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Landowner(s)—Occupier(s)—Name and Description of Lands and Premises
No. on Plan [Field Name] State of Cultivation Statute Measure
Israel Vingoe—Himself—Trevescan
481 The Cliff & Lands End Turbury 10a. 2r. 38p.
540 All Craws Meadow Arable 1a. 0r. 37p.
541 All Craws Moor Arable 1a. 0r. 12p.
543 Fowling Pool Water 1r. 26p.
547 House & Bellows Arable 1a. 0r. 38p.
548 Park Brew Arable 1a. 3r. 29p.
566 Long Field Arable 2a. 1r. 24p.
569 Musvoe Arable 1a. 3r. 22p.
590 Gulveas Arable 3r. 22p.
600 The Lawn Arable 1a. 0r. 17p.
601 Waste adjoining the Road Waste 25p.
604 Mowhay Homestead 12p.
605 Dwelling House & plot Homestead 11p.
622 Dwelling House & Yard Homestead 10p.
623 Garden Garden 6p.
The Hon. Anna Maria Agar—John Strike—Trevescan
487 The Cliff Turbury 9a. 2r. 28p.
488 Above Cliff Undivided Turbury 2r. 8p.
542 All Braws Moor Arable 2a. 0r. 28p.
544 All Braws Meadow Arable 1r. 9p.
546 Little Down Arable 1a. 0r. 8p.
551 Part of Lower Field Arable 1r. 20p.
553 Part of Lower Field Arable 1a. 1r. 17p.
562 Hill Field Arable 1a. 1r. 21p.
565 Lower Howas Arable 1a. 1r. 10p.
567 Little Field Arable 2r. 28p.
570 Great field Arable 3a. 1r. 2p.
602 Mohay Homestead 6p.
603 Dwelling Outbuildings & Wastrell Homestead 19p.
Rent Charge: £1 15s. 2d. TOTAL 22a. 2r. 4p.
William Nicholas—John Strike—Trevescan
482 Part of Trevescan Cliff Turbury 5a. 1r. 0p.
485 Part of Trevescan Cliff Turbury 1a. 3r. 9p.
539 Swing Gate Croft Arable 2a. 0r. 24p.
549 Round Field Arable 3r. 9p.
550 Braws Moor Arable 3a. 2r. 10p.
560 Park Hale Arable 3r. 21p.
561 Croft an Quarter Arable 3r. 26p.
563 Quarter Arable 1r. 16p.
564 Long Field Arable 1a. 2r. 27p.
592 Gul Veal Arable 1a. 3r. 36p.
606 Barn & Mohay Homestead 11p.
608 Dwelling & Plot Homestead 5p.
609 Town Field Arable 1a. 1r. 27p.
Rent Charge: £1 19s. 10d. TOTAL 20a. 3r. 21p.
Mrs Martha St Aubyn—James Davy—Trevescan
626 Dwelling & Part of Town Place Homestead 15p.
656 Ella Venton Arable 1a. 0r. 30p.
658 Ella Venton Arable 2a. 0r. 28p.
667 Town Bean Arable 1a. 1r. 0p.
671 Long Field Arable 1a. 2r. 8p.
672 Park Gulval Arable 1a. 3r. 30p.
674 Little Meadow Arable 2r. 24p.
676 Great Whidden Arable 3a. 3r. 33p.
678 Higher Whidden Arable 4a. 2r. 28p.
679 Lower Whidden Arable 3a. 2r. 20p.
643 Alsa Bora Arable 1a. 0r. 1p.
Rent Charge: £4 1s 0d. TOTAL 21a. 3r. 37p.
Mrs Martha St Aubyn 2/3rds, [Estate of] Dionysus Williams 1/3rd, Representative of 7/9ths of 1/3rd Sir John St Aubyn—James Saundry—Trevescan
509 An undivided part of Cliff Turbury 3a. 3r. 36p.
639 Alsa Bora Furze 2r. 0p.
Rent Charge: £0 0s. 7d. TOTAL 4a. 1r. 36p.
