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30 Jul 1866 by Banns
        William Henry Bryant 23 Mariner of Green St. (Father: William Bryant decd, Fish Buyer)
        Elizabeth Jane Tonkin 22 of Tolcarne (Father: John Henry Tonkin, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: John H Tonkin, Richard Sampson
3 Sep 1866 by Licence
        William Mcdonald 29 Mariner of Jack Lane (Father: John Mcdonald, Labourer)
        Mary Anne Paul 28 of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: John Paul, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Jabez Shepherd, Susan Warren
12 Sep 1866 by Licence
        Thomas Hill 28 Grocer Tea Dealer of Hampton Wick, Mdx [Mark] (Father: John Hill, Iron Founder)
        Susan Wills 25 of Newlyn (Father: John Tremathack Wills, Mariner)
        Witnesses: James Murrish Elizabeth Ann Wills
12 Nov 1866 by Banns
        James Murrish 35 Miner of St. Just in Penwith (Father: William Murrish decd, Miner)
        Elizabeth Ann Wills 29 of Newlyn (Father: John Tremathack Wills, Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Wills, Grace Wills
24 Nov 1866 by Banns
        Charles Paul 26 Mariner of St. an Nowan (Father: Nicholas Paul, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Richards 26 of Str. an Nowan (Father: Abraham Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Jabez Shepherd, James Merifield


1 Jan 1867 by Banns
        John Rowe 41 widower Shoemaker of Factory Row (Father: John Rowe, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Bettys 45 of Factory Row (Father: William Bettys decd, Steward Revenue Cutter)
        Witnesses: John Rowe, Jabez Shepherd
28 Mar 1867 by Banns
        John Roberts Matthews 22 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Matthews, Fisherman)
        Martha Moorshead 21 of Newlyn (Father: Arthur Moorshead decd, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Symons, Susan Warren
31 Mar 1867 by Banns
        Edward Hatch 23 Gardener of Tolcarne [Mark] (Father: Edward Hatch, Gardener)
        Honor Barnes 27 of Tolcarne (Father: Stephen Barnes, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Barnes, James Barnes
1 May 1867 by Licence
        Thomas Peberdy 29 Waiter of Penzance, Madron (Father: William Peberdy decd, Farmer)
        Grace Bond Scadden 23 of Newlyn (Father: Robert Scadden, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Bond, Elizabeth Richards
8 May 1867 by Banns
        James Richards 39 Tea Dealer of St. an Nowan (Father: Charles Richards, Fisherman)
        Susan Bearden 46 of St. an Nowan (Father: William Bearden)
        Witnesses: Charles Richards, Lucinda Badcock
30 Jun 1867 by Banns
        John Roberts 22 Fisherman of St. an Nowan (Father: John Roberts, Carrier)
        Sydney James 19 of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: Edward James, Mason)
        Witnesses: Edward James, Ann Trannack
7 Jul 1867 by Banns
        Charles Carne 21 Fisherman of Duck Street (Father: Charles Carne decd, Fisherman)
        Grace Harvey 19 of Factory Row [Mark] (Father: William Harvey, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Jeffery, Elizabeth Carne
14 Jul 1867 by Licence
        James Bond Tregoning Scadden 20 Pastry Cook of Tolcarne (Father: James Bond Scadden, Miner)
        Elizabeth Nicholas 22 of Tolcarne (Father: James Nicholas, Shipwright)
        Witnesses: William Morrish Nicholas, Elizabeth Stevens
18 Sep 1867 by Banns
        Edward Albert Kelynack 26 Carpenter Rn of Newlyn (Father: John Kelynack, Fisherman)
        Mary Wright Victor 21 of St. an Nowan (Father: Barnard Victor, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Gamabiel[?] Victor, Mary Ann Daniel
28 Dec 1867 by Licence
        John Searle 28 Cooper of Church St. (Father: John Searle, Mason)
        Mary Jane Kitchen 20 of Church St. [Mark] (Father: Henry Kitchen, Pilot)
        Witnesses: Thomas Hitchen, Sarah Kitchen


11 Jan 1868 by Banns
        Charles Wallis 26 Mariner of St. an Nowan (Father: William Wallis decd, Miner)
        Charlotte Sullivan 21 of St. an Nowan (Father: John Sullivan, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Henry Sullivan, John Richards
26 Jan 1868 by Banns
        Howell Richards 26 Labourer of St. an Nowan [Mark] (Father: William Richards, Fisherman)
        Sophia Trembath Eddy 23 of Mount Pleasant (Father: John Eddy, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Watters Richards, Richard Batten
7 Mar 1868 by Licence
        William Roberts 30 Fisherman/Mariner of St. Peter's Hill [Mark] (Father: Thomas Cook Roberts decd, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Ellen Phillips 26 of Navy Inn St. (Father: John Phillips, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Tremethick, Grace Richards Tremethick
25 Mar 1868 by Licence
        William Couch 19 Gardener of Long Rock (Father: Henry Couch, Gardener.)
