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3 Feb 1870 by Banns
	John Thomas 21 Miner of Tregeseal (Father: Gabriel Thomas, Miner)
	Hannah Lawry 26 of Botallack (Father: John Lawry, Tin Dresser)
	Witnesses: Gabriel Thomas, John Nankervis
19 Feb 1870
	Richard Toman 23 bach. Miner of Bosavern (Father: Richard Toman, Miner)
	Grace Ann Elliott 19 spin. of Bosorne (Father: James Elliott, Miner)
	Witnesses: Elizabeth Ann [?], Elizabeth Ann Toman
27 Mar 1870
	John Hosking 23 bach. Miner of Truthwall [mark] (Father: John Hosking, Labourer)
	Mary Ann Nankervis 20 spin. of Bosorne (Father: John Nankervis, Miner)
	Witnesses: James Gilbert, Jane Trembath [mark]
7 Apr 1870 by Banns
	Richard Tonkin Penaluna 20 Miner of Tregeseal (Father: John Penaluna, Miner)
	Emily Ann Morris Hichens 19 of Newlyn West (Father: John Hichens, Policeman)
	Witnesses: Robert Tonkin, John Penaluna
17 Apr 1870
	Naboth Osborne 22 bach. Miner of Dowran [mark] (Father: Naboth Osborne, Labourer)
	Mary Tregear 20 spin. of Bosavern (Father: Thomas Tregear, Miner)
	Witnesses: Samuel Veal, William Hosking [mark]
5 May 1870 by Banns
	Edwin Blewett 31 Miner of Churchtown (Father: Edgar Blewett, Cordwainer)
	Jane Hooper Appledore 30 of Bosorne (Father: Thomas Appledore, Mason)
	Witnesses: Charles Blewett, Elizabeth Blewett
14 May 1870 by Banns
	Richard Wallis 22 Miner of Churchtown [mark] (Father: Richard Wallis, Miner)
	Mary Ann Williams 17 of Churchtown (Father: John Williams, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Leggoe, Philip Edwards
10 Jul 1870 by Banns
	George Curnow 19 Miner of Bosorne [mark] (Father: George Curnow, Tin Dresser)
	Ann Edwards 20 of Churchtown (Father: Philip Edwards, Miner)
	Witnesses: George Curnow, Philip Edwards
16 Jul 1870 by Banns
	Thomas James 30 Miner of Bosavern (Father: William James, Labourer)
	Barbara Mitchell 21 of Kelynack [mark] (Father: Samuel Mitchell, Cordwainer)
	Witnesses: William Thomas, Joseph Rowe
24 Jul 1870
	John Oats 26 Miner of Trewyean (Father: John Oats, Miner)
	Ann Clemmens 29 of Truthwall [mark] (Father: Thomas Clemmens, Miner)
	Witnesses: Mary Clemens, Samuel Veal
31 Jul 1870 by Banns
	Richard Trembath 26 Miner of Churchtown (Father: Madden Trembath, Miner)
	Elizabeth Ann Thomas 23 of Bosorne (Father: Thomas Thomas, Miner)
	Witnesses: [?] Thomas, John Thomas
3 Aug 1870 by Banns
	Thomas Penrose Rowe 25 Mine Agent of Churchtown (Father: Ann Clemens)
	Elizabeth Ann Candy 19 of Bosorne (Father: Charles Candy, Farmer)
	Witnesses: Charles Candy, John Rowe
18 Sep 1870 by Banns
	Thomas Rowe 21 Blacksmith of Churchtown (Father: Joseph Rowe, Ironmonger)
	Kezia Eddy 18 of Churchtown (Father: Edward Eddy, Miner)
	Witnesses: James Rowe, Joseph Rowe
4 Sep 1870
	William Hosken 20 bach. Engine Man of (Father: William Hosken, Sawyer)
	Mary Strick 21 spin. of [mark] (Father: John Strick, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Henry Strick, James Rowe
24 Sep 1870 by Banns
	John Oats 29 Miner of Trevegean (Father: John Oats, Miner)
	Ann Clemens 29 of Truthwall [mark] (Father: Thomas Clemens, Miner)
	Witnesses: Mary Clemens, Samuel Veal
1 Oct 1870 by Banns
	Thomas Hicks 21 Miner of Letcha [mark] (Father: John Hicks, Miner)
	Elizabeth Ann Perrow 20 of Carallack (Father: John Perrow, Miner)
	Witnesses: Richard Eddy, Sarah Trembath, Mary Jane Williams
10 Dec 1870 by Banns
	Benjamin Hocking 21 Miner of Bosavern (Father: Benjamin Hocking, Miner)
	Emma Harvey of Dowran (Father: Thomas Harvey, Farmer)
	Witnesses: Nicholas Grenfell Williams, William Hocking
10 Dec 1870 by Banns
	William Tippett Polgrean 30 Stone Cutter of Churchtown (Father: Edward Polgrean, Farmer)
	Mary Jane James Davey 22 of Bosorne (Father: Michael Davey, Miner)
	Witnesses: Martin Thomas, John Taylor Davey
4/14 Dec 1870 by Banns
	James Clemmens 70 widower Miner of Churchtown [mark] (Father: Richard Clemmens, Miner)
	Jane Beer 55 widow of Churchtown [mark] (Father: John Beer[?], Miner)
	Witnesses: James Veal, William Hosking


14 Jan 1871
	James White 30 Miner of Dowran (Father: Thomas White, Miner)
	Mary Jane Frances Newton Boase 18 of Bosavern (Father: Samuel Boase, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Newton, Christiana Jane Williams
14 Jan 1871 by Banns
