Father: John Ninnis deceased, Tin Dresser)
        Witnesses: Edwin Thomas[?], Elizabeth Ann Martin
16 Dec 1894
        Joseph Charles Jackson 20 Carpenter of 3 Prospect Place (Father: Richard Jackson, Seaman)
        Amelia Martin 20 of 2 Custom House Lane (Father: George Martin, Quay Porter)
        Witnesses: Olivia Martin, William Martin


20 Jan 1895
        Sampson Rodda 29 Gunsmith of West Cornwall Infirmary (Father: William Rodda deceased, Butcher)
        Maud Symons 19 of Wesley St., Heamoor (Father: William Symons deceased, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Alfred Luke, Agnes Jane Semens
26 Jan 1895
        William Boase 25 Plumber of 12 St. Clare Tce. (Father: Francis Boase, Mason)
        Mary Matthews 24 of Pendeen (Father: Robert Matthews, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Matthews, Annie Rowe 12 St. Clare Tce
2 Mar 1895
        Charlie Paul 24 Seaman of Newlyn (Father: Charles, Fisherman)
        Bessie Brooking 22 Tailoress of 8 Reservoir Court (Father: Thomas Brooking deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Gracejenkin, Charles Paul
7 Jul 1895
        Charles Flamank 28 Postboy of 23 Causewayhead (Father: William Henry Flamank, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Jane Pryor 28 of Fountain Tavern [mark] (Father: Rundall Pryor, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Rogers, Robert Henry Flamank, Eliza Pryor
31 Aug 1895
        Michael Henry Rowe 25 Painter of 12 St. Clare Tce. (Father: Michael Henryh Rowe, Mariner)
        Ellen Pengelly 26 of 19 Clarence St. (Father: William Pengelly, Basket Makrer)
        Witnesses: John Henry Edwards, Melinda Willow[?]
5 Oct 1895
        William Stewart 24 Railway Porter of 16 Granby St., Devonport
                (Father: Richard Brewer Stewart, Cellarman)
        Laura Mary Ford 24 of 8 Union Tce. (Father: Peter Ceely Ford, Naval Pensioner)
        Witnesses: P C Ford, Priscilla Jane Stewart, Nellie H Ford
10 Nov 1895
        Edward Thomas 24 Stoker Rn of 23 Herbert St., Devonport (Father: John Thomas, Mariner)
        Elizabeth Curnow 24 of 42 St. Clare St. (Father: William Curnow, Gas Fitter)
        Witnesses: William Curnow, Emily Curnow, Edward Curnow


26 Jan 1896
        John Stevens Chard 52 widower Drayman of 13 Victoria Square
                (Father: John Stevens Chard deceased, Seaman)
        Elizabeth Green 41 of 4 Pendarves Row [mark] (Father: Richard Green, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: John Harvey Green, Charles Dale
10 Jun 1896
        William Francis Bennett 37 Manufacturer of Tuckingmill
                (Father: William Bennett, Manufacturer)
        Mildred Amy Porter 29 of Ealing (Father: Richard Ibbetson Porter, Clerk in Holy Orders)
        Witnesses: R Ibbetson Porter, J P[?]
15 Jul 1896
        Samuel Hocking 35 Driver of 23 Causewayhead [mark] (Father: John Hocking deceased, Driver)
        Louisa Emily Jenkin Trembath 33 of 52 St. Clare St.
                (Father: Richard Trembath deceased, Tin Dresser)
        Witnesses: George Ellery, Martha Rogers
15 Jul 1896
        Charles Edwin Hitchens 26 House Painter of 2 Clarence St.
                (Father: Thomas Hitchins deceased, Baker)
        Minnie Luke 19 of 18 Gwavas St. (Father: John Luke, Mason)
        Witnesses: Charles Luke, Emily Luke
8 Aug 1896
        William Carpenter 21 Cabinet Maker of 3 Trewhellas Court
                (Father: William John Carpenter, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Ellen Hosking 20 of 3 Hockings Cout
                (Father: James Henry Hosking deceased, Moulder)
        Witnesses: James Henry Hosking, Clara Searle
26 Aug 1896
        Charles Henry Pezzack 26 Seaman of Newlyn (Father: Henry Pezzack, Seaman)
        Mary Margaret Rodda 21 of 2 Reservoir Place (Father: Thomas Rodda deceased, Butcher)
        Witnesses: John Rowe, Thomas Pezzard
1 Nov 1896
        William James Lawry 25 Printer of 33 Causewayhead (Father: Thomas Lawry deceased, Miner)
        Mary Jane Hichens 22 Dressmaker of Church St. Newlyn (Father: Arthur Hichens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Arthur Hichens, Arthur Hichens Jn
8 Nov 1896
        Thomas Bennetts 23 Labourer of 5 Chapel Row (Father: Johnson Vivian Bennetts, Engine Driver)
        Louisa Sampson Richards 21 of 5 Chapel Row (Father: Nicholas James Richards, Storekeeper)
        Witnesses: Nicholas James Richards, Annie Sampson Richards
18 Nov 1896 by Licence
        Francis Bennetts 32 Mine Agent of Illogan (Father: Francis Bennetts, Mine Agent)
        Annie Donnithorne 26 of 1 St. Clare St. (Father: William Donnithorne, Butcher)
        Witnesses: John Hewland, Jessie Formithorne
28 Nov 1896
        Martin Henry Rowe 22 Painter of 43 St. Clare St. (Father: Michael Henry Rowe, Sailor)
        Melinda Wilton 23 of St. Neot (Father: James Wilton, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Mark Wilson, Michael H Rowe


