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A note from John Curnow Tanner, the compiler of this transcript.

This is an abstract of the St. Ives burial register from its beginning in 1653 till the end of the year 1752/53. I produced this largely for my own benefit, from the microfilm copy at my local Mormon Family History Centre, because much of the film was difficult to search for relevant entries.

The entries are in the same order as on the register, but the document differs from a proper transcript in that:

  1. Exact dates are not given, only the breaks between old-style years.
  2. Although I have usually tried to retain the original spelling of names, abbreviations have usually been expanded if the full name was unambiguous.
  3. Words describing status or occupation are usually given in lower case even though the original usually starts with a capital.
  4. Subsidiary wording such as ‘alias’ and ‘widow’ is given in unabbreviated form, and with modern spelling and grammar where no ambiguity would be caused.

Most of the entries were legible, but in many cases the original handwriting was ambiguous. For example it is often difficult to distinguish between the vowels a, e, o, u. The abstract has not been independently checked, and it would surprise me if I have not made any simple copying errors. Therefore anyone using it is strongly advised to verify entries against the original. Particular problems are to distinguish similar names, for example

In many , but not all, difficult cases, I have consulted either the baptisms (on the IGI) or the marriages (in Phillimore’s transcripts). These often help in the interpretation of partially illegible entries.

I have made no attempt to check the entries against the Bishop's Transcripts.

J C Tanner

The transcript by John Curnow Tanner is reproduced here with kind permission. It has been reformatted onto 4 pages for the web.

This is a transcript done by one person and will, inevitably, contain errors. Researchers are always advised to consult the original registers.

A register or book of remembrance of burials of persons whatsoever within the town and parish of St Ives in Cornewall from the 29th of September 1653:

1653 (these are Old Style years)

Elizabeth Runalls widow
Margaret daughter of  Richard Morrish
John son of John Thomas
John Trembethon
Bartholemew son of Mr William Diggens
Christian Woollcocke widow
Esther Phillips
John Walter
Thomas son of David Donithorne
Peeter Goodalle
James son of Mr John Spry
Henry son of Mr Henry Stery
Jane daughter of William Walbey
Elizabeth Peery widow
John Richards alias Foger
John Davie of this parish drowned 


Sarah daughter of Morrish Dyer
Elizabeth wife of William Richards
Edward Kittou
John Painter
Margerie wife of Robert Purchase
Mary wife of John Goodall
John Kockes? daughter not baptised
Thomas Richards alias Tynner
Mr Thomas Stevens elder
John son of Peeter Ceely esq
Christopher son of Mr Alexander James
Martha wife of Robert Body
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Hickes
Anne daughter of Mr Francis Hamond
Thomas son of Thomas Painter
Charitie wife of James Nenis
Honor wife of Alexander Player
Grace daughter of Mathew Greinfeild
Francis son of John Tonkin
Mrs Grace Stery widow
Elizabeth Barbar widow
Mrs Jane Stevens widow
Annis wife of John Nuttell
Grace daughter of Mr William Pearse
Joane son of Henry Rosemenewas
Alce Dolphine widow
James Walkey
Samuel son of Mr L.......
William son of Pascow Hodge
Thomas son of William Berryman


Joane daughter of Thomas Cardew
John son of John Hichins
Mary daughter of Morrish Dyer
Jane daughter of Mr Richard Hickes
John Richards alias Aere
Thomas son of Thomas Gregor
Ephraim son of Richard Morrish
George White of Clovelly
Walter son of William Halle
Margereet wife of Mr Arthur Westcott
Elizabeth Dixen
Jane Pauly widow
Katherin daughter of Mr Thomas Hickes
Elizabeth wife of Giles Hawke
Joane wife of Peeter Ceely esq
Eloner daughter of John Nuttell
Margereet daughter of Stephen Harry
Mrs Ann Aldington widow
Jane Lawrie widow
John son of John Lander
Susan daughter of Pascow Hodge
Margereet Tregerthen widow


