This is a transcript of part of the 1891 Census for the Registration District of Penzance which covers our area of interest. I acknowledge the assistance of the [Off Site]Free-CEN team, without whose help this would not have been possible, particularly Michael McCormick and Kay Hinnrichsen, the [Off Site]Cornwall Co-ordinators. This transcript corresponds to my first draft of the work I am doing for that project so has not had the benefit of their checking team. The format is subtly different as I worked first to a spread-sheet (which is this version) before entering the data into the database that the project required and includes additional material not required by FreeCEN.

Sub-district Short description
SD 2 (RG12/1856) St. Ives including Halsetown plus Towednack and Zennor

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How to read the data

All the data is in the order of the census book i.e. "as-enumerated". It is presented in CSV (comma separated variables) format due to the unpredictable line lengths. This can be readily cut and pasted into a file accepted by most spreadsheet and database programs. The columns are described as follows, largely following the actual pages of the enumerator's book.

  1. No. of Schedule
  2. ROAD, STREET &c, and No. or NAME of HOUSE (in practice, very few house numbers were entered)
  3. HOUSES. This corresponds to two columns in the book (3 and 4), Inhabited and Uninhabited (U.) or Building (B.)
  4. Number of rooms occupied if less than five
  5. NAME and Surname of each Person.
  6. RELATION to Head of Family (This actually meant household)
  7. CONDITION as to Marriage
  8. AGE last Birthday of Males
  9. ditto of Females (one of these fields should be blank!)
  11. Employer, Employed or Neither (three columns in the book, 12, 13 & 14)
  13. If Deaf-and-Dumb, Blind, Lunatic, Imbecile or Idiot

Columns A to D (1 to 5 in the book) are only filled in at the start of each household.

Ditto entries are replaced with the actual values propagated from above.

Other than as stated, everything is included as written.

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