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This transcript is provided by Gwen Attridge with thanks. Editorial annotations are contained in [square brackets].

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Mary Trembah 5-Jan-1800
William Matthews 6-Feb-1800
Benjamin Roberts 6-Apr-1800
Mary Noy of Penzance 8-Apr-1800
Henry Oliver of Penzance 9-May-1800
Mary Oliver, pauper 9-May-1800
Robert Osbran sojourner 23-May-1800
Thomas Rowe 3-Jun-1800
Mary Donithorne 7-Jun-1800
John Reed 22-Jun-1800
James Uren 22-Aug-1800
Ann Bennetts 23-Aug-1800
Jane Nicholls of Madron 27-Aug-1800
Elizabeth Broadly 28-Aug-1800
Ann wife of Richard Eddy 21-Oct-1800
Thomas Rowe 29-Oct-1800
Nicholas Fox 12-Nov-1800
Blanch Richards of Penzance 12-Nov-1800
Jane Stephens 9-Dec-1800
Mary wife of William Hosking 10-Dec-1800
Elizabeth Green 26-Dec-1800

        Anthony Williams, Curate


John Corin of Madron 21-Jan-1801
Nicholas White of Madron 13-Mar-1801
Ann Jenkin of Penzance 19-Mar-1801
Edmond Woolcock 12-Apr-1801
John Bailey 13-Apr-1801
Mary Hancock 19-Apr-1801
John Eascock 29-Apr-1801
Frances Roberts 2-May-1801
William Pearce of Madron 25-May-1801
Sarah Stephens of Penzance 28-May-1801
Frances Oliver of Penzance 29-May-1801
John Richards of Penzance 19-Jun-1801
Elizabeth Roberts 4-Sep-1801
George Noy of Penzance 30-Sep-1801
Catharine Davy 2-Nov-1801

        Anthony Williams, Curate


Ann Nicholls 2-Jan-1802
Ann wife of John Nicholls 11-Jan-1802
Jane Trythal 4-Mar-1802
James Matthews 24-Mar-1802
Margery Colson of Penzance 29-Mar-1802
Matthew Jewel of Madron 7-Apr-1802
Nathaniel Williams 13-Apr-1802
Jane Thomas of Madron 1-May-1802
William Bosence of Madron 19-May-1802
Esther Fox, widow 23-May-1802
Catharine Stevens, widow of Penzance aged 87, 26-May-1802
William Friggens 1-Jun-1802
Elizabeth Barnicote 1-Jun-1802
Lucy Barnicote 3-Jun-1802
Andrew Matthews Stevens, infant 25-Jun-1802
Thomas Perlew 7-Jul-1802
Ann Pauley 9-Jul-1802
Richard White 30-Oct-1802
Mary Roberts 28-Nov-1802
Phillis Robertson aged 81, 28-Dec-1802

        Anthony Williams, Curate


Grace Trembath 11-Jan-1803
Robert Osborn 14-Jan-1803
Margery Kara 15-Feb-1803
William Williams 17-Mar-1803
Robert Roberts Bailey 7-Apr-1803
John Row of Penzance 17-Apr-1803
Mary Roberts 18-Apr-1803
Jane Eva 19-Apr-1803
Frances Searle 16-May-1803
Richard Paul 27-Aug-1803
Mrs. Lydia Baines of Penzance 20-Oct-1803
John Martins 1-Dec-1803
Phillis Kestle 5-Dec-1803

        Samuel Cole, Curate


Mary Evans 9-Jan-1804
Elizabeth Friggens of Ludgvan 10-Jan-1804
Mary Donithorne 21-Jan-1804
Catherine Borlase of Madron 24-Jan-1804
Andrew White 23-Feb-1804
Martha Brush 14-Apr-1804
Margaret Trythal 23-Apr-1804
George Bennats of Uny Lelant 26-Apr-1804
Ephraim Weymouth 16-May-1804
Ann Borlase of Penzance 18-May-1804
Odriah Gammon 18-May-1804
Ann Trenmouth, widow 6-Jun-1804
Richard Tregoning 20-Jun-1804
William Barns 22-Jun-1804
Sarah Bayley, widow 30-Jul-1804
Joan Thomas, widow 2-Aug-1804
Margaret Barnacote 14-Aug-1804
Nahaniel Hancock 23-Aug-1804
Henry Nicholls, pauper 30-Aug-1804
Francis Carne of Penzance 11-Sep-1804
Thomas Pidwell 7-Nov-1804
Jane Couch 21-Dec-1804