Tymothy Maior the elder
Mary wife of Charles Mount
Thomas Brown
Robert son of Robert Purchase
Mary daughter of William Nance
Mary Tynner
John son of William Maior
Thomas son of Thomas Allan
Thomas son of Thomas Painter
William son of Renatus Trenwith gent
William son of Thomas Luke
Ann Rondall widow
Elizabeth daughter of John Richards
Ann daughter of William Pearse
Eloner wife of William Michell
Margery wife of Henry Darian
Henry son of Henry Tackabird
Katherin daughter of Richard Morrish
Mary wife of James Humphris
Nicholas son of Reignald Creed
Mr John Diggens
Joane daughter of Thomas Allan
Gerance Betty
Robert son of John Foster
Elizabeth daughter of Henry Varian
Richard Morrish merchant
William Cocke
Alce Perry widow
John Pettoone a french young man
Ann Walkey
Winefrett Nicholas widow
Susan Pryor spinster
Susan daughter of Mr William Pearse


Susan daughter of James George
Thomas Trenwith gentleman
Margery wife of Henry Tregerthen
Chesten daughter of John Maior
Ann Tregerthen spinster
John Anthonie the elder
Phillip Row
John Nance gent
Katherin daughter of David Bussow
Mary Webb spinster
John son of Jeffery Pearse
Henry Tregerthen the elder
Margareet Tregosse spinster
William son of Thomas Tackaberry
Alce Davis widow
Ann daughter of Thomas Nuttell
John son of John Roberts
-----     daughter of David Phillipps
William son of Mr Thomas Painter
William Allan otherwise Grease
Peter son of Mr George Hammond
Ann wife of Thomas Libbie
Joane wife of Thomas Candrew


Susana daughter of Morrish Dyer
Eloner wife of William Toman
Eloner Woollcock widow
Magdelen daughter of William Toman
John son of John Maior
John Wallish
Joseph son of Mathew Edy
Willmett daughter of Thomas Gonew junior
Ann wife of Mr Henry Sterry
Joane daughter of Richard Swayne
Grace daughter of Richard Colle
John Tackabird
Mary daughter of Christopher Hicks
Edward son of Thomas Harry
Florance wife of James Clyes
Mr John Goodall
John son of Danyell James
Florance wife of John Scoller
Marie daughter of Mr Richard Hicks
John Paule
John Lerybie
Honer wife of John Cocke
William son of Mathew Jennigs
Jane daughter of Reignald Creed
Margery daughter of Mr Richard Heichins
John son of Morrish Dier
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Candrow
Tamson daughter of Thomas Kehellan


Marie Williams widow
Elizabeth daughter of John Hawkinge
Joseph son of William Nennis
Thomas son of John Dayow
Lewis son of Pascow Hodge
John Cocke the elder
Thomas son of Midlton Thomas
Alce wife of William Parry
Rebecca Cossens spinster
Mary daughter of Morrish Floyd
John son of Richard Morrish
Mary daughter of Anthonie Tregunow
Peter son of Pascow Hodge
Thomas son of Edward Harry
Mary daughter of William Hall
Mary daughter of John Nuttell
Nicholas son of Mr Nicholas Prigg
Grace daughter of Honor Kittow widow
Elizabeth daughter of Peter Barbar
Margery daughter of John Scoller
John son of Rodger Wallish
Joane Stephens, Mr Richard Hick's servant
Joane daughter of David Donithorne
Mary daughter of John Richards
Henry son of John Roberts
Mrs Elizabeth Trenwith widow
Susan daughter of John Roch
Thomas son of John Allan
Marggrett daughter of Henry Barbar
Mr Henry Hicks
Andrew son of John Tackabird (deceased)
Mary wife of Jeffery Pearse
Thamsin daughter of Edward Paule
Joane daughter of Henry Barbar
Charles White
Marie daughter of John Urine
Elizabeth Newman otherwise Bray widow
John Davies
Margery James of the parish spinster
Mrs Jane Hicks widow
Jane Parinton widow
Sarah daughter of Morrish Dyer
George son of Thomas Luke
Jane daughter of Robert Trethwall
Ann wife of Thomas Sterry
Margaret daughter of Regnald Creed
Arthur Hext gent


Henry son of Henry Parrinton
Peter son of Thomas Gill
Thomas son of Robert Purchase
Marie daughter of John May
Elizabeth Tregeeow
Elizabeth Harry widow
James son of Midlton Thomas
William son of John Richards alias Grease
Mary wife of Thomas Dayow the elder
Susan daughter of Mr William Pearse
John Hyett the elder
James son of James Sincocke
Grace Jordon spinster
Elonor Foster widow
William son of John White
Raulph Couch
Margery daughter of Mr John Hichins
Ann wife of John Dallett
Alce Tregerthen widow
William Michell
Christian Payne spinster
Florance Richards widow
Jane daughter of Mr William Pearse
Richard Lawry
Mary wife of Richard Allan
Mary daughter of Richard Swayne
Alce Newton spinster
John Richards alias Baker
Richard son of Robert Wedge
Pincas Sise widow
Grace Hollow widow


