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In 1838 the government ordered that a new tithe map and agreement be drawn up for the Sennen parish and a record made of who owned the land and who worked it. A meeting was held and an agreement made as to what tithes would be paid. and on the 30th of November 1838 the Tithe Commissioners confirmed the agreement for the commutation of tithes. The tithe map and the book that accompanies it are kept at the CRO. Unusually, the tithe map for Sennen was published by [Rutger 1839]. There are pictures of many of the homesteads and annotated maps on the [Off Site]Sennen OPC web site.

The basis of the agreement was as follows:

Sheep—one penny; for each lamb—two pence; for the tithe of each garden—five pence; for members of the family above sixteen years of age—twopence; for each colt—two pence; for each goose above ten and under seven—one half penny.

The whole parish of Sennen contains by estimation two thousand and fifty acres of land by statute measure.

The whole quantity of the lands of the said parish which are subject to the payment of any kind of tithes is by estimation two thousand and fifty acres by statute measure.

The whole quantity of lands subject to tithes within the said parish which is cultivated or arable is by estimation four hundred and sixteen acres statute measure.

The whole quantity of land subject to tithes within the said parish cultivated as meadow or pasture land is by estimation eight hundred and thirty four acres statute measure.

There is no land subject to tithes within the said parish now cultivated as woodlands.

The whole quantity of Moor, Marsh Furze and Heath land within the said parish subject to tithes so far as such land is subject to tithes is by estimation eight hundred acres statute measure.

The under mentioned moduses or prescription or customary payments are payable instead of the under mentioned tithes of the said parish, that is to say;

For each fat bullock—one shilling; for each milch cow—six pence; for each bare cow—four pence; for each…

The valuers, who were appointed from outside the parish, were William Marrack of Penzance, John Semmons the younger from the parish of Gulval and William Richards of Penzance.

Having carried out their valuation a meeting was held of all interested parties at the First & Last Inn on April 7th 1838. The outcome of the survey was announced then it was agreed to set a gross rent of five hundred and thirty pounds to be paid to the Deanery of St Buryan who were the tithe owner in lieu of tithes. The decision was sent to London for approval and on the 30th of November the Tithe Commissioners attached their seal setting the tithe as per the schedule that had been drawn up.

