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Jan 15th 3-50pm Stephen John Brewer came her with a certificate signed by Dr Sanderson for the burial of a stillborn child (male) born on the 13th—told him I would give orders for Joe Trevorrow to go for it first thing in the morning of tomorrow and bury it.

Jan 16th 9am work carried out.

Feb 17th 7-30pm Mr Rowe Eddy, parish undertaker called to order a grave for the body of a Sailor which had been washed ashore under Wheal Owles Mine, and is now lying in the old Carpenters shop on the Mine awaiting the Coroners instructions. the funeral will probably be for Monday 19th—asked Mr Eddy to send boy up to Joe tomorrow morning and tell Joe to come down to me at once, so that the grave can be begun, ready for Monday. The man is supposed to be one of the Crew of the steamer wrecked on Threestones our rocks off Pendeen during the snowstorm on the night of the 13th. The Vessel is supposed to be French, but nothing is known for certain as nothing to denote her nationality has washed up. The first body found was unlashed from the Mizzen mast, dead and was buried at Pendeen Churchyard, he was apparently a foreigner from his dress.

Feb 20th The vessel wrecked is the Ossian of Bristol—Swansea for Chareaute, 10 hands lost in her. Funeral put off till tomorrow 5pm.

Feb 21st 3-30pm Mr Paulgrain Called to arrange for a grave for Mrs Eliza Davey aged 82 Settled for grave next to the above Seaman, No 30. Northside 3rd Row.

February 21st. 5-30pm The seaman mentioned above was buried as arranged.

February 24th. Eliza Davey was buried as arranged. 4-15pm a large funeral Mr H. officiated.

Feb 25th John James of Choon called at 10-15am to arrange for a grave for old James Pascoe alias Jem Butcher. age 85 Grave next to Margaret Pascoe. No 39. A Section. 3rd row.

February 27th James Pascoe was buried in the grave as arranged, funeral 30 mins late Mr M officiated.

March 5th Mr Ralph Hill Roberts called at 10-15am to arrange for a grave for Catherine Ould age 50 Grave to be 8ft deep for 2 bodies, the funeral for Wednesday 7th at about 3pm. Sent Joe off at once to commence grave. No 39. A Section. 3rd Row 1st North of James Pascoe.

March 6th John Oats mason called down at 1-45pm to make arrangements for opening up the Tresize vault for the burial of the late George Tresize of Lafrowda Terrace, Told him that I personally had no knowledge of either place or position as to where it was situated and that there was neither ground plan or book of reference for the old Churchyard, but that I would meet Mr William Chenhalls in the Churchyard at 3 o’clock. I did so and found that no one could rightly direct us where to search for this Vault. we opened up in 3 cases and found ourselves (from description of the surrounding ) wrong in each instance, at 6pm. We all left the Churchyard, disappointed and I may add disgusted too at our inability to locate this Vault(the family had no knowledge of the position of the place.) after 3 hours standing about in the bitter cold, I told Trevorrow that as soon as he had the grave ready in the Upper Churchyard for Miss Ould he was to go down to help Oats tomorrow morning.

March 7th 4-15pm Catherine Ould was buried as arranged Grave 39. A Section 3rd row.

March 7th Mr Trembath called to arrange for the grave for the child Agnes Ann Dungey age 6. I proposed to him that the child subject to the wishes of the mother should be buried in the same grave as its father Henry Dungey in Grave No. 25. A Section 3rd Row. 7-30pm Mr Trembath returned from the Mother who would be very pleased to have the child buried with its father. Funeral for Friday about 4pm.

March 8th George Trezise was buried in the Vault we first opened which after a long discussion was found to be THE one in which his wife was buried, for which information we are indebted to Mr Jemmy Roberts carpenter who was the undertaker at the former funeral. George Trezise age 83. Mr Hooper officiated. This Vault for future reference is situated 28ft 6 ins in direct line of Chancel from the North Wall of the Churchyard. 34ft. from East Wall passing to the South of Thomas railed grave to the Central capstone of the Vault.

March 9th Agnes Ann Dungey was buried as arranged in the same grave as her Father No25. A Section. 3rd Row. Mr Mugford Officiated. A regular hash over this, no notice was given to the Vicar until 3-15pm.

March 10th 7-20am Mr Peter James called to arrange for a grave for his Mother Jane James age 77 Grave No 31. A Section. 3rd Row. Funeral for Tuesday as far as he knows at present. Sent Joe up at once to begin the grave. 12th funeral for 4 o’clock.