Mrs Martha St Aubyn 47/60ths, Sir John St Aubyn 13/60ths—James Saundry—Trevescan
679a Little Whidden Arable 2r. 1p.
Rent Charge: £0 1s. 9d. TOTAL 2r. 1p.
Sir John St Aubyn, James Saundry lesee—James Saundry—Trevescan
632 Dwelling & Mohay Homestead 23p.
583 Stable Shelter & Fold Homestead 24p.
660 Town Field Arable 2a. 2r. 2p.
661 Park Scaffe Arable 3a. 1r. 3p.
662 Higher Moor Arable 1a. 0r. 10p.
663 Lower Moor Arable 1a. 2r. 4p.
664 Middle Field Arable 3a. 0r. 1p.
665 Further Field Arable 3a. 2r. 38p.
666 Lane Field Arable 2a. 3r. 0p.
668 Moor & Common 3a. 3r. 20p.
Rent Charge: £4 7s. 9d. TOTAL 22a. 0r. 5p.
Nicholas Pascoe—Himself—Trevescan
572 Bosvine Croft Furze 1a. 3r. 12p.
479 Lands End Piece Turbury 4a. 1r. 20p.
500 The Enys Piece Turbury 10a. 0r. 25p.
502 Pordennack Big Piece Turbury 5a. 1r. 23p.
505 Pordennack Little Piece Turbury 1a. 3r. 15p.
511 James Field Arable 1a. 0r. 35p.
515 Lower Bosvine Arable 2a. 0r. 13p.
516 Middle Bosvine Arable 2a. 0r. 13p.
527 Higher Bosvine Arable 1a. 3r. 28p.
528 Close Moor Arable 1a. 0r. 26p.
529 Part of Trevescan Moor Morass 3r. 0p.
522 Rye Downs Arable 2a. 0r. 10p.
535 Gul Vean Arable 2r. 6p.
555 Long Meadow Arable 1a. 3r. 17p.
556 Colivednack Downs Furze 3a. 0r. 25p.
557 Colivednack Field Arable 1a. 3r. 22p.
558 Round Meadow Arable 1a. 0r. 22p.
571 Gul Vangoe Arable 1a. 0r. 3p.
599 Park Garcon Arable 3r. 32p.
612 Garden Garden 8p.
644 Towson Arable 2a. 1r. 4p.
645 Park Spernon Arable 3a. 2r. 37p.
650 Ellva Veor Arable 2r. 37p.
653 Telfors Arable 1a. 1r. 3p.
613 Dwelling & Town Plot Homestead 14p.
615 Barn, Mohay, Outhouses & Yard Homestead 29p.
620 Garden Garden 5p.
628 Undivided Part of Town Place 5p.
629 Dwelling & Garden Homestead 13p.
617 Turf Plot 2p.
Rent Charge: £4 0s. 0d. TOTAL 53a. 0r. 21p.
John Saundry—John George—Trevescan
477 The cliff Common 25a. 3r. 31p.
515a Three Cornered Moor Arable 3r. 31p.
517 Great Bosvine Arable 2a. 1r. 33p.
518 Little Bosvine Arable 1a. 2r. 2p.
519 Bosvine Croft Furze 1a. 2r. 1p.
520 " Arable 1a. 0r. 0p.
521 " Furze 2a. 1r. 20p.
532 Strip on Trevescan Common Turbary 38p.
593 Dor Mob Arable 1a. 1r. 8p.
594 Below Coldwinds Arable 1a. 1r. 0p.
596 Penmellyn Arable 1a. 1r. 12p.
581 Dwelling Stable & Yards Homestead 21p.
621 Waste Plot Homestead 9p.
610 Little Field Arable 2r. 6p.
652 Errow Veor Arable 1a. 0r. 23p.
633 Lower Coldwedrack Arable 1a. 3r. 25p.
634 Higher Coldwedrack Arable 1a. 1r. 30p.
635 further Coldwedrack Arable
636 Further Coldwedrack Arable 1a. 3r. 23p.
640 Homer Coldwedrack Arable 2a. 0r. 20p.
654 Long Field Arable 1a. 1r. 3p.
588 Castle Peel Furze 1a. 1r. 13p.
580 Part of Shelter & Plot 1p.
Rent Charge: £2 16s. 9d. TOTAL 52a. 3r. 27p.
