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3 Jan 1875 by Banns
        Richard Collins 21 Labourer of Jack Lane (Father: Samuel Collins, Mason)
        Ellen Chirgwin 21 of Tredavoe (Father: Samuel Chirgwin, Miller)
        Witnesses: Samuel Chirgwin, Elizabeth A Chirgwin
18 Apr 1875 by Banns
        John Hoskin 22 Labourer of Paul Hill (Father: James Hoskin, Labourer)
        Mary Nicholls 22 of St. an Nowan [Mark] (Father: Thomas Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Pearce Billen Rodda, Jane Collins
2 May 1875 by Banns
        Henry Mathews 21 Fisherman of St. an Nowan [Mark] (Father: John Matthews, Labourer)
        Jane Pellew 22 of St. an Nowan
        Witnesses: Pearce Billin Rodda, Jane Collins
23 May 1875 by Banns
        Richard Alfred Nicholls 27 Fisherman of Newlyn [Mark] (Father: Richard Nicholls, Cabinet Maker)
        Elizabeth Downing 25 of Newlyn (Father: William Downey, Ship Builder)
        Witnesses: William Downing, Eliza Willis Downing
5 Jun 1875 by Banns
        William Maddern 24 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Maddern, Fisherman)
        Phillis Tonkin 21 of Newlyn (Father: John Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Tonkin, Susan Roberts
13 Jun 1875 by Banns
        John Harvey Carne 25 Fisherman of Duke St. (Father: Charles Carne, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Watling 25 of Tredavoe [Mark] (Father: William Watling, Cooper)
        Witnesses: Richard Carne, Pearce Billin Rodda
7 Jul 1875 by Licence
        John Downing 30 Fish Buyer of Newlyn [Mark] (Father: Thomas R Downing, Accountant)
        Martha Wills 25 of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Wills, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Thomas R Downing, Thomas Willis
13 Jul 1875 by Licence
        James Stibbs 25 Fish Salesman of Plymouth (Father: Richard Stibbs, Ship Owner)
        Julia Ladner 30 of Newlyn (Father: Charles Ladner, Innkeeper)
        Witnesses: Henry Downing Potter, William Siers
22 Aug 1875 by Banns
        Nicholas Mann 38 widower Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Mann, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Magee 36 of Newlyn (Father: Roger Magee, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Mann, Emma Pender


20 Nov 1876 by Banns
        Charles Hichens 23 Fisherman of Newlyn Town [Mark] (Father: Thomas Hichins, Fisherman)
        Laura Barnes 22 of Tamlyn Row, Jack Lane (Father: William Barnes, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Mary Semmens, William Barnes
29 May 1876 by Banns
        Charles Pearce 30 Fisherman of Newlyn Town (Father: Richard Pearce, Fisherman)
        Penelope Jenkin 24 of St. an Nowan (Father: John Jenkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Alice Jenkin, William Siers
3 Jun 1876 by Banns
        John Paul 27 Fisherman of Newlyn Town (Father: John Paul, Fisherman)
        Eliza Maddern 23 (Father: John Maddern)
        Witnesses: John Maddern, Sarah Paul
10 Jun 1876 by Banns
        James Joseph Breach 25 Fisherman of Jack Lane (Father: William Breach, Fisherman)
        Margaret Vingoe 20 of Jack Lane (Father: Thomas Ellis Vingoe, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Ellis Vingoe, Anne Louisa Willis
24 Jun 1876 by Banns
        John Barnes 23 Fisherman of St. an Nowan (Father: John Barnes, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Taskes 21 of St. an Nowan (Father: Methusalan Taskes, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edward Downing, Elizabeth Barnes
2 Jul 1876 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Pascoe 28 Fisherman of St. an Nowan (Father: Thomas Henry Pascoe decd, Miner)
        Jane Hitchens James 21 of Newlyn (Father: Edward James decd, Mason)
        Witnesses: Richard Hy Berryman, Jane Collins
6 Aug 1876 by Banns
        James Guy 25 Shoemaker of St. an Nowan (Father: Abraham Guy, Fisherman)
        Susan Mary Osborne 20 of St. an Nowan (Father: William Osborne, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Jane Collins, William Siers
15 Oct 1876 by Banns
        John Williams 48 widower Tallow Chandler of Fragean (Father: Thomas Williams decd, Tallow Handler)
        Eliza Guy 48 of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: John Guy decd, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Rowe, John Richards
5 Nov 1876 by Banns
        Nicholas Hoskin 26 Fisherman of Newlyn Town [Mark] (Father: Nicholas Hosken, Labourer)
        Jane Snell 21 of Newlyn Town (Father: John Snell, Tin Smelter)
        Witnesses: Richard Hy. Berryman, Jane Collins
26 Nov 1876 by Banns
        Stephen Nicholls 30 Fisherman of Fradgan (Father: Stephen Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Mary James 21 of Fradgan [Mark] (Father: Edward James, Mason)
        Witnesses: Stephen Nicholls, William Siers


24 Feb 1877 by Banns
        Edward Downing 22 Fisherman of Jack Lane (Father: Stephen Downing, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Barnes 20 of Jack Lane (Father: John Barnes, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Barnes, Mar A. Barnes
12 May 1877 by Banns
        John Mewse 21 Fisherman of Newlyn Town [Mark] (Father: Samuel Mewse?, Fisherman)
        Mary Payne 25 of St. an Nowan (Father: Samuel Payne, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Thomas Ellis Vingoe
16 May 1877 by Banns
        Thomas Welch 26 Fisherman of St. an Nowan [Mark] (Father: Thomas Welch, Gardener)
        Jane Harvey 22 of St. an Nowan [Mark] (Father: William Harvey, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Jane Collins
27 May 1877 by Banns
        John Pollard 26 Fisherman of Newlyn Town (Father: John Pollard, Fisherman)
        Mary Mitchell Roberts 24 of Newlyn Town (Father: James Roberts, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Roberts, Jane Collins
15 Jul 1877 by Banns
        James Donnithorne Curnow, Fisherman of Bridge, St. an Nowan (Father: Henry Curnow, Fisherman)
        Lavinia Ann James of St. an Nowan (Father: Edward James decd, Mason)
        Witnesses: Ellen Richards, Thomas Henry Pasco
13 Oct 1877 by Banns
        Samuel Cotton 26 Fisherman of Foundery Lane [Mark] (Father: Richard Cotton, Fisherman)
        Sophia Payne 24 of Coombe [Mark] (Father: Richard Payne, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Payne, Mary Payne
8 Dec 1877 by Banns
        John Wallis 26 Basket Makrer of Newlyn (Father: William Wallis, Basket Maker)
        Mary Barnes Warren 20 of Newlyn (Father: John Adams Warren, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John A Warren, Emily Warren
25 Dec 1877 by Banns
        Richard Cattran 22 Fisherman of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: Henry Cattran, Fisherman)
        Annie Trewhella 22 of Jack Lane (Father: Christopher Trewhella, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Jane Collins, W. Siers


