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With thanks to George & Sandra Pritchard for the transcript from the manuscript by W. Treffry Hoblyn [1930] which is contained in an exercise book in the Morrab Library, Penzance.

This is a transcript done by one person and will, inevitably contain errors. Researchers are always advised to consult the original registers.


Alice wife of William Williams 3rd Dec 1700
Christian Humphries 21st Dec 1700


Margaret Bottrill 19th July 1701
Susanna wife of William Penrose 10th Nov. 1701
William son of William Penrose 23rd Nov 1701
Mary wife of Richard Bottrill 25th Nov 1701
John son of John Schollar 12 Feb 1701


Arthur son of Robert Williams 25th June 1702
John son of Thomas Williams 2nd July 1702


Alice Reed widow 19th April 1703
Nowell Cossene 13th Oct 1703
Julian wife of John Hicks 22nd March 1703


Jane Harvey widow 8th Oct 1704


Ralph Jeffry 7th April 1705
Alice Daughter of James Russell 27th April 1705
Elizabeth Weaver 8th May 1705
Elianour wife of John Harvey 7th Jan 1705


James son of John Harvey 1st April 1706
Robert son of Stephen Humphry 20th Oct 1706


Jane Williams widow 9th April 1707
Peter Vingoe 2nd July 1707
Christopher son of Christopher Harvey 13 Feb 1707
Mary wife of John Moor (clerk) 15 Feb1707


Daniel James 25th March 1708
John Betty 25th April 1708
Catherine Richard widow 27th April 1708
Clarinda George 2nd July 1708
Nicholas son of James Wallis 18th July 1708
Elizabeth Harris widow 2nd Nov 1708
John Treeve 5th March 1708


John son of John Williams 1st April 1709
Awdrey wife of John Hockin 28th Aug 1709
Bernard Penberthy 11th Sept 1709.
Ann James 27th Sept 1709
Elizabeth Paul 20th Dec 1709
John Vingoe 11th Feb 1709
Elizabeth daughter of James Russell 19th March 1709


John Harvey of Meane 14th May 1710
[Rewritten] Mary daughter of Alexander Reed 14th Aug 1710
     "      Margaret daughter of Abraham Richards 14th January 1710
Mararet Williams 4th June 1710
[Rewritten, first time (g) seems to have been in Mar(g)aret]
John Penrose 14th March 1710


[Apparently no entries made for this year.]


Richard Bottrill 13th April 1712
Charles Ellis 27th June 1712
Emmanuel Mathew 9th July 1712
Ann Vingow widow 26th Oct 1712
Alliss wife of Hugh Jones Esq 22nd Nov 1712
Grace daughter of John Harvey 5th January 1712


Catherine Paull 8th June 1713
Charles Ellis Jnr. 19th July 1713
Alexander Reed 15th Nov 1713
Charles Ellis 14th January 1713
William Williams 23rd Feb 1713


Allis Mathew 24th Aug 1714
William Nicholas 19th Oct 1714
Mr Lionell Jons [Johns or Jones] 11th Nov 1714
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Nicholas 17th Dec 1714


Allis wife of John Nicholas 29th April 1715
Richard Bottrill 2nd May 1715
Hugh Jones Esq 14th Dec 1715


[No entries for this year.]


[No entries for this year]


Benjamin Harvey 8th January 1718
Jno. Paul 3rd October 1718


Ann wife of Bernard James 15th Dec 1719
Grace Treive widow 3rd Febuary 1719
Robert Gwavers [i.e.Gwavas] 24th March 1719
John Osborne [no date]


James Richards 7th May 1720
James Treive 18th May 1720
Symon Head 14th July 1720
Ann Mathews 21st July 1720


Nowel Mathews 11th Nov 1721
Jno. Williams 21st Jan 1721
Jone George 3rd March 1721


Will. Richards 27th April 1722
Blanch wife of Richard Williams 13th June 1722
Dors wife of Will. George 23rd Oct 1722
Bennett James 13th July 1722
Mary Hodge 16th August 1722
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Williams 6th Dec 1722


Eliz. wife of Will. Tonkyne 9th July 1723
Richard Williams 12th August 1723
Alice Hutchens Widow 17th Sept. 1723
Ann wife of Jno Jone of Penzance 30th Sept 1723