Thomas Tonkin—Himself—Trevescan
531 Cott House & Garden on the moor & Strip Outside Homestead 1r. 7p.
510 Bosvine Piece Turbary 2a. 2r. 5p.
Rent Charge: £0 1s. 0d. TOTAL 2a. 3r. 12p.
Thomas Tonkin—Himself—Trevescan
480 Small End Piece Turbury 1r. 18p.
501 Lawn Common Turbury 2a. 1r. 1p.
523 Rye Downs Arable 1a. 1r. 19p.
524 Garden Garden 8p.
525 Park Beagle Arable 1a. 1r. 28p.
526 Bosvine Arable 1a. 1r. 7p.
536 Thousand Acre Arable 21p.
537 Piece Outside Wastrel 7p.
641 Little Towdey Arable 1r. 24p.
611 Half Acre Arable 2r. 2p.
646 Great Towsey Arable 1a. 1r. 0p.
614 Dwelling & Plot Homestead 4p.
619 Barn & Mowhay Homestead 5p.
506 Strip on Cliff Turbury 1a. 0r. 5p.
Rent Charge: TOTAL
James Saundry—Himself—Trevescan
476 The Cliff Turbury 22a. 11r. 15p. [?]
513 Little Bosvine Arable 2r. 30p.
514 Great Bosvine Arable 4a. 0r. 14p.
530 Boon Grovin Arable 5a. 3r. 28p.
533 Strip on Common 8p.
534 Meadow Arable 3r. 11p.
538 Moor 1r. 34p.
554 Braws Moor 3a. 1r. 38p.
559 Gule Veor 1a. 2r. 38p.
568 The Howas 1a. 2r. 30p.
584 The Crofts Coldwednack 1a. 2r. 0p.
585 1a. 0r. 35p.
586 Rokey Croft 1a. 1r. 15p.
587 Bramble Croft 1a. 3r. 28p.
589 Pend Venton 3a. 0r. 26p.
595 Long Downs 2a. 0r. 25p.
597 Park Elarick 1a. 3r. 0p.
598 The Lawns 2a. 0r. 25p.
637 Hella Bora 1a. 1r. 35p.
639 Co Elrick Field 2a. 0r. 8p.
647 Nine Corners 1a. 2r. 36p.
648 Toms Field 2a. 2r. 16p.
649 Ella Veor 2a. 1r. 35p.
651 Telfors 2a. 3r. 26p.
607 Old Ruins & Waste 14p.
572 The Howas 5a. 0r. 25p.
573 Garden 17p.
574 Three Cornered Field 2a. 3r. 4p.
575 Long Field 3a. 3r. 1p.
576 Rocky Field 7a. 1r. 0p.
577 Town Field 3a. 2r. 10p.
578 Barn Farm / Yard Homestead 1r. 17p.
591 Park Bean 2a. 0r. 26p.
579 Dwelling / Farm Office Homestead 32p.
676 Wastrel Waste 11p.
624 Outhouse Wastrel 12p.
627 Part of Town Place 21p.
630 The Cottage 10p.
631 Wastrel Formerly Garden 8p.
655 Lean Drean 1a. 3r. 21p.
669 Tra Deavols 3r. 0p.
670 Long Field on Rocky Moor 2a. 0r. 4p.
681 Willow Garden 16p.
682 Wastrel 24p.
683 Long Moors 3r. 21p.
713 Fowling Pool Moor 1a. 3r. 32p.
714 2r. 24p.
