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4 Jul 1863 by Banns
        James Rowe 24 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: John Rowe, Labourer)
        Grace Ellis Uren 31 of Madron (Father: John Uren, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Richards, John Uren
9 Jul 1863 by Banns
        Edwin Nankervis 28 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Henry Nankervis, Labourer)
        Maria Jane Drew 28 of Penzance (Father: Robert Drew, Baker)
        Witnesses: Thomas Nankervis, Maria Jane Roberts
12 Jul 1863 by Banns
        John Pengelly 23 Servant of Penzance (Father: William Pengelly, Labourer)
        Ann Warren 24 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Charles Warren, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Dorcas [?]Tonkin, John W Vanner
12 Jul 1863 by Banns
        William Behennan 43 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Thomas Benennan, Innkeeper)
        Eliza Turner 35 widow [Mark] of Madron (Father: Thomas Cock, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Cock, Fred A Cocks
19 Jul 1863 by Banns
        George Hooper Ball 28 Tailor of Penzance (Father: Joseph Ball, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Johns Odgers 28 of Penzance (Father: John Odgers., Coastguard)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Elizabeth Jenkins
20 Jul 1863 by Banns
        James Richard Tellum 24 Mariner of Penzance (Father: James Tellum, Mariner)
        Elizabeth Andrewartha 23 of Penzance (Father: Charles Andrewartha, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: William Chas Andrewartha, Fred A Cocks
20 Jul 1863 by Banns
        Richard Henry Kelynack Thomas 24 Carpenter of Madron
        Eliza Nicholls 23 of Penzance (Father: Barnet Nicholls, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Chas Andrewartha, James Richard Telum
27 Jul 1863 by Banns
        William Manning 21 Footman of Madron (Father: James Manning, Labourer)
        Mary Ann Tonkin Kessell 22 of Gulval (Father: Charles Kessell, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Charles Kessell, Mahlda Alice Kessell
11 Aug 1863 by Banns
        Michael Cronan 25 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Cronan, Coastguardsman)
        Elizabeth Ann Quigley 20 of Penzance (Father: Robert Quigley, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Peter Carbis, Alfred Quigley
16 Aug 1863 by Banns
        Nicholas Robyns Rowe 22 Smith of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Henry Rowe, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Curnow 21 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Curnow, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Semmens, John Jenkin[?]
16 Aug 1863 by Banns
        John Jenkin 22 Miner of Penzance (Father: John Jenkin, Miner)
        Ellen Semmens 22 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Semmens, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: William Semmens, Fred A Cocks
19 Aug 1863 by Banns
        William Richards 23 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: Richard Richards, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Blewett 25 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Thomas Blewett, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Mary Ann Smith, Fred A Cocks
20 Aug 1863 by Banns
        Barzillar Beckerleg 32 Baker of Penzance (Father: Bargillai Beckerleg, Baker)
        Elizabeth Catherine Pascoe 28 of Penzance (Father: William Pascoe, Innkeeper)
        Witnesses: B Beckerleg, Jane P Burton
20 Aug 1863 by Banns
        Isaac Maddern Rowe 21 Mason of Penzance (Father: John Rowe, Mariner)
        Bathenia Ann Pentecost 18 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Philip Pentecost, Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Rowe, Mary Catherine Warren
21 Aug 1863 by Banns
        Walter Charles Pill 28 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Hugh Pill, Coastguard)
        Elizabeth Griffiths 24 of Penzance (Father: William Griffiths, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Hugh Pill, Lydia Kemp
22 Aug 1863 by Licence
        Francis Dignam 29 Sailmaker of Madron (Father: Daniel Dignam, Mariner)
        Annabella Merrifield 23 of Madron (Father: Richard Merrifield, Coastguard)
        Witnesses: William H Tonkin, Emma Gully
2 Sep 1863 by Banns
        Richard Pomeroy 27 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Henry Pomeroy, Coastguardman)
        Everilds Cock 28 of Penzance (Father: John Cock, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Francis Cock, Selina Tippett
5 Sep 1863 by Banns
        William Daniel Michell 23 Van Proprietor of Penzance (Father: William Michell, Van Proprietor)
        Catherine Rowe 24 of Penzance (Father: James Rowe, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: George James, Bessie Ann Michell
10 Sep 1863 by Banns
        John Hugh 21 Painter of Penzance (Father: William Hugh, Carpenter)
        Maria Thomas 29 of Madron (Father: Martin Thomas, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Martin Thomas, Mary Vingoe
19 Sep 1863 by Banns
        Francis Carter 25 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Samuel Carter, Fisherman)
        Francis Maria Kidd 19 of Penzance (Father: Jonathan Kidd, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Joseph Kidd, Margaret A Nicholls
22 Sep 1863 by Banns
        William Donnithorne 23 Butcher of Penzance (Father: William Donnithorne, Butcher)
        Anne James 25 of Penzance (Father: Peter James, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Annie Donnithorne, Fred A Cocks
22 Sep 1863 by Licence
        William Thomas Leggo full age Draper of Redruth (Father: John Leggo, Gentleman)
        Elizabeth Ellen Jones full age of Madron (Father: Morris Jones, Merchant Tailor)
        Witnesses: Maurice Jones, L. E. Jones
29 Sep 1863 by Banns
        Samuel Smithard 28 Marble Mason of Penzance (Father: Samuel Smithard, Boat Builder)
        Elizabeth Jane Houlson 25 of Penzance (Father: Samuel Houlson, Cooper)
        Witnesses: Fanny Bradbury, Mary Ann Love
3 Oct 1863 by Banns
        John Rodda 25 Smith of Madron [Mark] (Father: Sampson Rodda, Butcher)
        Elizabeth Jane Allen 27 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Richard Allen, Miner)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Jenkin, Fred A Cocks
7 Oct 1863 by Licence
        John Brockbank full age Farmer of St. Bridget, Cumberland (Father: John Brockbank, Tobacconist)
        Arabella Lucinda Vibert full age of Penzance (Father: John Pope Vibert, Jeweller)
        Witnesses: Thomas Brockbank, Phillippa Grace Hope Vibert
10 Oct 1863 by Banns
        Francis Nicholls 22 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Francis Nicholls, Mariner)
        Eliza Kingston Stevens 22 of Penzance (Father: George Kinston Stevens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Kingston Stevens, Thomas Smith
11 Oct 1863 by Banns
        William Harvey 21 Mason of Penzance (Father: William Harvey, Mason)
        Mary Ann Daniel 21 of Madron (Father: John Daniel, Miner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, J. E. Jenkin
18 Oct 1863 by Banns
        Samuel Drew 25 Carrier of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Bennet Drew, Carrier)
