Briton Life, R. Hosking, Victoria place

Clerical, Medical & General Life, George Higgs, Green market

City of Glasgow Life, William Welch, Market place

District Fire, W. H. Rodd, Princes street

Eagle Life, William Cradock, Chapel street; Richard James, Penrose terrace; Edwin S. Boyne & J. Permewan

East of England Fire & Life, F. V. Pascoe, Alverton st

Equitable Fire & Life, John Proctor, Market place

European Life, W. C. Pennington, Chapel street; W. G. Winnan, Alverton street

Globe Fire & Life, B. Downing, North parade; J. T. evern, Princes street

Guardian Fire & Life, Richard Millett, North parade

Imperial Fire, John Merifield, Clarence street

Legal & Commercial Life, William Norton, Market place

London Assurance, James Broad, Clarence street

London Union Fire & Life, James Pentreath, Market pl

Indisputable Life, Charles Read, Clarence terrace

Manchester Unity Fire, William Norton, Market place

Marine Life & Casualty, John Matthews, Regent square

Medical, Invalid & General Life, W. H. Rodd, Princes st

Merchant’s & Tradesman’s Mutual Life, Wm. Roberts

Minerva Life, N. B. Downing

Mutual Assurance, Alfred Blee

National Live Stock Insurance, J. B. Merefield, Clarence street

National Mercantile Mutual Life, W. C. Hemmings, Chapel street

Norwich Union Fire & Life, Mrs. M. Cornish, Clarence st

Penwith Annuitant Society, G. H. Bellringer, Alverton terrace

Phœnix, Michael Colliver

Professional Life, F. Trownson, jun

Promoter Life & Annuity, John Symons & Son, Market pl

Provident Investment Loan Society, J. T. Kevern, Princes street

Provident Life, Walter Edmonds

Royal Exchange, Pascoe Grenfell

Royal Farmers, John Pengelly, Mount street

Scottish Equitable Fire amp; Life, Henry Viner, Chapel street; Life, A. H. Michell, Market place; Life, Chas Coulson, Market place

Standard Fire & Life, Roscorla & Davies, North parade

Travellers’ & Marine Life, W. H. Rodd, Princes street

Union Life, James Pentreath

Universal Life, Charles Crocker, Market Jew street

Wesleyan & General Life, Robert M. Thomas, Market Jew street

West of England, Walter Edmonds, jun. Queen square

Western Life, Henry King

Western Provident Life, W. H. Rodd, Princes street

Westminster Fire & Life, Henry Viner, Chapel street; W. C. Pennington, Chapel street

Public Establishments:—

Assembly Room, Union hotel, Chapel street

Billiard room, Union hotel, Chapel street

Borough Gaol, Market Jew street, Meredith Bevan, deputy gaoler

County Court, G. G. Kekewich, esq. judge; Francis Paynter, esq. clerk; Henry Murray, high bailiff; James Pascoe, assistant bailiff

Circulating Library, F. T. Vibert, Market place

Custom House, Quay

Dispensary, Chapel street

Dock Office, Matthews & Co. Quay street

Gas Works, Market Jew street, M. Colliver, secretary

Harbour Office, Quay

Inland Revenue Office, Union hotel

Institute Reading Room, Parade street

Masonic Hall, Union hotel, Chapel street

Naval & Military Office of the British & Foreign Seamen & Soldiers’ Friend Society, Clarence place

Natural History & Antiquarian Museum, Guildhall

Penzance Union, Madron; Alexander Berryman, governor; Mrs. Jane Berryman, matron; Samuel Hosking, shoolmaster; Miss Eliza Procter, schoolmistress

Public Baths & Lodging Houses, Esplanade, W. Norton, proprietor

Public Dispensary, the Mayor for the time being, president; Joseph Carne, esq. treasurer; Richard Pearce, esq. & Col. Robyns, K.H., secretaries; J. Montgomery, esq. M.D. & J. B. Montgomery, esq. M.D., physicians; A. Beryman & R. Q. Couch, colsulting surgeons; John Millett, attendant surgeon; Mr. J. Proctor, dispenser. Open tuesdays & fridays

Religious Tract & Book Society, Clarence street

[page lost]e

[page lost], secretar[y]

Stamp Office, Chapel street, W. C. Hemmings, distributor

Town Hall & Council Chamber, Market place

Penzance Shipping Co. W. H. Rodd, sec. Princes street

Black Ball Emigration Office, F. V. Pascoe, agent, Alverton street

Liverpool White Star Line of Australian, American & Colonial Packets, John Permewan, agent, Clarence st

Belgian Royal Mail Steam Navigation Co. John Permewan, agent, Clarence street

Scilly Packet Office, William Pascoe, agent, Quay

Steam Packet Office, Wm. Davies Matthews, Quay street

West Cornwall Railway Office, Penrose terrace, C. P. Charlton, secretary

Public Officers:—

Clerk of the Peace for the Borough, Richard Millett, esq

Clerks to Magistrates for the East & Western Divisions of Penwith, Rodd, Dark & Cornish, Parade street

