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Margaret Trenery of Church Town aged 69, 28-Jan-1825
William Tucker Nicholls of Cross aged 5, 16-Feb-1825
Jane Roberts of Trymofa aged 48, 18-Mar-1825
Jane Bradley of Trewarrack aged 82, 9-Apr-1825
Mary Hammond of Carnehouse aged 76, 17-Apr-1825
Cordelia Row of Trewednack aged 87, 21-Apr-1825
Mary Paul of Penzance aged 95, 23-Apr-1825
Ann Curnow of Madron aged 84, 17-Jun-1825
Hannah Eddy of Penzance aged 73, 5-Jul-1825
Ann Trenery of Church Town aged 50, 23-Jul-1825
John Couch of Madron aged 2 wks, 27-Aug-1825
John Carbis Newcombe of Chyandower aged 2 wks, 2-Sep-1825
Nancy Eddy of Church Town aged 11, 25-Sep-1825
Bettros Bennetts of Madron aged 40, 27-Sep-1825
Mary Roberts of Chyandower aged 27, 7-Oct-1825
Jane White of Madron aged 85, 10-Oct-1825
Catherine John of Penzance aged 27, 14-Oct-1825
Catherine Williams of Boskednam aged 61, 13-Nov-1825
Mary Strathan of Boskednam aged 19, 23-Nov-1825
Jane Thomas of Ridga aged 3, 8-Dec-1825
Jane Corin of Ludgvan aged 52, 21-Dec-1825


Richard Millett James (twin) of Trewarrack aged 10 days, 3-Jan-1826
Jane Millett James (twin) of Trewarrack aged 10 days, 3-Jan-1826
Henry Saundry of Penzance aged 73, 22-Jan-1826
Grace Roberts Paul of Trevarrack aged 2, 31-Jan-1826
Richard Martins of Uni Lelant aged 20, 7-Mar-1826
Edmund Kessell of Cross aged 54, 12-Mar-1826
Alice Curnow of Trythall aged 2, 22-Mar-1826
Jacob Trythall of Trythall aged 91, 12-Apr-1826
Elizabeth Eddy of Church Town aged 62, 12-Apr-1826
Edward Pawley of Chyandower aged 1yr. 9 mths, 19-Apr-1826
Frances Nickless of Boscreage aged 85, 23-Apr-1826
Alice Nicholls of Zenor aged 62, 14-May-1826
Henry Trevaskes of Penzance aged 82, 29-May-1826
Elizabeth Phillips of Pliming aged 85, 21-Jul-1826
John Stevens of Tredinick aged 4, 4-Aug-1826
Jennifer Stevens of Bussolval aged 6 mths, 10-Aug-1826
Edward Saundry of St. Ives aged 23, 12-Aug-1826
Jane Green of Barley Wena aged 67, 16-Aug-1826
Margaret Ellis of Trewarrack aged 4 mths, 29-Aug-1826
Dinah Roberts of Trewarrack aged 1 mth, 29-Aug-1826
John Nickless Hall of Boskednan aged 2, 9-Sep-1826
Margaret Saundry of Boskednan aged 93, 24-Sep-1826
Caroline Augusta Dillon of Vicarage aged 26, 29-Sep-1826
William Thomas of Ridga aged 13 mths, 1-Oct-1826
William Mitchell of Trewarrack aged 10 mths, 9-Oct-1826
Catherine Polmear Major of Keneggy aged 19, 5-Nov-1826
Anne Matthews of Church Town aged 71, 10-Nov-1826
Stephen Rodda of Trythonga aged 16 mths, 12-Nov-1826
Ann Pellew of Chyandower aged 58, 24-Nov-1826
Richard Pawley of Penzance aged 6 mths, 15-Dec-1826


William Husband of Penzance aged 79, 13-Jan-1827
Richard Ellis of Hellangove aged 34, 23-Jan-1827
Catherine Williams Trig of Trewarrack aged 2 mths, 25-Jan-1827
Thomas Ellis of Terwednack aged 54, 26-Jan-1827
Ann West of Church Town aged 77, 28-Jan-1827
John Tonkin of Chyandower aged 81, 4-Feb-1827
William Moyle Morish of Boscoba aged 7, 14-Feb-1827
Amelia Arundel of Trewarrack aged 2, 16-Feb-1827
James Esq Pascoe of Penzance aged 80, 27-Feb-1827
Mary Jane Trythall of Penzance aged 3, 28-Feb-1827
Richard Donithorne of Little Keneggy aged 92, 4-Mar-1827
John Rodda of Church Town aged 52, 18-Mar-1827
Charles Pender of Penzance aged 4, 21-Mar-1827
Edward Fox of Chyandower aged 74, 1-Apr-1827
Honour Edwards of Penzance aged 27, 25-Apr-1827
Mary Jane Uren of Long Rock aged 18 mths, 3-May-1827
Mary Morish of Polkinghorne aged 10, 9-May-1827
John Hammond of Carne aged 79, 18-May-1827
Richard Dillon of Vicarage aged 19, 26-Jun-1827
Elizabeth Uren of Long Rock aged 27, 27-Jul-1827
John Pearce of Ludgvan aged 61, 28-Aug-1827
William Saundry of St. Ives aged 57, 3-Sep-1827
Margaret Nickless of Boskedgen aged 4 mths, 3-Sep-1827
Richard Rowe of Trezeler aged 1 day, 12-Sep-1827
Louisa Wasley of Trewarrack aged 3, 14-Nov-1827
Margaret Daniel of Chyandower aged 79, 27-Nov-1827


Richard Nicholls of Bossallack aged 65, 9-Jan-1828
Samuel Brookan of Tredenack aged 49, 3-Feb-1828
Mary Jane Chapell of Trevayler aged 3 wks, 10-Feb-1828
Elizabeth Nicholls of Tewednack aged 70, 26-Mar-1828
Elizabeth Cunnack of Penzance aged 76, 28-Mar-1828
James Bennets of Cross aged 76, 1-Apr-1828
Elizabeth Sandow of Trewarrack aged 88, 20-Apr-1828
Catharine Nicholls of Carnaquidden aged 83, 23-Apr-1828
Catharine Roberts of Penzance aged 85, 27-Apr-1828
John Martins of Crowan aged 24, 16-Jun-1828
Elizabeth Brockan of Boskednan aged 82, 25-Jun-1828
Thomas Tenery of Trewarrack aged 81, 22-Jul-1828
Elizabeth Edwards of Madron aged 58, 10-Aug-1828
Margaret Stevens of Penzance aged 18 mths, 21-Aug-1828
Richard Nicholls of Penzance aged 61, 22-Aug-1828
Jacob Trythall Curnow of Trythall aged 1, 3-Sep-1828
Mary Jacko of Penzance aged 53, 4-Sep-1828
John Pearce of Rigga aged 34, 4-Sep-1828
John Pellew of Penzance aged 63, 19-Oct-1828
Ann Kestle Symonds of Chyandower aged 5 wks, 19-Oct-1828
Martin Jelbert of Crancan aged 8 mths, 23-Oct-1828
Ann Kessel of Penzance aged 2 mths, 24-Dec-1828


