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29 Mar 1890 by Banns
	Noah Wallis 27 bach. Engineer of Tregeseal (Father: Charles Wallis deceased., Miner)
	Maria Nicholls 22 spin. of No Go By (Father: John Nicholls, Labourer)
	Witnesses: William Nicholls, Mary Annie Harvey
3 Apr 1890 by Banns
	John Hutchins Morcom 21 bach. Miner of The Cairn [mark] (Father: William Henry Morcom, Miner)
	Louisa Jane Hill 19 spin. of Queen Street (Father: Thomas Hill, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Maggie Ninnis
20 Jul 1890 by Banns
	Richard Eddy 22 bach. Miner of Bollowall (Father: Richard Eddy, Miner)
	Elizabeth Jane Wallis 24 spin. of Tregeseal (Father: Charles Wallis deceased., Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Elizabeth Ellen Davey
2 Sep 1890 by Banns
	Harry Gillard 35 bach. Civil Servant of Penzance (Father: John Gillard)
	Janie Warren 34 spin. of St Just (Father: John Warren, Postmaster)
	Witnesses: W J White, [?] [?]
1 Oct 1890 by Banns
	Robert Garven Nesbitt 32 bach. Surgeon of Carallack (Father: William Humphreys Nesbitt, Farmer)
	Bertha James 29 spin. of Alma Villa (Father: Stephen Harvey James deceased., Gentleman)
	Witnesses: A N James, Edith Ponsford, P Marrack, Wm Ponsford, Alice Josephine James
31 Dec 1890 by Banns
	Henry Dungey 25 bach. Miner of The Cairn (Father: William Henry Dunsford, Miner dec'd.)
	Agnes Ann Trembath 26 spin. of New Town (Father: James Trembath deceased., Miner dec'd.)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, [?] [?]


20 Apr 1891 by Licence
	Richard Rowe 27 bach. Miner of Botallack Moor [mark] (Father: James Rowe deceased., Miner)
	Rosina Trembath 29 spin. of New Town (Father: James Trembath deceased., Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, [?] [?]
2 May 1891 by Banns
	Francis James Tregear 23 bach. Miner of The Cairn (Father: Henry Tregear, Miner)
	Annie Stevens 19 spin. of North Row (Father: Richard Stevens, Shoemaker)
	Witnesses: John Stevens, Maggie Ellis
4 May 1891 by Banns
	John Harvey 47 widower Pensioner of Churchtown (Father: William Harvey, Farmer)
	Mary Nicholas 45 widow of Churchtown (Father: William Prowse, Farmer)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Henry Pike
17 May 1891 by Banns
	Matthias Maddern 25 bach. Tin Dresser of Queen Street (Father: James Maddern, Miner)
	Eliza Jane Hocking 20 spin. of The Cairn (Father: Richard Henry Hocking, Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Eddy, William Merrifield
11 Jul 1891 by Banns
	John Charles Thomas 23 bach. Tin Dresser of Tregeseal (Father: John Thomas deceased., Farmer)
	Minnie Harvey 20 spin. of Truthwall (Father: William Harvey deceased., Miner)
	Witnesses: William Thomas, Mary Wallis
21 Jul 1891 by Banns
	William Harry 27 bach. Mine Carpenter of Kenidjack (Father: William Harry, Tin Dresser)
	Annie Stratton 23 spin. of Tregeseal (Father: Alice Stratton)
	Witnesses: John Bennetts Harvey, Elizabeth Jane Barnes
23 Sep 1891 by Licence
	Edwin Legg of full age bach. Turner of St Just (Father: Thomas Legg deceased., Farmer)
	Ada Jane Thomas of full age widow of St Just (Father: Peter Olds, Butcher)
	Witnesses: Peter Olds, Peter Olds, jnr., Margaretta Anderson, [?] Anderson
28 Sep 1891 by Banns
	William Thomas Bottrell 21 bach. Miner of Botallack (Father: Edward Bottrell deceased., Miner)
	Grace Ellen Prowse 19 spin. of Brea (Father: Thomas Prowse, Miner)
	Witnesses: William James Prowse, William Merrifield
21 Oct 1891 by Banns
	Richard Williams 34 widower Miner of St Just (Father: Philip Williams deceased., Miner)
	Elizabeth Ellen Davey 34 spin. of St Just (Father: John Davey deceased., Miner)
	Witnesses: Francis Ranken, Fanny White
1 Nov 1891 by Banns
	William Ellis 44 widower Mariner of St Just (Father: John Ellis deceased., Mariner)
	Margaret Williams 41 widow of St Just [mark] (Father: William Harvey, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Henry Pike
1 Dec 1891 by Banns
	John Daly 29 bach. Miner of St Just (Father: Jeremiah Daly, Miner)
	Mary Ann Trembath 22 spin. of St Just (Father: John Trembath, Miner)
	Witnesses: J Daly, Bessie Trembath
8 Dec 1891 by Banns
	Peter Thomas 57 widower Farmer of Kelynack (Father: Edmond Thomas deceased.)
	Eliza Jane Hosking 47 widow of Crewkerne [mark] (Father: William Eddy, Retired Farmer)
	Witnesses: J Tregear, Jo Watters


