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February 20th Mr Rowe and his son of Tregeseal called to arrange for a grave to be prepared for the daughter Mary Maude Rowe age 21. Grave No 3. 4th Row. A Section. southside. Funeral Sat. 23rd—4pm at Church.

Feb 23rd Mary Maude Rowe buried as above—very large funeral, (very late) and a very cold afternoon, instead of being at the Church at 4pm. they only left the house at that time, then around by Nancherrow and thro’ the Town, instead of Venton East which was most direct for them.

March 4th 8pm. Mrs Hocking of Kelynack called to arrange for the re-opening of her Fathers grave for the purpose of interring her Mother in it. This can be done as the grave was originally sunk 9ft for this purpose. Jane Maddern age 73yrs—Grave no 16. 1st Row, southside. Funeral for Weds. First part of Service in Mission Room at 4pm. 8-45pm. Ernest Jenkins called in to tell me that his Grandmother Mrs Martha Tippett had just passed away (8-30) and that his Uncle Holman had gone to Ralph Hill Roberts to bespeak the Coffin for the old lady’s remains.

March 5th—A very bad morning and as Joe had not come down, I took the pony cart, and started off to fetch him, brought him to the Churchyard, and shewed him No 16 grave for Mrs Maddern on the sinking of which he is to commence at once and take every advantage between the squalls of wind and rain in the matter of Mrs Tippetts as no day had as yet been mentioned for the funeral we would let that remain for the present.

March 6th. 4-45pm Jane Maddern was buried in the same grave as her husband, the first part of the service was taken in the Kelynack Mission Room, thence they came straight to the Higher Churchyard, but the whole business was very much after time.

March 8th. 4-45pm Mrs Tippett was buried in the Vault with her husband which is No 19. Section A. 2nd row. Southside. Mr Taylor officiated.

April 2nd 11-10am George Angove called down to order grave for his child Albert Edward age 5 months, Funeral for tomorrow to be at Church at 5pm. has seen the Vicar and arranged.

April 3rd. 5-30pm the above child was buried in No 40 C Section Northside. A dreadful afternoon of storm and rain. Everyone wet thro’. April 3rd 8-30am Mrs Laura Jane Williams called to arrange for a grave for her child Elizabeth Maddern Williams. Age 5 yrs. the funeral to be on Sat 6th. 4-30pm At the Church. Grave No 41. C Section Northside.

April 6th 4-45pm The above mentioned child was buried as arranged. Mr Taylor officiated.

April 12th Mr Richard James Called at 8-45am to arrange for a grave for his child Eliza Jane James, age 5 months.Funeral for Sat 13th at 5pm Grave next to her brother No 42. C Section Northside.

April 13th 5-30pm the above child was buried as arranged.

April 27th. 10-15am. Mr James Richards called to arrange for a grave for his Niece Louisa Richards, age 4 years. daughter of the late Benjamin Richards. Funeral for 4-30pm. tomorrow (Sunday) at the Church, has seen the Vicar. Child died of Diptheria. child to be buried with its father in No 32 grave. 3rd row. A Section. Northside.

April 28th 5pm The above mentioned child was buried as arranged. Mr Taylor officiated.

May 1st. 9-15pm William and Benjamin Eddy called to arrange for a; grave for their Mother to be prepared alongside M.R. Penrose’ grave. Funeral on Friday afternoon. at Church 3-15pm. Grave No 4. 4th row. A Section. mary Eddy age 73 Mr. T. officiated.

May 2nd 10-20am—Mr Joseph James called to arrange for a grave for his child Richard James age 6 years. Funeral for Saturday 4pm. at Church. Grave No 4. C row. Child to be buried with his sister Bessie James buried 17th Oct 1893.

May 3rd. Mrs Mary Eddy was buried at 4pm in grave as arranged, depth 7ft 6ins could only be managed by two men up to within a few minutes of funeral.

May 4th The child Richard James was buried as arranged with his sister in No 4 grave—the depth was not so great as is usually the case, but to satisfy the wish of the parents I had to give way a little. Funeral reached the Yard at 5 o’clock Mr T. Officiated.

May 7th 10-30am Mr James Richards Met me at the Church (to which I was going) to arrange for a grave for William Richards age 7 years, his nephew to be buried if possible with his Father and Sister in No 32 grave, A Section 3rd Row Northside. funeral for tomorrow at about 6pm. in Churchyard.

May 8th 6-10pm the child William Richards was buried in the same grave as his Father and little Sister as arranged, this fills this grave leaving 3 ft of soil over the coffin. Mr Taylor officiated.

July 3rd 7pm Mr Peter Branwell called to arrange for a grave for his child Mabel Maud Branwell age 2 years 7 months. Funeral Friday 5th at 5pm. To see the Vicar. Grave No 23. with her sister Bertha buried Feb 26th 1896.

July 5th. About 5-30pm. the funeral reached the Churchyard and the child M.M. Branwell was buried with her sister as desired. Mr Taylor officiated.

July 13th 9-30am Received and order from—Jelbert to prepare a grave for his father John Jelbert age 63 who died on Thursday morning. Funeral to be Monday 15th at 4-30pm at the Church Grave No 5. A Section. 4th Row.

