I can help with all resources marked [YES], copyright permitting.

Many of the Cornwall Family History Society publications are still in print at a reasonable cost. If you require a significant amount of information from one parish then I would suggest that you purchase the volume. They now have an [Off Site]online catalogue for all that they sell but this page is provided as a convenient summary of those of interest to West Penwith researchers. The CFHS also offers a surname search of their database of over 4,000,000 entries from the whole of Cornwall for a very reasonable fee. This includes Marriages, Census, Burials, MIs (these links show further details) and much more. Most (but not all) of this data is now online at the FFHS site [Off Site]Family History Online where a search is free but the details are charged (at a modest rate)

Correct to August 2009. The society’s publications department is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment so the printed catalogue and online shop may not reflect what is actually available. If what you are looking for is missing then I suggest that you contact them drekly.

All publications, apart from the older marriage indexes, are available on CD in PDF format (and at lower cost). In the case of Census, these are in “as enumerated” order rather than alphabetical as they are in the booklets. When stocks of printed booklets run out, they will produce printouts to order but it will be interesting to see if they can maintain the quality. Publications are also available by download (In practice they mean by email) saving the postage costs. Personally, I think I would prefer to have something tangible when ordering a publication.

All the MI indexes have been removed from the catalogue—I know that they have been unhappy with the quality of these publications for some time and I hope that revised editions will become available soon. In the mean time I may be able to assist with enquiries.

Publications available Older publications §
Pre 1837 ‡
Census MIs Marriages
1841 1861 1871 1813–37 Pre 1813 ¤
St. Buryan [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Gulval [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] % †
St. Ives [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
St. Just in Penwith [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Lelant [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
St. Levan [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Ludgvan [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Madron [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Morvah [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Paul [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Penzance St. Mary [YES] [YES]
Sancreed [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Sennen [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Towednack [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES]
Zennor [YES] [YES] [YES] # [YES] [YES] [YES]
Additional MI publications (now discontinued)
MIs §
Barnoon (St. Ives) [YES]
Carbis Bay [YES]
Crowlas Methodist (Ludgvan) [YES]
Crows-an-wra Methodist(St. Buryan) [YES]
Escalls Bible Christian (Sennen) [YES]
Halsetown [YES]
Heamoor Cemetery (Penzance, incorrectly marked “Heamoor Wesleyan”) [YES]
St. Just Cemetery [YES]
St. Just Wesleyan [YES]
Madron Cemetery [YES]
Newlyn St. Peter [YES]
Paul Cholera [YES]
Paul Sheffield Road [YES]
Pendeen [YES]
Penzance Jewish (Roman letter inscriptions only) [YES]
Penzance St. John [YES]
Penzance St. Paul [YES]
Tregerest Methodist (Sancreed) [YES]

[YES]Quaker Marriages 1813–37 and Quaker Burials 1813–37 are covered by separate volumes for the whole of Cornwall. There is also a curious little volume (no longer listed) in the “Burials 1813–37” series which contains all burials in Cornwall between the 1st and 15th July 1837. [YES]This is to catch those who died before civil registration but were buried after it started and hence would be missed by a search.

Other publications