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6 Jan 1866 by Banns
        Martin Wills 22 Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: John Wills, Cordwainer)
        Selina Ann Lobb 24 [Mark] of Madron
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
7 Jan 1866 by Banns
        Joseph Mitchell 28 Postboy of Penzance (Father: Pascoe Mitchell, Postboy)
        Annie Penninston 25 of Penzance (Father: James Penninston, Military Officer)
        Witnesses: Wm Bennett, Anngelina Mitchell
13 Jan 1866 by Banns
        Henry Boase 35 Painter of Penzance (Father: Henry Boase, Shoemaker)
        Elizabeth Semmens 27 of Penzance (Father: John Semmens, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Thomas Boase, Emily Perry
28 Jan 1866 by Banns
        Richard Baxter Hocken 26 Labourer of Penzance (Father: Richard Hocken, Bookseller)
        Louisa Lanyon 30 of Penzance (Father: William Lanyon, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Sarah Lanyon, Susan Hocken
1 Feb 1866 by Licence
        William Henry Matthews 34 Ship Carpenter of Madron (Father: George Matthews, Mariner)
        Grace Ann Roberts 28 of Madron (Father: Michael Roberts, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Michael Roberts, Hannah Eddy
3 Feb 1866 by Banns
        Thomas Smith 22 Roper of Penzance (Father: Thomas Smith, Mariner)
        Elizabeth Kingston Stevens 20 of Penzance (Father: George Kingston Stevens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Francis Nicholls, John Smith
6 Feb 1866 by Banns
        Joseph Rowe 34 widower Porter of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Michael Rowe, Porter)
        Mary Bishop 33 of Penzance (Father: William Bishop, Miner)
        Witnesses: Michael Hy Rowe, Elizabeth Rowe
12 Feb 1866 by Banns
        James Henry Pearce 26 Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: James Henry Pearce, Cordwainer)
        Maria Parkins 24 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Isaac Parkins, Waggoner)
        Witnesses: Henry Thomas Pryor, Elizabeth Badcock
17 Feb 1866 by Banns
        William Henry Thomas 26 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: Stephen Thomas, Gardener)
        Mary Moorshead 25 of Penzance (Father: Arthur Moorshead, Miner)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
18 Feb 1866 by Banns
        William Henry Saundry 20 Butcher of Penzance (Father: William Saundry, Farmer)
        Sarah Ann Maddern 22 of Penzance (Father: William Maddern, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Edward James, Joseph Maddern
1 Mar 1866 by Banns
        Walter Henry Locke 22 School Assistant of Penzance (Father: William Locke, Horse Trainer)
        Sarah Ann Rodda 22 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Rodda, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Ann Rodda, Fred A Cocks
3 Mar 1866 by Banns
        John Trewhella 23 Blacksmith of Madron (Father: William Trewhella, Dairyman)
        Jessie Bone 22 of Madron (Father: William Bone, Innkeeper)
        Witnesses: B Bone, C. H. Trewhella
5 Mar 1866 by Banns
        Charles Green 23 Mason of Penzance (Father: William Green, Baker)
        Elizabeth Toy 24 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Stephen Toy, Miner)
        Witnesses: Stephen Toy, Marey Jane [?]
11 Mar 1866 by Banns
        Albert Pellew 23 Mason of Penzance (Father: Thomas Pellew, Carpenter)
        Elizabeth Foss 22 of Madron (Father: Thomas Foss, Artist)
        Witnesses: Edwin Pellow, Elizabeth Ann Pellow
18 Mar 1866 by Banns
        William John Tredwin 21 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: Henry Tredwin, Baker)
        Margaret Medlin 22 of Penzance (Father: John Medlin, Bailiff)
        Witnesses: Edwin Tredwin, Elizabeth Tredwin
26 Mar 1866 by Banns
        William Curtis 29 Groom of Camborne (Father: Thomas Curtis, Fisherman)
        Mary Allen Kendall 23 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Francis Kendall, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: George Rowe, Amanda Colenson
26 Mar 1866 by Banns
        Benjamin Hosking Nicholls 24 Limeburner of Penzance (Father: Richard Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Catherine Thomas 23 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: George Thomas, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
3 Apr 1866 by Licence
        William Francis Rowe 28 Grocer of Madron (Father: William Rowe, Ship Owner)
        Anna Maria Friggens 22 of Madron (Father: John Friggens, Relieving Officer)
        Witnesses: John Friggens, Marylawrence, Loveday A W Frigggens
8 Apr 1866 by Banns
        William Cock 22 Sawyer of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Cock, Miner)
        Arabella Douglas Thomas 28 of Penzance (Father: John Major Thomas, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Rose M Thomas, J Eddy
9 Apr 1866 by Licence
        William Thomas Bennetts 24 Cabinet Maker of Madron (Father: William Bennetts, Builder)
        Eliza Catherine Nicholas 23 of Madron (Father: William Nicholas, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Bennetts, Mary Ann Nicholas
16 Apr 1866 by Banns
        Charles Henry Barnes 31 Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: Richard Barnes, Coachman)
        Selina Margaret Forward 29 of Penzance (Father: Richard Forward, Coastguard)
        Witnesses: Henry T Pryor, Fred A Cocks
18 Apr 1866 by Licence
        George Bastian 58 widower Superan.Coastguard of Isles Of Scilly (Father: George Bastian, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Tregear 58 widow of Madron (Father: John Thomas, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: James Hall, Joyce Woodcock
21 Apr 1866 by Banns
        Walter Semmens 22 Shipwright of Penzance (Father: Joseph Semmens, Shipwright)
        Elizabeth Rich 22 of Penzance (Father: Arthur Rich, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edwin Simmens, Mary Rich
29 Apr 1866 by Banns
        Thomas Polmear 25 Miner of Zennor (Father: John Polmear, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Medlin 26 of Penzance (Father: John Medlin, Bailiff)
        Witnesses: Wm. John Tredwin, Margaret Tredwin
5 May 1866 by Banns
        Thomas Hill 28 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Charles Hill, Clerk)
        Elizabeth Murray 21 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Murray, Schoolmaster)
        Witnesses: Charles Hodge, Mary Ann Murray
12 May 1866 by Banns
        John Vingoe 55 widower Farmer of Madron (Father: William Vingoe, Farmer)
        Caroline Jenkin 28 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Enoch Jenkin, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
13 May 1866 by Banns
        Edwin Roberts 23 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Charles Roberts, Mariner)
        Sarah Jane Williams 20 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: James Williams, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: John Ferris, Mary Williams
16 May 1866 by Banns
        Thomas Rock 50 widower Gentleman of Edgbaston, Warwick (Father: Joseph Rock, Merchant)
        Jane Truscott Ball 32 widow of Penzance (Father: David Innes, Baronet)
        Witnesses: Richard Major, Grace Emily Rock, Martin Major
20 May 1866 by Banns
        Henry Taylor 23 Photographer of Penzance (Father: Thomas Taylor, Innkeeper)
        Peggy Mitchell 20 of Penzance (Father: James Mitchell, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: James Mitchell, Hellen Thomas Mitchell
27 May 1866 by Banns
        David Eddy 25 Labourer of Penzance (Father: David Eddy, Labourer)
        Eliza Hodder 29 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Hodder, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Mary Hodder, Fred A Cocks
17 Jun 1866 by Banns
        Francis Lavars 26 Labourer of Penzance
        Emma Batten 27 of Penzance (Father: Alexander Batten, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: James Batten, R. Green
1 Jul 1866 by Banns
        Nicholas Wills 29 Shoemaker of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Henry Wills, Labourer)
        Izabella Wills 27 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: James Wills, Miner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Fred Nicholas
1 Jul 1866 by Banns
        Charles Tregenna 40 widower Mason of Penzance (Father: Henry Tregenna, Farmer)
        Rebecca Prowse 32 of Penzance (Father: John Prowse, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Jacob Prowse, Mary Prowse
5 Jul 1866 by Banns
        John Welch 38 Labourer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Welch, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Barber 23 widow [Mark] of Madron (Father: James Eddy, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Alfred Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
6 Jul 1866 by Licence
