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Now you have a good password and you have kept it somewhere safe then you need to consider how you login with it. When you go to the entry page is there a little padlock at the bottom of the screen? Is it closed? If not then the page is not secure; it has not been encrypted. These days most of the important ones are done properly but sometimes you find one that is not; one of my web-mail pages was like this. This is important because without it, your account name and password are being transmitted over the internet in clear plain text. Generally the risk is low but if you use a wireless connection, especially a public one, then anyone can see what you are sending.

One thing that is worth a try is to change the http: on the front of the web address to https: This means “secured” and sometimes it works and gives you an encrypted connection. What has happened here is that your supplier has set up the system but has been too lazy to tell you about it or switch it on automatically. If you find that this is the case, change your bookmark (favourite) so that it always goes to this version of the address and you will be safe in the future.

If even this doesn’t work then complain to your supplier—if it is worth a password login, then it is worth securing! If it is important to you then change supplier if you get no satisfaction.

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