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These were found in Lancashire by A. Williams and posted to CORNISH-L Oct 2003–Jan 2004

69 Upper Stanhope St, Liverpool:
   Ann RICHARDS, Head, Wid, 43, b. Penzance
   Richard RICHARDS, Son, Wid, 23, Porter, b. Penzance
   Susan RICHARDS, Dau, Unm, 17, b. Penzance
   Annie COWLE, Dau, Mar, 19, Vest Maker, b. Penzance
Liverpool Workhouse, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool:
   William BARTLETT, Inmate, Unm, 72, Sailmaker, b. Penzance
No 12, 4 Court, Roscoe Lane, Liverpool:
   John VINCENT, Head, Mar, 36, Labourer, b. Lelant
   Mary A VINCENT, Wife, Mar, 36, b. Ludgvan
   + Children, most born Cornwall
31 Leece St, Liverpool:
   James PENROSE, Lodger, Unm, 19, Grocer, b. Penzance
   Everett TALBENT [could be TALBERT, FALBERT or variant], Visitor, Mar, 23, Draper, b. Penzance
53 Bold St, Liverpool:
   Charles POWELL, Head, Mar, 40, Perfumier & Hair Dresser (emp. 8 men, 1 woman), b. Penzance
124 Lime St, Liverpool:
   Henry DAVIES, Lodger, Unm, 18, General Merchant's Clerk, b. Newlyn (Paul Parish)
49 Falkner St, Liverpool:
   Hanah SMITH, Wife, Mar, 27, b. Penzance
18 Hunter St, Liverpool:
   Laurence CURNOW, Lodger, Unm, 20, b. Penzance
On board 'Laetitia', Prussian Schooner 170 tons, berthed Kings Dock, Liverpool:
   William Quick GRENFELL, Unm, 26, Cook & Steward, b. St Ives
38 Duncan St, Liverpool:
   Richard LOVE, Head, Mar, 38, Shipwright, b. Penzance
   Mary Ann LOVE, Wife, Mar, 39, b. Penzance
57 Upper Pitt St, Liverpool:
   Mary HUTCHENS, Head, Wid, 40 [or 48], Dressmaker, b. Penzance
14 Cornwallis St, Liverpool:
   John DAVEY, Head, Mar, 46, Rigger, b. Penzance
8 Bridgwater St, Liverpool:
   Richard LEEMINGS, Brother-In-Law, 36, Mariner, b. St Ives
21 Kitchen St, Liverpool:
   James REYNOLDS, Head, Wid, 70, Book-Keeper Out Of Employ, b. Penzance
41 Blundell St, Liverpool:
   Grace PEARCE, Head, Wid, 56, Sempstress, b. Penzance
9 Cornwallis St, Liverpool:
   Jacob ROACH, Lodger, Unm, 17, Apprentice Provision Dealer, b. St Ives
28 Bailey St, Liverpool:
   Lucretia [?] CHESTER, Sister, Mar, 36, b. Penzance
24 Bailey St, Liverpool:
   Susan PHILIPS, Wife, Mar, 29, b. Penzance
26 Bailey St, Liverpool:
   Margaret PEEL [or POOL], Wife, Mar, 26, Seaman's Wife, b. Penzance
   Isabella PEEL [or POOL], Daughter, Unm, 2, b. Penzance
On board the 'Betts' or 'Betty', 186 tonnes, registered Runcorn:
   William Henry ROWE, Unm, 30, Passenger, b. Madron
   Thomas GRAHAM, Unm, 21, Passenger, b. Sennan
8 Paisley St, Liverpool:
   Edward NICHOLS, Head, Mar, 31, Boarding House Keeper, b. Penzance
   Margaret NICHOLS, Wife, Mar, 29, b. Gulval
   Samuel SIMS [?], Boarder, Unm, 27, Dock Labourer, b. Gulval
   William MARTIN, Boarder, Unm, 18, Tallow Chandler, b. Penzance
12 Galton St, Liverpool:
   Mary HANSON, Wife, Mar, 35, b. Penzance
   Maria L HANSON, Daughter, Unm, 12, b. Penzance
   Helen M HANSON, Daughter, Unm, 9, b. Penzance
   William HANSON, Son, Unm, 3, b. Penzance
   Ida HANSON, Daughter, Unm, 2, b. Penzance
On board [illegible]
   John ROONEY, Unm, 19, July 18th[?], Second Steward, b. St Ives
28 Bold St, Liverpool:
   Mary PACKER [or Sacker], Servant, Wid, 45, Sack Worker, b. Penzance
26 Gradwell St, Liverpool:
   William P MARTIN, Head, Mar, 38, Joiner & Publican, b. Penzance Marlow[?]