Landowner(s)—Occupier(s)—Name and Description of Lands and Premises
No. on Plan [Field Name] State of Cultivation Statute Measure
William Vingoe—Himself—Escalls
6 Corner Meadow Arable 2r. 12p.
11 Large Field Arable 1a 2r. 30p.
24 Footway field Arable 1a. 3r. 25p.
27 Park Venton Arable 1a. 1r. 24p.
55 Barn Mowhay Homestead 9p.
56 Dwelling House Mowhay Homestead 8p.
59 2/3rds of a Mowhay Homestead 14p.
61 Dwelling House Homestead 3p.
112 Park an Shiptid Arable 1a. 2r. 24p.
115 Park an Towan Arable 2r. 26p.
Rent Charge: £1 15s. 0d. TOTAL 7a. 3r. 37p.
Sir John St Aubyn—William Vingoe—Escalls
66 Barn & Shelter Homestead 11p.
68 Dwelling & Mowhay Homestead 8p.
71 Stable & Part of Mowhay Homestead 3p.
30 The Meadow Arable 1a. 0r. 1p.
43 Closithen Arable 1a. 2r. 25p.
89 Clodgy Arable 1a. 2r. 0p.
7 North Croft Arable 3r. 7p.
15 Little Croft Arable 1r. 20p.
114 Parc an Towan Arable 1a. 1r. 7p.
Rent Charge: £1 8s. 4d. TOTAL 6a. 3r. 13p.
John Vingoe—William Vingoe—Escalls
5 Part of Field Arable 29p
Rent Charge: £0 TOTAL 29p.
John Vingoe—himself—Escalls
22 Meadow Arable 1a. 0r. 32p.
25 Parc Venton Arable 1a. 0r. 0p.
28 The Meadow Arable 2r. 33p.
29 Lower Meadow Arable 2r. 34p.
31 Closithen Arable 5r. 36p.
35 The Oath Arable 2r. 20p.
36 The Oathe Arable 3r. 75p. [?]
49 Cottage & Mohay Homestead 34p
57 2x Cottages & Mowhay " 2p.
69 Cottage & Mowhay " 15p.
88 Parc Trevorran Arable 1a. 2r. 23p.
78a Cliff Field Arable 2r. 28p.
18 Lane Field Arable 3r. 8p.
82 Three Cornered Field Arable 3r. 22p.
93 Meadow Arable 1a. 0r. 35p.
106 Square Field Arable 1a. 2r. 0p.
107 Meadow Arable 1a. 1r. 6p.
103 Parc Plymouth Arable 1a. 0r. 4p.
103a Dwelling House & Garden Home & Garden 13p.
103b Dwelling house & Plot " 4p.
103c Dwelling house & Plot " 4p.
Rent Charge: TOTAL [16a. 1r. 28p.]
Thomas Trudgen Lesee—Thomas Trudgen—Escalls
65 Dwelling & Plot Homestead 9p.
77 Mohay 16p.
101 The Vineyard Arable 1a. 0r. 19p.
Rent Charge: £0 4s. 2d. TOTAL 1a. 1r. 4p.
Richard Botheras—John Jenkin—Escalls
32 Park Noon Arable 1a. 1r. 14p.
39 Park Noons Arable 0a. 3r. 24p.
20 Wheal Gullas Arable 2a. 1r. 3p.
83 The Mohay Field Arable 1a. 2r. 30p.
85 Park an Brows Arable 1a. 2r. 23p.
91 Aja Gai Arable 2a. 3r. 8p.
96 The Thimble Arable 0a. 3r. 7p.
96a Roadway Road 7p.
97 Higher Kerligan Arable 1a. 1r. 12p.
104a Little Plymouth Arable 1r. 16p.
111 Park an Towan Arable 1a. 1r. 30p.
113 Park an Sheptors Arable 2a. 0r. 26p.
119 The Clodgy Arable 1a. 2r. 22p.
63 Dwelling, Farm Office, Mowhay & Wastrell 36p.
Rent Charge: £3 15s. 10d. TOTAL 18a. 0r. 18p.
Richard Botheras—Robert Arthur & Richard Mathews—Escalls
78 Dwelling & Plot Homestead 14p.
100 Small Garden Garden 16p.
Rent Charge: £0 0s. 6d. TOTAL 14p. [?]
Richard Botheras—John Warren—Escalls
99a Dwelling, Mohay & Plot Homestead 8p.
99 Small Meadow Arable 1r. 5p.
Rent Charge: £0 1s. 2d. TOTAL 1a. 0r. 13p. [?]
John Humphreys—Himself—Escalls
9 Pul Down Arable 2r. 35p.
10 Small Meadow Arable 1r. 4p.
23 Park Gullas Arable 1a. 0r. 2p.
79 Le Noy Arable 1a. 3r. 26p.
94 Inside Le Noy Arable 1a. 3r. 18p.