	Richard Chappel 22 Farmer of Boswidden [mark] (Father: William Chappel, Farmer)
	Florence Penrose 19 of Letcha [mark] (Father: John Penrose, Miner)
	Witnesses: Richard Penrose, Pasco Harvey
19 Jan 1871 by Banns
	Charles Blewett 27 Miner of Churchtown (Father: Edgar Blewett, Cordwainer)
	Phillis Shakerley 21 of Churchtown (Father: James Shakerley, Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Shakerley, William Blewett, Mary Boyns, W E Boyns, Eliza Shakerley
28 Jan 1871 by Banns
	James Tregear 25 Miner of Bosworlas [mark] (Father: William Tregear, Farmer)
	Mary Ann Lawry 21 of Dowran (Father: Thomas Lawry, Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Lawry, Nicholas Tregear
29 Jan 1871 by Banns
	Joseph Hocking 25 Miner of Chywoon (Father: John Hocking, Miner)
	Mary Ann Davey 24 of Churchtown (Father: James William Davey, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Hosking, Mry Ann Hocking
25 Feb 1871 by Banns
	Henry Thomas Williams 28 Tin Dresser of Churchtown (Father: Philip Williams, Miner)
	Jane Clemmens 27 of Truthwall (Father: Thomas Clemmens, Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Clemmens, Mary Jane Penrose
28 Feb 1871 by Banns
	Charles Henry Uren of full age Accountant of Penzance (Father: Josiah Uren, Coach Builder)
	Harriet Candy of full age of Churchtown (Father: Thomas Candy, Mine Agent)
	Witnesses: Alfred Uren, M[?] Candy
6 Apr 1871 by Banns
	William White Williams 23 Miner of Truthwall (Father: James Williams, Miner)
	Jane Weymouth Trudgen 21 of Botallack (Father: Richard Trudgen, Blacksmith)
	Witnesses: William Weymouth Trudgen, Catherine Jane Jenkin
15 Jul 1871 by Banns
	John Charles Llewellyn 20 Miner of Truthwall (Father: George Llewellyn, Miner)
	Emily Roberts 19 of Tregeseal (Father: Charles Roberts, Miner)
	Witnesses: [?] [?], [?] [?]
29 Aug 1871 by Banns
	Thomas Brookes Hender 24 Tanner of Launceston (Father: Thomas Hender, Tanner)
	Grace Harvey/Harry Holman 26 of Nan[?], St Just (Father: Nicholas Holman, Ironfounder)
	Witnesses: W. Holman, [?] [?]
9 Sep 1871 by Banns
	John Hosking 23 Miner of Chywoon [mark] (Father: Edward Hosking, Miner)
	Mary Ann Hocking 20 of Chywoon (Father: John Hocking, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Hosking, John, Hocking, Ellen Penrose
16 Nov 1871 by Banns
	John Tregear Matthews 24 Miner of Boswidden (Father: George Matthews, Miner)
	Elizabeth Hosking 23 of Truthwall (Father: William Hosking, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Hosking, John Trembath
3 Dec 1871 by Banns
	Elijah Nicholas 20 Miner of Churchtown (Father: John Nicholas, Miner)
	Elizabeth Jane Hicks 20 of Churchtown (Father: Edward Hicks, Miner)
	Witnesses: Edward Hicks, John Hicks


29 Jan 1872 by Banns
	Henry White of full age Farmer of Ludgvan (Father: Richard White, Farmer)
	Penelope Permewan of full age of St Just (Father: Nicholas Permewan, Farmer)
	Witnesses: J. Permewan, Samuel Veal
1 Feb 1872 by Banns
	William Henry Lidston 23 Miner of Churchtown [mark] (Father: William Lidston, Miner)
	Margaret James 29 of Botallack (Father: Robert James, Miner)
	Witnesses: Robert James, Thomas James
10 Feb 1872 by Banns
	Matthew Henry Nicholas 19 Miner of Bosorne (Father: Richard Nicholas, Miner)
	Emily Holman 25 of Churchtown [mark] (Father: John Holman, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Holman, Samuel Veal
15 Feb 1872 by Banns
	Henry Olds 24 Butcher of Cradlock [?] (Father: John Olds, Butcher)
	Maria Oats 21 of Churchtown (Father: Francis Oats, Grocer)
	Witnesses: Thomas Roberts, Francis Veal
17 Feb 1872 by Banns
	Josiah Tonking 22 Miner of Bosavern [mark] (Father: Thomas Tonking, Miner)
	Selina Edwards 20 of Bosavern (Father: Edward Edwards, Miner)
	Witnesses: Edwin Edwards, Samuel Veal
2 Mar 1872 by Banns
	Henry Richards 22 Miner of Bosorne (Father: Henry Richards, Engineer)
	Rebecca Jenkin Williams Hicks 22 of Bosorne (Father: Philip Hicks, Tin Dresser)
	Witnesses: Henry Richards, Philip Hicks, Christiana Hicks
16 Mar 1872 by Banns
	Thomas White Ellis 24 Miner of Bosavern (Father: John Ellis, Miner)
	Catherine Warmington Richards 19 of St Ives (Father: Henry Richards, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Ellis, John Ellis, jnr.