        Samuel Cole, Curate


John Corin 9-Jan-1805
Phillis Nicholas 14-Jan-1805
William Webb 19-Jan-1805
Judy Trevowin, widow 19-Jan-1805
John Ellery 30-Jan-1805
John Pearce, pauper 18-Feb-1805
William Rodda, pauper 21-Feb-1805
William Barker 3-Mar-1805
Mary Rodda 14-Mar-1805
John Trembah 21-Mar-1805
Richard Richards 1-Apr-1805
Ann Richards 3-Apr-1805
Elizabeth Bennets 21-Apr-1805
Maria Russell 7-May-1805
Henry Reed 19-Jun-1805
Robert Caddy 19-Jun-1805
Ann Tregoning 3-Jul-1805
Lydia Rodda 17-Jul-1805
Andrew Matthews Stephens 30-Jul-1805
Ann Corin Edwards 8-Aug-1805
Sarah Bridgman 9-Aug-1805
William Wedlock Roberts 11-Aug-1805
Ann Madron, pauper 21-Aug-1805
Susanna Pauley 4-Sep-1805
Alice Nicholls 21-Sep-1805
Hezekiah Simmons 22-Sep-1805
Elizabeth Rodda 26-Nov-1805
William Richards 4-Dec-1805

        Samuel Cole, Curate


Edward Richards 19-Jan-1806
William Roberts 11-Feb-1806
Eliza Searle 12-Feb-1806
John Nicholls 19-Feb-1806
Henry Brush 26-Feb-1806
Elizabeth Corin 18-Apr-1806
Richard White 24-Apr-1806
Sarah Nicholls 4-May-1806
Mary Caddy 18-May-1806
Joseph Barns 6-Jun-1806
Isaac Lowry 26-Jun-1806
Mary Johnson 25-Oct-1806
Benjamin Pearce 12-Dec-1806
Anne Phillips 14-Dec-1806
James Bennats 15-Dec-1806

        Samuel Cole, Curate


Matthias Caddy 9-Jan-1807
Richard Grose 15-Feb-1807
Edmund Nicholls, pauper 23-Feb-1807
Emily Barns 13-Mar-1807
Rebecca Edmonds 16-Mar-1807
Thomas Bolitho 17-Mar-1807
Henry Pearce of Ludgvan 9-Apr-1807
Joan Coulson, widow of Penzance 14-Apr-1807
Edmund Kessel 19-Apr-1807
Ann Edmonds of Penzance 31-May-1807
Jane Nell, pauper 8-Jul-1807
Ann Bennats 3-Aug-1807
William Davey 12-Sep-1807
Thomas Edwards 30-Oct-1807
Jenifer Friggens 16-Nov-1807
Ann Peters 24-Dec-1807

        Samuel Cole, Curate


Catherine French 27-Jan-1808
Marmaduke Trebilcock 10-Feb-1808
Sarah Lowry, widow 13-Mar-1808
Mary Berriman 9-May-1808
Rev. George Coryton of Penzance 11-May-1808
Thomas Wilmot, pauper 11-May-1808
John Curno 15-May-1808
James Madern 9-Aug-1808
Mary Brown Stevens of Penzance 15-Aug-1808
James Curno 19-Aug-1808
Robert Ellis, pauper 8-Sep-1808
Michael Reed, pauper 12-Sep-1808
Richard Matthews 9-Oct-1808
Mary Curno Roberts 3-Nov-1808
Jane Coulson of Penzance 13-Nov-1808
Benjamin James 1-Dec-1808
Thomas Bolitho 5-Dec-1808
Margery Lanyon 20-Dec-1808
Elizabeth Lowry, pauper 23-Dec-1808
Elizabeth Corin of Maddern 25-Dec-1808

