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What are they for? Little more than the ego of the blogger—Look how long I have been going and how much I have written!

I was looking for a way to reduce the space they used in the side bar until it occurred to me that they have no real function. Who is likely to want to know what I was writing about in July 2006? The only time I have ever used other people’s is to “get a feel for the style” of the blog and that can be better achieved by looking at the categories.

So they are gone! And while I was at it I removed some other cruft as well but also put the full sidebar onto the archive pages so that you can navigate anywhere from there. Much neater I think.

Footnote: I discovered a new word today thanks to Mik—Craplets. It is not quite the meaning intended but I think it sums up 90% of WordPress Plugins.

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