18 Mersey Court, Mill House Yard:
   George Henry HICKS, Boarder, Unm, 38, Ships Carpenter, b. Penzance
Blue Coat School, Liverpool:
   Henry WOOLCOCK, Inmate, 12, Scholar, b. Penzance
17 Gt Homer St, Liverpool:
   Richard HIPWELL, Head, Mar, 30, Railway Policeman, b. St Ives
   Rose HIPWELL, Wife, Mar, 30, b. St Ives
7 Callow Tce, Liverpool:
   Cordelia BRIGGS, Wife, Mar, 32, b. Penzance
   Cordelia D F PENDER, Mother In Law, Wid, 60, b. Penzance
   Nancy M MILLER, Aunt, Unm, 64, b. Penzance
143, D Block, St Martins Cottages, Liverpool:
   William STEVENS, Head, Mar, 24, 3rd Class Police Officer, b. Penzance
14 Glade St, Liverpool:
   Humphrey MATTHEWS, Head, Wid, 41, Dock Gateman, b. Chyandrew[?]
69 Waterloo Road, Liverpool (Public House):
   Elizabeth SHEAN, Head, Wid, 51, Licenced Victualler, b. Penzance
4 in 3 Court, Cotton St, Liverpool:
   George GRIBALLS[?], Boarder, Unm, 28, Boiler Maker, b. Penzance
25 Beresford St, Liverpool:
   John GOODWIN, Head, Mar, 55, Ship Keeper, b. St Ives
   William GOODWIN, Son, Unm, 16, b. St Ives
   John GOODWIN, Son, Unm, 10, b. St Ives
21 Ledward St, Liverpool:
   Henry BOASE, Head, Mar, 27, Carpenter, b. St Ives
118 Wellington Rd, Liverpool:
   [?]eal QUICK, Lodger, Mar, 36, Master Mariner, b. St Ives
   Elizabeth QUICK, Lodger, Mar, 29, b. St Ives
20 Wellington Place, Liverpool:
   Samson BANFIELD, Head, Mar, 23, Miner, b. [?]ant
   Mary Ann BANFIELD, Wife, Mar, 23, b. St Ives
   Samson BANFIELD, Son, 1, b. St Ives
32 Cleveland St, Liverpool:
   Elizabeth CULF [or Gulf], Head, Mar, 40, Mariners Wife, b. Penzance
20 Cleveland St, Liverpool:
   James DANIEL, Head, Mar, 54, Carpenter Master, b. St Ives
   Johanna DANIEL, Wife, Mar, 52, b. St Ives
   Richard DANIEL, Son, Unm, 17, Carpenter, b. St Ives
36 Cleveland St, Liverpool:
   Samson MAJOR, Head, Mar, 66, Excise Office Customs Supt, b. St Ives
   Sarah MAJOR, Wife, Mar, 60, b. St Ives
66 Cleveland St, Liverpool:
   Emma[?] PHILIPS, Head, Mar, 38, Mariner's Wife, b. Penzance
   Eliza WOODCOCK, Sister, Wid, 45, b. Penzance
17 Miles St, Liverpool:
   John JACK* [Jacka or Jacks or Jackson], Head, Mar, 35, Customs Officer, b. Penzance
   Mary JACK*, Wife, Mar, 36, b. Penzance
   John JACK*, Son, 7, Scholar, b. Penzance
3 Beatty Road, North Toxteth, Liverpool:
   Rebecca WILLIAMS, Mother, Wid, 78, b. Penzance
20 Gee St[?], Toxteth Park, Liverpool (folio 80, 3805):
   Stephen BODILHY[?], Head, Mar, 46, Book Keeper, b. Penzance
54 Arnold St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:
   Philip HONARTIN[?], Head, Mar, 35, General Merchant Chief Clerk, b. St Ives
17 Grimshill St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:
   Ed[?] Richard NOALE, Head, Mar, 25, 5 Class Outdoor Officer H M Customs, b. St Ives
   J S NOALE, Wife, Mar, 32, b. St Ives
   Ed[?] Richard NOALE, Son, 8 months, b. St Ives
51 Grimshill St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:
   Sarah Jane PENROSE, Head, Mar, 39, b. Penzance
   William PENROSE, Son, Unm, 16, Commercial Clerk, b. St Ives
