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This gazetteer is an ongoing project which is being compiled as the detailed parish maps are drawn. Hence it is limited to those parishes which have been mapped, currently St. Buryan, St. Just in Penwith, St. Levan, Morvah, Sennen and Zennor. A few others have been provided by Geoff McKee and from the mines books.

The place names emphasised thus are not found on the modern 1:25,000 maps. In these cases, where the map reference is missing, I have not yet located the place. They are mainly from [Pool, 1985].

Those marked * were not found in [Pool, 1985] so could be modern names.

Mines with distinctive names were extracted from [Hamilton-Jenkin, 1961], [Noall, 1973, 1982 & 1997] and [Burt et. al., 1987] but see the page on mines for a more complete list.

A new initiative (Sept 2005) by Chris Bond is [Off Site]An Index to the Historical Place Names of Cornwall which is still in its early stages but already a valuable source. He describes his vision as

“intended to be very comprehensive, with names throughout written history for the whole of Cornwall, including tenements, field names from tithe apportionments, OS maps from 1st edition 6 inch to current 2.5 inch, all of Symons, parts of Pool, Padel, Gover etc, as well as names from publications by Blight, Borlase, Redding etc. Also journals and most of the place names that I find at the Record Office, where I have discovered many hundreds already which are previously unrecorded elsewhere. All of the entries will be fully referenced.

“It is hoped that I'll be able to correlate all of the different sources to create a relatively complete list of all variations throughout recorded history, or at least as complete as can be expected to be achieved.”

Published gazetteers

Settlement Ref. Parish
Adams Hill 415246 Buryan
Alsia 396253 Buryan
America 421255 Buryan
Amyll(e) an Tryll(e) Towednack/Zennor
Anwithe Sennen
Ardensaweth (Ardensawah) 372231 Levan
Arra Venton* 432371 Zennor
Ashmoor Just
Augusta (mine) 380302 Just
Settlement Ref. Parish
Badgers Tenement Sennen
Balleswidden (mine) 387312 Just
Ballowal (Bollowal) 360314 Just
Bannallack Buryan
Banns 400266 Buryan
Bartinney 391299 Just
Bellan (mine) 359311 Just
Benberd (Penberth) Buryan
Blackwells Tenement Buryan
Bodellan 382231 Levan
Bogigga (Poljigga) 377238 Levan
Bojewyan 392347 Just
Bojewyan Stennack 390346 Just
Bolankan 390278 Buryan
Boleigh 436249 Buryan
Bollowal(l) 360314 Just
Borah 442245 Buryan
Bo(o)s (Foage) 465376 Zennor
Bosanketh 385261 Buryan
Bosavern 370304 Just
Bosavern Cottage 365306 Just
Boscarn 396270 Buryan
Boscarn Vean 396267 Buryan
Boscaswell 386344 Just
Boscawen-noon (or -Un) 419276 Buryan
Boscawen Ros(e) 431237 Buryan
Boscean* 400232 Buryan
Boscean 363322 Just
Boscean Farm 365318 Just
Boscregan 360297 Just
Boscubben (Boscobban) 473395 Zennor
Bosehan (Boscean) 400232 Buryan
Bosfranken 385252 Buryan
Bosigran 427370 Zennor
Bosistow 366237 Levan
Bosistow Cottages 371239 Levan
Boskenna 423237 Buryan
Boskennal 413250 Buryan
Boskennal 504346 Ludgvan
Bosliven 418253 Buryan
Boslow 395326 Sancreed
Bosorne 363309 Just
Bosporthennis 438364 Zennor
Bostraze (mine) 389313 Just
Bosvargus* 376317 Just
Bosvine 370257 Sennen
Boswedden 359319 Just
Boswedden Place 364315 Just
Boswednack 443378 Zennor
Bosworlas 378303 Just
Botallack 369328 Just
Botrea (mine) 396312 Sancreed
Bottoms 385242 Levan
Bowjewyan* 392347 Just
Bowjewyan Stennack 390345 Just
Brea (Bree, Bray) 379280 Just
Brea Vean 377282 Just
Brew 370253 Sennen
Brook Cottage* 438355 Zennor
Bunker's Hill 405270 Buryan
Burnewhall 408236 Buryan
Bussow (mine) 494385 Towednack
Busvargus (Bosvargus) 376317 Just

Not found on the modern 1:25,000 maps.

* Not found in [Pool, 1985]