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Subsidy 1545

Various taxes on goods (‘moveables’) and land. Only the wealthier members of the community were affected. Surviving records are at the PRO, but many are in a very poor state of repair.

John Hoskyn G2
John Hett G2
Simon Richard G4
Nicoll Wygga G1
Richard Gwarreke G4
Richard Renold G3
Richard Richard G3
Robert Trew G5
Annys Joce G1
John William G3
John Herry G3
John Will Herry G2
James Roger G3
James John G1
William Alson G3
Walter Cocke G2
John Gwenep G4
John Wylliam G4
John Tome G5
Josse Penrosse G7
William Hew G4
Robert Harper G2
John Wylliam G1
Nowell (blank) G1
Peris Bretton* G1
Udy Bretton* G1

* This could literally mean a Bretton (from Brittany, North-West France) or more generally, an alien.

Muster Roll 1569

Hereafter followith the names of these men within the parish of Sennen within the hundred of Penwith that are within the age of sixty score and above the age of 16 years in the 11th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Touching the acts and statutes for the breed of horses and mares we have none such within the compass of our parish.

Touching the acts and statutes for ground or parke enclosed, we have none we have none such within the compass of our parish.

Touching the rateing of any man in our parish we have none according to the acts and statutes.

Touching the transporting or conveyance of any horse mare or gelding into Scotland or beyond the seas we know of none.

Touching the armour and weapons for the better service of the prince we have within our parish of Sennen the following:

John Jeffryy Bill and 12 arrows
Richard Treffe Bow and 12 arrows
Semon Mathew Bow and 12 arrows
John Mathews Bow and 12 arrows
John Thorns 6 arrows
Nicholl Vyngow Bill and 6 arrows
Saundry John Bow and 6 arrows
Jamy Kelyneke Bow and 12 arrows
Bennett Angueryak bill
Hocken Ronold bill
Niclis Ronold Bill 12 arrows
John William Bill
Charles Bretton Bow 6 arrows
Thomas Osborne Bow Jowling
Martin William Bag sling
Harry William Bow 12 arrows
John Stephin Bill
Benett Treffe Bill
Hoskyn Davy Bow 6 arrows
Thomas Myllerd Bill 6 arrows
John Hoskyn Bill
John Joce Bill
William Hugyn Bill
John Korvosow Bow 12 arrows
John William Bow 12 arrows
Thomas Maye Bow 12 arrows
Raw Thomas Bow 6 arrows
Richard Hike Bill
John Richard Bow 6 arrows
Saundry Alsa Bill
John Hanyforth Bow 12 arrows
James Treveyn Bow 12 arrows
Saundry Treveyn Bill
Jamys William Bow 6 arrows
Willm Jamys Bill
John Beryman Bill
John Gowffe??? Bill 12 arrows
Symon William Bow 6 arrows
John Richard Bow 12 arrows
Marten Tonkyn Bill
Walter William Bill
Willm Huth Bow 12 arrows
Nyclis Huth Bill
John Robert Bill 6 arrows
Jamys Toby Bill 6arrows
Ric Toby Bill
Richard Joce Bow
Robert Thomas Bow 6 arrows
Willm Joce Bow 12 arrows
Benett Penrose Bow 12 arrows scull sallet
Water Coke Bill 12 arrows

Parish Constable

John Bans Bill 12 arrows

Free and Voluntary Benevolence 1661

An account of all subscribers to the Act of benevolence by all the gentlemen and others of the County of Cornwall in the said county and their free present to his Majesty that came to the knowledge of Edward Hender receiver of the said subscription in all and every places of the said County where subscriptions were taken.

Pascoe Ellis £1 10s 0d
Hugh Jones of Penrose £2 0s 0d

Hearth Tax 1662

Two shillings per hearth levied on householders with houses worth upwards of 20 shillings per annum. Houses worth less than this were exempt, as were householders on poor relief. The parish constable listed householders, together with the number of hearths (sometimes including those exempt), for submission to the Quarter Sessions. The lists were headed in terris for the wealthy, and in bonis for the humble. The tax was collected twice yearly, at Michaelmas and Lady Day. The survival of the returns is spasmodic, and few (if any) survive from after 1674. Most are at the PRO, with some CRO's having copies for their area. A few Hearth Tax returns have been published.

See The Hearth Tax, and other later Stuart Tax List and the Association Oath Rolls", by J.S.W. Gibson for further information.

Hugh Jones Esq. 4 ex
Pascoe Ellis gent. 3 ex
Thomas Treeve 1 ex
William Nicholas 1 ex
John Mathew 2 now John bands & one fallen down.
Joan Pingoe [Vingoe] 1 ex
Ralph Jeffrey 1 ex
John Hoskyn 1 ex
Thomas Treeve 1 ex
George Reed 2 stopt up one
John William 1 ex
Martin William 1 ex now Dorothy Williams and very poor etc
Richard William 1 ex
Richard Saundry 2 ex
Dorothy Wallish 2 ex now Degory Wallish
John Richard 1 ex now Richard Roskelly
Widdow Richard 1 ex
Mathew William 1 ex
Thomas Harvy 1 ex
Total 28 ex
Hearths not mentioned in former returns
Mihael Richards 1
Joan Bettrell 1

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