23 Mar 1872 by Banns
	William Hattam 33 Farmer of Bosavern (Father: Henry Hattam, Farmer)
	Helena Hollow 21 of Bosavern (Father: William Hollow, Farmer)
	Witnesses: William Hollow, Henry Hattam
28 Mar 1872 by Banns
	Richard Casley 26 Miner of Bosorne (Father: Richard Casley, Miner)
	Jane Shackerley Angwin 23 of Botallack (Father: John Angwin, Blacksmith)
	Witnesses: John Angwin, James Jeffrey
11 Apr 1872 by Banns
	John Triggs Wearne 21 Miner of Bosorne (Father: Richard Wearne, Miner)
	Mary Ann Candy 19 of Bosorne (Father: William Candy, Miner)
	Witnesses: Richard Wearne, Elizabeth Clemens, James Candy
15 Apr 1872 by Banns
	Pascoe Harvey 22 Farmer of Kelynack (Father: Pascoe Harvey, Miner)
	Jane Baragwanath Hollow 22 of Bosavern (Father: William Hollow, Farmer)
	Witnesses: William Hollow, Fanny [?] Baragwanath
30 Apr 1872 by Banns
	John Harvey 22 Blacksmith of Tregeseal (Father: Henry Harvey, Blacksmith)
	Mary Jane Harvey 23 of Bosorne (Father: William Harvey, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Harvey, Susan Harvey
1 May 1872 by Banns
	Moses Simon Oats 24 Miner of Carn Bosavern (Father: William Oats, Miner)
	Judith Harvey 22 of Bosorne (Father: William Harvey, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Harvey, Susan Harvey
13 May 1872 by Banns
	Thomas Hosking of full age Miner of Trevigean (Father: Edward Hosking, Miner)
	Elizabeth Jane Penrose of full age of Trevigean [mark] (Father: John Penrose, Miner)
	Witnesses: Joseph Penrose, John Grenfell
18 May 1872 by Banns
	Richard Saundry Leggoe 26 Miner of Truthwall (Father: Richard Leggoe, Blacksmith)
	Elizabeth Ann Eddy 22 of Truthwall (Father: Jacketh Eddy, Farmer)
	Witnesses: Henry Leggoe, Thomas Eddy
11 Jun 1872
	Henry Oats 22 Miner of Kenidjack (Father: Moses Oats, Miner)
	Jane Guy 21 of Kenidjack [mark] (Father: Thomas Guy, Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Guy, Nicholas Oats
20 Jun 1872
	Charles Hutchings 26 Stone Cutter of Bosavern (Father: James Hutchings, Shoemaker)
	Annie Elizabeth Olds 20 of Bosavern (Father: Henry Olds, Farmer)
	Witnesses: John George Olds, William Henry Olds
21 Jun 1872
	John Nankervis 21 Miner of Botallack (Father: John Nankervis, Miner)
	Mary Tregear Thomas 19 of Tregeseal (Father: Gabriel Thomas, Miner)
	Witnesses: Gabriel Thomas, Samuel Veal
23 Jun 1872 by Banns
	Thomas Botterall 19 Miner of Bosavern [mark] (Father: Henry Botterall, Miner)
	Elizabeth Williams 21 of Bosavern [mark] (Father: Richard Williams, Miner)
	Witnesses: Richard Williams, Samuel Veal
29 Jun 1872 by Banns
	William Challoner Farley 25 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: John Farley, Coachman)
	Mary Ann Lavis 18 spin. of Churchtown [mark] (Father: Richard Lavis, Miner)
	Witnesses: Mary Penrose, Samuel Veal
29 Jun 1872 by Banns
	Richard Olds 20 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: James Olds, Miner)
	Elizabeth Jane Woolcock 22 spin. of Churchtown (Father: Edward Woolcock, Mason)
	Witnesses: Edward Woolcock, Amelia Carah, Abraham Walters
17 Jul 1872
	William Richards Trezise 25 bach. Surgeon of Trewellard, Pendeen (Father: William Trezise, Gentleman)
	Ellen Thomas 22 spin. of St Just Churchtown (Father: Henry Grylls Thomas, Merchant)
	Witnesses: Hy. Thomas, Samuel Veal
21 Jul 1872
	John James Trembath 22 bach. Tin Dresser of Churchtown [mark] (Father: John Trembath, Miner)
	Mary Ann Williams 21 spin. of Bosorne [mark] (Father: Richard Williams, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Hosking, Samuel Veal
23 Jul 1872 by Banns
	Edward Batten 24 Miner of Churchtown (Father: Alexander Batten, Fisherman)
