TapMedia Monkey 3 and Magic Nodes

Just two days after posting about my use of Media Monkey and Magic Nodes they finally released the long awaited Media Monkey 3 (what were they doing releasing software on Christmas Day!) This changes a few things—all for the better as it is now a much improved product.

The old Magic Nodes, which was well out of support anyway, has been replaced by an unofficial version (currently v1.6.2) by a new author. There have been a lot of enhancements and improvements and is being actively maintained. Remember to shut down Media Monkey and remove the Magic Nodes script before installing the new versions.

Media Monkey itself now does a lot of things natively that scripts used to be needed for, including some that Magic Nodes did. For instance, there is now an Album Artist node which is close enough to the one I created such that I don’t think mine is necessary any more. There is also a Composer node but that doesn’t filter for Classical Genres so the original needs to be retained but slightly altered for the new Magic Nodes syntax. First remove the standard Composer node from display (using right click –> Options –> Choose Tree Node and then create this one.

Composer|icon:top level|child of:artist|filter:genre in ('classical', 'opera', 'operetta')\<composer>\<album with album artist>

The Encoding magic node can be retained as before

Encoding|icon:bottom level|child of:year|show tracks:no\<format>\<VBR>\<bitrate>

There are a lot of other fancy things that can be tailored but, so far, this is enough for me.

N.B. I have noted that with the “Choose Tree Node” menu you can move nodes up and down the list, overriding the “child of:” value in Magic Nodes, but you do still need it to get the node into the library section in the first place.

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