Gibson & Sons, photographers & fancy dealers, 10 Market Jew st

Gilbert Caroline (Miss), shopkeeper, 42 Causeway head

Gilbert William, coal & forage dealer, 22 Penwith street

Girls’ Friendly Society (Mrs. Trelawney hon sec.), St. Mary’s Parish house

Glasson John, tailor, 12 Bellevue terrace

Gluyas Lydia (Miss), stationer & circulating library, 6 Alverton street

Goddard Edward William, lodging house, 9 St. Mary’s ter

Goddard Lottie Emilie Eames (Mrs.), baby linen establishment, 26 Market Jew street

Goody Jesse, sexton to the cemetery, Cemetery, St. Clare st

Grammar School (Rev. Trimer Bennett, mast.), Market pl

Graver John Henry, cab proprietor, 23 Daniel place

Gray Henry, hair dresser, 2 Alverton terrace

Great Western Railway Receiving Office (J. C. Wall, agent), Old Post office, Market place

Green Thomas, baker, 20 (back of) Causeway head

Green Thomas, builder, Brewery yard, Bread st. & 22 Mount st

Grenfell Elizabeth (Mrs.), greengrocer, 28 Causeway head

Grenfell George Pascoe, solicitor & coroner for the western division of the county, 16 Alverton street

Grenfell Lewis, boot & shoe maker, 11 Causeway head

Grenfell Louisa (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 5 Carnes bldgs. Queen st

Gribble Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 3 Parade passage

Griffiths & Musgrove, grocers, 10 Causeway head

Griffiths Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Leskinnick street

Griffiths Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 5 Penrose terrace

Grose & Co. boot & shoe dealers, 20 Market place

Groves Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Leskinnick street

Guard Joseph, tailor, 81 High street

Gunn Alexander, shopkeeper, 11 Quay street

Hadden Joseph Baldwin, wholesale ironmonger, 2 Market pl

Hale James, lodging house, south aspect & facing private gardens, 20 North parade

Hales Angelina (Miss), lodging ho. Gwavas vl. Norton place

Hall & Co. grocers, 25 Market place

Hall Frederick Thomas, cabinet maker, 1 Park corner

Hall George, insurance agent, 27 Belgravia street

Hall John Phillips, dairyman, 17 Regent square

Hall Robert Greenman, house decorator, 9 Alverton street

Hall Nicholas James, grocer, Green market

Hall Richard, insurance agent, 19 High street

Hall Thomas, tinplate worker, Jennings street

Hamlyn George, cook & confectioner, bread & biscuit baker, caterer for wedding breakfasts, ball suppers, banquets &c. dealer in game, 3 & 4 Chapel street

Harbour Office (John Morrish, harbour master; William Herbert Percy, lessee of pier dues), Quay

Hare Thomas, beer retailer, 4 Queen street

Harris Arthur James, painter & glazier, 4 Leskinnick ter

Harris Frank, dairyman, 1 Mount street

Harris William, jobbing gardener, 17 Cornwall terrace

Harry George, master mariner, 34 St. James’ street

Harry William, house decorator, 17 Tolver road

Harry William Henry, shoe maker, 13 Green market

Harvey Nicholas & Chas. wine & spirit mers. 33 Alverton st

Harvey & Co. Lim. (William Hodge, manager), timber & general merchants (branch), Queen street

Harvey Francis, general manager of Batten, Carne & Carne’s banking Co. Limited, Market place

Harvey Jeanette Vawdrey (Miss), bookseller, 25 Clarence st

Harvey John Richard, boot maker, 2 Redinnick place

Harvey Joseph Smith, chemist, 11 Market Jew street

Harvey Thomas, boot maker, 4 Leskinnick place

Harvey William, refreshment rooms, 53 Causeway head

Harwood Thomas, grocer, 6 Leskinnick street

Hawes Thomas, sec. to Penzance Gas Co. 95 Market Jew st

Hawes Thomas, fruiterer, 36 Market Jew street

Hawken John, fly proprietor, 3 Queen street

Herbert Tryphena (Mrs.), lodging house, 34 Bay View ter

Hewett Lucy & Katherine (Misses), dress mas. Regent bldgs

Hewett Temperance (Mrs.), dress maker, 1 Regent bldgs

Hicks Annie (Miss), lodging house, 13 Cornwall terrace

Hicks James, Queen’s Head P.H. 7 New street

Hicks Nancy (Mrs.), secondhand clothes dealer, Princes st

Hicks Richard, jun. beer retailer, 14 Mount street

Hicks William John, hair dresser, 45 Causeway head

Hill Henry & Chas. grocers, 32 Alverton st. & 1 Taroveor rd

Hill Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Redinnick terrace

Hill Priscilla (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 Redinnick terrace