Henry son of Phillip Carlyan
Robert son of Robert Purchase
Maudlyn daughter of Henry Barbar
Allexander Player
Elizabeth wife of Mr Thomas Noale
Nicholas Bolithow
Mary daughter of Anthony Tregunow
Thomas son of George Toman
Ester daughter of John Harvy
Thomas Pobteere alias Candrow
Grace Pearse spinster
Thomas Toman           }
Richard Richards       }
Robert Wedge           }
Thomas Tregerthen      }
William Tregerthen     }  were all drowned
William Walkey         }  the 4th day of
Martyn Sandry          }  December, about
Thomas Luke            }  twelve of the clock
John Scoller           }  at night
and Robert Blazie      }
William Roberts
Mr John Sprigg
Mr John Hicks
Senobya Tolmener widow


Thomas son of Thomas Dayow junior
Nicholas Thomas
Phelip daughter of David Bussow
Susan wife of John Kehellan
John son of Mr George Hamond
Jane Hicks widow
Mary wife of Anthony Couch
Mary daughter of Thomas Dayow junior
George Hichins
Mary Bant a servant to Mr Richard Smyth
Giles Hawke of this town
Leonard Luke
Richard Lance
Edward Tompson and Thomas his son both of
                        ...... Yarmouth
Mary daughter of William Nance
Robert son of Richard Rosemenewas
Joseph Clarke of the Ferest?
Honor Row spinster
John Lereby
Joan wife of Peter Collens
Margery wife of John Barbar
Henry son of Thomas Nuttell


William Phillips
Cibella wife of Peter Tonkin
Margery wife of Mr Thomas Spriggs
Ann daughter of Reignald Botterall
Mary daughter of Thomas Richards
Jane wife of John Allan
Mrs Mary Campion
William Maior
Thomas son of Morrish Dyer
Jane daughter of William James
Richard son of Richard Coall
Grace daughter of Dolphyn White
Mrs Jane Treunwith
Mr George Warne of Padstow
Willmet wife of John Tonkin
John son of Humphry Tonkin
John Spencer 
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Tackabird
Jane daughter of Mr Richard Hicks
Daniell son of Daniell James
Bartholomew son of Mr John Hichins
Susan wife of John Bussow
Tymothy son of William Maior
Lucee daughter of William Harry
Edward son of Mr Edward Paule
Martha wife of Mr Thomas Noall
Bridgett daughter of John May
Mary daughter of Henry Morrish
Henry son of Henry Rosemenewas
Mary daughter of Anthony Couch
Ephraim son of Henry Parinton
Thomas son of Thomas Allan
John son of Peternel Candy widow
John Michell of this Borough
Jane daughter of Humphry Tonkin
Mary daughter of Mr Sam. Humphry
Jane Bayley widow
Elizabeth Michell widow
Ann daughter of Mr Hugh Harry
Lidia wife of Mr Edward Payne
Mr John Player
Dorothy wife of Samuell Lidstone
Rebecca wife of Edward Harry
Dorothy wife of John Carway?


Jane Anthonie widow
John son of Mr Robert Sprigge
Elizabeth wife of William Row
Henry Thomas
Edward son of Henry Barbar
Richard son of William Harry
William son of William Williams
Joane Watty widow
Mr John Nance
Christian Creed widow
Catherine daughter of Mr Richard Hicks
---------- son of Robert Hicks
Elizabeth wife of William Penberthy
Grace wife of Francis Robinson gent
Margery Gwennap
Alce Trevorrow
Elizabeth daughter of James Nicholls
Margery wife of William Mabb.
Ann wife of Ephraim Tompkin
John Lander
Jenephrett Walkey widow
Eustance Sandry widow
Jenephrett Carpenter widow
Willmett wife of Thomas Stevens alias Gonew
Henry son of Margarett Urine widow


Melliar Hellings widow
Morrice son of Morrice Floyd
Richard son of Pascow Hodge
Thomas Tackabird
Mr John Noall
John Bussow
Joan wife of Thomas Trenwith esq
B: Thomas son of Charity Bosithow
Phillippe wife of John Harvey
Christian daughter of Gabriel Paule
Elizabeth wife of Richard Swayne
Ann daughter of John Hichins junior
Sibella Treglohan widow
William son of Daniell Bosithiow
Jane daughter of the said Daniell
Catherin late wife of of Mr George Hamond
Richard Dullahay an Irish gent
Francis son of Mr Francis Hamond
Margarett Cocke spinster
Ann Nuttell widow
Bennett Hodges servant to Phillip Carlyan
Honor daughter of John Tom

The "B:" stands for "Bastard".