2 Jan 1892 by Banns
	William John Bottrell 27 bach. Driver of St Just [mark] (Father: William Bottrell deceased.)
	Jane Pascoe 25 spin. of St Just [mark] (Father: Henry Pascoe deceased.)
	Witnesses: William Eddy [mark], James Pascoe [mark]
3 May 1892 by Banns
	John Thomas 25 bach. Sailor of St Sennen (Father: Thomas Thomas, Labourer)
	Jane Dungey 23 spin. of The Cairn [mark] (Father: William Henry Dungey deceased, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Henry Pike
16 May 1892 by Banns
	Edward Hosking Blewett 19 bach. Miner of Crippas Hill (Father: Richard Blewett, Miner)
	Annie Williams 21 spin. of Chapel Road (Father: Nanny Williams)
	Witnesses: John Rowe, Edith Rogers
18 May 1892 by Banns
	Henry Sampson Hall 26 bach. Groom of New Downs (Father: Thomas Hall, Farm Labourer)
	Nanny White 27 spin. of Crippa's Hill (Father: Thomas White deceased., Miner)
	Witnesses: James Guy, Mary Jane White
10 Aug 1892 by Licence
	Jane Ellis 25 bach. Miner of Pendeen (Father: James Ellis, Farmer)
	Ada Lawry 27 spin. of Nancherrow (Father: Thomas Lawry, Cordwainer)
	Witnesses: Thomas Lawry, James Ellis, snr.


21 Jan 1893 by Banns
	John Bennetts 22 bach. Miner of Crewkerne (Father: Thomas Bennetts deceased., Miner)
	Annie Frances Semmens 19 spin. of Wheal Cunning Row (Father: Richard Semmens deceased., Miner)
	Witnesses: Gabriel Casley, John Pascoe Tonkin [mark]
20 Feb 1893 by Banns
	William Wood 31 bach. Slater of Leitholm, Berwickshire (Father: William Wood, Slater)
	Julia Thomas Eddy 26 spin. John Eddy deceased. Farmer
	Witnesses: William Hocking, James Eddy
25 Feb 1893
	Thomas Hattam 26 bach. Farmer of Bosavern (Father: Henry Mattam, Farmer)
	Amelia Penrose 24 spin. of Carn Bosavern (Father: Thomas Penrose deceased., Farmer)
	Witnesses: Henry Hocking, Mary Nicholas
1 Mar 1893 by Licence
	John Gibson 47 widower Carpenter of Regent Terrace (Father: Francis Gibson, Carpenter)
	Mary Malenina Valentine Corin 29 spin. of Queen Street (Father: Jacob Corin deceased., Farmer)
	Witnesses: Archelaus Thomas, William Merrifield
22 Mar 1893 by Banns
	Alexander Rowe 22 bach. Miner of Princess Street (Father: Alexander Rowe deceased., Miner)
	Elizabeth Ann Hill Lanyon 24 spin. of Victoria Street (Father: James Lanyon deceased., Miner)
	Witnesses: Archelaus Thomas, [?] A Thomas
1 Jul 1893 by Banns
	Richard Hill 22 bach. Miner of Green Lane (Father: Daniel Hill, Sawyer)
	Minnie Jane Hall 22 spin. of Bosorne Terrace (Father: William Hall deceased., M)
	Witnesses: Mary Gilberts Tippett, Thomas Nankervis
14 Sep 1893 by Banns
	James George Matthews 21 bach. Miner of Carn Bosavern (Father: Thomas Matthews deceased., Miner)
	Elizabeth Jane Ellis 22 spin. of Brea (Father: John Ellis deceased., Miner)
	Witnesses: William Merrifield, Jane Thomas
16 Sep 1893 by Banns
	John James 47 widower Miner of Tregeseal [mark] (Father: Joel James deceased., Miner)
	Jane Pascoe 57 spin. of Higher Bosavern [mark] (Father: James Pascoe, Butcher)
	Witnesses: William Pascoe [mark], Sarah Pascoe [mark]
18 Oct 1893 by Banns
	Richard Rowe 25 bach. Miner of Bosorne Road (Father: William Rowe deceased., Miner)
	Mary Ann Eddy 23 spin. Dressmaker of Pleasant Row (Father: Thomas Halls Eddy, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Barnes, Anne Eddy
23 Oct 1893 by Licence
	John Nancarrow Wallis 31 bach. Carpenter of St Mary, Penzance (Father: Robert James Wallis, Carpenter)
	Elizabeth Honour Trahair 29 spin. of Fore Street (Father: Richard Trahair, Ret'd. Lightkeeper)
	Witnesses: Robert Trahair, William Merrifield
8 Nov 1893 by Banns
	John Angwin 36 widower Miner of Queen Street (Father: John Angwin, Miner)
	Mary Annie Tregear 30 spin. of Victoria Row (Father: Thomas Stephens Tregear, Mine Agent)
	Witnesses: Clementine Cock Tregear, Emma Kessell


