TapHow incompetent can a software company be

I mean, of course, Adobe. I have written before about the hoops you need to go through to get copies of their critical security upgrades for the Flash products. Now they have cut off one of the little ruses I used so that it is now no longer possible to download the upgrade for Internet Explorer. All you get is flashax.exe, which is self deleting as soon as you run it (how stupid is that) and only runs an “Adobe Installation Helper” which downloads and runs the real product. Not a lot of help if you are not connected to the internet at the time. One of my systems will not be upgraded this time around because it can’t due to a firewall—perhaps I should sue for consequent damage when it gets infected.

Now all this fiddling about would perhaps make sense if the product was hundreds of MB and a download needed to continue if interrupted. But it is 2.7MB and takes a few seconds to download and a few more to install. What we want is an upgrade that we can download and save to run later and one that does all situations in one go – not separate for IE and other browsers.

[12 Feb—they’ve fixed it now]

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