Parrott Fanny (Miss), lodging house; quiet & central, over looking private gardens, South parade, 13 North parade

Parsons Elizh. Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 19 Leskinnick ter

Parsons Ellen (Mrs.), beer retailer, 13 Green street

Parsons Henry, grocer, 1 Causeway head

Pascoe Elizabeth & Amelia (Misses), boot & shoe machinists, 42 Queen street

Pascoe & Son, watch makers, 67 Chapel street

Pascoe & Co. marble masons, 65 Causeway head & Shute street, St. Ives

Pascoe Alice (Mrs.), lodging house, 26 Morrab road

Pascoe Annie Maria (Miss), milliner, 68 St. James’ street

Pascoe Elizabeth James (Mrs.), see & potato merchant & agent to Sutton & Co. carriers, Bread street

Pascoe John, marble mason, 37 Market Jew street

Pascoe Matilda (Miss), stocking machinist, 11 Adelaide st

Pascoe Nicholas, pastrycook & confectioner, 5 Market place

Pascoe William, carpenter, St. James’ street

Paul’s Mounts Bay Temperance Hotal & Restaurant (Mrs. Paul, proprietress), 3 & 35 The Terrace, Market Jew street. See advertisement

Paul Edmund, linen draper, 19 Market place

Paul Eliza Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Victoria place

Paul Grace (Mrs.), grocer, 4 Daniel place

Paul William Harvey, grocer, baker & confectioner, 34 & 35 The Terrace, Market Jew street

Paul William James, plumber, 3 Victoria place

Peach Jn. divisional supt. Gt. Western railway, Railway statn

Peak Jn. painter & paperhngr. 4 & greengro. 71, Causeway head

Peak Thomas, carpet cleaner, Morrab place

Pearce Albert, boot repairer, 12 Jennings street

Pearce James Joseph, hair dresser, 39 Market Jew street

Pearce John, grocer & Town sub-post office, 4 East terrace, Market Jew street

Pearce John, manure merchant, Hawkes farm, Alverton

Pearce Thomas, shoe maker, 69 High street

Pearce William John, hair dresser, 10 Causeway head

Pellew Israel, mason, 4 St. Mary’s street

Penberthy Ann (Mrs.), stationer & tobacconist, 1 Adelaide st

Pender Jas. grcr. & post office, 4 Stewart’s bldgs, Alverton st

Pengelly Charles, grocer, 30 Market place & 23 St. Clare st

Pengelly John Russell, market gardener, 22A, Tolver road

Pengelly William Roberts, Golden Lion P.H. 68 Causeway head

Pengraze Harry, oil dealer, 13 Queen street

Penrose Nannie (Miss), dress maker, 1 South place

Penrose Sarah (Mrs.), milk seller, 29 Adelaide street

Penrose William Henry, butcher, 31 Alverton st. & 56 Market

Penwith Annuitant Soc. (Fras. Trounson, sec.), Lanoweth rd

Penzance Agricultural Society (William Bolitho, jun. J.P., D.L. president; Ed. Eva, sec.); offices, Commercial buildings, Parade street

Penzance Bank (Batten, Carne & Carne’s Banking Co. Li,) (Francis Harvey, gen. manager); head office, Market pl.; draw on London & Westminster Bank Limited, London

Penzance Billiard Club (Arthur Amore, hon. sc.), Princes st

Penzance Central Hall Co. (Hy. Harvey Pezzack, sec.), Parade st

Penzance Choral Society (William H. Nunn, conductor; Alf William Parks, sec)

Penzance Church of England High School Lim. (Miss Eleanor Hare, head mistress), Clarence street

Penzance Clothing Co. (Charles Wills, manager), clothiers, 16 Market place

Penzance Conservative Association (John Frederick Loam, sec.), Queen street

Penzance Gas Co. (Thomas Hawes, sec.), 95 Market Jew st

Penzance Institute (John Doidge, treasurer; Netherton H. Symons, librarian; George Cock, sec.), Public buildings

Penzance Ladies’ Studio (Miss Emily Borlase, hon. sec.), New st

Penzance Mining & Science Schools (Richard Pearce Couch, hon. sec; Harry Cavendish A.S.R.S.M.Lond. principal; Philip Corin M.I.M.E. George F. Gasson, William H. Barrett, George H. Guy & Henry Williams (medallist), masters), School of Art buildings, Morrab road

