Also known as Cemetery, Memorial, Grave or Tombstone recordings.

I can help with all resources marked [YES], copyright permitting.

See also Burials which includes more details of Anglican churchyards, and Quaker Records.

[YES]The CFHS published indexes for all ancient parish churchyards in the area.

This table, using data extracted from the [Off Site]CFHS Web Site, gives the date ranges and number of entries that they found.

Dates No.
St. Buryan 1671–1996 1547
Gulval 1694–1996 2545
St. Ives 1642–1991 458
St. Just in Penwith 1625–1983 740
Lelant 1620–1984 1249
St. Levan 1777–1992 438
Ludgvan 1635–1996 2421
Madron 1601–1993 747
Morvah 1784–1968 196
Paul 1633–1990 1543
Penzance St. Mary 1131! & 1701–1987 1089
Sancreed 1742–1986 1050
Sennen 1743–1986 941
Towednack 1777–1990 500
Zennor 1731–1988 508

[YES]Additionally I have

Dates No.
Barnoon (St. Ives) 1803–1994 6317
Brea Quaker (Sennen) not listed (18)
Carbis Bay 1924–1990 57
Crowlas Methodist (Ludgvan) 1877–1989 165
Crows-an-wra Methodist(St. Buryan) 1905–1982 101
Escalls Bible Christian (Sennen) 1908–1992 39
Halsetown 1877–1987 24
Heamoor Cemetery (Penzance, incorrectly marked “Heamoor Wesleyan”) 1815–1989 393
St. Just Cemetery 1853–1994 1062
St. Just Wesleyan 1800–1984 1792
St. Levan Wesleyan (database only) 1857–1996 391
Madron Cemetery 1868–1994 1150
Newlyn St. Peter 1873–1990 41
Paul Cholera 1811–1908 370
Paul Sheffield Road 1836–1992 5148
Pendeen 1835–1984 1806
Penzance Cemetery (database only) 1800–1995 12534
Penzance Jewish (Roman letter inscriptions only) No longer listed (1839–1964) (49)
Penzance St. John 1881–1972 49
Penzance St. Paul 1849–1968 49
Tregerest Methodist (Sancreed) 1818–1982 106

[YES]Suezan James has recorded Longstones Cemetery (Lelant), Towednack Churchyard and Barnoon Cemetery (St. Ives). The latter two duplicate the CFHS work but provide a lot more information and are a valuable cross check. Barnoon was to be on [Off Site]John Rees' MASTER MI site but nothing has moved since Feb 2001. All three of these are available from by email and in booklet form. Contact him for details. Suezan has also done other transcriptions from burial grounds a little further east and details should be available from the sources mentioned here. All are available from Christine Uphill's [Off Site]Cornish Cemeteries site which has a combined index for these and other cemeteries.

Paul parish has its own resident Historian and Genealogist, Robert Harrison, who has listed the churchyard, church hall (overflow) churchyard and cholera field on the [Off Site]parish website. He notes that the stones in the cholera field were moved there from the overflow churchyard in the 1950s so the name of it may be a bit misleading, even if it was used for cholera victims originally. He has also created a well researched page about the war memorials with a brief biography of each serviceman.

George Pritchard has created a web site about [Off Site]Cornish War Memorials which includes those in our area.

It was a common habit for topographical and history books of former years to also include some details of the monuments in and around the churches. These are often only the ones for the notable parishioners and gentry but are valuable, none the less, because the stones themselves may have vanished. Some examples for our patch are [Millett 1877] who has an eight page appendix for Madron, [Stone 1912] mentions many scattered throughout his tour of Land's End and [Polsue 1868] records many with the church descriptions. Some of the latter are transcribed on the individual parish pages.