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Mary dau. of Peter Donithorn 12-Apr-1750
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Michell of Ludgvan 15-Apr-1750
William base child of Izabella Bond 22-Apr-1750
Ananias White 19-Jul-1750
Henry son of Martyn Davy 9-Sep-1750
Cyprian son of John Friggens 4-Oct-1750
Cathrine wife of Jacob Care of St. Just 10-Oct-1750
Henry Thomas of Ludgvan 8-Nov-1750
Arthur son of James Rich 10-Nov-1750
John son of Edward Trythall 17-Jan-1750
William Veale 27-Jan-1750


Jane Donithorn, widow 30-Mar-1751
Richard Bond 30-Mar-1751
John Bond 13-Jun-1751
Abigail Robyns, sojourner 29-Jun-1751
John son of John Roberts 19-Jul-1751
James Connick of Penzance 20-Sep-1751
Mary Nicholls of St. Just 6-Nov-1751
Elizabeth wife of James Watts 8-Dec-1751
Joseph Guard 9-Dec-1751

        John Penneck, Vicar

Burials 1752—New Style.

Susannah wife of William Roberts 8-Feb-1752
Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Michell of Ludgvan 28-Mar-1752
Susanna dau. of William Coren of Madron 7-May-1752
Jennifer dau. of Richard Martyn 12-May-1752
Nicholas son of John Pearce 20-Jun-1752
Mary wife of Martin Rodda 14-Jul-1752
Margery wife of Benedict Lyon belonging to ye Fly a sloop of war 27-Jun-1752
Elizabeth wife of Martin Davy 18-Jul-1752
Katherine dau. of Robert Trythall 29-Jul-1752
Elizabeth Roberts 10-Dec-1752
Thomas son of Thomas Olive 22-Dec-1752


John Oliver of Madron 1-Jan-1753
Honor Friggens, widow 6-Jan-1753
Elizabeth wife of Nicholas Fox of Penzance 8-Jan-1753
Gregory Donithorn 31-Jan-1753
Mary wife of Philip Bond 27-Apr-1753
Lydia dau. of Mr. William Veale 16-May-1753
Temperance dau. of Benj. Pascoe of Madron 19-Jul-1753
Elizabeth wife of John Bassett 9-Nov-1753
Mary Eva, widow 14-Nov-1753
Hugh Trythall 15-Nov-1753
John Thomas, Jnr. 18-Dec-1753


Stephen Carah of Madron 11-Jan-1754
Jane Carnarton, widow 12-Feb-1754
Anne dau. of James Roberts 18-Feb-1754
William Donithorn 18-Mar-1754
Temperance Woolcock, widow 11-Apr-1754
Margery wife of John Thomas 15-Apr-1754
Agatha Watts, widow 22-May-1754
William son of Henry Thomas late of Ludgvan 20-Jun-1754
Anne wife of Richard Thomas 23-Jun-1754
John base child of Mary Roberts 30-Jun-1754
Elizabeth wife of Francis Richards 31-Jul-1754
Valentine Reynolds 20-Aug-1754
Phillis Gilbert 22-Oct-1754
Richard Stephens 14-Dec-1754
Joan Nicholls, widow 26-Dec-1754

        John Penneck, Vicar


Mrs. Jane Vibert, widow 1-Jan-1755
John Thomas 6-Apr-1755
Mrs. Sarah Phillips, widow 28-Apr-1755
Mary Reynolds 16-May-1755
Tamesin wife of Richard Nicholls 22-May-1755
Richard son of William Coren of Madron 7-Jun-1755
James son of Richard Veale of Marazion 9-Jun-1755
John son of Nicholas Oliver 11-Jun-1755
Mary dau. of Richard Veale of Marazion 13-Jun-1755
George son of William Harry 10-Jul-1755
Reginald son of William Harry 16-Jul-1755
Richard son of Catherine Oliver, widow of Madron 27-Jul-1755
Keziah dau. of John Rowe, jun. 20-Aug-1755
John son of John Rowe, jun. 31-Aug-1755
Cyprian son of William Friggens 10-Sep-1755
Richard Donithorn 3-Oct-1755
Elizabeth wife of John Roberts of Marazion 5-Oct-1755
Sarah wife of Benjamin Roberts 6-Nov-1755
Edward Fox of Madron 10-Nov-1755
Elizabeth wife of Richard Martin 14-Nov-1755
Temperance dau. of Abraham Richards of Paul 24-Dec-1755

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Thomas Olive & William Friggens, Churchwardens


Richard son of Henry Brush 14-Jan-1756
Martin Dunn 20-Jan-1756
Elizabeth Clemints, a sojourning unfixed pauper 10-Feb-1756
John son of William Benallack of Sancred 22-Feb-1756
Jane Gard, widow 10-Mar-1756
Edmond Paul 21-Mar-1756
Jane wife of Peter George of Ludgvan 27-Mar-1756
Grace Donithorn, widow 5-Apr-1756
Mark Newton of Penzance 24-May-1756
William Potter 19-Jun-1756
Joan Benhallack, widow of Penzance 25-Oct-1756
Anne dau. of William Oliver and Mary, his wife, of Penzance 13-Nov-1756
Carolletta Maria Rich, widow 12-Dec-1756


Mary dau. of John Lawry and Margaret, his wife 14-May-1757
Anne Thomas 31-May-1757
Catherine wife of William Frethy 14-Jun-1757
John Nicholls 17-Jul-1757

        John Penneck, Vicar

Margaret wife of John Lawry 9-Aug-1757
Jane Paul, widow 19-Aug-1757
James son of John Watts 22-Aug-1757
Richard Thomas, senior 15-Sep-1757
Zenobia Bennetts, widow 17-Nov-1757


Samuel Gilbert 8-Jan-1758
Elizabeth wife of Benjamin Richards 6-Feb-1758
Benjamin Pascoe of Madron 19-Feb-1758
Anne wife of Lewis Trenwith 6-Mar-1758
Amy Evah 22-Mar-1758
Mary dau. of John Nicholls of Uni Lelant 16-Apr-1758
Edna Dunn, widow 6-May-1758
Francis wife of Richard Eddy 8-Jun-1758
Thomas son of Richard Paul, deceased 13-Oct-1758
Mary Harry, widow 25-Oct-1758
Mary Donithorne, widow 3-Dec-1758


Anne dau. of William Coren and Celia his wife 5-Jan-1759
James son of James Donithorne and Anne, his wife, of Marazion 13-Jan-1759
Grace Bond, widow 16-Mar-1759

        John Penneck, Vicar

William Roberts 22-Mar-1759
Richard son of Henry Brush and Jane, his wife 7-Jun-1759
Rebecca Thomas, widow of Ludgvan 2-Dec-1759
Robert Edmonds of Penzance 19-Dec-1759


