Sometimes you get a spam message that is so funny you can’t help laughing, mostly at their incompetence. Take this one which slipped through my filter; it looks like it is a multiple choice randomiser to generate basically the same message but each one with slightly different wording. At least, it would if it wasn’t for the fact that they have sent the source code not the generated text.

<“Hello”|”Hi”|”Hi there”|”Good day”>

I <“hope”|”sincerely hope”|”wish”> this message finds you in a great <“spirit”|”mood”>. <“For a start”|”First”|”First of all”> <“I would”|”I’d”> like to <“congratulate”|”welcome”> you on this <“offer”|”opportunity”> because our <“association”|”company”|”corporation”> just got your contact and your <“brief”|”short”> profile through an <“email”|”web”> listing affiliated with <“the UK Chamber of Commerce”|”Monster”|”Careerbuilder”|”Yahoo Jobs”|”Google Jobs”|”HotJobs”>
<“I would”|”I’d”> be <“very”|”extremely”|”highly”> interested in <“offering”|”giving”> you a <“work at home”|”great”|”flex-time”|”part-time”> <“job”|”career”> in which you <“could”|”can”|”would”> <“earn”|”get”> an extra income <“of about”|”nearly”|”up to”|”starting from”> J<“2000″|”3000″|”4000”> <“per month”|”monthly”>.

This work <“does not”|”doesn’t”|”will not”|”won’t”> affect your <“present”|”current”> <“job”|”career”> and this is a <“very “|””>limited offer in which I <“will”|”would”|”would really”> require your immediate response. I <“will be hoping”|”really hope”> to hear from you soon, since <“its”|”it’s”|”it is”|”this is”> a job that <“can”|”will”> enable you to <“work from home”|”work part-time”|”enjoy an easy work”|”work at home”>. You will also <“stand the chances”|”have a chance”|”be given the opportunity”> of being a part of our future and <“excellent”|”winning”|”our”> team in which <“you will”|”you’ll”> be highly <“appreciated”|”respected”>.
Please fill out our <“application”|”appointment”> form, <“no fees asked”|”no money upfront”>, just your <“name and a phone number”|”basic contact details”>:
[web address removed]

<“Your application”|”Your enquiry”> will be <“processed”|”answered”> <“as soon as possible”|”ASAP”>.

<“Thank you”|”Thanks”|”Have a nice day”|”Best wishes”|”Take care”|”Bye”>.

Soon afterwards I got the real thing!

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