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13 Nov 1875 by Banns
        Willian Henry Prouse [or Prowse] 22 Miner of Tregeris [Mark] (Father: Charles Prouse, Miner)
        Eliza Jane Lawry 21 of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: William Lawry, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Lawry, John Toman


12 Feb 1876 by Banns
        Richard Jams Ellis 21 Miner of Recevan (Father: Thomas Ellis, Farmer)
        Harriet Tonkin 22 of Recevan (Father: Simon Tonkin, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
12 Mar 1876 by Banns
        Richard Grenfell 32 Farmer of Bosvennan (Father: Henry Grenfell, Farmer)
        Margaret Jane Daniel 30 of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: Mark Daniel, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Tomans, John Ladner
7 Oct 1876 by Banns
        John Hockin Daniel 30 Farmer of Treave, St. Buryan (Father: John Daniel, Farmer)
        Mary Jane Frances Pearce 24 of Treganebris (Father: John Pearce, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Pearce, John Toman
7 Oct 1876 by Banns
        Benjamin Rowe 27 Farmer of St. Buryan (Father: Martin Rowe, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Harry 22 of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: William Harry, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Harry, John Toman
23 Dec 1876 by Banns
        Johan Tonkin 25 Farmer of Rosehill [Mark] (Father: Simon Tonkin, Miner)
        Anne Maria Ellis 22 of Boswens [Mark] (Father: Thomas Ellis, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas H. Ellis, Harriet Ellis


6 Oct 1877 by Banns
        John Tregear Mathews, Miner of Sancreed (Father: George Matthews, Miner)
        Mary Davey 34 of Sancreed (Father: Richard Eddy, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Thomas Williams, Eliza Eddy
17 Nov 1877 by Banns
        James Williams 31 Miner of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: John Williams, Miner)
        Elizabeth James Trembath 28 of Sancreed (Father: James Trembath, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Warren, Mary Elizabeth Warren


7 Feb 1878 by Banns
        Simon Hocking 27 Miner of [?] Duloe (Father: Simon Hocking, Farmer)
        Sophia Pearce 21 of Sancreed (Father: John Peaarce, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Pearce, John Toman
16 Mar 1878 by Licence
        William Henry Thomas Lawry 21 Farmer of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: William Lawry, Miner)
        Cordelia Ellen Ellis 18 of Tregerras [Mark] (Father: Thomas Henry Ellis, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas H. Ellis, John Tomkin
13 Apr 1878 by Banns
        Benjamin Collins 26 Miner of Newlyn (Father: Samuel Collins, Mason)
        Ellen Virgo[?] Badcock 27 of Sancreed (Father: Richard Badcock, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: John Barnes, Margaret Badcock
20 Apr 1878 by Banns
        John Dunn Hocking 22 Fisherman of Tregemboe (Father: Samuel Hocking, Dairyman)
        Ellen Hocking Lavers 25 of Tregemboe (Father: William Lavers, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Davey
11 May 1878 by Banns
        Thomas Williams 22 Farmer of St. Just (Father: James Williams, Miner)
        Mary Elizabeth Boase 21 of Lower Bodinner (Father: Richard Boase, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Vingoe, John Toman
30 Jul 1878 by Banns
        William Thomas Mitchell 22 Miner of Grumbla (Father: Samuel Mitchell, Shoemaker)
        Louisa Boase 19 of Grumbla (Father: Josiah Boase, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Josiah Boase, James Mitchell
5 Oct 1878 by Banns
        James Henry Eddy 26 Miner of Boscownoon (Father: James Eddy, Labourer)
        Rebecca Hoskin 18 of Catchall (Father: William Hoskin, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: James Eddy, George Hosken
27 Oct 1878 by Banns
        Samuel Raylan Pascoe 30 Labourer of Grumbla (Father: John Pascoe, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Osborn 21 of Trewan (Mother: Mary Osborn)
        Witnesses: Thomas Grose, John Toman