        Edward Eva 29 China Merchant of Penzance (Father: James Eva, Painter)
        Ursula Mcfadyean 20 of Penzance (Father: Gavin Mcfadyean, Draper)
        Witnesses: Gavin Mcfadyan, M. Mcfadyean
11 Jul 1866 by Licence
        Peter Young 61 widower Master Mariner of Madron (Father: Peter Young, Master Mariner)
        Jane Hitchens 52 widow [Mark] of Madron (Father: Thomas Hitchins, Miner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholas
22 Jul 1866 by Banns
        Joseph James Timmins 20 Miner of Ludgvan (Father: Edward Timmins, Labourer)
        Eliza Ann Richards 20 of Madron (Father: Thomas Richards, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Caroline W Henry[?], Fred A Cocks
29 Jul 1866 by Banns
        John Stevens 22 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: Anthony Stevens, Mason)
        Mary Lawrence 20 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Richard Lawrence, Miner)
        Witnesses: Philip Trenwith, Jane Trenwith
4 Aug 1866 by Banns
        William Wearne Lawry 49 widower Tin Dresser of Paul [Mark] (Father: James Lawry, Miner)
        Jane Olds 50 of Penzance (Father: William Olds, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
9 Aug 1866 by Banns
        Charles Hodge 25 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Edward Hodge, Mariner)
        Mary Ann Murray 23 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Murray, Schoolmaster)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Hill, Fred A Cocks
11 Aug 1866 by Banns
        Wiliam Eddy 28 Labourer of Penzance (Father: William Eddy, Labourer)
        Grace Taylor 20 of Penzance (Father: Edward Taylor, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Watkins, W. Eddy
27 Aug 1866 by Banns
        Stephen James Blamey 23 Blacksmith of Madron (Father: Stephen Blamey, Hatter)
        Kitty Berryman 19 of Madron (Father: Thomas Berryman, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Rowe, Anne Blamey
5 Sep 1866 by Banns
        William Coulson 22 Gentleman of Penzance (Father: William Coulson, Gentleman)
        Fanny Davy 18 of Madron (Father: Edmund Davy, Draper)
        Witnesses: Edmund Davey, J. Henry James, James Coulson
8 Sep 1866 by Banns
        Edward Angove 23 Miner of Bosullow,, Madron (Father: Thomas Angove., Labourer)
        Elizabeth Jane Roskilly 21 of Bosullow, Madron (Father: John Roskilly, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholls, Fred A Cocks
18 Sep 1866 by Licence
        George Flint Orange full age Gentleman of 5 Gt Western St., Manchester (Father: James Orange, Clergyman)
        Mary Jane Merifield full age of Madron (Father: John Benny Merifield, Accountant)
        Witnesses: W. B. Read, Eliabeth G. [?]
30 Sep 1866 by Banns
        James Sowden 36 Coachman of Penzance (Father: James Sowden, Carpenter)
        Susan Hosking 28 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Thomas Hosking, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Haynes, Thomas Sampson
3 Oct 1866 by Banns
        Thomas Mathews 69 widower Farmer of Penzance (Father: William Mathews, Butcher)
        Anna Sweetland 50 widow of Penzance (Father: Henry Coles, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Mathews, Sarah Matthews
6 Oct 1866 by Banns
        Francis Searle 22 Mason of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Searle, Mason)
        Catherine Batten 23 of Penzance (Father: Alexander Batten, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Charles Batten, Elizabeth Ann Searle
14 Oct 1866 by Banns
        James Francis Richards 24 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: James Richard, Farmer)
        Susan Ann Copplestone 22 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Copplestone, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Alfred Davies Oliver, Henry Doble Thomas
22 Oct 1866 by Banns
        William Hugh 23 Moulder of Penzance (Father: William Hugh, Carpenter)
        Mary Ann Treloar 26 of Penzance (Father: William Treloar, Wheelwright)
        Witnesses: John Hugh, Elizabet Hugh
27 Oct 1866 by Banns
        James Dale 22 Labourer of Madron (Father: Charles Dale, Labourer)
        Mary Jane Lawry 21 of Madron (Father: Hugh Lawry, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Pengelly, Charles Dale
4 Nov 1866 by Banns
        William Henry Nankervis 22 Baker of Penzance (Father: James Nankervis, Farmer)
        Maria Jane Roberts 20 of Penzance (Father: William Mennier Roberts, Stone Cutter)
        Witnesses: Rosina Nankervis, James Hamley
17 Nov 1866 by Banns
        Henry Tonkin 36 widower Carpenter of Penzance (Father: William Tonkin, Miner)
        Jane Harvey 25 of Penzance (Father: Benjamin Harvey, Accountant)
        Witnesses: George H Richards, Emma Jenkin
19 Nov 1866 by Banns
        John Richards 20 Butcher of Penzance (Father: Samuel Richards, Stone Cutter)
        Emma Corin 20 of Penzance (Father: John Corin, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Richard Trembath, Eliza Richards
4 Dec 1866 by Banns
        William Cook 28 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Cook, Husbandman)
        Elizabeth Ann Moorshead 29 of Penzance (Father: Arthur Moorshead, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Williams, Alice Cock
8 Dec 1866 by Banns
        Solomon Jenkin 24 Miner of Madron (Father: John Jenkin, Miner)
        Elizabeth Jane Jenkin 20 of Madron (Father: John Jenkin, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Harry Jenkin, Cordelia Jenkin
11 Dec 1866 by Banns
        Samuel Glasson 24 Carrier of Madron (Father: Thomas Glasson, Dairyman)
        Christiana Williams 27 of Madron (Father: William Williams, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Williams, Jn. Thomas Henry Williams
16 Dec 1866 by Banns
        Alfred Geach 50 widower Hatter of Wherry Town,, Madron (Father: William Geach, Assayer)
        Elizabeth Legg 50 widow of Penzance (Father: Thomas Watty, Coast Guard)
        Witnesses: William Craft, A. J. Wallis
22 Dec 1866 by Banns
        Edward Lawrence 23 Gardener of Penzance (Father: John Lawrence, Gardener)
        Ellen Jane Grose 18 of Penzance (Father: Henry Grose, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: John Lawrence, Charles Lawrence
25 Dec 1866 by Banns
        James Henry Hicks 22 Warehouseman of Penzance (Father: William Hicks, Labourer)
        Grace Frances Pearce 19 of Penzance (Father: William Pearce, Coachman)
        Witnesses: William Pearce, William J Pearce
25 Dec 1866 by Banns
        James Batten 25 Carrier of Penzance (Father: Alexander Batten, Shoemaker)
        Elizabeth Ann Snell 28 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Snell, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William H Hosking, Fred A Cocks
26 Dec 1866 by Banns
        John Jenkin 36 Accountant of Penzance (Father: John Jenkin, Assayer)
        Sarah Elizabeth Smith 25 of St. Peter, Newlyn (Father: Edward Smith, Merchant)
        Witnesses: Stephen E White, Emma Hunkin
30 Dec 1866 by Banns
        John Ellis 20 Mason of Penzance (Father: Edward Ellis, Shoemaker)
        Marinda Pentecost 28 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Philip Pentecost, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Isaac Rowe, Fred A Cocks


3 Jan 1867 by Banns
        William Thomas White 38 widower Farmer of Lower Landrethy,, Madron (Father: Nicholas White, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Kemp 34 of Penzance (Father: Paul Kemp, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholas
9 Jan 1867 by Banns
        Stephen Jenkin 29 Coachman of Penzance (Father: Isaac Jenkin, Miner)
        Margaret Johnson 31 of Penzance (Father: James Johnson, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Jane Rowe, Christopher Jenkin
19 Jan 1867 by Banns
        Charles Bartlett 21 Gardener of Penzance (Father: William Bartlett, Gardener)
        Ellen Wallis 20 of Penzance (Father: William Henry Wallis, Police Sgnt)
        Witnesses: James Truscott, W. H. Wallis
22 Jan 1867 by Banns
        William Richard Jeffery 23 Labourer of Paul (Father: William Jeffery, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Jane Cargeeg 21 of Madron (Father: William Cargeeg, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Cargeeg, Eliza Williams
24 Jan 1867 by Banns
        James Hosking 27 Farmer of Ludgvan (Father: James Hosking, Farmer)
        Catherine Roberts Quick 28 of Madron (Father: Paul Quick, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Paul Quick, Fred A Cocks
27 Jan 1867 by Banns
        Richard Bryant 30 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Richard Bryant, Soldier)
        Eliza Rowlings 33 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Rowlings, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: William James, Jane James
30 Jan 1867 by Banns
        William Henry Kent 33 widower Tailor of Penzance (Father: James Kent, Carter/Porter[?])