        Eleanor Thomas 28 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Richard Thomas, Foreman Engine Fitter)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Jenkin, Fred A Cocks
18 Oct 1863 by Licence
        William John Doble full age widower Accountant of Madron (Father: Peter Doble, Custom House Officer)
        Mary Ann Trethewy full age of Madron (Father: Richard Trethewy, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Alexander James Rowe, P. Edward Doble
27 Oct 1863 by Banns
        Edwin Jenkin 29 Mariner of Penzance (Father: James Jenkin, Mason)
        Elizabeth Hosking Colenso 21 of Penzance (Father: James Colenso, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: John Jenkin, Jonas Tonkin
7 Nov 1863 by Banns
        William Harvey Paul 20 Mason of Penzance (Father: John Paul, Mason)
        Mary Ann Fry 22 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Fry, Miner)
        Witnesses: Joseph Fry, Fred A Cocks
7 Nov 1863 by Banns
        George Rowe 28 Cooper of Penzance (Father: Henry Rowe, Carrier)
        Ann Nicholls 23 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Nicholls, Engineer)
        Witnesses: Edward Pawley, E. A. Matthews
9 Nov 1863 by Banns
        Thomas Harvey 29 Farmer of Madron (Father: Richard Harvey, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Gilbert 22 of Madron (Father: Jeremiah Gilbert, Farmer)
        Witnesses: J. Gilbert, Fred A Cocks
24 Nov 1863 by Banns
        Samuel Thomas Harris 24 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Richard Harris, Mariner)
        Martha Cornish 25 of Madron (Father: John Cornish, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Cornish, Elizabeth Cornish
29 Nov 1863 by Banns
        John Broad Read 32 widower Labourer of Penzance (Father: William Read, Labourer)
        Mary Jane Thomas 28 widow [Mark] of Madron (Father: Thomas Olds, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: John Richards, Fred A Cocks
1 Dec 1863 by Banns
        Alfred Stevens Williams 24 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: George Williams, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Matthews Cattran 21 [Mark] of Penzance
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Elizabeth Jenkin
5 Dec 1863 by Banns
        John Newton 21 Miner of Zennor [Mark] (Father: John Newton, Butcher)
        Sarah Ann Chappel 24 of Madron (Father: Thomas Chappel, Tin Dresser)
        Witnesses: Jonathan Chappel, Mary Jane Chappel
15 Dec 1863 by Banns
        Samuel Barnes 21 Railway Porter of Penzance (Father: Samuel Barnes, Gardener)
        Anna Polkinghorne Traplin 21 of Penzance (Father: James Traplin, Servant)
        Witnesses: William Friggens, Mary Jane Kent
12 Dec 1863 by Banns
        Thomas Houlson 20 Mason of Penzance (Father: Joel Houlson, Mason)
        Mary Jane Nicholls 19 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Francis Nicholls, Sailor)
        Witnesses: Joel Houlson, Austin Houlson
13 Dec 1863 by Banns
        James Semmens 24 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: James Semmens, Labourer)
        Sarah Matthews Hall 21 of Madron (Father: Henry Hall, Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Simons, Fred A Cocks
24 Dec 1863 by Licence
        Frank Jackson 28 Veterinary Surgeon of Madron (Father: John Jackson, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Ann Gill 24 of Madron (Father: Thomas Gill, Agent)
        Witnesses: Thos. Gill, Louisa Chirgwin
24 Dec 1863 by Banns
        Bartholomew Bottrell 21 Mason of Penzance (Father: Bartholomew Bottrell, Carrier)
        Elizabeth Berryman 21 of Penzance (Father: Edward Berryman, Miner)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Jenkin, Fred A Cocks


9 Jan 1864 by Licence
        Giocomo Carlo Balestrari 21 Mariner of Madron (Father: Luaar Carlo Balestrari, Mariner)
        Emily Fox 18 of Madron (Father: William Fox, Innkeeper)
        Witnesses: Priscilla Kempton, Luizi Dunnini
9 Jan 1864 by Banns
        John Matthews 23 Miner of Madron (Father: John Hatthews, Farmer)
        Sophia Guy 23 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Benjamin Guy, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: Thos Leggo, Eliza Stevens
18 Jan 1864 by Banns
        Walter Treleaven Boyens 32 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Richard Boyens, Fisherman)
        Caroline Rosevear Johnson 20 of Penzance (Father: John Johnson, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Ann Lobb
24 Jan 1864 by Banns
        George Clemence Mitchell 30 Mason of Penzance (Father: John Mitchell, Mason)
        Elizabeth Jane Warren 25 of Penzance (Father: John Warren, Rope Maker)
        Witnesses: William Hosking, Leah Jane Cross
24 Jan 1864 by Banns
        William Gendall 21 Basketmakrer of Penzance (Father: Richard Gendall, Shoemaker)
        Mary Jane Hall 21 of Penzance (Father: Richard Hall, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Hall, Richard Gendall
30 Jan 1864 by Banns
        James Williams 24 Fireman of Penzance (Father: Charles Williams, Miner)
        Jane Thomas 21 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Thomas, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Rowe, Fred A Cocks
7 Feb 1864 by Licence
        William Thomas 27 Shoemaker of Germoe (Father: Thomas Thomas, Grocer)
        Angelina Hutchens 22 of Madron (Father: John Hutchens, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Matthew Thomas, Jane Nankervis
13 Feb 1864 by Banns
        Richard Hall 28 Labourer of Penzance (Father: Thomas Hall, Farmer)
        Eliza Eddy 27 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Eddy, Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Rowe, Mary Elizabeth Rowe
16 Feb 1864 by Banns
        Francis Kimson 47 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Kimson, Labourer)
        Charlotte Williams 30 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Williams, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Emma Keast[?], John Williams
5 Mar 1864 by Banns
        William Matthews 34 Labourer of Madron (Father: William Matthews, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Jane Carkeet 28 [Mark] of Madron (Father: William Carkeet, Miner)
        Witnesses: George Karkeeek, Zacharius Matthews
12 Mar 1864 by Banns
        James Rowe 60 widower Labourer of Gulval (Father: Richard Rowe, Labourer)
        Mary Ann Barnicott 24 of Penzance (Father: John Barnicott, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholas
3 Apr 1864 by Banns
        Richard Annear 19 Shoemaker of Penzance (Father: Richard Annear, Miner)
        Jane Corin 20 of Penzance (Father: Philip Corin, Miner)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Jenkin, James Spargo
4 Apr 1864 by Banns
        Martin Julius Lund 26 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Hemming Andrias Magnus Lund, Schoolmaster)
        Eliza Trice Lane 20 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: George Lane, Watchmaker)
        Witnesses: Ann Nicholls, William Nicholls
5 Apr 1864 by Banns
        Richard Smith Pascoe 21 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Pascoe, Coachman)
        Angelina Vincent 20 of Penzance (Father: Edward Vincent, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Edward Hodge, Ann Hodge
9 Apr 1864 by Licence
        William Eddy full age widower Stone Mason of St. Paul (Father: William Eddy, Farmer)
        Jane Jenkins full age widow of Madron (Father: Alexander Frisken, Pilot)
