MADRON is a parish, 1½ miles north from Penzance, in Penwith Hundred, Penzance Union, Cornwall archdeaconry, Exeter bishopric, West Cornwall. The church of St. Madron, or St. Madern, is an old stone building in Gothic style; has a porch and a square embattled tower containing 5 bells; in the interior are nave, three aisles, transept, chancel, many handsome mural monuments, font, and organ, also an old register; nearly all the windows are of stained glass, and very elaborate. The living is a vicarage, worth £660 yearly; the Rev. Michael Nowell Peters M.A., is the incumbent, and the Rev. Philip Hedgeland, B.A., is the curate. There are five chapels for Wesleyans, also a Free school for boys and a school for girls, chiefly supported by the vicar; there is also a Sunday school held at the school-rooms, and a Wesleyan Sunday school held at the chapel; there are three other Wesleyan schools. St. Madern’s Well is noted for its healing properties. Lanyon Quirt[sic], and several remains of ancient crosses, are objects of interest in this parish. Bricks are made in Trereen. Castle Horneck, the seat of the Samuel Borlase Esq., is 1 mile from Penzance. Lariggan, the seat of Walter Borlase Esq., is 1 mile from Penzance. Poltan, the seat of E.C. Merriott, Esq., is 1¼ miles from Penzance. Nancedleverne, the seat of John Scobell, Esq., is half a mile distant. Trereiffe, the seat of the Rev. C. V. Le Grice, is 1½ miles distant. Chyandower is the seat of Thomas Bolitho, Esq. Trewidden, the seat of E. Bolitho Esq. is 2 miles distant. Penzance Union Workhouse is in this parish. There are nineteen parishes in this Union. The Rev. John Wesley preached in this parish from the year 1742 to 1766. The population, in 1851, was 2,531, exclusive of Penzance, and the acreage is 6,000. The soil is killas; the subsoil is granite and killas. The Rev. C. V. Le Grice is chief landowner. The chief crops are wheat and barley. There are charities of about £90 yearly value.

Alverton, Castle Horneck, Rosehill, Trewidden, Trengwainton, Trereiffe, Trevean, Trannack, Tregavern, Treneer, Trembath, Polmenner, Poltair, Polgoon, Lariggan, Chyandower, Tolcarne, Hea, Carnkey, Landithy, Kerrow, Busallow, Boskinning, Boswarthen, Boswednan, Boswarva, Bosilliack, Boscallmec, Lesengy, Ninnes, Lauyon, Carthew, Berges, Truren, Mulfra, Rosecadghill, Bone, Nancothan, and Hendre, are places here.


Bickley Francis, esq. Hea

Bolitho Edward, esq. Trewidden

Bolitho Thomas, Chyandower

Borlase Samuel esq. Castle Horneck

Borlase Walter esq. Lariggan

Chirgwin Mr. Tolcarne

Davy Edmund esq.

Davy Mrs. Trengwainton

Dobren Harry, esq. Polmennor

Friggens Mrs. Mary

Frood Mrs. Hea

Hedgland Rev. Philip, B.A. [curate]

Le Grice Rev. Charles Valentine, M.A. Trereiffe

Le Grice Day Perry, esq. Trereiffe

Ley Edwin, esq. Alverton

McKennon Alexander, esq. Larrigan

Marrack Mrs. Ann, Polcarne

Oben Capt. Pierce, Lariggan

Pascoe James, esq. Trannack

Pe[obscured] Miss, Alverton

Pe[obscured]dr William, Alverton

Per[obscured]y Rev. Richd. [Baptist], Poltair

Phillips Mr. Samuel, Polmennor

Pollard Mr. Joseph, Trereiffe

Rosewall James, esq

Scobell John, esq

Tremewa[n] Mr. Thomas, Tregavera

Vibert R[ev.] John Pope, M.A


Adams [obscured], boatowner, Tolcarne

Adams John, farmer

Adams William, farmer

Alwin William, farmer, Tolcarne

Arthur Peter, watchmaker, Hea

Baricoat John, bookseller, Hea

Barnes Stephen, farmer, Tolcarne

Batten Blanch (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Bawden Josiah, farmer, Treneer

Bennetts John, farmer, Cranken

Bennetts Melchisedek, smith, Hea

BennettsWilliam, farmer, Landithy

Berryman James, wheelwright & carpenter, Trereiffe

Berryman Richd. ‘Miners’ Arms,’ Mulfra

Bone Capt. Benj. mine agent, Kerrow

Bone William, ‘King William IV’

Bosence Benjmn. woolstapler, Alverton

Bottrell John, farmer, Bosullow

Botterell John, farmer, Trereiffe

Burt John, miller, Tolcarne

Cargeege Frances (Mrs.), frmr. Kerrow

Cargeege John, farmer, Kerrow

Cargeege Wm. (Mrs.), farmer, Kerrow

Cock John, farmer, Mulfra

Cocks Frederick A. parish clerk & schoolmaster

Corin Jacob, farmer, Chyandower

Corin Jacob, jun. farmer, Trereiffe

Corin William, farmer, Boskining

Craze Francis, farmer, Polmennor

Curnow Richard, gardener, Tolcarne

Dale Charles, [farmer] [obscured]