        Mary Jane Winnen 18 of St. an Nowan (Father: George Winnen, Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Merifield, Mary Ann Symons
29 May 1868 by Banns
        Edward James Cotton 35 widower Miner of Newlyn (Father: John Cotton, Shipwright)
        Anne James 21 of Newlyn (Father: Henry James, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Henry James, Patience James
1 Jun 1868 by Banns
        William Henry Paul 24 Fisherman of Jack Lane (Father: Thomas Paul, Fisherman)
        Harriet Wills 24 of Fradgan (Father: Thomas Wills, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Thomas Wills, Martha Wills
25 Jun 1868 by Licence
        John Nichols Beckerlegg 27 Mariner of St. Peter's Hill [Mark] (Father: John Nicholls Beckerleg, Mariner)
        Jane Tonkin Baker 23 of Paul Hill (Father: James Baker, Coastguard Man)
        Witnesses: Samuel W Carter, William M Maddern
5 Jul 1868 by Banns
        Charles Paul 22 Mariner of Jack Lane (Father: Thomas Paul, Fisherman)
        Clarinda Mary Mitchell 18 of Jack Lane (Father: William Mitchell, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Paul, Jane Paul
6 Jul 1868 by Banns
        Thomas Hosken 23 Mariner of The Coombe (Father: William Hosking, Fisherman)
        Eliza Paul 24 of Duck St. (Father: Nicholas Paul, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: H. G. Richards, Susan Paul
19 Sep 1868 by Banns
        Methusalen Taskis 23 Mariner of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Methuselah Taskis decd, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Wright Simons 21 of Trewenath St. (Father: Robert Simons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Pollard, Elizabeth Taskis
29 Oct 1868 by Banns
        John Sampson 28 Fisherman of St. Peter's Tce. (Father: John Sampson, Fisherman)
        Esther Ann b? Sampson 28 of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Thomas Sampson decd, Baker)
        Witnesses: John Sampson, Grace Beckerleg
29 Nov 1868 by Banns
        Thomas Ralph Rosewall Carne 30 Fisherman of Factory Row (Father: James Carne decd, Labourer)
        Eleanor Stevenson 28 of Factory Row [Mark] (Father: John Stevenson, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edward Stevenson, Phillis [?]


29 Mar 1869 by Banns
        Anthony Sullivan 21 Fisherman of St. an Nowan [Mark] (Father: Anthony Sullivan, Fisherman)
        Mary Jane Richards 24 of Orchard Place (Father: Henry Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Henry Richards, Ann Richards
24 Apr 1869 by Banns
        John Allard 29 Fisherman of Church St. (Father: Francis Allard, Fisherman)
        Mary Anne Hichen 26 of Fore St. (Father: James Hitchens decd, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Hichens, Elizabeth Watkins[?]