        Witnesses: Jane Jacka Ellis, John Pearce
10 Apr 1864 by Banns
        John Hall 23 Basket Maker of Penzance (Father: Richard Hall, Labourer)
        Sarah Gilbert 20 of Penzance (Father: William Gilbert, Miner)
        Witnesses: Samuel Warren Hocking, Fred A Cocks
12 Apr 1864 by Banns
        William James Hancock 25 Joiner of Penzance (Father: Robert Hancock, Coastguard)
        Sophia Curnow 25 of Penzance (Father: William Frederick Curnow, Agent)
        Witnesses: W. F. Curnow, H. J. Curnow
16 Apr 1864 by Banns
        Edwin Symons 25 Chandler of Penzance (Father: Samuel Symons, Sawyer)
        Emily Williams 21 of Madron (Father: Thomas Williams, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Isabella Ladner, William Ladner
16 Apr 1864 by Banns
        Francis Kneebone 30 Labourer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Francis Kneebone, Miner)
        Grace Rodda 38 widow of Penzance (Father: Thomas Arundel, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Stephen Rodda, Fred A Cocks
7 May 1864 by Banns
        John Thomas 39 widower Miner of St. Just (Father: Martin Thomas, Miner)
        Maria Wear 36 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Wear, Miner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
2 May 1864 by Banns
        Josiah Jennings Richards 23 Labourer of Madron (Father: James Richards, Labourer)
        Grace Maddern 24 [Mark] of Madron (Father: William Maddern, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Ann Rosewarne, Fred A Cocks
7 May 1864 by Banns
        William Harvey 27 Cooper of Penzance (Father: Benjamin Harvey, Accountant)
        Elizabeth Anna Pengelly 26 of Penzance (Father: John Pengelly, Carrier)
        Witnesses: William L Pengelly, Jane Davies
7 May 1864 by Banns
        Richard Grenfell Reynolds 26 Smelter of Madron (Father: Thomas Reynolds, Labourer)
        Mary Ann Maddern 22 [Mark] of Madron (Father: John Maddern, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Jane Warren, James Maddern
10 May 1864 by Banns
        Stephen James Vingoe 25 Comm.Traveller of Madron (Father: Stephen Vingoe, Miller)
        Elizabeth Polglase 22 of St. Paul (Father: William Polglaze, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nichols
15 May 1864 by Banns
        William John Pearce Jenkins 21 Joiner of Penzance (Father: John Jenkins, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Ann Thomson[?] 20 of Penzance (Father: William Trounson[?], Fruiterer)
        Witnesses: William H Trounson, Harriet Trounson
16 May 1864 by Banns
        James James Bassett 32 Joiner of Penzance (Father: John Bassett, Bootmaker)
        Caroline Charlotte Gay 24 of Penzance (Father: Robert Gay, Agent)
        Witnesses: Ebenezer Gay, Catherine Bassett
16 May 1864 by Banns
        William Semmens 23 Miner of Pendeen, St. Just [Mark] (Father: William Semmens, Miner)
        Mary Ann Maddern 23 [Mark] of Madron (Father: William Maddern, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Francis Thomas, Thomas Semmens
22 May 1864 by Banns
        John Michael Evans 24 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Joseph Evans, Gardener)
        Alice Williams 22 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: George Williams, Mason)
        Witnesses: Michael Williams, Naomi Williams
23 May 1864 by Licence
        Amos Russell 37 widower Lighthouse Keeper of St. Ives (Father: Thomas Russell, Parish Clerk)
        Mary Ann Read 22 of Madron (Father: George Daniel Read, Builder)
        Witnesses: Susan Keast, George Daniel Read, Jas Russell
4 Jun 1864 by Banns
        Thomas Richards 27 Smith of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Thomas Richards, Fisherman)
        Jane Elizabeth King Hitchens Friggens 26 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Richard Friggens, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Richard Friggens, Joseph Smith
5 Jun 1864 by Banns
        Charles Warren 24 Labourer of Penzance [Mark]
        Mary Ann Wills 22 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Henry Wills, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
6 Jun 1864 by Licence
        Thomas Roberts Pengelly 36 Gardener of Madron (Father: William Pengelly, Gentleman)
        Jane Rowe 27 widow of Madron (Father: William Richards, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Richards, Charlotte Ellis
12 Jun 1864 by Banns
        Charles Thomas Richards 24 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Abraham Richards, Fisherman)
        Margaret Bennetts 22 of Penzance (Father: Melchisedeck Bennetts, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Melk Bennetts, Henry Bennetts
13 Jun 1864 by Licence
        Paul Kemp full age Farmer of Madron (Father: Paul Kemp, Yeoman)
        Constance Stephens Glasson 18 of Madron (Father: Richard Bottrell Glasson, Yeoman)
        Witnesses: John Verrant, Paul Kemp
18 Jun 1864 by Banns
        John Jory 22 Servant of Madron (Father: Thomas Jory, Shoemaker)
        Sarah Cleave 27 of Madron (Father: Charles Moiles Nicholls Cleave, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Ackerley, Fred A Cocks
19 Jun 1864 by Banns
        George Pollard Mitchell 22 Labourer of Madron (Father: Richard Mitchell, Fisherman)
        Temperance Bartlett 27 of Penzance (Father: William Bartlett, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Bartlett, Joseph Brown
27 Jun 1864 by Banns
        William Henry Noall 22 Cordwainer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: George Noall, Traveller)
        Mary Jane Kelly 24 of Penzance (Father: William Ellis Kelly, Basket Maker)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
27 Jun 1864 by Licence
        Henry Albert Leigh full age Hosier of Prestbury, Maccclesfield (Father: Joseph Leigh, Builder)
        Mary Richards full age of Madron (Father: Henry Richards, Servant)
        Witnesses: John Potts, John May
3 Jul 1864 by Banns
        William John Uren 22 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Richard Uren, Shoemaker)
        Elizabeth Ann Nichols 23 of Penzance (Father: James Nicholas[?], Confectioner)
        Witnesses: Mary Allen, Albert Wen
17 Jul 1864 by Banns
        Thomas Cock 41 widower Sawyer of Madron [Mark] (Father: Thomas Cock, Labourer)
        Margaret Hosking 34 of Penzance (Father: James Hosking, Labourer)
        Witnesses: James H Hosking, Ursula M Fradgean
20 Jul 1864 by Licence
        Richard Hicks 38 widower Master Mariner of Penzance (Father: Richard Hicks, Farmer)
        Sarah Bennett 28 of Penzance (Father: William Bennett, Coastguard)
        Witnesses: Grace Richards, Fred A Cocks
21 Jul 1864 by Banns
        John Gendall 25 Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: Richard Gendall, Cordwainer)
        Ann Thomas 24 of Penzance (Father: Richard Thomas, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Liddicoat, James Kitto
30 Jul 1864 by Banns
        John Vencil Just 31 Painter of Penzance (Father: Francis Just, Coachman)
        Mary Ann Thomas 27 of Penzance (Father: Richard Thomas, Baker)
        Witnesses: Louisa Thomas, Richard Thomas
30 Jul 1864 by Banns
        George John Miller 22 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Peter Miller, Servant)
        Catherine Ann Rowe 22 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Rowe, Stone Mason)
        Witnesses: Mary Prudence Soper, [?] Alden[?]