Arthur Roberts 4th July 1724
Joan Harvey 10th Oct 1724
Richard Beynald 10th Jan 1724


John Williams 13th April 1725
Jacob James 12th July 1725
John George 24th July 1725
Penelopie Head 25th July 1725
Henry Vingoe 20th Feb 1725


Will Penrose 4th April 1726
John Ellis gent 22nd Oct 1726
James Russell 29th Oct 1726
Rose Nicholas 16th Dec 1726
Grace Bottrell 21st Dec 1726


Blanch wife of Will Penrose 3rd April 1727
Margaret wife of John Head 3rd April 1727
Margery wife of James Provese 1st May 1727
Grace Vingoe Widow 17th June 1727
Jone wife of Jacob James 3rd July 1727
Ann Vingoe Widow 21st Sept. 1727
Eliz. Nicholls 1st Oct 1727
Mary widow of Richard Busistowe 28th Nov 1727


Mrs Elizabeth Jones 6th July 1728
Jane Reed Widow 3rd Feb. 1728
Jane Tonkin Widow 11th Feb. 1728


Mary Reade 30th March 1729
Joseph George 14th Apr 1729
[in another hand] Joseph George / Josephn


William Richards 4th June 1730
Alexander Stephens 22nd February 1730


Margaret Jenkins of St Just 10th May 1731
John Williams 7th July 1731
John Mathew 10th July 1731
Henry son of Henry Vingoe 22nd July 1731
James son of James Russell 3rd August 1731
June Widow of Arthur Roberts 1st September 1731
Martha Daughter of Francis Maddern 17th October 1731
May wife of Edward Richards 22nd December 1731
John Harvey of St Just 5th March 1731


Daniel James 9th June 1732
Thomas Nicholas 20th October 1732
Ann wife of Henry Hodge 7th December 1732


Barbara wife of Tobias Penroe 28th September 1733
Margaret daughter of Abraham Richards 18th January 1733
Jacob son of Jacob James -


Margaret wife of Thomas Penberthy 17th April 1734
Ann wife of James Jeffrey of Plymouth 24th August 1734
Rachel widow of Jno. Nichles of St Levan 20th October 1734
Noel Penrose 28th January 1734
Margaret Harvey widow 30th January 1734
William Vingoe 31st January 1734
Robert Russell 23rd February 1734
Elizabeth wife of Richard Treeve 28th February 1734


[No entries made for the year of 1735.]


Ann Schollar 11th April 1736
Grace Angwin 30th May 1736
Mary Daughter of Ezekiel Row 31st December 1736
Stephen Jenkin 10th January 1736
Robert son of William Humphry 19th January 1736
Susanna daughter of James Row 19th February 1736
Edward Richards 22nd February 1736


Leonard son of Leonard Humphrey 4th April 1737
Elizabeth wife of Martin Busustow 28th August 1737
Rebecca wife of Joseph Head 1st September 1737
Eleanor Vingoe widow 14th September 1737
Mican Williams 11th October 1737


Elizabeth daughter of Richard George 19th January 1738
Robert son of Robert Humphrey 7th February 1738
Dorothy wife of Robert Humphrey 13th February 1738


Thomas Jenkin 30th January 1739
Joan James 12th October 1739
Elizabeth Williams 29th February 1739


Richard son of Richard George 23rd April 1740
John Jenkyns 30th April 1740
Elizabeth daughter of William Humphreys 13th July 1740


Constance Richards 21st June 1741


John Botteral 13th April 1742
Thomas Mathew 14th May 1742
Margaret Penberthy 3rd November 1742
Alice Mathew of St Buryan 9th January 1742


Andrew son of Peter Owls 30th May 1743
Charles Streater Ellis Esq. 14th August 1743
Robert Pender 21st August 1743
Francis Maddern 23rd December 1743
Margery Harvey 23rd December 1743
Jeremiah Jenkin of St Ives 21st March 1743


