FreeCEN Administration Tools—Introduction

This package of software is intended for Administrators and County Co-ordinators of the [Off Site]Free-CEN project. It has no application or use for transcribers, checkers or users of the FreeCEN data. You are referred to the [Off Site]Official Site for these aspects of the project and the software required for them.


Copyright ©2002 Rick Parsons, Bristol, England and the late Bob Muchamore, Elizabeth South, South Australia.

This software is published Open Source Freeware. You are free to use the programs either in full or part without charge. I would ask however that this notice is included with any extract or onward distribution.

No charge may be made for the use of this code, however there is no objection to including modest extracts (with acknowledgement) in otherwise commercial software.

No warranty is given or implied by the use of the software which you do at your own risk. No compensation can be considered regarding damage to data, computers or any thing else arising as a result of using these programs.

Special thanks to Peter Cox for VALCONV (also the author of FreeCEN WINCC and VALDREV programs).


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. Sadly, Bob Muchamore died suddenly on 5 Sep 2004, a great loss to the FreeCEN project. Enquiries regarding his software can be made via Rick or through the FreeCEN project.

The Tools

The tools package contains programs which are designed to do a number of tasks to ease the job of the FreeCEN administrator and County Co-ordinator.

Warning: The command line interface to the following software is not for the novice. A certain amount of understanding of the running of command line programs, unzipping archives, data safety and the interpretation of messages is expected. In addition, a thorough understanding of the FreeCEN project, the IN-CENS software and the UK Census is assumed.

In addition there is

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