24 Feb 1879 by Banns
        James Oats 21 Labourer of Newbridge (Father: Nicholas Oats, Farmer)
        Rosenia Chirgwin 23 of Prospect Place, Sancreed [Mark] (Father: William Chirgwin, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Toman, John Ladner
25 Mar 1879 by Banns
        William Thomas Casley 22 Labourer of Buslow [Mark] (Father: Richard Casley, Miner)
        Susan Ann Williams 22 of Tregwillan [Mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Pascoe, John Toman
17 Jun 1879 by Banns
        John Clemens 30 Labourer of Churchtown (Father: William Clemens, Farmer)
        Bessie Marks 29[?] of Primrose Cottage (Father: Joseph Marks, Mason)
        Witnesses: Joseph Marks, Esther Clemens
21 Jun 1879 by Banns
        John Botheras 22 Farmer of St. Buryan (Father: Richard Botheras, Coachman)
        Martha Thomas 25 of Rejown[?] (Father: Robert Thomas, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edwin Thomas, Angelina Thomas
19 Aug 1879 by Banns
        William Richard Gilbert 22 Labourer of Newbridge (Father: Richard Gilbert, Labourer)
        Emma Madddron 22 of Newbridge (Father: Martin Maddern deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Jilbert, John Toman
16 Aug 1879 by Banns
        Philip James Wallis 2[?] Labourer of Bos[?] (Father: William Thomas Wallis, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Ann Humphry 22 of Bos[?] (Father: William Remphery deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Eddy, Elizabeth Eddy
16 Aug 1879 by Banns
        Robert Chirgwin 22 Labourer of Prospect Place (Father: William Chirgwin, Labourer)
        Ellen Lanyon 23 of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Thomas Henry Lanyon, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Lanyon, John Toman
23 Dec 1879 by Banns
        George Jenkin 21 Labourer of Derval[?] (Father: Edward Jenkin, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Jane Olds 21 of Treverthian (Father: William Olds, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Richard T. Olds, Laura B. Chirgwin
22 Dec 1879 by Banns
        John Tremman Michell Pearce 29 Labourer of Tregonebris (Father: John Mitchell Pearce, Farmer)
        Esther Clemens 26 of Chiverton (Father: William Clemens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Michell Pearce, William Clemens


7 Feb 1880 by Banns
        John Bosence Davey 23 Farmer of Trewern (Father: John Bosence[sic], Farmer)
        Elizabeth Mary Hocking 19 of Treganhoe (Father: Samuel Hocking, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Dunn Hocking, Ellen Hocking
7 Feb 1880 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Lanyon 21 Shipwright of Newbridge [Mark] (Father: Thomas Henry Lanyon, Miner)
        Anne Chirgwin 20 of Prospect [Mark] (Father: William Chirgwin, Miner)
        Witnesses: Robert Chirgwin, John Toman
22 Mar 1880 by Banns
        Henry George 24 Labourer of Tregowras [Mark] (Father: Henry George, Labourer)
        Mary Elikzabeth Lawry 23 of Tregowras [Mark] (Father: William Lawry, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Lawry, John Toman
8 Jun 1880 by Banns
        Richard Thomas Olds 20 Miner of Trewarthen (Father: William Olds, Butcher)
        Louisa Blanche Ghirgwin 20 of Botrean (Father: John Chirgwin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Josiah Boase, William Olds


7 Feb 1881 by Banns
        Joseph Lawry 22 Butcher of Bojewans [Mark] (Father: Joseph Lawry, Labourer)
        Mary Elizabeth Oats 22 of Treganhoe Stamp [Mark] (Father: William Oats, Miner)
        Witnesses: Joseph Lawry, John Toman


26 Sep 1882 by Banns
        Richard Badcock 24 Labourer of Sancreed Church Town (Father: Richard Badcock, Farmer Dairyman)
        Mary Dorcas Chellew 20 of Sancreed Church Town (Father: Richard Chellew, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John T. Vingoe, Richard [?]
18 Nov 1882 by Banns
        John Rowe 32 Dairyman[?] of Bosenning[?] (Father: John Rowe deceased, Farmer)
        Susanna Orchard Denistan 26 of Newbridge (Father: Isaac Odgers Dunstan, Mine Agent)
        Witnesses: Charles Pengelly, Eleanor Jane Dunstan
2 Dec 1882 by Banns
        James Thomas 28 Farmer of Tregowris (Father: John Thomas, Dairyman)
        Jane Short Humphrys 23 of Tregonebris (Father: Robert Humphreys, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Pearce
30 Dec 1882 by Banns
        Edwin Thomas 22 Dairyman of Tregonebris (Father: Robert Thomas, Labourer)
        Charlott Ninnis 22 of Newham [Mark] (Father: John Ninnis, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Ninnis, Mary Ninnis


