MADRON, or St. Madron, is a parish, the village of which is 1½ miles north from Penzance, in the Western division of the county, hundred of Penwith, Penzance union and county court district, rural deanery of Penwith, archdeaconry of Cornwall and diocese of Truro. The ecclesiastical parishes of St. Mary and St. Paul, Penzance, have been taken out of this parish, which is the mother parish of Penzance. The parish is governed by a local board of nine members. The church of St. Madron (commonly called Madderne) is an ancient building of granite, chiefly in the Perpendicular style, and consists of chancel, nave, aisles, north and south porches and an embattled tower containing 5 bells: the chancel is of earlier date and retains a piscina and sedile: nearly all the windows are stained: there are some exceedingly interesting brasses, several mural monuments, and a curious old granite font. The original church was built by Henry de Pomeroy, in 1131, and is mentioned in the taxation of Pope Nicholas in 1291 as dedicated to St. Madderne: Bishop Grandison consecrated the high alter in 1336: The register dates from the year 1577. The living is a vicarage, with that of Morvah annexed, tithe rent-charge £882, gross joint yearly value £890, in the gift of the 3 daughters of the late Rev. M. N. Peters B.A. late vicar, and held since 1880 by the Rev. Franklin Tonkin M.A. of Corpus Christi college, Cambridge. There are five chapels for Wesleyans, situated at Church Town, Trenere road, Tregavera, Boswarthen and Bosullow; one for Bible Christians at Hea Moor and one for Primitive Methodists at Church Town. A Cemetery of ¾ acre was formed in 1880, at a cost of £500, and is under the control of a burial board of 9 members. The Penzance Union Workhouse is in this parish. St. Madron’s Well, situated in a moor, about a mile north-west of the church, is noted for its healing properties: about 200 yards from it are the ruins of an ancient chapel, or baptistry, with the sanctuary step and stone altar still remaining; the ruins of the wall enclosing a chapel yard are still visible. Tregwainton Cairn consists of the round head of a cross, fixed in a rude circular base: at Trembath is a cross with mutilated head in a similar base, in the church tower another: the head of a third is built into a wall at Hea: at Boswarton there remains a fourth, also on a circular base, with a graceful Maltese cross in relief on the head; the remains of others are standing at Boscathnoe, and Tremethick. Lanyon Quoit, or Cromlech, consists of three upright stones, supporting a huge monolith 18½ feet long, and 9 wide; Kulfra [Mulfra?] Cromlech he been overthrown, and the top stone is partially on the ground. “Men-an-Tol,” or Hole stone, on Anguidal Down, is a monolith about 4 feet in diameter, and 1 foot thick, pierced by a rounded hole about 1 foot across: parallel to it, at a distance of 7 or 8 feet are two other stones, from 4 to 5 feet high: the Men Scryfa is an inscribed stone 9 feet high and about 2 wide; it is stated by Dr. Borlase to be one of the oldest of Cornish remains; the inscription reads, “Rialobranus Cunovali filius.” The Rev. John Wesley preached here at intervals from 1742 to 1760. Castle Horneck, the seat of the John Borlase esq. residing in Bath, is 1 mile from Penzance; Lareggan, of W. Copeland Borlase esq. M.P. is 1 mile from Penzance; Poltair of Lieut.-Col. Harry Reginald Salusbury-Trelawny D.L. J.P. is 1¼ miles north-west from Penzance; Nancealverne, of Mrs. Scobell, is half a mile north by-west; Trereife, of Charles Day Nicholls Le Grice esq. D.L., J.P. is 1½ miles south-west; Trewidden, of Edward Bolitho esq. is 2 miles south-west, and Trengwainton of Thomas Simon Bolitho esq. J.P. is 2 miles north-west. Charles Day Nicholls Le Grice esq. D.L., J.P. is lord of the manor, Mrs. Scobell, E. Bolitho, John Borlase and T. S. Bolitho esqrs. are the chief landowners. The soil is killas; the subsoil is granite and killas. The chief crops are wheat, oats and barley, and large quantities of brocoli and potatoes are grown. The acreage, exclusive of Penzance, is 5,475 of land and 30 of water; rateable value, £13,813; and the population in 1881 was 2,651, likewise exclusive of Penzance. The hamlets, with the distance from Madron, are Hea Moor, ¾ mile south-east; Jamaica ¾ mile south-east; Boswarthen, 1 mile north-west; Chyandour, 2 miles south-east; Tolcarn, 2 miles south; Bossullow, 2½ miles north-west; Ninnis, 2½ miles north; Beryas, 2½ miles south-west; Mulfra, 3 miles north.

