Bodilly George Ley (firm, Trythall & Bodilly), solicitor, coroner for the borough of Penzance & deputy coroner for the Western division of Cornwall & notary public, registrar of county court, commissioner for oaths, perpetual commissioner, commissioner for oaths & to examine witnesses for Cape of Good Hope & South Australia (commissioner for oaths only); offices, County court, Alverton Street buildings

Bodilly & Co. millers (steam) & general merchants, Bread street & Lariggan steam flour mills

Bolitho, Williams, Foster, Coode, Grylls & Co. Limited (Consolidated Bank of Cornwall) (Thomas Bedford Bolitho M.P. chairman; Henry Roach, sec.); head office, 9 Market Jew street; draw on Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, Ransom, Bouverie & Co. London

Bolitho Christina (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Regent terrace

Bond Stephen Arthur, serpentine manufacturer, & post office, 29 Cornwall terrace

Boney Ambrose, tinsmith, 2 Adelaide street

Booth Alexander, grape grower, 2 Union terrace, St. Clare st

Borlase, Milton & Borlase, solicitors, notaries public & agents to the Guardian Fire & Life Office, 31 Clarence street

Borlase Walter Henry (firm, Borlase, Milton & Borlase), solicitor & notary public, under sheriff of Cornwall, commissioner to administer oaths, 31 Clarence street

Borough Police Station (Richard Nicholas, head constable), Public buildings, Alverton street

Borrows Honor (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 South terrace

Bosence William Charles, leather dresser, 11 Alverton terrace, & fellmonger & tanner, Alverton

Boskenna Bay Steamship Co. Limited (Francis Banfield & Sons, managers), 6 North parade

Bosustow Annie (Mrs.), private school, 12 Morrab road

Bosustow Frederick Samuel Matthews A.P.S. chemist & druggist, 38 Market place

Bowden Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Marine terrace

Bowden Laura (Miss), shopkeeper, Cherry Garden street

Bowditch Joseph, refreshment rooms, 18 Alverton street

Boyns Henry, grocer amp; general provision dlr. 29 Market pl

Bradbury John, shoe maker, 23 Jennings street

Bramble Samuel, carpet beater, 30 Daniel place

Branwell Rt. M. & Sons, wholesale grocrs. & steam millers, Quay

Branwell Charlotte (Miss), lodging ho Shirley, Trewithen rd

Branwell Christopher, cab owner, 5 Regent buildings

Bray Peter, pork butcher, 46 Market Jew street

Brennan Thomas, Castle hotel, 114 Market Jew street

Bridle Edwin John, grocer & lodging house, 1 & 2 Norton pl

Bridle William Henry, master mariner, 2 Tolver road

Brighton Charles Henry, butcher, 1 Chapel street

Briginton Susan (Miss), milk seller & laundress, 25 Queen st

Brooks Harry, grocer, 43 Market Jew street

Brown Asenath (Mrs.), dress maker, 28 Bay View terrace

Brown Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Marine terrace

Brown John, serpentine manufacturer, Western esplanade

Brown Thomas, fruiterer, 116 Market Jew street

Bryant Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 26 Chapel street

Bryant John Thomas, hair dresser, 47 Market Jew street

Buckett Alfred Henry, pharmaceutical chemist, 22 Market pl

Bune Frederick William, superintendent of customs & mercantile marine receiver of wreck & sub-commissioner of pilotage, Custom house, Quay

Bunt & Sons, boot & shoe manufs. 1 Stewart’s bldgs. Alverton st

Burnett John, mason, 17 Rosevean road

Burridge Mary Jane & Mary (Misses), fancy repository, 31 Market Jew street & Redruth

Caldwell James, builder &c. see Perkins & Caldwell

Caldwell Oliver F.R.I.B.A. architect, Victoria square

Calf William, coal & forage dealer, The Quay

Calf William David, hardware & oil dealer, 79 Market Jew st

Callenso Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 South terrace

Cara George Stephen, carpenter & joiner, Victoria place

Cara Kate (Mrs.), dyer & cleaner, 56 Chapel street

Cara Stephen, collector of taxes, 56 Chapel street

Cara Thos. Mills, surgeon dentist, Antron house, Chapel st

Carbis Bay Steamship Co. Limited (Francis Banfield & Sons, managers), 6 North parade