58 Dwelling, Garden, Plot & Town Place Homestead 13p.
45 Mohay & Outhouses Homestead 11p.
75 Barn & Mohay Homestead 9p.
70 Dwelling Homestead 4p.
86 Home Field Arable 1a. 2r. 8p.
87 Park Trevorian Arable 2a. 3r. 18p.
90 Higher Duggo Arable 1a. 3r. 5p.
118 Lower Duggo Arable 2a. 2r. 16p.
120 The Clodgy Arable 1a. 2r. 10p.
121 Shop Field Arable 1a. 2r. 32p.
Rent Charge: £3 15s. 10d. TOTAL 17a. 2r. 11p.
John Humphreys—Nicholas Williams—Escalls
95 Dwelling & Garden Homestead 4p.
Rent Charge: £0. TOTAL 4p.
William Botheras—Himself—Escalls
52a Dwelling Homestead 2p.
Rent Charge: £0. TOTAL 2p.
Mrs Sophie Pread, Mother/Guardian of William Blackwell Pread, a minor. Richard Botheras Lessee—John Jenkin—Escalls
33 Part of Park Noon Arable 2r. 5p.
40 Round Outh Arable 1a. 3r. 5p.
42 Park Trevorian Arable 1r. 26p.
84 Park an Braws Arable 1a. 2r. 27p.
17 The Croft Arable 3r. 3p.
81 Coradger Arable 1a. 2r. 2p.
104 Park Sea Arable 1a. 2r. 26p.
53 House, Shelter & Mowhay Homestead 13p.
Rent Charge: £1 15s. 1d. TOTAL 8a. 1r. 27p.
Mrs Sophie Pread, Mother/Guardian of William Blackwell Pread, a minor. John Woolcock Lessee—Thomas Trudgeon—Escalls
34 Park Noon Arable 2r. 5p.
116 Park Creeg Arable 3r. 29p.
110 Park Shaftoes Arable 1a. 2r. 20p.
26 Park Venton Arable 1a. 0r. 34p.
80 Coradger Arable 1a. 2r. 2p.
105 Park Ley Arable 1a. 1r. 19p.
102 Park Plymouth Arable 2r. 22p.
13 Little Croft Arable 2r. 0p.
54 House, Shelter & Mowhay Homestead 14p.
Rent Charge: £1 16s. 8d. TOTAL 8a. 1r. 25p.
James Richards, John Chapel Lessee—John Chapel—Escalls
8 Dwelling & Garden Homestead 24p
Rent Charge: £0 0s. 6d. TOTAL 24p.
John Saundry—Himself—Escalls
62 Barn, Mowhay & Garden Homestead 22p.
64 Dwelling & Plot Homestead 3p.
75 Garden Homestead 7p.
19 Wheal Gullas Arable 2r. 12p.
44 Town Field Arable 2a. 1r. 3p.
37 Park Noon Arable 1a. 0r. 36p.
38 Park Noon Arable 1a. 0r. 12p.
41 Park Trevorian Arable 2r. 29p.
108 Wheal Adam Arable 2r. 29p.
117 The Creeg Arable 3r. 23p.
Rent Charge: £1 13s. 0d. TOTAL 7a. 2r. 19p.
William Nicholas—Himself—Escalls
52 Two Dwellings & a Plot Homestead 7p.
50 Dwelling & Plot Homestead 5p.
58 Individual part of Mohay Arable 7p.
60 Dwelling Homestead 2p.
Rent Charge: £0 0s. 10d. TOTAL 21p.
[Estate of] Dionysus Williams—James Richards—Escalls
16 The Croft Arable 3r. 11p.
92 Higher Mathews " 1a. 1r. 1p.
109 Lower Mathews " 1a. 1r. 6p.
76 Small Garden Garden 3p.
73 Old Wall 1½p.
48 Roadway 1½p.
67 Part of Town Place Homestead 3p.
72 Barn on part of Mowhay Homestead 9p.
Rent Charge: TOTAL [2a. 2r. 36p.]
James Richards—Himself—Trevorian
257 The Rollans Arable 3a. 0r. 9p.
258 Hals Croft Arable 1a. 0r. 16p.
259 Little Croft Arable 1a. 1r. 16p.
260 The Wyth Arable 3a. 0r. 28p.
261 The Acre and a Half Arable 1a. 3r. 34p.
262 Middle Field Arable 2a. 3r. 16p.
263 The Stringum Arable 3a. 2r. 12p.
264 Roadway Field Arable 2a. 2r. 8p.
265 Higher Town Field Arable 1a. 3r. 34p.
266 Todden Field Arable 1a. 3r. 4p.
267 Dwelling & Homestead Homestead 1a. 0r. 2p.
268 Acre Field Arable 1a. 1r. 4p.
269 Square Field Arable 3a. 1r. 6p.
269a Shote Field Arable 1a. 3r. 4p.