        Elizabeth Richards 31 of Penzance (Father: William Richards, Mason)
        Witnesses: Rosanna Johnson, Fred A Cocks
9 Feb 1867 by Banns
        Edwin Searle 21 Sawyer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Francis Searle, Sawyer)
        Margaret Bosence 22 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Bosence, Butcher)
        Witnesses: John Searle, Anna Maria Searle
18 Feb 1867 by Banns
        John William Lampra 22 Butcher of Penzance (Father: Robert Lampra, Butcher)
        Catherine Jellow Roberts 19 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Richards, Plasterer[?])
        Witnesses: Robert Sampson, William Henry Sampson
4 Mar 1867 by Banns
        William John Mitchell 29 Shipwright of Penzance (Father: Michael Mitchell, Shipwright)
        Jane Smith 21 of Penzance (Father: Samuel Smith, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Henry Semmens, Amelia Mitchell
5 Mar 1867 by Banns
        William Semmens 21 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: John Semmens, Labourer)
        Josepha Lobb 21 [Mark] of Madron (Father: None Given, None Given)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholas, Fred A Cocks
9 Mar 1867 by Banns
        John Semmens 38 widower Police Constable of Penzance (Father: John Semmens, Labourer)
        Christiana Groves 38 of Penzance (Father: John Groves, Miner)
        Witnesses: Martha Cock, Fred A Cocks
23 Mar 1867 by Banns
        Edward James Williams 23 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Edward Williams, Painter)
        Mary Jane Simons 23 of Penzance (Father: John Simons, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edward Noy, Fred A Cocks
28 Mar 1867 by Banns
        Henry Pengelly 30 Mariner of Penzance (Father: William Pengelly, Mariner)
        Elizabeth Agnes Johns 28 of Penzance (Father: Philip Johns, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Margery Johns, Philip Williams, Sarah Ann Millett
30 Mar 1867 by Banns
        Thomas Roberts 25 Farmer of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: Joseph Roberts, Farmer)
        Tabitha Hall 20 [Mark] of Madron (Father: William Hall, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Hall, William H Hall
6 Apr 1867 by Banns
        John Williams 23 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Williams, Labourer)
        Honor Lawry 26 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Lawry, Engine Driver)
        Witnesses: John Mills, Mary Jane Mills
9 Apr 1867 by Licence
        Samuel Rawson 28 Salesman of Aston, Birmingham (Father: Samuel Rawson, Salesman)
        Annie Bowden 25 of Madron (Father: George Bowden, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: George Bawden, Richard Chirgwin
28 Apr 1867 by Banns
        Richard Docking 31 Lathmaker of Penzance (Father: John Docking, Cooper)
        Mary Ann Menheniott 23 of Penzance (Father: Parmenas Menheniott, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholas
28 Apr 1867 by Banns
        James Rich 22 Labourer of Madron (Father: Thomas Rich, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Ann Barnicoat 21 [Mark] of Madron (Father: William Barnicoat, Tanner)
        Witnesses: Henry Rich, Fred A Cocks
1 May 1867 by Licence
        James Gendall Richards 23 Carpenter of Madron (Father: William Richards, Wheelwright)
        Elizabeth Frances Quick 25 of Madron (Father: Paul Quick, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Paul Quick, Fred A Cocks
4 May 1867 by Banns
        William Henry Bennetts 22 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Henry Bennetts, Fisherman)
        Mary Guy 23 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Abraham Guy, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Guy, John Thomas Bennetts
26 May 1867 by Banns
        Richard William Chudleigh 24 Mason of Penzance (Father: Richrd Chudleigh, Mason)
        Rebecca Phillips 23 of Penzance (Father: Wm.Hy Phillips, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: William Robinson, John James Chudleigh
30 May 1867 by Licence
        William Glover Friggens 24 Farmer of Gulval (Father: William Roskilly Friggens, Farmer)
        Mary Freethy Quick 22 of Madron (Father: Paul Quick, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Paul Quick, Fred A Cocks
8 Jun 1867 by Banns
        Benjamin Barnes 20 Farmer of Madron (Father: James Barnes, Farmer)
        Nanny James Trathen 18 of Madron (Father: John Trathan, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Wm. Thomas James, William Trathan
22 Jun 1867 by Banns
        Richard Green 26 Miller of Madron (Father: Richard Green, Miller)
        Ellen Sophia Hall 23 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Henry Hall, Thatcher)
        Witnesses: Thomas Trezise, Benjamin Bone
23 Jun 1867 by Banns
        Thomas Pearce 41 widower Cordwainer of Helston (Father: James Pearce, Cordwainer)
        Amelia Perry 39 of Penzance (Father: Benjamin Perry, Servant)
        Witnesses: Richard Martin Jnr, Wm R Williams
25 Jun 1867 by Licence
        James Gwavas Beckerleg 28 Baker of Penzance (Father: Bargillai Beckerleg, Baker)
        Ellen Maria Chirgwin 28 of Penzance (Father: Richard Chirgwin, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: Richard Chirgwin, Embling Chirgwin
29 Jun 1867 by Banns
        Thomas Edwards 21 Miller of Penzance (Father: Thomas Henry Edwards, Miner)
        Ann Tonkin 24 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: James Tonkin, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Hugh Jenkin, Mary Tonkin
3 Jul 1867 by Banns
        William Arnold Ralph 29 High Bailiff County Ct of Penzance (Father: William Francis Ralph, Gentleman)
        Elizabeth Davy 22 of Penzance (Father: Humphry Davy, Merchant)
        Witnesses: Elina Davy, J. Henry James
5 Jul 1867 by Banns
        Edward Nicholls 41 widower Shoemaker of Penzance [Mark] (Father: James Nicholls, Carrier)
        Elizabeth Brewer 24 of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Brewer, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Ann Brewer, Fred A Cocks
14 Jul 1867 by Banns
        John Uren 22 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Henry Uren, Shoemaker)
        Louisa Roach 19 of Penzance (Father: William Roach, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: William Roach, John Way
20 Jul 1867 by Banns
        Robert Gilbert 30 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Gilbert, Miner)
        Mary Elizabeth Yendell 27 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Francis Yendell, Miner)
        Witnesses: Mary Edwards, Fred A Cocks
4 Aug 1867 by Banns
        Francis Barnicoat 30 Mason of Penzance (Father: William Barnicoat, Mason)
        Elizabeth Jane Mathews 27 of Penzance (Father: William Mathews, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Wm Chudleigh, Eliza Uren
12 Aug 1867 by Banns
        Thomas Donithorne 37 widower Hairdresser of Penzance (Father: James Donithorne, Tanner)
        Catherine Corin 19 of Penzance (Father: Philip Corin, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richard [?], Annie Hawke
18 Aug 1867 by Banns
        James Thomas Ball 22 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: George Thomas Ball, Builder)
        Mary Hill 28 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Hill, Mier)
        Witnesses: Nathanail Hill, Jane Hill
19 Aug 1867 by Banns
        William Henry Rodliff 21 Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: Joseph Rodliff, Cordwainer)
        Hannah Louisa Thomas 18 of Penzance (Father: Robert Molesworth Thomas, Coachbuilder)
        Witnesses: Jane Thomas, Eliza Jane Thomas
25 Aug 1867 by Banns
        John Henry Hawken 24 Post Boy of Penzance (Father: John Hawken, Cab Proprietor)
        Mary Hawke 20 of Penzance (Father: John Hawke, Boot Maker)
        Witnesses: Mary Jenkins, Annie Hawke
26 Aug 1867 by Banns
        Stephen Brewer 23 Labourer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Henry Brewer, Labourer)
        Eliza Jane Dugdale 22 of Penzance (Father: John Dugdale, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Chs. Dugdale, Fred A Cocks
28 Aug 1867 by Banns
        Thomas Paul 27 Mariner of Penzance (Father: William Paul, Storekeeper)
        Emily Louisa Nicholas 22 of Penzance (Father: Edward Nicholas, Chandler)
        Witnesses: Wm Paul, Jane Curnow
8 Sep 1867 by Banns
        Ephraim Kitt 25 Mason of Penzance (Father: William Kitt, Builder)
        Wilmot Ninnis Hosking 21 of Penzance (Father: John Hosking, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Joseph Bowditch, Rebecca Hosking
14 Sep 1867 by Banns
        George Noye 26 Miner of Madron (Father: Henry Noye, Miner)
        Grace Trembath 20 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Edmund Trembath, Miner)
        Witnesses: Edmund Trembath, Fred A Cocks
15 Sep 1867 by Banns
        Thomas Mallett 21 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Francis Mallett, Mariner[?])
