One advantage of traveling by bus is that I get to read the paper in the morning.

The disadvantage is that it is the Metro.

So the double page article this morning looked like it would be their usual fare—titilating comments about the invention of Otto Titsling with statistical detail on sizes and suitable pictures etc. But I was wrong. Apart from some of that stuff from the subeditors in the form of big circular bullet points, the remainder of the article was remarkably sensible. It seems that as a nation we are good at recycling quality outer clothing via charity shops but think that they don’t want underwear. In the case of the ladies brassier, they do. It is a valuable and prized commodity on the third world second hand market and Oxfam are trying very hard to aid women in Africa by making a special effort to supply some of the demand.

So, ladies:— sort through your drawers and pass any serviceable but surplus over the shoulder boulder holders to your nearest Oxfam shop where they will be gratefully received.

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