Lanyon Richard, grocer, Alverton terrace

Lathrope Samuel E. & John, coach & harness makers, Market Jew street

Lavin Edward, printer, bookbinder, bookseller & stationer, Chapel street

Lavin John, mineralogist & geologist, Chapel street

Legg Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Quay street

Legoe Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Queen street

Leigh Henry, boarding house & coffee rooms, Parade street

Levers Catherine (Miss), earthenware dealer, Market Jew st

Levin Israel, wholesl. jeweller & hardwareman, Mrkt. Jew st

Liverpool White Star Line of Australian, American & Colonial Packets (John Permewan, agent), Clarence st

Love Luke, master mariner, Regent square

Ludlow William, accountant, Cornwall terrace

Lugg Fras. cabinet mkr. upholsterer & undrtkr. Clarence st

McAlister John, clothier & outfitter, North street

McFadyean Gavan, draper, 4 Penrose terrace

Maddern William, boot & shoe maker, St. Clare street

Magor Martin, surgeon dentist, Chapel street

Marks John, basket maker, 27 Leskinick terrace

Marks Philip, basket maker, Market Jew street

Marks William, shoemaker, Market Jew street

Marrack Susan (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 Regent’s terrace

Marsh Robert, wire worker, Market Jew street

Martin William, shopkeeper, Adelaide street

Mathews & Co. ship binders & shipwrights, Dock office

Mathews Elizabeth (Miss), milliner, North street

Mathews John, shipbroker, & agent to the Marine life & Casualty assurance company, Regent square

Mathews Martin, shipbuilder, 15 Regent’s terrace

Mathews Richard, tailor, Alverton terrace

Mathews Thos. Richd. boot & shoe maker, Adelaide street

Mathews William, hairdresser & perfumer, Chapel street

Matthews Jane (Mrs.), milliner, Union street

Matthews John, surveyor, New street

Matthews Robert, Temperance hotel, & agent to the British Proctector life assurance company, Princes street

Matthews William, ‘Duke of Cumberland,’ North street

Matthews William Davies, sailmaker, ship chandler amp; shipowner, steam packet agent, & surveyor for Lloyd’s register of british & foreign shipping, Dock office

Maxwell John, linendraper, 1 East terrace

May Edward, hairdresser, Market Jew street

Mayne William, letter carrier, 6 Penrose terrace

Menneer Wm. marble, slate & stone works, New street

Merifield John, auctioneer, appraiser, valuer & agent to the Imperial fire & life assurance company, 10 Clarence st

Michell Andrew Harper, linen & woolen draper, mercer, hatter, & agent to the Scottish Equitable life assurance company, Market place

Michell Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Leskinick street

Michell Elizabeth (Miss), milliner, Market Jew street

Miller John, lodging house, Rosevean road

Millett & Borlease, solicitors, North parade

Millett John, surgeon, Market Jew street

Mitchell William, van proprietor, Morrab place

Montgomery James, physician, 27 North parade

Montgomery Jas. Barclay, physician, 27 North parade

Moon Philip, basket maker, Market Jew street

Morris Eliza T. (Miss), milliner, 1 Praed passage

Morris Mary Ann (Miss), ‘Ship & Castle,’ Market Jew street

Mumford Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, South terrace

Murry Henry, high bailiff of County court, Regent square

Nicholas & Jones, veterinary surgeons & shoeing smiths, Alverton terrace

Nicholas James George, baker & confectioner, North street

Nicholls Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Regent’s terrace

Nicholls John, furniture broker & clothes dealer, North st

Nicholls John, hairdresser, North street

Northcott William, coffee rooms, Alverton street

Norton William, general & furnishing ironmonger,& agent to the Legal & Commercial life & Manchester fire insurance companies, Market place

[page lost] Henry, smith, Queen street

[page lost] William, painter & glazier, Mount street

[page lost]brook Alfred, grocer, Market Jew street

[page lost]ver John ‘Anchor,’ Coinagehall street

[page lost]ver Thomas, grocer & teadealer, Market Jew street

Oppenheim Samuel, clothier, Market Jew street

Organ John, serpentine works, Market Jew street

Paddy Edward, printer & bookbinder, Chapel street

Paddy Richard, beer retailer, Alverton street

Palmer William, boot & shoe maker, Cornwall terrace

Pascoe Catherine (Mrs.), grocer, North street

Pascoe Francis Vivian, Black Ball Emigration office (Liverpool), & a[ge]nt to the East of England fire & life assurance company, Alverton street

Pascoe Hodgson[?], watchmaker & jeweller, Chapel str[eet]