Alexander Row of Mulfra aged 78, 3-Jan-1829
Ann Nicholls of Barleyvena aged 24, 7-Jan-1829
Ann Uren of Trezealer aged 76, 14-Jan-1829
Sarah Rich of Penzance aged 55, 25-Jan-1829
Mary Eddy of Trewednack aged 22, 6-Mar-1829
John Jewel of Madron aged 75, 13-Mar-1829
Bridget Donithorne of Ludgvan aged 78, 3-Apr-1829
Sarah Trythall of Trewarrack aged 69, 3-Apr-1829
Jane Thomas of Ridgavaine aged 78, 7-Apr-1829
Catherine Carbis of Chyandower aged 50, 19-May-1829
Ednor Stephens of Trewarrack aged 65, 7-Jun-1829
James Stevens of Chyandower aged 1, 9-Jun-1829
John Harvey of Church Town aged 3 mths, 19-Jun-1829
John Prouse of Crankan aged 1, 7-Jul-1829
Frances Pearce of Trezealer aged 81, 1-Aug-1829
John Stevens of Trevarrack aged 4 mths, 25-Aug-1829
James Rich of Thythogga aged 85, 27-Sep-1829
Sarah Ellis of Trewednack aged 6, 29-Sep-1829
Nicholas Hall of Boskednan aged 47, 3-Oct-1829
Honour Jewel of Madron aged 71, 4-Oct-1829
Lydia Veale of Chenhall aged 76, 2-Oct-1829
Jane Martins of Carnequidden aged 28, 8-Nov-1829
Margaret Row of Church Town aged 66, 8-Nov-1829
William Stevens of Penzance aged 64, 10-Nov-1829
William Eddy of Penzance aged 84, 15-Nov-1829
Ann Carbis of Trewarrack aged 11, 27-Nov-1829
John Major of Velenhogan aged 25, 29-Nov-1829
William Edwards of Cross aged 1, 17-Dec-1829
John Nicholls of Carfury aged 59, 20-Dec-1829


Mary Jane Trythall of Penzance aged 3, 8-Jan-1830
John Lawrey of Trewednack aged 59, 10-Jan-1830
William Roberts of Trewarrack aged 82, 2-Feb-1830
William Hosking of Boskednan aged 41, 7-Feb-1830
Jane Curttis of Trewarrack aged 63, 28-Feb-1830
Richard Eddy of Trewarrack aged 84, 2-Mar-1830
Cordelia Martin of Carnequiden aged 4 mths, 22-Mar-1830
Grace Pawley of Chyandower aged 8 days, 22-Mar-1830
Dorothy Saundry of Penzance aged 79, 22-Mar-1830
Jane Williams of Chyandower aged 85, 4-Apr-1830
Elizabeth Pender of Penzance aged 4, 4-Apr-1830
Richard Corin of Tolva aged 52, 23-Apr-1830
Dorcas Trembath of Chasewater aged 77, 25-Apr-1830
John Lawry of Try aged 4, 28-Apr-1830
Eleanor Williams of Trewarrack aged 26, 28-Apr-1830
Jane Lawry of Try aged 8, 17-May-1830
Grace Tredrea of Chyandower aged 30, 23-May-1830
John Stevens of Cross aged 81, 6-Jun-1830
Jane Rowe of Tredinnick aged 13, 13-Jun-1830
June Rowe of Church Town aged 8 weeks, 18-Jun-1830
Henry Noey of Penzance aged 67, 27-Jul-1830
Thomas Smith of Chyandower aged 56, 4-Aug-1830
William Trythall of Barley Grove aged 80, 10-Dec-1830
Jane Pendarvis John of Penzance aged 8, 13-Dec-1830
Elizabeth Cook of Penzance aged 82, 17-Dec-1830
George Madron of Chyandower aged 9, 18-Dec-1830
Alice Ellis of Kenneggy aged 75, 18-Dec-1830


James Hosking of Boskednan aged 20, 26-Jan-1831
Ishmael Hollow of Trythall aged 75, 15-Feb-1831
Eleanor Berryman of Badgers Cross aged 25, 6-Mar-1831
Eliza Row of Trezealer aged 23, 13-Mar-1831
William Edmonds of Penzance aged 75, 20-Mar-1831
Eleanor Berryman of Badgers Cross aged 6weeks, 27-Mar-1831
Mary Ann Kessell of Keneggy aged 2, 5-Apr-1831
Sarah Jenking of Paul aged 79, 13-Apr-1831
William Eddy of Trezealer aged 6 mths, 16-Apr-1831
Benjamin Gribble of Chydaunce aged 50, 29-Apr-1831
William Barnicoat of Chyandower aged 77, 24-May-1831
Andrew Nicholls of Try aged 72, 17-Jun-1831
Richard Grenfell Berryman of Keneggie Mills aged 4 mths, 28-Jun-1831
Mary Wedlock of Ridga aged 69, 20-Jul-1831
Elizabeth Curnoe of Trewarrack aged 47, 23-Sep-1831
Thomas Jewell of Penzance aged 76, 27-Sep-1831
John Hosking of Ludgvan aged 77, 12-Oct-1831
William Wedlock of Ridgoe aged 62, 8-Nov-1831
Susanna Pawley of Trogga aged 92, 10-Nov-1831
Matilda Hosking of Church Village aged 4, 11-Nov-1831
Edward Fox of Penzance aged 74, 11-Nov-1831
Walter Bray of Penzance aged 1, 13-Nov-1831
Job Friggens of Hellengove aged 32, 14-Nov-1831
Daniel Eddy of St Hilary aged 75, 15-Nov-1831
Matthew Pawley of Penzance aged 75, 25-Nov-1831
Jane Carbis of Trogga aged 78, 26-Nov-1831
Alice Perry of Church Town aged 3, 9-Dec-1831