Parish Clerk, F. Augustus Cocks.

Post Office.—John Rowe, receiver. Letters through Penzance (which is the nearest money order & telegraph office), arrive at 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; dispatched at 2.20 & 7.30 p.m

Wall Box, at Jamaica place, Hea Moor, cleared at 2.50 & 7.40 p.m

Local Board

Board day fourth monday in each month, at King William IV. Madron.

Clerk, Henry Harvey Pezzack, Penzance

Medical Officer of Health, John Quiller Couch, Chapel street, Penzance

Surveyor & Inspector of Nuisances, Jas. Newton, Church twn

Collector, Thomas Harvey Pengelly, farmer, Bone farm, Madron

Public Officers:—

Assistant Overseer, Wm. Thos. White, jun. farmer, Tregoddec

Surveyor of Highways, James Newton, Church town


A School Board of 5 members was formed in 1879; T. H. Pengelly, Bone farm, clerk to the board

The Endowed School is governed by a special board of 11 members

Board (mixed & infants) established on the former endowed school, founded by George Daniel in 1704: yearly income from endowment £90; Frederick Augustus Cocks, master: Miss Elizabeth Ann Bullen, mistress; & Miss Tilley Stevens, infants mistress

Board, Bosullow (mixed), Miss Jane Hockin, mistress

Private school, of Miss Carne, Hea Moor; Miss Woolcock, mistress

The schools at Hea Moor & Bosullow are supported by Government grants & school fees


Adams Miss, Church town

Bickley Mrs. Rock cottage, Hea

Bolitho Edward, Trewidden

Bolitho Miss, The Combe

Bolitho Thomas Bedford J.P. Trewidden

Bolitho Thomas Simon D.L., J.P. Trengwainton

Bolitho William, Polwithen

Borlase Walter H. Alverton house

Borlase William Copeland M.P., M.A., F.S.A., J.P. Lariggan; & at 17 Pall Mall & Windham & Reform clubs, London s.w

Bosence John, Alverton lodge

Carter George, Trannack

Carter Mrs. Rose hill

Davy Edmund, Bell air

Dennis Mrs. Lower Lariggan

Friggens Wm. Freethy, Castle Horneck

Friggens Miss, Church town

Hosking Richard Joseph, Brook cottage

Jenkins Alfred Charles, The Elms

Jenkin John, Rose cottage

Le Grice Chas. Day Nicholls D.L., J.P. Trereiffe

Marquard Mrs. Hea villas

Morrell Rev. John Marshall [curate], Church town

Peach John, Reen’s cottage

Pengelly Mrs. Reen’s cottage

Pengelly Thomas Robert, Myrtle cot

Polglase Joseph, Treneere

Quick Paul, Church town

Ross Charles Campbell M.P., J.P. Carne

Rowe Luke, Alverton

Salusbury-Trelawny Lieut.-Col. Harry Reginald D.L., J.P. Poltair

Scobell George, Lower Poltair

Scobell Mrs. Nancealverne

Stevens Misses, Claremont

Stevenson Co. Walter James, Polmennor villa

Tonkin Rev. Franklin M.A. [vicar], Castle Horneck

Trythall William, Bellair house

Webb Capt. William Henry, Rock villa

Welsh Thomas, Minney cott

White John, Church town

Wingfield William, Wriothesley mills, Polmennor


Bennetts John, farmer, Trevean

Bennetts Joseph, farmer, Malfra

Berryman James, wheelwright & carpenter, Tremethick cross

Berryman James, market gardener, Chyandour

Berryman William, lodging house, Wesley place

Bolitho Thomas, farmer, Lower Poltair

Bosence William & John, wool staplers, Alverton

Cargeege William, farmer, Kerrow

Carman Jonathan, carpenter, Jamaica pl

Cattran Wm. shopkeeper, Wherry town

Cemetery (George E. Jenkin, clerk to the burial board)