4 Jan 1897
        Augustus Sidney Gamble 21 Mason of 9 Chapel Place (Father: Sidney Gamble deceased, Clerk)
        Lucinda Dustow Thomas 22 of 9 Chapel Place (Father: Thomas Thomas, Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Henry Thomas, Ellen Dunn
28 Mar 1897
        Richard Thomas Matthews 28 Outfitter of 4 Penwith St.
                (Father: Thomas Matthews deceased, Shoemaker)
        Mary Hannah Uren 27 of 42 St. Clare St. (Father: Henry Uren, Railway Guard)
        Witnesses: Henry Uren, Flora Uren
27 Jun 1897
        Richard Symons 27 Warehouseman of 14 St. Clare Tce. (Father: Edwin Symons, Warehouseman)
        Margaret Tippett 27 of 15 Pendarves Row (Father: Richard James Tippett, Stonemason)
        Witnesses: Henry John Bastard, Emily Symons
11 Jul 1897
        John Green 32 widower Labourer of 49 St. Clare St. (Father: Richard Green, Shoemaker)
        Annie Hitchens 26 of 49 St. Clare St. (Father: Henry Hitchens, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Henry Green, Emma Green
15 Sep 1897 by Licence
        Maurice William Pitman full age widower Clerk In Holy Orders of Shaftesbury Rd., Crouch Hill
                (Father: Henry Eyre Pitman deceased, Capt Hm Regiment)
        Elizabeth Ellis full age of St. Clare Villa (Father: William Ellis deceased, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: Robert Roberts Parry Glover, Mary Leigh Glover
21 Sep 1897
        Ernest Hickson 26 Clerk of Kettering (Father: Joseph Hickson, Clerk)
        Mary Ann Boase 29 of 31 St. Clare St. (Father: William Thomas Boase, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Thomas Boase, Florence Sophia Hickman
1 Nov 1897
        Francis Charles Lavers 28 Mason of 14 St. Clare St.
                (Father: Francis Lavers deceased, Labourer)
        Mary Warren 26 of Pendeen (Father: William Warren, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Warren, Alfred James Lavers
5 Dec 1897
        Ernest James Shillabeer 23 Butler of 5 Chapel Row (Father: John Shillabeer, Gamekeeper)
        Elizabeth Taylor 24 of 5 Chapel Row (Father: James Bawden Taylor, Miner)
        Witnesses: Johnson Vivian Bennetts, Louisa Sampson Bennetts
12 Dec 1897
        Thomas Eames Criddle 44 Tailor of 18 St. Clare Tce.
                (Father: Thomas James Criddle deceased, Tailor)
        Sarah Jane Kemp 34 of 18 St. Clare Tce. (Father: Paul Richard Kemp deceased, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: John Barnes, Paul Richard Kemp
12 Dec 1897
        Ambrose Trembath Eddy 23 Gardener of 6 St. Clare St.
                (Father: Ambrose Trembath Eddy, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Bosence Kemp 25 of 18 St. Clare Tce.
                (Father: Paul Richard Kemp deceased, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: John Barnes, Paul Richard Kemp


24 Jan 1898
        James Barber 28 Fisherman of St. Ives (Father: William Barber, Fisherman)
        Beatrice Wilkes Tresidder 19 of 7 Union Tce. (Father: Thomas Edward Tresidder, Engine Driver)
        Witnesses: Thomas Edward Tresidder, Mary Ellin Wilkes
17 Feb 1898
        Alexander Clinch Essex 25 Commercial Clerk of 54 Brand St., Greenwich
                (Father: Peter Clinch Essex, Cabinet Maker)
        Elizabeth Annie Rowe 27 of 16 St. Clare St. (Father: Henry Body Rowe deceased, Coachman)
        Witnesses: Joseph Charles Hoare, Amy Hoare, Thomas Palmer, Ethel Hoare, Arthur Hoare
12 Mar 1898 by Licence
        Henry John Ward 24 Mariner of 17 Causewayhead (Father: Richard Ward, Farm Labourer)
        Eliza Pryor 25 of 17 Causewayhead (Father: Rundall Pryor deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Rogers, Elizabeth Jane Flamank
23 May 1898
        Richard Woolcock 23 Labourer of Gulval Cross (Father: William John Woolcock deceased, Labourer)
        Janie Tresidder 23 of 7 Union Tce. (Father: Thomas Edward Tresidder, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Nicholas, Thomas Edward Tresidder
29 Aug 1898
        John Rogers 22 Carrier of 9 Prospect Place (Father: Daniel Rogers, Carrier)
        Mary Catherine Jenkin 24 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: Mathew Jenkin, Engine Stoker)
        Witnesses: Eliza Rogers, William John Jenkin
10 Oct 1898
        William John Moon 22 Basket Maker of 41 Causewayhead (Father: Richard Moon, Basket Maker)
        Margaret Ann Hollow 20 of 41 Causewayhead (Father: William Hollow deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Mary Alma Richards, Richard Richards
7 Nov 1898
        Benjamin Harry 21 Decorator of 1 Windsor Place (Father: William Henry Harry, Decorator)
        Susan Harvey Maddren 22 of Newlyn (Father: William Maddren, Ropemaker)
        Witnesses: William Maddren, [?] Warren