22 Grimshill St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:
   Richard Thos HARVEY, Head, Mar, 39, Examining Officer in H M Customs, b. Mousehole
   Agnes HARVEY, Wife, Mar, 37, b. Mousehole
   Benjamin HARVEY, Visitor, 20[?], A C Officer, H M C [H M Customs], b. Mousehole
20 Grimshill St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:
   Francis J SUTTON, Head, Mar, 35 or 36, b. Mousehole
39 Grimshill St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:
   William THOMAS, Head, Mar, 29, Bookeeper, b. St Just
65 Upper Warwick St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:
   Thomas P GYLES, Father-In-Law, Mar, 65, Superannuated Officer In H M Customs, b. St Ives
10 Exmouth St, Everton, Liverpool:
   Catherine S MADDOCK, Lodger, Mar, 40, Hoop Dealer, b. St Ives
51 Everton Brow, Everton, Liverpool:
   Laurence[?] WARREN, [?], Unm, 16, General Servant, b. Penzance
1 Plick Court, Accrington, Lancashire:
   Michael HEARY [or HARY], Head, Mar, 29, Mason Labourer, b. St Just
   Grace HEARY, Wife, Mar, 24, b. St Just
   Jane HEARY, Daughter, 5, b St Just
87 Edinburgh St, Everton, Liverpool:
   James GUARD, Head, Mar, 55, Joiner, b. Sancreed[?]
   Grace GUARD, Wife, Mar, 50, b. St Just
   James GUARD, Son, Unm, 21, Joiner, b. St Just
81 Edinburgh St, Everton, Liverpool:
   Ann MATTHEWS, Wife, Mar, 45, Mariners Wife, b. Penzance
15 Hapton St, Everton, Liverpool
   Eliza GERE, Wife, Mar, 26, Housekeeper, b. St Ives
88 Priory Grove, Everton, Liverpool:
   Jane CLAYTON, Wife, Mar, 31, b. St Just
94 Aubrey St, Everton, Liverpool:
   Edward NEVILL [or HEVILL], Head, Wid, 46, Clerk Commercial, b. Penzance
69 Woodville Terrace, Everton, Liverpool:
   William Henry COULSON, Head, Mar, 37, Examiner H M Customs Acting Assistant Receiver Of Wrecks, b. Penzance
   Ellen COULSON, Wife, Mar, 34, b. Penzance
59 Whitefield Road, Everton, Liverpool:
   Elizabeth BARNES, Servant, Unm, 24[?], General Servant, b. Penzance
71 Woodville Terrace, Everton, Liverpool:
   Julia BOASE, Daughter, Unm, 23, Outdoor Teacher Of Music, b. Penzance
   Ellen BOASE, Daughter, Unm, 22[?], Schoolmistress & Teacher of Music, b. Penzance
   Jessie BOASE, Daughter, Unm, 20[?], Assistant Stationer, b. Penzance
17 Creek St, Kirkdale, Everton, Liverpool:
   John P RICHARD, Head, Mar, 26 [or 36], Warehouseman, b. Penzance
   Mary A RICHARD, Wife, Mar, 30, b. Penzance
41 Brisbane St, Kirkdale, Everton, Liverpool:
   George TUCKER, Nephew[?], Mar, 29, Mariner, b. Penzance
41 Pluto St, Kirkdale, Liverpool:
   Harriet TERRIDGE, Lodger, Mar, 21 [or 31], Dressmaker, b. Penzance
22 Flinders, Kirkdale, Liverpool:
   Bessie WESTRON, Daughter, 5, Scholar, b. St Just
On board the Princess Louise, Home Port St Johns, New Brunswick, docked at Canada Dock, Liverpool:
   Joseph DEAKE [?], Mar, 42[?], Ship Keeper, b. St Ives
On board the 'Thames', registered Wigan, 40 tonnes, a coal trader, anchored Huskisson Dock, Liverpool:
   William LUKE, Unm, [?], Boatswain, b. Penzance[?]
