TapGroundhog Day

Millions in Britain today must have had their own Groundhog Day shock when, at twenty to seven, the lady on Radio 4 read the summary of today’s papers. Those who were awake, like me, were even more awake by the time she had finished without a faltering word. They sounded very familiar; nay! identical to yesterday; even the same cartoons were described dead-pan. And indeed they were identical as John Humph apologised a few minutes later. But that raises a question—were they recorded or read from a script? I’m sure I could watch the web-cam and find out, but I don’t think I want to know. I always thought that, though they may be not ad-libed, that she at least wrote them herself. This episode will have to join the blunder clips.

Of course I was lucky that I was wide awake today having heard the great news that the Tasmanian miners were safe and up to grass. Now we could get back to teaching them how to pronounce Launceston properly, but most of the English don’t know either.

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