Blanch wife of James Nicholas 24th June 1744
Jone daughter of Peter Harvey 6th July 1744
Mary Bone 10th July 1744
Mary wife of Martin Russell 17th July 1744
Jane wife of Leonard Humphrey 2nd July 1744
Mary wife of Abraham Richards 1st December 1744
Robert son of Rob. Humphrey 19th December 1744
Mary wife of Jacob James 3rd February 1744
Nicholas Pascoe 12th March 1744
Jone James 16th April 1744


John son of William Humphrey 4th November 1745
Mary Penrose 5th January 1745
Grace Edwards 9th January 1745
Thomas Row 11th January 1745
Richard Busistow 2nd Marc 1745
Henry Harvey of St Just 18th April 1745


Mary Symonds 16th June 1746
Beaten Humphreys 18th July 1746
John Vingo 29th July 1746
Thomazin Champion 9th November 1746
Edmond Nicholas 19th November 1746
William son of Edmond Nicholas 29th November 1746
Michael Treeve 5th December 1746
John George 19th December 1746
John Mathew 19th December 1746
Grace Dale 13th January 1746


Elizabeth daughter of Robert Humphrey 30th July 1747
Elizabeth daughter of John Vingoe 1st August 1747
Mrs Harvey widow 7th August 1747
Ann daughter of Mathew Botteral 10th August 1747
Henry Densen 15th August 1747
John son of Peter Dennis 10th September 1747
Agnes Vingoe widow 22nd December 1747


Margaret wife of Joseph Paul 19th July 1748
William Humphrey 9th August 1748
Mr Christopher Harvey 10th August 1748
Ishmael Williams 7th December 1748
Alice daughter of William Boase 19th January 1748
Mathew Williams 6th February 1748
Mary Botterell 21st February 1748


Jean Harvey 29th April 1749
Leonard son of John Woolcock of Scilly 19th May 1749
Jane Williams widow 23rd May 1749
Thomas Bidford 8th June 1749
Barbara Harvey 20th June 1749
Rebekah daughter of Mathew Nicholas 26th June 1749
[In same hand as above.] Mary daughter of John Pascoe 23rd July 1749
John son of John Simpson 15th July 1749
Thomas Williams [no date]
Ezekial Row 6th August 1749
Phyllis Williams 19th August 1749
Charity base of Zenobin Garter 28th August 1749
Jone Williams 25th September 1749
Barbara daughter of Mathew Botterel 6th October 1749
Stephen son of Wm. Humphrey 2nd November 1749
Wm. son of John George 7th November 1749
John son of John Vingoe 23rd December 1749


Margaret wife of John Vingoe 8th April 1750
Charles Penrose 9th October 1750


Eleanor Schollar 2nd February 1751
Israel son of Israel Vingoe 18th July 1751
Justinian Harris of St Just 11th August 1751
Ann daughter of Dionysius Williams 15th September 1751

        Note: The year 1752 begins January the 1st. The new style
        then taking place in Great Britain according to the law made
        in the last session of Parliament for that purpose.


Ann daughter of Pentecost Schollar 5th November 1752
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Nicholas 12th November 1752


Jane Vingoe widow 13th July 1753
Velsan Maddern 5th October 1753
Peter Harvey of St Just 7th November 1753


Grace wife of Martin Russell 3rd December 1754
Ann wife of Dionysius Williams 29th March 1754
Henry Hodge 7th August 1754


Wm. son of Perran Green 21st February 1755
*Thomas Nicholas aged 95 7th September 1755
*Richard son of Richard Nicholl 16th September

Note by WTH - *perhaps these two should have been in 1756.
Note by WTH - On this page there are three entries deleted in 1755.
These have been re-entered in the baptisms. No burials appear
recorded until 1758 - which is on the same page in the original
register as 1755 - therefore it is not a case of missing pages.


Richard Reed 10th November
Phillip son of Phillip Mathews 17th January
Mrs. Honour Harvey widow 11th March

Note by WTH - These three probably were buried in 1757. See
baptism of Philip son of Phillip Mathews 19th Jan. 1752 and
the childs burial now recorded and also another son Phillip
(to aforesaid Phillip Mathews) baptised 23rd July 1758.