10 Feb 1894 by Banns
	James Thomas 25 bach. Farm Labourer of Dowran (Father: Edmund Thomas, Farmer)
	Eliza White Ellis 20 spin. of Brea (Father: John Ellis, Farm Labourer)
	Witnesses: Henry Hosken, Phillis Thomas Hosken
12 Jun 1894 by Licence
	Nicholas Trahair 31 bach. Light Keeper of Breakwater L'house, Plymouth (Father: Richard Trahair, Light Keeper)
	Jane Angwin 29 spin. of St Just (Father: Benjamin Angwin, Grocer)
	Witnesses: Benjamin Angwin, William Merrifield
21 Jun 1894 by Banns
	John Stephens bach. Vetinery [?] of Rossorn Hse, Penzance (Father: James Stephens, Miller)
	Annie Trezise spin. of Lafrowda Terrace (Father: George Trezise, Draper)
	Witnesses: James Pope, Humphrey Williams
18 Jul 1894 by Banns
	Edwin Williams 26 bach. Miner of The Cairn (Father: Edward Williams, Miner)
	Elizabeth Jane Rowe 22 spin. of Princess Street, New Downs (Father: Thomas Rowe, Smith)
	Witnesses: Edward Eddy Rowe, Annie Rowe
25 Jul 1894 by Banns
	Edward Eddy Rowe 23 bach. Blacksmith of Princess Street (Father: Thomas Rowe, Blacksmith)
	Louisa Rebecca Stone 23 spin. of Carallack Terrace (Father: Edward Stone, Shoemaker)
	Witnesses: Elizabeth Angwin, Richard Oats Angwin
25 Sep 1894 by Banns
	Thomas Pearce 23 bach. R.A. of North Place (Father: William Pearce, Miner)
	Eliza Camp 19 spin. Post Office of Post Office (Father: George Henry Camp, Warder)
	Witnesses: John Pearce, T Reynolds
23 Dec 1894 by Banns
	Richard Oats 23 bach. Miner of The Cairn (Father: Henry Oats, Miner)
	Elizabeth Jane Penrose May 22 spin. Housemaid of Green Lane (Father: Thomas May, Engine Driver)
	Witnesses: Henry Oats, Mary Ann May