22 May 1869 by Banns
        William Mann 26 Fisherman of Boase St. (Father: William Mann, Fisherman)
        Ann Tremethick Cotton 23 of Church St. (Father: Richard Cotton, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Field Richards, Susan Warren
30 Jun 1869 by Licence
        Thomas Harvey 25 Fisherman of The Meadow [Mark] (Father: William Harvey, Master Mariner)
        Catherine Kelly Cattran 24 of Foundry Lane [Mark] (Father: Henry Cattran)
        Witnesses: John Mitchell, Elizabeth Mitchell
10 Aug 1869 by Banns
        Thomas Read Guerine 35 Gentleman of Alexandra Place, Newlyn (Father: Thomas Guerin, Gentleman)
        Anne Elizabeth Huthwaite 67 widow of Alexandra Place, Newlyn (Father: George Beaumont, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: Adam Guerine[?], Emily Guerine
18 Sep 1869 by Banns
        John James 26 Mariner of Green St. (Father: Richard James, Fisherman)
        Margaret Jeffery 20 of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: John Jeffery, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Jeffery, Catherine Jeffery
1 Oct 1869 by Banns
        Benjamin Downing Hitchens 20 Mariner of Fradgan (Father: Richard Hitchens, Fisherman)
        Ann Harvey 17 of Fradgan [Mark] (Father: Thomas Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: M. J. Trevaskis, Susan Warren
24 Oct 1869 by Licence
        John George 25 Baker of Jack Lane (Father: Abraham George, Miller)
        Emily Glasson 22 of Tolcarne [Mark] (Father: William Glasson, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William H Simons, Mary Ann Simons
7 Nov 1869 by Licence
        Thomas Kelynack 24 Cooper of St. an Nowan (Father: George Kelynack, Fisherman)
        Patsey Chirgwin 27 of St. an Nowan (Father: Martin Chirgwin, Cooper)
        Witnesses: Martin Chirgwin, Margaret W Mackey
23 Dec 1869 by Banns
        John George Roberts 48 widower Master Mariner of Chupons Tce. (Father: John George Roberts decd, Fisherman)
        Phillis Badecock 48 widow of Fradgan (Father: Charles Kelynack decd, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Harriet Badcock, Field Richards


18 Apr 1870 by Banns
        Thomas Beckerleg 36 widower Mariner of Gwavas Quay (Father: John Beckerleg, Fisherman)
        Mary Jane Tonkin 35 widow of Coombe Lane (Father: William Hoskin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Rawlings, Frances James Vibert
13 May 1870 by Banns
        William Bennetts 27 Fisherman of Boase St. (Father: John Bennetts, Fisherman)
        Grace Roberts Mathews 22 of Boase St. (Father: Thomas Matthews, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Field Richards, Richard Carne
30 May 1870 by Banns
        John Matthews 21 Mariner of Factory Row (Father: John Matthews, Labourer)
        Sarah Ann Kemp 23 of Factory Row [Mark] (Father: Thos Hnry Kemp, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Field Richards, Emily Matthews
19 Jun 1870 by Banns
        Joseph Thomas 22 Mariner of St. an Nowan (Father: William Thomas decd, Labourer)
        Mary Collins 22 of Duke St. (Father: James Collins, Mason)
        Witnesses: Louisa Eddy, Jessie Seddings
27 Jun 1870 by Licence
        George Mcleary 28 General Dealer of Trewarveth St. [Mark] (Father: George Mclary, Mariner)
        Annie Francis 26 of St. an Nowan (Father: John Francis, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Field Richards, Susan Warren
23 Jul 1870 by Licence
        John Davies 24 Cooper of Newlyn (Father: John Davies, Cooper)
        Margaret Jane Harvey 23 of Newlyn (Father: Andrew Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Andrew Harvey, Elizabeth Davies
12 Nov 1870 by Banns
        Edwin Hodder 29 Mariner of Trewarneth St. (Father: William Hodder, Labourer)
        Eliza Hichens 26 of Church St. (Father: Martin Hichens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Stephen Hichens, Mary Hodder
10 Dec 1870 by Banns
        Charles Simons 23 Fisherman of North Corner (Father: Charles Simons, Fisherman)
        Joanna Johns 26 of The Narrows (Father: Francis Johns, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Cattran, Jane Johns


13 May 1871 by Banns
        Arthur Hichens 26 Fisherman of Church St. (Father: Arthur Hichens, Fisherman)
        Mary Jane Hocking 22 of Church St. (Father: William Hocking, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Charles Hichens, Jane Smith
17 Jun 1871 by Banns
        Joseph Carter 27 Fisherman of Coombe Lane (Father: Joseph Carter, Rope Maker)
        Harriet Badcock 23 of Fradgan (Father: William Badcock, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Badcock, Elizabeth Badcock
18 Jun 1871 by Banns
        Henry Cornish 26 Labourer of Coombe Lane (Father: Richard Cornish decd, Gardener)
        Grace Hosking 26 of Paul Hill [Mark] (Father: James Hosking, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Clyde Edward Garland, Susan Warren
16 Jul 1871 by Banns
        Benjamin Barnes 17 Gardener of Tolcarne (Father: Benjamin Barnes, Gardener)
        Mary Batten 18 of Coombe Lane (Father: John Batten, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: H. Siers, M. A. Makey
12 Sep 1871 by Banns
        Francis James Just 26 Fisherman of Green St. (Father: Francis James, Fisherman)
        Susan Harvey Cotton 23 of Church St. [Mark] (Father: Richard Cotton, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: W. Siers, Phillippa G. P. Viberts
12 Sep 1871 by Banns
        Richard Hill 22 Labourer of Jack Lane (Father: John Warren, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Nicholls Warren 20 of Jack Lane (Father: Joseph Hill, Labourer)
        Witnesses: W. Siers, Elizabeth Williams
7 Oct 1871 by Banns
        Francis Cattran 23 Carpenter of Trewarveth St. (Father: William Cattran, Fisherman)
        Mary Jane Hitchens 22 of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Philip Hitchens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: P. Hichens, Mary G. Batten
22 Oct 1871 by Banns
        Henry Kitchen 35 Mariner of The Cliff (Father: Henry Kitchen, Pilot)
        Harriet Jane Clarke 23 of The Cliff (Father: William Clarke decd, Miner)
        Witnesses: Wm Harris, W. Siers
19 Nov 1871 by Banns
        Thomas Cattran 21 Mariner of The Coombe (Father: Henry Cattran, Fisherman)
        Grace Wilkins 23 of The Coombe (Father: Richard Wilkins, Engineer)
        Witnesses: Richard Wilkins, Margaret Kessils[?]