Stephen Humphrey aged 92 16th April 1758
Margaret wife of George Dennis 30th June 1758
Margaret Davey widow 25th July 1758
Wm. Nicholas of St Burien 9th September 1758
John son of John Pascoe 23rd September 1758


Grace daughter of Richard Treeve 27th march 1759
Henry Nicholas 13th May 1759
Roan Richards aged 89 1st July 1759
Mary wife of Israel Vingoe 8th July 1759
Charles Botteral 12th October 1759
Wm. George Jnr. 8th December 1759
John Vingoe 9th December 1759


Joseph Paul [no date]
Fadora wife of Joseph Angwin 15th June 1760
Thaumasin wife of * Rd Wm. George 29th June 1760
Allice wife of Pet Dennis Jnr. 6th July 1760
Wm. George 21st July 1760
Allice Russell aged 84 4th November 1760

Note By WTH - * as entered in register.


Thomas Penberthy 16th January 1761
Abenego Harvey 29th March 1761
Mary wife of John Nicholls aged 88 18th April 1761
Blanch widow of Thomas above [no date]
Abednego Harvey 21st April 1761
Israel Vingoe 1st July 1761
Perran Green 29th July 1761
John son of John Nichols 13th August 1761
Richard son of Richard Nichols 31st August 1761
John son of Christopher Botterell 21st September 1761
John son of John Pascoe 22nd September 1761
Ann daughter of Elizabeth Veal 5th October 1761
Margaret daughter of Richard Anset 9th October 1761
Mary daughter of Richard Anset 15th October 1761
Ann Reed 8th November 1761


John son of Robert Humphrey 5th January 1762
John James 2nd February 1762
Richard Treeve aged 80 9th February 1762
Catherine Ash 16th March 1762
James Jenkin 6th June 1762
Jacob James aged 80 4th July 1762
Jane George 30th September 1762


John son of Richard Bottrell 9th August 1763
Mary daughter of Pentecost Schollar 11th August 1763
Jane wife of Jn. Thomas 5th October 1763


Martin James [no date]
Mr Martin Bosisto aged 85 29th September 1764
John Nicholas aged 86 [no date]
Peter son of James Richard 14th November 1764
Mr Alexander Mills aged 86 6th November 1764
Richard George 21st December 1764


[No entries for the year 1765]


John Jenkin 14th March 1766
Wm. son of John Roberts 20th March 1766
Sarah Schollar 25th August 1766


John son of Charles Harvey 12th June 1767
Thomas son of John Roberts Jnr. 14th June 1767
Ann daughter of Pentecost Schollar Jnr. 14th June 1767
No name daughter of John Maddern Jnr. 20th August 1767

[Above repeated then deleted then Christian name written
as Honour with comment "see Baptism 28th September 1746."]

Dionysius son of James Richards 22nd September 1767
Margary daughter of Dionysius Williams 7th December 1767


Mary Cock aged 85 2nd January 1768
Ann wife of Gregory Nicholas 1st February 1768
Susanna wife of James Rowe of Trengothall [no date]


Dorothy wife of Henry Hodge 24th February 1769
Ann James wife of Peter James 2nd August 1769


Jane wife of Thomas Penberthy 4th February 1770
Floraintain Hows 6th February 1770
Peter Wallish aged 85 3rd October 1770
James Richards Jnr. 15th October 1770
Humphrey Trudgian 4th December 1770

        Geo Hawkins Minister


Hugh son of Henry & Barbara Vingoe 7th February 1771
William son of Robert & Hester Humphrey 12th March 1771
William son of Pentecost & Christian Schollar 22nd March 1771
Joan Roberts aged 83 8th April 1771
Elizabeth wife of John Maddern of St Just 8th October 1771
Philadelphia Bottrell 29th October 1771
John son of Gregory Nicholas from St Just 11th November 1771

        Geo. Hawkins Curate


Richard son of Benjamin & Trephena Garter 8th February 1772
Elizabeth Simpson 22nd February 1772
Ralph Penberthy 11th July 1772
Sampson Roberts 30th September 1772

        Geo. Hawkins Curate


[No records listed for 1773.]