2 Mar 1878 by Banns
        Richard Henry Berryman 21 Carpenter of Newlyn (Father: Richard Berryman, Ironmonger)
        Sarah Jane Pascoe 25 of Newlyn (Father: William Pascoe, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John M Pascoe, Thomas Pasco
3 Mar 1878 by Banns
        Charles Williams 23 Carpenter of Phillack (Father: William Williams, Shoemaker)
        Susan Paul Johns 22 of Newlyn (Father: Peter Johns, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Johns, Catherine Angwin Pal
10 Jun 1878 by Banns
        John Bonetto 27 Fisherman of St. Peter's Hill, Newlyn (Father: John Bonetto, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Ann Hand 25 of Green St. [Mark] (Father: Richard Hand, Miner)
        Witnesses: Annie L Benetto, Jane Collins
25 Jun 1878 by Banns
        John Polkinghorne 39 Farmer of Fore St. (Father: John Polkinghorne decd, Farmer)
        Annie Maria Ball 34 of Fore St. (Father: Ethan Ball, Publican)
        Witnesses: Wm Pick, Adelaide Alving Watters?
17 Aug 1878 by Banns
        William Sampson 26 Fisherman of Coombe, St. an Nowan (Father: John Sampson, Fisherman)
        Alice Payne 22 of Fragean (Father: Richard Payne, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Mary Sampson, Richard Payne
9 Sep 1878 by Banns
        Philip Curnow Hitchens 24 Fisherman of Off M.S.Crow, Jack Lane (Father: Martin Hichens, Fisherman)
        Mary Tonkin Trahair 22 of Jack Lane (Father: William Henry Trahair, Grocer)
        Witnesses: Annie Trahair, Thomas Trahair
29 Sep 1878 by Banns
        Richard Jeffrey 24 Carrier of Chypons,.St. an Nowan (Father: Richard Jeffrey, Carrier)
        Mary Angwin 20 of Chypons, St. an Nowan (Father: James Angwin, Carrier)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Jane Collins
23 Dec 1878 by Banns
        William Warren 23 Sailor of Fraggean (Father: William Warren, Carriage Builder)
        Honor Thisleton Tregenza 23 of Fraggean (Father: William Tregenza, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Tregenza, George Herbert Whitaker


28 Jan 1879 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Hobbs 27 Blacksmith/Late Policeforce of Newlyn (Father: John Hobbs, Blacksmith)
        Caroline Jaco 34 widow (Father: John Polglase, Wheelwright)
        Witnesses: John Polglase, Susan Polglase
15 Jan 1879 by Banns
        Silas Bath 30 Fisherman of Fraggan [Mark] (Father: Richard Kelynack, Shipwright)
        Eliza Jane Bath 26 of Fraggan (Father: James Bath, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Philip Tonkin, Cathrine Nicholls
30 Mar 1879 by Banns
        Charles Badcock 29 Fish Buyer of Newlyn (Father: John Badcock, Sailor)
        Emma Wills 25 of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Wills, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: John Downing, S Cotton
13 Apr 1879 by Licence
        John Wakfer 24 Carpenter of Penzance (Father: James Wakfer, Porter Gwr)
        Grace Thomas 24 of Newlyn Town [Mark] (Father: Michael Thomas, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Reid
7 Jun 1879 by Banns
        Edward Harvey Richards 25 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Harvey [sic], Fisherman)
        Ellen Harvey 21 of Penzance (Father: James Warren Richards [sic], Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Harvey, Mary Harvey
28 Oct 1879 by Banns
        Henry Gaskell full age Esq of Paul Hill (Father: George Rundle Hocking [sic], Esq)
        Agnes Maud Cleather full age of Newlyn (Father: George Ellis Cleather, Vicar, Chivington, Wilts)
        Witnesses: G Ellis Cleather M. A., Gertrude Mary Cleather
16 Nov 1879 by Licence
        Richard Warren, Printer of Newlyn Town (Father: Thomas Warren, Tin Smelter)
        Mary Maria Rowe [Mark] (Father: Michel Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: W. Siers, W. Warren


31 Jan 1880 by Banns
        Edward John Lawson full age Retd P Copl R.A. of Coombe (Father: Andrew Lawson, Justice Of Peace)
        Elizabeth Jane Harvey full age of Coombe [Mark] (Father: Thomas Harvey, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James Dunstan, Mary A. Shaw
15 Feb 1880 by Banns
        Henry Hitchen 42 widower Merchant of Gwavas St. (Father: Henry Kitchen, Pilot)
        Eliz.Ann Pollard 31 of Navy Inn St. [Mark] (Father: John Pollard, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Jane Collins
29 May 1880 by Licence
        Stephen Bonetto 22 Ropermaker of Florence Place (Father: John Bonetto, Fisherman)
        Diana Richards 24 of Florence Place (Father: John Richards, Miner)
        Witnesses: Jane Collins, Annie L. Bonetto
27 Jun 1880 by Banns
        James Chapple 23 Fisherman of Tredavoe (Father: Edwin Chapple, Fisherman)
        Annie Rouffignac 21 of Paul Hill (Father: William Rouffignac, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Rouffignac, Elizabeth Rouffignac
1 Sep 1880 by Banns
        James Richards 26 Seaman of Newlyn (Father: John Daniel Richards, Coastguard Man)
        Grace Daniel Tremethick 23 of St. an Nowan (Father: Thomas Tremethick decd, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Joseph Tremethick, Thomas H Richards
2 Oct 1880 by Banns
        Owen Maddern 21 Labourer of Fatory Square (Father: Frank Maddern decd, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Olds 22 of Church Lane [Mark] (Father: Thomas Henry Olds, Ropemaker)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Olds, Catherine Olds
17 Oct 1880 by Banns
        John Henry Rose 20 Fisherman of Jack Lane (Father: John Henry Rose decd, Watchmaker)
        Isabella Cattran 19 of Jack Lane (Father: Henry Cattran, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Charles Cattran, Elizabeth Cattran
7 Nov 1880 by Banns
        William Henry Mann 21 Fisherman of Newlyn Town (Father: William Henry Mann, Fisherman)
        Margaret Jane Francis 21 of Newlyn Town (Father: Richard Francis, Engineer)
        Witnesses: John Stribley[?], Jane Collins


30 Jan 1881 by Banns
        James Warren 30 Fisherman of Newlyn Town (Father: William Warren, Miner)
        Emma Jago 26 of Newlyn Town (Father: Joseph Jago, Sailor)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Jane Collins
11 Apr 1881 by Banns
        William Johns Nicholls 26 Fisherman of Florence Place (Father: John Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Catherine Kelynack 20 of Florence Place (Father: William Kelynack, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Kelynack, Grace P Kelynack
1 May 1881 by Banns
        Thomas Shimmin 25 Fisherman of Chapel St. (Father: Richard Shimmin, Fisherman)
        Rovena Matthews 21 of Fraggean [Mark] (Father: Thomas Matthews, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Grace Matthews, Thomas Matthews
21 May 1881 by Banns
        William Francis Woodfield 21 Stone Mason of Fraggean (Father: Thomas James Woodfield, Stonemason)
        Edith Richards 21 of Newlyn Town (Father: John Daniel Richards, Superann Coastguardman)
        Witnesses: Harriet Woodfield, John Daniel Richards
3 Jul 1881 by Banns
        Samuel Jenkins Harvey 27 Fisherman of Tolcarn (Father: Charles Harvey, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Cattran 26 of Newlyn Town (Father: Thomas Cattran, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Bodinner, Grace Andrews
5 Jul 1881 by Banns
        Charles James 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: George James, Stonemason)
        Elizabeth Rogers 19 of Newlyn [Mark] (Father: Benjamin Rogers, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Wills, Jane Collins
11 Jul 1881 by Licence
        Charles Symons 21 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Symons, Miller)
        Grace Stethridge 20 of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Benjamin Stethridge, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Jane Collins
31 Aug 1881 by Banns
        Thomas Cooper Gotch 26 Artist of Duke St. (Father: Thomas Henry Gotch, Boot Manufacturer)
        Caroline Burland Yates 25 of Duke St. (Father: Edward Yates, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: E. B. Yates, A. Tonkin, Frank Bodilly, J. Alfred Gotch