Dale Richard, farmer, Boswarthen

Dugdale Thos. farmer & butcher, Hea

Ellis Thomas, farmer, Lesengy

Ford James, mason & shopkeeper, Hea

Fox Henry, gardener, Hea

Fox John, gardener & nurseryman, Alverton

Fox Jhn, farmer & gardnr. Trengwainton

Frathan Richard, farmer, Ninnes

Freethy Mary (Mrs.), Frmr. Boskining

Friggens John, relieving officer, Hea

Giles Daniel, farmer, Mulfra

Glasson George, rope maker, Tolcarne

Glasson Richard B. farmer

Green Richd. farmer & miller, Lanyon

Grenfell Hen. farmer & miller, Carthew

Grenfell John, carpenter, Bosullow

Grenfell Capt. Richard, mine agent

Gribble Nicholas, gardener, Trereiffe

Guy James, farmer, Boswarthen

Guy Miss, mistress of school

Guy Thomas, farmer, Bosullow

Hall Richard, farmer, Boswednan

Hall Richd. gamekeeper, Trengwaiton

Hall Thomas, smith

Hall Thomas, farmer, Boswednan

Hall Thomas jun. farmer, Boswednan

Hall William, farmer, Boswarva

Hitchens Thomas, farmer, Lanyon

Hill Henry, carrier, Hea

Hocking Simon, farmer, Boswarthen

Hosking Charles, farmer, Ninnes

Hosking John, jun. farmer, Ninnes

Hosking Richd. farmer, Trengwainton

Ivey Thomas, farmer, Lesengy

Izzard Wm. ’Three Tuns,’ Chyandower

James James, farmer, Busullow

James Melchisedek, farmer & gardener, Beryes

James Melchisedek, shopkeeper & mason

Jeffrey Joseph, farmer, Poltair

Jenkin John, farmer, Busullow

Jenkin John, gardener, Trannack

Jenking John, smith

Jenkins John, jun. smith, Polmennor

Jenkins Matthew, farmer, Boskining

Jenkins William Henry, smith

Jilbert Jeremiah, farmer, Truren

Kelynack James, shipowner, Tolcarne

Kemp Paul, farmer, Trereiffe

Kinsman Josiah, beer retlr. Chyandower

Ladner Edwd. farmer & gardener, Hea

Laurence John, gardener, Lariggan

Laurence John, jun. farmer & gardener, Alverton

Laurence William, farmer & gardener, Trembath

Legoe Thomas, carpenter

Maddern John, gardener, Lariggan

Maddern William, gardener, Lariggan

Madern John, farmer, Trengwainton

Mann John, shoemaker, Ninnes

Marks William, gardener, Chyendower

Marrack Thomas, ropemaker, Tolcarne

Martin Thomas, farmer & gardener, Alverton

Mathews John, farmer, Boswarthen

Mathews John, jun. farmer, Boswarthen

Mathews William, farmer, Trengwainton

Mathews William, farmer, Trevean

Mitchell Alexander, farmer, Rosehill

Newton James, farmer, Bosilliack

Nicholas Henry, shopkeeper

Nicholls William, farmer, Ninnes

Nicholls William, farmer, Trewethack

Noy William, farmer, Boskining

Noy William, farmer & mine agent, Basullow

Olds James, miller, Mulfra

Parsons Robert, farmer, Tregavera

Pascoe Francis, mason, Hea

Peak William, carpenter, Tolcarne

Pengilly John, farmer, Poltair

Pengilly John Russell, farmer, Rosecadghill

Pengilly Mary (Mrs.), farmer & gardener, Tremearne

Pengilly Thomas, farmer, Rosecadghill

Pengilly Thomas Harvey, farmer, Bone

Pengilly Thomas Roberts, farmer & gardener, Trannack

Pengilly Thomas William, farmer & miller, Treneer

Pengilly Wm. farmer & gardenr. Trannack

Phillips Melchisedek, farmer & smith, Kerrow

Phillips Thomas, smith, Carthew

Pollard Joseph, jun. farmer, Trereiffe

Pollard William, gardener, Chyandower

Pool John, farmer & miller, Nancothan

Quick Paul, farmer, Bone

Richards Charles, farmer, Busullow

Richards John, farmer, Busullow

Richards William, gardener, Hea

Richards William, shopkeeper & carpentr

Roberts Benjamin, farmer, Boscathnoe

Roberts Daniel, gardener, Hea

Roberts Daniel, jun. gardener, Hea

Roberts John, farmer, Boswedan

Roberts Richard, shoemaker

Roberts Thomas, farmer, Polgoon

Rowe Catherine (Mrs.), postmistress

Rowe James,smith, Tolcarne

Rowe John, farmer, Landithy

Rowe John, farmer

Rowe John, jun. shoemaker

Rowe Luke, farmer & gardener, Alverton

Rowe William, farmer, Mulfra

Rowe William, shopkeeper, Hea

Sowden Matthew, gardener, Lariggan

Stone William, dairyman, Trereiffe

Symons Richard, carpenter, Tolcarne

Symons Simon, farmer, Hendra

Thomas Joseph, farmer, Penhale

Thomas Martin, gardener, Lariggan

Tonkin Richard, farmer, Boswednan

Tonkin William, jun. carpenter, Hea

Tregartha Thomas, smith, Boswednan

Tregartha William, smith

Tregear Ishmael, farmer, Busullow

Trembath James, farmer, Busullow

Trembath William, farmer, Busullow

Trewilla Martin, farmer, Hea

Trudgeon John, shoemaker, Hea

Truran Elizabeth (Miss), dressmaker

Truren Captain John, mine agent

Vingoe John, farmer, Boswarva

Vingoe Richard, farmer, Boswarva

Wallis Thomas, grocer

Warren John, rope manufacturer, Alvertn

Warren Richard, farmer, Tregavera

Warren Thomas, farmer, Penhale

Warren William, farmer, Landithy

Warren William, farmer, Mulfra

Webb Robert, farmer, Busullow

White Nicholas, farmer, Boswarthen

Williams Julia (Mrs.), Tolcarne inn, Tolcarne

Williams William, farmer & gardener, Alverter

Williams William, jun. farmer & gardener, Alverter

Wren Clement, farmer, Hendra

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