30 Jan 1883 by Banns
        Hosea Roberts 67[?] Dairyman of Buryas in Paul (Father: John Roberts, Farmer)
        Grace Johns[?] Richards 40 of Drift (Father: Richard Richards, Miller)
        Witnesses: George T. Maddern, John Toman
12 May 1883 by Banns
        John James Lawry 22 Farmer of Tregowres [Mark] (Father: William Lawry, Miner)
        Margaret Ann Trembath 22 of Tregowres (Father: James Trembath, Miner)
        Witnesses: Mary Jane Stevens, William Stevens
19 Feb 1883 by Banns
        Cleophas Hosking 27 Miner of St. Erth (Father: Thomas Hosking, Farmer)
        Margaret Chappell 25 of Sancreed (Father: Joseph Chappell, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Alexander Hosking, John Hosking


16 Feb 1884 by Banns
        John Daniel Lawry 24 Labourer of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: William Lawry, Labourer)
        Mary Jane Dale 22 of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: William Dale, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Dale, John Toman
26 Feb 1884 by Banns
        John Thomas 31 Labourer of St. Burian (Father: William Thomas, Grocer/Farmer)
        Mary Stevens Harry 28 of Sancreed (Father: John Harry, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Harry, John Harry, Sophia Harry
30 Aug 1884 by Banns
        John Eddy 25 Farmer of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: John Eddy, Labourer)
        Catherine Jane Harry 24 of Sancreed (Father: William Harry, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Harry, Eliza Harry
13 Sep 1884 by Banns
        James Sleeman 27 Labourer of St. John's, Penzance (Father: Robert Sleeman, Labourer)
        Mary Jane Richards 27 of Sancreed (Father: Francis Richards, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Francis Richards, John Toman
22 Dec 1884 by Banns
        Richard Nicholls Pollard 30 Fireman of Madron (Father: Joseph Pollard, Farmer)
        Mary Woolcock 29 of Sancreed (Father: Thomas Woolcock deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Pollard, Henry Woolcock


2 Nov 1885 by Banns
        George Searle Symons 40 Farmer of Sancreed (Father: William Symons, Farmer)
        Anne Pascoe 35 of Sancreed (Father: John Pascoe, Miner)
        Witnesses: Alfred Elliot, Jane Elliot


23 Jun 1886 by Banns
        John Quick Eddy 24 Shoemaker of Zennor (Father: Philip Eddy, Farmer)
        Annie Penrose Osborn 25 of Sancreed (Father: John Charles Osborn, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Charles Osborne, William Glasson


26 Feb 1887 by Banns
        William Harry 29 Farmer of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: William Harry, Labourer)
        Mary Jane Thomas 29 of Sancreed (Father: John Thomas, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Harry, Ellen Richards
30 May 1887 by Banns
        Edward Francis Johns 26 Butcher of St. Mary's, Penzance (Father: George Edward Johns, Sailor)
        Margaret Ellen Rowe 23 of Sancreed (Father: John Prowse deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: G. E. Johns, Jane Prouse, Edith[?] Johns
20 Aug 1887 by Banns
        James Warren 22 Miner of Morvah (Father: William Warren, Miner)
        Mary Hanah Trezise 23 of Sancreed (Father: William Tresise, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: William Olds Trerise, John James Dennis
10 Dec 1887 by Banns
        Richard Harry 23 Farmer of Sancreed (Father: Thomas Harry, Farmer)
        Constance Jane Warren 22 of Sancreed (Father: William Warren, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Warren, Joseph Henry Harvey