Carbis Ann (Mrs.), greengrocer, 43 Causeway head

Carbis John, blacksmith, 3 St. James’ street

Carne Henry, builder, contractor & appraiser, 30 Clarence street. See advertisement

Carne Henry, butcher, 15 Market

Carne Henry, tailor, 75 High street

Carne James, butcher, 24 Market

Carne Margaret (Miss), lodging house, Beachfield house

Carpenter Clara (Miss), milliner, 16 Mount street

Carpenter Ellen (Miss), grocer, 62 Daniel place

Carter James Ellis, grocer, 17 Market Jew street

Carter Jane (Mrs.), grocer, 21 Penwith street

Carter Justinian, serpentine worker, Morrab road

Carter Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 36 St. James’ street

Carter William, market gardener, Minnie lane

Carveth Robert, confectioner, 70 Market Jew street

Carvolth Elizabeth Jane (Mrs.), milliner, 8 Chapel street

Casley Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 41 Bay View ter

Cattran Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Wherry town

Cattran Martin, shoe maker, 1 Jennings street

Champion John, corn, forage, potato, manure & seed merchant & cab & livery stable proprietor, 16, 17 & 18 Causeway head & 29 Alverton street. See advertisement

Chapman & Dowrick, builders, Brewery yard, Bread street & 38 St. James’ street

Chappell Cath. Jane (Mrs.), picture frame ma. 46 & 47 Queen st

Charity Organization Society (Rev. Trimer Bennett, hon. sec.; John Elias Rogers, officer; James Rowe, caretaker), St. Mary’s Parish house, Regent buildings

Chellew Mary Morton (Mrs.), fancy draper, 65 Chapel street

Chess Club (Wm. Harvey Julyan, hon. sec.), Public Buildings

Chester George & Melina (Miss), grocers, 11 Penwith st

Childs Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 South terrace

Chirgwin Rchd. & Son, grocers 7, & confectioners 8, Market pl

Chivers Eugene, master mariner, 8 Tolver road

Christie Michael, shopkeeper, 30 New street

Christopher Nicholas, dairyman, 35 Alverne buildings

Christopher James, refreshment house, Princes street

Clark Alfred Turner Sims M.P.S. pharmaceutical chemist, 15 Market place

Clark J. Barfett, bookseller, 6 Market place

Clark Richard Henry, seedsman, 9 Bellevue terrace

Clarke Francis Jacob, linen draper, 32 Market place

Clarke Thomas Naylor M.R.C.V.S. vet. surg. 23 North parade

Clemens Charles, lodging house, 67 High street

Clemens Richard, eating house, 61 Causeway head

Clist Henry, grocer, 38 St. James’ street

Coak Ellen (Mrs.), milliner, 46 Cuaseway head

Coak John Humphrey, shopkeeper, 40 Causeway head

Coast Guard Station (Jas. Conybear, chief officer), The Cliff

Cock Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Clarence street

Cock George, violin & shorthand teacher, 9 Belgravia street

Cock Thomas, bailiff of county court, 61 St. James’ street

Cole Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Bay View terrace

Colenso Richard & Son, painters & ecclesiastical & house decorators, 3 Causeway head & Green market. See advrt

Colenso Richard, paperhanging warehouse & artists’ repository, 3 Causeway head

Collins George, district superintendent Wesleyan & General Assurance Society & general fire, life, plate glass & accident insurance agent, St Mary’s house, St. Mary’s terrace

Colton Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Marina terrace

Comerford Winnifred (Mrs.), fancy repository, 24 Market Jew street

Conservative Association for the Western of St. Ives Parliamentary Division (John F. Loam, sec. & registration agent), Queen street

Consolidated Bank of Cornwall, see Bolitho & Co

Consolidated Tin Smelting Co. Limited (Thomas W. Field, managing director), tin smelters, Chyandour

Convent of the Daughters of Our Lady Notre Dame, St. Michael’s (Rev. Mother Alice, superioress), Leskinnick