Hill Richard, builder, 1 Bay View terrace

Hill Thomas, hair dresser, 21 Causeway head

Hitchings Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 30 Leskinnick ter

Hoblyn Jane (Miss), baby linen wareho. 106 Market Jew st

Hocken Joseph Henry, cab proprietor, 12 Leskinnick terrace

Hockin Louisa (Mrs.), milliner, 7 Victoria place

Hocking James Kingston, basket maker, Chyandour

Hocking Saml. greengro. & milk seller, 57 Causeway head

Hocking Samuel Warren, grocer, 69 Causeway head

Hocking William Row, baker, 38 Adelaide street

Hodder John William & Son, ship smiths, Quay

Hodder John William, grocer, 30 Bay View terrace

Hodder John William, lodging house, 14 Marine terrace

Hodge Edwd. house decorator, St. Mary’s pl. & 5 Park corner

Hodge Jacob, master mariner, 41 Tolver road

Holbrook Alfred, lodging house, Marine house, Queen street

Holbrook Richard Thomas, coal merchant, 25 Chapel street; stores, Coinagehall street

Holman Nicholas & Sons, engineers, machinists, boiler makers, manufacturers of mining machinery & agricultural implement agents, foundries & hammer mills, The Quay; & at St. Just. See advertisement

Holman Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 49 Morrab road

Hooper John Edward, ship chandler, 15 Quay street

Hooper Richard, cabinet maker, 15 Market Jew street & factory, Bread street

Hooper Robert, hair dresser, 9 Chapel street

Hosken William, wheelwright, St. Mary's place

Hosking T. F. & Co. manure merchants &c. 22 Market pl

Hosking Richard, surgeon, 20 Chapel street

Hosking William Henry, shopkeeper, Chyandour

Hosking William Tonking, fruiterer, Morrab road

Houlson Samuel, hair dresser & tobacconist, 5 Alverton st

Hourihane John, inland revenue officer, Quay

Howeth Samuel, milk seller, 6 Stamford terrace

Hugh Priscilla (Mrs.), dress ma. 7 Coulson’s bldgs. Queen st

Huntingdon Ellen (Miss), confectioner, 13 Alverton street

Hurd Annie (Miss), dress maker, 59 St. James’ street

Hurley Alexander Patrick, master mariner, 62 Belgravia street, & coal merchant, Taroveor road

Hutchings John, Duke of Cumberland P.H. 70 Causeway head

Hutchings Richard James, plumber & tinplate worker, 70 Causeway head

Inch Harry, carpenter, 24 Bay View terrace

Inch William, builder, Vounder house, Regent square

Ingram David Christopher, watch maker, Morrab road

Ingram Mary Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 26 Belgravia street

Inland Revenue Office (John Hourihane officer), Quay

Irvine Helen (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 South terrace

Izzard Louisa (Miss), dress maker, 11 Bellevue terrace

Jacka Charles, ships’ chandler, 18 Quay street

Jacobs Frank, draper & hosier, 32 Market Jew street

James Joseph, builder, 6 Coulson’s place

James Louisa (Mrs.), lodging house, close to the sea, park & town, 4 Regent square

James Thomas, builder, St. James’ street

Jarvis William, china dealer, 3 & 4 Market Jew street

Jasper William, pork butcher, 19 Causeway head & Market

Jeffery William George, boot & shoe ma. 66 Causeway head

Jeffrey Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, Abbey street

Jelbert William, general carrier, 25 New street

Jenkin Alfd. Chas. auctnr. appraiser & ho. agt. 4 Chapel st

Jenkin Bessie (Miss), dress maker, 15 Park corner

Jenkin Elizabeth Anna (Miss), dress maker, 2 St. Mary’s st

Jenkin Geo. Edwin, auctnr. land & insur. agent, Princes st

Jenkin Rosina Ann (Miss), milliner, 46 St. Clare street & greengrocer, 1A, Tolver road