715 Fowling Pool
484 Cliff 11a. 3r. 10p.
486 Cliff 2r. 0p.
504 Strip on Cliff 2a. 0r. 5p.
507 " 2a. 1r. 37p.
545 Little Davis -
Rent Charge: £13 1s. 4d. TOTAL 126a. 0r. 11p.
Henry Hodge Trudgeon—Himself—Trevilly
686 The Cliff Furze & Turbury 5r. 36p.
687 Housenolls Furze 2a. 0r. 38p.
688 Formerly Willow Garden Waste 17p.
689 The Long Field Arable 1a. 2r. 8p.
690 " " 1a. 2r. 25p.
691 Pend Venton " 1a. 1r. 10p.
692 Housenana " 1a. 3r. 4p.
693 Leanhiere " 2a. 1r. 9p.
694 Park Noweth " 2a. 1r. 26p.
695 Telfris " 3a. 0r. 11p.
696 Gwavas Field " 2a. 2r. 0p.
698 Park an Grouse " 3a. 0r. 21p.
699 Dwelling & Town Place Homestead 2r. 0p.
700 Garden Garden 17p.
701 Waste Waste 18p.
702 Meadow Arable 1a. 3r. 32p.
703 Moor Morass 1a. 3r. 17p.
704 Well Meadow Arable 2r. 30p.
705 Slip on outside of Roadway Furze 1r. 22p.
706 New Meadow Arable 1a. 0r. 9p.
707 Part of Trevilly Moor Morass 1a. 3r. 17p.
708 The Vineyard Arable 2a. 0r. 8p.
677 The Whidden " 1a. 1r. 10p.
Rent Charge: £5 17s. 0d. TOTAL 42a. 1r. 9p.
Henry Hodge Trudgeon—Himself—Trevilley
753 Town Place Homestead 1r. 16p.
754 Dwelling & Garden " 14p.
755 Barn & Mohay " 23p.
756 Town Field Arable 3a. 2r. 7p.
757 Long Close " 3a. 1r. 15p.
758 The Meadow " 2a. 3r. 12p.
759 Erras Kebra " 4a. 2r. 22p.
760 Park Noweth " 2a. 1r. 4p.
761 Vynack Furze 1r. 34p.
762 " " 3r. 10p.
763 Higher Gew Arable 4a. 1r. 36p.
763a Willow Garden Willows 1r. 8p.
764 Erredinna Arable 3a. 0r. 33p.
765 Lower Gew " 3a. 3r. 24p.
766 Dor Meere " 3a. 2r. 28p.
767 Grawlyn " 2a. 3r. 30p.
768 Cliff Field " 3a. 0r. 18p.
769 Howas " 2a. 2r. 18p.
770 Howas Down Furze 1a. 3r. 5p.
771 Orchard Meadow Arable 2a. 1r. 35p.
772 Garden Garden 5p.
773 Long Slip Arable 1r. 0p.
774 Orchard Down Furze 3r. 38p.
Rent Charge: £7 15s. 4d. TOTAL 48a. 0r. 35p.
Henry Hodge Trudgeon—Himself—Trevilley
483 Cliff Furze & Rocks 4a. 0r. 20p.
Rent Charge: £0. TOTAL 4a. 0r. 20p.
[Estate of] Dionysus Williams 47% of 60%, Mrs Martha St Aubyn 13% of 60%—Henry Hodge Trudgeon—Trevilley
718 The Cliff Furze 29a. 0r. 29p.
738 No Mans Land Waste 1r. 11p.
719 Watery Croft Furze 2a. 2r. 20p.
720 Middle Croft Furze 1a. 2r. 29p.
721 Corner Croft Furze 2a. 2r. 26p.
722 Cliff Field Arable 2a. 0r. 0p.
723 Hilly Croft Furze 2a. 1r. 11p.
724 Croft Furze 1a. 0r. 20p.
725 Croft Furze 1a. 2r. 17p.
726 Potals Field Arable 2a. 0r. 0p.
727 Dor Towans Arable 4a. 0r. 39p.
728 Inside Park Girth Arable 3a. 2r. 37p.
729 Outside Park Girth Arable 2a. 3r. 14p.
730 Cliff Fields Arable 1a. 2r. 32p.
731 Park Sparnon Arable 2a. 2r. 2p.
732 Park Noweth Arable 2a. 3r. 10p.
733 Park Tree Arable 4a. 3r. 0p.
734 Park Kennell Arable 3a. 3r. 22p.
734a Mohay Homestead 14p.