5 May 1888 by Banns
        John Rodda Nicholas 27 Labourer of Newbridge (Father: John Nicholas deceased, Farmer)
        Sarah Ann Gilbert Tonkin 31 of St. Burian (Father: Richard Tonkin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: George Wallis Hosken, John Toman
29 Sep 1888 by Banns
        James Woolcock Semmens 26 Carter of St. Peter's, Newlyn (Father: Thomas Semmens, Smelter)
        Elizabeth Ann Richards 24 of Sancreed (Father: Francis Richards, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Frances Richards, Laura A. Rogers
8 Oct 1888 by Banns
        Thomas Bromley Tonkin 26 Labourer of St. Peter's, Newlyn (Father: Nicholas James Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Jane Prowse 27 of Sancreed (Father: John Prowse deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Edward Johns, Nicholas P. Tonkin
20 Oct 1888 by Banns
        William Henry Grenfell 24 Farmer of Newbridge (Father: Henry Grenfell, Farmer)
        Mary Elizabeth Foss 22 of St. Just (Father: John Foss deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Edwin Foss, Grace Grenfell
3 Nov 1888 by Banns
        John Trudgeon 29 Farmer of Madron (Father: William Trudgeon, Farmer)
        Mary Margaret Pengelly 21 of Sancreed (Father: Philip Pengelly, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Philip Pengelly, Joseph Hocking Pengelly


13 Apr 1889 by Banns
        William Lawry 21 Miner of Sancreed (Father: William Lawry, Farmer)
        Ellen Hocking 20 of St. Just (Father: Richard Hocking, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James Hocking, Annie Hocking
10 Jun 1889 by Banns
        John Nicholas Grenfell 22 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: Richard Grenfell deceased, Carrier)
        Eliza Jane Lawry 23 of Sancreed (Father: Joseph Lawry, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Lawry, John Jenking
28 Dec 1889 by Banns
        William Ellis 21 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: John Ellis, Labourer)
        Bessie Ann Lawry 23 of Sancreed (Father: William Lawry, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Lawry, Ellen Sophia Lawry


5 Mar 1890 by Licence
        John Quick Lawry 27 Farmer of Morvah (Father: John Lawry, Farmer)
        Rebecca Jane Glasson Osborne 27 of Sancreed (Father: John Charles Osborne, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Charles Osborne, Wim. Glasson
11 Sep 1890 by Banns
        William Marks 23 Mason of Sancreed (Father: Joseph Marks, Mason)
        Mary Rowe Grenfell 27 of Sancreed (Father: George Grenfell deceased)
        Witnesses: Joseph Marks, John Grenfell
20 Dec 1890 by Banns
        Richard Warren Lawry 23 Labourer of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: Joseph Lawry, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Lawry Prowse 21 of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: Charles Prowse, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Charles Prowse, Annie Prowse


31 Mar 1891 by Licence
        John Matthews 23 Labourer of St. Buryan [Mark] (Father: Joseph Matthews, Labourer)
        Mary Oats 22 of Sancreed (Father: John Oats, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Oats, George Wallis Hosken
24 Oct 1891 by Banns
        John Henry Trewern Nicholas 21 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: John Nicholas, Farmer)
        Eliza Hocken 21 of Sancreed (Father: John Hosken, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Hosken, Richard Hosken
19 Dec 1891 by Banns
        John Jenkin Nicholas 26 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: Thomas Jenkin reputed, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Lawry 33 of Sancreed (Father: Joseph Lawry, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edward Lawery, Edith Jane Richards


13 Jan 1892 by Licence
        James Thomas Hichens full age Farmer of Sancreed (Father: James James Hichens, Farmer)
        Eveline Boyles Bekenna Holman full age of St. Just (Father: John Holman, Iron Founder)
        Witnesses: Hugh Stuart Rogers, Laura Augusta Rogers, John Hichens Thomas
28 Apr 1892 by Banns
        William Trembath 24 Miner of Sancreed (Father: James Trembath deceased)
        Jane Williams Tregear 23 of Sancreed (Father: John Tregear, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Tregear, Margaret Ann Lawry
12 Jul 1892 by Banns
        John Jenkin 26 Miner of Sancreed (Father: Edward Jenkin, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Ann Gendall 26 of Sancreed (Father: Richard Gendall, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Anna Jenkin, Richard Jenkin