31 Jul 1864 by Banns
        John William Hodder 25 Smith of Penzance (Father: James Hodder, Sailor)
        Elizabeth Johns 22 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Johns, Custom House Officer)
        Witnesses: T. Johns, J. Arundel Ferris
6 Aug 1864 by Banns
        James Henry Odgers 27 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: James Odgers, Miner)
        Johanna Jenkin 26 of Madron (Father: Stephen Jenkin, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Stephen Jenkin, Sarah Corin
7 Aug 1864 by Banns
        William Thomas Reynolds 22 Labourer of Penzance (Father: Martin Reynolds, Labourer)
        Bridget Bamfylde 21 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Henry Bamfylde, Mine Agent)
        Witnesses: Henry Boase, Mary Jane Pawley
13 Aug 1864 by Banns
        John Jenkin 26 Cordwainer of Madron (Father: John Jenkin, Miner)
        Elizabeth Grenfell 21 of Madron (Father: John Grenfell, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: John Grenfell, Nicholas Webb
14 Aug 1864 by Licence
        Thomas Reynolds 35 Butcher of Penzance (Father: Thomas Reynolds, Carpenter)
        Priscilla Oats 35 of Penzance (Father: Richard Oats, Butcher)
        Witnesses: John Downing, Fred A Cocks
21 Aug 1864 by Licence
        Robert Hawker Peniel[?] Preston 27 Photographer of Madron (Father: John Preston, Gentleman)
        Harriet Ann Snell Body 21 of Callington (Father: Thomas Body, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: J. M. Smith, Fred A Cocks
23 Aug 1864 by Banns
        Thomas Rodda 31 Butcher of Penzance (Father: William Rodda, Butcher)
        Alice Trudgen 31 of Penzance (Father: Richard Trudgen, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Mary Rodda, Fred A Cocks
3 Sep 1864 by Banns
        George Knight Mitchell 39 widower Engine Fireman of Penzance (Father: John Mitchell, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Rowe 32 of Penzance (Father: William Rowe, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
4 Sep 1864 by Banns
        John Odgers 25 Engine Fitter of Penzance (Father: Joseph Odgers, Mine Agent)
        Emma Drew 21 of Penzance (Father: John Drew, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Frost, Elizabeth Newton
4 Sep 1864 by Banns
        John Henry Berryman 23 Labourer of Penzance (Father: George Berryman, Miner)
        Mary Ann Martin 24 of Madron (Father: William Martin, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Mary Ann Newton, Wm Martin
10 Sep 1864 by Licence
        William Andrew 27 Master Mariner of Madron (Father: John Andrew, Master Mariner)
        Catherine Ann Pentreath 19 of Madron (Father: Nicholas Pentreath, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Robert James Andrew, Esther Ann Pentreath
12 Sep 1864 by Licence
        John Trathon 21 Miner of Sancreed (Father: John Trathon, Miner)
        Elizabeth Shadford 22 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Richard Shadford, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Shadford, John Shadford
21 Sep 1864 by Banns
        John Mitchell 31 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Mitchell, Mariner)
        Ann Pascoe 29 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Pascoe, Miner)
        Witnesses: E. H. Nankervis, Fred A Cocks
1 Oct 1864 by Licence
        James Pearce 36 Gentleman of London (Father: James Pearce, Grocer)
        Jane Courtenay Edmonds 32 of Penzance (Father: Walter Edmonds, Painter)
        Witnesses: Walter Edmonds, Catherine Branwell Edmonds
4 Oct 1864 by Licence
        George Alexander Waters 41 Staff Comm.R.N. of St. Gluvias (Father: Frederick Waters, Major R.M)
        Johanna Bennett 27 of Madron (Father: William Dicker Bennett, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: William Dicker Bennett, William Shepheard Bennett
25 Oct 1864 by Licence
        James Bache full age Civil Engineer of St. Austell (Father: John Bache, Iron Founder)
        Ellen Dorothy Jones full age of Madron (Father: John Jones, Boot/Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Maurice Evan Jones, Catherine E Jones, Anne Climas, Hariet S[?]