Richard Garter 18th January 1774
Martha Daughter of Martha Penberthy widow 28th January 1774
Nicholas Johns 7th June 1774
Elizabeth wife of Pentecost Schollar 22nd July 1774
Elizabeth daughter Henry Vingoe Jnr. 4th August 1774
Richard son of Benjamin & Trephena Garter 1st September 1774
Margaret Wallish widow 1st November 1774

        Geo. Hawkins Curate


John Simpson aged 87 12 June 1775
Dionysius Williams [He was Fellow of the Royal Society and
        a Mathematician] 14th June 1775
Benjamin Garter 23rd June 1775
Elizabeth daughter of Edmond Nicholas 16th July 1775
Richard son of Thomas Hibbard 17th July 1775
William Roberts 11th August 1775
James Russell 25th August 1775
John son of Arthur Roberts 16th October 1775

        Jas Bevan Minister


Margaret wife of Arthur Roberts 27th November 1776

        Jas. Bevan Minister


Mary wife of Richard Vingoe 16th March 1777
Margaret Nicholas widow 16th July 1777
Tryphena daughter of Benjamin Garter 30th August 1777
Ann George widow 14th December 1777
Sarah Bottrell widow 25th December 1777


Ann wife of Richard Treeve 25th February 1778
Ann daughter of Richard Treeve 19th April 1778
Paul son of the late Paul Humphrey deceased 21st April 1778
Joan daughter of Nicholas Uren 9th July 1778
Henry son of Jermima Hoskin 26th July 1778
Grace wife of James Nicholas 28th July 1778
John son of Jermima Hoskin 31st July 1778
Stephen Humphrey 22nd August 1778
James Noble 11th December 1778

        Jas. Bevan Minister


Richard Treeve 29th January 1779
James Nicholas 11th April 1779
Stephen Jenkin 25th June 1779
Thomas Nicholas 22nd July 1779
John son of John Stevens 30th July 1779
William Ash 9th November 1779
Joan Pascoe 13th December 1779


John son of Honour Harvey 11th January 1780
Edmond Nicholas 18th January 1780
Rebecka Williams 30th January 1780
Nancy daughter of Thomas Treeve 16th February 1780
Martha Lethan 14th March 1780
Sibylla wife of Nicholas Symonds 10th April 1780
Christian Humphrey 29th March 1780
Tobias Simpson 1st August 1780
Christopher Harvey 2nd August 1780

        Jas Bevan Minister


Richard Vingoe 18th February 1781
Ursula Humphrey widow 23rd February 1781
Grace daughter of Francis Garter 21st March 1781
Edmond Nicholas 15th April 1781
Philadelphia daughter of Mathew Bottrell 16th April 1781
Margaret daughter of Joseph Humphrey 17th April 1781
Elizabeth daughter of John Cardew 24th April 1781
Elizabeth daughter of Francis Garter 10th May 1781
Margaret daughter of Arthur Roberts 13th May 1781
Sampson Nicholls son of Arthur Roberts 23rd May 1781
Elizabeth daughter of William Maddern 15th June 1781
John son of Robert Pender 15th June 1781
Thomas Nicholas son of Catherine Davey 21st June 1781
Richard Treeve 11th October 1781

        Jas Bevan Minister


Alice wife of David Nicholas 7th April 1782
Honour Simpson widow 22nd April 1782
Thomas Aster of Bow in Devonshire 21st May 1782
James Blight 31st May 1782
Dinah Russell widow 6th July 1782
Ann wife of Thomas Nicholas 5th August 1782
Hestor Russell 30th August 1782
Elizabeth wife of Martin Russell 9th October 1782
Ann Ash widow 29th November 1782
William Roberts 1st December 1782
Elizabeth Russell 5th December 1782
Sarah wife of Edmond Nicholas [no date]

        Jas Bevan Minister


John son of Thomas Treeve 28th January 1783
Rebecca Trudgeon widow 15th March 1783
Henry Vingoe aged 88 22nd March 1783
Ann wife of Mathew Bottrell 7th April 1783
Charles son of Charles Ellis 15th April 1783
James Nicholas Jnr. 24th June 1783
Richard Reed 28th June 1783
George Vingoe 22nd October 1783
William George 9th December 1783
Richard Nicholas Jnr. [no date]