21 Jan 1893 by Banns
        John Trembath 23 Farmer of Sancreed (Father: James Trembath deceased, Farmer)
        Annie Jane Jenkin 23 of Sancreed (Father: Simon Tonkin deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Harvey, Constance Jane Harvey
11 Feb 1893 by Banns
        William Oats Guard 22 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: William Guard, Farmer)
        Minnie Lawry 22 of Sancreed (Father: William Lawry deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Christiana Lawry, Bessie Ann Ellis
1 Oct 1893 by Banns
        Richard Hosken 24 Farmer of Sancreed (Father: John Hosken, Farmer)
        Jane Tregear 26 of St. Just (Father: James Tregear, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Hosken, James Tregear
9 Dec 1893 by Banns
        William James Hosken 25 Coach Builder of Sancreed (Father: William Hosken, Coachbuilder)
        Annie Jane Harry 22 of Sancreed (Father: William Harry deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Mary Harry, John Harry


30 Jan 1894 by Banns
        James Everett Hosken 24 Carpenter of Sancreed (Father: James Hosken, Carpenter)
        Ellen Ellis Bottrell 22 of Sancreed (Father: William Bottrell deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Charles North, Priscilla Hosken
17 Mar 1894 by Banns
        Thomas Jenkin Nicholas 25 Labourer of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: Thomas Jenkin[sic], Miner)
        Annie Stone 21 of Sancreed (Father: Francis Childs Stone, Stonebreaker)
        Witnesses: Alfred Semmens, Mary Stone
4 Apr 1894 by Banns
        Henry Kessell 33 of Drift (Father: George Kessell deceased, Wagoner)
        Mary Annie Chappell 22 of Drift (Father: William Harry Chappell, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Harry Chappell, John Thomas Chappell
5 May 1894 by Banns
        George Herbert Bottrell 25 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: James Bottrell deceased, Carpenter)
        Elizabeth Chappell 31 of Paul (Father: Joseph Chappell, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Cleophas Hosking, Rebekah Chappell
12 May 1894 by Banns
        William Richard Trevorrow 24 Miner of Sancreed (Father: William Trevorrow, Labourer)
        Grace Harvey Oats 25 of Sancreed
        Witnesses: Edmund Young Rodda, Mary Elizabeth Rowe
19 May 1894 by Banns
        John Richards 31 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: Francis Richards deceased, Labourer)
        Olivia Dungey 23 of Sancreed (Father: Henry Dungey deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Bottrell, William Richards
20 Oct 1894 by Banns
        William Osborne 26 Miner of Sancreed (Father: Zacharias Osborne, Labourer)
        Louisa Ann Roberts 21 of Sancreed (Father: William Henry Roberts, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Ellen Ellis, Thomas Jenkin
18 Dec 1894 by Banns
        Joseph Henry Harvey 24 Draper of Sancreed (Father: Thomas Harvey, Farmer)
        Henrietta Guy 23 of Sancreed (Father: George Henry Guy, Schoolmaster)
        Witnesses: George Henry Guy, Charles Beard
29 Dec 1894 by Banns
        George Henry Chappell 21 Labourer of St. Just (Father: Thomas Chappel, Labourer)
        Christiana Maud Mary Chapple 20 of Sancreed (Father: George Chapple, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Ann Chappell, Frederick James Gendall


9 Dec 1895 by Banns
        John Olds 32 Farmer of Sancreed (Father: Peter Olds deceased, Butcher)
        Jane Veal Merrifield 40 of Sancreed (Father: Peter Merrifield deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Laura Augusta Rogers, Joseph Thomas


26 Sep 1896 by Banns
        Joseph James Roberts 21 Miner of Sancreed (Father: William Henry Roberts, Farmer)
        Mary Jane Stevens 20 of Sancreed (Father: Richard Stevens, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Richard Stevens, John Henry Stevens


1 May 1897 by Banns
        William Richards 28 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: Francis Richards deceased, Labourer)
        Agnes Trezise 26 of Sancreed (Father: William Henry Trezise, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: John Richards, John James Trezise
26 Jun 1897 by Banns
        Nathaniel Nicholas 23 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: John Nicholas, Dairyfarmer)
        Elizabeth Woolcock 23 of Gulval (Father: William John Woolcock, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Andrew Berriman, Annie Jane Woolcock
27 Sep 1897 by Banns
        Joseph Thomas 25 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: John Thomas, Labourer)
        Grace Ellen Matthews 20 of Sancreed (Father: William Matthews[?])
        Witnesses: Laura Augusta Rogers, Joseph Thomas jun.