        Samuel Cole, Curate


John Nicholls, pauper 9-Jan-1809
Mary Blewet 11-Jan-1809
Richard Edwards 13-Jan-1809
Thomas Edwards 5-Feb-1809
Elizabeth Barnes, pauper 11-Feb-1809
Francis Smith 29-Mar-1809
Jane Corin of Penzance 31-Mar-1809
Ann Grose 5-Apr-1809
Stephen White 10-Apr-1809
Thomasina Berriman of Ludgvan 16-May-1809
Grace Uren 22-May-1809
Sarah Curno Roberts 28-May-1809
Catharine Davies 7-Jun-1809
Mary Ann Rodda 14-Jun-1809
Nicholas Basset 20-Jun-1809
Mary Reed, pauper 22-Jun-1809
Dorothy Williams 8-Jul-1809
Honor Treloar 11-Jul-1809
Elizabeth Trezize 13-Jul-1809
Mary Osborne 18-Jul-1809
Jenkings Searle 2-Aug-1809
Richard Martins 2-Sep-1809
Priscilla Foss 5-Sep-1809
Andrew Stevens 2-Oct-1809
Isaac Maddern 4-Oct-1809
Margaret Coulson of Helston 30-Nov-1809
John Row 30-Nov-1809
John James 18-Dec-1809
Johanna Velnoweth 22-Dec-1809
Nicholas Velnoweth 27-Dec-1809
John Warne 30-Dec-1809

        Samuel Cole, Curate


John Morrice aged 83, 13-Jan-1810
Andrew Edwards 17-Feb-1810
Martha Kevill aged 87, 26-Feb-1810
James Trembath 28-Feb-1810
William Hoskin 4-Mar-1810
Anne Kevill 4-Apr-1810
Mary Roberts aged 96, 7-Apr-1810
William Sims 9-Apr-1810
Wilmot Grenfell of Sancred 27-Apr-1810
Edward Pellew 4-May-1810
Henry Paisley 10-May-1810
Elizabeth White 23-May-1810
Henry White 29-May-1810
Robert Bridgman 13-Sep-1810
James Corin aged 82, 20-Oct-1810
William Wedlock 30-Oct-1810
William Pearce 15-Dec-1810

        Samuel Cole, Curate


Richard Daniel 12-Feb-1811
Ann Paul 18-Feb-1811
Elizabeth Fox 1-Mar-1811
Cordelia Marshall 5-Mar-1811
Anne Price 7-Mar-1811
William Stevens 9-Mar-1811
Benjamin Pearce 12-Mar-1811
Mary Corin 23-Mar-1811
Henry Couch 25-Mar-1811
Grace Ellis Edwards 22-May-1811
Henry Harvey 29-May-1811
Martha Major 29-May-1811
William Couch 1-Jun-1811
Nathaniel Williams 9-Jun-1811
Mary Tonkin 1-Aug-1811
Alexander Rowe 4-Aug-1811
John Richards 9-Aug-1811
Isabella Lowry 23-Sep-1811
William Barns 9-Oct-1811
Elizabeth Couch 27-Oct-1811
John Vellanoweth 18-Nov-1811
Catherine Smith 13-Dec-1811
Joseph Roberts 26-Dec-1811

        Samuel Cole, Curate


John Bosence 5-Jan-1812
Cetty Smith 24-Jan-1812
Anne Bailey 9-Feb-1812
Henry Couch 20-Feb-1812
Grace Wedlock 2-Mar-1812
Marmaduke Trebilcock aged 70, 8-Mar-1812
Elizabeth Cock 22-Mar-1812
Elizabeth Roberts aged 77, 11-Apr-1812
Constance Barnes aged 76, 14-Apr-1812
Elizabeth Bosence 8-May-1812
Joan Eddy aged 85, 5-Jun-1812
James Corker Dennis 10-Jun-1812
David Evans 23-Jun-1812
George Donithorne aged 76, 28-Jun-1812
John French 8-Sep-1812
Eleanor Newton aged 76, 2-Oct-1812
Mary Harris 3-Oct-1812
Caroline Corin 31-Oct-1812
Richard Uren 8-Nov-1812
Anne Curnow 3-Dec-1812
Mary Jacka 10-Dec-1812
Cyprian Friggens 15-Dec-1812
Rebecca Trezea 20-Dec-1812

        Samuel Cole, Curate

A new register with printed forms starts here.