Penzance News Rooms (Thomas Henry Cornish, hon. sec.), Public buildings, Alverton street

Penzance Public Baths Co. Limited (George Poole, jun. sec.), The Esplanade

Penzance Public Buildings Co. (Barnes Richards, sec.); offices, 54 & 55 Causeway head

Percy Wm. Herbert, lessee of pier dues, Harbour office, Quay

Perkins, Caldwell & Caldwell, builders, Steam joinery works, Victoria square

Permewan Emily Agnes (Mrs.), Queen’s family hotel & posting house, Esplanade. See advertisement

Perraton Frances (Mrs.), cornish serpentine dealer, 20 Cornwall terrace

Perrow’s Hotel (high class temperance) (John Perrow, proprietor), 54 & 55 Chapel street

Perry William, umbrella maker, 18 Causeway head

Perry Wm. Thos. Lark, ham & bacon factor, provision dlr. & marinated pilchard packer, 2 parade st. See Advert

Phillips Edward, tea dealer, 15A, Market Jew street

Pidwell Edward, mason, 17 St. Clare street

Pine William John, house decorator, Leskinnick place

Polglase John, draper, 37 Market place

Polkinhorn Frederick William, beer retailer, 12 Parade st

Polkinhorn Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 78 High street

Pollard Vincentia (Mrs.) & Mary (Miss), ladies’ school, 10 Clarence street

Polsue John & Co. drapers, Green market

Pool & Son, White Lion P.H. Green market

Pool & Son, wine & spirit merchants, Green market & spirit stores, 97 Market Jew street. See advertisement

Pooley Albert Fredk. house furnisher, Old Guildhall, Market pl

Potter Edwin, shoe maker, 13 New street

Preston Robert Hawker Peniel, photographer, 40 Market pl

Price William, cutler, 35 New street

Public Library (Rev. Prebendary Hedgland M.A. president; Thomas Robins Bolitho, treasurer; George B. Millett M.R.C.S. librarian; Wm. Harvey Julyan, sec.), Morrab grdns

Queen’s Hotel (Mrs. Emily Agnes Permewan, proprietress), Esplanade. See advertisement

Quick Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 51 St. Clare street

Quick James, watch maker, 8 Alverton street

Rabbeth Harriet (Miss), dress maker, 15 Taroveor terrace

Rablen Edward Joseph, house decorator, 3 South place

Railway Hotel (Mrs. Maria Priske, manageress), Market Jew st

Randall Elizabeth J. (Mrs.), butcher, 45 Market

Randall William, butcher, 33 Market

Rawlings Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 7 Green street

Read Frederick William, auctioneer, valuer & estate agent, Public buildings, Alverton street

Reading Harry Thomas, supt. of Trinity store house, Quay

Rechabite Club (John Sampson, sec.), Taroveor road

Redman Emma (Miss), dress maker, 56 St. James’ street

Redruth Brewery Co. Limited (Penzance depôt) (William Henry Wright, manager), 6 Queen street

Religious Tract & British & Foreign Bible Societies’ Depôt (Miss Jeanette Vawdrey Harvey, agent), 25 Clarence st

Renfree William Henry, boot & shoe maker, 1 Parade street

Retchford Sergeant-Major Edward, sergeant instructor A Co. 1st Volunteer Battalion, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 54 St. James’ street

Reynolds Albert Washington, dairyman, 15 St. Clare street

Reynolds Bessy (Mrs.), dress maker, 13 Alverton terrace

Reynolds Edwin, grocer, 2 Alverton terrace

Reynolds Geo. chimney swpr. 2 Pendarvis row, St. Clare st

Reynolds Harriet (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 46 New street

Reynolds Mary (Mrs.), butcher, 74 Causeway head

Reynolds Richard, butcher, 23 Market

Reynolds Robert, lodging house keeper, 83 Market Jew st

Reynolds Thomas, butcher, 10 Market

Reynolds Thomas, provision merchant, 39 Market place

Reynolds Wilmot (Mrs.), lodging house, 32 Chapel street

Richards Alfred & Son, saddlers, 49 Market Jew street & 2 Stewart’s buldings, Alverton street