Pascoe James, soliciter, 4 Praed passage

Pascoe Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Praed passage

Pascoe Joseph, baker, New street

Pascoe Joseph, lodging house, 3 Morrab place

Pascoe William, beer retailer & dining rooms, Alverton st

Pascoe William, ‘Dolphin,’ Quay street

Paul Henry, boot & shoe maker, Union street

Paul John, currier & leather cutter, Market Jew street

Paynter Francis, solicitor, clerk to County court, registrar of the Deanery court of St. Buryan, & steward of the Lower Court of the Hundred of Penwith, Clarence street

Pearce Andrew, hairdresser & perfumer, Market Jew st

Pearce Richard, agent to Lloyd’s, Chapel street

Pellew Joannah (Miss), dressmaker, 27 Leskinick terrace

Pellew Joannah (Miss), dressmaker, Market Jew street

Pennington William Cudlip, accountant, & agent to the European life & Westminster fire insurance co. Chapel st

Penreath Esther (Mrs.), lodging house, Marine terrace

Penreath Richard, artist, 16 Clarence street

Penrose William, porter merchant, Chapel street

Pentreath James, general merchant & importer, grocer, teadealer, amp; tallow chandler, & agent to the London Union fire & life assurance company, Market place

Penzance & West Cornwall Gazette, Robert John Drown proprietor, printer & publisher, Clarence street

Perkin John, builder, Market Jew street

Perkins & Co. builders & cabinet makers, Mount street

Perkins Joseph, shopkeeper, Mount street

Permewan James, auctioneer & mine broker, 2 Clarence ter

Permewan John, auctioneer, appraiser & geneal agent, Clarence street

Perryman Martin, shopkeeper, 18 Leskinick terrace

Phillips James, town crier

Phillips William, grocer, North street

Plummer Matthew, beer retailer, Parade street

Polkinghorne E. S. & Co. brewers

Pollard John, livery stables, Queen street

Polmear Jane (Miss), milliner, Market Jew street

Pool James, Ship inn, Quay street

Pool Thomas, Star hotel, Market Jew street

Pooley Alexander, dining room, North street

Potter Charles, shoemaker, North street

Potter Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Market Jew street

Pritchard Thomas, excise officer, Regent square

Proctor John, chemist, druggist, & agent to the Equitable fire & life assurance company, Market place

Pryor Henry Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Alverton street

Public Dispensary, Chapel street

Quick James Richard, surgeon & agent to the Waterloo life assurance company, Chapel street

Randall Charles, boot & shoe maker, Quay street

Randall William, butcher, Rosevean road

Read Charles, accountant, 1 Clarence terrace

Read George Daniel, carpenter & builder, St. Clare street

Read John B. carrier & leather seller, North street

Read Matthew, shoemaker, North street

Redman William, painter, glazier & paperhanger, Market Jew street

Renfree Thos. boot & shoe maker & mineralogist, Queen sq

Reynolds Sampson, boot & shoe maker, Market Jew street

Richards Alexander, tailor, North street

Richards Alfred, grocer, 4 East terrace

Richards Jane (Miss), dressmaker, Alverton street

Richards Joan (Mrs.), pawnbroker, Green market

Richards John, linendraper & mercer, Market place

Richards John, ‘Masons’ Arms,’ Market Jew street

Richards John, shipowner, 9 St. Mary’s terrace

Richards Stephen, farmer, potato merchant & gardener, Chapel street

Richards Thomas, beer retailer, Adelaide street

Richards Thomas, perfumer & atrist in hair, Chapel street

Richards William, auctioneer & mine purser, 17 Regent’s ter

Richards William, currier & leather seller, Alverton street

Rickard Henry, veterinary surgeon, Chapel street

Roach Paul, mine agent, 41 Leskinick terrace

Roberts Capt. Thomas, mine agent, 9 Belle vue terrace

Roberts Caroline (Mrs.), baker, New street

Roberts Humphrey, hairdresser, chapel street

Roberts Peter, ‘Seven Stars,’ Parade street

Roberts Richard, livery stables, Queen street

Roberts William, hairdresser, Market Jew street

Roberts William, shopkeeper, Cape Cornwall street

Robinson William Henry, shoemaker, Quay street

Rodd Edward Hearle, town clerk, clerk to guardians for Penzance union, & superintendent registrar of births, deaths amp; marriages, Parade street

Rodd William Henry auctioneer, appraiser, valuer amp; general agent, a[gent to the Med]ical, Invalid & General life, Travellers’ [page lost] Western Provident life, & the District [page lost] [comp]anies, & secretary in the P[page lost], [P]rinces street