John Rodda of Lower Kenegie aged 1, 10-Jan-1813
Honor Oliver of Chyandower aged 61, 8-Feb-1813
Catharine Jacka of Penzance aged 71, 18-Feb-1813
Jacob Corin of Chyandower aged 70, 19-Feb-1813
William Welch of Chyandower aged 5, 7-Mar-1813
James Pearce of Kecuryon aged 2m, 9-Mar-1813
William Pearce of Trezela aged 75, 16-Mar-1813
James Pearce of Trevarrack aged 78, 19-Mar-1813
James Rowe of Church Town aged 6, 20-Mar-1813
James Triggs of Church Town aged 9, 7-Apr-1813
Piercy Lowry of Tremenheere aged 1, 12-Apr-1813
Mary Corin of Chyandower aged 1, 12-Apr-1813
Susanna Roberts of Penzance aged 78, 18-Apr-1813
Peter Williams of Penzance aged 2, 2-May-1813
Joseph Roberts of Chyandower aged 45, 19-May-1813
John Pearce of Newlyn aged 4, 21-May-1813
Mary Bond of Chyandower aged 88, 26-May-1813
James Ellis of Trevarrack aged 74, 29-May-1813
Catherine Carbis of Chyandower aged 1, 3-Jun-1813
Elizabeth Caddy of Polkhorn aged 4, 6-Jun-1813
Anne Uren of Trezela aged 74, 8-Jun-1813
Robert Waddilove of Penzance aged 24, 7-Jul-1813
Elizabeth Gammon of Chyandower aged 1, 16-Jul-1813
Anne Leggatt of Penzance aged 76, 29-Jul-1813
Mary Major of Cross aged 12, 16-Aug-1813
Thomas Polmear Major of Cross aged 1, 17-Aug-1813
Phillis Richards of Madron aged 80, 22-Aug-1813
Sarah Weaver of Penzance aged 25, 23-Aug-1813
Jane Boase of Trythall aged 16, 6-Sep-1813
William Saundry of St. Just aged 20, 21-Sep-1813
John Nicholls of Lower Hellangove aged 1, 25-Sep-1813
Elizabeth Roach of Ludgvan aged 31, 1-Oct-1813
Benjamin Pearce of Trezela aged 3, 3-Oct-1813
Cath Pearce of Trezela aged 1, 8-Oct-1813
Hannah Trembath of Lower Courihan [?] aged 34, 15-Oct-1813
William Tucker Nicholls of Cross aged 4, 16-Oct-1813
Richard Row of Bosulval aged 70, 14-Nov-1813
Catherine Pascoe of Penzance aged 59, 19-Nov-1813
Jane Brush of Madron aged 93, 25-Nov-1813
Bridget Callaway of Tolver aged 67, 12-Dec-1813
Margery Friggens of Chyauster aged 16, 16-Dec-1813
Joanna Friggens of Chyauster aged 41, 24-Dec-1813


Elizabeth Rowe of Ridgeo, Gulval aged 69, 3-Jan-1814
Mary Berriman of Ludgvan aged 84, 8-Jan-1814
Elizabeth Eddy of Barlawenna, Gulval aged 85, 15-Jan-1814
Mary Nicholls of Penzance aged 75, 16-Feb-1814
Andrew Nicholls of Madron aged 50, 2-Mar-1814
Unknown Washed onshore on beach in Gulval 17-Apr-1814
Joan Gibbs of Garris, Gulval aged 81, 30-Apr-1814
James Prowse of Penzance aged 1, 3-May-1814
Susanna Lawry of Penzance aged 86, 16-May-1814
Cyprian Nicholls of Treen, Zennor aged 55, 31-May-1814
Grace Martins of Garris, Gulval aged 1, 11-Jul-1814
Mary Trebilcock of Tredennack aged 29, 20-Jul-1814
Mary Welch of Penzance aged 35, 29-Jul-1814
Jane Pearce of Barlawenna, Gulval aged 81, 16-Aug-1814
Julia Thomas of Penzance aged 18, 21-Aug-1814
Avis Richards of Chyandower aged 84, 16-Sep-1814
Unknown Washed onshore on beach in Gulval 13-Oct-1814
Unknown Washed onshore on beach in Gulval 15-Oct-1814
Catherine Carter of Boscobba aged 23, 16-Oct-1814
Hanibal Lowry of Penzance aged 66, 23-Oct-1814
Elizabeth Hambleton of Penzance aged 61, 2-Nov-1814
Jane Allen of Gear Vean, Gulval aged 7, 25-Nov-1814
Susannah Bennetts of Lelant aged 75, 20-Dec-1814
John Friggens of Chyandower aged 71, 27-Dec-1814


