TapLeaked news of new Sonos models

Engadget has this information. In addition to the features mentioned in the article (Smaller, 802.11n wireless, no analogue out) I also note the following: There doesn’t seem to be room for the massive torroidal transformer of the ZP100; this must affect the quality of the power supply: smaller and a plastic rather than die-cast case. Similarly it is a two pin rather than three pin mains offering no earthing, and there are only two RJ45 sockets, though I doubt many people use more. This looks like they may be using many common parts between this model and the suggested replacement for the ZP80, whereas currently there are very few.

The intelligent speculation suggests that the wireless mesh will remain and that it will communicate “g” to old models though it is uncertain if the whole system will then be “g” if one device is. I can’t see that this will be a problem as it works quite adequately but the greater “n” range will be appreciated by those who need it. I hope the “n” signals use 5GHz as they should do.

I expect this is only a small part of a larger product range revamp. This particular model looks like a move to reduce cost and hence price. What people are also looking for is an improved controller and larger index capacity.

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