        Sarah Jane Laity 20 of Penzance (Father: William Laity, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Laity, Grace Laity
12 Oct 1867 by Banns
        Thomas Curnow 20 Miner of Ludgvan (Father: William Curnow, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Ann Ellis 21 of Madron (Father: John Ellis, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Eliza Jane Ellis, John Semmens
13 Oct 1867 by Banns
        Henry James 24 Mason of Penzance (Father: William James, Tailor)
        Honor Paul 21 of Penzance (Father: John Paul, Mason)
        Witnesses: Catharine Ja Maslin, Joseph Maslin
26 Oct 1867 by Licence
        Joseph Hocking 42 widower Miller of Penzance (Father: Joseph Hocking, Miller)
        Esther Grills 40 of St. Just Penwith (Father: John Grills, Lightkeeper)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholas
27 Oct 1867 by Banns
        Alfred Quigley 22 Shipwright of Penzance (Father: Robert Henry Quickley[?], Master Mariner)
        Ellen Gould 29 of Penzance (Father: John Gould, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Semmens, Elizabeth Eddy
29 Oct 1867 by Banns
        Thomas Gribble Matthews 26 Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: Richard Matthews, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Williams 21 of Penzance (Father: William Williams, Waggoner)
        Witnesses: Richard Hill, E. A. Matthews
2 Nov 1867 by Banns
        Andrew Stevens 24 Labourer of Madron (Father: Andrew Stevens, Labourer)
        Ann Matthews 28 of Penzance (Father: William Matthews, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Emily Matthews, Wm Matthews
10 Nov 1867 by Banns
        Peter Drew Kidd 31 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Jonathan Kidd, Mastr Mariner)
        Jane Teague 29 of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Teague, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Frances Bouse, Fred A Cocks
11 Nov 1867 by Licence
        James Downing 34 Ironmonger of Phillack (Father: James Downing, Printer)
        Mary Anne Nicholas 27 of Madron (Father: William Nicholas, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Wm. T. Bennetts, Louisa Nicholas
11 Nov 1867 by Banns
        William John Bickford 24 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Tobias Bickford, Ship Carpenter)
        Elizabeth Ann Williams 24 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: James Williams, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Colenso, Fred A Cocks
12 Nov 1867 by Banns
        George Borlase 37 Commander.Hmnavy of Castle Horneck (Father: Samuel Borlase, Esquire)
        Marian Eady 32 of York Hse, Penzance (Father: William Eady, Esquire)
        Witnesses: Charles Borlase, John Borlase
18 Nov 1867 by Banns
        Alexander George Barnes 26 Labourer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Thomas Barnes, Pensioner)
        Elizabeth Rundle 26 of Penzance (Father: Charles Rundle, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Ann Lockes, Ellen Lockes
24 Nov 1867 by Banns
        George Harry 25 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Edward Harry, Fisherman)
        Frances Fox Trenwith 24 of Penzance (Father: John Trenwith, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: John Trenwith, Mary Matthews
9 Dec 1867 by Banns
        John Batten 25 Ship Carpenter of Penzance (Father: John Batten, Joiner)
        Susan Blewett 29 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Michael Blewett, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Batten, Fred A Cocks
14 Dec 1867 by Banns
        Richard Bennetts Tregear 28 Farmer of Madron (Father: Ishmael Tregear, Miner)
        Grace Green 24 of Madron (Father: Richard Green, Miller)
        Witnesses: William Henry Nicholls, James Bone
22 Dec 1867 by Banns
        Walter Ede 26 Statuary Mason of Penzance (Father: Walter Ede, Statuary Mason)
        Elizabeth Thomasin Luke 27 of Penzance (Father: Jabez Luke, Mason)
        Witnesses: Edwin Thos. Hocking, Fred A Cocks
24 Dec 1867 by Licence
        Peter Kessell 26 Mariner of Madron (Father: Peter Kessell, Master Mariner)
        Ann Pascoe 25 of Madron (Father: James Pascoe, Plasterer)
        Witnesses: James Pascoe, Thomas Williams
25 Dec 1867 by Banns
        Thomas James Stevens 23 Tailor of Penzance (Father: William Stevens, Bootmaker)
        Harriet Ann Powis[?] 24 of Penzance (Father: John Cowes[?], Bootmaker)
        Witnesses: William H Oates, Emily Sincock
26 Dec 1867 by Banns
        Stephen Dominick Thomas 24 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: John Thomas, Mason)
        Jane Bond James 22 of Penzance (Father: Charles James, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Charles James, John Thomas
28 Dec 1867 by Licence
        William Joseph Mumford 23 Farmer of St. Marys (Father: William Mumford, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Tregarthen Nicholas 20 of Penzance (Father: Samuel Nicholas, Mason)
        Witnesses: Samuel Nicholas, [?] Ann Byears


3 Jan 1868 by Banns
        John Wills 25 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: Henry Wills, Labourer)
        Mary Noall Rosewall 26 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Rosewall, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholas, Fred A Cocks
4 Jan 1868 by Banns
        Joseph Martin Carbis 23 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Thomas Carbis, Pilot)
        Elizabeth Nicholls Grenfell 23 of Penzance
        Witnesses: Harriet Carbis, Fred A Cocks
5 Jan 1868 by Banns
        James Burt 22 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: John Burt, Accountant)
        Elizabeth Mary Nicholls 23 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: William Nicholls, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Warren, John Burt
15 Jan 1868 by Banns
        Joseph Thomas 24 Mason of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Francis Thomas, Mason)
        Mary Searle 24 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Searle, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Searle, Eliza Searle
16 Jan 1868 by Banns
        Thomas Bailey 31 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Thomas Bailey, Mariner)
        Alice Emma Williams 27 of Penzance (Father: John Williams, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholas, Fred A Cocks
18 Jan 1868 by Banns
        Jonathan Lawrey 31 Gardener of Gulval (Father: Charles Lawrey, Gardener)
        Emily Matthews 22 of Madron (Father: William Matthews, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Mary Matthews, Fred A Cocks
5 Feb 1868 by Licence
        Thomas Barnes full age Schoolmaster of Madron (Father: Richard Barnes, Schoolmaster)
        Cecilia James full age widow of Madron (Father: John Nicholl, Doctor Of Medicine)
        Witnesses: [?] Barnes, Eliza O'Brien
13 Feb 1868 by Banns
        Richard Polglaze 29 widower Miner of Madron [Mark] (Father: Joseph Polglaze, Miner)
