TapProxy Spam

I had a strange comment that leaked through the spam filter today. The content was just an IP address— That turns out to be a proxy machine in Hangzhou in Zhejiang, China owned by China Mobile Communications Corporation. The spam link was also interesting. It appeared to point to content that was taken from a US local paper (from Mount Vernon) but the language was strange. Here is an extract…

A name from a pointy-eyed neighbor culminated in the arrest of three suspected burglars and the restoration of nearly half of the almost $1,200 in valuables stolen.

The decision came in just after 12:40 Thursday afternoon with a precise description of the three suspects, the automotive they have been in and the direction of travel. The descriptions matched an earlier name from another deal with on Mount Vernon on suspicious persons.

I think it has been machine translated into another language and back again to disguise the source.

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