B: Thomas son of Tiberias Rosewall
Ann Morrish alias Trey widow
Jane ----- spinster
Ann wife of Mr Nicholas Prigge
Joan Hollman spinster
William son of Allexander Tompkin
William son of Regnald Botterall
Nicholas son of Mr Hugh Harryes
Margarett wife of Henry Northover
William Browne
Tiberia wife of John Hawkinge
Robert son of William Beriman
Ann daughter of Thomas Richards
Frances daughter of Regnald Creed
John Stevens the younger
Elizabeth daughter of Morrice Floyd
Nicholas Udy
John son of John Morrish alias Try
Peter Tonkin
Thomas Bone
Ann daughter of Peter Ceily gent


Mary daughter of Thomas Luke
John Bossithiow
Catherin daughter of Edward Harry
William son of William James
Mary Osborne spinster
Benjamin son of Phillip Carlyon
William Goode
Jane Sandry spinster
Thomas Trenwith esq
Cicily daughter of Thomas Nuttell
Samuell Collen
Eloner wife of William Coga
Margarett Stevens widow
Jane wife of Richard Harry
Christian wife of Richard Jobe
Joan wife of John Rosemenewas
Mary wife of Henry Hayne
Eloner Pearse widow
Emanuell Horrell
Mr Arthur Westcott
Joane wife of John James alias Rosewall
Mr Robert Sprigge
Charles Mount
Alce Mathewes widow
Teage Thomas
Lewis Stevens


Bettresse Purchase widow
Elizabeth Cockin widow
Thomas son of John Morrish alias Trey
Jane Trembeshow widow
Martin son of John Luke
Elizabeth daughter of Morrice Floyd
Edward son of John Don.
Ciccily daughter of John Vincent
Francis son of William Mathew
Chesten wife of Morrice Floyd
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Toman
Henry son of Henry Foster
George son of George Safeguard
Alce Thomas widow
Dorcas daughter of Morrice Dyer
Ann Parkin widow
John Blampe of Jersey
Henry Foster
Catherin wife of Phillip Treglohan
Joan daughter of Regnald Botterall
Richard son of David Donithorn
Richard Davy
Catherin daughter of Richard Giles
Morrice son of Mr Morrice Dyer
Ann Grease spinster
Joan Thomas widow
Mr George Hicks
Temperance daughter of John Hinkston gent


Uncle John Stevens
James Nennis
John son of John Luke
Lewis son of Thomas Clarke
Jane daughter of Henry Gribben
Richard Swayne
Joan Barbar widow
Margery daughter of Thomas Dayow
Rebecca daughter of William Jennings
John Ann
William Richards
Mr Joseph Hicks
Bernard son of John Greinfeild
Ann Hurle
Mary Morrish widow
Daniell son of Daniell James
Elizabeth Hichins spinster
Stephen son of John Hawking
Thomas Hicks
Richard Nichalas
Bersheba Barbar widow
Elinor daughter of William Williams
Stephen son of Stephen Hicks junior
Henry son of John Thomas of Lelant
Dorcas daughter of John Vincent
Edward son of Edward Barbar
Susanah daughter of Mr William Pearse
Margery daughter of Mr Richard Hichins
John Harvy als Bennet
John son of Mr Thomas Sise
Honor daughter of Richard Liddraw