Thomas Oliver of Lower Rosemorran aged 38, 29-Jan-1815
Barbara Friggins of Chysauster aged 78, 9-Feb-1815
Dorcas Carbis of Boscobba, Gulval aged 21, 26-Feb-1815
Margaret Penberthy of Penzance aged 49, 3-Mar-1815
Mary Rodda of Lower Kenegie aged 1, 21-Mar-1815
Ann Husband of Penzance aged 67, 22-Mar-1815
Jane Hodder of Lower Trescreven aged 44, 28-Mar-1815
John Nickless of Boscreege aged 5, 14-Apr-1815
Mary Carbis of Lower Tolver, Gulval aged 82, 4-May-1815
Lydia Fox of Sancreed aged 66, 15-May-1815
Unknown Washed onshore on beach in Gulval 15-May-1815
Ann Stephens of Penzance aged 26, 28-May-1815
Cordelia Corin of Penzance aged 82, 7-Jul-1815
Elizabeth Pauley of Penzance aged 32, 16-Jul-1815
Miriam Woolcock of Penzance aged 1 yr. 4 mon, 16-Jul-1815
Thomas Oliver of Lower Rosemorran aged 5, 10-Aug-1815
Sarah Noy of Penzance aged 63, 20-Aug-1815
James Kevill of Penzance aged 54, 27-Aug-1815
Mary Oats of Trezela, Gulval aged 21, 4-Sep-1815
John Jewell of Chycorne, Gulval aged 3, 7-Sep-1815
Sarah Fox of Madron aged 57, 4-Nov-1815
Jane Pauley of Penzance aged 1, 4-Nov-1815
Christian Oliver of Lower Rosemorran aged 4, 11-Dec-1815
Mary Foster Bolitho of Chyandower aged 3y 1m, 12-Dec-1815
Elizabeth Corin of Penzance aged 2, 14-Dec-1815
Mary Corin of Penzance aged 4, 19-Dec-1815


John Triggs of Trezela aged 2, 7-Jan-1816
James Hussey of Penzance aged 40, 19-Jan-1816
John Jewell of Chicorne aged 2, 19-Jan-1816
John Nicholls of Try aged 91, 21-Jan-1816
William Oats of Trevaylor aged 1, 22-Jan-1816
John Couch of Long Rock aged 29, 4-Feb-1816
Mary White of Trythal aged 2, 14-Feb-1816
John White of Penzance aged 20, 18-Feb-1816
Catherine Newcom of Chyandower aged 3, 19-Feb-1816
Alex Richards James of Newlyn aged 3, 23-Feb-1816
Margaret Bennatts of Lower Tolver aged 4w, 26-Feb-1816
Jennifer Eddy of Chyandance aged 1, 2-Mar-1816
Margery George of Chyandower aged 82, 3-Mar-1816
Jacob Philips of St. Ives aged 71, 12-Mar-1816
Richard Donnithorne of Chyandower aged 77, 9-Apr-1816
James Edwards of Cross aged 63, 5-May-1816
Elizabeth Couch of Trannack aged 1, 29-May-1816
Thomas Curnow of New Town aged 52, 6-Jun-1816
Grace Nicholls of Curvussa aged 12, 23-Jul-1816
Abraham James Nicholls of Gulval Cross aged 38, 8-Aug-1816
Richard Couch of Trannack aged 38, 13-Aug-1816
Thomas Nicholls of Trezela aged 88, 17-Sep-1816
Mary Johns of Penzance aged 63, 19-Sep-1816
Ann Weymouth of Chyandower aged 64, 19-Sep-1816
Ann Trigs of Trezela aged 43, 9-Oct-1816
Elizabeth Corin of Penzance aged 30, 20-Nov-1816
Richard Corin of Tolver aged 60, 23-Nov-1816
James Trembath of Carnequiden aged 58, 29-Nov-1816
Jacob Corin of Long Rock aged 4, 17-Dec-1816