        Elizabeth Polglaze 27 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Polglaze, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Polglaze, Samuel Polglaze
15 Feb 1868 by Banns
        Joseph Grosvenor Corin 35 widower Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: Philip Barn Corin, Accountant)
        Sarah Richards 35 of Madron (Father: John Richards, Gardener)
        Witnesses: John Richards, Ann Trembath
22 Feb 1868 by Banns
        John Thomas 24 Coach Builder of Penzance (Father: James Thomas, Mine Agent)
        Eliza Stella Reynolds 21 of Penzance (Father: Charles Reynolds, Accountant)
        Witnesses: Charles Reynolds, Fred A Cocks
1 Mar 1868 by Banns
        William Henry Williams 23 Labourer of Madron (Father: William Henry Williams, Labourer)
        Rosinia Richards 19 of Madron (Father: Thomas Richards, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Rebecca Richards, Nicholas Richards
14 Mar 1868 by Banns
        Thomas Over Richards 31 Draper of Truro (Father: Thomas Richards, Carpenter)
        Anna Maria Menneer Roberts 28 of Penzance (Father: Henry Roberts, Mason)
        Witnesses: Charles Minnar[?], Harriett Bozers
23 Mar 1868 by Banns
        Thomas Paul 39 widower Letter Carrier of Penzance (Father: John Paul, Cordwainer)
        Mary Elizabeth Wallis 34 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: George Wallis, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Wallis, Fred A Cocks
9 Apr 1868 by Licence
        Robert Brash Wheeler 34 Professor Of Music of Battersea (Father: Henry Walter Wheeler, Gentleman)
        Johanna Rowe 23 of Penzance (Father: Alexander Rowe, Hotel Keeper)
        Witnesses: Thomas Jas Rowe, Jane Rowe, Louisa Dyer
18 Apr 1868 by Banns
        Albert George Mitchell 24 Sawyer of Penzance (Father: William James Mitchell, Sawyer)
        Belinda Noy 20 of Penzance (Father: John Noy, Miner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
26 Apr 1868 by Licence
        Uter Richard Williams 31 Spirit Merchant of Penzance [Mark] (Father: James Williams, Farmer)
        Emma Bone Nankervis 32 widow of Madron (Father: Benjamin Perry, Coachman)
        Witnesses: Richard Martin, Jr Hannah Martin
26 Apr 1868 by Licence
        George Potter Antonie Robinson 22 Jeweller of South Hackney, Middx (Father: Thomas Robinson, Wax Chandler)
        Alzina Fitzellen Bunster Corin 18 of Madron (Father: John Matthew Bunster Corin, Ironmongery)
        Witnesses: J. M. Corin, B. Leigh
26 Apr 1868 by Banns
        John Sampson 23 Merchant of Penzance (Father: John Sampson, Tailor)
        Charity Martins 23 of Madron (Father: George Martins, Carrier)
        Witnesses: John Richards, Mary S Honychurch
27 Apr 1868 by Banns
        Richard Odgers 24 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Richard Odgers, Miner)
        Elizabeth Rowling 23 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Rowling, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: William James, Eliza Bryant
7 May 1868 by Banns
        Edward Tregloan 25 Labourer of Gulval (Father: Edward Tregloan, Engineer)
        Ann Rich 22 of Madron (Father: Arthur Rich, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Walter Semmens, Mary Rich
16 May 1868 by Licence
        William Thomas Lask Perry 23 Ironmonger of Penzance (Father: Peter Perry, Cordwainer)
        Mary Elizabeth Leigh 19 of Penzance (Father: Henry Leigh, Cabinet Maker)
        Witnesses: A Doninthorne, Fred A Cocks
16 May 1868 by Banns
        William Henry Roberts 24 Farmer of Sancreed [Mark] (Father: Joseph Roberts, Farmer)
        Louisa Barnes 22 of Madron (Father: James Barnes, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Matthews, Thomas Barnes
31 May 1868 by Banns
        Francis Nicholas Boase 24 Mason of Penzance (Father: Francis Boase, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Elliot 25 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: James Elliot, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: James Elliot, Edwin Potter
1 Jun 1868 by Banns
        George James 29 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: George James, Mason)
        Sarah Murrish Tremethick 18 of Penzance (Father: John Tremethick, Mason)
        Witnesses: John Tremethick, James Beckerleg
2 Jun 1868 by Banns
        Alexander Hawke 24 Servant of Penzance (Father: John Hawke, Shoemaker)
        Mary Ann Strike 22 of Penzance (Father: William Strike, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Bessie Strike, Fred A Cocks
4 Jun 1868 by Banns
        Edward George Stevens 24 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Edward Stevens, Master Mariner)
        Elizabeth Emma Trenery 22 of Penzance (Father: William Trenery, Mariner)
        Witnesses: J. M. B. Corin, J. Mayor
4 Jun 1868 by Banns
        William Francis Geach 26 Draper of Penzance (Father: John Geach, Farmer)
        Harriet Grave Stevens 20 of Penzance (Father: Edward Stevens, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: J. M. B. Corin, James Nicholas
14 Jun 1868 by Banns
        John Hocking 24[?] Joiner of Penzance (Father: John Hocking, Innkeeper)
        Jemma Florence Kendall 23 of Penzance (Father: Francis Kendall, Coast Guard)
        Witnesses: Philipfrancis, James Kendall
17 Jun 1868 by Licence
        James Glasson 26 Farmer of Germoe (Father: Richard Bottrell Glasson, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Corin 25 of Madron (Father: William Corin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Jacob Corin, Charlotte Corin
20 Jun 1868 by Banns
        James Marks 20 Gardener of Madron (Father: William Marks, Gardener)
        Emily Dale 21 of Madron (Father: James Dale, Miller)
        Witnesses: Samuel[?] Dale, Caroline Ann Dale
24 Jun 1868 by Banns
        James Maddern 24 Master Ropemaker of Penzance (Father: John Maddern, Fisherman)
        Eliza Jane Pearce 23 of Penzance (Father: William Oliver Pearce, Cab Proprietor)
        Witnesses: William Oliver Pearce, John Maddren
27 Jun 1868 by Banns
        John Inch 33 Fruiterer of Penzance (Father: John Inch, Fruiterer)
        Jane Laity 21 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Thomas Laity, Sailor)
        Witnesses: Mary Jane Read, Fred A Cocks
11 Jul 1868 by Banns
        Walter Harry Tredrea 24 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: William Tredrea, Carpenter)
        Ellen Louisa Opie 25 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Thomas Opie, Miner)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Rodda, Francis Gendall
19 Jul 1868 by Banns
        Edwin Thomas Hocking 23 Driver of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Thomas Hocking, Servant)
        Mary Ann Harvey 23 [Mark] of St. Peters, Newlyn (Father: Henry Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Hocking, Fred A Cocks
20 Jul 1868 by Banns