Jenkin Selina (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Coinagehall street

Jenkin William Charles, hair dresser, 1A, Taroveor road

Jenkins Robert, master mariner, 11 Morrab road

Jenkins William, insurance agent, 28 Cornwall terrace

Jennings George, butcher, 57 Market

Jennings John, refreshment rooms, 105 Market Jew street

Jilbert Thomas Henry, lodging house, 2 Lanoweth terrace

Johns Edward, butcher, 30 Market

Johns Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 South terrace

Johns Rosina (Mrs.), lodging house, 45 Morrab road

Jollow Frederick, carpenter, 11 Daniel place & Queen street

Jones James, collector of market tolls, 4 Alverton terrace

Joseph Henry, pawnbroker, 5 Market Jew street

Joyce Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 South terrace

Julian Joseph, carrier, 13 Adelaide street

Julian William, Clarence P.H. Causeway head

Keen Arthur, carrier, 15 New street

Kelynack John, grocer, & post office, 1 High street & corn dealer, Clarence street

Kemp William, jun. stone mason, 51 High street

Kessell Elizabeth (Mrs.), fruiterer, 28 Market Jew street

Kessell Margaret (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 North parade

Kessell Thomas, school attendance officer, 28 Market Jew street

Kevern James Trembath, loan office, Chancery lane

King Charles William, secondhand bookseller, The Arcade

Kinsman John, secondhand bookseller, 20A, Chapel street

Kistler George & Mathias, watch makers, 5 Causeway head

Kitt Henry John, basket maker, Jennings street

Kneebone Robert, lodging house, 58 Morrab road

Knight Elizabeth (Mrs.), tea dealer, 41 St. Clare street

Knuckey Lovday & Ann (Misses), ldg. ho. 16 & 17 Marine ter

Knuckey Josephine (Miss), millnr. & fancy drpr. 6 Chapel st

Knuckey Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 16 & 17 Marine ter

Lacey Charles James, insurance agent, 1 Morrab terrace

Ladner Charles, fruiterer, 9 Alverton terrace

Laity Emily (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Leskinnick terrace

Laity Richard Ruberry, butcher, 29 Market Jew street

Lampert John, insurance agent, 34 Tolver road

Lane Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 Morrab road

Lang Amelia (Mrs), dress maker, 1 St. Mary’s street

Langley Jane Tucker (Mrs.), lodging ho. 8 Bay View terrace

Langsworthy Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 1 St. Mary’s street

Lanyon John Rodulphus, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 13 Morrab place

Lanyon Wm. James, boot & shoe repairer, 8 Buriton row

Lashbrook Jesse (Mrs.), beer retailer, Quay street

Lavin Charles Edward, draper, Green market

Lawrence Jn. & Sons, grngros. Vegetable market & Laregan

Lawrence William & Sons, market gardeners, Laregan

Lawrence Andrew, market gardener, Higher Laregan

Lawrence Richard Thomas, beer retailer, Alexandra road

Lawrence William, market gardener, 57 Chapel street

Lawrence William Charles, saddler, 70 Market Jew street

Lawrey Edith (Miss), dress maker, 12 Cornwall terrace

Lawrey Mary Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 27 St. James’ st

Lawry Henry, insurance agent, 17 Bay View terrace

Lawry William, master mariner, 31 Belgravia street

Layland George, insurance agent, 32 Tolver road

Lazarus Frederick, shopkeeper, 53A, Causeway head

Leah William Robert, grocer, 26 Market place

Lee Thomas, cooper, 58 Causeway head

Legg Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 28 Daniel place

Legg Fanny (Mrs.), costumiére, 7 Chapel street

Legg Joseph, boat builder & ships’ chandler, Quay

Lethby James, superintendent British Workman’s & General Assurance Co. Limited, Green market

Levers Miss, day school (girls), 1 Albert villas

Liberal Club Reading Room (Edward Eva, hon. Sec.), Causeway head

Linihan Marianne (Miss), ladies’ day school, 2 Alma terrace

Little Western Steamship Co. (George Bazeley & Sons, agents), Albert stores

Lory Susan (Miss), provision dealer, 80 Market Jew street

Lovell Robert Charles, fruit, potato & manure merchant, Bread street. See advertisement

Ludlow Edmund, ship & insurance broker, custom house & emigration agent & consular agent for Holland, 77 Market Jew street

