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More information on the casualties can be found from the [Off Site]Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Sennen War memorial - WW1 side

The Sennen War Memorial, which is surmounted by a great Wheel Cross.

The names recorded here are Geoffrey H. Coles, Hosea George, Richard T. George, William H. George, John Hollow, Harry Hosken, John H[arry] Lucas, Arthur W. Parsons, Mathew G. Penrose, [William] James Rapson and James Symes.

Those that also served include

Affection, Albert
Avery, Fred H.V.
Avery, Harry G.
Bond, Stephen
Bond, Robert
Chappell, William J.
Chappel, Henry G.
Chappell, John F.
Ellis, John
Ellis, James
Ellis, Mathew G.
Farquarson, John
George, Alfred E.
George, Ernest
George, Albert
George, Robert
George, William J.
George, Nathaniel
George, Phillip
George Mathew T.
George, James
George, John R.
George, Fred
George, Arnold
George, Thomas
George, William
George, William
George, John
Hall, Richard
Hicks, William B.
Hicks, Percy B.
Hosken, Richard
Hosking, Pearce
Hosking, Norman
Hutchens, Andrew
Hutchens, William C.
James, Harry
Jewell, Charles
Mathews, Silas
Mathews, Seethorne R.
Mathews, William F.
Mitchell, John Henry
Nicholas, John T.
Nicholas, Mathew H.
Nicholas, Edward
Nicholas, Thomas
Nicholas, Herbert
Nicholas, Richard
Nicholas, John
Nicholas, Walter
Nicholas, James H.
Nicholas, Benjamin
Pender, Samuel L.
Pender, Thomas
Penrose, John
Penrose, Henry
Penrose, Reuben
Penrose, Richard
Penrose, Richard Jnr.
Penrose, William J.
Reece, John
Roberts, John
Roberts, James
Roberts, William
Semmens, William
Semmens, Joseph
Shannon, Sydney
Thomas, Benjamin
Tonkin, Harry
Trenary, Charles
Trenary, William
Trewern, Cecil
Trewhella, William
Trewhella, Samuel
Wallis, William T.
Williams, William
Williams, Thomas


Sennen War memorial - WW2 side

The reverse of the Sennen War Memorial.

The names recorded here are Albert Bond, Stephen M. Richards, Denis C. Smith, E. Cecil Trewern and W. James Williams.

Those that also served include

Bond, John
Braunton, Charles E.
Chappel, Edwin
Chope, Mabel
Farquarson, Ronald
Farquarson, Lucy
George, Edmond
George, Albert
George, John
George, James
George, Richard
George, Alwin
Gage, Robert
Heath, Lorna
Hutchins, Doreen
James, Edith
Johnstone, Charles H.
Jackson, William T.
Larder, John
Mathews, William C.
Minifie, Florence V.
Nicholas, Ivy
Nicholas, Elsie
Nicholas, William H.
Nicholas, Alfred
Prigg, Harold W.
Peek, A. Dawn De L.
Richards,, Archie
Roberts, Herbert R.
Roberts, Brian
Roberts, Cecil
Roberts, William J.
Rodda, Francis
Rowe, Frederick J.R.
Rowe, Frederick E.
Shannon, Leonard C.
Trewern, Leslie
William, James E.
Williams, Edith
Williams, Edwin J.
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Ada
Whitley Leslie

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