735 Dwelling, Outhouse & Fold Homestead 1r. 35p.
736 Mohay Mowhay 21p.
737 Plot Plot 5p.
642 Alsa Bora Arable 2r. 20p.
657 Erre Venton Arable 2a. 0r. 15p.
673 Errs Vingey Arable 3r. 7p.
675 Higher Whidden Arable 1a. 2r. 26p.
680 The Moor Arable 2a. 1r. 9p.
Rent Charge: TOTAL
Mrs Martha St Aubyn—James Davy—Trevilley
742 The Vineyards Arable 1a. 2r. 26p.
743 Lower St Aubyn fields " 3a. 0r. 17p.
744 Higher St Aubyn Fields " 2a. 2r. 35p.
745 Lawn " 4a. 0r. 9p.
746 Bondzhi " 2a. 3r. 6p.
747 Middle Field " 3a. 0r. 29p.
748 Great Field " 3a. 0r. 26p.
749 Park Noweth " 2a. 3r. 28p.
750 Town Field " 3a. 3r. 4p.
751 Barn Mohay Etc. Homestead 22p.
752 Dwelling Homestead 1r. 20p.
710 The Meadow Arable 2a. 3r. 36p.
717 The Vinack Furze 1a. 2r. 33p.
Rent Charge: £5 10s. 9d. TOTAL 32a. 2r. 11p.
Henry Hodge Trudgeon & Mrs Martha St Aubyn—Common—Trevilley
739 The Slip waste 1r. 11p.
740 The Cliff Furze & Turbary 40a. 0r. 19p.
741 The Bottom Morass 1a. 0r. 3p.
709 Wastrell Waste 2r. 5p.
711 Part of Trevilly Moor 2a. 1r. 26p.
Rent Charge: £0 7s. 8d. TOTAL 3a. 0r. 24p.
James Trembath Esq.—Himself—Skewjack
796 Puljoin Arable 3a. 2r. 12p.
797 Garden Plantation Garden 3r. 12p.
824 Skewjack Fowling Pool Water & Morass 3a. 1r. 36p.
Rent Charge: £0 12s. 5d. TOTAL 7a. 3r. 20p.
James Trembath Esq.—Nicholas Pascoe—Skewjack
775 Small Garden under Round Croft 8p.
776 Bottom adjoining Trevilly Morass 1a. 3r. 35p.
777 Round Croft Furze 2a. 2r. 24p.
778 Stamps Long Meadow Arable 2a. 1r. 24p.
779 Stamps Croft Furze 2a. 3r. 16p.
780 Cott. House Plot & Lane Homestead 25p.
781 Small Meadow Arable 1r. 9p.
782 Bottom under Stamps Long Meadow Morass 3r. 20p.
783 Burrow Croft Furze 3a. 2r. 10p.
784 James Croft Furze 3a. 1r. 12p.
785 Burrow Waste 29p.
786 Vineyard Arable 2a. 3r. 36p.
787 Burrow Field Arable 3a. 2r. 32p.
788 Stamps Field Arable 2a. 3r. 24p.
788a Eastern Stamps Moor Arable 2a. 0r. 20p.