Conybear James, chief officer of the coast guard, The Cliff

Cook Henry, lodging house, 17 Alverton street

Cook Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 17 Alverton street

Cook William, grocer, 37 Mount street

Coombe John, omnibus proprietor, St. Mary’s place

Cooper William, potato merchant, Quay

Corin Edwin, carpenter, 12 Alma terrace

Corin John Matthew Bunster & Son, ironmongers, 60 Causeway head & 26 High street

Corin Philip Burne M.I.M.E. consulting engineer & marine surveyor, 18 Tolver road

Corin William, potato merchant, 48 Leskinnick terrace

Corn Exchange (Jas. Bickle Sanders, lessee), Market House bldgs

Cornish Bank Limited (branch) (Alfred W. Parks, manager), Queen square. See advertisement; draw on Smith, Payne & Smiths, London E C

Cornish Telegraph Co. Limited, printers & publishers; offices, 16 Chapel street. See advertisement

Cornish Thomas Henry & James batten, solicitrs. Parade st

Cornish Camera Club (H. Tonkin, sec.), Morrab road

Cornish Ellen (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Coulson’s terrace

Cornish Francis John, lime burner, Barbican, Coinagehall st

Cornish James Mitchell, grocer, baking powder manufacturer & agent for European Wine & Spirit Co. 24 Market pl

Cornish John Batten (firm, T. H. & J. B. Cornish), solicitor, & clerk to Penzance burial board

Cornish Methodist Free Church Record (Cornish Telegraph Co. Limited), 16 Chapel street

Cornish Telegraph (Cornish Telegraph Co. Limited, publishers; published wed. for thurs.), 16 Chapel st. See advt

Cornish Thomas Henry (firm, T. H. & J. B. Cornish), solicitor, town clerk, clerk to the urban & rural sanitary authorities, to the guardians & to the magistrates for the borough of Penzance, to Camborne highway board, to Penzance Union assessment & school attendance committees & to Gulval school board & superintendent registrar, Parade street

Cornishman Newspaper Co. Limited (Albert Charles Wildman, manager); offices, Parade street. See advertisement

Cornishman (Cornishman Newspaper Co. Limited, publishers; A. C. Wildman, manager; published thurs. & sat.), Parade street. See advertisement

Cornwall 1st (Duke of Cornwall’s) Volunteer Artillery, Western Division, Royal Artillery (No. 7 Co.) (Capt. P. Marrack, commander)

Cory Walter Bryant, hay & straw dealer, Bread street

Cotton Wm. newsvendor & tobacconist, 63 Causeway head

Couch John Quiller, surgeon & medical officer amp; public vaccinator No. 5 district, Penzance union, 10 Chapel street

Couch Rd. Pearce, timber merchant &c. see Batten & Couch

County Court (His Honor Thomas Colpitts Granger, judge; George Ley Bodilly, registrar & acting as high bailiff), Guildhall

Cox Charlotte (Miss), dress maker, 30 Caldwells road

Crimes Thomas Hankinson, insurance district manager, Albert house, Taroveor road

Crocker & Son, painters & Glaziers, 58 Chapel street

Crocker James Charles Vipond L.D.S., R.C.S.Eng. dental surgeon, 56 Morrab road

Crocker Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 South place, Quay

Crowle Alf John, shoe maker, 56 Adelaide street

Crowle Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 56 Adelaide street

Curnow Charles Gould, builder, Coinagehall street

Curnow Jeremiah, tailor, 14 Belgravia street

Curnow Sophie (Mrs.), lodging & boarding house, facing Morrab gardens & library, commanding fine views of sea & land, bedrooms facing south, Aubrey House boarding establishment, St. Mary’s terrace

Curnow William, butcher, 50 amp; 51 Market

Custom House (Frederick William Bune, superintendent; Charles Henry Lyle, 2nd officer), The Quay

Dale Andrew Nichols, fly propr. 11 Coulson’s bldgs. Queen st

Dale Bessie (Miss), milliner, 1 St. James’ street

Dale John, cigar merchant (wholesale), 1 St. James’ street

Dale Sml. Young, agnt. to Chas. Garton & Co. brewrs. Parade st

Dale Wellington, solicitor & notary public, 3 North parade

Daniel Adeline (Miss), straw milliner, 46 Chapel street

Daniel Henry, potato & manure merchant, 73 Market Jew st

Daniel John, flour merchant & wheelwright, Queen street

Daniel Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 39 Tolver road

Dash Ann Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Alma terrace

Daves Jane (Mrs.), berlin wool & fancy repository, 3 Stewart’s buildings, Alverton street