21 Jan 1895 by Licence
	William Hocking 59 widower Farmer of Kelynack (Father: William Hocking, Miller)
	Elizabeth Jane Maddern 39 spin. of Kelynack (Father: Thomas Maddern, Miner)
	Witnesses: James Olds, John Gibson
10 Feb 1895 by Licence
	Henry John Gifford 30 bach. Mine Engineer of [?] [?], Brazil (Father: Samuel Gifford, Mine Engineer)
	Annie Boyle Holman 27 spin. of Nankerrow Villa (Father: John Holman, Engineer)
	Witnesses: John Holman, Saml Gifford
12 Mar 1895 by Banns
	William Henry Ellis 22 bach. Miner of Mountain Ash [?] (Father: William Ellis, Miner)
	Annie Barnes 20 spin. Milliner of Boswidden Terrace (Father: Henry Barnes, Miner)
	Witnesses: Richard Hall, Ellen Jane Hall
20 Mar 1895 by Licence
	William Williams 36 bach. Miner of Queen Street (Father: John Williams, Miner)
	Eliza Williams 25 spin. of Market Square (Father: Thomas Williams, Farmer)
	Witnesses: M H Williams, Clara Williams
22 Jun 1895 by Banns
	Charles Coates Uren 24 bach. Boilermaker of Falmouth (Father: Steven William Uren, Labourer)
	Mary Clark 23 spin. of Nancherrow Terrace (Father: Jack Clark deceased., Sailor, R.N.)
	Witnesses: Mary E Wallis, Mary E Thomas
3 Jul 1895 by Licence
	Edward John Goninan 26 bach. Engine Fitter of Cape Cornwall Road (Father: Alfred Goninan, Farmer)
	Bertha Ethel Rowe 22 spin. of Queen Street (Father: Thomas Penrose Rowe, Mine Captain Ret'd.)
	Witnesses: William Henry Thomas, Thomas Penrose Rowe
10 Jul 1895 by Banns
	William James Trembath 21 bach. Miner of Pendeen (Father: James Trembath, Miner)
	Emily Eddy 19 spin. of Regent Terrace (Father: John Eddy, Miner)
	Witnesses: Stephen J Eddy, Mary Ann Eddy
17 Aug 1895 by Banns
	Charles Hosking 23 bach. Fisherman of Penzance (Father: William Hosking, Fisherman)
	Lavina Ann Reseigh 27 spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: Thomas Reseigh, Carrier)
	Witnesses: Thomas Reseigh [mark], Wm Merrifield
17 Sep 1895 by Banns
	William Davey 27 bach. Miner of Tregeseal (Father: Stephen Davey, Miner)
	Mary Harry 33 spin. of Tregeseal (Father: Martin Harry, Labourer)
	Witnesses: John Goldsworthy, Mary Hattam


28 Jan 1896 by Licence
	Matthew Rowe Penrose 42 bach. Miner of this parish (Father: John Penrose, Miner)
	Margaret Edwards 34 spin. of this parish (Father: Philip Corin Edwards, Miner)
	Witnesses: Nicholas Andrews, John Andrews [mark]
6 Feb 1896 by Banns
	John Thomas 26 bach. Miner of The Cairn (Father: William Thomas, Miner)
	Mary Edwards Williams 28 spin. of Fore Street (Father: Phillip Williams, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Davy [mark], Bessie C Trembath
2 Aug 1896 by Banns
	James Nicholls 21 bach. Mine Labourer of No-Go-By (Father: John Nicholls, Mine Labourer)
	Geneva Hosking 20 spin. of Bosorn Road (Father: William Hosking, Miner)
	Witnesses: Charles Hoskins, Richard Gilbart [mark]
26 Aug 1896 by Licence
	John Marks 26 bach. Grocer of St Just in Penwith (Father: William Henry Marks, Builder)
	Mary Ann Goninan 25 spin. of St Just in Penwith (Father: Alfred Goninan, Farmer)
	Witnesses: William Henry Marks, William Henry Thomas
9 Sep 1896 by Banns
	John Davey 24 bach. Miner of Chapel Street (Father: James Davey, Miner)
	Annie Toman 21 spin. Dressmaker of Pleasant Row (Father: Richard Toman, Miner)
	Witnesses: William G Polgrean, James Holla
31 Oct 1896 by Banns
	Richard Harry 27 bach. Miner of Tregeseal (Father: Walter Harry Senr., Farm Labourer)
	Edith Semmens 23 spin. of Botallack (Father: William Semmens, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Semmens [mark], Emily Prowse
4 Nov 1896 by Banns
	William Quintrell 30 bach. Police Constable of [?] (Father: Sidney Quintrell, Fisherman)
	Katie Rowe 28 spin. Dressmaker of Tregeseal (Father: James Henry Rowe, Blacksmith)
	Witnesses: Almond Rowe, Thomas Lawry
2 Dec 1896 by Banns
	William Polgrean 23 bach. Stone Cutter of Pleasant Row (Father: William Tippett Polgrean, Stone Cutter)
	Janie Olds 24 spin. of Fore Street (Father: James Olds, Butcher)
	Witnesses: James Olds, Lily Polgrean
10 Dec 1896 by Banns
	Robert Dennis 23 bach. Miner of Fore Street (Father: Robert Dennis, Miner)
	Jane Clemo 20 spin. of Pleasant Row (Father: Henry Clemo, Miner)
	Witnesses: Henry Clemo, Thomas Eddy
26 Dec 1896 by Banns
	Edwin Edwards 31 bach. Carrier of Nancherrow Terrace (Father: Matthew Edwards, Grocer)
	Annie Jane Eddy 28 spin. of Princess Street (Father: Francis Eddy, Farmer)
	Witnesses: Frederick George Eddy, William Merrifield
28 Dec 1896 by Banns
	Richard Warren 25 bach. Miner of Chapel Street (Father: Richard Warren, Grocer's Assistant)
	Emily Maud Buttonshaw 23 spin. Dressmaker of Eschalla, St Sennen (Father: Joseph Buttonshaw, Navel Pensioner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Warren, Katie Mann
30 Dec 1896 by Banns
	Martin Hitchens Hodder 25 bach. Schoolmaster of Nancherrow (Father: Edwin Hodder, Fisherman)
	Emily Lawry 25 spin. Schoolmistress of Nancherrow (Father: Thomas Lawry, Shoemaker)
	Witnesses: Mary Hodder, Thos Lawry