        Jas Bevan Minister


Elizabeth daughter of Charles Rogers 13th April 1784
Elizabeth wife of Robert Humphrey 27th May 1784
Henry Vingoe 1st September 1784
William Stephens at expense of charity 23rd December 1784


Pentecost Schollar 28th January 1785
Margaret Humphrey widow 8th March 1785
Mary wife of William White 8th April 1785
Elizabeth Green at expense of charity 29th April 1785
Ann Garter widow 23rd May 1785
Elizabeth Dennis 28th July 1785
Charles Rogers 21st July 1785

        Jas Bevan Minister


Jane daughter of Arthur Roberts 5th January 1786
Nicholas Simmons at expense of charity 8th January 1786
John Bottrell Thomas 29th January 1786
Mary wife of William Bennetts 30th January 1786
John Nicholls 21st March 1786
Rebecca wife of Thomas Nicholas 18th April 1786
John George 28th June 1786
Grace daughter of Charles Bottrell 10th July 1786
Margaret daughter of Richard Oats 27th August 1786
Elizabeth wife of William Bottrell 20th December 1786

        Jas. Bevan Minister


Margaret Nicholas 22nd February 1787
Bernard son of Francis Garter 31st July 1787
Thomas Hebbard 27th December 1787

        Jas. Bevan Minister


Grace daughter of Francis Garter 3rd January 1788
Elizabeth Vingoe widow 5th January 1788
Sarah wife Hugh Vingoe 7th April 1788
Sarah daughter of John Penrose 23rd May 1788
May Harvey 16th June 1788
Philadelphia daughter of James Thomas 17th June 1788
Amy daughter of Mary Rawlings 11th July 1788
Elizabeth Guy 22nd July 1788
William George 20th November 1788
Mary daughter of Phillip Mathews 6th December 1788
Henry George 10th December 1788

        Jas. Bevan Minister


Elizabeth daughter of John George 2nd January 1789
Grace daughter of Francis Garter 27th January 1789
Charles son of Charles Bottrell 28th March 1789
Philadelphia daughter Mathew Bottrell 12th April 1789
Elizabeth Hodge Nicholas 13th April 1789
Thomas son of James Thomas 15th April 1789
Israel Vingoe George son of John George 30th April 1789
Elizabeth daughter of Francis Garter 2nd May 1789
William son of John George 8th May 1789
Thomas Treeve 10th May 1789
John son of John Bottrell 16th May 1789
Ann daughter of William Nicholas 17th May 1789
Sarah daughter of John George 31st May 1789
Abinelech Cyanhalls 13th June 1789
John Vingoe snr. 29th December 1789

        Jas, Bevan Minister in the Deanery of St Buryan.


Grace wife of Richard Nicholas Jan 7th 1790
Mary daughter of Phillip Mathew Mar 7th 1790
Patience Andrew widow aged 91 Mar 22nd 1790
English Treeve Apr 26th 1790
Joseph Humphrey Jun 14th 1790
William Nicholas ? Father or son July 8th 1790
Joseph George July 13th 1790
Peter Dennis July 22nd 1790
Honour Daughter of Christopher Harvey Nov 4th 1790
Ann Humphrey Nov 26th 1790

        Jas Bevan


Charles Ellis Jan 8th 1791
Lovey Jenkin widow Jan 26th 1791
John son of Stephen Harvey Mar 3rd 1791
John Dennis Mar 20th 1791
Elizabeth George widow of St Just July 28th 1791
Henry son of Magery Varker Dec 4th 1791

        Jas Bevan


Jane wife of Arther Roberts Jan 26th 1792
Ann Hebbard widow Feb 21 1792
Martin Russell Feb 22 1792
David Polmear Mar 18th 1792
Margaret widow of the late Abimelech Chynhalls Apr 16th 1792
Eliz, wife of Francis Garter May 18th 1792
David Nicholas aged 89 years May 21st 1792
Grace Nicholls Polmear Jun 22nd 1792
William Nicholas July 7th 1792
Mary Daughter of R----- [bottom of page missing.]