Rodd, Dark & Cornish, solicitors, clerks to borough magistrates, clerks to magistrates for the eastern & western divisions of Penwith, & clerks to the Hayle Causeway turnpike trust, Parade street

Rodda John, shoeing smith, Alverton terrace

Rodda Rebecca (Miss), shopkeeper, Alverton street

Rogers Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, East terrace

Rogers Martha (Mrs.), shopkeeper, St. Clare street

Roscarla & Davis, solicitors & agents to the Standard fire & life assurance company, 8 North parade

Rosewarne Robert, tailor, Market Jew street

Rowe & Son, printers, booksellers, stationers & publishers of the ‘Cornish Telegraph’, Market place

Rowe Alexander, Railway hotel, Market Jew street

Rowe Martin, boot & shoe manufacturer, Market place

Rowe Martin, jun. boot & shoe maker, Alverton street

Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, 10 North parade

Runnalls Henry, provision merchant & flour factor, Market Jew street

Sampson John, tailor, Adelaide street

Saundry Horatio H. printer, stationr. & bookbindr. Chapel st

Scott James, statuary, Victoria place

Shackerley Ruth (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 North parade

Sherris Joannah (Miss), grocer, Clarence street

Shortman Samuel, watch & clock maker, Market Jew st

Simms Thomas, fruiterer, Adelaide street

Sims Kitty (Mrs.), coffee rooms, Leskinick place

Small & Sons, plumbers, braziers & tinplate workers, Market place

Small Robert, shoemaker, 8 Leskinick terrace

Small Thomas John, plumber & glazier, Victoria place

Smith Elizabeth (Mrs.), baker, Leskinick terrace

Smith William, master of National school, Abbey street

Steer James, master mariner, Queen street

Stephens Isaac, auctioneer & emigration agent, 26 North prd

Stephens John, beer retailer & dining rooms, New street

Stephens Thomas, corn, flour, coal & manure merchant, Market Jew street

Stephens William May, cooper, Market Jew street

Stephenson Christopher, wine & spirit merchant, & brewer, Market Jew street

Stevens Ann (Mrs.), New inn, Quay street

Stevens John Kingston, basket maker, Market Jew street

Stevens Kinston, basket maker, Chyandower

Stevens Vivian, auctioneer, appraiser, valuer, mine & share broker, land & house agent, & agent to the Albion life assurance company, 28 North parade

Stevens William Kingston, tailor, Market Jew street

Stewart Henry, tinplate worker & plumber, North street

Stewart Thomas, grocer, brazier & plumber, North street

Street William, marine store dealer, Adelaide street

Sutherland Jane (Miss), dressmaker, Alverton street

Swain Ellen Catherine (Miss), postmistress, Chapel street

Symons John & Son, chemists, druggists, teadealers, & agents to the Promoter life & annuity society, Market place

Symons Robert, quay master, 21 Regent’s terrace

Teague Thomas Gordon, boarding & day school, Chapel st

Thomas Charles, printer, bookbinder & stationer, Market Jew street

Thomas James, grocer, Market Jew street

Thomas Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, Chapel street

Thomas Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Regent’s terrace

Thomas Richard, baker, New street

Thomas Richard, dining rooms & beer retailer, Market pl

Tippet Richard Edwards, solicitor & notary public, & commissioner in Chancery, Alverton terrace

Tonkin Abraham, draper, Market place

Tonkin, Enock [sic], tailor, Victoria place

Tonkin Joseph, tailor, Chapel street

Tregartha Abraham, master mariner, 3 Marine terrace

Tregarthen Geo. cabinet maker & upholsterer, Alverton st

Tregarthen James, tailor & general outfitter, Market place

Treloar James, linnen & woolen draper, Market Jew street

Trembath Edward Giddy, academy, Abbey street

Trenbath Elizabeth A. (Mrs.), milliner, North street

Trendera William, beer retailer, Chyandower

Trenwith John, shoemaker, Leskinick street

Trenwith John, jun. boot & shoe maker, Leskinick street

Trenwith Philip, shoemaker, North street

Trenwith William, boot & shoe maker, Market Jew street

Trenwith William Bluett, shoemaker, Parade street

Tresider James, baker & confectioner, Market street

Trevorrow Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Parade street

Trewartha Benjamin, lodging house, 4 Trewartha terrace

Treweek Samuel, tailor, North street

Trownson Francis, accountant, Victoria place

Trownson William, watch & clock maker & jeweller, Market Jew street

Trythall John, accountant, 2 St. Mary’s terrace

Underwood & Co. teadealers, Market place

Uren James, trunkmaker, Leskinick street

Uren Richard, shoemaker, Ginning’s lane

Vibert Charles Matthew, assistant overseer, 9 Clarence st

Vibert Francis Treleaven, bookseller, stationer, engraver, letterpress & copperlate printer, & circulating library, Market place