23 Jan 1882 by Banns
        Thomas Waters 24 Carpenter of Aberystwith, Wales (Father: William Symons George Waters, Gardener)
        Jane Symons 22 of The Cliff (Father: William Symons, Miller)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Jane Collins
10 Jul 1882 by Licence
        John James 29 Fisherman of Foundry Lane (Father: John James, Fisherman)
        Jane Paul 27 of Foundry Lane (Father: Nicholas Paul, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Hosken, William Siers
28 Jul 1882 by Banns
        Thomas Garland 36 Mine Agent of Newmill Gulval (Father: James Garland, Mine Agent)
        Nanny Harvey 40 of Fraggean (Father: Andrew Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Mary Emmeline Garland, Margaret Davies
2 Sep 1882 by Banns
        Henry Cattran 34 widower Ropemaker of Newlyn (Father: Henry Cattran, Fisherman)
        Emily Thomas 25 of Newlyn [Mark] (Father: James Thomas, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Margaret Cattran, John H Rose
6 Sep 1882 by Licence
        William John Stone 28 Smith of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: John Stone, Farmer)
        Jane Wills 25/28[?] of The Coombe (Father: Thomas Wills, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Stone, Thomas Wills
25 Sep 1882 by Banns
        John Allen Packer 20 Clerk of St. an Nowan (Father: Henry Packer, City Missionary)
        Jane Collings 20 of Stable Hobba (Father: James Collins, Mason)
        Witnesses: Emma Collings, William Siers
24 Dec 1882 by Banns
        Thomas Harvey 23 Fisherman of Duke St. (Father: William Harvey, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Penglase 21 of Tolcarne (Father: William Penglase, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Jane Collins
26 Dec 1882 by Banns
        Joseph Nicholas Warren 23 Fisherman of Duke St. (Father: John Warren, Fisherman)
        Louisa Emily Warren 21 of Duke St. (Father: Thomas Warren, Tin Smelter)
        Witnesses: James Henry Warren, William Henry Dale


12 Feb 1883 by Banns
        William Paul 29 Fisherman of Newlyn Town (Father: Nicholas Paul, Fisherman)
        Mary Jane Trebaskis 21 of Newlyn Town (Father: James Trevaskis, Tailor)
        Witnesses: H. Trevaskis, W. Siers
29 May 1883 by Licence
        James Hampton 27 Sailor of Gulval [Mark] (Father: James Hampton, Baker)
        Emma Collings 24 of Newlyn Town (Father: James Collings, Mason)
        Witnesses: Ann Holman, William Siers
5 Jun 1883 by Banns
        Digory Wroath 49 widower Fisherman of Adelaide St., Penzance (Father: John Wroath, Foreman Wheelwright)
        Mary Boase 50 widow of Fraggean (Father: John Yeoman, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Jane Collins
8 Jul 1883 by Banns
        Thomas James Williams 24 Farm Labourer of St. Michael's Tce. (Father: John Williams, Labourer)
        Angelina Hichens 23 of Foundry House (Father: Philip Hitchens decd, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: [?] Hichens, Philip Hichens
11 Nov 1883 by Licence
        Joseph Rowe 25 Painter of Mousehole [Mark] (Father: Michael Rowe, Labourer)
        Annie Richards 22 of Florence Tce (Father: John Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Richards, Catherine Richards
17 Nov 1883 by Banns
        Francis Day Lugg 28 Sailor of Navy Inn St. (Father: Francis Lugg, Missionary)
        Elizabeth Roberts 22 of Navy Inn St. (Father: Thomas Roberts, Engineer)
        Witnesses: Edith Lugg, Seling M. Lugg, Francis Lugg
2 Dec 1883 by Banns
        Philip Tonkin 21 Fisherman of Pembroke St., Penzance (Father: Philip Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Phillipa Jane White 19 of Jack Lane (Father: James White, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Jane Collins, James White


8 Jan 1884 by Licence
        Thomas Symons 21 Mason of Boase St. (Father: John Symons decd, Carrier)
        Mary Kelynack Stevens 20 of Eden Tce (Father: Joseph Stevens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Treawith, Jane Collins
13 Jan 1884 by Banns
        William Humphry Andrews 22 Quarryman of Eden Tce. (Father: John Henry Andrews, Miner)
        Mary Jane Collins 22 of Eden Tce (Father: Richard Collins, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Paul, Robert George Collins
26 Jan 1884 by Banns
        Charles Harvey 29 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Charles Harvey, Fisherman)
        Jane Ayres 25 of Coomb (Father: James Ayres, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Samuel Jenkin Pollard, Allen Ayres
3 Feb 1884 by Banns
        Samuel Jenkin Pollard 30 Fisherman of Tolcarne (Father: John Pollard, Fisherman)
        Ellen Ayres 27 of St. Peter's House (Father: James Ayres, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Charles Harvey, Philip Lach Szyrma
19 Apr 1884 by Banns
        William Tonkin Hosking 20 Labourer of Newlyn Town [Mark] (Father: Edward Hosking decd, Miner)
        Mary Ann Daniel 19 of Newlyn Town (Father: Matthew Daniel, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Jane Collins, Matthew Daniel
27 Apr 1884 by Banns
        Arthur Wallis 37 Basket Maker of Foundry Lane (Father: William Wallis, Basket Maker)
        Elizabeth Nicholls 28 of Florence Place [Mark] (Father: Richard Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Nicholls, Jane Collins
18 May 1884 by Banns
        Henry Hichens 34 widower Fisherman of Daniel Place (Father: Alexander Hichens, Fisherman)
        Sarah Sampson 33 widow of Coomb (Father: Henry Kitchen, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Mary Jane Kitchen, Stephen Hichens
8 Jun 1884 by Licence
        John Cattran 30 Fisherman of Boase St. (Father: Henry Cattran, Fisherman)
        Mary Elizabeth Richards 27 of Cliff (Father: John Richards, Coastguardman)
        Witnesses: Adeline Richards, Margaret Cattran
28 Jun 1884 by Banns
        Thomas Tregurtha 30 Blacksmith of Newlyn Town [Mark] (Father: William Tregurtha, Blacksmith)
        Jane Downing 29 of St. an Nowan (Father: Thomas Richards Downing decd, Grocer)
        Witnesses: John Downing, Horatio J. S. Lach Szyrma
29 Jun 1884 by Banns
        Henry Jenkin 20 Labourer of St. an Nowan (Father: Henry Jenkin, Miller)
        Elvira Rogers 20 of St. an Nowan (Father: Benjamin Rogers, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Philip Guillard, Bessie Andrew
6 Jul 1884 by Licence
        Thomas Cook 23 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: George Cock, Fisherman)
        Mary Catherine Thomas 25 of Newlyn (Father: William Thomas, Gardener)
        Witnesses: George Cock, Emma Thomas
13 Jul 1884 by Banns
        Alfred Whitaker 19 Labourer of Fradjan (Father: Walter Whitaker, Fish Curer)
        Caroline Harvey 20 of Fradjan (Father: Edwrd Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: David Pentreath, Annie Pentreath
17 Jul 1884 by Banns
        George Marrack 22 Ropemaker of Boase St. (Father: Thomas Matthews Marrack, Rope Maker)
        Eliza Jane Bath 18 of Boase St. (Father: Richard Richards Bath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: R. R. Bath, T. Marrack, T. M. Marrack
19 Jul 1884 by Banns
        John Downing Hitchens 24 Labourer of Zimmermanslot (Father: Richard Hitchens, Fisherman)
        Sabina Harvey 25 of Market Jew St., Penzance (Father: John Harvey, Miner)
        Witnesses: Phillis H. Kneebone, William Siers
20 Jul 1884 by Licence
        Abraham John Nicholls 21 Painter of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Walter Nichols, Lighthouse Keeper)
        Elizabeth Ellen Jenkin 18 of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Henry Jenkin, Miller)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Henry Jenkin
17 Sep 1884 by Banns
        Thomas Curnow 39 widower Market Gardener of Newlyn Town (Father: Thomas Curnow, Market Gardener)
        Mary Ackerley 33 of Prospect Place (Father: John Box ?Ackerley, Buller?)
        Witnesses: Eliza Wallis, Kate Read, Thomas James
29 Sep 1884 by Banns
        Thomas Coalls Strike 25 Fisherman of Green St. (Father: James Strike, Fisherman)
        Joanna Stevenson 24 of Green St. [Mark] (Father: William Stevenson, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Charles Richards, Jane ?
12 Oct 1884 by Banns
        Henry Macguiness 34 widower Fisherman of Newlyn Town (Father: Joseph Macguiness, Fisherman)
        Jane Potter 33 of Green St. (Father: Henry Daniel Potter, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: W. P. Potter, C. M. Rowe
28 Oct 1884 by Banns
        John James Pezzack 29 Fisherman of Meadow Place (Father: John Carne Pezzack, Fisherman)
        Anne Payne Richards 28 of Florence Place (Father: Samuel Richards, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Alfred Richards, J Pezzack