Grace Martins of Tresverwan [?], infant 8-Jan-1832
Constance Evans of Tolver aged 52, 17-Feb-1832
Bridget Hall of Madron aged 69, 22-Feb-1832
Robert Fox of Madron aged 81, 25-Feb-1832
William Friggens of Trezelah, infant 28-Feb-1832
Charles Corin of Ludgvan aged 77, 9-Mar-1832
John Stevens of Tredennack aged 4, 14-Mar-1832
Christian Stevens of Carfury aged 44, 22-Mar-1832
Mary Martins of Garris aged 88, 31-Mar-1832
Thomas Stevens of Carfury, infant 1-Apr-1832
William Nicholls of Trezelah aged 57, 10-Apr-1832
William Prows of Crankan aged 60, 4-Jul-1832
Lavinia Barnes of Church Town, infant 15-Jul-1832
Clarinda Oliver of Trogga aged 63, 17-Jul-1832
Matthias Caddy of Cross aged 12, 20-Jul-1832
Mary Hosking of St Burian aged 58, 1-Sep-1832
Mary Becket of Church Town aged 84, 9-Sep-1832
Catherine Barns of Ridgoe aged 56, 13-Sep-1832
Charles Gundry Barns of Ridgoe aged 6, 19-Sep-1832
Elizabeth Warren of Trythogga aged 8, 24-Sep-1832
Loveday Traher of Trevarrack aged 66, 26-Sep-1832
Nicholas Cook of Barley Grove aged 70, 30-Sep-1832
Mary Nicholls of Church Town aged 66, 5-Oct-1832
James Oliver of Trewarrack aged 4, 8-Oct-1832
Honour Cock of Trevarrack aged 80, 11-Oct-1832
Anne Edwards of Cross aged 2, 14-Oct-1832
Elizabeth Warren of Trevarrack aged 20, 20-Oct-1832
Richard Barnes Campbell of Church Town, infant 21-Oct-1832
Joseph Warren of Trevarrack aged 4, 25-Oct-1832
Richard Rowe of Madron aged 52, 4-Nov-1832
William Baynard of Ludgvan aged 72, 8-Nov-1832
Grace Ellis of Trevarrack aged 40, 18-Nov-1832
Ann Donithorn of Madron aged 62, 2-Dec-1832
George Campbell of Church Town aged 1, 5-Dec-1832
Jane Williams of Trevarrack aged 32, 18-Dec-1832
Martha Ladner of Penzance aged 50, 24-Dec-1832
Anne Pearce of Barley Grove aged 87, 25-Dec-1832


Joseph Edwards of Penzance, infant of 5 mths, 4-Jan-1833
Thomas Bond of Barley Grove aged 93, 9-Jan-1833
James Uren of Long Rock Ludgvan aged 66, 14-Jan-1833
William Friggens of Chysauster aged 60, 25-Jan-1833
Elizabeth Holla of Trythall aged 70, 19-Feb-1833
Elisabeth Stevens of Tredennack aged 94, 21-May-1833
Edmund Paul of Green Bank in Budock aged 65, 24-May-1833
Mary Anne Matthews of Madron aged 2, 5-Jun-1833
Richard Cunnack of Penzance aged 1 year 6 mths, 9-Jun-1833
Jane White of Tredennack aged 52, 19-Jun-1833
Joseph Donithorne of Ludgvan aged 71, 28-Jun-1833
Mary Eddy of Penzance aged 29, 14-Jul-1833
Mary Richards of Penzance aged 80, 21-Jul-1833
Henry Brush of Bodrifty aged 82, 29-Aug-1833
William Couch of Ludgvan aged 3, 12-Sep-1833
William Williams of Try aged 79, 13-Sep-1833
James Rowe of Punsoe aged 5 mths, 4-Oct-1833
Elizabeth Ann White of Chyandour aged 1 year 3 mths, 23-Oct-1833
Mary Ann Thomas of Church Town aged 2, 28-Oct-1833
Mary Nickless of Boscreage aged 20, 1-Nov-1833
Margaret Saundry of Paul aged 70, 3-Nov-1833
Catherine Mitchell of Trevarrack aged 6 mths, 22-Nov-1833
John Martin Donithorne Hollow of Bosoljack aged 1 year 5 mths, 6-Dec-1833
Thomas Henry Bolitho of Madron aged 3 mths, 18-Dec-1833
Hannah Velnoweth of Chyandour aged 86, 26-Dec-1833
Mary Roberts Pawley of Penzance aged 1 year 2 mths, 31-Dec-1833


Joseph Thomas of Church Town aged 6, 5-Jan-1834
Ann Jenking of Trevarrack aged 4 mths, 4-Feb-1834
Ann Harvey Trythall of Barley Grove aged 46, 6-Feb-1834
Jane Stone of Towednack aged 82, 8-Feb-1834
Henry Couch of Ludgvan aged 50, 19-Feb-1834
Mary Uren of Chyandour aged 83, 9-Mar-1834
Martha Rodda of Chyandour aged 8, 16-Mar-1834
John Saundry of Noongalish aged 48, 23-Mar-1834
Mary Ann Thomas of Penzance aged 4, 26-Mar-1834
Jane Reed of Penzance aged 54, 13-Apr-1834
William Chellew of Trewarrack aged 46, 16-Apr-1834
Mary Trythall of Barley Grove aged 73, 29-Apr-1834
John Rowe of Trezelah, infant of 10 days, 3-Jun-1834
William James of Ludgvan aged 70, 10-Jun-1834
Margaret Kessell of Trevarrack aged 89, 4-Jul-1834
Catherine Richards of Troga aged 72, 8-Jul-1834
Joseph Barns of Ridgoe aged 58, 8-Aug-1834
Eleanor Velnoweth of Chyandour aged 58, 12-Aug-1834
Mary Pawley of Penzance aged 39, 18-Sep-1834
John Trescoats from the Parish of Towednack aged 62, 21-Sep-1834
Thomas Matthews of Chyandower aged 69, 28-Sep-1834
Jane Pascoe of Velanoggan aged 3, 13-Oct-1834
William Cock Quick of Carnequidden aged 3weeks, 17-Oct-1834
Elizabeth Thomas of Church Town aged 11, 21-Oct-1834
Thomas Morris of Ridgoe aged 4, 29-Oct-1834
John Stone of Towednack aged 74, 8-Nov-1834
Mary Jane Stevens of Busaval aged 4, 12-Nov-1834
Alida Dillon of Vicarage aged 75, 6-Dec-1834
Sybella Pauley of Barley Grove aged 74, 7-Dec-1834
William Millet of Garris aged 8-weeks, 8-Dec-1834
Chaterine Roberts of Trogga aged 21, 17-Dec-1834
Benjamin Pascoe of Velanoggan aged 39, 25-Dec-1834
William Uren of Trewarrack aged 57, 31-Dec-1834


Abraham Tredrea of Chyandower aged 71, 13-Jan-1835
Mary Roberts of Trewarrack aged 79, 15-Jan-1835
Mary Angwin Williams of Trewarrack aged 1 year 3 mths, 16-Feb-1835
John Osborne of Barley Grove aged 58, 19-Feb-1835
John Williams of Trewarrack aged 3 mths, 19-Feb-1835
Jane Berryman of Badgers Cross aged 27, 22-Feb-1835
William Jelbert of Crankan aged 1mth, 24-Feb-1835
Deborah Stevens of Penzance aged 86, 1-Mar-1835
Elizabeth Nicholas of Trewednack aged 66, 4-Mar-1835
Jane Rowe of Trewarrack aged 4 mths, 11-Mar-1835
George Matthew Pauley of Penzance aged 6 mths, 19-Mar-1835
Elizabeth Thomas of Church Town aged 68, 26-Mar-1835
John Thomas of Ridgoe aged 69, 15-May-1835
Henry Stevens of Penzance aged 62, 14-Jun-1835
William Friggins of Tolver aged 18, 15-Jun-1835
Elizabeth Jane Matthews of Curch Town aged 2, 17-Jun-1835
John Berryman of Poors House aged 76, 3-Jul-1835
Henry Truran of Penzance aged 1, 19-Jul-1835
William Velnoweth of Chyandower aged 90, 21-Jul-1835
Rebekah Bray of Penzance aged 3 mths, 9-Aug-1835
Ann Thomas of Penzance aged 86, 16-Aug-1835
Francis Jelbert of Crankan aged 11, 27-Aug-1835
John Macculloch of Madron aged 60, 28-Aug-1835
Elizabeth Kestle of Pendray aged 65, 19-Sep-1835
John Couch of Madron aged 23, 20-Sep-1835
Emily Mary Hewitt of Keneggy aged 15, 5-Oct-1835
William Williams of Cross aged 2 mths, 18-Dec-1835