270 Little Park Vol Trevedra Arable 1a. 0r. 20p.
271 House an Grove Arable 3r. 0p.
272 Great Park Vol Trevedra Arable 3a. 1r. 12p.
273 Wheal Gullas Arable 1a. 3r. 36p.
274 Park an Navan Arable 2a. 0r. 28p.
275 Higher Meadow Arable 1a. 1r. 34p.
276 Roadway & Waste 2r. 24p.
277 Lower Meadow Arable 1a. 3r. 30p.
278 Moor (not Enclosed) Morass 1r. 12p.
279 Orchard Orchard 24p.
280 Willow Garden Willow 28p.
281 Willow Moor Rough Pasture 2r. 16p.
282 Fowling Pool Furze 37r.
284 Nicholls Lower Croft Furze 1a. 3r. 14p.
285 Nicholls Middle Croft Furze 2a. 0r. 24p.
286 Nicholls Higher Croft Furze 2a. 2r. 30p.
287 Oxen Downs Furze 4a. 0r. 8p.
288 Dennis's Lower Croft Furze 2a. 0r. 32p.
289 Dennis's Higher Croft Furze 1a. 3r. 36p.
290 Dennis's Croft Furze 3a. 1r. 38p.
291 Improved Croft Arable 1a. 1r. 24p.
292 Vingoes Croft Furze 3a. 1r. 4p.
293 Vingoes Croft Furze 3a. 0r. 30p.
294 Improved Croft Furze 1a. 2r. 24p.
298 Croft Furze 1a. 0r. 8p.
300 Rounds Downs Furze 2a. 0r. 16p.
301 Old Orchard Furze 3r. 6p.
302 Fowling Pool Morass 2r. 22p.
305 Park Bean Arable 2a. 1r. 24p.
305a Small Garden Arable 3p.
307 Park Vora Arable 2a. 3r. 20p.
308 Park Bean Arable 3a. 1r. 4p.
312 Park Crease Arable 4a. 3r. 0p.
317 Park an Towan Arable 2a. 0r. 20p.
Rent Charge: £11 9s. 0d. TOTAL 93a. 2r. 11p.
John Permewan—Himself—Trevorian
295 Higher Croft Firze 4a. 2r. 32p.
296 Lower Croft Furze 4a. 3r. 9p.
299 Round Croft Arable 2a. 0r. 15p.
303 Moor Furze 3r. 1p.
304 Middle Moor Arable 3r. 37p.
306 Rocky Field Arable 3a. 2r. 23p.
309 Dwelling, Malthouse & Homestead Homestead 1r. 34p.
310 Town Field Arable 2a. 0r. 11p.
311 Acre and Half Arable 1a. 3r. 39p.
313 Acre and Quarter Arable 1a. 3r. 9p.
314 Three Quarters Arable 1a. 0r. 7p.
315 Pound Field Arable 2a. 0r. 20p.
316 Park Crease Arable 3a. 1r. 33p.
318 Park Towan Arable 1a. 0r. 16p.
Rent Charge: £3 15s. 0d. TOTAL 32a. 0r. 32p.
Earl of Falmouth—William Osborne—Penrose
400 Little Chapel Arable 4a. 1r. 37p.
401 Great Chapel Arable 9a. 0r. 7p.
402 Inner Chapel Arable 7a. 2r. 15p.
403 Round Moor Morass 3a. 1r. 0p.
404 Long Moor Morass 5a. 3r. 20p.
406 Hay Meadow Arable 6a. 1r. 22p.
407 Kitchen Close Arable 7a. 3r. 22p.
408 Little Chapel Close Arable 6a. 0r. 28p.
409 Great Chapel Close Arable 10a. 0r. 8p.
410 Part of Great Orchard Arable 1a. 1r. 8p.
411 Home Orchard Arable 1a. 1r. 18p.
412 Part of Horse Moor Arable 1a. 0r. 16p.
413 Barnyard, Malt house & Mowhay Homestead 2r. 29p.
414 Town Place & Lane Homestead 2a. 0r. 2p.
415 Dwelling, Stable & Curtlage Homestead 1r. 39p.
416 Horse Meadow or Town Field Arable 6a. 2r. 11p.
417 Stable Close Arable 2a. 3r. 14p.
418 Long Moor Arable 1a. 2r. 23p.
419 Fowling Pool [not on map] Morass 3a. 1r. 25p.
Rent Charge: £14 8s. 0d. TOTAL 82a. 0r. 24p.
John Permewan 7/10ths, John Gilbert [Davies] Esq. 3/10ths—Samuel Harvey—Trevear
320 Higher Green Arable 5a. 0r. 2p.
321 Strip Outside 1r. 17p.
322 Lower Green Arable 4a. 3r. 6p.
323 Shop Field " 6a. 0r. 37p.
324 Penders Lane Field " 2a. 3r. 13p.
325 Penders Little Field " 1a. 0r. 39p.
326 " " 3r. 30p.