28 Carolton Hill Rd, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:
   Thomas SEMMENS, Head, Mar, 32, Examining Officer H M Customs, b. Paul
   Elizabeth SEMMENS, Wife, Mar, 33, b. Towdenack
   Ada G SEMMENS, Daughter, 5, Scholar, b. Penzance
   Mary J SEMMENS, Sister, Unm, 41, b. Paul
40 Brook Road, Walton, Bootle, Lancashire:
   James BROAD, Head, Mar, 35, Cashier To General Produce Dealer, b. Penzance
59 Chestnut Grove, Bootle, Lancashire:
   Lakes [Luke?] ROSCORLA, Boarder, Mar, 33, Civl Service Customs, b. Penzance
37 Sterne St, West Derby, Lancashire:
   Mary [?]PENCE, Wife, Mar, 53, b. Penzance
89 Highgate St, West Derby, Lancashire:
   John GUNDRY, Head, Mar, 50, Plasterer, b. Penzance
36 Albert Rd, West Derby, Lancashire:
   William E BLAUCHARD, Head, Mar, 33, Insurance Clerk, b. St Ives
14 Kemble St, West Derby, Lancashire:
   Elizabeth SMITHARD, Wife, Mar, 31, b. Penzance
   Arthur SMITHARD, Son, 6, b. Penzance
10, 1 House, Harding St, West Derby, Lancashire:
   George WHITNALL, Head, Mar, 3[?], Butcher, b. Penzance
85 Red Rock St, West Derby, Lancashire:
   Joseph MARTIN, Lodger, Wid, 35, Builders Manager, b. Ludgvan
59 Red Rock St, West Derby, Lancashire:
   Henry RAWLINGS, Head, Mar, 34, Book Keeper Accountant, b. Levan
   Mary Jane RAWLINGS, Wife, Mar, 32, b. Penzance
7 Norwood Grove, West Derby, Lancashire:
   John COLLIN, Visitor, Wid, 74 [?], Master Mariner, b. Penzance
Lackfield Terrace, Wavertree Rd, Wavertree, Lancashire:
   Jane M MARTIN, Head, Unm, 31, b. Penzance
   Mary M MARTIN, Mother, Wid, 54, b. Penzance
Dutton View, Dundalk Lane, Ditton, Lancashire:
   Henry P RICHARDS, Lodger, Unm, 25, Schoolmaster, b. Mousehole
68 Church St, Widnes, Lancashire:
   Elizabeth HEUDRA [HENDRA?], Wife, Mar, 33, b. Penzance
Warrington Rd, Rainhill, Lancashire:
   John Henry POLLARD, Head, Wid, 43, Tea Agent, b. Penzance
Chapel Lane, Rainhill, Lancashire:
   Margaret TIMPTON[?], Servant, Unm, 22, Housekeeper Domestic, b. Penzance
204 & 206 Faulkner St, West Derby, Lancashire:
   William WHITE, Apprentice, Unm, 15, Apprentice, b. St Ives
3 Higher Warren St, Fleetwood, Lancashire:
   Edwin MASON[?], Head, Mar, 46, Mariner, b. Mousehole
   Elizabeth, Wife, Mar, 40, b. Mousehole
   Richard E, Son, Unm, 16, Railway Clerk, b. Mousehole
8 Higher Warren St, Fleetwood, Lancashire:
   Elizabeth RILEY, Wife, Mar, 28, b. St Just
Rossall College, Fleetwood, Lancashire:
   John Goodrich TONKIN, Scholar, 12, b. St Just
50 Brook St, Windle, St Helens, Lancashire (house shared with another family):
   Abraham CHIRGWIN, Head, Mar, 27, Coach Painter, b. Penzance
   Elizabeth CHIRGWIN, Wife, Mar, 27, No Occupation, b. Penzance
No 3 Court, No 1, 41 Tontine St, Windle, St Helens, Lancashire:
   Thomas KING, Lodger, Mar, 30, Stone Mason, b. Lands End, Stafford
   Ann KING, Lodger, Mar, 24, No Occupation, b. Lands End, Stafford
   Annie KING, Daughter, 4, b. Lands End, Stafford