1 Mar 1897 by Banns
	John Olds 30 bach. Butcher of Fore Street (Father: James Olds, Butcher)
	Elizabeth Annie Eddy 26 spin. Dressmaker of Bosorn Terrace (Father: Matthew Eddy, Pattern Maker)
	Witnesses: Matthew Eddy, James Olds
16 Mar 1897 by Banns
	William Ellis 30 bach. Miner of Carn Row (Father: Thomas Ellis, Miner)
	Janie Reynolds 21 spin. of Cape Cornwall (Father: William Reynolds, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Reynolds, Janie Thomas
30 Oct 1897 by Banns
	John Thomas James 23 bach. Miner of Botallack [?] [mark] (Father: Thomas James, Farmer)
	Elizabeth Ann Ellis 24 spin. Servant of Kenidjack (Father: Pascoe Ellis, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Ellis [mark], Emmanuel James
4 Dec 1897 by Banns
	Matthew Stratton 27 bach. Miner of Nancherrow (Father: William Stratton, Miner)
	Bessie Casley Trembath 24 spin. of New Downs (Father: John Trembath, Miner)
	Witnesses: [?] Humphrys, Mary Ann [?]
15 Dec 1897 by Banns
	George Oats 20 bach. Postman of Carn (Father: Henry Oats, Miner)
	Mary Margaret Ellis 19 spin. of [?] (Father: John Ellis, Miner)
	Witnesses: Henry Oats, Maud Oats


8 Jan 1898 by Banns
	Benjamin Oates 28 bach. Miner of Pleasant Row (Father: John Oates, Mason)
	Elizabeth Ann Hosking 22 spin. of Churchtown (Father: John Hosking, Tin Dresser)
	Witnesses: John Hosking, Janie Hosking
18 Apr 1898 by Banns
	John Roberts 40 widower Miner of Botallack (Father: John Roberts, Miner)
	Mary Ann Williams 45 widow of Botallack [mark] (Father: Thomas Williams, Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas N Veal, Annie Williams
23 May 1898 by Licence
	John Ellis 39 bach. Miner of Boscastle (Father: Richard Ellis, Miner)
	Mary Ann Newton 22 spin. Dressmaker of Trewellard Hill (Father: Isaac Newton, Miner)
	Witnesses: Matthew Newton, Bessie ann Newton
28 May 1898 by Banns
	William Hutchens 30 widower Labourer of Fore Street [mark] (Father: William Hutchens, Labourer)
	Annie Payne 25 spin. Day Work of Bosorn Row [mark] (Father: Richard Payne, Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Hollow [mark], Augusta Johns
28 May 1898 by Banns
	John Stevens 26 bach. Miner of North Row (Father: Richard Stevens, Shoemaker)
	Mary Elizabeth Thomas 24 spin. Servant of North Row (Father: Thomas Thomas, Labourer)
	Witnesses: Richard Stevens [mark], [?] [?]
22 Jun 1898 by Banns
	Richard Eddy 27 bach. Miner of Pendeen (Father: Richard Eddy, Miner)
	Eliza Jane Thomas 24 spin. Dressmaker of Higher Tregeseal, St. Just (Father: Nicholas Thomas, Miner)
	Witnesses: John Matthews, Margaret Matthews
3 Jul 1898 by Banns
	William Rowe 25 bach. Miner of Tregeseal [mark] (Father: James Rowe, Miner)
	Mary Elizabeth Wallis 27 spin. Servant of Tregeseal (Father: Richard Wallis, Miner)
	Witnesses: Richard Wallis [mark], Lizzie Rowe [mark]
30 Jul 1898 by Banns
	Thomas James Trevivian 24 widower Baker of Cape Cornwall Street (Father: James Trevivian, Miner)
	Ellen Jane Ellis 24 spin. Dressmaker of Cape Cornwall Street (Father: William Ellis, Miner)
	Witnesses: Ernest Ellis, Lily Paul
19 Aug 1898 by Licence
	James White 36 bach. Assayer of St Toes [?] (Father: John White, Mine Captain)
	Mary Jane Wallis 34 spin. [?] of Nancherrow Terrace (Father: Henry Wallis, Miner)
	Witnesses: John White, Henry Wallis, Amelia Wallis
28 Dec 1898 by Licence
	Heddley Olds 21 bach. Grocer's Assist. of Pendeen (Father: John Thomas Olds, Miller)
	Mary Elizabeth Oats 21 spin. of Pendeen (Father: William Oats, Grocer)
	Witnesses: Ida Rowe, William Merrifield
31 Dec 1898 by Banns
	William Ellis 21 bach. Miner of Kenidjack (Father: Pascoe Ellis, Miner)
	Elizabeth Annie Thomas 19 spin. of Kenidjack Bottoms (Father: William Henry Thomas, Labourer)
	Witnesses: J N Thomas, Celia Thomas