Davy R.V. & H. iron & general merchants & building material dealers, 112 Market Jew street

Davy Richard Vinicombe & Humphry, wholesale & retail wine & spirit mers. 112 Market Jew st. See advert

Davy Ann (Miss), dress maker, 10 Leskinnick place

Davy Humphry M.D. surgeon, Morrab villa, Morrab place

Dawe Thomas, butcher, 38 Market Jew street

Dawson Emma (Mrs.), furrier, 52 High street

Denithorne Erasmus, hair dresser, 45 New street

Denithorne George, lodging house, 23 Rosevean road

Denithorne James, lodging house, Chyandour

Denley Joseph, coal & marine store dealer, 1 Albert street

Dennithorne James, butcher, 14 Coulson’s buildings, Queen street & 27 Market

Dennithorne John, hair dresser, 48 Queen street

Devon & Cornwall Banking Co. Limited (branch) (George Fox Tregelles, manager), 3 Market place; draw on Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, Ransom, Bouverie & Co. London

Dingley Mary (Miss), lodging house, Beachfield ter. Esplanade

Doble Edward, borough rate collector, 37 Belgravia street

Dodge William Henry M.R.C.S.Eng. surgeon, 8 Alverton ter

Donithorne Jane (Mrs.), tripe dresser, 39 Cuaseway head

Donnithorne Augusta (Mrs.), lodging house, 73 High street

Donnithorne Harriet (Mrs.), ldg. ho. Cornwall ho. Esplanade

Donnithorne Mary Ann (Mrs.), laundry, 2 Leskinnick place

Donnithorne Richd. who. butcher, Cornwall ho. Esplanade

Donnithorne William, butcher, 4 Market

Donnithorne William, grocer, 1 St. Clare street

Dorothy Thomas, head gardener, Morrab gardens

Dowling Benjamin, shopkeeper, 13 High street

Downing James Thomas, mason, 5 Bellevue terrace

Downing Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, Folly ho. Esplanade

Drew John Ede, serpentine works, Esplanade

Dry Dock Coal & Trading Co. Limited (Frederick Charles Mathews, dockmaster), Quay

Dugdale Charles Henry, jun. butcher, 47A Market Jew st

Dugdale Ernest, butcher, 22 Market

Dugdale John Francis, butcher, 23 Market Jew street

Dugdale Matthew, horse dealer, 27 New Street

Dugdale Robert, butcher, Market

Duncalf John, fly proprietor, 7 Queen street. See advert

Durant Henry William Wallace, draper, 3 Green market

Dusting Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Clarence street

Dusting Ellen (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Coulson’s terrace

Dusting John, master mariner, 19 Bay View terrace

Dusting William, builder, carpenter, cabinet maker & undertaker, Bullock market

Dustow Ann (Mrs.), laundry, 9 Redinnick place

Dustow James, lodging house, 30 Tolver road

Eddy David, Globe hotel, 1 Queen street

Eddy Elizabeth (Mrs.), Cornish Arms P.H. Market Jew st

Eddy Grace (Mrs.), laundress, 3 Leskinnick place

Eddy John, refreshment rooms, 1 Alverton street

Eddy Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 57 Adelaide street

Eddy William, mineral water manufacturer, 6 Bellevue ter

Edgcumbe Charles Ellis, beer retailer, 6 Alverton street

Edmonds Elizabeth (Mrs.), butcher, 17 Market

Edmonds Emma (Miss), milliner, 28 North parade

Edmonds Frank, grocer, Green market

Edmonds Frederick, cattle dealer, 29 Tolver road

Edwards Edith (Miss), dress maker, Coinagehall street

Edwards Elizabeth (Mrs.), butcher, 29 Market

Edwards George, butcher, 1 Tolver road

Edwards Mary (Mrs.), laundry, 12 Queen street

Edwards Samuel, butcher, 25 Market

Ellis James, jobbing gardener, 37 Medrose terrace

Ellis Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 42 St. James’ street

Ellis Thomas Francis, carpenter & joiner, 14 Alverton st

Emily (The) Bolitho Nurses’ Home (Mrs. Lucy Coxall, matron), 7 Tolver place

Eva Edward, auctioneer, valuer & estate agent, Commercial buildings, Parade street