789 Small Moor under 788a Morass 1r. 8p.
791 Long Downs Furze 3a. 1r. 0p.
792 Nicholas Square Field Arable 2a. 2r. 0p.
793 Poor Downs Furze 7a. 2r. 37p.
794 Further Puljoin Field Morass 2a. 2r. 32p.
795 Nearer Puljoin Moor Arable 5a. 3r. 17p.
798 Further Wheal Carrow Arable 7a. 2r. 39p.
799 Bills Moor Arable 1a. 2r. 21p.
800 The Downs Furze 1a. 2r. 9p.
801 Nearer Wheal Carrow Arable 7a. 2r. 26p.
802 Barn Field Arable 8a. 1r. 10p.
804 Mowhay Homestead 34p.
805 Dwelling & Town Place Homestead 1r. 14p.
806 Lane From High Road 3r. 35p.
807 Town Field Arable 6a. 0r. 0p.
808 Middle Changes Arable 5a. 2r. 24p.
809 Nearer Step Field Arable 7a. 1r. 10p.
810 Lower Skewjack Square Field Arable 5a. 2r. 0p.
811 Further Step Field Arable 8a. 0r. 16p.
812a Part of Wastrel Wastrel 7p.
813 Dwelling & Yards Homestead 15p.
814 Square Field Arable 5a. 2r. 12p.
815 Lower Field Arable 4a. 3r. 26p.
816 Nearer Eastern Moor Arable 3a. 1r. 14p.
817 Further Eastern Moor Arable 1a. 3r. 12p.
818 The High Road & Waste 2a. 3r. 20p.
819 Poor Field Arable 4a. 3r. 16p.
820 Moor Morass 7a. 3r. 2p.
821 Moor Morass 3a. 0r. 29p.
822 Garden Garden 30p.
823 Small Moor Morass 1a. 2r. 23p.
825 Garden adjoining Fowling Pool 14p.
826 Waste Furze 9p.
827 Little Square Field Arable 2a. 1r. 6p.
828 Squince Arable 2a. 2r. 12p.
829 Great Poor Field Arable 5a. 0r. 12p.
830 Squince Croft Furze 5a. 2r. 32p.
831 Great Poor Field Croft Furze 5a. 2r. 20p.
833 Moor under 831 Morass 1a. 0r. 32p.
832 The Three Cornered Croft Furze 7a. 3r. 0p.
834 Fowling Pool & Moor Water & Morass 2r. 36p.
835 Strip Outside Morass 1r. 38p.
Rent Charge: £18 8s. 9d. TOTAL 190a. 0r. 26p.
Commons etc.
429 Church Yard 38p
Rent Charge: £0. TOTAL 38p.
John Permewan, Sir John St Aubyn, Dionysus Williams—Sennen Parish Poor House
239 Poor House Unoccupied 3p.
D Williams, Mrs Praed, R Botheras, J Humphreys, J Vingoe, W Vingoe and John Saundry.—Escalls Common, Cliff & Green
1 Escalls Common Turbary 20a. 1r. 16p.
2 Escalls Moor Morass 6a. 1r. 20p.
3 Escalls Cliff & Green Rocks & Rough Pasture 87a. 3r. 10p.
Rent Charge: £0 4s. 11d. TOTAL 114a. 2r. 6p.
D Williams, Mrs Praed, R Botheras, J Humphreys, J Vingoe, W Vingoe and John Saundry.—Sands Under Mayon
124 Velan dreath Sands Sand 14r. 3p. [?]
Rent Charge: £0. TOTAL 14r. 3p. [?]
James Richard 3/4, John Permewan 1/4—Undivided Common in Trevorian
256 Green Common Pasture 5a. 3r. 30p.
283 Common Morass 15a. 1r. 20p.
297 Higher Common Morass 11a. 0r. 20p.
283a Strip outside Turbary 3r. 24p.
Rent Charge: £0 1s. 3d. TOTAL 33a. 1r. 14p.
Mrs Martha St Aubyn, Nicholas Pascoe & James Saundry—Undivided Lands at Trevescan
582 Waste Waste 20p.


Waste Waste 4p.
Rent Charge: £0. TOTAL 24p.

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