	Sarah Ann Uren 20 of Churchtown (Father: Nicholas Uren, Surface Miner)
	Witnesses: Nicholas Uren, Mary Ann Hacknell
18 Aug 1872
	John Penrose 53 widower Labourer of Bosavern [mark] (Father: William Penrose, Labourer)
	Elizabeth Bone 50 widow of Bosorne [mark] (Father: Joseph Perrow, Miner)
	Witnesses: Harry Trahair, Samuel Veal
8 Sep 1872
	Henry Pascoe 22 bach. Miner of Bosavern [mark] (Father: James Pascoe)
	Arabella Merrifield 28 spin. of Churchtown (Father: Edward Leggo, Miner)
	Witnesses: James Pascoe [mark], Jane Pascoe [mark]
22 Sep 1872
	Gabriel Casley 24 bach. Miner of Boswidden [mark] (Father: James Casley, Miner)
	Mary Wallis 22 spin. of [mark] (Father: Peter Wallis, Smith)
	Witnesses: Nicholas Casley, Samuel Veal
13 Oct 1872
	James Jinking 19 bach. Miner of Bosavern (Father: Charles Jinking, Labourer)
	Eliza Olds 21 spin. of Bosavern (Father: Richard Olds, Miner)
	Witnesses: Richard Olds [mark], Samuel Veal
23 Oct 1872
	Peter Ellis 20 bach. Carpenter of Nancherrow (Father: Thomas Ellis, Mine Agent)
	Elizabeth Ann Toman 21 spin. of Bosorne (Father: Thomas Toman, Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Toman, Elizabeth Ann Wearn
3 Nov 1872
	William Henry Boase 22 bach. Miner of Bosavern (Father: Sampson Boase, Miner)
	Nanny Harvey 19 spin. of Bosvargus (Father: Henry Harvey, Boiler Maker)
	Witnesses: Henry Harvey, John Harvey
17 Nov 1872
	Pascoe Ellis 47 bach. Miner of Kenidjack [mark] (Father: Pascoe Ellis, Miner)
	Caroline Guy 42 spin. of Kenidjack [mark] (Father: Henry Guy, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Angwin [mark], Willliam Ellis
10 Dec 1872
	John Ellis 20 bach. Miner of Bosavern [mark] (Father: Henry Ellis, Carpenter)
	Agnes Eddy 20 spin. of Kenidjack (Father: James Eddy, Miner)
	Witnesses: Samuel Veal, William Hosking [mark]
12 Dec 1872
	John Remphrey 21 bach. Miner of Bollowallo (Father: John Remphrey, Miner)
	Mary Ann Casley 26 spin. of Boswidden [mark] (Father: James Casley, Miner)
	Witnesses: Gabriel Casley [mark], Samuel Veal
19 Dec 1872
	George Edwards Trezise 31 bach. Innkeeper of Churchtown (Father: William Trezise, Carpenter)
	Margaret Ann Hallo 21 spin. of Nancherrow (Father: John Hallo, Mine Agent)
	Witnesses: Willim Edward Trezise, John Hallo, Amelia Wilson


8 Feb 1873
	John Trembath 25 bach. Miner of Nancherrow (Father: James Trembath, Miner)
	Margaret Veal Hosking 23 spin. of Truthwall [mark] (Father: William Hosking, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Tregear Matthews, Elizabeth Matthews
25 Feb 1873
	John Clemmens Williams 19 bach. Miner of Carn Bosavern [mark] (Father: Edward Williams, Miner)
	Margaret Penrose 23 spin. of Truthwall [mark] (Father: William Penrose, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Penrose, Edward Williams [mark]
15 Mar 1873
	William May 21 bach. Miner of Bosaswell [mark] (Father: John May, Miner)
	Eliza Jane Oats 21 spin. of Tregeseal [mark] (Father: William Oats, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Hosking [mark], Samuel Veal
15 Mar 1873
	Thomas Merrifield 20 bach. Miner of Churchtown [mark] (Father: Thomas Merrifield, Miner)
	Mary Ellen Maddern 20 spin. of Churchtown [mark] (Father: William Maddern, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Maddern, Samuel Veal
10 Apr 1873
	John Foss 22 bach. Miner of Churchtown [mark] (Father: William Foss, Miner)
	Emily Hosken 19 spin. of Bosorne (Father: James Hosken, Miner)
	Witnesses: Israel Vingoe [mark], Andrew James
27 Apr 1873
	John Angwin 37 widower Miner of Bosorne [mark] (Father: John Angwin, Miner)
	Kate May 23 spin. of Bosorne (Father: Thomas May, Miner)