21 May 1898 by Banns
        James Foss 25 Labourer of Roskennal Bridge (Father: Thomas Foss deceased, Labourer)
        Mary Ellen Thomas 23 of Sancreed (Father: John Thomas, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: Grace White, John Hichens Thomas
21 Jun 1898 by Banns
        Charles Henry Benn 25 Labourer of St. Mary's, Penzance (Father: Harry Benn, Gentleman)
        Edith Pearce 26 of Sancreed (Father: John Mitchell Pearce, Merchant)
        Witnesses: John Mitchell Pearce, Josiah Pearce
25 Jun 1898 by Banns
        John James Trezise 25 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: William Henry Trezise, Dairyman)
        Elizabeth Bottrell 25 of Sancreed (Father: Thomas Reynolds Bottrell, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William John Bottrell, Harry Trezise
3 Dec 1898 by Banns
        William Henry Harvey 26 Fisherman of St. Levan (Father: William Harvey, Fisherman)
        Sarah Jane Oats 28 of Sancreed (Father: John Oats, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Oats, William Harvey


1 Apr 1899 by Banns
        William Robert Cargeeg 27 Farmer of Madron (Father: William Cargeeg, Farmer)
        Emily Shedford 35 of Sancreed (Father: Samuel Shedford deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Cargeeg, Honor Tregurtha
19 Apr 1899 by Banns
        John Oats 50 Farmer of Sancreed (Father: Richard Oats deceased, Mine Agent)
        Elizabeth Jane Oates Sandry 39 of Milverton Parsonage, Somerset (Father: Thomas Sandry deceased, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: James Sandry, John Hichens Thomas
6 May 1899 by Banns
        John Nicholls 25 Labourer of Ludgvan [Mark] (Father: Henry Nicholls deceased, Labourer)
        Ada Elizabeth Jane White 26 of Sancreed (Father: Charles White, Postman)
        Witnesses: Charles White, Fred White
23 Dec 1899 by Banns
        Richard Thomas Laity 22 Labourer of Morvah (Father: Charles Henry Laity, Farmer)
        Annie Jane Warren 23 of Sancreed (Father: Nicholas Warren, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Thomas Warren, Grace Williams Warren


20 Jan 1900 by Banns
        William James Nicholas 28 Labourer of Sellan (Father: John Nicholas, Farmer)
        Mary Louisa Wherry 28 of Sellan Mill (Father: Nicholas Wherry, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Wherry, Nicholas Henry Wherry, Edith Nicholas
7 Mar 1900 by Banns
        William Martin 21 Labourer of Sancreed (Father: William Martin, Labourer)
        Lilian Richards 20 of Sancreed (Father: Richard Richards, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Richard Richards, Alice Jane Olds
13 Jun 1900 by Banns
        John Rundle 27 Farm Labourer of Catchall (Father: Christopher Rundle deceased, Miner)
        Agnes Trembath 33 of Pednventon, Madron (Father: Richard Trembath deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Roberts, Eliza Jane Rundle
11 Jul 1900 by Banns
        John Eddy Matthews 22 Dairyman of Poltegga, Madron (Father: Thomas Henry Matthews, Dairyman)
        Mary Elizabeth Hocking 24 of Sellan (Father: Richard Henry Hocking, Miner)
        Witnesses: Mary Ellen Matthews, Peter Thomas
22 Dec 1900 by Banns
        William White Barnes 28 Farmer of Trannack (Father: William White Barnes, Fisherman)
        Mabel Semmens 19 of Trannack (Father: William Harry Semmens deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Eva Matthews, William White Barnes