George Briant of Ridgoe aged 45, 10-Jan-1836
Jane Chirgwin of Keneggy aged 87, 1-Feb-1836
Elizabeth Trythall of Trogga aged 39, 4-Feb-1836
William Triggs of Keneggy aged 2 mths, 15-Feb-1836
Grace Hillery of Trewarrack aged 97, 13-Mar-1836
Elizabeth Corin of Madron aged 70, 18-Mar-1836
Ann Matthews of Church Town aged 67, 19-Mar-1836
Richard Evans of Penzance aged 70, 27-Mar-1836
John Surl of Madron aged 84, 27-Mar-1836
Lydia Rowe of Church Town aged 7, 1-Apr-1836
William Williams of Trewarrack aged 18, 24-Apr-1836
Susannah Bray of Penzance aged 1, 8-May-1836
Julia Searl of Penzance aged 71, 5-Jun-1836
Joshua Thomas of Penzance aged 61, 29-Jun-1836
William Trythall of Trogga aged 6 mths, 8-Jul-1836
William Carne of Penzance aged 82, 12-Jul-1836
Martha Paul of Paul aged 65, 17-Jul-1836
Elizabeth Rich of Trogga aged 50, 16-Aug-1836
Eliza Bonetta of Madron aged 2, 24-Aug-1836
Elizabeth Eddy of Penzance aged 71, 4-Sep-1836
Ann Corin of Tolver aged 58, 7-Sep-1836
John Rich of Trogga aged 60, 7-Oct-1836
John Jelbert of Trezeler aged 2, 8-Oct-1836
James Hawke of Tolver aged 54, 12-Oct-1836
Richard Corin of Madron aged 3, 16-Oct-1836
Prudence Trevillion of Penzance aged 28, 13-Nov-1836
Margery Major of Velenoggan aged 74, 28-Nov-1836


William Foster of Trevarrack aged 34, 6-Jan-1837
Elizabeth Carbis of Penzance aged 73, 8-Jan-1837
Mary Friggins of Trezelah aged 62, 16-Jan-1837
Elizabeth Jellie a pauper aged 2, 30-Jan-1837
Richard Row of Church Town aged 75, 30-Jan-1837
Caroline Corin of Madron aged 50, 5-Feb-1837
Elizabeth Polkinghorne of Helstone aged 82, 12-Feb-1837
Absalom Major of Pendrea aged 6 mths, 13-Feb-1837
Grace Richards of Poors House aged 85, 14-Feb-1837
John Henry Pellew of Penzance aged 14, 14-Feb-1837
Joan Coulson of Penzance aged 71, 20-Feb-1837
Walter Pender of Penzance aged 46, 20-Feb-1837
Charlotte Corin of Tolver aged 15 mths, 22-Feb-1837
Margery Saundry of St. Ives aged 72, 22-Feb-1837
Alice Roberts of Penzance aged 75, 22-Feb-1837
Catherine Morley of Barley Grove aged 85, 29-Apr-1837
James Donithorne of Chyandower aged 73, 14-May-1837
John Pearce of Trewarrack aged 16 mths, 21-May-1837
John Renoden of Tolver aged 17, 25-Jun-1837
John Barnes a pauper aged 7 mths, 9-Jul-1837
George Maddern of Trannock aged 10 mths, 4-Aug-1837
Elizabeth Smith of Chyandower aged 55, 22-Aug-1837
Mary Tregloan of Tredinnack aged 13, 22-Aug-1837
Thomasin Tredrea of Chyandower aged 77, 24-Aug-1837
Edward Pauley of Penzance aged 57, 18-Sep-1837
John Chapple of Gear aged 4, 13-Oct-1837
Thomas Eddy of Poors House aged 80, 20-Oct-1837
Henry Pengilly of Carnequidden aged 78, 19-Nov-1837
Richard Bennetts of Penzance aged 76, 14-Dec-1837
Mary Nickless of Boscreage aged 38, 25-Dec-1837
William Trembath of Tresvennick in Paul aged 19, 26-Dec-1837


George Pawley of Penzance aged 86, 9-Jan-1838
William Friggins of Boskednan aged 16 mths, 9-Jan-1838
Charles Matthews of Boskednan aged 23, 10-Jan-1838
Stephen Nicholls of Chysauster aged 64, 17-Jan-1838
William Bosence of Penzance aged 66, 11-Feb-1838
Jane Couch of Long Rock aged 56, 25-Mar-1838
Sarah Ann Nicholas Warren of Carnequidden aged 1, 28-Mar-1838
William Tucker of Poor House aged 67, 30-Mar-1838
Jane Gribble of Cross aged 30, 10-Apr-1838
Ann Hosking Pearce of Trezayler aged 1, 20-Apr-1838
Tabitha Rodda of Trewarrack aged 71, 18-May-1838
Robert Friggins of Polkinghorn aged 36, 23-May-1838
Phillip Callaway of Long Rock aged 19, 25-May-1838
Ann Corin of Penzance aged 60, 10-Jun-1838
Susanna Foster of Pendrea aged 64, 25-Jun-1838
Mary Hosking of Garris aged 35, 1-Jul-1838
Thomas Bolitho of Boskednan aged 62, 8-Jul-1838
Ann Couch of Long Rock in Ludgvan aged 80, 22-Jul-1838
Charles Botteral of Trevaylor aged 79, 29-Jul-1838
Ann Rosewarne of Trithogga aged 83, 4-Sep-1838
William Davy Rowe of Tresayler aged 6weeks, 21-Oct-1838
Benjamin Carbis of Penzance aged 64, 21-Oct-1838
William Semmens of Trewarrack aged 27, 28-Oct-1838
Jane Phillips of Penzance aged 48, 13-Oct-1838
Margaret Oats Kessel of Trewarrack aged 2, 31-Oct-1838
Charlotte Corin of Tolver aged 24, 9-Nov-1838
Alexander Stewart Galloway of Church Town aged 2yrs 6 mths, 13-Nov-1838
Mary Ann Bridgeman of Chyandower aged 4, 18-Nov-1838
Rebecca Jeffery of Poor House aged 40, 29-Nov-1838
Charles Tonkin of Trevayler aged 1, 2-Dec-1838
James Uren of Long Rock aged 14, 7-Dec-1838
Catharine Edwards of Cross aged 47, 16-Dec-1838