William James 15-Jan-1760
Grace wife of John Cock 9-Feb-1760
Stephen son of John and Joan Calensoe 1-Mar-1760
Charity wife of Silas Paull 3-Mar-1760
John Thomas of Madron 15-Mar-1760
Catherine wife of William Harvy 26-Apr-1760
Samuel son of William Webb 25-Jun-1760
Jennifer wife of Richard Eddy 28-Jul-1760
John son of Richard Benhallack 8-Aug-1760
Edward son of Robert Trythall 9-Oct-1760
Joan wife of James Watts 9-Nov-1760
Margaret dau. of Roger Martin of Madron 13-Nov-1760
John Friggens 15-Nov-1760


Mary Carah of Madron 6-Jan-1761
Philippa Watts, widow 21-Jan-1761
Mary wife of Richard Reynolds 11-Feb-1761
Jemima Donithorn, widow 15-Feb-1761
Elizabeth dau. of William Rodda 8-Mar-1761

        John Penneck, Vicar

Mary dau. of Hannibal Bennetts 12-Mar-1761
John White 12-May-1761
Samuel son of William Webb 14-Jun-1761
John son of William Leglawn, sojourner of Marazion 18-Jun-1761
William Oliver 1-Jul-1761
Mary wife of John Bailey 5-Oct-1761
Richard Reynolds 7-Dec-1761


William son of Nathaniel Hancock 6-Jan-1762
Elizabeth Phillipps 13-Jan-1762
Thomas Gammon, sen. 8-Feb-1762
Joan Rawlings, widow of Penzance 11-Feb-1762
Margery wife of James Bassett of Madron 1-Mar-1762
James son of William Harry of Madron 1-Mar-1762
Blanch Newton, widow of Penzance 31-Mar-1762
George Pawley, sen. 14-Jun-1762
Richard son of John Row 15-Jun-1762
James son of John Nicholas 9-Jul-1762
Alice dau. of William Webb 3-Sep-1762
Alexander son of Alexander Davy 7-Sep-1762

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Thomas Olivy & Andrew Stevens, Church Wardens


Margaret dau. of Thomas Gammon 1-Jan-1763
Mary wife of William Rodda 9-Jan-1763
Mary dau. of Joel Davy 17-Jan-1763
Ralph Coren 10-Mar-1763
John Polmear of Penzance 18-Mar-1763
Elizabeth dau. of Wiliam Leglawn, sojourner of Marazion 20-Mar-1763
John Cock 26-Mar-1763
Thomas Bond 8-Apr-1763
Elisabeth dau. of John George 19-Apr-1763
William Stevens of Ludgvan 9-May-1763
Martha wife of Edward Donithorn of Marazion 21-May-1763
Jane wife of Richard Nicholls 22-Jun-1763
Richard Nicholls, sen. 24-Jun-1763
Tryphena Gellies, widow 28-Jun-1763
Edward son of Robert Trythall 1-Jul-1763
James son of James Donithorn 3-Jul-1763
Richard son of Richard Donithorn 15-Jul-1763
John son of John Bennetts 18-Jul-1763
Mary dau. of John Polmear, lately deceased, of Penzance 12-Aug-1763

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Andrew Stevens & Samuel Phillips, Churchwardens

Stephen Bond 20-Aug-1763
Christian dau. of Samuel Jelbert, deceased 27-Oct-1763
William son of Nathaniel Hancock 2-Nov-1763
John Thomas of Ludgvan 8-Nov-1763
Elisabeth wife of James Donithorn 14-Nov-1763
William Rodda 17-Nov-1763
William Potter 11-Dec-1763
Joel son of Joel Davy 14-Dec-1763
Mary dau. of Isaac Lawry 16-Dec-1763
Margaret dau. of William Webb 26-Dec-1763
Mrs. Martha Kellow, widow of Marazion 31-Dec-1763


James Trevayler 5-Jan-1764
English wife of Mathew Smitham, sojourner 8-Feb-1764
John Love of Madron 10-Feb-1764
John son of the above John Love 18-Feb-1764
Martin Rodda 25-Feb-1764
John Nicholls 15-Apr-1764
Mary wife of Nicholas Fox 10-Jul-1764
Robert Roach 3-Sep-1764
Honor dau. of William Treglawn of Marazion 4-Sep-1764

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillipps & Andrew Stevens, Churchwardens

Richard Trezize 11-Oct-1764
Elisabeth wife of Edward Trythall 1-Dec-1764


Mary Reed, widow 6-Jan-1765
Alexander Davy son of Alexander Davy 7-Feb-1765
Mary dau. of William Webb 9-Feb-1765
Anne wife of Hannibal Bennetts 23-Feb-1765
Eleanor Polmear of St. Erth 11-Mar-1765
Prudence wife of John Baily 23-Mar-1765
John Baily, sen. 31-Mar-1765
Catherine Nicholls, widow 2-May-1765
Henry Bone, many years [63] clerk to this council 6-Jun-1765
Elisabeth wife of Richard Harvy of Ludgvan 15-Jun-1765
James son of John Corin of Madron 4-Aug-1765
Stephen son of Richard Nicholls of Uny Lelant 5-Aug-1765
Elisabeth dau. of Richard Eddy 16-Aug-1765
Samuel son of Samuel Samson 1-Sep-1765
Alice dau. of Thomas Nicholls 10-Sep-1765
Elisabeth wife of Thomas Gammon 14-Dec-1765
Henry Davy son of Joel Davy 18-Dec-1765

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillipps &Andrew Stevens, Church Wardens


Mary Corin, widow of Madron 19-Jan-1766
Mary dau. of John Carah 22-Jan-1766
John son of William Roberts of Ludgvan 4-Feb-1766
William Roberts of Ludgvan 12-Mar-1766
Elisabeth Davy, widow 14-Mar-1766
William son of John Carah 14-Mar-1766
Margaret wife of Richard Brush 16-Mar-1766
Mary wife of James Esam of Penzance 23-Mar-1766
Martha dau. of Robert Barnes 26-Mar-1766
Anne wife of Samuel Bettins 28-Mar-1766
John base child of Susanna French, reputed father William Corin, mariner 4-Jun-1766
Samuel Bettins 13-Jun-1766
Mr. William Harris of Penzance 28-Jun-1766
Susanna Broadly, widow 30-Jun-1766
John George 31-Aug-1766
Mary dau. of John Nicholas 14-Oct-1766
Mary dau. of Mary Tremethick, widow of Penzance 2-Nov-1766
Jane Foss, widow 3-Nov-1766
Lewis Trenwith 18-Nov-1766
Martha dau. of Martin Davy of Lelant 16-Dec-1766
Richard son of Richard Donithorn 31-Dec-1766