John Tompkin
Mary daughter of Stephen Hicks
John Rosewall junior
Jane Bone widow
Honor daughter of Mr Edward Stevens
William son of Tymothy Major
John Walkey
Margery wife of John Major
Frances wife of Anthony Tregunow
Jane Richards widow
Thomas son of Peter Barbar
John son of Mr John Hicks
Stephen Richards als Grease
Ann wife of Mr John Hicks
Henry Hitchins
Joane Hyett spinster
Micholl Barbar
Elizabeth daughter of Symon Michell
William Penticost
Catherine wife of Humphry Tonkin
Joan wife of David Donithorne
Mr Thomas Noall
William Chapell
Ann wife of Thomas Harry
Anny wife of Mr John Hayne
John Thomas
Catherine Spencer widow
Elizabeth Thomas widow
Thomas Browne
Mr John Cockyn
Jane daughter of Daniel James
John son of George Merracke
Elizabeth Bolithoe spinster
Mary wife of Robert Stephen
Jane daughter of William Hoskyn
Grace wife of Mr Edward Stevens
Jane Hoskyn of Trevalgan widow
John Pentecost
Hugh son of Thomas Edmond
Elizabeth Gold widow


Mr John Hichens senior
Elizabeth wife of Peter Cozens
Elizabeth daughter of Mr John Hichens
Johan daughter of William Coram
Jane wife of Daniell James
Ann Player widow
Catherine wife of George Toman
Annice? Osborne spinster
Edward Harries
Elizabeth wife of Richard Smith
James son of George Hammond gent
Pincas? wife of Rinalld German
Mr Edward Stevens
Mr Richard Greasse
Ursula Tonkyn widow
Christopher son of Henry Morrish
Thomas son of Hector Barber
Thomas Stery
Nikoll wife of John Vincent
Thomas S..........
Stephen ...........
Thomas Lilly
Morrish Floyd?
Elizabeth daughter of John Tonkyn?
John son of Mr Francis Hammond
Phillip Treglohan
Jane daughter of Mr Richard Hickes
Ephraim Loggan als Richards
Thomas son of John Holman
.............. of William Toman
Phillip son of Alexander Vivian
........ Dayow


Margery daughter of Francis Hammond
John Nuttle
Alse Harris
Thomas Berriman
Mary daughter of John Noall
Jane daughter of Daniell James
William Berrow
David Donithorne
Henry son of William Williams
Margery daughter of James Barber
Lewes son of Humphrey Carpenter
William Grist?
Henry son of Henry Bennets als Glancy?
John son of John Roberts
Catherine daughter of Mr Thomas Sise
Margery daughter of John Hichens deceased
Nicholas son of Mr Nicholas Prigg
Elizabeth wife of Mr Thomas Sise
Patrick son of John Hawkings
Ann daughter of George Marracke
James son of Richard Lawlinge
Margery daughter of Henry Barber
William son of Philip Thomas als Daddoe?
Bartholemew son of William Coram
Edward son of Edward Pryer
Christopher son of Christopher Bone
Patience daughter of Mr Thomas Sise
Penry Treweeke senior
Tibery daughter of Philip Carlyon?
William Nance
James son of William Coram
Elizabeth daughter of John Hollman
Agnis Eliat
Barbary daughter of Henry Hambly
Grace Osborne


Elizabeth daughter of John Noall
Pascho wife of Nowell Williams
Hannah wife of Thomas Barbar
Mary wife of Thomas Thomas
Mary Clear widow
Ann Barre widow
Mr Alexander James
Aves Perkins wife of John Perkins
Thomas Stevens als Genew
Jane Edwards als Gyles
Thomas Carnesew
Phillip wife of Richard Nicholas als Nance
Anne daughter of Phillip Thomas
Christopher son of Henry Tyrack
John Nicholas
James Clise
Henry Payne
Mr Edward Hammond
Elizabeth daughter of Alexander Taylor
Barbary Trery widow
Mary Pearse widow
Mr John Payne
Anne wife of John Cocke
Elizabeth Davy
Sybilla Williams spinster
Charity daughter of James Kerroe
Henry son of Henry Bennets
Cicely Blazy widow


Katherine Holman
Thomason daughter of Mr Francis Hammond
Mary wife of Simon Lawry
Stephen Tregeowe
Margery wife of Henry Barbar
Margaret wife of Lewis Caple
Grace wife of David Bussae
Elizabeth Chaple widow
Lewis Caple
Mathew son of Mathew Jennings
Jane Garden
Henry Gribbe
Alexander Stevens
Thomas son of John Hawkins
Mrs Anne Hammond
Thomas Grigger
Susan daughter of David Penteere
Mr Richard Hichens
John Rosewall
Anne daughter of William Williams
William Denham
Ann Tooker
Elizabeth Paule als Ballan?
Peeternell Barber
Mary Roberts

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