        Thomas Bird 21 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Bird, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Fradd 20 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Fradd, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: Belinda Mitchell, Fred A Cocks
25 Jul 1868 by Banns
        John Rogers 24 Carrier of Penzance (Father: John Rogers, Carrier)
        Mary Jane Simmons 27 of Penzance (Father: William Simmons, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Daniel Rogers, Ellen Rogers
9 Aug 1868 by Licence
        John Hugh 22 Lathmaker of Madron (Father: John Hugh, Lathmaker)
        Priscilla Smith 28 of Madron (Father: James Smith, Coastguard)
        Witnesses: Alexander Pooley, Eliza Charles
10 Aug 1868 by Banns
        John Burt 21 Blockmaker of Penzance (Father: John Burt, Accountant)
        Annie Cunnack Honychurch 20 of Penzance (Father: John Honychurch, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Tonkin, Mary S Honychurch
12 Aug 1868 by Banns
        William Henry Beare 41 Mason of Penzance (Father: Samuel Beare, Mason)
        Matilda Maddern 49 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Richard Maddern, Hind)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Elizabeth Wallis
12 Aug 1868 by Banns
        Richard May 23 Cab Proprietor of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Thomas May, Labourer)
        Priscilla Maddern 23 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Maddern, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thos. Maddern, Thomas Williams
19 Aug 1868 by Licence
        Thomas Ellis full age Warehouse Man of St. Mark, Clerkenwell (Father: Richard Ellis, Farmer)
        Louisa Ladner Chirgwin full age of Madron (Father: William Chirgwin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Wm. Chirgwin, Sarah Jane Andrew
30 Aug 1868 by Banns
        Francis Ford Sincock 26 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Sincock, Master Mariner)
        Jane Pryor Wills 20 of Penzance (Father: John Wills, Driver)
        Witnesses: John Wills, Annie Faul
6 Sep 1868 by Banns
        William Henry Williams 21 Shoemaker of Penzance (Father: Daniel Williams, Carpenter)
        Catherine Leggoe 20 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Richard Leggoe, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Daniel Williams, Rupert Leggoe
7 Sep 1868 by Banns
        Charles Pope 21 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: James Pope, Mine Agent)
        Martha Burt 20 of Penzance (Father: John Burt, Accountant)
        Witnesses: John Burt, Mary Ann Murgatroyd
8 Sep 1868 by Banns
        James Hodge 30 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Edward Hodge, Mariner)
        Jane Gribble 30 of Penzance (Father: John Gribble, Labourer)
        Witnesses: R. S. Thomas, Margaret Thomas
19 Sep 1868 by Banns
        Richard Hawke 21 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: Richard Hawke, Storekeeper)
        Mary Ann Wellington 19 of Penzance (Father: John Harvey Wellington, Tin Miner)
        Witnesses: John H Wellington, Benjamin Tredwen
30 Sep 1868 by Licence
        Edward James Trenwith 18 Plumber of Madron (Father: William Blewett Trenwith, Bootmaker)
        Bessie Doble Williams 18 of Madron (Father: Philip Williams, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Paul Richrd Kemp, Lydia Kemp
7 Oct 1868 by Banns
        John Gibson 57 widower Master Mariner of Madron (Father: John Gibson, Master Mariner)
        Elizabeth Sherris 53 of Madron (Father: Barnet Sherris, Ship Owner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholas
10 Oct 1868 by Banns
        Thomas Matthews 21 Labourer of St. Buryan [Mark] (Father: William Matthews, Labourer)
        Catherine Maddern 21 [Mark] of Madron (Father: William Maddern, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Ellen Maddern, William Hodge
20 Oct 1868 by Banns
        Peter Pender 22 Mariner of Penzance (Father: James Pender, Mariner)
        Mary Jenkin Odger 21 of Tresco Isles Of Scilly (Father: John Odger, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Frederick Pender
7 Nov 1868 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Oats 23 Miner of Ludgvan [Mark] (Father: William Oats, Miner)
        Catherine Betty Ellis 23 of Madron (Father: John Ellis, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Eliza Jane Ellis, John Semmens
8 Nov 1868 by Banns
        Walter Pooley 20 Groom of Penzance (Father: John Pooley, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Trounson 23 of Penzance (Father: Peter Trounson, Greengrocer)
        Witnesses: Peter Trounson, Fred A Cocks
9 Nov 1868 by Banns
        Abraham Chirgwin 25 Coachmaker of Penzance (Father: William Chirgwin, Veterinary)
        Elizabeth Nicholas Matthews Pascoe 28 of Penzance (Father: John Pascoe, Cabinet Maker)
        Witnesses: Kezia Chirgwin, William Matthews
2 Dec 1868 by Banns
        William James Way 23 Joiner of Penzance (Father: William Way, Shoemaker)
        Louisa Rogers 22 of Penzance (Father: Robert Rogers, Stone Mason)
        Witnesses: Bryant Richards, Mary Woolcock Way
15 Dec 1868 by Banns
        Thomas Uren 28 Cordwainer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Henry Uren, Cordwainer)
        Anna Maria Grenfell 22 [Mark] of Penzance
        Witnesses: John Way, Mary Jane Way
21 Dec 1868 by Licence
        John Samuel Baulks 28 Plumber of Penzance (Father: George Baulks, Master Mariner)
        Maria Jennings Clark 24 of Madron (Father: Sylvanus Clarke, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: William Parsons, M. Bryant
26 Dec 1868 by Banns
        Alexander George Brander 21 Shipwright of Penzance (Father: William Brander, Coastguard)
        Fanny Hocking 21 of Penzance (Father: John Hocking, Painter)
        Witnesses: William Brander, Matilda Hocking
26 Dec 1868 by Banns
        John Hall 22 Plumber Brazier of Penzance (Father: Robert Hall, Hair Dresser)
        Louisa Steer 23 of Penzance (Father: James Steer, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Robert Hall, Emily P Steer
29 Dec 1868 by Banns
        James Inch 33 widower Farmer of Ludgvan (Father: John Inch, Fruiterer)
        Margaret Williams 44 widow of Penzance (Father: Josiah Eade, Miner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholas


11 Jan 1869 by Banns
        Samuel George Paul 23 Mason of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Benjamin Paul, Mason)
        Selina Ford 23 of Penzance (Father: James Ford, Pilot)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Mary Grenfell
16 Jan 1869 by Banns
        Edward Thomas 22 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Edward Thomas, Master Mariner)
        Jane Williams Wallis 22 of Penzance (Father: William Wallis, Basket Maker)
        Witnesses: Amelia Wallis, Fred A Cocks
21 Jan 1869 by Licence
        William Henry Corin full age Butcher of Penzance (Father: Jacob Corin, Butcher)
        Jane Arundel Ferris full age of Penzance (Father: Thomas Ferris, Capt. R.N.)