Eva Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Clarence street

Evening Tidings (Cornish Telegraph Co. Lim. publishers; published daily except wed.), 16 Chapel st. See advert

Evershed Arthur Reginald Field L.R.C.P.Lond. (firm, Fox & Evershed), surgeon, 9 Morrab place

Fever Hospital (George Bown Millett, surgeon; Mrs. Mercy Edwards, matron), Rosevean road

Ficklin George, artist, Penlee villa, Penlee View terrace

Fidock Grace (Miss), lodging house, 5 Alverton terrace

Findlow Arthur John, herbalist, Adelaide street

Fittal George, bakehouse, 20 Quay street

Fleming John Tall & Sons, cabinet makers, upholsterers, undertakers & carpet warehousemen, 2 Terrace, Market Jew street; workshops & warerooms, 84 & 85 Market Jew st

Floyd William Thos. beer retailer, 3 East ter. Market Jew st

Ford Christina & Edith (Misses), dress makers, 82 High st

Ford John, jobbing gardener, 82 High street

Ford William, builder, 34 Belgravia st. & St. James’ street

Foss Thomas, butcher, 18 Market

Foster George, lodging house, 29 Morrab road

Fowler Geo. Union family hotel, Chapel st. & Albion htl. Plymth

Fox & Evershed, physicians & surgeons, 2 Morrab road

Fox George, nurseryman, Alexandra rd. & 3 Alverton street

Fox John Alfred L.R.C.P.Lond., L.R.C.P.Edin &c. surgeon, see Fox & Evershed

Fox Robert, greengrocer & seedsman, Market Jew street

Francis Bithiah (Mrs.), milliner, 11 Tolver road

Free Library (Charles Henry Benn, librarian), Morrab road

Freeman John, Sons & Co. Limited, granite merchants & quarry owners, Wherry town; offices, Penryn. See advt

Freeman Eliza (Mrs.), milliner, 49 Leskinnick terrace

Freemasons’ (Mount Sinai) Lodge (No. 121) (Martin Sampson, sec.); Royal Arch (Holy Mt. Chapter) (No. 121) (Richard Pearce Couch, Scribe E Mark Masonry); St John the Baptist Lodge (James M. Cornish, sec.), Public buildings

Freethy Margaret (Miss), lodging house, 18 Bay View ter

French James, beer retailer, 2 Coulson’s place

Friggens James, carrier, 93A, Market Jew street

Friggens William Thos. refreshment rooms, 110 Market Jew st

Fuzzey I. & A. J. general house furnishers, carpet warehousemen, practical upholsterers, cabinet makers & undertakers, house agents & valuers, 101, 101A amp; 102 Market Jew street

Gale Clara (Mrs.), lodging house, adjoining & looking on to the public gardens, close to the Esplanade, beach & baths; board if desired, Endsleigh, 33 Morrab road

Gallie Elias, insurance agent, 6 High street

Garton Chas. & Co. brewers (Sl. Young Dale, agt.), Parade st

Gartrell Jn. Hutchens L.D.S.(Canada), surgn. dntst. 47 Chapel st

Geach Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house; comfortable home, facing sea & promenade, well recommended, 6 & 7 Marine ter

Geach Mrs. lodging house, 11 South terrace

Geach William Francis, tea merchant, 6 & 7 Marine terrace

Geary John, shopkeeper, Taroveor road

Gendall James, carpenter, Victoria place

Gendall Richard, boot & shoe maker, 34 Adelaide street

Geoffroi Fanny (Miss) A.L.A. professor of music, Malcolm villa, Alexandra road

Geoffroi Henri, prof. of drawing, Malcolm vil. Alexandra rd

George Alice (Miss), statnr. & circulating library, 30 Clarence st

George Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 7 Quay street

George William Henry, bill poster, 33 Queen street

Gerry William Ambrose, grocer, & sole agent to W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine & spirit merchants, 1 Green market

Gibbons Harry Robert Hume, professor of music, 3 St. Mary’s pl

Gibson & Mabbott, tailors & outfitters, 4 Market place

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