	Witnesses: James Candy, Samuel Veal
28 May 1873
	William Roberts 22 bach. Tin Dresser of Kenidjack [mark] (Father: Henry Roberts, Miner)
	Margaret Ann Waters 22 spin. of Kenidjack [mark] (Father: Archelaus Waters, Miner)
	Witnesses: Archelaus Waters, Mary Jane Waters
31 May 1873
	Edward White 23 bach. Miner of Dowran [mark] (Father: Thomas White, Miner)
	Jane Johns 21 spin. of Dowran [mark] (Father: Richard Johns, Miner)
	Witnesses: Richard Johns, Martin Thomas, Benjamin Hocking, James Johns
3 Jul 1873
	Henry Nankervis 27 bach. Miner of Botallack (Father: John Nankervis, Miner)
	Sarah Ann Tregear Matthews 21 spin. of Churchtown [mark] (Father: George Matthews, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Nankervis, Thomas Nankervis, George Matthews
30 Jun 1873
	Alexander William Sargent 24 bach. Schoolmaster of St Pinnock, Liskeard (Father: Alexander Thomas Sargent, Gardener)
	Mary Elizabeth Ellen Gendall 19 spin. of Church Town (Father: James Gendall, Shoemaker)
	Witnesses: James Gendall, Annie Gendall
3 Jul 1873
	John Williams 23 bach. Miner of Botallack [mark] (Father: Philip Williams, Miner)
	Susan Eddy 18 spin. of Kenidjack (Father: James Eddy, Miner)
	Witnesses: Samuel Veal, William Hosking [mark]
17 Aug 1873
	David Matthews 33 bach. Miner of Churchtown [mark] (Father: David Matthews, Soldier)
	Ann Ellis 39 spin. of Churchtown [mark] (Father: Pascoe Ellis, Miner)
	Witnesses: Samuel Veal, William Hosking [mark]
23 Aug 1873
	Alfred White 20 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: William White, Miner)
	Susan Hocking 20 spin. of Churchtown (Father: Thomas Hocking, Blacksmith)
	Witnesses: Thomas Hocking, Samuel Veal
27 Oct 1873
	Justus Angwin Rodda 31 bach. Miner of Bosorne (Father: John Rodda, Miner)
	Margaret Leathan 28 spin. of Gurland (Father: Charles Leathan, Farmer)
	Witnesses: Charles Leathan, Joseph Hocking, John Angwin
2 Nov 1873
	William Samson Mitchell 25 bach. Shipwright of Hayle (Father: William Mitchell, Carpenter)
	Mary Jane Hill 25 spin. of Churchtown St Just [mark] (Father: John Hill, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Hill, Samuel Veal
20 Dec 1873
	Tobias Wallis 24 bach. Miner of Churchtown [mark] (Father: John Wallis, Farmer)
	Grace Waters 27 spin. of Churchtown [mark] (Father: John Waters, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Waters, Edward Watters
23 Dec 1873
	Henry King of full age bach. Schoolmaster of Marazion (Father: James King, Florist)
	Mary Brickley of full age spin. of Bosorne (Father: William Brickley, Coastguard)
	Witnesses: William Brickley, William Hosking [mark]


3 Jan 1874
	Richard James Matthews 23 bach. Farmer of St Sennen (Father: Thomas Matthews, Farmer)
	Amelia Trembath 20 spin. of Trevegean, St Just [mark] (Father: John Trembath, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Trembath [mark], John Trembath [mark]
15 Jan 1874 by Banns
	Thomas Thomas 24 bach. Miner of Churchtown [mark] (Father: Henry Thomas, Miner)
	Elizabeth Ann Lavis 18 spin. of Churchtown [mark] (Father: Richard Lavis, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Hosking [mark], Benjamin Uren [mark]
3 Feb 1874 by Banns
	Andrew James 29 bach. Miner of Bosavern (Father: Joel James, Miner)
	Martha Ann Hosking 19 spin. of Bosorne (Father: James Hosking, Miner)
	Witnesses: Israel Vingoe [mark], William Clemons
14 Feb 1874 by Banns
	John Hosking 24 bach. Miner of Bosorne (Father: Gabriel Hosking, Miner)
	Frances Newton 30 spin. of Bosavern [mark] (Father: Matthew Newton, Farmer)
	Witnesses: James Newton, James Hosking, Constance Hocking
5 Mar 1874 by Banns