James Corin of Tolver aged 2 mths, 4-Jan-1839
John Corin of Chyandour aged 23, 9-Jan-1839
Henry White Gribble of Cross aged 2 mths, 9-Jan-1839
Robert Dillon of Vicarage aged 84, 14-Jan-1839
        Vicar of Gulval died January 6th at 8-o clock in the morning
Benjamin Pearce of Higher Hellangove aged 3, 20-Jan-1839
Mary Nicholls of Carfury aged 73, 3-Feb-1839
Ann James of Gear aged 3, 9-Feb-1839
William White Gribble of Cross aged 10 mths, 12-Feb-1839
Emily Roberts of Penzance aged 29, 17-Feb-1839
Jane Barnes of Ridgoe aged 10 mths, 3-Mar-1839
James Rowe of Poor House aged 78, 20-Mar-1839
Mary Davies of Chyandour aged 6, 24-Mar-1839
Christopher Martin of Badgers Cross aged 5 mths, 24-Mar-1839
Thomas Matthews of Church Town aged 4, 2-Apr-1839
William Osborne of Trevarrack aged 8 mths, 11-Apr-1839
William Quick Chapple of Gear aged 4, 14-Apr-1839
William Richards of Poor House aged 86, 25-Apr-1839
Francis Lawry of Tredinnick aged 63, 1-May-1839
Mary Carbis of Penzance aged 78, 7-May-1839
Elizabeth Pasco James of Trevayler aged 47, 31-May-1839
William Stinson of Chyandour aged 11, 16-Jun-1839
Elizabeth Barnes of Penzance aged 74, 30-Jun-1839
Elizabeth Uren of Trescrowan aged 57, 22-Jul-1839
Mary Jane Eddy of Church Town aged 10, 28-Jul-1839
William Henry Cairn [?] of Penzance aged 25, 3-Aug-1839
Jane Tonkin of Ding Dong aged 84, 25-Sep-1839
Johan Pascoe of Perranuthnoe aged 80, 28-Sep-1839
Sally Millet of Chysauster aged 5, 4-Oct-1839
Mary Jane Terglaus of Boskednan aged 7 mths, 11-Oct-1839
Margaret Jane Tregloan of Boskednan aged 18 mths, 1-Nov-1839
Eliz Stevens of Velenoggan aged 76, 8-Dec-1839
Emily Paul Roberts of Penzance aged 4, 10-Dec-1839
John Strike of Chyandour aged 46, 29-Dec-1839
Hercules Martin of Tolver aged 37, 29-Dec-1839


Margaret Uren of Tredinnack aged 52, 9-Jan-1840
James Henry Williams of Church Town aged 2, 19-Jan-1840
Catharine Berryman of Chyandour aged 77, 23-Jan-1840
Thomas Ellis of Penzance aged 90, 8-Apr-1840
William Philip Stapleton of Chycorn in Gulval aged 25, 15-Apr-1840
John Smith of Chyandour aged 12 mths, 6-May-1840
James Smith of Chyandour aged 14 mths, 6-May-1840
Mary Eddew of Penzance aged 79, 17-May-1840
James Cunnack of Penzance aged 62, 22-May-1840
Mary Thomas of Ridgoe in Gulval aged 68, 24-May-1840
Margery Cargee of Carnequidden in Gulval aged 4 mths, 31-May-1840
William Webb Pellew of Chyandour aged 4 mths, 31-May-1840
Mary Kevill of Church Town in Gulval aged 79, 17-Jun-1840
George Pawley of Penzance aged 59, 24-Jun-1840
Mary Nicholls of Ludgvan aged 54, 7-Jul-1840
John Stinson of Chyandour in Gulval aged 9, 2-Aug-1840
Honor Couch of Long Rock in Ludgvan aged 4 mths, 5-Aug-1840
Emily Smith of Chyandour aged 24, 11-Aug-1840
Thomas Roskilly Friggins of Bosulva in Gulval aged 5 mths, 29-Aug-1840
William Rowe of Ridgoe in Gulval aged 63, 6-Sep-1840
Maria Friggins of Bosulva in Gulval aged 19, 6-Sep-1840
Emily Pengelly of Carnequidden in Gulval aged 2 mths, 12-Sep-1840
James Chirgwin of Badgers Cross in Gulval aged 50, 27-Sep-1840
Richard Nicholas of Madron aged 8, 3-Nov-1840
William Richard of Chyandour in Gulval aged 57, 13-Nov-1840
William Giles of Polkinghorne in Gulval aged 40, 14-Nov-1840
Constance Jilley Thomas of Punsoe in Gulval aged 3 mths, 17-Nov-1840
Benjamin Gribble of Church Town in Gulval aged 35, 4-Dec-1840
Richard Nicholas of Boscreage in Gulval aged 37, 26-Dec-1840


Margaret Williams of Barley Grove in Gulval aged 89, 5-Jan-1841
William White of Trythall in Gulval aged 10 mths, 3-Feb-1841
Catherine Gribble of Trevarrack in Gulval aged 8 mths, 11-Feb-1841
Mary Murley of Trezela in Gulval aged 2, 20-Feb-1841
Margaret Treglaus of Boskednan in Gulval aged 37, 27-Feb-1841
Robert Gilbert of Tregarris in Gulval aged 38, 3-Apr-1841
Anne Murley of Trezela in Gulval aged 44, 19-Apr-1841
Dominic O`Donnell of Church Town in Gulval aged 52, 21-May-1841
William Murley of Trezela in Gulval aged 44, 1-Jun-1841
Richard Tonkin of Trezela in Gulval aged 7, 6-Jun-1841
Elizabeth Frances Kemp Friggins of Boskednan in Gulval aged 14 mths, 13-Jun-1841
Catherine Paynter of Penzance aged 67, 25-Jun-1841
James Ladner of Chyandour in Gulval aged 51, 27-Jun-1841
Elizabeth Williams of Gulval aged 87, 9-Jul-1841
Elizabeth Davey of Gulval aged 2, 24-Jul-1841
Susanna Nicholls of Garris aged 30, 3-Aug-1841
Jane James of Gulval aged 19, 15-Aug-1841
Richard Rowe of Tredinnick aged 2, 31-Aug-1841
James Nicholls of Garris aged 2 mths, 5-Sep-1841
Andrew Stevens of Carfury aged 73, 6-Sep-1841
Emma Pollard of Chyandour aged 6-weeks, 26-Sep-1841
John Moseberry of Gulval Church Town aged 7, 1-Oct-1841
John Matthews of Penzance aged 35, 6-Oct-1841
Richard Pearce of Boskednan in Gulval aged 32, 14-Nov-1841
Elizabeth Gribble of Boscobba in Gulval aged 80, 23-Nov-1841
William Curnow of Trythall in Gulval aged 37, 28-Nov-1841
Anne Uren of Long Rock in Gulval aged 80, 4-Dec-1841
Henry Edwards of Gulval Cross aged 35, 21-Dec-1841


