FreeCEN Administration Tools

This package of software is primarily intended for Administrators and County Co-ordinators of the [Off Site]Free-CEN project. For the CSVCHECK program see below. For all other software for transcribers, checkers and users of the FreeCEN data you are referred to the [Off Site]Official Site.


Copyright ©2002 Rick Parsons, Bristol, England and the late Bob Muchamore, Elizabeth South, South Australia.

This software is published Open Source Freeware. You are free to use the programs either in full or part without charge. I would ask however that this notice is included with any extract or onward distribution.

No charge may be made for the use of this code, however there is no objection to including modest extracts (with acknowledgement) in otherwise commercial software.

No warranty is given or implied by the use of the software which you do at your own risk. No compensation can be considered regarding damage to data, computers or any thing else arising as a result of using these programs.

Special thanks, also, to Peter Cox.

Download the latest version

I try to keep my system virus free but you do check downloaded files yourself, don’t you? <grin>

Digital signatures for the ZIP files (online only).

18 Sep 2006

The full and up-to-date suite of software contains the full source code, executables for MS-DOS/Windows, the required data files and copies of all the documentation and tutorial pages. Note: In some earlier editions, certain files were marked read-only (in particular PKUNZIP.EXE) so, if you are attempting a full refresh, you may need to delete the old \fctools before extracting the new one.

fctools.exe (550K self extracting) or (480K)


An upgrade contains just those parts which may have changed since the initial release in March 2002 to save download time. Install it on top of the original.

upgrade.exe (290K self extracting) or (220K)

Now “csvcheck” can also be obtained from this page

This includes the latest version of csv2dat as required by this program. It can be run independantly of FCTOOLS and is self contained for transcribers to confirm their SS-CENS data format before submitting it for checking. See [Off Site]CSVCHECK Home Page for instructions.

csvchk.exe (420K self extracting) or (350K)

This download does not include the manual for csv2dat, refer to the online edition if further help is needed.

Install, Upgrade and Uninstall

The .exe versions of the download files will extract themselves, just create a folder called \fctools and double click (or run:) the program file. It can be created on any drive letter e.g. C:. The .zip versions of the downloads will require [Off Site]WinZIP or an equivalent program. The software will run from a CD-ROM or, at a pinch, a floppy disk

Note: some of the software is path name dependant and we don’t support any folder other than \fctools.

The documentation contained in the download (which is the same as on this site) can be accessed offline by pointing your browser at \fctools\index.htm or via the HOWTO menu option.

Upgrade? Just overwrite what is already there, either with the upgrade or the full version.

Uninstall? Just delete the folder, no registry items or other folders are touched.

Documentation—How to use the Software

The tutorial

The DEMO files used in the Tutorial are shipped separately. These need to be extracted onto a blank floppy disk. Updated 14 Sep 2002.

DEMO9999.exe (290K self extracting) or DEMO9999.ZIP (230K)

Previous Version

The June 2005 version was a significant change so, as insurance, the previous version (Feb 2004) can be found here. (450K)

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Some examples of projects done using this software

[Off Site]Cornwall Online Census Project

[Off Site]Hampshire FreeCEN Project

[Off Site]The Warwickshire Ancestors Project


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