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillippes & Andrew Stevens, Churchwardens


John son of Charles Richards of Penzance 20-Jan-1767
Susanna dau. of Henry Roberts 23-Jan-1767
Margaret Nicholls 3-Feb-1767
Anne dau. of Richard Eddy 8-Feb-1767
Mary, infant dau. of Vincent Urin 20-Feb-1767
Susanna Nicholas 21-Feb-1767
Edward son of Richard Eddy 22-Feb-1767
Joan dau. of Richard Eddy 25-Feb-1767
Mary dau. of Richard Martyns 1-Mar-1767
Elisabeth dau. of William Matthews 7-Mar-1767
William son of William Matthews 7-Mar-1767
Andrew son of Andrew Nicholls 8-Mar-1767
Mary dau. of John Thomas, deceased, and Grace, widow, of Madron 15-Mar-1767
Elisabeth dau. of Arthur Rich, Jun. of Madron 29-Mar-1767
William Webb pensioner 3-Apr-1767
Susanna dau. of George Donithorn 5-Apr-1767
Jane wife of Edward Canarton 6-Apr-1767
Lucretia dau. of John Bennetts of Lelant 30-May-1767
Jane dau. of John Nekervis 5-Jun-1767
Thomas son of Richard Nicholls of Lelant 8-Jun-1767
Silas Paul 9-Jun-1767

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillippes and Andrew Stevens, Churchwardens

Grace dau. of John Nicholls 12-Jun-1767
Stephen Couch 20-Jun-1767
Elisabeth wife of Robert Trythall, sen. 24-Jun-1767
Henry Roberts 25-Jun-1767
Robert son of John George, deceased 16-Jul-1767
John son of Robert Trythall 24-Jul-1767
Jane dau. of John Nicholas 24-Jul-1767
Joan dau. of William Benhallack of Madron 14-Aug-1767
John Olivy 18-Aug-1767
Jane dau. of William Veale of Penzance 23-Sep-1767
Mary dau. of John Nicholas 1-Oct-1767
Mary Roach, widow 9-Nov-1767
Anne wife of William Broad of Penzance 18-Nov-1767
Elisabeth wife of Samuel Samson 20-Nov-1767
John son of John George of Ludgvan 30-Dec-1767


Thomas Gammon [or Gomer] 25-Jan-1768
Cyprian Nicholls 10-Feb-1768
William Harvey of Rosoon 2-Mar-1768
Henry son of Henry Roberts, deceased and Mary, widow 16-Mar-1768
Catherine dau. of Henry Roberts, deceased and Mary, widow 2-Apr-1768
Jane wife of John Thomas 9-May-1768

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillippes & Andrew Stevens, Churchwardens

Nicholas son of James Pearce 5-Jun-1768
Jane wife of Thomas Rogers of Ludgvan 15-Jul-1768
Anne dau. of James Rowe 22-Nov-1768
Mrs. Catharine Wroughton, widow 13-Dec-1768


Elisabeth Pascoe, widow of Madron 1-Feb-1769
Mary dau. of Richard Friggens 12-Feb-1769
Martin son of Martin Davy of Uny Lelant 25-Feb-1769
James Watts 26-Feb-1769
Dorothy wife of George Donithorn 7-Mar-1769
Temperance dau. of Joseph Pascoe of Madron 10-Apr-1769
William son of Alexander Davy 28-Apr-1769
James bastard of Elisabeth Toman 31-May-1769
John Barnes 9-Jun-1769
John son of Charles Richards of Penzance 16-Jun-1769
Judith Paull, widow 20-Jun-1769
John son of John Thomas of Madron 23-Jun-1769
Joan dau. of John Thomas 27-Jun-1769
James son of William Treglawn of Marazion 30-Jul-1769
Richard son of Nicholas Paull 23-Aug-1769

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillippes & Andrew Stevens, Churchwardens

Robert Trythall 16-Sep-1769
Dorothy wife of Henry Reed 28-Sep-1769
Mr. William Veale 18-Oct-1769
Elisabeth dau. of Joseph Guard of Penzance 20-Oct-1769
Joseph son of Joseph Guard of Penzance 4-Nov-1769
Margaret Genver, widow of Ludgvan 16-Nov-1769
Prudence dau. of John Rowe 9-Dec-1769


James son of John French 9-Jan-1770
Hannah wife of John Badcock, sergeant in the militia 23-Feb-1770
Alice wife of Thomas Nicholls 28-Feb-1770
Edward Canarton 16-Mar-1770
Margaret wife of John Stevens 31-Mar-1770
Charles Richards of Penzance 7-Apr-1770
Jane dau. of Isabel Edwards, widow 9-Apr-1770
Anne dau. of William Matthews 4-May-1770
Triphosa[?] wife of John Pearce 11-May-1770
Henry Thomas of Ludgvan 23-Aug-1770
Mary Gibbs of Ludgvan 23-Aug-1770

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillippes & Andrew Stevens, Churchwardens

Anne dau. of James Kevill 10-Oct-1770
Benjamin son of Joseph Hale 31-Oct-1770
William Row of Maddern 31-Oct-1770
William son of John French 27-Dec-1770


William Friggens 19-Jan-1771
Isaac Newton of Penzance 6-Feb-1771
Dewens[?] Richards of Madron 1-Apr-1771
Jane Trythall 6-May-1771
Alice wife of Joel Davy 8-May-1771
Henry Reed 19-May-1771
John Trythall 21-May-1771
John Lory 26-May-1771
Catharine dau. of James Donithorne 14-Jun-1771
Richard Cornish of Penzance 1-Aug-1771
Master George son of Mrs. Elizabeth Veale, widow of Penzance 17-Aug-1771
Elisabeth wife of William Harvey of Ludgvan 3-Sep-1771
Martin son of Martin Davy of Lelant 4-Sep-1771
Ursula Friggens 27-Sep-1771
John Stephens 2-Oct-1771

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillips & David Eddy, Churchwardens

Martha dau. of Joseph Barnes 6-Nov-1771
James son of John Corin of Madron 10-Nov-1771
Catherine dau. of George Noy of Penzance 17-Nov-1771
Mary dau. of Jacob Corin of Madron 20-Nov-1771
Mr. Samuel Phillipps, surgeon and apothecary of Helston 22-Nov-1771
George son of George Ashford 28-Nov-1771
Phillis dau. of Richard Thomas 15-Dec-1771
Richard son of John James 18-Dec-1771
Anne dau. of John James 18-Dec-1771
John son of Charles Friggens 22-Dec-1771
John son of Alexander Davy 27-Dec-1771


