TapNot only “The Jazz” but “Planet Rock” to go

The announcement by the corporate suits describes them as “non core brands.” What on earth does than mean when they are in the radio business; what they mean is that there is not enough profit. I think they are very mistaken; DAB Radio is only just beginning to take off in a big way so they need to hang on for a bit. It takes a while for the market to go from niche to mainstream and, as portable radios die, they will be replaced by DAB now the price is right—that is unless all the broadcasters pull out.

And this is only one day after I managed to figure out how to stream “Planet Rock” to my music player. These stations don’t make it easy by not publishing their stream addresses; whizzy popup javascript windows are no good at all, nor is proprietary real-player format. Planet Rock is http://mediasrv-the.musicradio.com/PlanetRock if you need to know.

I had never heard of “The Jazz” but would have listened if I knew that a decent Jazz station existed, I tried “Jazz FM” a while ago but that was feeble; perhaps I will have to give it another try.

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