Clerks to Borough Magistrates, Rodd, Dark & Cornish, Parade street

Clerk to Commissioners of Assessed & Property Tax, Thomas Dark, Parade street

Clerk to Guardians, E. H. Rodd, Parade street

Clerks to Hayle Causeway Turnpike Trust, Rodd, Dark & Cornish, Parade street

Town Clerk, E. H. Rodd, esq. Parade street

Coroner for the County, John Rescorla, esq

Perpetual Commissioners for taking Acknowledgements of Married Women, Richard Edmonds, E. H. Rodd, Thomas Dark, Francis Paynter & James Pascoe

Commissioners in Chancery, Richard Edmonds, Francis Paynter, W. Borlase, Richard E. Tippett, Thomas Dark, Thomas Cornish, John Roscorla & james Pascoe

Commissioner [to] the Admiralty Court, W. Borlase, esq. North parade

Notaries P[ubli]c, W. Borlase, Richard Millett, Richard Edmonds, [R]ichard E. Tippett & F. Paynter

Hanoverian & Belgian Consulate, Richard Pearce

French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Prussian, Spanish, Portuguese, & Netherlands Vice-Consulate Richard Pearce, Chapel street

Lloyd’s Agent, Richard Pearce, Chapel street

Receiver of Wreck, Richard Pearce, Chapel street

Custom House Officers, John G. Beresford, collector; Joseph Barratt, comptroller & landing surveyor; James R. Pascoe, clerk; Alexander Phillips, searcher & tide surveyor; John Grose, clerk and St. Michael’s Mount & principal coast officer; Henry King, broker & ship agent; John Warren Paddy & William Henry Curnow, tidewaiters

Subdivision Clerk to the Deputy Lieutenancy for East & West Penwith, Thomas Dark, esq. Parade street

Subdivision Clerk to the Deputy Warden for East amp; West Penwith, Thomas Dark, esq.

Registrar of the Deanery Court of St. Buryan, Francis Paynter, esq. Clarence street

Steward of the Lower Court of the Hundred of Penwith, Francis Paynter, esq. Clarence street

Harbour Master, Thomas Dark, Parade street

Sub-Harbour Master, Capt. James Broad

Surveyor of Lloyd’s Register of British & Foreign Shipping, William Davies Matthews, Quay

Assistant Overseer, C. M. Vibert, 9 Clarence street

Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, E. H. Rodd, esq. Parade street

Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, John James, Market place

Police, John Olds, superintendent & sergeant-at-mace; William Henry Wallis, sergeant-at-mace; Meredith Bevan, deputy gaoler; Edwin Corin, beadle of the market; James Phillips, town crier

Places of Worship:—

St. Mary’s Church, Chapel street, Rev. Henry Batten, M.A. rector; Rev. — Rowe, M.A. curate

St. Paul’s Church, Clarence street, Rev. Heny Batten, M.A. rector; Rev. — Rowe, M.A. curate

Baptist Chapel, Clarence street, Rev. — Jenkins

Independent Chapel, Market Jew street, Rev. James Kernahan

Wesleyan Methodists Chapel, Chapel street, Rev. Dr. Etheridge, PH.D.; C. Cook

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Mount street, various

Friends’ Meeting Hosue, North street

Roman Catholic Chapel, Rosevean, Rev. Wm. Laffan

Bible Christians’ Chapel, Alverton street, various

Jordan Baptists’ Chapel, Parade, Rev. G. C. Smith

Synagogue, New street

Public Schools:—

National, Abbey street, William Smith, master

Grammar, [Princes] street, Thomas Glynn Grylls, master

Wesley[an,] [page lost] [Chap]el street, George Bettamy, master

School of Art, Regent place, H. Geoffroi, master


Cornish Telegraph, Rowe & Son, Market place; published every wednesday

Penzance & West Cornwall Gazette, Robert John Drown, Clarence street; published every wednesday

Posting Houses:—

Union hotel, Chapel street, William Ball

Western hotel, Clarence street, Henry Blackwell


Railway Station, Market Jew street

Omnibuses (from Market Jew street) to:—

Falmouth—Mail, for passengers & luggage, viû Helston, at ½ past 6 morn

Hayle—Daniel, daily, except tuesday

Helston—Michell, daily, at 10 morn.; Reynolds, daily, 4 afternoon

Redruth—Clemo, daily, at ½ past 4 afternoon

Relubis (St. Hilary)—Scadden, tues. thurs. & sat. 4 aft.; Turner, same times; Berriman, tues. & thurs. at 4 aft

St. Ives—Morris, daily, 4 afternoon

Truro—Clemo, daily, ½ past 4 afternoon

(from Clarence stret)

St. Just—Eddy, daily, 4 afternoon; Thomas, same times; J. Rowe (to North), thursday & saturday at 4 afternoon

Sennen—Humphries, thursday & saturday, at 4 aft

Treen—Wallish, thursday & saturday at 4 afternoon

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