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Year Population Year Population Year Population
1801 1,564 1901 3,364
1811 1,817 1911 3,584
1821 2,011 1921 3,148 1992 4,010
1831 2,058 (8,621 inc Penzance) 1931 3,167 1993 4,010
1841 2,441 (11,144 inc. Penzance) 1994 4,005
1851 2,529 1951 1,420 1995 4,015
1861 2,512 1961 1,333 1996 3,985
1871 2, 765 (2,977) 1971 1,280 1997 4,030
1881 2,328 1981 1,285 (3,150) 1998 4,055
1891 2,629 1991 1,320 (3,795) 1998 4,055

The later figures were obtained from from the [Off Site]Country Socio-Economic Statistics as the sum of Heamoor and Madron civil parish.

Online Parish Clerk

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[Off Site]Madron Parish Council have a site with a little history and some good photographs.

[Off Site]Madron Parish Records is run by Gwen Attridge in conjunction with the OPC above.

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Tonkin’s Natural History of Cornwall—1739

The following description is quoted from [Tonkin 1739] and must be read in the context of that date. The extract is taken from [Polsue 1868]. Other extracts are available online.

This is a vicarage; the patronage in John Harris, Esq.; the incumbent Doctor Walter Borlase, LL.D. But note, that the patronage of this parish is at present in the Corporation of Penzance, carrying with it the town, and the little parish of Morvah.

Topographical Dictionary of England—1831

The following is from [Lewis 1831] and must be read in the context of that date.

MADRON, a parish in the hundred of Penwith county of Cornwall, 2¼ miles (N.W.) from Penzance, containing, exclusively of the market town of Penzance, which is within this parish, 2011 inhabitants. The living is a vicarage, with the perpetual curacies of Morva [sic.] and Penzance, in the archdeaconry of Cornwall, and Diocese of Exeter, rated in the King’s books at £21. 5. 10. Henry Penneck, Esq. was patron in 1812. The church, dedicated to St. Madern, is in the early style of English architecture. There is a place of worship for Wesleyan Methodists. A school for instructing the poor children of the parish was founded, about 1704, by Mr. George Daniel, and endowed with lands and premises, now let for about £120 per annum, besides a house and garden for the master. Here is a stone with an ancient British inscription, stating it to be a sepulchral monument to Rialobran, son of Cunoval; also the once celebrated well of St. Madern.