William Simpson Jan 4th 1793
John Pascoe Jan 30th 1793
Grace Pascoe May 22nd 1793
Pentecost Scholar Sep 15th 1793
Ann wife of Mathew Nicholas, a pauper, Dec 10th 1793


Mary Vingoe nee Daniel Aged 89 (widow) April 6th 1794
George Dennis Jun 6th 1794
Robert Humphrey aged 87 July 18th 1794
John Vingoe Aug 15th 1794
Elizabeth Treeve widow Sep 8th 1794
John Weymouth Son of Henry Trudgeon Sep 10th 1794
Elizabeth Nicholas widow aged 83 Oct 18th 1794
Alice Garter widow Dec 5th 1794


Elizabeth wife of John Wallis Jan 20th 1795
Mary daughter of Thomas Ellis Feb 24th 1795
Elizabeth wife of William Nicholas May 2nd 1795
Eliz. daughter of Richard Williams May 30th 1795
James Richards Aged 88 (b 1707) June 20th 1795


William Rowe Aug 17th 1796
Henry Nicholas Aged 85 Oct 13th 1796
Jonathan son of William Chaple Oct 21st 1796
Anne Bant Nov 22 1796


Grace wife of John Daniel Jan 6th 1797
James Row Mar 9th 1797
Amy wife of James Vingoe Mar 15 1797
Ann Tregear widow May 19th 1797
William Ellis May 27th 1797
Phillip Mathew Aug 24th 1797
Jane Richard widow aged 91 Oct 15th 1797
Charles Thomas son of John Bottrell Oct 23rd 1797
Arthur Roberts Oct 25th 1797


Eliz. Arnold Feb 20th 1798
Mathew Bottrell Mat 11th 1798
Christopher & Martha son & daughter of Phillip Mathew Sep 4th 1798
Stephen George Sep 23rd 1798
Mary daughter Thomas Tonkin Dec 24th 1798


William son of William Pender May 13th 1799
Dionysus Williams May 19th 1799
Martha Nicholas nee Vingoe widow of William June 2nd 1799
Sarah nicholas June 18th 1799
Mary Williams widow July 1st 1799
Rebecca Williams widow July 12th 1799
Margaret Row widow Nov 26th 1799


Henry Trudgeon Jan 20th 1800
John son of Henry Vingoe Feb 21st 1800
Elizabeth Dennis widow Mar 9th 1800
William Ball Mar 21st 1800
Peter Dennis Mar 26th 1800
Ann daughter of Joseph George May 25th 1800
William Vingoe aged 33 June 24th 1800
Dennise daughter of Henry Vingoe Sep 9th 1800
George Guy Sep 15th 1800
Amy daughter of Stephen Vingoe Nov 22nd 1800

There are no entries in the register for the years 1801/02/03


Margaret Roberts Mar 17th 1804
Mathew Nicholas aged 87 Jun 23rd 1804
Ann Catherine daughter of Peter George Jul 30th 1804
James Nicholas Oct 20th 1804
Mary wife of John Bottrell Nov 17th 1804
Elizabeth Bottrell daughter of Mathew Cardew Dec 6th 1804


Mathew son of Phillip Mathew Jan 25th 1805
Sarah daughter of John George Feb 21st 1805
Mathew son of Mathew Cardew Apr 3rd 1805
Martha wife of John Guy Apr 26th 1805
Richard Johns Nov 20th 1805


John Hicks son of George Vingoe Feb 11th 1806
Peter Wallis aged 87 Apr 8th 1806
Stephen Cardew Jul 1st 1806


Thomas Nicholas Jan 1st 1807
Mr. John Harvey Feb 16th 1807
Anne Bottrell widow May 10th 1807
George Johns Jul 3rd 1807
John Hicks Aug 4th 1807
Nicholas son of James Trehair Dec 22nd 1807


Stephen son of Stephen Vingoe Jan 6th 1808
William Vingoe Apr 23rd 1808
Anne Hicks widow June 6th 1808
Edmond Penrose Jul 20th 1808
Margery Dennis widow Nov 26th 1808


John Roberts aged 89 Jan 16th 1809
William Harris Jan 25th 1809
Nicholas Wallis aged 85 Feb 6th 1809
Grace wife of John Pascoe Apr 3rd 1809
Emmanuel son of Joseph George Apr 7th 1809
John son of Nicholas Pascoe Apr 15th 1809
Sarah Roberts widow May 24th 1809

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