5 Nov 1864 by Licence
        Henry Roach 25 Accountant of Madron (Father: Paul Roach, Mine Agent)
        Sarah Richards Hollow 26 of Madron (Father: Mark Hollow, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Paul Roach, Fred A Cocks
6 Nov 1864 by Banns
        John Nicholls 22 Statuary Mason of Penzance (Father: William Barnes Nicholls, Cabinet Maker)
        Josepha Morris Tremethick 20 of Penzance (Father: John Tremethick, Mason)
        Witnesses: John Tremethick, William H Nicholls
12 Nov 1864 by Banns
        Francis Cargeeg 23 Miner of Madron [Mark] (Father: John Cargeeg, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Nankervis 23 [Mark] of Madron (Father: John Nankervis, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Nankervis, John Cargeeg
21 Nov 1864 by Banns
        Peter Perry 36 Cordwainer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Bennet Perry, Miner)
        Grace Richards 36 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Richards, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: John Bradbury, Fred A Cocks
26 Nov 1864 by Banns
        Nicholas Thomas Nicholls 24 Farmer of Madron (Father: William Nicholls, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Jenkin 24 of Madron (Father: William Henry Jenkin, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: William Henry Jenkin, Richard Nicholls, B. Bone
27 Nov 1864 by Banns
        Joseph Morris Richards 19 Baker of Penzance (Father: Stephen Richards, Baker)
        Emily Daniel 20 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Daniel, Watchmaker)
        Witnesses: William Daniel, M. A. Daniel
29 Nov 1864 by Licence
        Joseph Perkins 23 Builder of Penzance (Father: Joseph Perkins, Builer)
        Emma Norton 19 of Penzance (Father: William Norton, Ironmonger)
        Witnesses: William Norton, Winthrop M Praed
30 Nov 1864 by Banns
        James Burne 60 widower Schoolmaster of Zennor (Father: James Burne, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Leecher Evans 50 widow [Mark] of Madron (Father: Thomas Hosking, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thos. Edwards, Robert Kneebone
1 Dec 1864 by Banns
        George Henry Savage 25 Compositor of Penzance (Father: George Savage, Baker)
        Susan Mary Wearne 21 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Wearne, Mason)
        Witnesses: Thos. Wearne, E. A. Savage
6 Dec 1864 by Banns
        Benjamin Liddicoat 29 Mason of Penzance (Father: Samuel Liddicoat, Carpenter)
        Ann Hampson 28 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Hampson, Miller)
        Witnesses: James Halse, Julia Halse
6 Dec 1864 by Banns
        William Charles Green 20 Mason of Penzance [Mark] (Father: William Green, Labourer)
        Jane Ellis 18 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Ellis, Mason)
        Witnesses: George Cottis, Mary Carne
10 Dec 1864 by Banns
        Henry White 22 Labourer of Madron (Father: John White, Highway Surveyor)
        Jane Rowe 21 of Madron (Father: John Rowe, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: John Rowe, John White
18 Dec 1864 by Banns
        Samuel Hawes 19 Basket Maker of Penzance (Father: John Hawes, Shoemaker)
        Mary Ann Kessell 17 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Daniel Kessell, Printer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Hawes, Grace Alice Andrewartha
24 Dec 1864 by Banns
        Benjamin Reynolds 22 Gardener of Penzance (Father: Martin Reynolds, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Batten 29 of Penzance (Father: Alexander Batten, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Charles Batten, Catherin Batten
26 Dec 1864 by Banns
        Richard Hill 22 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Richard Hill, Ship Carpenter)
        Jane Williams 22 of Penzance (Father: William Williams, Waggoner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Williams, William Williams
27 Dec 1864 by Licence
        William Mcdougall 27 Draper of Madron (Father: William Mcdougall, Chemist)
        Catherine Eathorne 25 of Madron (Father: James Eathorne, Cooper)
        Witnesses: Simon Eathorne, Chs. Eathorne
28 Dec 1864 by Banns
        William Guy 24 Farmer of Madron (Father: James Guy, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Ann Vingoe 20 of Madron (Father: John Vingoe, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Rodda, Wm John Vingoe
31 Dec 1864 by Banns
        Henry Thomas Matthews Carne 27 Tailor of Penzance (Father: John Carne, Labourer)
        Eliza Glasson Trevelyan 27 of Penzance (Father: John Trevelyan, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Catherine Lanyon, Fred A Cocks


3 Jan 1865 by Banns
        Thomas Walter Sandrey 23 Schoolmaster of Illogan (Father: William Sandrey, Schoolmaster)
        Caroline Whitburn 25 of Madron (Father: William Whitburn, Warrant Officer)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
3 Jan 1865 by Banns
        John Branch 24 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Branch, Miner)
        Jane Harris 21 of Penzance (Father: John Harris, Police Officer)
        Witnesses: Richard Harris, Mary Harris
7 Jan 1865 by Banns
        Francis Charles Thomas 24 Mason of Penzance (Father: Francis Thomas, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Pool 23 of Penzance (Father: William Pool, Mason)
        Witnesses: Francis Thomas, Fred A Cocks
8 Jan 1865 by Banns
        John Jolliffe 28 Mason of Penzance (Father: John Jolliffe, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Ann Collins 25 of Penzance (Father: Alexander Collins, Miner)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
15 Jan 1865 by Banns
        William Henry Searle 21 Mason of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Francis Searle, Sawyer)
        Martha Kent 22 of Penzance
        Witnesses: Francis Searle, Ann Maria Searle
16 Jan 1865 by Banns
        John Lawry 27 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Lawry, Tin Smelter)
        Mary Jane Green 19 of Madron (Father: William Green, Baker)
        Witnesses: Wm. Green, Elizabth Toy
22 Jan 1865 by Banns
        Edwin George Caddy Cook 21 Labourer of Madron (Father: John Cook, Coast Guard)
        Amelia Hicks 25 of Madron (Father: George Hicks, Joiner)
        Witnesses: William Samuel Pengelly, Grace Pengelly
4 Feb 1865 by Banns
        James Crocker Matthews 55 widower Retired Butcher of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Richard Matthews, Mason)
        Mary Clark 55 widow of Penzance (Father: William Bosence, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
5 Feb 1865 by Banns
        William Murphy 26 Hatter of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Murphy, Marble Mason)
        Mary Jane Trenwith 22 of Penzance (Father: William Trenwith, Boot/Shoe Maker)
        Witnesses: Richard Hawes, Fred A Cocks
6 Feb 1865 by Licence
        Elias Goliath Cooper 22 Merchant of St. Thomas, Birmingham (Father: Jesse Cooper, Merchant)
        Mary Ann Corin 27 of Madron (Father: William Corin, Yeoman)
        Witnesses: Jacob Corin, Elizabeth Corin
11 Feb 1865 by Banns
        William Roberts 21 Gardener of Madron (Father: Abraham Roberts, Surveyor)
        Elizabeth Guy 21 of Madron (Father: William Guy, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Guy, Jane Guy
18 Feb 1865 by Licence
        Edwin Daves 29 Sailor of Madron (Father: William Semmens Daves, Master Mariner)
        Jane Foster 26 of Madron (Father: John Foster, Accountant)
        Witnesses: R. F. Marrack, William Tonkin Banks
18 Feb 1865 by Banns
        Joseph Harry 22 Miner of St. Just [Mark] (Father: James Harry, Miner)
        Elizabeth Ann Hollow 18 of Madron (Father: William Hollow, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Wills, Elizabeth Ann Rogers
19 Feb 1865 by Banns
        Thomas Mathews 23 Shoemaker of Penzance (Father: George Mathews, Shoemaker)
        Charlotte Uren 23 of Penzance (Father: John Uren, Painter)
        Witnesses: George Mathews, Caroline Uren
25 Feb 1865 by Banns
        Stephen Legg 26 Shipwright of Penzance (Father: Stephen Legg, Master Mariner)
        Ellen Grose 22 of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Grose, Hatter)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Grose, Grace Grose, Sarah Grose
26 Feb 1865 by Banns
        Christopher Olver 29 Tailor of Penzance (Father: John Olver, Butcher.)