Vibert John Pope, watch & clock maker, jeweller & silversmith, & berlin & fancy repository, Market place

Victor Richard Roberts, linnen & woolen draper, mercer & hatter, Market place

Vigoe Henry, builder, Rosevean road

Vine James, ‘British Grenadier,’ Market Jew street

Viner Henry, professor of music, & organist of St. Paul’s church, & agent to the Westminster fire & life & Scottish Equitable fire & life assurance companies, Chapel street

Viner William, professor of music, & organist of St. Mary’s church, Chapel street

Viner William, stationer, general, fancy & music warehouse, Chapel street

Vingoe Richard, carpenter, Morrab place

Vingoe William Henry, naturalist, Morrab place

Wakem Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Marine terrace

Wallis Joseph, carpenter, Victoria place

Wallis William Henry, shoemaker, St. Clare street

Wullish John, Globe inn, Queen square

Wearne George, tailor, mercer & draper, North street

Weaver Stephen, wine, spirit, ale & porter merchant, & agent to Stogumber & Guinness, New street

Weaver Thomas, ale & porter merchant, North street

Welch William, ironmonger, & agent to the City of Glasgow life assurance company, Market place

Wellington Richard, accountant, Trewartha terrace

West Cornwall Railway Office (Charles Pearson Charlton, secretary), Penrose terrace

White & Bennett, builders, cabinet makers & upholsterers, Clarence street

White Elizabeth (Mrs.), clothes dealer, Market Jew street

Whitford John, grocer, St. Clare street

White Nicholas, smith, Chyandower

White Richard, pianoforte tuner & organist, 40 Leskinick ter

White Thomas, ‘Fountain,’ North street

Willand Leonard Richard, physician, 6 Regent’s terrace

William Edward, painter & shopkeeper, Quay street

Williams Charles, furniture & general broker, North street

Williams Edwd. painter, glazier & paperhanger, Ginning’s lane

Williams Eliza (Mrs.), milliner, Rosevean road

Williams Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Adelaide street

Williams Elizabeth (Mrs.), staymaker, Alverton street

Williams Henry, accountant, 3 Wellington place

Williams John, cooper & potato merchant

Williams John, lodging house, 2 Regent’s terrace

Williams Richard, basket maker, Chyandower

Williams Richard, jun. cabinet maker, upholsterer & undertaker, Market Jew street

Wills William, ‘Golden Lion,’ Market place

Wills William, tailor, Chapel street

Winnan John, dining rooms, Market Jew street

Winnan, Wm. George, grocer & seedsman, Alverton street

Woolcock Nicholas, dining rooms, Market Jew street

Wright Isaac, coffee rooms, Market Jew street

Wright John, master mariner, 23 Regent’s terrace

York Samuel & Son, linendrapers & silk mercers, Market pl

Post Office.—Miss Ellen Catherine Swain, postmistress, Chapel street. Letters arrive from London at ¼ past 3 p.m., delivered 5 min. to 4 p.m.; dispatched, ¼ to 9 a.m.; box closes ¼ past 8 a.m. Letters arrive from the North, 7 a.m., delivered, 8 a.m.; dispatches, 10 p.m.; box closes, ½ past 9 p.m. Letters arrive from Falmouth & Helston, ½ past 8 p.m., delivered, 8 a.m.; dispatches, 7 a.m.; box closes, ½ past 9 p.m. Money orders are granted & paid between the hours of 9 a.m. & 6 p.m. Office open on Sundays for the delivery of letters between the hours of 8 & 9 p.m.


Penzance Bank, Batten, Carne & Ca[rne, Cha]pel street; draw upon Lubbock & Co

Mount’s Bay Bank, Bolitho, Sons & Co. Market Jew st.; draw upon Ransom & Co

Savings Bank, Parade street; Delfour Baker Bedford, secretary; J. Robyns, esq. & Richard Pearce, esq. managrs

Insurance Agents:—

Accidental Death, Walter Edmunds, jun, Queen square

Albian Life, Vivian Stevens, North parade

Alliance Fire & Life, R. Edmonds

Atlas, R. Pearce

British Empire Fire & Life, Heynes & Son, Market pl

[Brit]ish Protector Life, Robert Matthews, Princes street

[Brit]ish Protector [page lost]

[Brit]ish Provide[nt] [page lost]

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