327 Little Rocky Field " 2a. 1r. 31p.
328 Middle Field " 4a. 3r. 5p.
329 Burrow Field " 3a. 3r. 4p.
330 Richards Field " 5a. 1r. 36p.
331 Great Long Field " 7a. 1r. 24p.
332 Little Long Field " 5a. 0r. 2p.
333a Lane 27p.
333 Dwelling Farm Office Fold & Mowhay Homestead 3r. 36p.
334 Barn & Mowhay Homestead 1r. 5p.
334a Town Place Homestead 3r. 7p.
335 Little Kentar Arable 10a. 3r. 15p.
336 Great Kentar " 12a. 0r. 1p.
337 John's Field " 4a. 0r. 23p.
338 Town Field " 5a. 1r. 32p.
339 Further Field " 3a. 0r. 31p.
340 Further Moor " 1a. 1r. 1p.
341 Well Field " 4a. 2r. 24p.
342 Well Moor Morass 3a. 0r. 19p.
343 Watering Plot " 1a. 3r. 10p.
344 Kentar Downs " 8a. 2r. 27p.
345 Moor Common " 2a. 0r. 23p.
346 Slip " 1a. 3r. 39p.
347 Cott House & Garden Homestead 14p.
348 Meadow Arable 1a. 1r. 4p.
349 The Common Furze & Turbary 39a. 3r. 28p.
350 Arable 3a. 0r. 21p.
351 North Downs " 4a. 3r. 28p.
352 " " 3a. 0r. 15p.
353 Woon Cres Furze 11a. 1r. 11p.
354 Further Croft " 6a. 1r. 7p.
355 " " 8a. 0r. 2p.
356 Plantation Plantation 2r. 32p.
357 Rocky Downs Furze 9a. 0r. 9p.
358 Further Moor Furze 3a. 1r. 12p.
359 Wharfel Bottom Furze 4a. 3r. 29p.
360 Moor Morass 1a. 0r. 16p.
361 Wharfel Little Meadow Arable 39p.
362 Orchard Field " 2r. 12p.
363 Higher Poor Ground " 3a. 0r. 8p.
364 Lower Poor Ground " 2a. 1r. 9p.
365 Long Close " 5a. 2r. 33p.
366 Hilly Field " 8a. 2r. 29p.
367 Park Hall " 8a. 2r. 29p.
368 Little Park Venton " 6a. 1r. 21p.
369 Great Park Venton " 9a. 0r. 16p.
Rent Charge: £26 11s. 6d. TOTAL 252a. 0r. 32p.
Lord Falmouth—John Permewan—Bosvine
380 Town Field Arable 6a. 0r. 24p.
381 Dwelling, Barn & Town Place Homestead 2r. 8p.
382 Slip of Common outside Tarbury 1r. 0p.
383 Well Field Arable 3a. 3r. 30p.
384 Higher Middle Field Arable 3a. 3r. 4p.
385 Lower Middle Field Arable 4a. 2r. 5p.
386 Willow Garden Willow 1r. 20p.
387 Long Field Arable 5a. 1r. 23p.
Rent Charge: £5. TOTAL 24a. 3r. 34p.
Lord Falmouth, Thomas Trudgeon Lessee—Thomas Trudgeon—Little Brew
370 Gate Field Arable 2r. 34p.
374 Mowhay Field Arable 1a. 1r. 6p.
375 Green Field Arable 1a. 6r. 11p.
376 Barn Close Arable 1a. 2r. 23p.
377 Barn & Mowhay Homestead 7p.
378 Long Field Arable 1a. 0r. 4p.
379 - Arable 1a. 0r. 12p.
Rent Charge: £1 1s. 2d. TOTAL 7a. 1r. 17p.
Earl of Falmouth—John Humphreys—Brew
370 Higher Brew Green Furze 5a. 2r. 3p.
371 Higher Brew Green Arable 3a. 1r. 8p.
372 Lower Brew Green Furze 8a. 2r. 20p.
388 Higher Burrow Close Arable 8a. 3r. 19p.
389 Burrow Close Arable 8a. 1r. 10p.
390 House Close Arable 15a. 2r. 10p.
391 Dwelling Homestead etc. Homestead 1r. 17p.
392 Garden Garden 10p.
393 Higher Dor Dieu Arable 11a.2r. 15p.
394 Middle Dor Dieu Arable 5a. 0r. 24p.
395 Brew Lane 1a. 1r. 15p.
395a Half of Wastrell 7p.
396 Brew Field Arable 3a. 3r. 20p.
397 Brew Field Arable 5a. 0r. 6p.
398 Lower Dor Dieu Arable 14a. 3r. 14p.
399 Higher Moor Morass 9a. 0r. 35p.
405 Brew Moor Morass 2a. 1r. 35p.
503 Piece of Pordennack Cliff [not on map] Common 2a. 3r. 0p.
Rent Charge: £13 13s. 2d. TOTAL 106a. 3r. 38p.

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