7 Jun 1899 by Banns
	Richard Oats 34 bach. Labourer of Tregissian (Father: James Oats, Miner)
	Annie Reynolds 30 spin. of Cape Cornwall [mark] (Father: William Reynolds, Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Roberts, Edith Roberts
30 Aug 1899 by Banns
	Edward Hosking 26 bach. Miner of Carn Bosavern (Father: Thomas Hosking, Miner)
	Bessie Oats 22 spin. of New Downs (Father: John Oats, Miner)
	Witnesses: William Oates, Annie Oates
6 Sep 1899 by Banns
	Frank Henry Branson 29 bach. Clerk of Nancherrow (Father: Henry Albert Branson, Chemist)
	Elizabeth Jenkin Rowe 30 spin. Milliner of Nancherrow (Father: Almond Trevuzza Rowe, Moulder)
	Witnesses: Almond Trevuzza Rowe, Janie Rowe
10 Oct 1899 by Banns
	Samuel Williams 33 bach. Miner of New Downs (Father: Philip Williams, Miner)
	Mary Blackmore 28 spin. of Nancherrow Terrace (Father: John Blackmore, Postman)
	Witnesses: John Blackmore, Richard Blackmore


17 Jan 1900. by Banns
	Nicholas Trathen 25 bach. Miner of West Place (Father: Matthew Trathen, Miner)
	Mary Ellen Ellis 21 spin. of Wheal Cumming (Father: James Ellis, Miner)
	Witnesses: R Jenkins, A Ellis
7 Apr 1900. by Banns
	John Roberts 23 bach. Sailor of Sennen (Father: John Roberts, Sailor)
	Eliza Jane Thomas 22 spin. Servant of St Just (Father: Thomas Thomas, Labourer)
	Witnesses: John Stevens, Mary Elizabeth Stevens
14 Apr 1900. by Banns
	James Maddern 26 bach. Miner of New Chapel Street (Father: Matthias Maddern deceased., Miner)
	Elizabeth Jane Dungey 23 spin. Servant of Carn Bosavern (Father: John Dungey deceased., Miner)
	Witnesses: Thomas Maddern, Mary Johns
19 May 1900. by Banns
	Edward Henry Edwards 21 bach. Quarryman of Gulval (Father: William Edwards, Stone Cutter)
	Phillis Davey Jelbert 29 spin. Dressmaker of B[?] (Father: John Treweek Jelbert, Mason)
	Witnesses: Harry Couch, John Treweek Jelbert
6 Jun 1900. by Banns
	Edgar Boyle Holman 25 bach. Iron Founder of Nancherrow (Father: John Holman, Iron Founder)
	Mary Margaret Florence Chenhalls 23 spin. of Market Street (Father: Alfred Chenhalls, Registrar)
	Witnesses: Alfred Chenhalls, John Holman
28 Jul 1900. by Banns
	William Edward Polgrean Stone 25 bach. Miner of Boscean (Father: William Stone, Carrier)
	Annie Roberts 25 spin. of Boscean (Father: William Roberts, Tin Dresser)
	Witnesses: Janie Roberts, Richard Hitchens Penaluna

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