11 Dec 1871 by Banns
        Edward Stephenson 45 widower Fisherman of Bowjie (Father: John Stephenson, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Pezzack 43 of Gwavas Tce [Mark] (Father: John Pezzack decd, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edward James, W. Siers


2 Jan 1872 by Banns
        William John Trevaskis 24 Engineer of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: John Trevaskis, Excise Officer)
        Ann Barnes Laity 25 widow of Newlyn Cliff (Father: John Kneebone, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Kneebone, W. Siers
4 Feb 1872 by Banns
        John Richards 19 Mason of Jack Lane (Father: John Richards, Fisherman)
        Mary Hitchens Cattran 19 of Chypons Villa (Father: Martin Cattran, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Martin Cattran, Susan Warren
18 Feb 1872 by Banns
        James Sibley Simons 35 Mariner of Trewarveth St. (Father: James Sibley Simons, Rope Maker)
        Martha Jenkyns 23 of Trewarveth St. (Father: William Jenkyns, Photographer)
        Witnesses: W. Siers, Susan Warren
25 Feb 1872 by Banns
        Harry Macguiness 21 Mariner of Duke St. (Father: Henry Macguiness, Shipwright)
        Elizabeth Strick Stevenson 20 of Duke St. [Mark] (Father: William Stevenson, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Stevenson, Elizabeth Rouffignac
30 Mar 1872 by Banns
        Philip Harvey 28 Mariner of Boase St. (Father: Philip Kelynack Harvey, Fisherman)
        Jane James 25 of Gwavas Tce (Father: Arthur James, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Arthur James, Charles Hosken
7 Apr 1872 by Banns
        Ambrose Jeffery Eddy 21 Labourer of Jack Lane (Father: Ambrose Eddy, Miner)
        Catherine Cotton Richards 22 of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: John Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Richards, W. Siers
20 Apr 1872 by Banns
        Charles Chalk 29 Mariner of Navy Inn St. (Father: Charles Chalk, Fisherman)
        Phillis Hichens 23 of St. Peter's Hill [Mark] (Father: John Hichens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Chalk, James Nicholls
20 Apr 1872 by Banns
        Thomas Taskes 30 Mariner of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Methusalah Taskes, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Ann Richards 24 of Duke St. (Father: John Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Richards, Eliza Richards
23 May 1872 by Banns
        John Hichens 26 Mariner of St. Peter's Hill (Father: John Hichens, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Chalk 26 of Navy Inn St. (Father: Charles Chalk, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Charles Chalk, [?] Nicholls
2 Jun 1872 by Banns
        Henry Cattran 23 Rope Maker of Foundry Lane (Father: Henry Cattran, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Stephens Honeychurch 21 of Foundry Lane (Father: William Honeychurch, Mason)
        Witnesses: John Cattran, W. Siers
15 Jun 1872 by Banns
        James Nicholas 22 Mariner of Tolcarne (Father: James Nicholas, Shipwright)
        Elizabeth Hannah Kelisky/Klisky 20 of Boase St. (Father: John Baker Kelisky, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Baker Kliskey, William Roberts Klisky
30 Jun 1872 by Banns
        John Henry Jeffery 26 Mariner of Duke St. St. an Nowan (Father: John Jeffery, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Carne 27 of Duke St. St. an Nowan [Mark] (Father: Charles Carne, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: David Francis, John Collins
21 Jul 1872 by Banns
        Henry Williams 22 Painter of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: William Williams, Labourer)
        Catherine Jeffery 23 of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: John Jeffery, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Wm Jeffery, Wm Siers
24 Aug 1872 by Banns
        Thomas Rowe 38 widower Miner of Mount View (Father: Thomas Rowe, Miner)
