Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have been veeery busy with the church video system. We are nearly there now.

Anyway, there was an item of note on the news this morning about supermarkets doing more to reduce packaging and marking those items which can be recycled. For once I have some sympathy with the mega-chains. How can they sensibly label packages for recycling when the local authorities who organise the recycling are all at odds with each other. Here they don’t recycle plastic at all unless you take it to one of the two depots or a few isolated collection points. The council just to the north, in the area where I work, the system is totally different. If you stand on the border you can see both systems in operation with different categories, timing and collection policies.
Returning the sympathetic view, the collectors and consumers do also have a problem distinguishing the different sorts of plastic so perhaps if they all worked together to create a standard then we would all be better off.

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