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Baptisms were required to be recorded from 1538 and were supposed to be entered into a register (book) from 1558. The book had blank leaves, so what was recorded varied a great deal depending upon the minister. At the least you should get the date, Christian name and father's name. From 1644 there was a requirement for more detail including the date of birth, but this was largely ignored. A Stamp Act tax introduced in 1783 caused a surge of hurried baptisms before it became law and also a surge of catching up after it was repealed in 1793.

From 1813, as a consequence of the Rose Act (1812), a standard printed form was used in Baptism Registers. This should result in more and uniform information being available, but also accounts for why some transcripts end in 1812. The form had columns for “When Baptised”, “Child's Christian Name” [even if an adult], “Parents Names” (“Christian” and “Surname”), “Abode”, “Quality, Trade or Profession” and “By whom the Ceremony was performed.” There are eight entries per page.

A lot of the information here was obtained from [Wilcox 1999] but additional details and corrections have been obtained from direct sources and repository handlists.

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Call, Batch and Film numbers are shown when available. All LDS copies are on microfilm or fiche.

Strays & Extracts

These strays were found in the Phillack baptism register—Thanks to Suezan—28 Feb & 17 Mar 2001.

Mary PUREFOY dau of John and Margaret, John listed as a gentleman,
    late of St-Ives now of Waterford in Ireland baptised 28 Apr 1671
Elizabeth BERRIMAN baptised 29 Aug 1830 dau of Andrew and Catherine, father a Mariner.
John THOMAS son of William and Mary baptised 31 Oct 1843, father a miner.

These from the Madron baptism register were sent to me by Patricia Hard on 8 Mar 2001.

Elizabeth   d/- Henry and Mary NICHOLLS 09 Sep 1827 from Lady Downs in Towednack - Miner
Jane        d/- Henry and Mary NICHOLLS 22 Feb 1829   "    "    "          "         "
Elizabeth   d/- Richard and Mary NICHOLLS 29 Nov 1829 "    "    "          "         "
Catherine   d/- Henry and Mary NICHOLLS  08 Jan 1832  "    "    "          "         "
Jemina Hall d/- Henry and Mary NICHOLLS 19 May 1833   "    "    "          "         "
Ann Murrish d/- Henry and Mary NICHOLLS 12 Oct 1835   "    "    "          "         "
Elizabeth   d/- Henry and Mary NICHOLLS 13 Mar 1836   "    "    "          "         "
Henry       s/- Henry and Mary NICHOLLS 24 Dec 1837   "    "    "          "         "
Richard     s/- Henry  and Mary NICHOLLS 09 Aug 1840  "    "    "          "         "
Casprian    s/- Henry and Mary NICHOLLS 26 Jun 1842   "    "    "          "         "

These strays were sent to me by Kathy Weigel on 20 Mar 2001.

James s/o Jo: & Mary CURNOW of Towednack, chr. 9 Aug 1731 at St. Ives
William s/o William CURNOW of Towednack, chr. 3 Jan 1734 at St. Ives
William s/o William & Jane CURNOW of Towednack, chr. 5 Aug 1739 at Zennor
Jane d/o Thomas & Martha CURNOW of Towednack, chr. 22 Jan 1752 at Zennor
Blanch d/o Mathew & Mary CURNOW of Towednack, chr. 20 May? 1753 at Zennor

These stray baptisms were posted by Jim Thompson on 26 Jun 2001. They all took place in St. Ives but are shown as residents of Redruth.

Margaret dau of James & Margaret TYACK 15 MAY 1743
Ann dau of Richard & Ann NINNIS 22 MAY 1743
Cornellius son of Richard & Mary CURTIS 23 MAY 1743
Jane dau of David & Mary LAUNDER 18 DEC 1742
John son of James & Margaret TYACK 12 AUG 1741
Richard son of Richard & Mary CURTIS 20 MAY 1744
James son of Thomas & Mary HARRY 19 JUL 1744