        Jemima Snell 43 of Mount View [Mark] (Father: Samuel Snell, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Tremethick, Grace Richards, Tremethick
15 Sep 1872 by Banns
        John Harvey 26 Fisherman of Green St. [Mark] (Father: John Harvey, Fisherman)
        Joanna Treleaven 22 of Paul Hill (Father: Thomas Treleaven, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Wm Cattran, Wm Siers
15 Sep 1872 by Banns
        Thomas Mcguinness 25 Mariner of Church St. (Father: Joseph Mcguinness, Dockyardsman)
        Susan Warren 19 of Church St. (Father: W.H.Warren, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Wm Cattran, Elizabeth Allen
9 Oct 1872 by Banns
        William Henry Nicholas 26 Mariner of Fradgan (Father: Henry Nicholas, Mariner)
        Elizabeth Trannack 22 of Fradgan [Mark] (Father: Martin Trannack, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Frances Jane Vibert, Jane Collins


19 Jan 1873 by Banns
        William Harvey 23 Labourer of Tredavoe (Father: William Harvey, Labourer)
        Emma Chirgwin 24 of Tredavoe (Father: Saul Chirgwin, Miller)
        Witnesses: Samuel Chirgwin, W. Siers
19 Jan 1873 by Banns
        Albert Stone 24 Carrier of Primrose Tce. [Mark] (Father: John Stone, Carrier)
        Ellen Borrice Richards 25 of Primrose Tce. (Father: John Richards, Labourer)
        Witnesses: W. Siers, A. Vibert
15 Mar 1873 by Banns
        Benjamin Treloar Kitchen 28 Fisherman of Church St. [Mark] (Father: Henry Kitchen, Pilot)
        Annie Hawke 22 of Church St. (Father: John Hawke, Bootmaker)
        Witnesses: John H. Sampson, Sarah Kitchen
15 Mar 1873 by Banns
        Thomas Tregurtha 24 Fisherman of North Corner [Mark] (Father: W.Hnry Tregurtha, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Hitchens 21 of Newlyn Cliff (Father: Wm Hitchens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Wm Hichens, Catherine Hichens
19 Mar 1873 by Licence
        Philip Nicholls 22 Mariner of Penzance (Father: John Nicholls, Mariner)
        Joanna Richards 20 of St. an Nowan (Father: Wm Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: W. F. Richards, Agnes Nicholls
6 Apr 1873 by Banns
        John Henry Sampson 23 Mariner of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Henry Sampson, Fisherman)
        Sarah Kitchen 22 of Church St. (Father: Henry Kitchen, Pilot)
        Witnesses: Martha Kitchen, Thomas Mathews
4 May 1873 by Banns
        William Bonetto 23 Mariner of Jack Lane (Father: William Bonetto, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Rutter 24 of Jack Lane (Father: Sarah Rutter, Single Woman)
        Witnesses: W. Siers, Jane Collins
4 May 1873 by Banns
        Philip Beer 27 Cooper of Newlyn Town (Father: Josiah Beer, Cooper)
        Mary Hichens 28 of Newlyn Town (Father: Alexander Hichens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: [?] Wm Siers
17 May 1873 by Banns
        James Baker 22 Mariner of Paul Hill (Father: James Baker, Coastguardman)
        Emma Warren 25 of Jack Lane (Father: William Warren, Miner)
        Witnesses: Wm Siers, Jane Collins
17 May 1873 by Banns
        Henry Tonkin Bond 37 widower Fisherman of Carters Building (Father: Richard Bond, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Jane Bryant 29 widow of Upper Green St. (Father: John Henry Jenkin/Tonkin, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Wm Siers, Jane Collins
2 Jun 1873 by Banns
        Charles Lavers 23 Labourer of Church St. (Father: John Lavers, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Paul 25 of Church St. [Mark] (Father: Martin Paul decd, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Martinn Paul, Eliza Paul
9 Jujn 1873 by Banns
        Richard Richards 30 Mariner of Fore St. (Father: William Richards, Farmer)
        Catherine Dusting 24 of Fore St. (Father: Richard Dusting, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Wm Siers, Jane Collins