July 15th 5-15pm John Jelbert was buried as arranged. Mr Taylor officitated. Salvation Army Choir and Captain attended—avery quiet service.

July 25th 10-15am Mr Joe Rowe, Undertaker called to arrange for a grave to be prepared for a; brick vault for the remains of Francis Gendall, age 72 yrs. Grave to be got ready as soon as possible after Mr Rowe has seen Mrs Peak to explain costs and charges to her. No 6 and 7 graves to be reserved for the family. A Section. 4th Row. Mr Rowe will see Mrs Peak at once, and send me full instructions. Until then I hold my hand. 11-30 Mr Rowe returned from Mrs Peak—they will reserve No 6 and 7 graves but at the moment will only utilise No 6. by sinking it to 9 feet at once—they will only put a brick grave at the bottom for one coffin—grave to be ready by tomorrow night for the mason to pitch to his work on Saturday morning. Saw Joe Trevorrow and told him to commence directly after his dinner, and get another man to help his so that there shall be no detention. Funeral for Monday sometime.

July 26th Joe and Dick Williams began this grave yesterday afternoon directly after dinner and went down 4ft came upon rock, worked up to 6-30, and then left for the night, have been at work all day and are not down 7ft. very hard sinking.

July 27th Went up about 3 o’clock and found they were about the depth, waited until they had finished about 4pm. and then left the Yard for home, later on it seems that the mason went up and built the brickwork.

July 29th—5pm—Francis Gendall was buried as arranged—a large funeral. Mr Taylor officiated. I left the yard at 6-10pm Joe just finished.

August 5th. Noon. Mr William Hollow of Rosekesthal. St Levan, Called to arrange for a grave for his Father William Hollow Aged 93 of Keleynack Moor, in this parish who died last night about 8 o’clock. Date for the Funeral is not yet decided but probably on Friday next. Grave No 7. A Section. 4th Row. Southside.

8th August 6-25pm Funeral reached the Churchyard very late, stated to carry the body by hand but had to send for the Bier, bearers completely done by the time they got to the Church. Mr Taylor officiated.

August 26th 10-30am Humphrey Williams Called to arrange for a; grave for his Father Henry George Williams age 72.Funeral for Wednesday at 4pm. Grave No 8 Next to old Hollows, 4th Row. Military Funeral.

August 28th Funeral reached the Churchyard at 5-20pm a Volunteer function, band etc. etc. A great crowd of course and a lot of trouble with sundry Adults, and children. Mr Taylor officiated. Undertaker left without paying the Fees. Was buried in the Grave as arranged.

Sept 3rd A still born child buried with old Jem (butcher) Pascoe. No 39. A Section. 3rd Row. (Joseph Stricks) certificate.

Nov 11th 9-15pm Honour Jane Trembath called to arrange for a grave for her brother John Botterell Trembath, age 33. Grave Requested on the Southside. Funeral Weds. after about 2-30pm at the church, has to come from Stabel Nobba, Newlyn. Weather very threatening for grave sinking.

Nov 12th 10am started off in a gale of wind and rain, to look for Joe Trevorrow and start him to sink this grave, found him at home, and by 11-30am he had commenced to sink this grave. I told him that if he thought he would need help to be in time, to get Dick Blewett with him.

Nov 13th John Bottrell Trembath was buried as arranged in No 9. A Section. 4th Row. Funeral 1½ hours late, through some thundering stupid mistake of Honour Jane Trembath I was kept up at the Churchyard for nearly 2 hours of a bitter cold and wet afternoon. Got wet too. Such a packy show of Hearses and Plumes, carriages and plumes and all for the remains of a poor Miner. The widow in a pair of new boots, sizes too small for her, so that she walked like a small foot China girl.

Nov 21st 9-10am William John Williams Called to arrange for a grave for his child aged 2 days. Funeral for 2-30 to 3 this afternoon, sent Trevorrow up at once to prepare grave at the same time told Williams to go down and see the Vicar as to whether he would hold any or what service. 11-25am Williams returned from Town with the Certificate and told me that Nesbitt said there was no need to go to the Vicar as the child was only 2 days old, and that I would send someone to take the body away. This I distinctly told Williams I would not do, that either he or Grenfell The undertaker, must do that. He was inclined to be very saucy, so I put him out of the door telling him that the grave would be ready at 2-30pm when I would expect the body to be there. I wrote to Vicar and sent the letter on to him mentioning Nesbitts interference, and asking for any instructions as to any service being held. Message came back for the Vicar, that he would be at the Churchyard at 2-30pm to conduct the service over the infant. father Williams and Tom Grenfells’ boy came to the churchyard with the body which was interred with Christian rites.

Nov 25th 9-10pm Mr Peter thomas called in regarding the burial of a still born child just delivered from his wife. Told him that on receipt of Certificate I would send Joe for it and bury it at his request in the grave with Amelia Badcock No 27. A Section 3rd Row. Fee as per book.

Nov 26th the above child was buried this afternoon. Kept waiting on Undertaker.

Dec 30th. 10-15am William Thomas called to arrange for grave for his child Myrtle Isabel age 15 months. Funeral for Weds 3-30pm at the church.

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