Elizabeth Ellis of Trannack aged 1, 12-Jan-1817
John French of Trevarrack aged 83, 3-Feb-1817
Ann Lowry of Tredennack aged 1, 16-Feb-1817
Catherine Nickless of Boscreege aged 84, 24-Mar-1817
Mary Pearce of Chyandower aged 79, 10-Apr-1817
John Richards of Hay Madron aged 74, 15-Apr-1817
Jane Trathen of Try aged 5m, 15-Apr-1817
Elizabeth Harvey of Treneer Mill, Madron aged 13, 17-Apr-1817
John Stephens of Trythall aged 6, 21-Apr-1817
Nicholas John Cunnack of Penzance aged 8m, 22-Apr-1817
William Uren of Lower Kenegie aged 28, 29-Apr-1817
Charles Tonkin of Lower Trescrowen aged 84, 29-Apr-1817
John Edwards of St Erth aged 54, 24-May-1817
Ann Nicholls of Penzance aged 53, 2-Jun-1817
William Nicholls of Curvussa aged 18, 3-Jun-1817
Robert Bridgeman of Kenegie Mill aged 11m, 29-Jun-1817
Henry Thomas of Rosemorran aged 65, 11-Jul-1817
George Rowe of Church Town aged 5, 3-Aug-1817
Catherine Richards of Trevarrack aged 89, 13-Aug-1817
Thomas Friggins of St Just aged 73, 17-Aug-1817
John Stapleton Harris of Trevarrack aged 10m, 29-Oct-1817
Mary Ann Barnicott of Chyandower aged 4m, 6-Nov-1817
Henry Davy of Crankern aged 64, 10-Nov-1817
Samuel Harris Corin of Penzance aged 6m, 9-Dec-1817
Frances Fox of Penzance aged 63, 31-Dec-1817


Alice Trigs of Lelant aged 7, 3-Jan-1818
Sampson Stevens of Penzance aged 70, 4-Feb-1818
Charles Corin of Long Rock aged 21, 20-Mar-1818
Catherine Cock of Burlewenna aged 46, 25-Apr-1818
Elizabeth Couch of Long Rock aged 26, 25-May-1818
Catherine Nickless of Boscreege aged 1, 10-Aug-1818
Henry Barns of Ridger aged 2m, 28-Aug-1818
Jane Corin of Tolver aged 66, 10-Oct-1818
Ann Duncan of Kenegie aged 87, 16-Oct-1818
John Williams of Chyandour Cliff, Madron aged 25, 13-Nov-1818
Elizabeth Barns of Ridger aged 71, 5-Dec-1818
Elizabeth Evans of Long Rock aged 2, 5-Dec-1818
Zenobia Rowe of Church Town aged 85, 24-Dec-1818
John Moyle of Chyandour aged 69, 27-Dec-1818
Jane Couch of Trannack aged 3m, 29-Dec-1818


Jane Thomas of Church Town aged 17, 10-Jan-1819
Elizabeth Richards of Hay Madron aged 66, 22-Jan-1819
Peggy Trembath of Trevayler aged 1, 3-Feb-1819
Elizabeth Saundry of Newtown aged 59, 5-Feb-1819
John Ellrey of Trevarrack aged 40, 19-Feb-1819
John Harrington of Penzance aged 60, 24-Feb-1819
Robert Barns of Chyandour aged 80, 1-Mar-1819
William Egburd Rowe of Chyandour aged 2, 7-Mar-1819
Grace Pengilly of Chyandour aged 85, 22-Mar-1819
June Ellis of Trevarrack aged 70, 24-Mar-1819
Fanny Dennis of Penzance aged 43, 15-Apr-1819
Richard Couch of Trannack aged 73, 5-May-1819
Catherine Donithorne of Chyandower aged 98, 2-Jun-1819
Elizabeth Veale of Chenhalls aged 74, 11-Jun-1819
Esther Barns of Ridger aged 18, 18-Jun-1819
Mary Anne Pawley of Penzance aged 1, 11-Jul-1819
Matthew/Martin Williams of Trythall aged 1, 18-Jul-1819
Elizabeth Velnoweth of Chyandour aged 5, 7-Sep-1819
John Saundry of New Town aged 62, 16-Sep-1819
Nancy Pearce of Church Town aged 63, 29-Sep-1819
Grace Nicholls of Curvussa aged 52, 3-Oct-1819
James Matthews of Church Town aged 61, 6-Oct-1819
Sally Cornon of Ridgoe aged 2, 18-Oct-1819
Honnor Uren of Penzance aged 2, 29-Oct-1819
Grace James of Chyandour aged 4, 2-Nov-1819
Mary Ann Rodda of Trethogga aged 1, 4-Nov-1819
William Martin of Rosesoon aged 35, 8-Nov-1819
George Davis of Penzance aged 82, 13-Nov-1819
Richard Burkam of Tredallack [?] aged 42, 2-Dec-1819
Humphry Trembath of Ludgvan aged 55, 9-Dec-1819
Mary Courin of Penzance aged 4, 10-Dec-1819
Alexander Rowe of Church Town aged 4, 10-Dec-1819
Emma Ellis of Trewednack aged 74, 11-Dec-1819
Maria Barnicott of Chyandower aged 1, 16-Dec-1819
Catherine Jane John of Penzance aged 9m, 20-Dec-1819