James Donithorne of Marazion 5-Jan-1772
Joan Bone, widow 12-Jan-1772
Jane Kistle, widow 24-Feb-1772
Anne dau. of Richard Nicholls of Lelant 18-Mar-1772
Richard son of Isaac Maddern 20-Mar-1772
Lydia dau. of Richard Donithorn 14-Apr-1772
Henry son of Henry Nicholls 25-Apr-1772
Faith wife of William Jane, pauper 22-May-1772
Jennifer dau. of Joel Davy 23-May-1772

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillipps & David Eddy, Churchwardens

Mrs. Joan wife of Mr. Samuel Phillips of Plemyn 2-Jul-1772
Mrs. Catherine Wearne, widow 9-Aug-1772
William Jane, pauper 14-Aug-1772
Mrs. Ursula Jenkin of Olverton, Madron 3-Sep-1772
Margaret dau. of Richard Stevens of Marazion 4-Oct-1772
Elizabeth Luny 8-Nov-1772
Mathias Smitham of Penzance 9-Nov-1772
John Coulson 16-Nov-1772
Elizabeth & Anne Madron 22-Nov-1772
James Donithorne of Phillack 24-Nov-1772
Margaret wife of Peter Woolcock 17-Dec-1772
Mr. George Veale, Gent. of Penzance 26-Dec-1772
James Donithorne, pauper 29-Dec-1772

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillipps & David Eddy, Churchwardens


Jane Couch, widow 7-Jan-1773
William Cooley, pauper 9-Jan-1773
Blanch French, pauper 20-Feb-1773
William Cara of Paul 23-Feb-1773
Elizabeth dau. of George Donithorne 8-Mar-1773
Grace Thomas 13-Mar-1773
Mary dau. of Mr. Bolithoe of Madron 2-Apr-1773
Anne dau. of John Corin 6-Apr-1773
Mary Mules 13-Apr-1773
Rev. Mr. John Penneck, sen., late Vicar of the Parish 17-Jul-1773
Catherine dau. of John Corin 12-Sep-1773
Grace Taft of Penzance 7-Nov-1773
Elizabeth wife of William Harry of Penzance 6-Dec-1773
Mary Bettens 9-Dec-1773

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillips & David Eddy, Churchwardens


John Rowe 7-Jan-1774
Christiana dau. of Nathaniel Hancock 20-Feb-1774
Sarah Jelbert 5-Mar-1774 [Mary crossed out and Sarah written over top]
Thomas Paul 24-Feb-1774
William Lutey base child, William Lutey of Penzance reputed father 2-Jun-1774
William son of Andrew Nicholls, formerly of Gulval now St. Ives 9-Jun-1774
George son of George Pawley jun 24-Jun-1774
Catherine dau. of the above named Andrew Nicholls of St. Ives 27-Jun-1774
Elizabeth wife of Ephraim Weymouth 11-Sep-1774
Christian dau. of John and Mary Martins 2-Oct-1774
Richard Thomas, Jun. 8-Oct-1774
Nicholas son of Nicholas Fox jun 18-Oct-1774
Jane dau. of James Phebey 21-Oct-1774
Henry son of the above named Richard Thomas 2-Nov-1774
Elizabeth wife of George Pawley 10-Nov-1774
John Strode 24-Nov-1774

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillipps & David Eddy, Churchwardens

Margaret Toman, widow 11-Dec-1774
Richard Eddy 30-Dec-1774


Henry son of Ralph Rowe 22-Jan-1775
Lydia, widow of George Veale, deceased, Gent. of Penzance 4-Feb-1775
James son of William Tergloan of Towednack 26-Feb-1775
Anne Veale spinster of Penzance 22-Apr-1775
John son of Robert Osborne 18-Jun-1775
William base child of Thomasin Laity 23-Jul-1775
Honour dau. of William Tergloan of Towednack 22-Aug-1775
Jacob son of Jacob Corin of Madron 23-Aug-1775
Richard son of Joseph Fox of St. Hilary 6-Sep-1775
Thomas Buckley Esq. 7-Sep-1775
Richard son of William Bosence of Penzance 15-Oct-1775
Mary Trythall of Madron 8-Nov-1775
Catherine wife of Henry Foss 25-Nov-1775
Stephen Couch, sexton of this parish 1-Dec-1775
George Donnithorne 13-Dec-1775
Mary Ashford, pauper 17-Dec-1775
Ann Grenfield of Ludgvan 23-Dec-1775

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillips & David Eddy, Churchwardens


Charles Wroughton gent of Penzance 6-Jan-1776
Jane Corin 20-Mar-1776
Ann dau. of Sampson Stevens of Penzance 16-May-1776
Mary Smitham, widow of Penzance 20-May-1776
Ralph Richards, base child of Jane Holla 4-Jun-1776
Henry Jenkins gent of Penzance 5-Jun-1776
Stephen Rodda 15-Jun-1776
Simon son of John Searle 20-Jun-1776
Elizabeth dau. of Richard Grenfill 13-Jul-1776
Elizabeth dau. of James Donithorne 5-Sep-1776
Nicholas son of Nicholas Fox jun 6-Oct-1776
Mrs. Ann, widow of the late Rev. John Penneck 16-Oct-1776
Martha dau. of Henry Thomas of Marazion 20-Nov-1776
Mary dau. of George Ashford 13-Dec-1776
Henry Luny 20-Dec-1776
Sarah dau. of John Searle 28-Dec-1776


John son of James Rowe 25-Jan-1777
Mary dau. of the above James Rowe 4-Feb-1777
Jacob Dale 20-Feb-1777
Mary Cook of Penzance 22-Mar-1777
Benjamin son of John Trenwith of Penzance 29-Apr-1777

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillipps & David Eddy, Churchwardens

Elizabeth dau. of Joseph Gard of Penzance 18-Jun-1777
Margaret Laity of Madron 29-Jun-1777
Joan Boase 27-Jul-1777
William son of William Barker 11-Aug-1777
Hugh Nicholls, sen. 15-Aug-1777
Henry Cowls, sen. 12-Sep-1777
Sampson son of Sampson Stevens of Penzance 22-Sep-1777
Ishmael Bond 20-Nov-1777
Issabella Bond, his mother 23-Nov-1777
George Ashford 23-Nov-1777


Margery Thomas, pauper of Ludgvan 24-Jan-1778
William son of William Eddy 2-Feb-1778
Mary Bennetts 2-Feb-1778
John Davy 11-Mar-1778
Francis dau. of Sampson Stevens of Penzance 17-Mar-1778
Richard Benhallack 28-Mar-1778
Mrs. Elizabeth Harvey of Penzance 19-Jun-1778
Elizabeth Odgers 12-Jul-1778
Henry son of Henry Thomas of Marazion 14-Aug-1778
Jane Rich of Madron 6-Nov-1778
Andrew Stevens 4-Dec-1778