        Mary Townshend 36 [Mark] of Penzance
        Witnesses: William Glasson, [?] Barnicott
1 Mar 1865 by Banns
        William Bennetts 19 Miner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Richard Bennetts, Miner)
        Elizabeth Jane Richards 19 of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Richards, Miner)
        Witnesses: Samuel Hawes, Mary Annhawes
5 Mar 1865 by Banns
        Edwin Nicholls 21 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: William Nicholls, Upholsterer)
        Elizabeth Mildren 25 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Thomas Mildren, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Henry Nicholls, Mary Jane Nicholls
9 Mar 1865 by Banns
        Joham Fischer 25 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Carlo Fischer, Banker)
        Priscilla Corkill 26 of Penzance (Father: George Corkell, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Mary Ann Bottrell, Fred A Cocks
10 Mar 1865 by Licence
        John Cuming full age widower Farmer of Tingewick, Bucks (Father: John Cuming, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Broad Rogers full age of Madron (Father: William Rogers, Merchant S[T]Ailor)
        Witnesses: William Rogers, Fred A Cocks
11 Mar 1865 by Banns
        Samuel Jennings 22 Sailor of Penzance (Father: Samuel Jennins, Sailor)
        Anne Rowe 22 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Peter Rowe, Thatcher)
        Witnesses: William Charles Rowe, Sarah Jennings
11 Mar 1865 by Banns
        Richard Hand 20 Miner of Ludgvan (Father: John Hand, Miner)
        Sarah Ann Simmons 20 of Madron (Father: James Simmons, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Simmons, Catherine Jane Simmons
14 Mar 1865 by Banns
        John Bone 25 Miner of St. Just (Father: John Bone, Miner)
        Elizabeth Bone 23 of Madron (Father: Richard Bone, Miner)
        Witnesses: Henry Nicholas, John Eddy
19 Mar 1865 by Banns
        William Henry Tonkin 43 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Pascoe Tonkin, Shipwright)
        Eliza Williams Tredwin 33 of Penzance (Father: Henry Tredwin, Baker)
        Witnesses: Edwin Tredwin, W. J. Tredwin
21 Mar 1865 by Banns
        James Wilson 27 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Wilson, Farmer)
        Catherine Lanyon 26 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Francis Lanyon, Labourer)
        Witnesses: F. Lanyon, Leah Maslen
2 Apr 1865 by Banns
        William Gilbert 24 Labourer of Madron (Father: Thomas Gilbert, Carpenter)
        Sophia Wright 30 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Joseph Wright, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Wright, Fred A Cocks
8 Apr 1865 by Banns
        George Philias Williams 25 Mason of Penzance (Father: James Williams, Mason)
        Mary Ann Eddy 27 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Eddy, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Alexander Brander, Grace Badcock
13 Apr 1865 by Banns
        Robert Johns Kneebone 28 Carpenter of Madron (Father: Henry Kneebone, Smelter)
        Louisa Ann Rundle 23 of Madron (Father: Robert Rundle, Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Bone[?], Fred A Cocks
15 Apr 1865 by Banns
        James Clemens Hosken 25 Miner of Penzance (Father: James Hosken, Miner)
        Mary Ann Calf Hill 29 of Penzance (Father: Philip Calf Hill, Pilot)
        Witnesses: Mary Baynard Kemp Berryman, Philip C Hill
21 Apr 1865 by Banns
        John Jewitt 22 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Robert Jewitt, Butcher)
        Elizabeth Halse 21 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: James Halse, Mason)
        Witnesses: Matthew Bawden, Julia Halse
25 Apr 1865 by Licence
        Henry Gurney 35 Gentleman of Penzance (Father: Thomas Gurney, Gentleman)
        Susan Wintle Chime 35 widow of Penzance (Father: Edmond Vimpory, Maltster)
        Witnesses: William Norton, Catharine Andrew
30 Apr 1865 by Banns
        William Henry Jory 23 Labourer of Madron (Father: William Jory, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Jane Daniel 23 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Thomas Daniell, Miner)
        Witnesses: Joseph Wallis, Michael Richards
7 May 1865 by Banns
        John Marshall Bromley 22 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: John Marshall Bromley, Merchant)
        Mary Jane Semmens 23 [Mark] of Madron (Father: John Semmens, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Thomas Spargo, John Richards
14 May 1865 by Banns
        Joseph Harris 25 Stonemason of Penzance (Father: William Harris, Mason)
        Mary Elizabeth Wearne 26 of Penzance (Father: John Wearne, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Henry[?], Catherine Wearne
14 May 1865 by Banns
        Richard Brewer Stewart 24 Cellarman of Penzance (Father: George Stewart, Mariner)
        Rebecca Excelby 24 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Exelby, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Exelby, Catherine Susan Minner
15 May 1865 by Banns
        Frederick Kessel 33 Painter of Penzance (Father: William Kessel, Gardener)
        Ann Fry 28 [Mark] of Penzance
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Ford, Thomas Spargo
16 May 1865 by Banns
        John Reseigh 25 Gardener of Madron [Mark] (Father: Thomas Reseigh, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Mary Collins 23 of Madron (Father: Richard Collins, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Richard Collins, William Thomas Collins
21 May 1865 by Banns
        Charles Tonkin 22 Mason of Penzance (Father: William Tonkin, Mason)
        Eliza Spiring 26 of Penzance (Father: Sylvester Spiring, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: William Tonkin, Fred A Cocks
21 May 1865 by Banns
        Moses Williams Lisle 29 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Moses Williams Lucon Lisle, Master Tailor)
        Grace Taylor 29 widow of Penzance (Father: John Williams, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Thomas Langsworthy, Charlotte Grose
27 May 1865 by Banns
        Andrew Nicholls Dale 21 Baker of Penzance (Father: John Dale, Baker)
        Lydia Davies 22 of Penzance (Father: Francis Davies, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Francis Davies, Emily Rule
29 May 1865 by Banns