12 Jan 1901 by Banns
        David Rooke Hooper 22 Grocer of St. John's, Penzance (Father: Richard Hooper, Trevaller)
        Catherine Jane Thomas 23 of Grumbla, Sancreed (Father: John Hutchings Thomas, Sexton)
        Witnesses: James Thomas, Philip Thomas
19 Jan 1901 by Banns
        John Trudgeon 39 widower Farm Lab. of Newbridge (Father: Peter Trudgeon deceased, Miner)
        Mary Elizabeth Grenfell 24 of Little Busvenning (Father: Richard Grenfell, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Grenfell, Richard [?] jnr. Thos. Grenfell
8 Apr 1901 by Banns
        Albert Edward Cooper 29 widower Butcher of Edgcumbe Place, W. Hoe, Plymouth (Father: William Cooper deceased, Shoemaker)
        Edith Wherry 25 of Setton Mill, Sancreed (Father: Nicholas Wherry, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Wherry, Mary Ethel Collins
31 Jul 1901 by Banns
        Charles Short Humphreys 25 Lab. of Rose Valley, Sancreed (Father: Robert Humphreys deceased, Miner)
        Violet Pearce 28 of Tregonebris (Father: Richard Pearce deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Pearce, Ursilla Pearce, Jesse Robert Thomas
26 Oct 1901 by Banns
        Frederick White 22 Farm Lab. of Newbridge, Maddron (Father: Charles White, Postman)
        Ellen Matthews 26 of Trannack, Sancreed (Father: Richard Matthews deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Matthews, Elizabeth Tregear


23 Feb 1902 by Banns
        John James Harvey 26 widower Driver of Newbridge (Father: William Harvey, Driver)
        Lottie Gendall 19 of Newbridge (Father: Thomas Gendall deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Charles Olds
5 Mar 1902 by Banns
        William Jenkin 25 Farmer of Deveral, Sancreed (Father: Edward Jenmin deceased, Farmer)
        Bessie Oates 24 of Grumbla [Mark] (Father: Richard Oates, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Oates, Bessie A. Matthews
15 Mar 1902 by Banns
        William James Matthews 24 Farmer of Trannack (Father: Richard Matthews deceased, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Tregear 23 of Treger[?] (Father: John Tregear, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Tregear Jr. Jane Williams Trembath
9 Aug 1902 by Banns
        John Henry Martin 20 Stonebreaker of Newbridge (Father: John Henry Martin, Stonebreaker)
        Mary Elizabeth Williams 20 of Newbridge (Father: John Williams deceased, Farm Lab.)
        Witnesses: John Henry Martin, John Hutchings Thomas
20 Oct 1902 by Licence
        Thomas Michael Olds 23 Butcher of Trevorian, Sancreed (Father: James Olds, Farmer)
        Josephine Woolcock 21 of St. Buryan (Father: Hugh Woolcock, Grocer)
        Witnesses: Lydia Smith, Catherine James, Lillie Olds
23 Dec 1902 by Licence
        John Rowe Ev Ans 36 Farmer of Tremayne, Crowan (Father: William Evans, Farmer)
        Annie Jane Rowe 24 of Trevean, Sancreed (Father: Hannibal Rowe, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Hannibal Rowe, John H. Thomas


4 Jul 1903 by Licence
        Charles William White 26 Naval Seaman of Newbridge, Madron (Father: Charles White, Naval Pensioner/Postman)
        Lilian Adelaide Rosetta Guy 22 of Newbridge, Sancreed (Father: George Henry Guy deceased, Schoolmaster)
        Witnesses: John Rowe, John H. Thomas
24 Jul 1903 by Banns
        Thomas Nicholas 28 Labourer of Newbridge, Sancreed (Father: Wm. Hy. Nicholas, Labourer)
        Maude Watters 24 of Newbridge (Father: Richard Watters deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Janie Nicholas, Mary Nicholas
20 Aug 1903 by Licence
        Thomas Stevens 47 Gentleman of Boswarva, Madron (Father: Andrew Stevens deceased, Miner)
        Mary Ann Shedford 42 of Newbridge, Sancreed (Father: Samuel Shedford deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Emily Cargeeg, E. Y. Rodda

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