Richards William & Son, curriers & leather merchants, manufacturers of boots & shoes, closed uppers & leggings, 2 Alverton street

Richards Alfred, grocer, 48 Market Jew street

Richards Barnes, auctioneer, appraiser, accountant, general agent, passenger agent & agent for the London Assurance Corporation, the Ocean, Railway & General Accident Assurance Co Lim. & to the Orient, Colonial & American lines of ships, sec. to the Penzance Public Buildings Co. & the West Penwith Provident & Loan Society & assistant overseer, 54 & 55 Causeway head. See advertisement

Richards Edith Jane (Miss), dress maker, 26 High street

Richards Eliza Ann (Mrs.), butcher, 58 Market

Richards Harry, watch maker, 4 Alverton street

Richards James, jobmaster, 2 New street

Richards Johanna (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Redinnick ter

Richards John, ship chandler, 5 Albert st. & boat builder, Quay

Richards John, builder, 27 Rosevean road

Richards Margaret (Mrs.), laundress, 24 Queen street

Richards Pascoe, greengrocer, 27 Causeway head

Richards Peter, butcher, 9 Market

Richards Thomas, travelling draper, 4 Albert villas

Richards William, photographer, 2 Queen street

Richards William, Lodging house, 57 Morrab road

Righton Sidney, postmaster, 114 Market Jew street

Roach Alfred, boot maker, see Mitchell & Roach

Roach Henry, manager of Bolitho & Co’s Limited (Consolidated Bank of Cornwall), 9 Market Jew street

Roberts Annie (Miss), dress maker, 11 Alverne buildings

Roberts Helen (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Beachfield terrace

Roberts James Henwood, furnishing & general ironmonger, 18 Market Jew street

Roberts Josepha Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Alma place

Roberts Martha (Miss), dress maker, 22 Tolver road

Roberts Richd. Henry, lodging ho. Penlee view, Redinnick

Roberts Samuel Rodda, stationer & tobacconist, 19, 20 & 21 Market Jew street

Roberts William, hatter, 67 Causeway head

Roberts William, umbrella maker, 49 Queen street

Robinson George Potter Antoine, auctioneer & valuer, house & estate & shipping & emigration agent, auctioneer & valuer to the Board of Trade & Court of Admiralty & best auction room in the West of England, St. George’s Hall Auction mart, Causeway head

Rodda, Son & Corin Brothers, wholesale & retail butchers, 2, 3, 5, 40, 41, 42 & 43 Market & office, 39 Causeway head