14 Jan 1885 by Banns
        Frederick Kelynack Badcock 20 Fisherman of Union Inn (Father: William Badcock, Fisherman)
        Jane Tremethick Symons 20 of Clifton Place (Father: William Jeffery Symons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Joseph Peake, Grace Harvey
18 Jan 1885 by Banns
        John James 25 Mason of Chapel St. (Father: Alexaner James, Builder)
        Adeline Richards 23 of Fraggean (Father: John Daniel Richards, [?])
        Witnesses: Margery James, Henry Richards
1 Feb 1885 by Banns
        Martin Reynolds 24 Roper of Green St. (Father: Martin Reynolds, Gardener)
        Elizabeth Ann Stone 23 of Navy Inn Row (Father: John Stone, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Siers, Charlotte Emily Downing
3 Feb 1885 by Banns
        John Grady 25 Sailor of Primrose Tce (Father: Thomas Grady, Mason)
        Laura Ellen Williams 23 of Fore St. (Father: Peter Henry Williams, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Francis Richards, Beatrice Jane Bennetts
1 Mar 1885 by Banns
        John James Searle 21 Labourer of Trewavas St. (Father: John Searle, Sailor)
        Thomasine Carter Rouffignac 20 of Green St. (Father: William Rouffignac, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Rouffignac, Elizabeth Rouffignac
14 Jun 1885 by Banns
        Henry James 29 Fisherman of Coombe Newlyn (Father: Henry James, Fisherman)
        Grace Kelynack 23 of Jennings St. St. John'S, Penzance (Father: William Kelynack decd, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Annie Cotton, William Kelynack
12 Jul 1885 by Banns
        William P Potter 26 Fisherman of Jack Lane [Mark] (Father: Henry Downing Potter decd, Tailor)
        Caroline Mary Rowe 20 of Jack Lane (Father: James Rowe, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Charles Jenkins, Jane Collins
14 Nov 1885 by Banns
        Francis Polglase 25 Fisherman of Brockley Hill, Kent (Father: William Polglase, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Howis 25 of Newlyn (Father: Samuel Howes, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Jane Collins, John Roberts


30 May 1886 by Banns
        Alfred Charles Tremeer 22 Horse Driver of Fradgan (Father: George Tremeer, Diver)
        Phillis Harvey Nicholls 25 of Stable Hobba [Mark] (Father: Thomas Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Jane Nicholls, William Siers
8 Jun 1886 by Banns
        William Page 24 Record Agent of Church St. (Father: Henry Page decd, Merchant)
        Kate Marion Roe 23 of Tolcarne (Father: Charles William Rowe, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: Wm John Hardy, Mary H Roe
13 Jun 1886 by Banns
        Thomas Bromley Tonkin 23 Ironworker of Tolcarne (Father: John Henry Tonkin, Carpenter)
        Susan Barnes 20 of Bank Newlyn (Father: William Barnes, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Tomas Barnes, Anna Osborne
20 Jun 1886 by Banns
        Job Richards 25 Fisherman of Fradgan (Father: William Richards, Labourer)
        Bessie Cornish 21 of St. Nowan (Father: Richard Cornish, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Richard Cornish, Jane Collins
31 Oct 1886 by Banns
        William Henry Squire 23 Labourer of Tolcarne (Father: William Squire, Labourer)
        Mary Williams 20 of Union Tce. Penzance (Father: Thomas Williams, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Squire, Elizabeth Squire


24 Apr 1887 by Banns
        Richard Nicholls 25 Labourer of Newlyn (Father: Richard Nicholls, Sawyer)
        Matilda Batten 24 of Newlyn (Father: William Batten, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Robert Collins, Jane Collins
24 Oct 1887 by Banns
        Charles Richards 25 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Charles Richards, Labourer)
        Mary Elizabeth Searle 20 of Newlyn (Father: Francis Searle, Mason)
        Witnesses: Francis Searle, Eliz. Mary Richard


15 Jan 1888 by Banns
        George Phillips Allen 24 Sailor of Wherry Town (Father: George Philips Allen, Gardener)
        Susan Nicholls 24 of 5 Alexandra Tce. (Father: Thomas Nicholls, Sailor)
        Witnesses: Thomas Nicholls, Janney Allen Cattran
1 Feb 1888 by Banns
        Robert Ellis 32 Fisherman of New Road, Tolcarne (Father: Robert Ellis, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Hitchins 33 of New Road Tolcarne (Father: Thomas Hitchins, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Hitchens, Eliabeth Mary Ellis
14 Apr 1888 by Banns
        Josephus Chirgwin 23 Carpenter of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Samuel Chirgwin, Miller)
        Christiana Mollard 25 of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Thomas Mollard, Miner)
        Witnesses: Sarah Chamberlain Cornwell, Joseph Batten
30 Apr 1888 by Banns
        Richard Chubb 30 Tailor of Factory Square (Father: James Chubb, Ironmonger)
        Margaret Jenkin 35 of Fraggan St. (Father: John Jenkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: W. F. Woodfield, C. Pearce
8 Jun 1888 by Banns
        William Triggs 24 Fisherman of North Corner (Father: William Triggs, Fisherman)
        Martha Harvey 22 of North Corner (Father: Abednego Harvey, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Nellie Harvey, Joseph Harvey
8 Jul 1888 by Banns
        William Kliskey 25 Fisherman of Brixham (Father: John Baker Kliskey, Fisherman)
        Beatrice Jane Bennetts 20 of Tolcarne Tce (Father: William Henry Benetts, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edmunc Gearch, Jane Collins
21 Jul 1888 by Banns
        Thomas Cotton Maddern 27 Fisherman of Madron (Father: William Maddern, Fisherman)
        Mary Rowe 25 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Rowe, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Richardds, Richard Rowe
5 Aug 1888 by Banns
        Edmund Albert Phillips 23 Fisherman of Trewavas St. (Father: Richard James Phillips, Fisherman)
        Eliza Lateman Nicholas 23 of Trewavas St. (Father: James Nicholas, Shipwright)
        Witnesses: Samuel Pollard, Martha Frances Phillips
11 Aug 1888 by Banns
        John Roberts 24 Labourer of Fragean (Father: John Roberts, Labourer)
        Kate Williams 24 of Fragean (Father: Thomas Williams, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Joseph Warren, E. J. Roberts
28 Aug 1888 by Banns
        John Semmens 22 Fisherman of New Rd. Tolcarne (Father: Nicholas Semmens, Miner)
        Grace Bodinner Treleven 21 of G Morton Gdns. Sth. Kensington (Father: John Treleven, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: George Semmens, Annie Jeffery Treleven
11 Nov 1888 by Banns
        William Henry Mildren 19 Labourer of Green St. (Father: Richard Mildren, Gardener)
        Sarah Ann Tonkin 22 of Green St. (Father: John Henry Tonkin, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: J. Rodolphus Lanyon, Jane Collins
29 Dec 1888 by Banns
        John Henry Daniel Richards 25 Carpenter of Church St. (Father: John Daniel Richards, Coastguard Man)
        Harriet Coaker 26 of Foundry Lane (Father: William Coaker, Woolstapler)
        Witnesses: William Woodfield, Jane Augusta Richards, Harriett Woodfield