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillipps & David Eddy, Churchwardens

William Thomas of Penzance 16-Dec-1778
Catharine Harvey 7-Jan-1779


Jemima Bosence 21-Jan-1779
Francis son of Andrew Nicholls 9-Feb-1779
Grace Hall 23-Feb-1779
Martha dau. of Henry Thomas of Marazion 26-Feb-1779
Bernard son of John Kessel 28-Feb-1779
William son of George Donithorne 4-Mar-1779
Mrs. Elizabeth Friggens 20-Mar-1779
John Eller 26-Mar-1779
Richard son of Joseph Fox of St. Hillary 30-Mar-1779
William son of George Noy of Penzance 18-Apr-1779
James son of Henry Sandow 21-Jun-1779
Ann dau. of Nicholas Paul 24-Jun-1779
John son of Arthur Rich of Madron 10-Jul-1779
Mary dau. of Martin Davy of Lelant 7-Aug-1779
John son of William Wedlock 14-Aug-1779
Ann wife of Richard Mathews, lately of Ludgvan 2-Sep-1779
Elizabeth dau. of Isaac Lawry 4-Sep-1779
Sarah dau. of John Bailey 6-Sep-1779

        John Penneck, Vicar
        Samuel Phillipps & David Eddy, Churchwardens

Mary dau. of John Guy of Breage 19-Sep-1779
Mary Reed of Towednack 19-Sep-1779
Hugh son of John Nicholls 29-Sep-1779
John Roberts, aged 102 of Marazion 17-Oct-1779
Henry son of Robert Osborne 7-Nov-1779
William son of Richard Donithorne 19-Dec-1779


Elizabeth Davy of St. Just 13-Jan-1780
Joan dau. of John James 10-Feb-1780
Percy Lawry 6-Mar-1780
Constance dau. of Robert Barns 11-Apr-1780
Issabella dau. of Edward Trythall 11-Apr-1780
Elizabeth wife of Joseph Gard of Penzance 27-May-1780
Elizabeth Barnes 5-Jun-1780
Mary wife of William Dash 6-Jun-1780
Jane Noy of Penzance 26-Jun-1780
John Thomas, carpenter of Madron 1-Jul-1780
Stephen Broadly, pauper 7-Jul-1780
Mary Symons of Breage 4-Aug-1780
Henry son of Mr. George Davies of Pendrea 13-Aug-1780
Edmund son of Edmund Woolcock 15-Aug-1780
Rebecca wife of William Kestle, sexton 30-Aug-1780

        John Penneck, Vicar
        David Eddy & William Dash, Churchwardens

Margaret dau. of Edmund Woolcock 2-Sep-1780
John son of Joseph Roberts 8-Sep-1780
Bernard son of John Kestle 15-Sep-1780
Christian wife of William Saundry 21-Sep-1780
Robert son of Richard Mathew 21-Sep-1780
William Guy of Breage 22-Sep-1780
John son of Jacob Corin of Madron 13-Oct-1780
Sarah dau. of Richard Stevens of Penzance 28-Oct-1780
George son of James Cunnack of Penzance 30-Oct-1780
William Johns, chimney sweeper of Breage 3-Nov-1780
Catherine Rodda of Marazion 13-Nov-1780
Catherine wife of John Nankervis of Madron 16-Nov-1780
Jane wife of Thomas Friggens 9-Dec-1780
Elizabeth wife of William Bosence 20-Dec-1780

Some assorted dates

Mrs. Honora Grose de Ludgvan was buried Oct 13, 1700. Mr. Grose paid for
	breaking of the ground in the chancell 6/8 to Mr. Penhellick

Mr. George Richards of Penzance buried Jan 11, 1700 paid by his wife

Mr. George Veale of Penzance buried July 7, 1701 the old Mr. William Veale paid for it

Julian the wife of Mr. John Grose of Penzance buried May 14, 1707 paid by her husband

Mrs. Margery the wife of Mr. George Veale of Penzance buried 16-Oct-1708
        paid by her husband

Mrs. Christian Grose of Ludgvan buried Sep 28, 1714 paid by her unckle the
        said Mr. John Grose

Mrs. Joan Tresteane of Penzance buried April 17, 1715 paid by
        Mrs. Susanna Jeffery of Penzanc her niece

Mrs. Ann the wife of Mr. George Veale was buried Jan 9, 1719 paid by her husband

Mrs. Margaret Richards of Penzance buried Nov 13, 1723 paid by Mrs.
         Margaret Richards 10/- for the breaking of the ground and burying

Mrs. Susanna Trudgen of Penzance buried Feb 26, 1725 paid by her husband
	6/8 for the breaking of the ground

The above named several and respective persons were buried in
        Gulvall Chancell by me John Penhellick since I served
        the parish of Gulval which was the year of our Lord 1699

The Reverend John Penhellick was buried the twentieth day of February
        in the year one thousand seven hundred and thirty he having
        been Vicar of Gulval thirty one years

Mr. George Veale was buried March 27, 1731 paid by Mr. Thomas Vigers
	6/8 for ye breaking ye ground to Samuel Harness, Vicar

Anne daughter of Mr. William Veale was buried 14-May-1747. 10/6 for
	breaking ye ground paid by Mr. William Veale to John Penneck, Vicar

Lydia daughter of Mr. William Veale was buried ye 16-May-1753. 10/6
	for breaking ye ground paid by Mr. William Veale to John Penneck, Vicar

[?] in Gulval Church Sep 3, 1772 money paid for breaking the ground to
        J. Penneck, Jun., Vicar

Mr. George Veale of Penzance was buried in Gulval Church Chancel Dec 23, 1772
	One pound one shilling paid for breaking the ground by his widow,
        Mrs. Lydia Veale to John Penneck, Jun. the then Vicar of Gulval

Mrs. Lydia Veale, widow of the above Mr. George Veale, was buried in
        Gulval Church Chancel and paid for breaking the ground
        £1 1s Feb 4, 1775 John Penneck

Mr. Henry Jenkins was buried in Gulval Church June 5, 1776 and paid for
        breaking the ground as usual by Mrs. Ann Jenkins, his widow
        £1 1s John Penneck
	Not usual as fee for breaking ground is only 6/8

The Reverend John Penneck was buried under the Communion Table July 17, 1774
	and Mrs. Ann Penneck, his widow Oct 16, 1776 John Penneck, jun., Vicar