March 13th Mrs James was buried as arranged—the funeral was late, detained by fierce North wind, from Kelynack to Church, very cold too. Mr Mugford officiated.

March 21st 8-45am Mr Roberts undertaker called to arrange for the opening of a vault in the Churchyard for the purpose of burying therein Miss Mason of Penzance. The vault to be cleared and I promised to be in the Churchyard about 11 o’clock. 10-20am Richard Oats called down to see about the re-opening of grave no 40. A Section. 2nd Row. Funeral for tomorrow at 5-o’clock at the Church. This grave was sunk to 9ft. in March 1896 when the funeral of Amelia Eddy took place—it is now opened for the husband Richard Eddy age 59 Died in Union Imbecile. Was at the churchyard as arranged to meet Mr Roberts, by which time my deputy and the mason had uncovered the Vault to the slate cover on opening which found the coffin of Miss Mason buried in 1896 on its side, the Vault had evidently been full of water at some time—gave instructions to have this coffin sealed down with cement and slate, the Vault would then be ready for the remains of Miss Mason now dead. Funeral for Friday 23rd 11am. March 22nd Richard Eddy was buried as arranged with his late Wife. Funeral at 5-30pm Mr M officiated a dreadful day.

March 23 11-15am Miss Sarah mason age 69 was buried in the family Vault on the Northside of the Church. Mr Mugford officiated to who I handed in an envelope, Two Guineas, the Vicars fees for this funeral and George Trezise’.

April 2nd 1-35pm Alfred Tonkin called with certificate for Death of Annie Tonkin age 3 days. and wished for a grave be prepared for it in the churchyard—child is unbaptised. Had not seen Hooper as the man wanted the child disposed of at once. I sent him to Joe Trevorrow who with Tonkins consent, will open his mothers grave (Jane George), buried in No 11. A Section. 3rd Row.) and place the child therein. Tonkin has also to go and see Hooper and if he decided that there is to be no service then he must give the Certificate of Death to me or my deputy, which he has promised to do. 2-50pm Met Trevorrow at the Churchyard, pointed out the grave to be opened. Left him to finish the work. Child to be buried at 5-o’clock. Funeral took place 5-30pm Mr M. officiated.

April 9th Wrote to the Home Secretary regarding the mistake in the burial of Mrs Dungeys Child, and as to whether we might take the body up, and re-bury it with its Father as originally intended—the mistake was made by Joe Trevorrow burying the child with old Amelia Badcock.

April 10th—Received notice form Home Office that the letter was having attention.

April 13th—received form from the Home Office to fill up and return, signed by the churchwardens, Mother and self. This was sent back by return post.

April 14th 6pm Mr Richards called to arrange for a grave for his brother Benjamin Richards age 35 was down in the morning at 9-30am but found that I was gone to Penzance. As there was no request for a selected grave Joe went up and started on one now in tier. Funeral for 16th. 5-30pm at Church—had seen Hooper and arranged.

April 16th Benjamin Richards was buried in No 32. grave. A Section. 3rd Row. Funeral reached the Churchyard at 5-30pm Mr Mugford officiated.

April 24th Received Licence from Home Office authorising me to exhume and bury as desired.

April 26th 5-45am—Graves having been opened and cleared, transferred the coffin containing the remains of Agnes Ann Dungey to No. 25. A Section. 5th Row. Present Joe Trevorrow and Myself. Work completed by 6-20am.

May 1st Richard Stevens called to order a grave to be prepared for his child James Stevens. age 2 years. The funeral for Thursday May 3rd. at 5 o’clock.

May 3rd. 5-40pm the funeral of James Stevens reached the Churchyard and child was buried in Grave 38. Section C. Northside. Childrens. Mr M officiated. Salvation Army Captain held a prayer, and hymn at the conclusion, upon his leaving I told him it was necessary before doing so in future to give notice (48hrs) of his intention of doing so.

May 15th Noon Mr William Harris called to arrange for a grave to be prepared for his sister Mary Davey aged 42. Funeral for Thursday 17th 5-30pm.

May 17th 5-30pm Mary Davey was buried in grave no 33. A Section. 3rd Row. Mr M officiated.