        William Hocking 25 Miner of Madron [Mark] (Father: Simon Hocking, Farmer)
        Grace Bonetto 26 of Madron (Father: William Bonetto, Mason)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
5 Jun 1865 by Banns
        William Lelean Hingston 30 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: William Hingston, Cordwainer)
        Mary Bowden 25 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Bowden, Miner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
10 Jun 1865 by Banns
        William Warren Richards 31 Cooper of Penzance (Father: William Mathews Richards, Cooper)
        Elizabeth Michell Crocker 25 of Penzance (Father: Charles Crocker, Upholsterer)
        Witnesses: Charles Crocker, Ellen Crocker
11 Jun 1865 by Banns
        Francis Ninnis 23 Post Office Messenger of Gulval (Father: Francis Ninnis, Tinplate Worker)
        Mary Margaret Dustow 21 of Penzance (Father: James Dustow, Mason)
        Witnesses: James Dustow, Eliza Ann Ninnis
28 Jun 1865 by Banns
        Richard Keen 21 Carrier of Penzance [Mark] (Father: William Keen, Shoemaker)
        Susan Drew 20 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Benjamin Drew, Carrier)
        Witnesses: John Keen, Fred A Cocks
1 Jul 1865 by Banns
        John James Mitchell 26 Mason of Penzance (Father: William Mitchell, Mason)
        Elizabeth Moyle 28 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Moyle, Miner)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
16 Jul 1865 by Banns
        John Ferris 35 widower Servant of Penzance (Father: William Ferris, Farmer)
        Mary Williams 26 of Penzance (Father: James Williams, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: Mary Williams, James Warren
19 Jul 1865 by Banns
        Alfred Tonkin 25 Labourer of Madron (Father: Alfred Tonkin, Miner)
        Mary Barnes 20 M(Tonkin) of Penzance (Father: Samuel Barnes, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Samuel Tregonning, Susan Barnes
22 Jul 1865 by Banns
        James Uren 25 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Uren, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Branch 21 of Penzance (Father: John Branch, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: John Branch, Jane Branch
30 Jul 1865 by Banns
        John Lawry 22 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: John Lawry, Labourer)
        Mary Nicholls Cock 20 [Mark] of Madron (Father: John Cock, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Cock, Fred A Cocks
2 Aug 1865 by Licence
        Humphry Davy 28 Surgeon of Madron (Father: John Bader Davy, Merchant)
        Ellen Davy 21 of Madron (Father: Edmund Davy, Draper)
        Witnesses: Edward Davey, Ann Marshall Davy
3 Aug 1865 by Licence
        James Fox 27 Mariner of Madron (Father: John Fox, Gardener)
        Mary Harvey Friggens 28 of Madron (Father: John Friggens, Relieving Officer)
        Witnesses: John Fox, John Friggens
16 Aug 1865 by Banns
        Thomas Hollow 27 Accountant of Uny Lelant (Father: William Hollow, Mine Agent)
        Ada Pool 29 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Poole[?], Wine Merchant)
        Witnesses: Thomas Pool, Treeza Pool, Mary Pool, W. J. Mathews Jr
19 Aug 1865 by Licence
        James Brown 68 widower Carpenter of Aldingbank[?], Sussex (Father: William Brown, Carpenter)
        Jane Mitchell 50 of Madron (Father: Michael Mitchell, Shipwright)
        Witnesses: Samuel Treweeke, Jane Annie Hodder
20 Aug 1865 by Banns
        Joseph Jeffery 27 Seaman of Madron [Mark] (Father: James Jeffery, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Jane Oats 25 of Madron (Father: James Oats, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
22 Aug 1865 by Banns
        Nicholas Cock 32 widower Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: Thomas Cock, Labourer)
        Jane James 37 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Thomas James, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
26 Aug 1865 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Stewart 24 Plumber of Penzance (Father: Thomas Stewart, Plumber)
        Alice Richards Hall 26 of Penzance (Father: James Hall, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Joseph Hall, Fred Rodda
31 Aug 1865 by Licence
        James Williams full age widower Farmer of St. Marys Scilly (Father: Thomas Williams, Farmer)
        Irice[?] Hicks full age widow of Madron (Father: John Wood, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Annie Hicks, Richard Mumford
2 Sep 1865 by Banns
        Charles Jory 22 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: William Jory, Carpenter)
        Grace Elizabeth Grose 22 of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Grose, Bailiff)
        Witnesses: Frederick Miners, Jane Annie Hodder
5 Sep 1865 by Banns
        Adolphus George Roach 23 Shoemaker of Penzance [Mark] (Father: William Roach, Shoemaker)
        Amelia Jane Tregaskis 22 of Penzance (Father: Charles Tregaskes, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Wm. Roach, Maria Roach
6 Sep 1865 by Banns
        William Arthur Nicholas 24 Joiner of Penzance (Father: Edmund Nicholas, Ship Carpenter)
        Louisa Hawken 24 of Penzance (Father: John Hawken, Painter)
        Witnesses: Walter Mitchell, Matilda Hawkin
7 Sep 1865 by Banns
        John Carrick Williams 34 Basket Maker of Penzance (Father: John Carelli Williams, Dentist)
        Mary Pagan 23 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Pagan, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: George Rowe, Fred A Cocks
10 Sep 1865 by Banns
        Joseph Maslen 26 Mason of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Joseph Maslen, Mason)
        Catherine Ann James 28 widow of Penzance (Father: Robert Collenzo, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: James Coleman, E. H. Jenkin
17 Sep 1865 by Banns
        John Richards 21 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: James Richards, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Ann Lobb 17 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Nicholas Lobb, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Cock, Eliza Jenkin
19 Sep 1865 by Licence
        James Bannikster Sly 26 Artist/Engraver of Greenwich (Father: Bannister Sly, Gentleman)
        Harriet Bosustow 19 of Madron (Father: John Bosustow, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: E. A. Matthews, Fanny E Ply[?]