Here starts the third volume of the Register


Edward Bly 4-Jan-1781
Mary dau. of Ephraim Weymouth 4-Jan-1781
John Benhallack 16-Jan-1781
William son of Jacob Corin of Maddern 17-Jan-1781
John son of Isaac Maddern 18-Jan-1781
Henry son of above Isaac Maddern 22-Jan-1781
John son of Jacob George of Paul 22-Jan-1781
Richard son of William Bosence of Maddern 26-Jan-1781
Ann Martins of Mawgan 30-Jan-1781
John son of John Pawley 2-Feb-1781
Jane dau. of William Hall 5-Feb-1781
Joan dau. of George Hawke 15-Feb-1781
Phillis Symonds 27-Feb-1781
Ann dau. of James Corin 6-Apr-1781
Grace dau. of Thomas Nicholls 20-Apr-1781
John son of Alexander Davy of Maddern 6-May-1781
Margaret dau. of Isaac Lory 15-May-1781
Robert Rowe of Penzance 25-May-1781
William Broad, senior of Penzance 12-Jun-1781
Nathaniel Hancock, junior 26-Jun-1781
William base child of Ann Rodda 10-Aug-1781
Elizabeth Penteena of Marazion 11-Aug-1781
Mr. William Friggens, attorney of Pendrea 16-Sep-1781
William son of Richard Thomas 11-Nov-1781
Joan Bond, pauper 22-Nov-1781
Henry Sandow 24-Dec-1781

        John Penneck, Vicar
        David Eddy & William Dash, Churchwardens


Henry Foss farmer 2-Feb-1782
Jane Donithorne 5-Feb-1782
Thomas Coulson 28-Feb-1782
Mary Nicholls 16-May-1782
James Donithorne 11-Jun-1782
Joan Pawley 18-Jun-1782
Sarah wife of William Triggs, a pauper 18-Jul-1782
Henry Tregloan of Marazion 12-Sep-1782
Honour dau. of William Tregloan of Marazion 18-Sep-1782
Nicholas Fox of Madron 7-Nov-1782
Arthur Rich of Madron 21-Nov-1782
Elizabeth Bailey of Penzance 22-Nov-1782
Mathew Smitham of Madron 30-Nov-1782
John George of Madron 21-Dec-1782

        John Penneck, Vicar
        David Eddy & William Dash, Churchwardens


Ann wife of Richard Mathews 19-Jan-1783
Jennifer dau. of James Corin 28-Feb-1783
Henry Cowles 25-Mar-1783
Martha dau. of James Kevill 31-Mar-1783
Edward Fox of Madron 18-Apr-1783
Mary Potter, pauper 25-May-1783
Richard Grenfill of St. Creet 8-Jun-1783
Elizabeth wife of Richard Thomas 10-Jun-1783
James Rowe of Churchtown 20-Jun-1783
Elizabeth dau. of John Bone of Madron 11-Aug-1783
Joan, widow of Andrew Stevens 26-Aug-1783
Elizabeth wife of James Rich 30-Aug-1783
Margaret base child of Elizabeth Sedgman of St. Kevern 1-Oct-1783
John Friggens, senior of Madron 26-Oct-1783
Mary Dunn, pauper 4-Nov-1783
Henry son of John Ellery 27-Nov-1783
Catherine wife of Benjamin Garter 15-Dec-1783
Edmund Paul, farmer 29-Dec-1783

        John Penneck, Vicar
        David Eddy & William Dash, Churchwardens


John Baily, senior 5-Jan-1784
Martha dau. of John Thomas of Marazion 22-Jan-1784
Alice Ellis 1-Feb-1784
Mary Friggens 12-Feb-1784
Joan dau. of Richard Richards of Madron 24-Mar-1784
James Rich, senior 13-May-1784
Mary base child of Mary Donithorne 22-May-1784
William son of John Roberts 28-May-1784
Jacob Phillipps of Penzance 31-May-1784
George son of Robert Fox of Madron 19-Jun-1784
James son of James Phebey 9-Jul-1784
Joel Reed 18-Aug-1784
Alice dau. of William Wedlock 22-Aug-1784
Mary dau. of above William Wedlock 26-Aug-1784
Ann Luney, pauper 20-Sep-1784
Alexander son of Alexander Davy of Madron 14-Oct-1784
Henry son of James Phebey 2-Dec-1784

        John Penneck, Vicar
        George Davies & David Eddy, Churchwardens


Thomas Stevens of Marazion 3-Jan-1785
William Kessell sexton 26-Jan-1785
John Gilbert formerly of St. Just 6-Feb-1785
Mary Oliver of Penzance 20-Feb-1785
William son of John Bone of Penzance 27-Feb-1785
Richard son of James Cunnack of Penzance 10-May-1785
William Harvey weaver 11-May-1785
James Lewarne maltsman 12-May-1785
David Gammon, pauper 22-May-1785
Elizabeth wife of John Pooley 24-May-1785
Jacob Corin of Tolvar 27-May-1785
John son of William Edmunds of Penzance 28-May-1785
Richard Harvey of Ludgvan 30-May-1785
Grace dau. of Richard Boines 7-Jul-1785
Elizabeth wife of James Kevill, junior of Penzance 26-Jul-1785
Judith dau. of John Bennatts of Ludgvan 27-Jul-1785
James son of James Edwards 3-Aug-1785
Sarah dau. of William Triggs, pauper 7-Aug-1785
Ann dau. of John Mules 1-Sep-1785
William son of William Price of St. Creet 8-Sep-1785
Mary dau. of David Gammon 4-Oct-1785
James Paul, pauper 22-Oct-1785
Edmund son of Edmund Woolcock 26-Oct-1785
Mary dau. of Henry Thomas 6-Nov-1785
Nicholas Davy of Paul 27-Dec-1785

        John Penneck, Vicar


Peter Woolcock of St. Michael’S Mount 24-Jan-1786
Hannibal Bennatts, alias The Old Doctor 3-Feb-1786
Elizabeth wife of Richard Couch of Maddern 3-Feb-1786
John son of William Trythall 6-Feb-1786
Mr. Thomas Friggens, attorney at Law 3-Mar-1786
Richard son of Richard Corin 26-Jun-1786
Thomas Hext of St. Just 2-Jul-1786
William Johns, pauper 5-Jul-1786
James, base child of Jane Davy 9-Jul-1786
Robert son of Robert Fox of Maddern 16-Sep-1786
Richard son of William Oliver of Penzance 8-Oct-1786
Elizabeth Bosence of Maddern 20-Oct-1786
Mrs. Agatha Paul, widow 6-Dec-1786
John Cara, junior 7-Dec-1786
John Thomas of St. Burian 9-Dec-1786
Andrew son of James Edwards 11-Dec-1786
Richard Brush Aged 96-24 Dec-1786