	John Nankervis Hocking 22 bach. Miner of Botallack (Father: Nicholas Hocking, Miner)
	Annie Davey 22 spin. of Tregeseal (Father: James Taylor Davey, Farmer)
	Witnesses: John Taylor Davey, John Nankervis
11 Mar 1874 by Banns
	John Penrose 25 bach. Miner of Trevegean Vean [mark] (Father: Richard Penrose, Miner)
	Annie Maria Toman 23 spin. of Bosorne (Father: William Toman, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Toman, William Penrose
2 Apr 1874 by Banns
	Thomas Foss 22 bach. Miner of Bostrase [mark] (Father: William Foss, Miner)
	Mary Matthews 28 widow of Bosorne (Father: Henry John, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Hosking, Samuel Veal
11 Apr 1874 by Banns
	Nicholas Grenfell Nicholas 29 bach. Miner of Bosorne (Father: Matthew Nicholas, fisherman)
	Martha Nicholas Thomas 27 spin. of Bosorne [mark] (Father: John Thomas, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Nicholas [mark], Matthew Nicholas, Martha Thomas
21 May 1874 by Banns
	Robert Horatio Crowgey 22 bach. Farmer of St Mawnan (Father: Robert Crowgey, Farmer)
	Elizabeth Boyns 22 spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: Henry Boyns, Grocer)
	Witnesses: Henry Boyns, A J Carthew, Henry John Crowgey
7 Jul 1874 by Banns
	John Rowe 27 bach. Mine Agent of Llanfachreth, Mereioneth, Wales (Father: Joseph Rowe, Grocer)
	Nanny Eddy 25 spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: Matthew Eddy, Pattern Maker)
	Witnesses: Emily Courtnay Perrow, Matthew Eddy
9 Aug 1874 by Banns
	John Trembath 19 bach. Miner of Trevegean [mark] (Father: John Trembath, Miner)
	Mary Jane Thomas 22 spin. of Trevegean (Father: John Thomas, Farmer)
	Witnesses: John Thomas [mark], M. J. Bennett
11 Aug 1874 by Banns
	William Thomas Tonkin 24 bach. Miner of Boscean (Father: William Tonkin, Miner)
	Constance Hocking 20 spin. of Boscean (Father: John Hocking, Engine Man)
	Witnesses: John Hocking, William Hocking
17 Aug 1874 by Banns
	Francis Oats 25 bach. Mine Agent of Bosorne (Father: Francis Oats, Farmer)
	Elizabeth Ann Olds 19 spin. of Churchtown (Father: John Olds, Butcher)
	Witnesses: Peter Olds, Henry Olds, Maria Olds
5 Oct 1874 by Licence
	John Andrew Artha 24 bach. Moulder of Bosorne (Father: John Andrew Artha, Blacksmith)
	Christiana Hicks 24 spin. of Bosorne (Father: Philip Hicks, Tin Dresser)
	Witnesses: John Andrew Artha, Philip Hicks [mark]


3 Mar 1875 by Banns
	Edward Rowe 24 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: Joseph Rowe, Ironmonger)
	Emma Jelbert 22 spin. of Bosorne (Father: William Jelbert, Miner)
	Witnesses: Joseph Rowe, Eliza Jane Candy
21 Apr 1875 by Banns
	William Hosking 55 widower Sexton of Churchtown [mark] (Father: John Hosking, Sexton)
	Sarah Reseigh 45 spin. of Churchtown [mark] (Father: Thomas Reseigh, Miner)
	Witnesses: Mary Hosking [mark], Thomas Hosking
20 Jul 1875 by Banns
	John Wearing 29 bach. Chemist of Churchtown (Father: Henry Wearing, Carrier)
	Elizabeth Daniel 26 spin. of Churchtown (Father: Nicholas Charles Daniel, Jeweller)
	Witnesses: Nicholas Charles Daniel, Emily Daniel
11 Nov 1875 by Lic.
	Thomas Lemont Morton of full age bach. Master Mariner of St Just in Penwith (Father: George Leonard Morton, Colonel, U S Army)
	Annie Harriett Brickley of full age spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: William Brickley, Coastguard)
	Witnesses: William Brickley, Henry King


6 Jan 1876 by Banns
	William Woolcock Kessell 36 widower Coastguard of St Sennen (Father: Edmund Kessell, Gardener)
	Margaret Tregear Clemens 40 spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: Charles Clemens, Farmer)