Craze Francis, farmer & market gardener, Polmennor & Crankan

Curnow Thomas, beer retailer & market gardener, Jamaica place

Curnow Thomas, farmer, Tolcarne

Dale Charles, farmer, Lower Landithy

Eddy Francis, farmer, Penhale

Ellis Jane (Mrs.), farmer, Kerrow

Gerry William Ambrose, farmer, Church town

Green James, farmer, Great Bosullow

Grenfell Henry, farmer, Vellandruckia

Guy Abraham, farmer, Boswarthen

Guy Benjamin, farmer, Boswarthen

Hall John Charles, farmer, Boswednan

Hall Richard, farmer, Tresmethack

Hall Samuel, farmer, Bosullow

Hall Thomas, jun. farmer, Boswednan

Hall Wm. Thomas, farmer, Tremethack

Hitchens Thomas & Christopher, farmer[s], Lanyon

Hocking Christopher, farmer, Boswarthen

Ivey John, farmer, Trewren

Ivey Thomas, farmer, Lesingey

James James, farmer, Bosullow

Jelbart Charles, farmer, Low Boskenning

Jelbart Jeremiah, farmer, Ninnis

Jelbart Jeremiah, jun. farmer, Trewern

Jelbart Joby, farmer, Tremaine

Jelbart Stephen, farmer, Ninnis

Jenkin Edwin, blacksmih, Jamaica pl

Jenkin Thos. (Mrs.), farmer, Boswarthen

Jenkin Thomas (Mrs.), farmer, Bosullw

Jenkin William Henry, blacksmith & shopkeeper, Church town

Kemp Paul, farmer & market gardener, Trereiffe

Ladner Charles, farmer, Rose hill

Lawrence Henry, market gardener, Lariggan

Lawrence William, farmer & market gardener, Trembath

Legg John, carpenter amp; shopkeeper, Church town

Maddern William, market gardener, Higher Lariggan

Mathews Nicholas, farmer, Boswarthen

Michell John, King William IV. Church town

Mitchell Wm. farmr. Higher Boskenning

Newton James, surveyor & inspector of nuisances to local board, Church town

Newton John, farmer, Bosilliack

Nicholls Catherine (Mrs.), farmer, Landithy

Nicholls Joseph farmer, Bosullow

Nicholls Nicholas Thomas, dairyman, Landithy

Nicholls Thomas, farmer, Bosullow

Oliver John, farmer, Nancothan

Pengelly Grace (Mrs.), farmr. Boswarthen

Pengelly John Russell, farmer, The Reens, Hea

Pengelly Thomas Harvey, farmer & collector to local board & clerk to school board, Bone farm

Pengelly Thomas William, farmer & miller (water), Treneere

Perryman Michl. shoe maker, Chyandour

Pallard Joseph, farmer & market gardener, Polteggan

Prowse William, farmer, Trye

Quick John Freethy, market gardener, Tremearne

Read George Daniel, builder & shopkeeper, Wesley rock

Reynolds Thomas, blacksmith, Carthew

Reynolds Thoams, farmer, Nancothan

Reynolds Wm. farmer, Tregavara downs

Richards Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Little Bosullow

Richards John, shopkeeper, Jamaica pl

Richards Richard, shopkeeper & carpenter, Church town

Richards Thomas, farmer & market gardener[,] Hea

Roberts Benjamin, market gardener, Red Hill cottage

Roberts James, farmer, Treneere

Roberts Thomas, farmer, Boswedan

Rodda Sampson & Son, farmers, Bone

Rowe Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Trewern

Rowe James, blacksmith, Beryes

Rowe Luke, farmer & market gardener, Alverton

Semmens Simon & John, farmers, Hendra

Stone John, dairyman, Chynoweth

Thomas James, farmer, Mulfra

Thomas John, boot maker, Church twn

Thomas Jsph. market gardener, Polgoon

Thomas Martin, market gardener, Lariggan

Tonkin Wm. carpenter, Jamaica pl

Tredrea Thomas Bond, farmer, Ninnes

Tregurtha Thomas, blacksmith, Tremethack cross

Trembath James, farmer, Bosullow

Trembath Richd. farmer, Pedneventon

Trewhella Martin, dairyman, Hea

Tripp Jn. Cornish, shopkpr. Chyandour

Trudgen John, farmer, Tremethack

Trudgen William, farmer, Boswarthen

Trudgeon Thomas, farmer, Pornsballow

Vingoe John, farmer, Boswarva

Vingoe Richard, farmer, Higher Boswarva

Warren Abraham, Mounts Bay inn,, Wherry town

Warren Jn. rope manufacturer, Alvertn

White William, farmer & market gardener, Merry Meeting

White William Thomas, market gardener, Boscathnoe

White William Thomas, jun. farmer & assistant overseer, Tregoddeck & Holdreath

Williams Jas, Miners’ Arms, New mill

Williams Thomas Henry, market gardener, Alverton

Williams Wm. market garderner, Alverton

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