Thomas Rodda of Madron Church Town aged 75, 5-Jan-1842
Mary Lawrey of Boskednan in Gulval aged 65, 7-Jan-1842
Richard Corman of Bosoljack in Gulval aged 77, 28-Jan-1842
Elizabeth Lawry of Chyandour in Gulval aged 73, 23-Jan-1842
Lavinia White of Chyandour in Gulval aged 1, 6-Mar-1842
Anne Moseberry of Gulval Church Town aged 15, 11-Mar-1842
Mary Corin of Longrock in Gulval aged 8 mths, 13-Mar-1842
Eliza Davies of Chyandour in Gulval aged 15, 16-Mar-1842
Richard Uren of Trescrowan aged 21, 6-Apr-1842
Elizabeth Kevel of Gulval Church Town aged 73, 10-Apr-1842
John Roberts of Trevarrack aged 89, 15-Apr-1842
Catherine Tredrea [?] of Penzance aged 18, 20-Apr-1842
Marmaduke Trebilcock of Ludgvan aged 58, 24-Apr-1842
Catherine Berriman of Kenegie Mills in Gulval aged 5, 4-May-1842
Henry Richards of Trevayler in Gulval aged 74, 8-May-1842
Elizabeth Ann Friggens of Trezela in Gulval aged 40, 17-May-1842
Amelia Corin of Penzance aged 20, 30-May-1842
Julia Ann John of Penzance aged 38, 31-May-1842
Jacob Trythall Curnow of Madron aged 40, 5-Jun-1842
Thomasine Maynard of The Coom Chyandour aged 58, 8-Jun-1842
Emma Jane Cock of Barley Grove, Gulval aged 3 mths, 1-Aug-1842
Emily Caddy of Trevarrack, Gulval aged 3, 5-Aug-1842
Charles Friggens Davis of Gulval Church Town aged 3 mths, 23-Aug-1842
Elizabeth Williams of Tregarris, Gulval aged 18, 31-Aug-1842
Elizabeth Ann Barns of Punsoe, Gulval aged 2 years 7 mths, 8-Sep-1842
Elizabeth Sims Nicholls of Gulval Church Town aged 8 mths, 29-Sep-1842
James Woolcock of Trevayler, Gulval aged 34, 21-Sep-1842
William John Pearce of Trezela in Gulval aged 9 mths, 1-Oct-1842
Christopher Matthews of Gulval Church Town aged 20, 27-Oct-1842
William Friggens of Trezela in Gulval aged 4, 29-Oct-1842
Charles Henry White of Chyandour, Gulval aged 2, 8-Nov-1842
Elizabeth Stevens of Chynowan aged 80, 12-Nov-1842
Elizabeth James of Chyandour, Gulval aged 70, 17-Nov-1842
John Morris of Ridgeo, Gulval aged 6, 18-Nov-1842
William Webb Pellew of Chyandour, Gulval aged 2, 20-Nov-1842
John Trembath of Carnequidden, Gulval aged 8, 23-Nov-1842
Martha Maria Ninnes of Chysauster, Gulval aged 2, 23-Nov-1842
Richard Williams of Chyandour, Gulval aged 7, 27-Nov-1842
Mary Nicholas Couch of Chyandour, Gulval aged 6, 29-Nov-1842
Elizabeth Kemp Friggens of Trezela, Gulval aged 3, 12-Dec-1842
Lucy Anne Pellew of Chyandour, Gulval aged 3, 24-Dec-1842
Job Morris of Ridgoe, Gulval aged 1 year 10 mths, 28-Dec-1842


William Friggens of Trezela, Gulval aged 7, 3-Jan-1843
Elizabeth Jane Eddy of Towednack aged 4, 8-Jan-1843
Frances Corin of Long Rock, Gulval aged 29, 5-Feb-1843
Jacob Corin of Penzance aged 80, 22-Feb-1843
Thomas Hall of Towednack aged 59, 26-Feb-1843
Emily Curnow of Gulval Cross aged 2, 28-Feb-1843
John Berriman of Kenegie Mills, Gulval aged 15, 3-Mar-1843
Thomas Williams of Chyandour aged 10, 11-Mar-1843
Sarah Grenfell of Chyandour aged 47, 17-Apr-1843
Ethillia Thomas Pearce of Gear, Gulval aged 3 years 6 mths, 23-Apr-1843
Frederick Coombs of Rosemorran, Gulval aged 5, 26-Apr-1843
Thomas Woolcock of Rosemorran, Gulval aged 3, 26-Apr-1843
Catherine James of Ding Dong, Gulval aged 19, 12-May-1843
William Laurey of Gobbins, Gulval aged 16, 14-May-1843
Mary Anne Elizabeth Ankervis Harvey of Tregarris, Gulval aged 3, 26-May-1843
Mary Martin of Trescrowan, Gulval aged 54, 28-May-1843
Elizabeth Ann Kessel of Trenow, Gulval aged 2 years 6 mths, 4-Jun-1843
Jane Richards of Boscobba, Gulval aged 2, 11-Jun-1843
Phillis Allen of The Cairn, Gulval aged 65, 21-Jun-1843
Mary Stinson of Chyandour, Gulval aged 47, 9-Jul-1843
Jonathan Blennan [?] of Penzance (58* in 1844) aged 59*, 4-Aug-1843
Elizabeth Friggens of Chysauster, Gulval aged 82, 9-Aug-1843
Jane Rowe of Gulval Church Town aged 70, 27-Aug-1843
Mary Noy of Penzance aged 54, 8-Sep-1843
Emily Caddy of Punsoe, Gulval aged 3-weeks, 21-Sep-1843
        *The age was given at the time of the funeral as 59-but was
        corrected by me afterwards on the assessentation of the
        widow W Wingfield vicar
Robert Caddy of Punjoe, Gulval aged 3weeks, 21-Sep-1843
Job Morris of Boscobba, Gulval aged 59, 16-Oct-1843
John Nicholls of Gulval Cross aged 12, 7-Nov-1843
Martha Allen of Gulval Church Town aged 49, 3-Dec-1843
John Williams of Penzance aged 73, 10-Dec-1843
John Lawrey of Kellenoweth, Gulval aged 82, 15-Dec-1843
Mary Allen of Penzance Union House aged 79, 18-Dec-1843
Charles Frederick Williams of Pendrea, Gulval aged 5, 20-Dec-1843
Margaret Milwood of Trevarrack, Gulval aged 78, 23-Dec-1843