Rodda Edmund, smith, 15 Park corner

Rodda Frederick, machine printer & bookbinder, Market pl

Rodda Thomas, butcher 6 & 7 Market

Rodda William, butcher, 46 Market

Rogers Charles, butcher, 53 & 54 Market

Rogers Eliza (Mrs.), fruiterer, 7 Garden row

Rogers Henry, butcher, 23 & 31 Market

Rogers John, butcher, 31 Causeway head

Rogers John, butcher, 117 Market Jew street

Rogers Olivia (Miss), milliner, 3 Victoria square

Rogers Thomas Henry, butcher, 8 Market

Rogers William Lot, stone mason, Coinagehall street

Rook George, tailor, 77 High street

Roscorla Eliza (Mrs.), refreshment house, 56 Causeway head

Roscorla Elizabeth Annie (Miss), dress maker, 40 Daniel pl

Rose Wm. Hy. earthenware dlr. & stationer, 93 Market Jew st

Rosewall Andrew, potato merchant, 8 Leskinnick terrace

Rosewarne Rose (Miss), dress maker, 51 St. James’ street

Row Henry, grocer, 19 Quay street

Row John Adams, shopkeeper, 21 Alverne buildings

Rowe Herbert Thomas, tailor, 13 Market Jew street

Rowe John, aërated water manufacturer, Penrose terrace

Rowe John, dairyman, The Farm, Alexandra road

Rowe John Herbert, currier amp; leather seller, 78 Market Jew st

Rowe John Mitchell, jobbing gardener, 3 Leskinnick st

Rowe Luke, farmer & market gardener, Alverton

Rowe Melchisedec, baker, 3 Albert street

Rowe Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Belgravia street

Rowe Michael, lodging house, 3 Morrab place

Rowe Nicholas Jas. shopkeeper, & post office, 15 Quay street

Rowe Richard, coal dealer, Bread street

Rowe Samuel Cornish, grocer, 24 Causeway head

Rowe William, florist, Lescudjack gardens, Lescudjack

Royal Geological Society of Cornwall (Howard Fox esq. F.G.S. president; Wm. Bolitho, jun. treas.; Geo. B. Millett M.R.C.S. sec.; Major John James Ross, librarian; Herbert Warrington Smyth B.A., L.L.B., F.G.S. curator), Public bldgs

Royal National Life Boat Institution (Thomas Hy. Cornish, hon. sec.), Quay

Rule Caroline (Miss), dress maker, Thornbury terrace

Russell Nicholas & Sons, general smiths, Old quay

Sailors’ Free Reading Room (Benj. Mitchell, supt.), Quay st

St. John’s Working Men’s Club (Rt. Gendall, sec.), Victoria sq

St. Mary’s Mission House (Mrs. Gertrude Denley, missionary), Regent buildings

Salvation Army Barracks (Jsph. Lawson, in charge), Queen st

Sampson George, butcher. 38 & 39 Market

Sampson James, Butcher, 37 Market

Sampson John, general marine store dealer, Bread street

Sampson John, watch maker & optician, 2 Causeway head

Sampson Martin, tailor & habit maker, 11 Chapel street. See advertisement

Sampson Richard, lodging house, 27 Chapel street

Sampson William, shopkeeper, 32 Mount street

Sampson William Henry, provision dealer, ham & bacon curer &c. 4 Parade street. See advertisement

Sanders James Bickle, lessee of market tolls, 3 Penrose ter

Sartin Robert, grocer, 17 Parade street

Saundry Eliza (Mrs.), stationer, 13 Chapel street

School of Art (Henry Malcolm Geoffroi, head master; Henry Geoffroi, assistant master; Richard Pearce Couch, hon. sec.), Morrab road

Scobell Joseph, beer retailer, 13 Leskinnick place

Scobey Edward Crocker, clerk to committees & assistant borough accountant, 9 Regent terrace

Scott James Marshall, sculptor & manufacturer of all kinds of marble & stone work, Victoria place

Searle Lily (Mrs.), dress maker, 16 Leskinnick terrace

Searle William, currier, Coinagehall street

Secombe William Henry, sergeant of police, 5 Adelaide st

Semmons Annie (Miss), dress maker, 3 Mount street

Shakerley Benj. chemist & stamp distributor, 27 Market pl

Shaw Edward, fancy repository, 62 Chapel street

Short Charles, tea dealer, 20 Causeway head

Short Ellen (Miss), private school, 52 Morrab road

Simmonds Isabella Mary (Miss), ladies’ school, 19 Clarence st

Simmons William, coach builder, Brewery yard, Bread st

Simons Charles, grocer, 3 Regent buildings

Simpson & Co. Home & Colonial tailors & outfitters, 35 & 36 Market place

Singer manufacturing Co. sewing machine manufacturers, 30 Market Jew street

Slooman Grace (Mrs.), coal merchant, 31 Cornwall terrace

Slooman Philippa Ellen (Miss), dress maker, 3 Redinnick ter

Small Elizabeth (Miss), upholstress, 12 Coulson’s buildings, Queen street

Small George Henry, borough surveyor, Public buildings

Small Thoams, plumber & tinplate worker, Bread street

Smart Thomas, cabinet maker, 94 Market Jew street

Smith Charles, head light keeper Wolf Rock, 16 Tolver pl

Smith Henry, hatter, 1 Market Jew street

Smith John, boot & shoe manufacturer, 12 Causeway head & 12 Market Jew street

Smith William, baker, 28 New street

Spargo Alfred, shopkeeper, 13 St. Clare street

Spratt George, shopkeeper, 31 & 32 New street

Spray Richard Angwin, master mariner, 2 Regent square

Stamp Office (Benj. Shakerley, distributor), 27 Market pl

Steer Adam William Thorburn M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. medical officer & public vaccinator, No. 1 district Penzance union, medical officer to the workhouse, Trevear, Alverton