Luke Emily (Mrs.), butcher, 46 Market

Luke Henry, boot & shoe maker, 49 St. Clare street

Lyle Charles Henry, custom house officer, 55 Belgravia st

Lyne Alice Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 24 Morrab road

Mabbott Charles, master mariner, 19 Regent square

Mabbott Chas. Jas. F.S.Sc.Lond. day school for boys, St. Clare st

Mabbott Howell, corn mercht. &c. see Trevithick & Mabbott

McFadyean Andrew & Thomas, drapers, 51 Morrab road

McFadyean Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Penrose terrace

McGonnell Mary Ellen (Miss), dress maker, 54 Daniel place

Maddern Thomas, insurance agent, 9 St. Clare street

Maggs Joseph, chimney sweeper, Coinagehall street

Magor Martin L.D.S.Eng. surgeon-dentist, 24 Chapel street

Mann Emily (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Redinnick terrace

Mann Mary (Mrs.), superior apartments, close to Free library, gardens & beach, Kimberley house, Morrab road

Mann Wm. insurance agent, Kimberley ho. 10 Morrab road

Mannell John Weekes, grocer, tea & aërated water manufacturer, 29 St. Clare street

Mark Ann (Miss), basket maker, 71 Market Jew street

Marks Mary Ann (Mrs.) & Son, basket makers & fruiterers, 5 Chapel street

Marks Harriet (Mrs.), fruiterer, 14 Parade street

Marks Richard, lodging house, 14 Tolver place

Martin George, Dock inn, Quay street

Martin George, shell fishmonger, 60 Adelaide street

Martin James, lodging house, 17 South terrace

Masonic Hall (John Rogers Tyler, sec. [sic]), Public buildings

Mathers Susan (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Coinagehall street

Mathews William Davies & Sons, Lloyds’ agents, steamship agents &c. Dock office, Quay

Mathews Edwin Thomas, ship owner, consul for Liberia & vice-consul for Denmark, Sweden & Norway, Spain & Germany, Italy & Portugal & Consular agent for France, Dock office, Quay

Mathews Frederick Charles, dock master Dry Dock Coal & Trading Co. Limited, Quay

Mathews Thomas Richard, lodging house, 2 A[l]verton place

Matthews Mary & Martha (Misses), grocers, 7 Alverton st

Matthews Benjamin Chas. London inn, 75 Causeway head

Matthews Edward, greengrocer, Wherry town

Matthews John, manure & seed merchant, Bread street

Matthews Robert, lodging house, 26 Clarence street

Matthews Sarah (Mrs.), grocer, 26 Daniel place

Maunder Ellen (Mrs.), grocer, 26 Cornwall terrace

May’s Temperance hotel & boarding ho. 51 Market Jew street

May Elizabeth (Mrs.), stationer, 35A, Market Jew street

Mear Samuel & Son, boot makers, 7 Market Jew street

Menneer William Henry, solicitor, 4 Parade passage

Merrifield Frederick, hair dresser, The Arcade

Michell Andrew Harpur & Sons, drapers & silk mercers, 9 Market place

Michell Hy. & Edwin, hatters & outfitters, 33 & 34 Market pl

Michell John Famers’ Arms P.H. 38 Causeway head

Michell Rosa (Miss), private school (girls), 19 Redinnick ter

Midland Railway (inquiry office) (Charles Antill, agent), 54 Market Jew street

Miller Ellen (Miss), lodging house, 31 Bay View terrace

Millett George Bown M.R.C.S.Eng. & L.R.C.P.Edin. surgeon, medical officer of health for urban & port sanitary authorities & certifying factory surgeon, 19 Chapel street

Milton John Penn (firm, Borlase, Milton & Borlase), solicitor & notary & clerk of the peace for the borough, perpetual commissioner, commissioner for oaths, 31 Clarence street

Mitchell & Roach, boot makers, 28 Quay street

Mitchell William & Son, agricultural implement dealers, 22 Market place & seed & manure stores, Quay