29 Jun 1873 by Banns
        John Roberts 22 Mariner of Foundry Squ (Father: James Roberts, Fisherman)
        Catherine Polglase 20 of Coombe Lane [Mark] (Father: Wm Polglase, Mariner)
        Witnesses: W Siers, Edith F Viberts
13 Jul 1873 by Licence
        Michael Thomas 24 Fish Merchant of Fore St. (Father: Michael Thomas, Fisherman)
        Eliza Davis 23 of St. an Nowan (Father: John Davis decd, Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Kelynack, Mary Thomas
11 Aug 1873 by Banns
        John Jenkin 26 Mariner of Boase St. [Mark] (Father: John Jenkin, Fisherman)
        Eliza Boase Oats 22 of Primrose Tce. (Father: Thomas Oats, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: W Siers, A. J. M. Vibert
7 Sep 1873 by Banns
        Robert Courtney 20 Mariner of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Robert Courtney, Coastguard)
        Susan Harvey Nichols 28 of Boase St. (Father: Thomas Nichols, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: H. J. Nicholls, Mary Harvey Tonkin
19 Oct 1873 by Banns
        Thomas Rowe 21 Fisherman of Fradgan (Father: Richard Rowe, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Caroline Pentreath 19 of Fradgan (Father: David Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: W. Siers, Eliza Rowe
7 Dec 1873 by Banns
        Richard Hitchens James full age Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Edward James deceased)
        Mary Jane Nicholls full age of Newlyn [Mark] (Father: Stephen Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Stephen Nicholls, W. Siers


10 May 1874 by Banns
        Francis Trannack 22 Fisherman of St. an Nowan [Mark] (Father: Martin Trannack, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Jane Semmens 17 of Tolcarn (Father: Nicholas Semmens, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Siers, John Hoskin
4 Jun 1874 by Banns
        Joseph Thomas 20 Labourer of Newlyn Town (Father: William Thomas, Stonedresser)
        Susan Williams 23 of Newlyn Town [Mark] (Father: Arthur Williams, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Hitchen, William Siers
27 Jun 1874 by Banns
        William Simons 26 Mariner of Tolcarne [Mark] (Father: William Simons, Miller)
        Mary Richards 23 of Fradgan (Father: John Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Silliam Simons, Elizabeth Madderen
30 Aug 1874 by Banns
        James Choke 30 Fisherman of Newlyn Town (Father: Charles Choke decd, Coastguardman)
        Jane Nicholls 24 of Newlyn Town (Father: Thomas Nicholls, Cooper)
        Witnesses: Thomas Nicholls, Anne Nicholls
30 Aug 1874 by Banns
        Walter Williams 47 widower Tin Dresser of St. Just [Mark] (Father: Philip Williams decd, Miner)
        Lydia Tonkin 34 of Newlyn (Father: Bryant Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Bryat Tonkin, Richard H Berryman
6 Sep 1874 by Banns
        Benjamin Mitchell Rogers 20 Fisherman of Newlyn Town [Mark] (Father: Benjamin Mitchel[?] Rogers, Fisherman)
        Mary Mitchell Batten 20 of Jack Lane (Father: William Mitchel Batten, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Thos J Tonkin
3 Nov 1874 by Banns
        John Thomas Rowe 21 Labourer of Newlyn Town (Father: John Rowe decd, Shoemaker)
        Lydia Mitchell 21 of St. an Nowan [Mark] (Father: William Mitchell, Sawyer)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Jane Collings
9 Nov 1874 by Banns
        James Clark 22 Labourer of Jack Lane (Father: William Clark, Sailor)
        Mary Ann Harvey 22 of Jack Lane (Father: William Harvey, Shoe Maker)
        Witnesses: Jane Collings, William Siers
30 Dec 1874 by Banns
        Thomas Hitchens Richards 25 Mariner.R.N of Newlyn (Father: John Daniel Richards, Superannuated Coastguard)
        Elizabeth Mary Nicholls 24 of Newlyn (Father: Jonas Nicholls, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Thomas John Tonkin, Elizabeth Richards

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