4 Oct 1865 by Banns
        Louis Arteve 37 Labourer of Penzance [Mark]
        Eliza Pearce 44 widow [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Charles George, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
8 Oct 1865 by Banns
        Francis Gendall 22 Mason of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Thomas Gendall, Labourer)
        Martha Denithorne 25 of Chyandour (Father: Richard Denithorne, Tanner)
        Witnesses: Richard Denithorne, John Harris
8 Oct 1865 by Banns
        Charles Phillips 26 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: James Phillips, Town Crier)
        Eliza Stevens 24 of Penzance (Father: William Stevens, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: William Stevens, Thomas J Stevens
9 Oct 1865 by Banns
        John Davies 25 Labourer of Penzance (Father: William Davies, Labourer)
        Ellen Bramble 24 of Penzance (Father: John Bramble, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: John Seecombe, Catgherine Seecombe
16 Oct 1865 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Maddern 26 Gardener of Madron (Father: William Maddern, Gardener)
        Martha Maddern 25 of Madron (Father: John Maddern, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Maddern, Eliza Jane Maddern
23 Oct 1865 by Banns
        James Thurben 34 Cordwainer of Penzance
        Catherine Chirgwin 20 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Chirgwin, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Tonkin, Wm Tonkin
24 Oct 1865 by Banns
        John Wills 22 Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: John Wills, Cordwainer)
        Elizabeth Ann Rogers 17 of Penzance (Father: Daniel Rogers, Warehouseman)
        Witnesses: Daniel Rogers, Mary Rogers
29 Oct 1865 by Banns
        James Williams 24 Foreman Tailor of Penzance (Father: Peter Williams, Post Office Messenger)
        Mary Williams 21 of Penzance (Father: Edward Williams, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: James Richards, Fred A Cocks
31 Oct 1865 by Banns
        Edward Blewett Ellis 27 Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: Edward Blewett Ellis, Cordwainer)
        Catherine Forward 28 of Penzance (Father: Richard Forward, Coastguard)
        Witnesses: Charles Henry Barnes, Selina Forward
5 Nov 1865 by Banns
        John Nicholas 23 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: William Nicholas, Shoemaker)
        Emma Jenkyn 26 of Penzance (Father: William Jenkyn, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: William Nicholas, Fred A Cocks
5 Nov 1865 by Banns
        Daniel Rogers 22 Cellarman of Penzance (Father: Daniel Rogers, Gardener)
        Maria Richards 27 of Penzance (Father: John Richards, Engineman)
        Witnesses: Wm Jasper, Fred A Cocks
6 Nov 1865 by Banns
        William Lawry 24 Mariner of Penzance (Father: William Lawrey, Storekeeper)
        Jerusha Frances Ladner 23 of Penzance (Father: Edward Ladner, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
8 Nov 1865 by Banns
        William Alexander Maule 44 Nurseryman of St. Philip & St. Jacob, Bristol (Father: W.William Maule, Nurseryman)
        Treaza Pool 38 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Pool, Wine Merchant)
        Witnesses: Thomas F Pool, R. R. Bamfield, Louisa Maule
12 Nov 1865 by Banns
        Thomas Langsworthy 28 Coach Trimmer of Penzance (Father: Thomas Langsworthy, Coach Trimmer)
        Mary Lovering James 19 of Penzance (Father: William James, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Wm Bennetts, Emily James
12 Nov 1865 by Banns
        Thomas Richards 26 widower Mason of Penzance [Mark] (Father: William Richards, Stone Mason)
        Jane Dowe 30 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Anthony Dowe, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Josiah Honychurch, Mary Woolcock Hay
13 Nov 1865 by Banns
        James Harris Rowe 22 Driver of Penzance (Father: John Rowe, Mariner)
        Elizabeth Jenkin 19 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Jenkin, Gardener)
        Witnesses: John Rowe, Julia Rowe
15 Nov 1865 by Banns
        Thomas Legg 22 Ship Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Tobias Legg, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Hill 21 of Penzance (Father: Richard Hill, Ship Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Richard Hill, M. Hill
1 Dec 1865 by Licence
        Jacob Edwards full age Farmer of St. Just (Father: Martin Edwards, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Marrack full age of Madron (Father: Alexander Rowe Marrack, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: Caroline Marrack, Fred A Cocks
2 Dec 1865 by Licence
        Frederick Rodda 21 Printer of Camborne (Father: Joseph Rodda, Miner)
        Bessie Stewart 20 of Madron (Father: Thomas Stewart, Plumber)
        Witnesses: Thos. Stewart, Priscilla Jenkins
2 Dec 1865 by Banns
        James Spargo 21 Potter of Penzance (Father: John Spargo, Stone Mason)
        Elizabeth Fanny Bartlett 20 of Penzance (Father: John Bartlett, Coach Maker)
        Witnesses: Thomas Berryman, Ann Coral[?]
2 Dec 1865 by Licence
        John Sherris Brown 27 Accountant of S.Gregory, London (Father: John Sherris Brown, Accountant)
        Mary Elizabeth Mumford Charles 26 of Madron (Father: Henry Charles, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: H. King, Francis J, [?]Anne Broen, Helen Charles, Etc.
3 Dec 1865 by Banns
        Joseph Williams 21 Labourer of Penzance (Father: Joseph Williams, Labourer)
        Mary Jane David[?] 21 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Daniel[?], Carrier)
        Witnesses: Thom. Daniel, Fred A Cocks
4 Dec 1865 by Banns
        Thomas Richard Mathews 42 widower Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: Thomas Mathews, Cordwainer)
        Elizabeth Ann Bennetts Penberthy 30 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Penberthy, Miner)
        Witnesses: James H Pearce;Fred A Cocks
6 Dec 1865 by Banns
        Samuel Hall 19 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Samuel Hall, Carrier)
        Julia Yeats 19 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Years[?], Marine Store Dealer)
        Witnesses: John Chudleigh, Elizabeth Chudleigh
17 Dec 1865 by Banns
        John Rowe 48 widower Mason of Penzance (Father: William Rowe, Shoemaker)
        Cecilia Paynter Alder 46 widow of Penzance (Father: Henry Stevens, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Charles Mabbatt[?], Grace Daniel Rowe
24 Dec 1865 by Banns
        Edward Williams 22 Mason of Penzance (Father: George Williams, Mason)
        Elizabeth Ann Welch 19 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Welch, Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Williams, Naomi Williams
24 Dec 1865 by Banns
        Emanuel Charles Jenkin 23 Mason of Penzance [Mark] (Father: James Jenkin, Mason)
        Elizabeth Ann Grenfell 23 of Penzance (Father: Richard Grenfell, Miner)
        Witnesses: Dorcas Jenkin, John Grenfell

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