Mitchell Edward, auctioneer, 22 Market place

Mitchell Edward, beer retailer, 41 Market Jew street

Mitchell George, rope maker, 25 Causeway head & Alverton

Mitchell Joseph, cab proprietor, 27 Camberwell street

Mitchell William, Western & Mounts Bay hotel, Clarence st

Mollard Mary & Alice (Misses), milliners, 22 Market Jew st

Montgomerie Hugh Mayer M.D. physician, 5 Clarence place

Montgomery Jas. Barclay M.D., F.R.C.P. physician, 5 Clarence pl

Moody John, photographer, 27 Market Jew street

Moreton Brothers, corn & Manure merchants, Bread street

Morrish John, harbour master, 11 Marine terrace

Morrish John, grocer, 63 Chapel street

Moss Elizh. (Mrs.), fruiterer & greengrcr. 42 Market Jew st

Mounts Bay Steamship Co. Limited (Francis Banfield & Sons, managers), 6 North parade

Mouzon James, fish curer, 91 Market Jew street

Mowat Ann (Mrs.), sanitary enginr. & plumbr. 33 Market Jew st

Moyle Mary (Mrs.), fruiterer, 104 Market Jew street

Murley Henry, cab proprietor, 33 Chapel street

Mulcahy Nicholas, Prince of Wales P.H. 109 Market Jew st

Nankervis Sarah Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 Cornwall ter

Nankivell John, cab proprietor, 60 Daniel place

Natural History & Antiquarian Museum (George Fox Tregelles, hon. sec.), Public buildings

Nelson Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 11 St. Clare street

Newall James Dalziel, travelling draper, 12 Penrose terrace

Newall Thomas, travelling draper, 11 Alma terrace

Newton Elizabeth (Miss), upholstress, 8 St. James’ street

Newton Jon, butcher, 28 Market

Nicholas S. & Son, builders, Bread street

Nicholas Elizabeth (Miss), confectioner, 90 Market Jew st

Nicholas Harriet (Miss), milliner, 90 Market Jew street

Nicholas James Hocking, painter, 28 Alverton street

Nicholas Richard, superintendent of borough police, Police station, Public buildings

Nicholas Robert, shoe maker, 20 Rosevean road

Nicholas Samuel, builder, 18 Belgravia street

Nicholas William Donald, shopkeeper, 1 Green street

Nicholls Charles, painter, 8 Mount street

Nicholls Edward, lodging house, 14 Redinnick terrace

Nicholls James, master mariner, 7 South terrace

Nicholls John, boat owner, 12 Green street

Nicholls Joseph, mason, 24 Rosevean road

Nicholls Mary (Miss), dress maker, 55 Daniel place

Nicholls William Hy. baker, 6 New street & 11 Buriton row

Noy Edward Sampson, lodging house, 15 & 19 Marine ter

Noy John, dairyman, 44A, Market Jew street

Nunn Jn. Hopkins R.A.M. prof. of music, The Abbey, Abbey st

Oates Richard, butcher, 26A, Cornwall terrace

Oats Laura (Miss), milliner, 36 Tolver road

Oats Nicholas, florist, 45 St. Clare street

Oats Thomas, shopkeeper, 7 South place

Odd Fellows’ Hall (Royal Queen’s Own Lodge) (Edward Crocker Scobey, sec.), Parade street

Odger Thomas, shopkeeper, 23 Quay street

Olds John George, cab proprietor, 32 Alverne buildings

Olds Peter R.D.S.E. surgeon-dentist, North parade

Oliver George, boot & shoe dealer, 9 Causeway head

Oliver Thomas George, grocer, 4 Adelaide street

Olver & Sons, cabinet manufctrs. & china dealrs. 32 Clarence st

Olver & Symons, drapers and silk mercers, 13 & 14 Market pl

Opie Ellen (Mrs.), dress maker, 25 North parade

Opie James, temperance house, Princes street

Osborne A. & Co. co-operative stores, 28 Market place; 17 Market strand, Falmouth & 10 St. Nicholas st. Truro

Osborne Charles Henry omnibus proprietor, 2 Victoria pl

Osborne Joseph, insurance agent, 18 High street

Osborne William Thomas, registrar of births & deaths for Penzance sub-district of the union, 1 Market place

O’Sullivan Humphry, carrier, 6 Leskinnick terrace

Owen James & Sons, shoeing smiths, Quay

Paddy & Son, printers, Chancery lane

Paddy Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Coulson’s terrace

Pappin Robert, insurance agent, 15 St. James’ street

Parks Alfd. Wm. manager of COrnish Bank Lim. Queen sq

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