        Witnesses: Ruth Emily Corin, Fred A Cocks
26 Jan 1869 by Banns
        Samuel Francis 28 Cabinet Maker of Penzance (Father: Richard Francis, Plumber/Brazier)
        Elizabeth Hall 29 of Penzance (Father: Robert Hall, Hair Dresser)
        Witnesses: Robert Hall, [?] Hall
30 Jan 1869 by Banns
        William John Nicholls 23 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: William Nicholls, Boatman)
        Mary Murrish Baker 21 of Penzance (Father: James Baker, Coastguard)
        Witnesses: Samuel W Carter, Susan E Carter
8 Feb 1869 by Banns
        William Henry Barnes 29 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Thomas Barnes, Naval Pensioner)
        Ellen Locke 23 of Penzance (Father: William Locke, Driver)
        Witnesses: Mary Jane Evans, Charles Henry Mitchell
10 Feb 1869 by Banns
        John Francis 42 widower Miner of Penzance (Father: John Francis, Miner)
        Martha Massey 44 widow [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Richard Francis, Tinman)
        Witnesses: Samuel Francis, Elizabeth Taylor
24 Feb 1869 by Banns
        Paul Quick 24 Carpenter of Madron (Father: Paul Quick, Farmer)
        Alice Nute 23 of Madron (Father: Joseph Nute, Innkeeper)
        Witnesses: John Nute, Fred A Cocks
28 Feb 1869 by Banns
        Charles Henry Uren 32 widower Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: John Uren, Painter)
        Grace Richards 30 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: James Richards, Coal Weigher)
        Witnesses: John Richards, Fred A Cocks
16 Mar 1869 by Banns
        Frederick William Soar 22 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: William Soar, Labourer)
        Mary Jane Dyer 21 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: James Dyer, Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Dyer, Mary Ann James
21 Mar 1869 by Banns
        Charles Winks Lanyon 21 Labourer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Francis Lanyon, Carrier)
        Mary Jane Bosustow Pawley 31 of Penzance (Father: James Pawley, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Catherine Wilson, James Wilson
21 Mar 1869 by Banns
        John Cotton 56 Gardener of Penzance (Father: John Cotton, Gardener)
        Rebecca Rodda 57 of Penzance (Father: John Rodda, Butcher)
        Witnesses: William Charles Bosence, Benjamin Bosence
30 Mar 1869 by Banns
        John Edwards 26 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Edwards, Mariner)
        Elizabeth Jane Rowe 24 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Michael Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Charles Jenkins, Michael Rowe
8 Apr 1869 by Banns
        Henry Carne 32 Builder of Penzance (Father: William Carne, Builder)
        Christiana White 35 of Penzance (Father: Richard White, Builder)
        Witnesses: Richard White, Mary Carne
10 Apr 1869 by Banns
        William Friggens 24 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: Andrew Friggens, Miner)
        Jane Murrish Dale 20 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Charles Dale, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Charles Dale, Peggy Craze Fontain[?]
13 Apr 1869 by Banns
        Thomas Marshall 27 Blacksmith of Bodmin (Father: William Marshall, Farmer)
        Rosanna Johnson 23 of Penzance (Father: John Johnson, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Johnson, Elizabeth J Dale
17 Apr 1869 by Banns
        Adolphus Sharp Mitchell 20 Sawyer of Penzance (Father: William James Mitchell, Sawyer)
        Emily Jane Odgers 20 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Daniel Odgers, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Belinda Mitchell, Fred A Cocks
17 Apr 1869 by Banns
        Joseph Carter 23 Grocr of Penzance (Father: Joseph Carter, Farmer)
        Fanny Colenso 24 of Penzance (Father: Richard Colenso, Painter)
        Witnesses: Richard Colenso, Sarah Colenso
25 Apr 1869 by Banns
        William Treffry Hoblyn 24 Sadler of Penzance (Father: William Treffry Hoblyn, Yeoman)
        Elizabeth Harvey James 25 of Penzance (Father: Thomas James, Miner)
        Witnesses: Jane Hoblyn, W. E. H. Gard
23 May 1869 by Banns
        Thomas Foss 22 Servant of Madron (Father: Thomas Foss, Photographer)
        Mary Ann Penrose 21 of Penzance (Father: James Penrose, Miner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholas
24 May 1869 by Banns
        John Edwards 27 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Thomas Edwards, Mariner)
        Eliza Eddy 20 of Madron (Father: James Eddy, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholas, Fred A Cocks
24 May 1869 by Banns
        John Hocking Paul 29 widower Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Hocking Paul, Butcher)
        Sherletta Maria Trevaylor Grose 30 of Penzance (Father: Henry Grose, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: John Poole, Henry Grose
13 Jun 1869 by Banns
        Ebenezer Robert Gay 31 Gardener of Penzance (Father: Robert Gay, Mason)
        Emma Warren 24 of Penzance (Father: Henry Warren, Broker)
        Witnesses: Henry Grose, Henry Gros, Jn
16 Jun 1869 by Banns
        Samuel Young Dale 26 Baker of Penzance (Father: John Dale, Baker)
        Catherine Lawrence 22 of Higher Minney, Madron (Father: John Lawrence, Gardener)
        Witnesses: John Lawrence, Fred A Cocks
19 Jun 1869 by Banns
        George Jollow Matthews 26 Gardener of Gulval (Father: Thomas Matthews, Gardener)
        Mary Ursula Roberts 24 of Penzance (Father: William Roberts, Hairdresser)
        Witnesses: Ursula Elizabeth Charles, John M Harris
20 Jun 1869 by Banns
        Thomas Richards 46 widower Farmer of Hea,, Madron (Father: Thomas Richards, Farmer)
        Eliza Boney 45 widow of Hea, Madron (Father: William Bray, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholas
26 Jun 1869 by Banns
        George Henry Pawley Edwards 22 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Edwards, Mariner)
        Constance Trewhella 24 of Penzance (Father: James Trewhella, Tanner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Charles [?]
28 Jun 1869 by Banns
        Edwin Paddy 45 widower Painter/Glazier of Penzance (Father: Samuel Paddy, Accountant)
        Mary Ann Fidock 36 widow [Mark] of Penzance (Father: John Simson, Hind)
        Witnesses: Henry Bassett, Mary Wright
3 Jul 1869 by Licence
        William Badgery full age Accountant of Penzance (Father: William Badgery, Farmer)
        Bessie Renfree full age of Penzance (Father: Thomas Renfree, Farmer)
        Witnesses: W. H. Renfree Emily Harding
21 Jul 1869 by Licence
        Nicholas Rowe 22 Engine Fitter of Madron (Father: Nicholas Rowe, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Jane Lovell 18 of Madron (Father: John Lovell, Tanner)
        Witnesses: W. Curtis, Wm Dennis
27 Jul 1869 by Licence
        James Henry Ludlow 24 Accountant of Wallasey, Cheshire (Father: William Bollow Ludlow, Consular Agent)
        Mary Jane Forward 27 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Randel Forward, Commander R.N.)