4 Mar 1899
        William John Stevens 28 Engine Driver of Trengwainton, Madron
                (Father: Andrew Stevens deceased, Blacksmith)
        Honor Roach Kemp 30 of 23 Causewayhead [mark] (Father: Thomas Henry Kemp deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Henry Hocking, Andrew Pascoe Stevens
23 May 1899
        Alfred George Curtiss 22 House Furnisher of 53 James St., Southsea
                (Father: Alfred George Curtiss, House Furnisher)
        Eliza Margaret Stevens 26 of 51 St. Clare St.
                (Father: John Edward Stevens deceased, House Decorator)
        Witnesses: Mabel Saundry Nankervis[?], Wm John Joyce
30 Jul 1899
        John Richard Mitchell 29 Painter of 5 Pendarves Row (Father: [?] Mitchell deceased, Mariner)
        Sarah Annie Tresidder 28 of 5 Pendarves Row (Father: Thomas Edward Tresidder, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Edward Tresidder, William Matthews
10 Oct 1899
        William John Tregoning 24 Market Gardener of Gulval (Father: John Tregoning, Carrier)
        Edith Pengelly 22 of 16 Prospect Place 
        Witnesses: Eliza Harvey [?], William Morris Keane


3 Feb 1900 by Licence
        William John Noble 23 Mariner of 5 Windsor Tce. (Father: William Noble deceased, Engineer)
        Hettie Colman Johns 22 of 5 Windsort Tce. (Father: William Johns, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Joseph James Rogers, Minnie Colman Rogers
10 Feb 1900
        Oliver Triggs 26 Carpenter of 108 Market Jew St. (Father: James Triggs, Miner)
        Eliza Ann Rogers 27 of 9 Prospect Place (Father: Daniel Rogers, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Daniel Rogers, Edward Jasper
25 Feb 1900
        John Charles Roker 26 Hair Dresser of Newquay
                (Father: John Charles Roker deceased, Hotel Servant)
        Harriet Ann Roskilley 26 of 7 Chapel Place (Father: William Roskilley deceased, Engineer)
        Witnesses: Edwin Trezona[?], Mary Rowe
7 Jun 1900
        Alfred Langdon Lidgey 29 Accountant of 5 Tolver Place
                (Father: Alfred Salvester Lidgey deceased, Accountant)
        Louise Emily Abbott 26 of 7 Clarence St.
                (Father: Albert John Abbott deceased, Manufacturer)
        Witnesses: Stanley Norton, Mary Guy Lidgey, Arthur Edward Abbott
27 Jun 1900 by Licence
        William Herbert Coates 28 Surgeon Dentist of Osborne Rd., Clifton, Bristol
                (Father: Wilfred Frederick Coates, Manufacturer)
        Jessie Hosking Rees 29 of Clarence St., Penzance (Father: Thomas Rees deceased, Captain)
        Witnesses: Eliza Jane Rees, F Arthur Coates
26 Aug 1900 by Licence
        Hugh Badcock Downing 29 Licensed Victualler of St. Peter, Newlyn
                (Father: Henry Downing, Mariner)
        Mary Hollow 24 of 1 Reservoir Court (Father: William Edward Hollow, Mason)
        Witnesses: L Davies, Edward Jasper
28 Oct 1900 by Licence
        John Lewis Blewett 31 Carpenter of 12 St. Clare St.
                (Father: Joseph Blewett deceased, Fruiterer)
        Damaris Georgiana West 32 of 11 Cornwall Tce.
                (Father: John Moore West, Civil Service Retired)
        Witnesses: John Moore West, James Henry Blewett
5 Nov 1900
        William John Symons Snell 29 Grocer of St. Ives (Father: Samuel Snell, Grocer)
        Ada Smith 22 of 42 St. Clare St. (Father: Thomas Smith, Police Sergeant)
        Witnesses: Thomas Smith, Arthur Snell, Mary Smith
25 Nov 1900
        William Morris Keane 40 Mariner of 9 Quay St. (Father: Patrick Keane deceased, Mariner)
        Eliza Harvey Uren 29 of 18 Prospect (Father: George Uren deceased, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: William John Tregoning, Eliza Jane Curnow

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