17 Feb 1889 by Banns
        William Maddern 23 Labourer of Newlyn (Father: James Maddern, Labourer)
        Catherine Hichens 21 of Newlyn (Father: Stephen Hichens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Stephen Hichens, Bessie Barnes
9 Mar 1889 by Banns
        William Charles Rowe 22/27[?] Fisherman of St. Peter's Hill [Mark] (Father: William Charles Rowe, Fisherman)
        Ellen Roberts 21 of Cliff (Father: John Roberts, Miner)
        Witnesses: Jane Collins, William Charles Rowe
13 Mar 1889 by Banns
        William Sampson Stevenson 29 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Sampson Stevensons decd, Fisherman)
        Sarah Anne Harvey 21 of Newlyn (Father: James Richard Harvey decd, Fish Merchant)
        Witnesses: Lydia Harvey, James Richard Harvey
18 Mar 1889 by Banns
        Thomas Colenso 23 Painter of Bougey (Father: Richard Veal Thomas Colenso, Painter)
        Phillis Trahair 19 of Tolcarne (Father: William Henry Trahair, Grocer)
        Witnesses: W. H. Trahair, Philip Isadore Lach Szyrma
22 Apr 1889 by Licence
        Thomas Blewett 22 Shipwright of St. Peter's Hill (Father: John Blewett, Shipwright)
        Fanny Davies Thomas 20 of Boase St. (Father: Peter Thomas, Mason)
        Witnesses: John H Thomas, Philip I L. Szyrma
12 May 1889 by Banns
        Philip Rouffignac Kliskey 24 Fisherman of Jack Lane (Father: John Baker Kliskey, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Trevorrow 21 of Coombe (Father: Robert Daniel Trevorrow, Sail Maker)
        Witnesses: Robert Daniel Trevorrow, Prudence Rouffignac Kliskey
19 May 1889 by Licence
        Alfred Richards 22 Fisherman of Marazion (Father: Samuel Richards, Master Mariner)
        Ellen Wright 21 of Navy Inn St. (Father: William Wright, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Wright, Jane Collins
29 May 1889 by Banns
        Richard Harvey 27 Labourer of Long Rock (Father: William Harvey, Labourer)
        Annie Polglase 25 of Cliff (Father: William Polglase, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Sarah Jane Padwick, John Roberts
29 May 1889 by Banns
        James Caddy James 22 Gardiner of Church St. (Father: Henry James, Insector Of County [?])
        Catherine Rosewarne 23 of Navy Inn St. [Mark] (Father: Thomas Rosewaren, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Henry Sowell, Jane Collins
15 Jun 1889 by Banns
        Richard Jeffery 24 Market Gardener of St. Peter's Hill (Father: William Jeffery, Market Gardener)
        Sarah Ann Stevenson 22 of Boase St. (Father: William Stevenson, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Mary Jane Jeffery, Annie Jeffery James R Harvey
29 Jun 1889 by Banns
        John Green 24 Labourer of St. Peter's Hill (Father: Stephen Green, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Rouffignac 27 of St. Peter's Hill (Father: William Rouffignac, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Philip L Szyrma, Catherine Jane Daniel
7 Jul 1889 by Banns
        Samuel Cotton Tremethick 25 Fisherman of Paul (Father: John Tremethick, Fisherman)
        Sarah Tregurtha Bone 24 of Mount Vernon (Father: William Bone, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Tregurtha Bone, Jane Collins
13 Jul 1889 by Banns
        Thomas Richards 25 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Richardds, Fisherman)
        Caroline Boase Rowe 29 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Jane Rowe, Grace Julia Tremethick
7 Aug 1889 by Banns
        Stanhope Alexander Forbes 31 Artist of Tredavoe (Father: William Forbes, Railway Manager)
        Eliza Adela Armstrong 28 of Tredavoe (Father: William Robert Armstrong, Civil Service Officer [?])
        Witnesses: William Forbes, Nora Locking
13 Oct 1889 by Banns
        William Thomas 23 Labourer of Green, Newlyn Town (Father: George Thomas decd, Fisherman)
        Eliza Ann Pollard 22 of Fraggean (Father: John Pollard decd, Labourrer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Thomas, Jane Wilkins
18 Nov 1889 by Banns
        John Harvey Carne 40 widower Labourer of Newlyn Town (Father: Charles Carne decd, Seaman)
        Elizabeth Curnow 36 of The Meadow, Newlyn [Mark] (Father: James Curnow decd, Miner)
        Witnesses: Jane Collins, Margaret Hicks
19 Nov 1889 by Banns
        John Willis 23 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Arthur Willis, Fisherman)
        Matilda Green 20 of St. Mary'S, Penzance (Father: Benjamin Green, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Richard Green, Jane Collins


5 Jan 1890 by Banns
        Samuel Reynolds Bennetts 24 Sailor of 2 Eden Tce (Father: John Bennetts, Sailor)
        Ambrosine Emma Roberts 18 of 8 Eden Tce. (Father: John Roberts, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Frances, Edith Francis
11 Jan 1890 by Banns
        Richard Warren 30 Rope Maker of Fraggean [Mark] (Father: William Henry Warren, Mariner)
        Isabella Rowe 24 of Fraggeen (Father: George Rowe, Cooper)
        Witnesses: George Rowe, Bessie Rowe
21 Jun 1890 by Banns
        Thomas Simons 28 Fisherman of Trewavas St. (Father: Thomas Price Simons, Fisherman)
        Ellen Mann 23 of St. Peter's Hill (Father: William Henry Mann, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Emma Jane Mann, William Henry Mann
24 Jun 1890 by Banns
        Richard Green 24 Labourer of St. Hilary (Father: Benjamin Green, Gardener)
        Mary Lanyon Richards 23 of 5 Alexandra Tce. Newlyn (Father: Thomas Richards, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Willis, Jane Collins
10 Aug 1890 by Banns
        Walter Davies 23 Groom of North Corner (Father: John Davies, Sailor)
        Mary Phillis Maddern 24 of Corpus Court (Father: Solomon Maddern, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Annie Maddern, James Maddern
21 Aug 1890 by Banns
        Ambrose Richard Michell 26 Tinsmelter of Tredavoe (Father: Ambrose Oxley Michell, Tin Smelter)
        Ethel Aplin 23 of Pendeen (Father: Philip Henry Aplin, Captn Of The [?] Retd)
        Witnesses: Helen E Aplin, Evelyn Aplin, [?] Aplin, Jane Aplin
28 Sep 1890 by Banns
        Philip Hodder 24 Labourer of Trewavas St. [Mark] (Father: Philip Hodder decd, Roper)
        Vasilisa Barnes 24 of Trewavas St. (Father: John Barnes, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Cotton, Jane Collins
8 Nov 1890 by Banns
        John Wallis 37 Manager.Mens Clarkes? of Penzance (Father: John Wallis decd, Miner)
        Elizabeth Thomas 21 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Benjamin Thomas, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Rosina Lach Szymra, Jane Collins
23 Nov 1890 by Banns
        John Jacobs 29 Cabinet Maker of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Nicholas Jacobs decd, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Row Gilbert 23 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Charles Gilbert, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Jane Collisn, Nicholas Gilbert

The transcript as supplied continues here in 1890, but we think this should now be 1891.