        Witnesses: S. R. Forward, Bessie Forewart, Sophia Jane Ludlow
3 Aug 1869 by Banns
        William John Wills 21 Labourer of Penzance (Father: William Wills, Coastguard)
        Mary Jane Ivey 23 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Joseph Ivey, Miner)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Mary Richards
17 Aug 1869 by Banns
        William James Lanyon 38 widower Cordwainer of Penzance (Father: William Lanyon, Cordwainer)
        Caroline Uren 28 of Penzance (Father: John Uren, Painter)
        Witnesses: John Rose, Fred A Cocks
17 Aug 1869 by Banns
        Benjamin John Green Bone 25 Miner of Madron (Father: Benjamin Bone, Mine Agent)
        Grace Cargeeg 21 of Madron (Father: William Cargeeg, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Cargeeg, Fred A Cocks
21 Aug 1869 by Banns
        Charles Donnithorne 25 Butcher of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Michael Donnithorne, Butcher)
        Jane Wearne 30 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Richard Wearne, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Grace Nicholas, Fred A Cocks
22 Aug 1869 by Licence
        Richard Teague Worth 33 Chemist of St. Ives (Father: Charles Worth, Master Mariner)
        Mary Ann Ellis 32 of Madron (Father: William Ellis, Grocer)
        Witnesses: William Ellis, Jn., Fred A Cocks
1 Sep 1869 by Banns
        Frederic Wilson 24 Wine Merchant of Birkenhead, Chester (Father: Daniel Wilson, Wine Merchant)
        Susan Leah Cock 23 of Penzance (Father: William Cocks, Wine Merchant)
        Witnesses: William Wilson, Minnie Vawdrey, Bessie Higgs, Edmund Webb, Emma Quick
5 Sep 1869 by Banns
        James Henry Hocking 21 Fireman of Penzance (Father: Thomas Hocking, Porter)
        Eliza Thomas 19 of Penzance (Father: Benjamin Thomas, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Gendall, Mary Jane Gendall
11 Sep 1869 by Banns
        John Pascoe 26 Statuary Mason of Penzance (Father: Thomas Pascoe, Labourer)
        Louisa Pascoe 24 of Penzance (Father: Francis Pascoe, Statuary Mason)
        Witnesses: William Richards, Fred A Cocks
13 Sep 1869 by Banns
        William Henry Renowden 35 Labourer of Penzance (Father: William Renowden, Labourer)
        Leah Maslen 25 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Joseph Maslen, Mason)
        Witnesses: Wm Jasper, Fred A Cocks
28 Sep 1869 by Banns
        William Edwards 24 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Edwards, Mariner)
        Susan Boase 24 of Penzance (Father: Henry Boase, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Henry Boase, Mary L Boase
28 Sep 1869 by Banns
        Thomas Grenfell 24 Carpenter of Madron (Father: John Grenfell, Carenter)
        Cordelia Jenkin 23 of Madron (Father: Thomas Henry Jenkin, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Jenkin, Fred A Cocks
29 Sep 1869 by Banns
        Thomas Ivey 40 Farmer (Father: Samuel Ivey, Farmer)
        Ann White 28 [Mark] of Madron (Father: Thomas White, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas White, Fred A Cocks
30 Sep 1869 by Licence
        William Stephen Ancell 26 Ship Steward of Madron (Father: William Ansell, Engineer)
        Catherine Jane Simmons 27 of Madron (Father: James Simmons, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Simmons, Mary E M Cocks
2 Oct 1869 by Banns
        Thomas Ellis 42 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: Francis Ellis, Carpenter)
        Ann Trewern 39 [Mark] of Madron
        Witnesses: Sarah Anne Ellis, Fred A Cocks
5 Oct 1869 by Banns
        John Rogers 24 Labourer of Penzance (Father: James Rogers, Butcher)
        Elizabeth Ann Taskers 24 of Penzance (Father: Methuseleh Taskers, Engine Driver)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
6 Oct 1869 by Licence
        William Marshall Groves 32 Master Mariner of Penzance (Father: William Marshall Groves, Warrant Off. R.N.)
        Henrietta Trevillian Curnow 20 of Penzance (Father: William Frederick Curnow, Accountant)
        Witnesses: William Fredk Curnow, S. A. Millett
10 Oct 1869 by Banns
        Joseph Jellis Simmons 21 Mariner of Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Hosking Simmons, Porter)
        Frances Sarah Trewren 18 of Madron (Father: James Richards Trewren, Tanner)
        Witnesses: James R Trewren, Maria Gilbert
16 Oct 1869 by Banns
        Stephen Ellis 25 Farmer of St. Martin, I.O Scilly (Father: Stephen Ellis, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Nance 25 of Penzance (Father: John Nance, Super.Off.Customs)
        Witnesses: John Nance, E. W. Tregurthen
18 Oct 1869 by Banns
        Robert Drew Kidd 21 Mariner of Penzance (Father: Jonathan Kidd, Master Mariner)
        Sarah Ann Mitchell 18 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Sandry Mitchell, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth George, Frances Maria Carter
19 Oct 1869 by Banns
        William Cargeeg 27 Farmer of Madron (Father: William Cargeeg, Farmer)
        Mary Webb 28 of Madron (Father: Robert Webb, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Benjamin J G Bone, Robert Webb
20 Oct 1869 by Banns
        Bennett Drew 27 Labourer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Bennett Drew, Labourer)
        Agnes Roberts 20 of Penzance (Father: William Henry Roberts, Mason)
        Witnesses: Maria J Nankervis, Edwin Nankervis
30 Oct 1869 by Licence
        Edwin Pascoe 22 Labourer of Sithney (Father: John Pascoe, Miner)
        Jane Hendy 25 of Penzance (Father: James Hendy, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Thoms, Mary Pascoe
1 Nov 1869 by Banns
        James Mitchell 26 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Mitchell, Mariner)
        Elizabeth Durham 25 of Penzance (Father: George Durham, Veterinary Surgeon)
        Witnesses: John Boase, Mary Jane Williams
3 Nov 1869 by Banns
        Charles Merriman 24 Engineer of Penzance (Father: Joseph Merriman, Blacksmith)
        Elizabeth Ann Hall 21 of Madron (Father: Richard Hall, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Hall, Ambrose Murgatroyd, Mary Ann Murgatroyd
4 Nov 1869 by Banns
        William Tonkin 25 Railway Guard of Penzance (Father: Alexander Tonkin, Maltster)
        Mary Annie Stevens Honychurch 24 of Penzance (Father: John Honychurch, Builder)
        Witnesses: Henry Hurd, Mary Anne Lumley
8 Nov 1869 by Banns
        John Binney 25 Sailmaker of Penzance (Father: John Binney, Master Mariner)
        Mary Jane Edwards 25 of Penzance (Father: Nicholas John Edwards, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: James Nicholas, Mary Ann Ross
17 Nov 1869 by Banns
        Granville Charles Stevens 24 Mariner of Penzance (Father: William Stevens, Ostman)
        Mahlaha Brown 22 of Penzance (Father: Joseph Brown, Serpentine Worker)
        Witnesses: Mary Ann Brown, Eliza R Reynolds
21 Nov 1869 by Banns
        John Pascoe 23 Marble Mason of Penzance (Father: Francis Pascoe, Marble Mason)
        Rose Hannah Harris Dunnel Rowe 20 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Rowe, Thatcher)
        Witnesses: Samuel Jenkins, Alexander Gendall
21 Nov 1869 by Banns
        James Carne 38 Shoemaker of Penzance (Father: Philip Carne, Carpenter)
        Jane Oliver 40 widow of Penzance (Father: John Trenwith, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Grace Nicholls
28 Nov 1869 by Banns
        Charles Dale 26 Farmer of Madron (Father: Charles Dale, Farmer)
        Charlotte Cock 26 of Madron (Father: William Cock, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Edwards, Margaret Bennetts
30 Nov 1869 by Banns
        Charles Gundry Nicholas 22 Labourer of Madron (Father: Illiam Nicholas, Labourer)
        Emily Corin 22 of Gulval (Father: William Carne Corin, Wheelwright)
        Witnesses: Edward Arundel, Fred A Cocks
14 Dec 1869 by Banns
        John Freethy Quick 28 Farmer of Madron (Father: Paul Quick, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Jane Dale 25 of Penzance (Father: Richard Dale, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Eliza J Quick, Ellen Dale
25 Dec 1869 by Banns
        William Barnes Green 27 Labourer of Penzance [Mark] (Father: Richard Green, Farmer)
        Eleanor Harvey Curnow 24 of Penzance (Father: Thomas Curnow, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Nicholls, William Guy
25 Dec 1869 by Banns
        William Guy 22 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: Abraham Guy, Labourer)
        Johanna Nicholls 21 [Mark] of Penzance (Father: Charles Nicholls, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: John Nicholls, Sarah Williams
25 Dec 1869 by Banns
        Thomas Maddern 28 Butcher of Penzance (Father: William Maddern, Shoemaker)
        Mary Nicholas 30 of Penzance (Father: James Nicholas, Grocer)
        Witnesses: James Nicholas, Christine Smitham, N. Easterook[?]

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