Stenton Mary Ann (Mrs.), laundress, Regent buildings

Stephens Frederick, shopkeeper & builder, 44 Chapel st

Stephens John M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, Rosevean house, Rosevean road

Stephens William Charles, hair dresser, 31 Alverton st

Stevens Annie (Miss), laundress, 92 Market Jew street

Stevens Charles, serpentine manufacturer, Western esplanade

Stevens Edwin Chas. Kingston, basket maker, 35 Mount street

Stevens Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 10 Coulson’s buildings, Queen street

Stevens Richard, lodging ho. & insurance agt. 2 Marine ter

Stevenson Mary (Miss), lodging house, 36 Bay View terrace

Stewart Henry, tinsmith, plumber & sanitary engineer, 6 & 7 Causeway head

Stewart Thomas Henry (established 1795), general ironmonger, practical plumber, brazier, gasfitter, electric, pneumatic & general bellhanger; electric & mechanical telephones fixed; sanitary & hot water engineer, metal worker &c. 8 Causeway head & Fore st. Marazion

Strang James Wilson, watch maker, 89 Market Jew st

Strang Sarah (Mrs.), ostrich feather cleaner, Park ct. Park crnr

Stronge George Henry, town porter, 24 Jennings street

Sutton & Co. carriers (Mrs. Elizabeth James Pascoe, agent), Bread street

Symons Charles, butcher, 19 Market

Symons Elizabeth (Miss), greengrocer, Vegetable market

Symons George, master mariner, 4 Cornwall terrace

Symons John, surgeon, Buriton house, Alverton street

Symons Netherton Hosking A.P.S. chemist & druggist, 1 Market place

Symons Simon, boot maker, 32 Adelaide street

Symons William Cleeve, draper &c. see Olver & Symons

Tabb John, cab proprietor, 4 Brighton Terrace

Tamblyn Wm. Henry, Star hotel, 119 Market Jew street

Tancock J. & Sons, tailors, outfitters, woollen drapers, hatters, hosiers &c. 16 Market Jew street

Taylor Robert James, hair dresser & tobacconist, 16 Parade st

Taylor Samuel John, milk seller, 5 Rosevean road

Taylor Sampson Rowe, ironmonger, 31 Market place & coal merchant, East Terrace, Market Jew street

Teague Henward, day school, 53 Chapel street

Terrill James, First & Last P.H. Alverton street

Thomas Brothers, coach builders, Queen Street coach manufactory; established 1830; carriages of newest designs always in stock; Queen street

Thomas Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Belgravia st

Thomas Edwin, draper & milliner, 22 Causeway head

Thomas Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 23 Clarence street

Thomas Frederick, Three Tuns inn, Chyandour

Thomas Grace (Mrs.), sempstress, 5 Cross street

Thomas Grace (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 New street

Thomas Henry, registered plumber, 29 Daniel place

Thoams Henry, solicitor, 3 Morrab road

Thomas Jas. Hy. tobacconist & hair dresser, 6 Market Jew st

Thomas John, grocer, 35 Causeway head

Thomas John, milk seller, 45 St. James’ street

Thomas John Henry, shoeing & general Smith, 44 Queen st

Thomas Martin, market gardener, Laregan

Thomas Martin, market gardener, Love lane

Thomas Sarah (Miss), dress maker, 35 Daniel place

Thomas Stephen, cornish serpentine manufr. Garden row

Thomas William Herbert, journalist, 19 Belgravia street

Thompson Sarah & Agnes (Misses), dress makers, 58 St. James’s street

Thorne Joseph Alan, day school, Belmont, Redinnick

Tippett Thomas Henry, shopkeeper, 25 Alverton street

Titley John, bookstall clerk, Railway station

Tonkin Henry, builder, 53 Belgravia street

Tonkin Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 40 Bay View terrace

Tonkin John Easton, registrar of marriages, 24 Belgravia st

Tonkin Richard Barnes, lodging house, 17 Redinnick terrace

Tonkin William Harvey, shopkeeper, Wherry town

Tonking James Herbert, grocer, 63 Chapel street

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