Grace Rogers of Penzance aged 52, 5-Mar-1820
James Donithorne of Chyandower aged 78, 8-Mar-1820
Elizabeth Hosking of Garris aged 56, 10-Mar-1820
Elizabeth Donithorne of New Mill aged 86, 27-Mar-1820
Prudence Lawry of Tolver aged 12, 16-Apr-1820
Jane Eddy of Trevarrack aged 70, 27-Apr-1820
Ann Stevens of Carfury aged 84, 3-May-1820
Ann Edwards of Chyandower aged 97, 5-May-1820
John Rowe of Trevarrack aged 32, 7-May-1820
William Roberts of Boskednan aged 57, 13-May-1820 [Entry partially crossed out]
Alice Bridgeman of Kenneddy Mill [Kenegie?] aged 2m, 28-May-1820
John Uren of Polkinghorn aged 78, 7-Jul-1820
William Roberts of Trevarrack aged 33, 14-Sep-1820
Grace Roberts of Trevarrack aged 65, 26-Oct-1820
Benjamin Roberts of Trethoggan aged 49, 16-Nov-1820
Elizabeth Sims of Lower Tolver aged 48, 5-Dec-1820
Mary Besins of Penzance aged 47, 15-Dec-1820
Mary Curnow of Madron aged 51, 27-Dec-1820


Samuel Gundry of Punjo aged 74, 6-Jan-1821
John Carbis of Chyandower aged 77, 21-Jan-1821
Jacob Corin Edward Trembath of Higher Helangove aged 9 mon, 21-Jan-1821
Anny Smith of Chyandower aged 2w, 14-Feb-1821
William Pawley of Barly Winack aged 58, 1-Mar-1821
John Jacka of Trewarack aged 77, 11-Mar-1821
Richard Rowe of Trewarack aged 2, 12-Mar-1821
Elizabeth Lawry of Tredinnick aged 4, 14-Mar-1821
Jane Nicholls of Thysoston aged 2m, 5-Apr-1821
John Richards of Trewarack aged 2m, 21-Apr-1821
Thomas Eddy of Trezealer aged 1, 29-May-1821
Catherine Bolitho of Chyandower aged 85, 30-May-1821
Catherine Rogers of Trewarrack aged 76, 13-Jun-1821
Mary Corin of Tolver aged 1, 20-Jun-1821
Elizabeth Oliver of Penzance aged 74, 26-Jun-1821
Mary Richards of Chyandower aged 78, 4-Jul-1821
William Coulson of Helston aged 42, 23-Jul-1821
Mary Eddy of Park Trewarrack aged 99, 31-Jul-1821
Honour Searl of Penzance aged 76, 15-Aug-1821
Jane Oliver of Barley Winner aged 8, 1-Sep-1821
Honour Gammon of Trewarrack aged 75, 11-Sep-1821
Mary Bond of Chyandower aged 67, 14-Sep-1821
William Oliver of Vellanhogan aged 67, 22-Sep-1821
William Lowry of Tredinnick aged 16, 23-Sep-1821
Thomas Williams of Garris aged 46, 27-Oct-1821
Nicholas Oliver of Penzance aged 62, 6-Dec-1821


Elizabeth Cunnack of Penzance aged 29, 8-Jan-1822
Honor French of Trewarrack aged 77, 17-Jan-1822
Phillis Trewheler of Bosolwal aged 19, 3-Feb-1822
Catherine Thomas of Penzance aged 24, 12-Feb-1822
Elizabeth Thomas of Penzance aged 54, 17-Feb-1822
Richard Curnow of Paul aged 34, 1-May-1822
Sarah Gammon of Chyandower aged 48, 12-Jun-1822
William Carbis of Trezeler aged 1, 8-Jul-1822
Philip Gard of Church Town aged 73, 9-Jul-1822
James Pearce of Penzance aged 48, 11-Aug-1822
William Matthews of Church Town aged 68, 24-Sep-1822
William Pearce of Trezeler aged 1, 8-Oct-1822
William Carbis of Barawina aged 72, 13-Oct-1822
William Harry of Paul aged 80, 29-Oct-1822
Honour Carne of Penzance aged 69, 13-Nov-1822
Elizabeth Pearce of Ridgeo aged 13, 19-Nov-1822
Margaret Lowry of Cross aged 52, 5-Dec-1822
John Grenfell of Trevarrack aged 3m, 8-Dec-1822
Ann Hall of Boskednan aged 31, 28-Dec-1822
John Nicholls of Ludgvan aged 54, 31-Dec-1822