John Allen of Gulval Church Town aged 44, 21-Jan-1844
Jane Jelbert of Crankan, Gulval aged 12, 23-Jan-1844
Elizabeth Friggens of Bosulval, Gulval aged 87, 2-Feb-1844
Esther Lawrey of Kelanoweth, Gulval aged 53, 19-Mar-1844
Sarah Tredrea of Chyandour aged 9 mths, 8-Apr-1844
Mary Edwards of Cross, Gulval aged 79, 8-Apr-1844
John Carman of Penzance aged 55, 23-Apr-1844
Andrew Nicholls of St Erth aged 24, 30-May-1844
Susan Cunnack of Penzance aged 15, 18-Jun-1844
William Pearce of Trezela aged 67, 2-Jul-1844
Jeremiah Jelbert Matthews of Chysauster aged 17, 14-Jul-1844
Margaret Tallack of Chyandour aged 44, 14-Jul-1844
Maria Trathen of Gear aged 2 mths, 15-Jul-1844
William Tregloan of Boskednan aged 2 mths, 30-Jul-1844
Elizabeth Jenkin of Chyandour aged 2, 4-Aug-1844
Constance Trewhela of Chyandour aged 2 years 6 mths, 4-Aug-1844
Philip Calloway of Long Rock Ludgvan aged 52, 9-Aug-1844
James Semmens of Gulval Cross aged 4, 11-Aug-1844
Edwin Davis of Chyandour, Gulval aged 16 mths, 11-Aug-1844
Thomas Tallack of Chyandour, Gulval aged 1-mth, 18-Aug-1844
John Ellis of Trezela, Gulval aged 12 days, 19-Aug-1844
Rosetta Bridgeman of Chyandour, Gulval aged 18 mths, 3-Sep-1844
Grace Ellis of Helangove, Gulval aged 80, 6-Sep-1844
Elizabeth Jane Rowe of Trezela, Gulval aged 20 mths, 6-Sep-1844
James Rowe of Gulval Church Town aged 3, 13-Sep-1844
Thomas Rowe of Gulval Church Town aged 10-weeks, 20-Sep-1844
William Thomas Pearce of Gear, Gulval aged 4 mths, 7-Oct-1844
Joseph Gillis of Trevarrack, Gulval aged 64, 15-Oct-1844
John Uren of Long Rock, Gulval aged 2, 17-Oct-1844
Edwin Lawrey of Gobbins, Gulval aged 14, 18-Oct-1844
Prudence Rowe of Towednack aged 73, 29-Oct-1844
Elizabeth Cock Nicholas of Bosulval, Gulval aged 2, 19-Nov-1844
Selina Eddy of Gulval Church Town aged 30, 20-Nov-1844
Alfred Jelbert of Trevayler, Gulval aged 10, 22-Nov-1844
Elizabeth Francis of Trevarrack, Gulval aged 17, 26-Nov-1844
Margaret Woolcock of Trevarrack, Gulval aged 60, 26-Nov-1844
Ann Mary Warren of Barley Grove aged 56, 29-Nov-1844
Mary Bolitho of The Coombe Madron aged 41, 30-Nov-1844
Richard Rodda of Trevarrack, Gulval aged 18 mths, 11-Dec-1844
Richard Thomas of Ridgoe, Gulval aged 74, 14-Dec-1844
Elizabeth Jane Bennetts of Cranken, Gulval aged 10 mths, 15-Dec-1844
Robert Kessell of Gulval Church Town aged 3 mths, 15-Dec-1844


Charles Mathews of Bosulval, Gulval aged 16, 8-Jan-1845
James Ellis of Madron aged 79, 3-Feb-1845
Ann Eliza Francis of Trevarrack, Gulval aged 13 mths, 16-Feb-1845
Philippa Bolitho of Chyandour, Gulval aged 76, 11-Mar-1845
Thomas Coulson of Penzance aged 78, 18-Apr-1845
Anna Maria White of St Erth aged 46, 18-Apr-1845
Henry Tregloan of Boskednan, Gulval aged 1, 18-May-1845
Jane Martin of Try, Gulval aged 87, 23-May-1845
Eliza Lawry of Try, Gulval aged 4, 25-May-1845
William James of Trezela, Gulval aged 53, 1-Jun-1845
Ursula Barnicoat of Chyandower, Gulval aged 89, 15-Jun-1845
George Blight of New Mill, Gulval aged 84, 2-Aug-1845
Mary Wearne of Union House aged 67, 18-Aug-1845
Sarah Bridgeman of Chyandour, Gulval aged 51, 5-Sep-1845
Thomas Tregoning of Gulval Church Town aged 2-weeks, 23-Sep-1845
Thomas Pellew of Chyandour, Gulval aged 76, 19-Oct-1845
Jane Couch of Chyandour, Gulval aged 75, 19-Oct-1845
Grace Nicholls of Chysauster, Gulval aged 8, 21-Oct-1845
William Richards of Gulval Cross aged 68, 31-Oct-1845
Mary Jane Ellis of Tregarris, Gulval aged 7 mths, 25-Nov-1845
Elizabeth Lawry * of Paul aged 85, 10-Dec-1845
        * no extra fee being only just left the parish and belonging to it
Elizabeth Roberts of Gulval aged 64, 15-Dec-1845
Grace Jenkin of Towednack aged 45, 23-Dec-1845
James Roberts of Gear, Gulval aged 90, 30-Dec-1845


Edward Bolitho of The Cliff, Penzance aged 14, 6-Jan-1846
John Bridgeman of Penzance aged 85, 11-Jan-1846
Thomas Champion of Union House, Madron aged 57, 13-Jan-1846
Sarah Carbis of Penzance aged 59, 8-Feb-1846
Thomas Henry Hall of Boskednan, Gulval aged 1, 23-Feb-1846
Margaret Williams of Trevarrack, Gulval aged 65, 28-Feb-1846
Richard Coulson of Penzance aged 76, 4-Apr-1846
Susannah Pender of Penzance aged 25, 19-Apr-1846
Richard Victor of Bodmin aged 45, 22-Apr-1846
Avis Wearne of Union House aged 68, 13-May-1846
Christopher Sandy of Boskednan, Gulval aged 76, 17-May-1846
Stephen Nicholls of Madron aged 71, 23-May-1846
Janet O`Donnell of Gulval Church Town aged 52, 2-Jun-1846
Martha Pengilly of Ludgvan aged 81, 7-Jun-1846
Edward Stevens of Tredinnick, Gulval aged 77, 7-Jun-1846
Elizabeth Carncross [?] of Penzance aged 54, 22-Jun-1846
Andrew Friggens of Gulval aged 41, 26-Jun-1846
James Henry Care of Try, Gulval aged 3 mths, 5-Aug-1846
Constance Prody of Penzance aged 31, 9-Aug-1846
Grace James of Penzance aged 16, 21-Aug-1846
Mary Harvey of Gulval aged 4 mths, 27-Aug-1846
Elizabeth Rowe of Union House aged 73, 3-Oct-1846
Ralph Corin of Chyandour, Gulval aged 83, 7-Oct-1846
Nicholas Paul of Trevarrack aged 70, 12-Oct-1846
Mary Jane Pengilly of Crankan aged 15, 20-Oct-1846
Mary Stevens of Trevarrack aged 83, 6-Nov-1846
Richard Yole of Rosemorran, Gulval aged 48, 8-Nov-1846
William Newton of Garris aged 29, 8-Nov-1846
Elizabeth Faukener of Rosemorran, Gulval aged 97, 21-Nov-1846
Thomas Henry Hall of New Mill, Gulval aged 4 mths, 22-Nov-1846
Grace Bottrell of Penzance aged 77, 29-Nov-1846
Mary Ann Ellis of Garris, Gulval aged 2 mths, 1-Dec-1846
Grace Matthews of Gulval Church Town aged 28, 6-Dec-1846
Alexander Berriman of Penzance aged 73, 30-Dec-1846