15 Jun 1891 by Banns
        Josiah Pearce 28 Manure/Seed Merchant (Father: John Pearce, Retired Farmer)
        Martha Louisa Vingoe 24 (Father: Thomas Ellis Vingoe, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Vingoe, Edith Pearce
[Confirmed to be the right quarter from FreeBMD by Sandra Pritchard.]

As before, the transcript continues 1890 but we think it should now be 1892. That would make only one marriage in 1891 which needs investigating.


24 Jan 1892[?] by Banns
        William/John*signed John Stone 46 widower Farmer of Newlyn (Father: John Stone, Farmer)
        Mary Mitchell 36 of Newlyn (Father: John Mitchell, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: W. H. Snell Jun, W. H. Barker
21 Feb 1892[?] by Banns
        John James 30 Fisherman of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Tonkin James, Fisherman)
        Mary Jane Nicholls 27 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Rouffignac, William Hy Snell Jun
8 May 1892 by Banns
        Frederick Reynolds 26 Fisherman of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Reynolds, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth James 24 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Tonkin James, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James H. James, Jane Reynolds
[Confirmed to be the right quarter from FreeBMD by Sandra Pritchard.]
15 Jun 1892[?] by Banns
        William Mark 47 Fisherman of Heamoor [Mark] (Father: William Mark, Coastguard)
        Mary Jane Pearce 50 of Newlyn St. Peter [Mark] (Father: Phillip Pearce, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Mary A Thomas, Phyllis White
4 Sep 1892[?] by Banns
        William Pascoe Williams 31 Seaman of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Henry Vine Williams, Joiner)
        Annie Louisa Mouls 30 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Christopher Mouls, Fishmonger)
        Witnesses: Matthew Daniel, Eliza Hichens
22 Nov 1892[?] by Banns
        Charles Harry 23 Labourer of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Walter Harry, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Rosewarne 23 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Thomas Rosewarne, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Hy Snell Jun, Jane Collins
3 Dec 1892[?] by Banns
        William Harvey 28 Fisherman of Newlyn St. Peter Z (Father: Thomas Harvey, Fisherman)
        Lydia Simons 25 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Thomas Price Simons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Sam Pearce Simons, Janie Pentreath
25 Dec 1892 by Banns
        John White 23 Sailor of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: James White, Sailor)
        Louisa Reseigh 20 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William Reseigh, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Reseigh, Wm H. Snell Jun
[Confirmed to be the right quarter from FreeBMD by Sandra Pritchard.]


30 Jan 1893 by Banns
        Albert Polgrean 33 Naval Pensioner of Newlyn St. Peter [Mark] (Father: Edward Polgrean, Stone Mason)
        Annie Richards 29 of Newlyn St. Peter [Mark] (Father: Charles Richards, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Richards, Catherine Bridgeman
4 May 1893 by Banns
        Samuel Alfred Tonkin 33 Stone Mason of Holy Trinity, Marylebone (Father: Samuel Deeble Tonkin, Rope Maker)
        Agatha Tregear 28 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Edward Tregear, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Williams, Amelia Hosking
6 Aug 1893 by Banns
        William Charles Paul Hichens 22 Carpenter of St. Paul, Penzance (Father: Philip Hichens, Fisherman)
        Grace Hichens 22 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Hichens, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edward Thomas, Juliette Thomas
29 Aug 1893 by Banns
        Albert Charles Haynes 25 Clerk of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Charles Haynes, Pianoforte Maker)
        Lydia Bodinnar 21 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Joseph Bodinnar, Builder)
        Witnesses: Joseph Tonkin Bodinnar, Henry Tonkin Bodinnar
4 Nov 1893 by Banns
        John Henry Thomas 28 Blacksmith of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Thomas, Fireman)
        Hannah Trounson 29 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Peter Trounson, Town Crier)
        Witnesses: Peter Trounson, W. H. Rich
26 Nov 1893 by Banns
        Herbert Harris 21 Labourer of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Thomas Harris, Boatmaker)
        Mary Annie Cattran 19 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Richard Mann Cattran, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Jannie Cattran, Thomas Harvey
24 Dec 1893 by Banns
        William John Saundry 19 Mason of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Edward Saundry, Sailor)
        Susan Rowe 19 of Newlyn St. Peter [Mark] (Father: Thomas Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Rowe, Stephen Barnes
24 Dec 1893 by Banns
        William John Perry 21 Labourer of Treen, St. Levan (Father: John Perry, Blacksmith)
        Elizabeth Gilbert Blewett 22 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Thomas Batten Blewitt, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: J. Stephenson, Stephen Barnes


28 Jan 1894 by Banns
        William Murley 31 Labourer of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William Murley, Labourer)
        Clara Barnes 26 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William Barnes, Labourer)
        Witnesses: A Green, Harry Paul
17 Feb 1894 by Banns
        Joseph Wallis 30 Farmer of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Francis Wallis, Farmer)
        Florence Bone 27 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Bone, Master Tradesman)
        Witnesses: George Stephen Cara, Emiline Cara
27 May 1894 by Banns
        Robert Charles Bracey 23 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Robert Charles Bracy, Fisherman)
        Rosa Jane Mitchell 22 of Newlyn (Father: Christopher Matthews Mitchell, Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Basey, Winifred H Mitchell
14 Jul 1894 by Licence
        William Mark Simons 28 Labourer of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Price Simons, Fisherman)
        Minnie Penglase 24 of Newlyn (Father: William Penglase, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Roberts, Sarah Pearce
10 Sep 1894 by Banns
        Thomas Windealt Harding 26 Confectioner of Newlyn (Father: George Harding, Husbandman)
        Lilly Gertrude Perry 23 of Newlyn (Father: Charles David Perry, Ship Chandler)
        Witnesses: Edward Thomas, Florence Annie Harding


10 Feb 1895 by Banns
        William Harry Bennetts 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Bettetts, Labourer)
        Sarah Jane Thomas 27 of Newlyn (Father: John Thomas, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Williams, Jane Collins
16 Apr 1895 by Banns
        William Francis Adlam 24 Sailor of Penzance (Father: Thomas Adlam, Sailor)
        Jane Maddren 23 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William Maddren, Ropemaker)
        Witnesses: W. Maddren, Edith A Clara
12 May 1895 by Banns
        William Thistleton Harvey 24 Carrier of Newlyn
        Mary Phyllis Boyns 25 of Newlyn (Father: Henry Boyns, Fish De)
        Witnesses: Herbert James Clarke, Amoraline Emma Bennetts
23 Jun 1895 by Banns
        Alfred James Davies 21 Stonecutter of Paul (Father: John Davies, Sailor)
        Blanche Jenkin 20 of Newlyn (Father: Harry Jenkin, Miller)
        Witnesses: Harry Jenkin, Prudence Mary Jenkin
12 Oct 1895 by Banns
        Ernest John Smith 27 Sailor of Newlyn (Father: George Smith, Carpenter)
        Emily Collins 20 of Newlyn (Father: John Collins, Mason)
        Witnesses: Edwin Chirgwin, Mary Ethel Collins
13 Oct 1895 by Banns
        William Arnold Humphrys 29 Fisherman of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Humphrys, Fisherman)
        Victoria Kelynack Badcock 28 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William Badcock, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Fred Kelynack Badcock, Ella R Humphrys
9 Nov 1895 by Banns
        Henry Bond 32 Fisherman of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Henry Bond, Fisherman)
        Annie James 19 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Alexander James, Pensioner)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Mann, Jane Mann
22 Dec 1895 by Banns
        Edward George Curnow 21 Royal Navy of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William Curnow, Blacksmith)
        Mary Annie Nicholls 22 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Edwin Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: J. Badcock, Jane Julian
28 Dec 1895 by Banns
        Edwin Ivey 23 Engineer of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Ivey, Engineer)
        Jane Allen Cattran 23 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Richard Cattran, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: S. P. Allen, Jane Collins