Catherine Oliver of Barlywena aged 45, 6-Jan-1823
Abraham Tredea of Trewarrick aged 6w, 6-Jan-1823
Mary Rich of Penzance aged 90, 25-Jan-1823
Mary Baker of Penzance aged 63, 31-Jan-1823
Philothea Perronet Thompson of Penzance aged 69, 15-Feb-1823
Thomas Murrish of Polkinghorne aged 8m, 22-Feb-1823
Ann Row of Church Town aged 13, 13-Mar-1823
John Richards of Madron aged 84, 6-Apr-1823
Catherine Eddy of St Hilary aged 56, 22-Apr-1823
Thomas Henry Ellis of Trevarrack aged 2m, 23-Apr-1823
John Lawry of Marazion aged 53, 24-Apr-1823
Philothea Thompson of Penzance aged 32, 28-May-1823
Elizabeth Corin of Madron aged 18, 16-Jun-1823
John Pearce of Trezealer aged 15, 11-Jul-1823
Andrew Stevens of Curfury aged 92, 21-Aug-1823
Elizabeth Balnoweth of Chyandower aged 18m, 24-Aug-1823
Stephen Nicholls of Try aged 68, 23-Sep-1823
Catherine Brush of Bodrifty aged 71, 1-Oct-1823
Sarah Johns of St Hilary aged 29, 5-Oct-1823
John Johns of Ludgvan aged 2w, 12-Oct-1823
Ann Lamley of Barlevena aged 27, 14-Oct-1823
Emma Pidler Tredrea of Punso aged 18m, 26-Oct-1823
Richard Henry Wedlock of Marazion aged 5m, 14-Nov-1823
John Perry of Church Town aged 10m, 15-Nov-1823
Henry Nicholls of Madron aged 20, 26-Nov-1823
Elizabeth Victor of Chyandower aged 64, 12-Dec-1823
Mary Stevens of Long Rock aged 8, 18-Dec-1823


William Lowry of Polkinghorn aged 67, 7-Jan-1824
Samuel Friggins of Chyandower aged 6w, 11-Jan-1824
James Major of Cross aged 7w, 12-Jan-1824
Susanna Bennetts of Tolver aged 41, 23-Jan-1824
Elizabeth Fox of Chyandower aged 71, 24-Jan-1824
John Stone of Crancan aged 5m, 11-Feb-1824
John Martins of Bosolvell aged 55, 15-Feb-1824
Johanna Potts of Penzance aged 33, 22-Feb-1824
Grace Nicholls of Carfury aged 90, 28-Feb-1824
Elizabeth Caddy of Chyandaunce aged 27, 10-Mar-1824
Joseph Roberts of Chyandower aged 2, 12-Mar-1824
Elizabeth Boase of Penzance aged 36, 21-Mar-1824
Elizabeth Nicholls of Madron aged 60, 31-Mar-1824
Andrew Nicholls of Madron aged 30, 9-Apr-1824
Jane Bawden of Madron aged 85, 11-May-1824
Philip Eddy of Trewidnack aged 51, 16-May-1824
Syprian Friggins of Chyauster aged 12, 26-May-1824
Mary Ann French of Penzance aged 1, 20-Jun-1824
Richard Stevens of Tredinack aged 82, 25-Jun-1824
Marish Lustra Webb Noy of Madron aged 2y 6m, 22-Jul-1824
William Corin of Tolver aged 32, 4-Aug-1824
Mary Hosken of Trezeler aged 77, 14-Aug-1824
Margaret Couch of Helston [?] aged 75, 26-Oct-1824
John Thomas of Church Town aged 58, 16-Nov-1824
Edward Pawley of Penzance aged 19, 17-Nov-1824
Martha Thomas of Marazion aged 80, 26-Nov-1824
Richard Ellis of Trezela aged 56, 28-Nov-1824
John Couch of Ludgvan aged 77, 30-Nov-1824
Richard Eddy of Trewednack aged 20, 1-Dec-1824
Philip Calaway of Tolver aged 69, 5-Dec-1824
James Sims of Tolver aged 4, 29-Dec-1824

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