Elizabeth Rowe of Union House aged 86, 13-Jan-1847
Elizabeth James of Ding Dong, Gulval aged 55, 16-Jan-1847
William Tredrea of Chyandour, Gulval aged 20, 31-Jan-1847
Ellen Matthews of Union House aged 2, 8-Feb-1847
Sampson Rodda of Gulval Church Town aged 11 mths, 9-Feb-1847
Richard James of Chyandour aged 75, 7-Mar-1847
Catherine Nichols Carbis of Boscreage aged 18 mths, 7-Mar-1847
Richard Stevens of St Keverne aged 45, 14-Mar-1847
John Uren of Trescrowan, Gulval aged 76, 20-Mar-1847
John Pearce of Penzance aged 29, 18-Apr-1847
Lavinia Newton of Gulval Church Town aged 1, 28-Apr-1847
Jane Ninnis of Carnequidden aged 26, 2-May-1847
Thomas Nicholls of Tregarris, Gulval aged 4, 2-Jun-1847
William Polgrean of Tredinack, Gulval aged 50, 21-Jun-1847
Elizabeth Rich of Trogga, Gulval aged 67, 27-Jun-1847
John Nicholls of Bodmin Lunatic Asylum aged 35, 30-Jun-1847
James Uren of Little Trescrowan, Gulval aged 39, 4-Jul-1847
James Roberts of Gobbins, Gulval aged 8, 9-Jul-1847
Elizabeth Barnes of Union House aged 54, 1-Aug-1847
Richard Millett of Boscreage, Gulval aged 40, 6-Aug-1847
Jane Roberts of Polkinghorne, Gulval aged 2, 23-Aug-1847
Honor Corin of Chyandour, Gulval aged 83, 24-Sep-1847
Thomas Williams of Trezelah, Gulval aged 5 mths, 25-Sep-1847
George Dennis Johns of Penzance aged 54, 29-Sep-1847
George Johns of Penzance aged 88, 3-Nov-1847
John Eddy of Gulval Church Town aged 18 mths, 7-Nov-1847
Joanna French of Badgers Cross, Gulval aged 60, 24-Nov-1847


Israel Pellew of Chyandour, Gulval aged 1, 2-Jan-1848
Stephen Nicholls of Madron aged 31, 5-Jan-1848
George Uren of Union House aged 63, 11-Jan-1848
William Curnow of Trythall, Gulval aged 89, 14-Jan-1848
Elizabeth Williams of Ridgoe, Gulval aged 60, 7-Feb-1848
Elizabeth Ann Carbis of Boscreage, Gulval aged 1, 9-Feb-1848
John Nicholls of Old Vicarage, Gulval aged 17 mths, 15-Feb-1848
William Lawrey of Try, Gulval aged 13, 16-Feb-1848
Jane Jeffery Eddy of Trevarrack aged 14 mths, 27-Feb-1848
Richard Nickless of Breage aged 72, 12-Apr-1848
Sarah Griggs of Trezilla aged 22, 24-May-1848
John Major of Trevarrack aged 21, 30-Jun-1848
Nathaniel Williams of Trezela aged 76, 9-Jul-1848
Sampson Roberts of Polkinghorne aged 94, 16-Jul-1848
Cordelia Rowe of Church Town aged 10, 24-Jul-1848
Richard Rowe of Churchtown aged 39, 3-Aug-1848
Nancy Eddy of Church Town aged 21, 11-Aug-1848
Joanna Eddy of Kenegie aged 80, 20-Aug-1848
James * Richards of Trevarrack aged 5, 20-Aug-1848
        [*The name should have been Job]
Elizabeth Berryman Roberts of Trogga aged 4, 5-Sep-1848
Mary Paul of Penzance aged 79, 13-Sep-1848
Elizabeth Lawry of Trevarrack aged 1 day, 18-Sep-1848
Elizabeth Ann Brookham Lavers [?] of Boskednan aged 1, 29-Sep-1848
John Hoskin of Gulval Cross aged 2, 13-Oct-1848
James Semmens of Gear aged 13, 15-Oct-1848
Eliza Rhoda Friggens of Chysauster aged 2, 25-Oct-1848
Emily Argoll Roberts of Gear aged 27, 31-Oct-1848
Elizabeth Hawke of Tolver aged 64, 1-Nov-1848
Sally Millett of Tregarris aged 8, 11-Nov-1848
James Roberts of Trigga aged 1, 13-Nov-1848
Mary Anne Williams of Bosoljack aged 5, 13-Nov-1848
Patience Daniel of Tredinnack aged 79, 21-Nov-1848
Catherine Richards of Union House aged 84, 25-Nov-1848
Margaret Rodda of Trevarrack aged 42, 29-Nov-1848
John Rowe of Church Town aged 66, 29-Dec-1848


John Lawry of Try aged 48, 10-Jan-1849
John Hosking of Chyandour aged 72, 4-Feb-1849
Maria Jane Friggens of Bosulval aged 3, 23-Feb-1849
Benjamin Gribble of Boscobba aged 92, 7-Mar-1849
Grace Friggens of Trezelah aged 34, 13-Mar-1849
Nicholas Paul of Penzance aged 35, 23-Mar-1849
Samuel Murley of Trezela aged 3, 23-Mar-1849
Amelia Carne Williams of Trevarrack aged 1, 31-Mar-1849
Grace Hosking of Penzance aged 62, 4-Apr-1849
John Peak Edwards of Tredinnick Moor aged 23, 6-Apr-1849
Amy Donithorne of Rosemorran aged 87, 6-Apr-1849
Anne Matthews of Church Town aged 85, 6-Apr-1849
Nathaniel Williams of Trevarrack aged 70, 7-Apr-1849
William George of Trevarrack aged 68, 15-Apr-1849
Ann Stevens of Carfury aged 83, 21-Apr-1849
Kate Chellew Richards of Penzance aged 7 mths, 22-Apr-1849
Catherine Paul of Trevarrack aged 60, 28-Apr-1849
Richard Ralph of Carnequiden aged 78, 3-Jun-1849
John Lawry of Try, Gulval aged 52, 12-Jun-1849
Christiana Bolitho of Union House aged 76, 22-Jun-1849
Job Hoskins of Tregarris aged 45, 4-Jul-1849
Richard Stephens of Try, Gulval aged 21, 13-Jul-1849
Henry Barnes of Little Rosemorran aged 29, 21-Aug-1849
Thomas Eddy of Kenegie aged 67, 28-Aug-1849
Lavinia Roberts of Trezelah aged 6 mths, 1-Sep-1849
Sarah Smith of Chyandour aged 1, 9-Sep-1849
William Triggs of Trezelah aged 82, 9-Sep-1849
Jacob Corin of Penzance aged 83, 11-Sep-1849
John Friggens of Trezelah aged 77, 10-Oct-1849
John Roberts of Trezelah aged 2, 10-Oct-1849
Thomas Williams of Trezelah aged 11 mths, 17-Oct-1849
William Henry Nicholls of Boskednan aged 8, 6-Nov-1849
Caroline Thomas of Penzance aged 6-weeks, 15-Nov-1849
Ann Blight of New Mill aged 24, 17-Nov-1849
Thomas Trezize of New Mill, Gulval aged 26, 30-Nov-1849
Eliza Trudgen of Gulval aged 32, 24-Dec-1849

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