	Witnesses: Thomas Stephens Tregear, Charles Clemens
26 Jan 1876 by Lic.
	Richard Roberts 26 bach. Engine Driver of St Just in Penwith (Father: Christopher Roberts, Farmer)
	Emily Daniel 28 spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: Nicholas Charles Daniel, Watchmaker)
	Witnesses: Nicholas Charles Daniel, William Merrifield
19 Mar 1876 by Banns
	Joseph Rodda 20 bach. Miner of Bosorne (Father: William Rodda)
	Caroline Dale 21 spin. of Bosorne (Father: John Dale, Sawyer)
	Witnesses: John Dale, William Merrifield
28 Mar 1876 by Banns
	William Johns 21 bach. Farm Labourer of St Levan (Father: Charles Johns, Farm Labourer)
	Mary Oats 24 spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: John Oats, Miner)
	Witnesses: Henry Pike, Louisa Merrifield
29 Mar 1876 by Banns
	John Chappell Pascoe 22 bach. Miner of St Just in Penwith [mark] (Father: James Pascoe, Butcher)
	Ellen Uren 19 spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: Charles Uren, Farmer)
	Witnesses: Israel Vingoe [mark], Emily Vingoe
8 Jul 1876 by Banns
	Charles Dale 28 bach. Sawyer of New Downs (Father: John Dale, Sawyer)
	Mary Ann Harvey 31 spin. of Cape Cornwall Road (Father: Henry Harvey, Tinner)
	Witnesses: Henry Harvey, Elizth. Amelia Harvey
10 Jul 1876 by Banns
	John Oats 20 bach. Miner of St Just in Penwith (Father: William Oats, Miner)
	Elizabeth Jane Lawry 19 spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: Nicholas Lawry, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Bennetts, [?] Oats
22 Oct 1876 by Banns
	John Grenfell 27 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: Lewis Grenfell, Farmer)
	Ann Harvey 27 spin. of Bosavern (Father: John Harvey, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, John Harvey
27 Dec 1876 by Banns
	Philip Friggens 22 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: Andrew Friggens, Miner)
	Harriet Rowe 23 spin. of Churchtown (Father: John Rowe, Engineer)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, John Rowe


25 Mar 1877 by Banns
	Henry Clemo 24 bach. Miner of Boscaswell (Father: Nicholas Clemo, Miner)
	Amelia Ann Maddern 20 spin. of Bosorne [mark] (Father: James Maddern, Carrier)
	Witnesses: James Wallis [mark], William Merrifield
29 Mar 1877 by Banns
	William Harvey 28 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: Peter Harvey, Miner)
	Mary Ann Nicholas 20 spin. of Churchtown (Father: William Nicholas, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Nicholas, Joseph Paull, Emily Harvey [mark]
17 Jun 1877 by Banns
	George Borlase Casley 22 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: Peter Casley, Miner)
	Catherine Davis 19 spin. of Churchtown (Father: Samuel Davis, Gardener)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Samuel Rowe
18 Jul 1877 by Lic.
	William Chenhall 42 widower Sawyer of St Just in Penwith (Father: William Chenhall, Gentleman)
	Emma Louisa South 32 of St Just in Penwith (Father: Charles South, Yeoman)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Henry Pike
1 Aug 1877 by Lic.
	Robert Joseph Crosthwaite of full age widower Bengal Civil Serv. of St Just (Father: John Clarke Crosthwaite, Clergyman)
	Mary James of full age spin. of St Just (Father: Stephen Harvey James, Gentleman)
	Witnesses: Clare [?] James, Kate James, [?] Crosthwaite
2 Aug 1877 by Banns
	William Nicholas 25 bach. Miner of Botallack (Father: Gregory Nicholas, Farmer)
	Nannie Edwards Trezise 27 spin. of Churchtown (Father: William Edward Trezise, Carpenter)
	Witnesses: George Edward Trezise, Henry Pike
21 Oct 1877 by Banns
	William Clemmens Williams 22 bach. Engineman of Cairn Bosavern (Father: John Williams, Engineer)
	Amelia Harvey 22 spin. of Cairn Bosavern (Father: John Harvey, Miner)
	Witnesses: Nicholas Nicholas, William Merrifield
3 Nov 1877 by Banns
	James Pascoe 23 bach. Engineman of Botallack [mark] (Father: Henry Pascoe, Farm Labourer)
	Elizabeth Pascoe 23 spin. of Numphra [mark] (Father: Francis Pascoe, Miner)
	Witnesses: Francis Pascoe [mark], Henry Pike
5 Dec 1877 by Banns
	James Tregear 32 bach. Joiner of St Just (Father: John Tregear, Engineman)
	Annie Daniel 22 spin. of St Just (Father: Nicholas Charles Daniel, Ironmonger)
	Witnesses: Edwin Trembath, Thomas Tregear


20 Jan 1878 by Banns
	Richard Boyns 21 bach. Miller of Bostraze (Father: Richard Boyns, Miller)
	Charlotte Trezise 26 spin. of Carnyorth (Father: Henry Trezise, Mine Agent)
	Witnesses: Richard Trezise, Mary Boyns
2 Feb 1878 by Banns
	Pascoe Hocking 22 bach. Miner of Cairn Bosavern (Father: William Hocking, Miner)
	Alice Bone 23 spin. of Bosorne (Father: John Bone, Miner)
	Witnesses: Mary Hocking, Henry Pike
6 Feb 1878 by Banns
	Charles T. Roberts 23 bach. Farmer of St Buryan (Father: William Roberts, Farmer)
	Mary Jane Hill Chappell 24 spin. of St Just Churchtown (Father: James Chappell, Grocer)
	Witnesses: James Chappell, Mary Roberts, W T Jeffery
12 Aug 1878 by Banns
	Richard Hall 28 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: Richard Hall, Miner)
	Mary Ann Shadford 28 spin. of Bosorne (Father: Richard Shadford, Miner)
	Witnesses: Benjamin Shadford, Ellen Tregear, William James Paul
15 Aug 1878 by Banns
	Joseph Mitchell 24 bach. Farm Labourer of St Buryan (Father: Simon Mitchell, Farm Labourer)
	Mary Hocking 21 spin. of Cairn Bosavern (Father: William Hocking, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Richard Trezise