June 18th 8-35pm John Williams called down to arrange for a grave for Elizabeth Jane Harvey, age 20. The funeral to be on Weds. 20th. 5pm. at church. Grave no 34. A Section. 3rd Row. this is the girl who when 6 or 7 years old was so badly burnt about the lower part of her stomach and legs, and my wife attended to and dressed her wounds to convalescence. She did not turn out very well, but her home surroundings were of the worst, but ‘de mortuis nil nice bonum’ poor girl she is at rest now. June 20th 5-30pm Elizabeth Jane Harvey was buried as decided. Mr Mugford officiated.

June 25th 11-50am John Uren called to arrange for a grave for his child Ethel Uren aged 9 months.The funeral for Friday afternoon, 4pm at Church—grave in the Childrens row No 39. Sect C Northside.

June 29th The child of John Uren was buried as arranged. Funeral late. Mr M officiated.

July 27th Mr Pascoe Monumental mason enclosed with granite kerb and fixed headstone of the grave of Matthew Rowe Penrose, at work from 10am–7pm.

July 30th 6pm thomas Addicoat called to arrange for a grave for his Aunt Mary Ann Addicoat age 64. Funeral for Weds August 1st. at 4-30pm at Church. Grave in the tier No 35 A Section 3rd row.

August 1st 5-00pm Mary Ann Addicoat was buried as arranged. Mr Mugford officiated.

August 29th 7am Mr Richard Rowe called to arrange for a grave for Matilda Gould Taverner aged 87. funeral for Thursday. 4-30pm. at church.

August 30th the above old woman was buried at 5pm in No 36. A Section Northside. Bier was used. Mr Mugford officiated.

Oct 6th 6-30pm Henry Marks mason came to see me about opening the Vault in the old churchyard in which Mrs Leathan is buried, and in which there is a space left to bury Charles Leathan of Gurland. Funeral for Tuesday. I promised to have Joe there early on Monday to remove soil, fetch planks and get everything ready for his funeral. Oct 9th Charles Leathan was placed in this vault with his Wife. On opening up this Vault we found as usual with the late William Marks, masons work was thoroughly scamped, only a piece of plank to seal the first coffin down, whilst the capstones would disgrace a hedge—but nothing better could be expected from such a mason—scamper is writ large in all his work thro’ the Parish. The funeral was timed for 3pm. but it never came near the Church until just 4pm. The usual stock of followers except about 3 couples of relatives. Mug. officiated as vicar was not here.

Nov 2nd 11-40am Hosking called down with Mr Mugford to arranged for the grave No 17. A Section. Southside. 2nd row to be reopened for the purpose of interring his Mother Ruth Hosking age 59, with his father. This grave was originally sunk 8 ft for this purpose. Funeral for Sunday 4pm at Church.

Nov 4th 4-25pm Ruth Hosking was buried as arranged. A large crowd of onlookers, for once in a while, fairly well behaved. I only hope we may not have any more Sunday funerals. Mugford officiated.

Nov 24th Mr William Bell coastguard, called at 7-15pm. regarding the removal of a stillborn child from his house for burial. I told him I would send Trevorrow for it as soon as he came here Monday next. An Awful night of wind and rain. The confinement took place of Friday night, so this funeral should have taken place this morning, so the fault is their own.

Nov 26th 7-30pm Sent Joe off to Bells house to do the needful.

Dec 5th 7-10pm Mr and Mrs Peter Thomas from the Moor, called to arrange for the re-opening of William Eddys grave for the purpose of placing the remains of his widow Eliza Eddy age 95 in it. This grave was originally sunk to 9ft. for this purpose in May 1895. Grave No 38. A Section. 2nd Row.

Dec 8th Eliza Eddy was buried at 4pm. in the grave as arranged. Mr Taylor officiated—his first funeral. The funeral was half an hour late starting, and then in a downpour of rain. Bier used.

Dec 18th 11-50am Richard Lutey called to arrange for a grave to be prepared for his Father Thomas Lutey age 58.The funeral for Friday Dec 21st. Time to be arranged. The Rev. Finch, Bible Christian Minister will officiate—funeral will be taken from deceaseds house to Bible Christian Chapel at Crippas Hill, and thence to the Churchyard.

Dec 21st Thomas Lutey was buried in No 37. A Section 3rd Row. His daughter Adelaide being one grave from him at his head No 37. A Section. 1st row. The Bible Christian Minister The Rev, John Finch officiated. About half hour late.

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