29 Mar 1896 by Banns
        James Francis Rowe 24 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Rowe, Fisherman)
        Victoria Nicholls 22 of Redruth (Father: Charles Kelynack Nicholls, Sailor)
        Witnesses: Joseph Polglase, Hannah Strick Rowe
5 Apr 1896 by Licence
        Thomas Henry Pellew, Royal Navy of Newlyn (Father: Edward Pellew, Carpenter)
        Margaret Nicholls of Newlyn (Father: Edwin Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: J. Badcock, S. Blewett
12 Apr 1896 by Banns
        John Reed Thomas 43 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Michael Thomas, Fisherman)
        Bessie Young 33 of Newlyn
        Witnesses: Thomas Davey, [?] Hocking
17 May 1896 by Banns
        Herbert Charles Squire 21 Stone Cutter of Leeds, Yorkshire (Father: William Henry Squire, Quarryman)
        Isabel James 22 of Laryan, Newlyn (Father: Richard Hitchens James, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Stephen Nickolls, Emily Louisa Squire
24 Sep 1896 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Walters 28 Solicitors Clerk of Newlyn (Father: Henry Walters, Shipwright)
        Annie Paul 34 of Newlyn (Father: Martin Paul, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas D Brown, M. Cara, M. A. Perry
29 Oct 1896 by Banns
        Francis Augustus Yates full age Librarian of Heamoor [Mark] (Father: Hugh Seymour Yates, Clerk In Holy Orders)
        Margaret Jane John full age of Duke Sstreet (Father: George Dennis John, Solicitor)
        Witnesses: Julia Anne Bolitho, L. J. C. Rashleigh
9 Dec 1896 by Banns
        John Bottrell Trembath 28 Miner of Newlyn (Father: James Trembath, Miner)
        Grace Harvey Olds 23 of Newlyn (Father: Peter Olds, Butcher)
        Witnesses: John Matthews Olds, Harry Terrill Argall


25 Jan 1897 by Licence
        John George Hatch 21 Labourer of Newlyn (Father: John Gring?Hatach, Gardener)
        Ela Nora Cattran 19 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Mains Cattran, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edwin Ivey, Jannie Ivey
14 Feb 1897 by Banns
        Joseph Wallis 24 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Oliver Wallis, Labourer)
        Annie Lee Cattran 19 of Newlyn (Father: William Batten Cattran, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Wm. B Cattran, Sarah Cattran
21 Feb 1897 by Banns
        John Webb full age Miner of Newlyn (Father: Stephen Webb, Miner)
        Annie Eliza Warren full age of Newlyn (Father: John Strick Warren decd, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Henry Snell, Jane Collins
28 Mar 1897 by Banns
        William Henry Warren 23 Mason of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Warren decd)
        Sarah Annie Williams 22 of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Williams, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Williams, Stephen Barnes
3 Apr 1897 by Banns
        Thomas Bromley Tonkin 34 widower Carrier of Kimberly S.A. (Father: Nicholas James Tonkin, Greenn Grocer)
        Jane Trudgen Hosken 34 of Newlyn (Father: John Hosken, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Tonkin, James Henry Hosken
16 May 1897 by Banns
        Stephen Blewitt/Blewett 27 Fisherman of Newlyn [Mark] (Father: Richard Blewitt, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Kelynack 23 of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Tear Kelynack, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Kelynack, Harriet Reseigh
1 Jun 1897 by Banns
        Henry Arthur Young 34 Accountant of Newlyn (Father: James Young, Shipowner)
        Clara Young 31 of Newlyn (Father: Mark Antony Young, Builers)
        Witnesses: Rosina Lach Szyrma, J Balmer Jones
13 Jun 1897 by Banns
        William Bennetts 26 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Bennetts, Fisherman)
        Grace Hichens Ellis 24 of Newlyn (Father: Robert Ellis, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Josephine Benetts, William Rouffignac
11 Jul 1897 by Banns
        Stephen Hichens 21 Fisherman of St. Paul, Penzance (Father: Stephen Hichens, Fisherman)
        Mary Jane Bodiner Rowe 21 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Thomas Bodiner Rowe, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Oats Rowe, Eliza Hichens
3 Oct 1897 by Banns
        Richard Pollard 20 Pilots Assistant of Kessingland (Father: Thomas Price Pollard, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Hichens 20 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Charles Hichens, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Stephen Barnes, Jane Collins


12 Jan 1898 by Banns
        William John Foss 23 Hairdresser of Stanford Tce (Father: Thomas Foss decd, Coachman)
        Elizabeth Poole Strickley? 24 of Tredavoe (Father: George Strickley, Coachman)
        Witnesses: George Stribley, Jessie Davis Rowe
15 Jan 1898 by Banns
        Francis William Brown 24 Fisherman of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Alfred Brown, Fisherman)
        Minnie Daniel 22 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Daniel, Miner)
        Witnesses: Jane Daniel, John Daniel
23 Jan 1898 by Licence
        John Hawes 21 Hair Dresser of St. Mary, Penzance (Father: Samuel Hawes, Dairyman)
        Clara Paddy 19 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Paddy, Plate Layter)
        Witnesses: Samuel Harvey, Sarah Hawes
28 Feb 1898 by Banns
        William Thomas Jordan 22 Labourer of Newlyn (Father: John Jordan, Labourer)
        Mabel Vingoe 20 of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Vingoe decd, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Philip Hodder, Maggie James
28 Feb 1898 by Banns
        Francis Roberts 25 Gardener of Newlyn (Father: John Roberts, Gardener)
        Edith Gertrude Badcock 28 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Badcock, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Lydia Roberts, Richard Badcock
9 Apr 1898 by Banns
        Albert Edwards 25 Painter of Newlyn (Father: John Edwards, Sailor)
        Mary Annie Rowe 22 of Newlyn (Father: William Charles Rowe, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Charles Rowe, Jane Collins
11 Apr 1898 by Banns
        Benjamin Downing Hitchens 27 Fish Buyer of Newlyn (Father: Benjamin Downing Hitchens, Fish Salesman)
        Eliza Emily Humphrys 25 of Newlyn (Father: William Humphrys, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Wm Humphrys, Phillis Wright Humphrys
30 Apr 1898 by Banns
        Thomas Corin 24 Blacksmith of Newlyn (Father: Benjamin Carne Corin, Market Gardener)
        Bessie Hocking 23 of Newlyn (Father: John Hosking, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Alfred George Turner[?], Catherine J. Richards
30 Apr 1898 by Banns
        James Trenear Harvey 21 Fisherman of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Andrew Harvey, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Perry 23 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Nicholas Dungey Perry, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Andre Harvey, Julia Kelynack
9 May 1898 by Banns
        Alfred Beckerleg 26 Bootmaker of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Beckerleg, Fisherman)
        Phyllis James Gartrell 21 of Newlyn (Father: John Gartrell, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Gartrell, Edwin Chiffers
14 May 1898 by Banns
        Ernest Robert Ireland Blackburne 34 Artist of 19 Alverton St., Penzance.St. Mary (Father: John Ireland Blackburne, Wine Merchant)
        Mildred Emily Perkins 19 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Thomas Norwood Perkins, Clerk In Holy Orders)
        Witnesses: Henry E Pollard, Winifred M Perkins
5 Jun 1898 by Banns
        John Thomas Squire 29 Labourer of Newlyn Town (Father: William Squire, Labourer)
        Jessie Ann Finch 23 of St. John'S, Penzance (Father: William Finch, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: William Squire, Emily Louisa Squire
28 Jun 1898 by Banns
        Henry Helms Parker 23 Carpenter of Newlyn (Father: John Henry Helmes Parker, Carpenter)
        Lizzie Hall Deacon 25 of Newlyn (Father: Pascoe Kestell Deacon, Retd. Policeman)
        Witnesses: Donald Mcintyre, Pascoe Kestell Deacon Sen
6 Jul 1898 by Banns
        Thomas Barnes 34 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Barnes, Fisherman)
        Sarah Elizabeth Wright 22 of Newlyn (Father: Samuel Wright, Machinist)
        Witnesses: Charles Chapple, John D Jacka
30 Oct 1898 by Banns
        John Hichens 37 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Joseph Hichens, Fisherman)
        Phyllis Davis Mann 34 of Newlyn [Mark] (Father: Nicholas Mann, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: W. H. Mann, Emily Norwood Perkins
17 Dec 1898 by Banns
        William John Dunn 31 Mason of Little Ilford (Father: William Dunn, Tin Smelter)
        Alice Elizabeth Glazier 26 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: James Glazier, Stoker)
        Witnesses: Alberta Warren, William Dunn