15 Aug 1878 by Lic.
	John Rowe of full age bach. Farmer of Market St, St Just (Father: Thomas Rowe, Smith)
	Jane Harvey of full age widow of Fore St, St Just (Father: John Trewear, Mine Agent)
	Witnesses: Richard Trezise, William Merrifield
17 Aug 1878 by Banns
	John Roberts 30 bach. Miner of Tregeseal (Father: Henry Roberts, Miner)
	Johanna Nicholas 28 spin. of Tregeseal (Father: John Nicholas, Miner)
	Witnesses: Edmund Roberts, Christiana Roberts
18 Aug 1878 by Banns
	James Baragwanath 35 widower Wheelwright of Tregaseal (Father: John Baragwanath, Labourer)
	Margaret Hosking 33 spin. of Carnyorth (Father: William Hosking, Labourer)
	Witnesses: John Penrose, William Merrifield
4 Sep 1878 by Banns
	George Frederick Duncan 30 bach. Architect of [?], Kilburn (Father: George Duncan, Architect)
	Catherine Ann James 19 spin. of Nancherrow (Father: Stephen Harvey James, Purser of Botallack)
	Witnesses: Jn. James, Clare [?] James, Emily Duncan
14 Sep 1878 by Banns
	Charles Dungey 31 bach. Miner of Cairn Bosavern [mark] (Father: James Dungey, Miner)
	Mary Jane Thomas 27 spin. of Bosorne (Father: William Thomas, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Thomas, Ruth Thomas [mark], Ellen Thomas, Honor Vingoe
15 Sep 1878 by Banns
	Francis Clemens 21 bach. Farm Labourer of Churchtown (Father: William Clemens, Miner)
	Esther Thomas 23 spin. of Churchtown (Father: James Thomas, Blacksmith)
	Witnesses: Henry Pike, Ellen Thomas
28 Sep 1878 by Banns
	Henry Deason 22 bach. Blacksmith of Landport, Portsmouth (Father: William Deason, Ropemaker)
	Ann Nicholas 24 spin. of Bosorne (Father: Richard Nicholas, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Margaret Pike [mark]
21 Oct 1878 by Banns
	Richard Hocking 23 bach. Farm Labourer of Dowran (Father: Richard Hocking, Farmer)
	Eliza Tregear 21 spin. of Bosorlos (Father: James Tregear, Farmer)
	Witnesses: William Hocking, Mary Elizabeth Tregear
30 Oct 1878 by Lic.
	John Williams Holman 26 bach. Wheelwright of Tregaseal (Father: William Holman, Blacksmith)
	Honor Jane Noy Waters 19 spin. of Bosorne (Father: John Waters, Miner)
	Witnesses: Christiana Thomas, Elizabeth Ann Matthews
31 Dec 1878 by Banns
	Richard Nixon Williams 21 bach. Miner of Churchtown (Father: John Nixon Williams, Miner)
	Jane Harris 23 spin. of Churchtown (Father: Walter Harris, Farmer)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Margaret Pike [mark]


2 Mar 1879 by Banns
	William Semmens 25 bach. Miner of Letcha (Father: Joseph Semmens, Miner)
	Mary Jane Perrow 22 spin. of Letcha [mark] (Father: John Perrow, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, William Henry Casley
7 Apr 1879 by Banns
	John Wallis 34 bach. Farm Labourer of Tregaseal (Father: John Wallis, Mine Captain)
	Emily Perrow 30 spin. of Churchtown (Father: Edward Perrow, Under the Trinity [?])
	Witnesses: John Wallis, Henry Wallis
12 Apr 1879 by Banns
	Joseph Strick 23[?] bach. Carpenter of St Levan (Father: Thomas Strick, Farmer)
	Mary Ann Pascoe 18 spin. of Bosavern (Father: James Pascoe, Butcher)
	Witnesses: Elizabeth Pascoe, William Strick
22 Jun 1879 by Banns
	Benjamin Rowe of full age widower Mine Agent of Tregaseal (Father: Benjamin Rowe, Miner)
	Elizabeth Ann Casley 22 spin. of Boscean (Father: James Casley, Farmer)
	Witnesses: James Casley, Henry Thomas, Alice B Shakerley
5 Oct 1879 by Banns
	Thomas Matthews 24 bach. Miner of Dowran (Father: Henry Matthews, Miner)
	Mary Hattam Casley 22 spin. of Bosavern (Father: Henry Casley, Farmer)
	Witnesses: Henry Casley, Ellen Casley
8 Nov 1879 by Banns
	Thomas Jose 29 bach. Fisherman of Trevagean Vean (Father: Thomas Jose, Fisherman)
	Ann Penrose 25 spin. of Trevagean Vean (Father: Richard Penrose, Miner)
	Witnesses: Henry Pike, [?] Sherrick
18 Nov 1879 by Banns
	William Daniel 25 bach. Farmer of St Paul with Penzance (Father: William Daniel, Farmer)
	Grace Shakerley 29 spin. of Kelynack (Father: Thomas Shakerley, Farmer)
	Witnesses: Thomas Shakerley, Alice B Shakerley

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