        John Penneck, Vicar


Jane George of St. Hillary 12-Jan-1787
Grace Thomas, widow of Madron 17-Feb-1787
Alice dau. of John Cornish Excise officer 25-Feb-1787
Francis dau. of Robert Fox of Madron 27-Feb-1787
Grace Donithorne of Ludgvan 11-Apr-1787
Elizabeth dau. of John George of Paul 20-Jul-1787
Nicholas son of Robert Fox of Madron 15-Aug-1787
James Trewheela 14-Sep-1787
Thomas Richards 19-Sep-1787
William Bosence of Madron 23-Sep-1787
John base child of Catherine Hall 2-Oct-1787
Constance Cowles, widow and pauper 13-Nov-1787
Prudence Rowe, widow 7-Dec-1787
Miss Kitty Penneck dau. of Reverend William Borlase,
        Vicar of Madron, aged 7, 12-Dec-1787
Miss Ann and Miss Jane twin daughters of Mr. William Veale 14-Dec-1787

        John Penneck, Vicar
        George Davies & David Eddy, Churchwardens


Martha dau. of William Tredrea 7-Jan-1788
Richard son of Richard Richards 15-Jan-1788
William Coren, senior of Madron 26-Jan-1788
Edward Trythall alias Old Ned 28-Jan-1788
Maria Rich, spinster 18-Feb-1788
Henry Pearce of Towednack 19-Feb-1788
William son of John Kessell 1-Mar-1788
Thomas Nickless of Marazion 11-Mar-1788
Ann wife of James Pearce 2-Apr-1788
Jane Cock 18-Apr-1788
Joan dau. of Francis Jelbart of Madron 27-Apr-1788
Elizabeth dau. of Roger Martin of Penzance 30-Apr-1788
Susanna Benhallack, widow 11-Jun-1788
Margaret Cateran alias Tivey 15-Aug-1788
Elizabeth Richards, pauper of Madron 22-Aug-1788
Susanna dau. of Isaac Lory 7-Sep-1788
William son of William Oliver of Penzance 12-Sep-1788
Jennifer dau. of James Edwards 13-Oct-1788

        John Penneck, Vicar


Robert son of Robert Fox of Madron 2-Jan-1789
Mary dau. of Richard Baker 5-Jan-1789
Gregory Donithorne 18-Jan-1789
Jane Elliot 25-Jan-1789
Andrew son of Andrew Nicholls 26-Jan-1789
Catherine wife of Thomas Bond 1-Feb-1789
Thomas son of William Wedlock 9-Feb-1789
Anne dau. of William Bosence 15-Feb-1789
Andrew Nicholls 9-Mar-1789
John son of Henry Thomas of Marazion 10-Mar-1789
Reverend John Penneck, Vicar of this parish, aged 42, 16-Mar-1789

        George Davies & David Eddy, Churchwardens

John Gilbert of Madron 25-Mar-1789
Thomas son of Andrew Nicholls 29-Mar-1789
Elizabeth Nicholls 13-Apr-1789
William Oliver of Penzance 16-Apr-1789
Jane Friggens 25-Apr-1789
Mary dau. of Richard Corin 7-May-1789
Richard Nicholls 19-May-1789
Martha Friggens of Ludgvan 18-Jun-1789
Ann dau. of John James 27-Jun-1789
William son of Ralph Hicks 8-Jul-1789
John Roberts 9-Jul-1789
Richard Thomas 19-Aug-1789
Mary dau. of Philemon Trythall 26-Aug-1789
Andrew son of James Edwards 20-Sep-1789
Elizabeth Rowe of Penzance 22-Oct-1789
Grace Friggens 26-Oct-1789
Mary Bassett of Penzance 6-Nov-1789
James Johns, base child of Catherine Hall 20-Nov-1789


Mary Binder 6-Jan-1790
Isabel Edwards 10-May-1790
Elizabeth Lorye 21-May-1790
Francis Richards 20-Jun-1790
Catharine Berryman 20-Jun-1790
Mary dau. of Richard Corin 29-Jun-1790
Ann Paul 6-Jul-1790
John Nekervis of Madron 19-Aug-1790
Isaac Newton 21-Sep-1790
Eleanor Newton 15-Oct-1790
Edward Saundry 10-Nov-1790


Elizabeth, widow of Wm. Veale Esq. 14-Feb-1791
Elizabeth dau. of James Cunnock of Penzance 4-Mar-1791
Mariam dau. of Andrew Nicholls 4-Apr-1791
Elizabeth dau. of John Moyles 4-May-1791
Grace dau. of James Uren, pauper of Madron 14-May-1791
Alice dau. of John Moyles 16-May-1791
Benjamin Garter 25-May-1791
Eleanor dau. of Thomas Welmet, pauper 26-May-1791
Modling dau. of John Cunnack of Penzance 6-Jun-1791
Philemon Trythall 11-Jun-1791
Mary dau. of James Hall of Penzance 20-Jun-1791
John Binder 8-Jul-1791
James Uren, pauper of Madron 17-Aug-1791
Elizabeth dau. of Nicholas Paul 14-Sep-1791
Mary dau. of Edward Fox of Madron 5-Oct-1791
Francis Bennetts of Marazion 14-Nov-1791
Samuel Philips 21-Nov-1791
Thomas Gammon, pauper 30-Dec-1791


Anne Oliver of Penzance 24-Jan-1792
John Pearce 30-Jan-1792
James son of James Hall of Penzance 16-Feb-1792
William Hall of St. Just 26-Feb-1792
Richard Nicholls 6-Apr-1792
Elizabeth Trythall, widow pauper 9-Apr-1792
Joseph Fox of Ludgvan 11-Apr-1792
Roger Williams of Madron 17-Apr-1792
Thomas Rich of Madron 18-Apr-1792
Elizabeth Berryman of Towednack 21-Apr-1792
Mary wife of James Rich 14-May-1792
Elizabeth Pascoe of Paul 16-May-1792
Elizabeth Rowe of Penzance 2-Jul-1792
John son of John Thomas 16-Jul-1792
Johanna Vibert 6-Aug-1792
Thomas Polmear 12-Aug-1792
Hannibal son of William Wedlock 21-Oct-1792
William son of Richard Baker 22-Oct-1792
Alice George of Penzance 23-Oct-1792
Richard son of Richard Baker 26-Oct-1792
Margery Paul, pauper of Penzance 11-Nov-1792
Anne Reed, pauper of Towednack 17-Nov-1792
Andrew son of John Nicholls 10-Dec-1792
William Harris Esq. 11-Dec-1792