4 Mar 1899 by Banns
        Benjamin Richards 24 Fisherman of Gulval (Father: Joshua Richards, Labourer)
        Bessie Paul 24 of Newlyn (Father: Martin Paul, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Ernest Atherton Gregory, Norah Paul
12 Apr 1899 by Banns
        Henry Richard Spinner 31 Warrant Off.R.N of Stratcford, London (Father: John Spinner decd, Watchman)
        Beatrice Geraldine Nicholls 19 of Newlyn (Father: Edwin Nicholls decd, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Jasper Richards, Lois Kate Pollard
26 Nov 1899 by Banns
        Thomas William Basset 32 Butcher of St. Buryan (Father: Stephen Bassett, Butcher)
        Annie Leah Bonetto 33 of Newly St. Peter (Father: John Leah Bonetto, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Matthew Daniel, Ada Bonetto
26 Dec 1899 by Licence
        Joseph Sidney Christophers 22 Joiner of Newlyn (Father: James Christophers, Joiner)
        Eliza Hichens 25 of Newlyn (Father: Stephen Hichens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Stephen Hichens, Mary Hodder


10 Jan 1900 by Banns
        Henry Herbert Laity, Farmer of St. Mary, Penzance (Father: Henry Laity, Farmer)
        Susan Downing of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Downing, Fish Salesman)
        Witnesses: John Downing, Blanche Maude Downing
3 Jun 1900 by Banns
        John Henry Eddy 30 Fisherman of Christchurch, Croydon (Father: John Eddy, Labourer)
        Lily Williams 23 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Thomas Williams, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Williams, J. Rodolphus Lanyon
13 Jun 1900 by Licence
        John Grenfell 31 Mine Carpenter of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Richard Grenfell, Joiner)
        Caroline Mary Harvey 28 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Richard Harvey, Shipwright)
        Witnesses: Richard Harvey, Jane Adlam
6 Aug 1900 by Banns
        Robert John Francis Taylor 24 Carpenter of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Robert Taylor deceased)
        Amy Boyne Deacon 19 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Pascoe Kestell Deavon, Curtaor Of Art Gallery)
        Witnesses: Pascoe K Deacon, William Mcna[?]
23 Dec 1900 by Licence
        Arthur Harvey 24 Labourer of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William Harvey, Labourer)
        Phyllis Chock 24 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Charles Chock, Fishemran)
        Witnesses: Charles Chock, Mary Mcguiness
26 Dec 1900 by Banns
        Richard Gilbert Stone 40 ?Anist of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Stone, Blacksmith)
        Mary Jane Williams 35 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Charles Henry Williams, Sailmaker)
        Witnesses: Alice Williams, Catharine Marrack


6 Apr 1901 by Banns
        John Tremelling Thomas 21 Cooper Rn of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Thomas, Baker)
        Edith Mary Richards 23 of Gulval (Father: William Henry Richards, Seaman)
        Witnesses: William Harvey, Janie Richards
26 May 1901 by Banns
        Nathaniel Harvey Williams 21 Labourer of Madron (Father: Thomas Williams, Labourer)
        Jane Carbis 22 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William Carbis, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Williams, Blanche Ellen Bone
5 Oct 1901 by Banns
        Arthur Collins 23 Labourer of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Richard Collins, Mason)
        Irene Elizabeth Annie Boase 20 of St. Mary'S, Penzance (Father: William James Boase, Smelter)
        Witnesses: William James Boase, Edith Lanyon
27 Oct 1901 by Banns
        Richard Henry Thomas 21 Mason of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Stephen Thomas, Serpentine Manufact)
        Mary Mark Pollard 21 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Thomas Price Pollard, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Price Pollard, Hilda Jane Pollard
15 Dec 1901 by Banns
        John Richards 20 Quarryman of St. Johns Penzance (Father: Francis Richards, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Ann Benney 21 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: deceased, Mason)
        Witnesses: H. D. Potter, Laura Richards


23 Feb 1902 by Banns
        Edward James 26 Labourer of St. Marks Ford, Devonport (Father: Richard Hichens James, Labourer)
        Selina Gray 23 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: James Gray, Sailor)
        Witnesses: T. Harry, Alice Gray
12 Mar 1902 by Banns
        John Richard Allinson 25 Printer of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Joseph Allinson, Miner)
        Mary Flora North 24 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Charles E North, Farmer)
        Witnesses: C. E. North, Beatrice North
14 Sep 1902 by Banns
        William Stone 34 Coach Builder of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William John Stone, Clerk In [?] Office)
        Susan Friar Frances Guiness 21 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Thomas Macguiness, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Rifhard Warren, Ada Stone
24 Sep 1902 by Banns
        John Arthur Wall 25 Plumber of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: John Simkin Wall, Mason)
        Beatrice North 22 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Charles E North, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Charles E. North, Annie Ada North
1 Oct 1902 by Banns
        Joseph Carter 29 Painter of Fairfield, Derbyshire (Father: Josseph Carter, Mariner)
        Annie Harvey 27 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Philip Harvey, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Philip Harvey, Fredck Carter


17 Jan 1903 by Licence
        Alexander Wilson 40 Fish Buyer of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: William Wilson, Fish Buyer)
        Mary Jane Paul 39 widow of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: James Trrevaskis, Tailor)
        Witnesses: Francis Vyvyan Dodge, Mary Downing Tregurtha
23 Apr 1903 by Banns
        John Marsden Robinson 26 Carman of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Hugh Robinson decd)
        Catherine Wearne 27 of St. Benedict, Glast.Onbury (Father: Robert Wearne decd)
        Witnesses: James White, Mary Hodder Wearne
10 Jun 1903 by Licence
        John Nicholls Badcock 23 Fisherman of St. John'S, Penzance (Father: Francis Curnow Badcock decd)
        Janie Pentreath 29 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Benjamin Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Pentreath, John Bellamy James
13 Jun 1903 by Licence
        Arthur George Chiffers 23 Fish Merchant of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: Job Chiffers, Fish Merchant)
        Bessie Violet Pike 19 of Newlyn St. Peter (Father: George Pike, Red Police Sgt)
        Witnesses: E. G. Chiffers, A Blewett

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