Andrew Nicholls 5-Jan-1793
John Oliver 26-Jan-1793
Margaret Webb 16-Feb-1793
Jane dau. of Richard Rowe of Madron 25-Mar-1793
Richard son of James Trembath 7-May-1793
William son of William Stevens of Penzance 17-May-1793
Anne George of Penzance 17-May-1793
Elizabeth Roberts 31-May-1793
Patience Rodda, pauper 18-Jun-1793
William son of Pearcy Lorye of Madron 19-Aug-1793
John Rowe 13-Nov-1793
Elizabeth Matthews 13-Nov-1793
Elizabeth Wedlock 16-Dec-1793


George son of George Bennetts of Uny Lelant 3-Jan-1794
Jane James 14-Jan-1794
Elizabeth Trythall 29-Jan-1794
Mary Moyles 7-Feb-1794
Richard Baker 19-Mar-1794
William Semmens 30-Mar-1794
Jane Trevailor 13-Jun-1794
Catharine Hall, pauper 19-Jun-1794
Richard son of Thomas Matthew 20-Jun-1794
John Nicholls, pauper 5-Aug-1794
John base child of Elizabeth Webb 1-Sep-1794
William son of Ephraim Weymouth 14-Oct-1794
Elizabeth Trythall 30-Oct-1794
Keziah Pearce of Towednack 31-Oct-1794
Charles son of Ephraim Weymouth 6-Nov-1794
Anne Fox of Madron 7-Nov-1794
Thomas Rowe 8-Nov-1794
Margaret George 17-Nov-1794
Sukey Corin of Madron 25-Nov-1794
Lars Nielson, a Dean [Dane?] washed on shore 14-Dec-1794
Anne Couch of Paul 16-Dec-1794
John Morgan, washed on shore 21-Dec-1794
Elizabeth Donithorne 25-Dec-1794


Margery Couch 23-Jan-1795
Elizabeth Trebillcock 25-Feb-1795
Frances dau. of Robert Fox of Madron 6-Mar-1795
Mary Coulson 9-Mar-1795
Jennifer Nicholls 11-Mar-1795
Peter Woolcock 25-Mar-1795
Nicholas Edwards 25-Mar-1795
Richard son of James Trembath 12-Apr-1795
Humphry son of James Trembath 14-Apr-1795
George Noy of Penzance 19-May-1795
Margaret Berriman of Madron 19-Jun-1795
Phillis Roberts of Penzance 15-Jul-1795
Anne Curnow of Towednack 15-Jul-1795
Margaret Jewell 26-Jul-1795
Christian Tonkin, pauper 22-Sep-1795
Elizabeth Bosistow of Madron 2-Dec-1795
William son of Thomas Wellmet 4-Dec-1795
Mary dau. of James Hosking 5-Dec-1795
William son of William Pawley 22-Dec-1795


Richard Eddy of Madron 3-Feb-1796
George Pawley 17-Feb-1796
Alice wife of William Roberts 1-Mar-1796
Robert son of Robert Walker 16-Apr-1796
Mary Martins of Penzance 17-Apr-1796
Nicholas Paul 21-Apr-1796
William Matthews 24-Apr-1796
Mary Oliver 4-May-1796
John Hill base child of Elizabeth Webb 6-May-1796
Mary Noy of Penzance 15-May-1796
Dorothy Berriman of Ludgvan 24-Jun-1796
Olivia Donithorne 19-Jul-1796
Margaret John, pauper 19-Jul-1796
Charles Friggens 31-Jul-1796
William son of Charles Friggens of Madron 31-Jul-1796
Richard Martins of Penzance 7-Aug-1796
Loveday Donithorne, pauper 18-Aug-1796
Grace dau. of John Richards 20-Aug-1796
Anne, widow of Richard Nicholls 31-Oct-1796
William son of John Lorye 1-Nov-1796
Christian Bennetts 5-Nov-1796
Mary Murrish 18-Nov-1796
Cornelius Watts 4-Dec-1796
Mary wife of John Richards 8-Dec-1796
John Edmonds of Penzance 13-Dec-1796
David Eddy 19-Dec-1796
Mary Walker 31-Dec-1796


Martha Nicholls 3-Jan-1797
Richard Fox of Madron 20-Jan-1797
Mary Row 18-Feb-1797
Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Nicholls 16-Apr-1797
Charity Bailey 17-Apr-1797
Margaret Velanoweth of Madron 8-May-1797
Grace Richards of Penzance 13-May-1797
John Green, clerk 9-Jun-1797
Arthur Rich of Madron 2-Aug-1797
William Dash, pauper 3-Nov-1797
Mary Anne Lorey 31-Dec-1797

        J. N. Stevens, curate


John Tonkin, pauper of Sennen 3-Jan-1798
Robert Bilsburgh 19-Jan-1798
Grace dau. of William Pawley 26-Jan-1798
Jane dau. of James Rowe of Madron 25-Feb-1798
James son of Thomas Kevil 26-Feb-1798
Rev. William Harris 2-Mar-1798
Elizabeth wife of George Symons of Gwennap 22-Mar-1798
Christian Ladner 23-Mar-1798
Catharine Paul 28-Mar-1798
William Saundry 14-Apr-1798
Henry Grenfell of Sancred 16-Apr-1798
James Kevil 10-May-1798
Margery dau. of Roger Martyns of Penzance 23-Jun-1798
Sarah wife of Alexander Rowe 20-Aug-1798
Welmot Martins, widow of Penzance 23-Aug-1798
Ann dau. of James Roberts 15-Sep-1798
William Trigs, pauper 1-Oct-1798
Samuel Robertson 4-Oct-1798
Elizabeth wife of James Roberts 12-Nov-1798


Jemima Kessel 14-Jan-1799
Robert Trythal 15-Jan-1799
James Conneck of Penzance 9-Feb-1799
Lydia Veale Bains of Penzance 9-Mar-1799
James Edwards Colebrook, an infant 18-Mar-1799
Jane Thomas 5-May-1799
John Bennets 9-May-1799
Catharine Fox of Madron 14-May-1799
Jane Richards 19-May-1799
William Harvey 3-Aug-1799
Grace Trembah 13-Sep-1799
Richard Nicholls 24-Sep-1799
James Thomas 30-Sep-1799
Richard, an infant son of Richard Boase 5-Oct-1799
Honor Jewel of Madron 14-Oct-1799
William Basset of Penzance 27-Oct-1799
Grace, an infant dau. of William Pengelley 30-Oct-1799
William Chelew 10-Nov-1799
Philemon Trythal, an infant 25-Dec-1799

        Anthony Williams, curate

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